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Author's note: This is just something out of the ordinary. A what if story. It's really short but enjoy it! It's based on a series finale of one of my favorite shows. I'll tell you which one at the end. Oh and in case you don't know French, (I admit I don't!), the title of this story means that's life. Don't worry I don't have the B*witched song in here.

C'est La Vie
By Dana

"I can't believe it! We finally beat them all!" Alexis said happily hugging Roland.

"After all the hard work in beating them and all we've gone through we finally achieved it!" Zhane said.

"Looks like this is what they call a happy ending." Andros said. The others agreed and went back up to the Talorn to celebrate.


"Jason?" Kimberly Scott called while walking into the den where her husband, Jason, had been working. "Sorry honey I didn't know you were still writing. Anna has a karate class in an hour do you want to take her? Or should I?"

Anna was a five-year-old ball of fire. She was following in her dad's footsteps as she always boasted. "I want to be a karate champ just like my Daddy!" She would tell everyone she met. Her seven-year-old brother Taylor was the opposite. He didn't like karate as much as his sister did. He would rather read. His straight A's exemplified that fact.

Jason stopped typing and looked at his wife of nearly ten years. They had been close friends since they were really young and going to school in Angel Grove. "Sure I just finished the story. It took a long time to write. Sometimes I wish that had really happened. The beginning was the same but that's about it. I miss him so much Kim. Why did it have to happen?"

"I don't know." Kim said sadly. She sometimes wished Jason wouldn't write that story. She knew it was killing him. To make a new timeline like that was something she didn't understand. "I'll leave you to your thoughts and I'll tell you when Anna needs to go to karate." She quietly left the room.

Jason sat back and wanted to cry. He stared at the story that was on the computer. That wasn't really what happened twelve years ago. There were no Defender Powers. Alexis, Dallas, and Roland never existed. Sure Andros and Zhane existed, but they were Astro Rangers. Jason never received any powers after he gave his back to Trey. And Tommy...Tommy... Jason sat back with his hands in front of his face and cried.

Jason Scott is sitting alone at the lake. Just ten minutes ago he gave the Gold Ranger powers back to Trey. He had really enjoyed being back on the team. He got to know David, Tanya, and Kat who had all joined the team before and during when he returned. He turned around and saw Tommy Oliver approaching behind him.

"Hey Jase. Kat just told me what happened. How are you holding up?"

"It's weird being off the team again. I'm going to miss it."

Just then a beam shot down and Goldar appeared in front of them. "Hello former rangers." Goldar laughed. "You don't stand a chance against me without your powers." His cruel laugh chilled Tommy and Jason to the bone.

"What do you want Goldar?" Tommy asked angrily jumping to his feet. Jason did the same.

"To put an end to both of your measly existence's." Goldar raised his sword and challenged them to fight him. Both Tommy and Jason knew this was going to be difficult. Goldar had a sword. Neither of them had their communicators, which meant they couldn't leave or notify Zordon.

Tommy looked down at the amulet that hung around his neck. His friends had tried so hard to save him but now he knew he wasn't going to make it out of this fight alive. How ironic Tommy thought. Well if I'm going to die I'm going to die fighting.

Jason saw the look on Tommy's face. There was no fear. That scared Jason most of all. He ducked under Goldar's attempted swipe with the sword. 'This can't be the way it ends!' Jason mentally yelled.

Tommy jumped up and kicked Goldar's sword away from him. Tommy leaped for the sword. He never saw the blast that Goldar fired. It caught him and he fell. He squinted at Goldar as he grabbed his sword. Tommy heard Jason yelling "No!" Tommy made a move to protect himself but he was still weakened from the blast. Tommy felt the sword coming down and closed his eyes ready to meet his fate. He heard a thump and saw Goldar lying on the ground. Tommy tried to get up but Goldar was back up. He fired something at Jason and Jason fell. Now Goldar was coming closer to Tommy. Tommy heard the others in the distance but they were too late. Goldar had plunged the sword into Tommy's heart.

Jason yelled, "NO!" He pushed Goldar away. Goldar, seeing the Zeo Rangers, left vowing that he would be back.

Jason ran over to Tommy. "Tommy hang on the others are here! They'll help you! Please hang on Tommy." Jason felt for a pulse. He didn't find one and sat there stunned before Adam pulled him away.

That didn't match what he wrote. He was so distraught over Goldar murdering Tommy that he left Angel Grove all together. He went to Orlando and talked to Kimberly. They married and had Taylor when Jason came up with the idea for the book. He called it The Defenders. None of what he wrote actually happened. It was all a figment of his imagination. His way of trying to fix what happened. He had Tommy kill Goldar in the book.

Kim walked into the room. "Jase, Anna's ready to go."

"He knew he was going to die Kim." Jason said.


"Tommy! That day Goldar went after us. He had that look in his eyes that said he was ready for death. Maybe that's why I gave him mind powers in the book. I don't know. It still scares me Kim. It's been years since it happened but it still hurts."

"I would love to read the book." Kim said. She gave her husband a hug as Jason saved his book on the computer. They walked out and were greeted by Anna Jillian Scott who was smiling as she usually was. Jason reached for his little girl's hand and they walked out of the house.

Kimberly watched them go and sighed. She turned to her seven-year-old son Taylor Thomas Scott and smiled. The middle name was a tribute for a lost friend. He was working on homework. Kim remembered a phrase her step-father used to say, "C'est la vie." And that's the way it was.

The End

Author's Note: That's the end. I said it was short. In case you didn't figure it out, the show that I based this story on is Roseanne. On the series finale of Roseanne, it showed that she wrote the whole last season of the show. It was all based on her imagination. Dan, her husband, had died. In this fanfic Jason wrote a story making it as if that day Tommy was killed didn't happen. They were teleported onto the ship. This is just a what if story. The series happened and all. Email me at Willow@grrtech.com and let me know what you think.