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Time frame: Right after Visit ends.

Light of Hope
By: Dana

Andros gasped at what he saw. The tubes were empty! He looked around. "This isn't happening!" He said out loud. Andros collapsed to his knees. He heard a voice behind him.

"Andros?" Andros turned around and saw it was Ashley. "Andros what's the matter? What's this room?" She asked.

"It's the Storage Room." His communicator interrupted him.


Andros and Ashley hurried into the Control Room. Andros gasped.

Standing there looking at him were Carlos, Cassie and TJ. But that wasn't all. Standing in there also was Zhane, Dallas, Roland, and Jason.

"Andros!" Zhane, Dallas, Roland and Jason said at the same time.

"We were wondering what was going on and who they were." Zhane said pointing at the Astro Rangers.

"We were wondering the same thing." Carlos said.

"It's a long story. Maybe you should all sit down. First let me introduce you all. First these are the rest of the Defenders. Jason is the Thunder Ranger, Zhane is the Star Ranger, Roland is the Solar Ranger, and Dallas is the Sun Ranger. They were all severely injured in a battle two years ago. Tommy and I took them back up here and placed them in cryogenic chambers, so they could heel. Tommy and I have been fighting ever since then by ourselves until very recently. When we were joined by Cassie, TJ, Carlos, and Ashley."

"Hold on Andros. What happened to Alexis?" Roland asked.

"Alexis was captured at the same time you guys were being fired at. That day we all ended up in different areas. Tommy and I hurried over to see what was going on with you guys, and found you down. Alexis was captured and turned evil."

Jason looked around. "Andros where's Tommy?"

"He was captured a few days ago. We don't know if he was turned evil or not." Andros answered.

"Well I can assure you he won't be turned evil. I thought you already knew that Andros." Zhane said. He turned to the others. "The Lightning Powers can fight off the powers being stolen or any spells. Andros knows more about the power then the rest of us. He used to be friends with another Lightning Ranger."

"I guess I was so worried about Tommy I never thought of that." Andros said. He received a funny look from Zhane. "It's so great to see you guys again!" He continued.

"Astronema's got them?" Jason asked. Andros nodded. "Crap! This is not good. So Alexis is evil and Tommy's captured. We have no way of knowing what they'll do to him."

"I hate this to you know. I think it was Alexis that swiped the key." Andros said reluctantly.

"Good thing we have heeled." Dallas said.

"Very good thing." Roland agreed.

"I agree. Goodness look at you seventeen years old." Dallas said shaking her head.

They broke off and most of them went back to their rooms. Andros cautiously approached Zhane. "Zhane can I talk to you for a second?"

"Sure Andros."

"I wanted to know something. Are you still mad at me Zhane?"

"What? No! You're talking about when I got mad at you two years ago?" Andros nodded. "I'm going to tell you something Andros. I wasn't mad at you when we teleported down. We were all scared when we realized you, Tommy, and Alexis were missing. We thought they were going to do to you what they were about to do to us. I can tell it was your idea to put us into those chambers. That was fast thinking. It might take us awhile to get used to you being seventeen. I'm just warning you." Zhane said with a smile.

"So your not mad?" Andros asked.

"Of course not." Zhane said.

"I feel guilty for what happened to Tommy. That day I saw Elgar stepping closer to him. What do I do? I called his name instead of trying to help him."

"Andros I'm sure there wasn't enough time. I do have a question for you. Has Tommy been having a lot of flare ups with his powers?" Zhane asked.

"The day he was captured he had one. Alexis shot Ashley and he had a flare up, but he was knocked out by Elgar before it could finish."

"He still has no control. When we get Tommy back, I want you to contact Jimanya. She was that Lightning Ranger you were friends with right?" Andros nodded. "Hopefully she would be able to show him how to control his powers. Before he kills something again. Not that killing Goldar is a bad thing. However it's not good having powers that control you instead of the other way around."

"It has been really rough these past two years. But I'm glad your back."

"I'm glad to be back kid. Oops sorry. I said it will take some getting used to." Zhane said. "Now how about we join the others at the Surf Spot?" They teleported out.


At the Surf Spot, Jason walked in and was almost knocked over by a small fireball. He recognized it as Kimberly Hart. "Hey Kim, how about letting me breathe." She let go and looked at him a huge smile on her face. "It's great to see you too Kim."

"Jase I was disappointed when you didn't come with Tommy a few days ago. So how's Los Angeles?"

"L.A.'s great Kim." 'Tommy what in the world did you tell her?'

Ashley walked in. "Hi Kim! You know Jason?" She asked.

"We've been friends for years. Tommy couldn't make it?" Kim asked.

"Um no. He had a few things to take care of. Is that Billy I see over there?" Kim nodded. "Hey Billy!" He called.

