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Time frame: Right after "Help is Never Far Away."

Higher Learning
By Dana

Andros and Tommy looked around at their new surroundings. The planet was beautiful. Jimanya ran over to them. "Glad you could make it." She said.

"Yeah well it's been a while." Tommy said with a smile.

"Come on there's someone I want you to meet." Jimanya said leading them into a building. "Jorgan they're here!"

A man with dark hair came out. "Hi guys." He greeted.

"Tommy and Andros this is my husband Jorgan. Jorgan this is Tommy and Andros." Jimanya introduced them.

"Glad to meet you." They all said at the same time then smiled.

"Let's go inside so I can explain what's going to be happening." Jimanya led them into a small room with chairs and a window. "Jorgan's here because he wanted to be. You will get your training from me. And if Camille drops by then it will come from her too." Jimanya pulled something out of her pocket. "Andros I have good news. We were able to find you a lightning morpher." She said handing it to him.

His eyes lit up with pure happiness. "Great!" He said.

"Now Camille and I have been discussing this. You will have to morph into the Wind Ranger first so that there is no confusion." Jimanya said. "As for today's lesson there won't really be one. I will show you around Terqan; then we'll go over more of your training. Follow me." Jimanya said leading them out of the room. "That was a Living Room of sorts. The kitchen is down the hall. There are two bedrooms. One bedroom for Jorgan and me to share and the other bedroom has twin beds for you two. I'll show you out back. That's where the training will take place." Jimanya said opening the door.

Tommy and Andros quickly exchanged looks before following Jimanya outside. The area was green and there were a couple of tables with gadgets on them. However, it didn't look much like a training area.

Jimanya followed their gaze. "Mental power training, not physical. I know you can fight but the question is can you control it?" She said looking straight at Tommy who helplessly shrugged. "There is a river down there. This side of the planet is almost abandoned. It's an area that is most know for being a training ground. No one comes here unless it's for training. We won't be bugged. As for your training, I don't think it'll take more then a week. You'll be back with your friends in no time."

"So when do we begin?" Tommy asked.

"Tomorrow morning. Today we'll just relax." Jimanya said. "Why don't I go cook up some food. I'm sure your both tired of computer generated food." They nodded. "Good. I may not be the greatest cook but I can whip something up." She said with a smile.

"Sounds good." Tommy said. Andros nodded. Jimanya went into the kitchen.

"You guys aren't allergic to anything are you?" Jimanya asked from the kitchen.

"Nope." Tommy and Andros both said.

"It'll be done in a few minutes. There's bottle water in the cabinet in the Living Room." Jimanya called. Andros and Tommy took a couple of bottles and sat down on the couch.

Jorgan walked in and did the same thing. "So what do you guys think of Terqan?" He asked.

"It's beautiful." Andros said.

"It's quiet." Tommy said.

"Those are the reasons Lightning Rangers like this planet. Well that's what Jimanya says." Jorgan said with a smile.

A few minutes later Jimanya came back into the room. "Food's ready." She said and they all followed her into the kitchen.

"Now Tommy I know you're used to Earth food but just try this and I guarantee you will like it." Jimanya said.

Tommy looked at the food and tried not to grimace. He took his fork, picked up part of the food, and put it in his mouth. He looked up smiling. It was good! Andros was eating the food too. Jimanya watched a second before picking up her fork to start eating also.

*** On her ship, Astronema was growing bored. Ecliptor came into the room.

"My princess I have been informed that Andros and Tommy have left the team for a short while. This would be an excellent chance to attack the other Rangers." Ecliptor said.

"I agree. Go down with Darkonda." Astronema said. "Do you know where the Lightning and Wind Rangers went?"

"Probably to Terqan but you know we can't attack it." Ecliptor said.

Astronema just nodded.

*** Sora sat in the Rec. Room thinking. She wondered how Tommy was doing with his training. She wondered if he missed her. If he even thought of her. She looked out the window and wondered which of those stars she saw that he was on right now. She heard someone enter the room and chose not to acknowledge their presence. "I miss Andros probably as much as you miss Tommy." The voice said. Sora knew it was Ashley. "But they aren't in any kind of trouble. They'll be back in a week."

"I know but Tommy just got back and now he's gone." Sora said. Suddenly the ship alarms were going off. "I guess Astronema found out Tommy and Andros had left." They both raced into the Control Room to find the others were waiting. "What's going on?"

"Darkonda and Ecliptor are attacking the park." Zhane informed them. "It's Morphin Time!" He yelled.

"Sound Power!" Sora called

"Thunder Power!" Jason called.

"Solar Power!" Roland called

"Comet Power!" Alexis called.

"Sun Power!" Dallas called.

"Star Power!" Zhane called.

"Let's Rocket!" Billy, Cassie, Carlos, TJ, and Ashley called.

*** "Wake up guys!" Jimanya said knocking on Andros and Tommy's room's door. "We have a lot to do today! Breakfast in fifteen minutes!" Jimanya walked away from the door and sighed. She looked in a mirror. She had circles under her eyes from lack of sleep the night before. She had gotten a message from the Talorn not long after Tommy and Andros had gone to sleep. The fight on Earth hadn't gone well. Jason and Sora had been hurt badly. Jimanya was determined not to tell Tommy. She knew he wouldn't be able to concentrate if he knew his girlfriend and best friend were injured.

Jorgan looked up when Jimanya entered the room. "Any news on the Sound and Thunder Rangers?" He asked.

"Not yet. But don't tell Tommy and Andros. They don't need to know this right now. Especially Tommy." Jimanya said.

"I understand Jimanya. However, what do I do when Zhane contacts us again? What if he contacts Tommy and Andros by their communicators?" Jorgan asked