Billy looked up from his book and saw Jason. He immediately started walking over. He realized Tommy wasn't there. 'I hope those two didn't have a fight. First Tommy came and now Jason.' When he walked over to Jason he was enveloped in a big hug. "Hey Jason long time no see!"

"I know Billy." In a lower voice he said, "You and Cestria didn't work out?"

"Unfortunately no. I came back here a month ago. Hey Jason is everything between you and Tommy all right?"

Jason gave him a strange look. "Couldn't be better. Why?"

"Well you and Tommy came back to Angel Grove at different times. I thought something might be wrong."

'More then you know Billy.' "Nope no problems. We just couldn't get away at the same time is all."

Andros walked up and started talking to Ashley. They both signaled to Jason where they would be sitting. "Billy I'm going to grab something to eat. Would you like to join me?"

"No that's okay. I was just leaving. Take care Jason." Billy walked over to pick up his books and left.

Jason watched him leave and sighed. 'I hope you're all right Tommy.' Jason walked over to the table where t he others were. "So what do you guys recommend?" Jason asked. This started a conversation on which special was the best. Jason sat back and smiled.


Tommy sat in his cell on Astronema's ship wondering what they were going to do to him. He had been on the ship a couple of days, and they hadn't done much. Except that painful scan. He thought that maybe he was left to die.

Just then he heard a noise. "Who's there?" He asked. There was no reply. 'Must be rats. Those things are always in dungeons.' He heard the noise again. This time it didn't sound like a rat. More like a someone. "Come out whoever it is." Still no one came out. 'Maybe I'm losing it.'

Someone finally did come out. It was Alexis. "Alexis what are you doing?" Tommy asked nervously. Alexis just stood there.

"I want you to stay out of my mind." She finally said.

'Stay out of her mind!?' "Alexis what are you talking about?" Tommy asked.

"You're the one with the strong mind powers correct? I meant what I said. Stay out of my head!" She stood there watching Tommy.

Tommy thought this was a perfect time to reach her. "Alexis I don't know what Astronema told you but you're not evil. You're a Defender just like me. You remember Andros? You should see him now he's a mature seventeen-year-old. He'll surprise you. Come on Lex. Remember the time you and I pulled that practical joke on the others? We convinced them there was something on the ship then we jumped out and scared them? Remember how mad Zhane got?" Tommy tried.

"Zhane didn't get mad. It was Dallas because she was holding water and...Stop that!" Alexis pleaded.

Elgar came into the room. "Well, well, well. The Lightning Ranger is trying to pull one of his mind tricks."

Tommy glared at him. "That's not it and you know it Elgar." He turned back to Alexis. "Alexis don't listen to Elgar he's lying to you."

"Aren't you the same one who tried to fry me a few days ago?" Tommy reluctantly nodded. "So why should I believe you? I don't even know you!" Alexis said.

"If you don't know me why did you remember the practical joke?" Tommy said. Before he could say more Astronema entered the room.

"Don't you remember two years ago what I said to you and Andros? I said no matter how strong your mind powers are it wouldn't break the spell." She raised her staff and fired it at Tommy. She watched him cry out in pain. "Don't mess with me Defender. Even if I can't have your Lightning Powers, I'll make your stay here painful." She stopped firing and left the cell. Alexis and Elgar left shortly afterwards.


Ashley and Andros were walking by the lake. "I actually went to high school for one day here. Well it was Cornwall High School. I thought it was interesting. I didn't go to much school on KO-35 because it wasn't safe. With all of the firing and bombing." Andros told Ashley.

"How awful. We have those problems on Earth. But it isn't because of an alien invasion but because man is greedy."

The sound of three monsters firing at some kids interrupted them. "Ashley look! We better Morph!"

"Wind Power!"

"Let's Rocket!"

'Hey guys monsters attacking would like help!' Andros sent. He barely was able to duck under a monster firing. The monster lunged at Andros. Andros tried to move out of the way but was hit straight on. He hit the ground hard. He went to shield himself from being cut or stabbed with the sword. The monster looked down at him. Andros heard the others calling him. The monster was now sitting on him and staring at him. It removed Andros's helmet, and lifted his hair. It yelled something, in a language Andros couldn't understand, to his companions. He felt the monster pick him up. When he was standing on his own feet the monsters disappeared. Andros looked around at the other Rangers who were running towards him. He couldn't figure out what just happened. He turned to Zhane. "Zhane what just happened?"

"I think you heritage just saved your life." Zhane said with a smile. Zhane handed him his helmet. "They must have recognized or known of you somehow."

"Too weird. I guess I should be thankful." Andros said.

"Maybe they're not from Astronema." Carlos suggested.

"Where could they have been from then? They knew Andros somehow. Maybe we should ask Dimitria." Roland suggested.

"I agree." Zhane said and the nine rangers teleported back up to the ship.


Andros paled a bit at the mention of his mother and stepfather. Zhane seeing this turned to the others. "We should be on our toes and watch out. They could be sent down again, or some other monsters."

They separated and most of them went down to the recreation room to grab something to eat. TJ stopped Jason. "Jason can I ask you something?"

"Sure TJ." Jason answered

"I was wondering how well you knew Tommy."

Jason couldn't help but smile. "Tommy's my best friend. We both joined this group at the same time. We helped them remove Petra and Jet from Earth. Tommy and I went to help them on KO-35, which is where Dallas Zhane, Roland, and I were all injured. I was shocked to find that Tommy wasn't there when Andros came to the Control Room and saw us. So much has happened in two years and I feel like totally lost. Alexis being turned evil and Tommy being captured, that's a lot to swallow.

"I understand that. Cassie, Carlos, Ashley and I felt left out when we came onto the ship. There was so much Andros and Tommy wouldn't tell us. A lot of it had to be told by Andros when it was absolutely necessary. He only told us about the Lightning Powers after Tommy was captured. And he only told us about the rest of you when you were standing there. We felt like we stumbled into this and that we were being kept away from knowledge. Just a few minutes ago, I saw Andros's face ashen when Dimitria mentioned the names of Dark Spectre, Petra and Jet. I guess that's something we won't know until later. I'm sorry to be bothering you like this Jason. Just call it being curious." TJ said.

"It's all right TJ. I'll tell you something though. The others didn't tell Tommy how strong the Lightning Powers were until after something horrendous happened. That seems to be the best time to tell someone. After it happens."

"Well thanks Jason. I hope we're able to get back Tommy and Alexis."

"Me too TJ. Me too."


Jet and Petra appeared before Dark Spectre. "I thought I told you to send down those monsters to take out the Defenders! They ran back here very fast. What's the meaning of this?" Dark Spectre asked them.

"Master they know not to touch Andros." Petra told him.

"I forgot about that little agreement. They should have went after the others instead!" Dark Spectre yelled.

Petra and Jet helplessly shrugged.

"Now how is the draining of Antiqua going?" Dark Spectre asked.

"Very well." Jet informed him.

"Well at least you have that right. Don't fail me. I want that power!" Dark Spectre thundered. He disappeared.


Astronema paced her ship looking over her minions. 'Who to send down to do this.' She wondered. 'Certainly not Elgar he can't do anything right. The Quanatrons are easy for them to defeat. So that leaves Alexis, Ecliptor and Darkonda. Maybe I should send all three down. Elgar will be the gopher then.' "Ecliptor, Darkonda, and Alexis listen carefully I have a job for you. You will go down to the park and attract the Defenders and Rangers attention." She sent them down. "Elgar go get Tommy I want to show him something."

Elgar looked at her quizzically before leaving the room. Elgar arrived in the dungeon and stepped into Tommy's cell. "No funny business Defender." He unchained Tommy from the wall and re-cuffed Tommy's wrists with a different chain. Elgar pulled him the whole way.

"Tommy watch the viewer for a few minutes." Astronema said.

Tommy saw the rest of the Defenders and smiled. 'Why is she making me watch this? The others are there she should be mad. There's Jase. They don't look like they've missed one beat.' He saw something in Ecliptor's hands, which brought a look of horror to his face.


On the battlefield the Rangers and Defenders had the upper hand, nine against three. Jason was helping TJ and Cassie with Ecliptor. He ducked a blow that came close to hitting him in the head.

Ashley, Roland, and Carlos were fighting Darkonda. They were able to hold him off for the whole fight.

While the others were fighting Darkonda and Ecliptor, Zhane, Dallas, and Andros were working on Alexis. They used their telepathy to try to get through and they also fought trying not to injure her. 'This isn't working.' Dallas sent to the others.

'Astronema told Tommy and I once that it wouldn't work.' Andros informed her.

"Well of course it won't work. There's nothing for you to prove." Alexis interrupted the telepathic exchange. Proving that she still could receive telepathic messages.

"Alexis were trying to help you. We've been a team for seven years! You can't forget that! Remember how we worked so hard to save KO-35 and Earth from the Cyviens?" Roland tried. He had really liked Alexis and if it weren't for the injuries and Alexis's capture, he would have asked her out by now. "Alexis, You've got to listen to us."

"Why should I? Tommy tried to tell me like you are now and then almost killed me! If he was really my friend he wouldn't have done that." Alexis said.

"Alexis he has no control on the powers. You have to understand that." Zhane informed her.

Zhane turned around when he heard Jason shout a warning. But it was too late to do anything. Ecliptor held up a weapon and pointed it at Andros and fired. Andros hit the ground very hard. Zhane ran over to him and covered him. "Andros can you hear me?" Zhane asked checking him. He turned to the others. "I'm taking Andros back up to the ship." Andros and Zhane disappeared in a streak of gray light without haste.

'Oh this is just great. Now we're down to rangers! I hope Andros is OK.' Dallas thought. She ducked underneath Alexis's blow. Jason came up next to Dallas and helped her.

"Until next time Defenders and Rangers." Darkonda hissed holding his side where he had received well place kicks from Carlos. He, Ecliptor and Alexis teleported back up to Astronema's ship.

"What the heck is going on here?" TJ wondered.

"I don't like it whatever it is." Jason said. "Let's get back up to the Talorn.

They teleported back up. They saw Zhane standing around sullen waiting for their return. They looked at him hopefully. "The good news is, is that Andros doesn't need to be put in the cryogenic tubes." The others were happy to hear that. "The bad news is, he is really hurt. He's still unconscious. I want to tear Astronema apart. That was deliberate. She's really asking for it this time." Zhane said angrily. He kicked a console angrily for good measure. "I'll show you where Andros is." He led the rest of them into an almost empty room. It was empty except for a monitoring table that Andros was laying on.

Roland picked up a scanner. "It's not good. That blast hit him very hard. Ecliptor was aiming to injure, but not to kill thankfully. However Andros needs time to heel. Time unfortunately is something we don't have."

"How long will it be, before he wakes up?" Ashley asked her voice full of concern.

"Shouldn't be long but he's going to be in pain. A lot of it." Roland informed her.

"Do you guys have medication up here? Pain killers? Anesthetics?" Cassie asked.

"Yes we do. We're always prepared in case something like this happens. It's a precaution." Roland said. He opened a drawer and pulled out some medicine. "This will help a great deal when he comes to."

Andros opened his eyes and groaned. He hurt everywhere and saw Roland come into his line of vision. "How are you feeling Andros?"

"Sore." Andros whispered. Roland injected him with some anesthetics. Andros's mind became all hazy before he passed out again.

"That should help. We should probably take turns watching him." The others nodded in agreement. "I'll take the first shift. You guys can decide between yourselves who will take the next shift. In the meantime get some rest. Astronema probably won't wait for Andros to get better."

The rest of them left and closed the door behind them.


At Astronema's ship Tommy watched the last part of the battle with disdain. He couldn't believe he was made to watch this. Andros had become a good friend of his.

Astronema turned the viewer off and smirked at Tommy. "See? I said you would all fall." The appearance of Alexis, Ecliptor, and Darkonda stopped her from saying anything more.

Tommy tried to get out of his restraints and found it futile. "You won't get away with this Astronema."

"You think so? Well let's see. I have you and Alexis. And now Andros is injured. It looks like I am to me." She turned to Elgar. "Take Tommy back to his cell."

Ecliptor nodded and pulled Tommy back down the hall to his cell. He threw Tommy back in the cell.

Tommy waited for the right moment. As soon as Elgar had removed his restraints Tommy kicked him in the head. Elgar fell and could only watch as Tommy ran out of the cell. Realizing that Astronema had taken his communicator he stopped. 'How can I get the communicator?'

"She has it in the workroom." Came a quiet voice next to him. Tommy jumped and realized it was a girl he had never seen before. "Don't be afraid. My name's Jimanya. Follow me quickly." Tommy having no reason not to doubt her ran quickly behind her. 'Be careful Tommy this isn't a safe place. You need to try not to be detected.'

'How in the world did she do that?' Tommy wondered.

'No time to explain. I have to get you out of here.' Jimanya said. She led Tommy into a room. Tommy saw his communicator lying on a table. 'Get it and go!' She sent.

'I'm not leaving you here!'

'Tommy they don't know I'm here you have to go!' Jimanya sent. 'I'm going to see if I can help Alexis.' Jimanya threw Tommy his communicator. Tommy reached for it and heard someone behind him.

Turning around he saw Petra. "Where do you think your going Tommy?" She asked.

Tommy looked back towards Jimanya and realized she was gone. "Out of here." He took his communicator and used it to teleport out. Before he went he saw Petra swing something at him and he felt himself falling...


On the Talorn Andros felt a sense of relief and worry but couldn't understand why. He looked up at Roland who was watching him. He tried to tell Roland what he suspected but he was too tired to open his mouth.

Jason came into the room. "Dimitria just got a lock on Tommy!"

"She did?" Roland asked.

"Yes. She can't teleport him up though. Something's wrong with the energies."

"What!?" Roland almost shouted.

To Be Continued...

Author's Note: OK I need to stop doing cliffhangers. Ha I'm just kidding. You might be wondering what I'm talking about at the end. You'll just have to wait and see. I hope you all enjoyed this story. It was shorter then the one before but this was the spot to end the story. Email me at Willow@grrtech.com and tell me what you thought.