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Time frame: Right after Higher Learning

A Friend in Need Again
By Dana

Dex Stewart walked home from spending the day with friends. He opened the door, and was greeted by Molly Stewart. "Dex someone named Jimanya was looking for you earlier." Molly informed him.

Dex’s eyes lit up and had a huge smile on his face. "Did you say Jimanya? Kind of tall with brown hair and brown eyes?"

Molly pondered that for a second. "Yes that’s what she looked like. Why?"

"She’s my older sister! Did she say she’d be back?" Dex asked. He almost couldn’t believe it. His sister had been here!

"She said she’d be back later. Wow I can’t wait to meet her." Molly said almost getting as excited as Dex.

Dex sat in the Living Room too excited to move.


Count Dregon looked down at his niece who was unconscious. He had seen her teleport to Leawood and took the opportunity to take her for ransom. He knew that since he had the crown princess, Edenoi would do anything to get her back. He would finally have Edenoi.

"Open communications to Edenoi. To the palace." He ordered one of the Cogworts. He then signaled for two of the Plague Patrol to hold his niece up. A few seconds later one of the king’s servants appeared on the screen. Dregon made sure to stand in front of Jimanya. "Get your king. I have something to tell him."

King Tork appeared quickly. "What do you want Dregon?" He demanded.

"I have someone here I know means a lot to you." Dregon said and stepped out of the way.

King Tork was angry upon seeing whom the Plague Patrol was holding. "Let my daughter go now!"

"Let me think about that for a minute. No. I will tell you this much. If you want your daughter back as much as you let on then you wouldn’t mind doing one thing for me. Here’s the deal, your daughter for Edenoi. Sounds like a fair trade to me."

"No way Dregon." King Tork said stepping closer to the screen.

"Here I thought you loved your daughter. I guess all the time she was away from Edenoi made you dislike her. I would think a father would do anything for his daughter. I guess I was wrong."

"Like you would know about caring for someone!" Tork yelled right back. His eyes glistened over with tears when he saw what happened next.

"Dad?" Jimanya asked stirring in the Plague Patrols grasp. She became aware of her surroundings quickly. "No!" She screamed and started throwing the Plague Patrol off her.

"Just think about it dear brother." Dregon said and turned off the communications. He turned around and saw Jimanya still struggling with the Plague Patrol. Then he remembered that Jimanya could teleport out if she wanted to. However, he was ready for her capture. He had a device that wouldn’t allow her to use her mental powers while on his ship. He signaled for one of the Cogworts to place the device on Jimanya; in an area, she wouldn’t be able to find it. They did so as quickly as possible. Jimanya never noticed it.


King Tork hit the console in frustration. ‘How dare Dregon do something like this!’ He turned to one of his guards. "Go get my father for me." The guard ran out of the room.

Now Tork had to find his wife and Jorgan. He found his wife in their bedroom talking to one of the servants. "Felicia?" He said quietly.

Queen Felicia looked up. She saw something in her husband’s eyes and said, "Carlsi do that then report to Fert." Carlsi nodded and quickly left the room.

"What is it Tork?" Felicia asked.

Tork sighed and sat next to his wife on their bed. "Dregon contacted us just a few minutes ago."

"He did? But why? I thought we ran him off the planet!"

"Felicia listen very carefully." There was a knock at the door that made him stop. "Who is it?" He called.

"Your father." Lexion said.

"Enter." King Tork waited until his father was in the room before continuing. "Good then I will only have to say this once. Count Dregon contacted us." Lexion raised an eyebrow upon hearing this. "He…He…He has…"

"He has what dear?" Felicia asked.

"Jimanya. He captured Jimanya." Felicia, who fortunately for her was sitting on a bed, fainted.

"I’ll contact Prince Dex." Lexion said and left the room.


In Leawood, Dex was still waiting patiently for his sister. He was getting worried. Jimanya had never been in Leawood or on Earth.

His Mind Crystal started acting up. He let it show on the wall in front of him. "Prince Dex. There is an emergency and you need to come back to Edenoi." His Grandfather said.

"What is it?" Dex asked.

"Count Dregon has contacted us." Dex was getting a bad feeling about this. "He has your sister."

Dex sat there in shock. "Jimanya?" He asked though there was no need to. Jimanya was his only sister. Lexion nodded however. "I’ll be there soon." Dex said and cut off the communication.


An hour later Dex was back on Edenoi. "Hello Prince Dex." One of the guards said bowing.

"Hello Fert. Where are my parents?"

"They are in their room along with Sir Jorgan." Fert informed him.

"Thank you." Dex walked and looked around the palace. He had been on Edenoi less then Jimanya had since he went to Earth. It looked just about the same to him. He knocked softly on his parents room door.

"Who is it?" Dex heard his mother call.

"Dex." The door flew open and Queen Felicia grabbed her youngest child in a fierce hug.

"Oh Dex we were so worried for your safety." She said not letting go.

"Did Dregon send anything else about Jimanya?" Dex asked.

"No." Felicia said sadly. "Come on let’s go in so you can see your father and Jorgan." She put her hand on his shoulder and led him inside the room.

Tork and Jorgan stood immediately. Jorgan bowed of course.

"Dex." Tork said and grabbed his son in a hug. "I’m glad your back. I wish this was under better circumstances."

"I’m here to help in any way I can. You haven’t surrendered Edenoi have you?" Dex asked.

"Of course not. I’m still trying to figure out a way to get her back." Tork said.

"If I may something my king?" Jorgan spoke up.

"Go ahead Jorgan." Tork said.

"I have spent a week with two Lightning Rangers. What if we ask the Defenders and Astro Rangers for help?" Jorgan suggested.

"I agree with Jorgan. Rangers have helped us before. They do know Jimanya. Why not ask them for help?" Dex spoke up.

"Fine. Dex and Jorgan would you two please contact them?" Tork asked and watched them as they left the room.


Zhane, Dallas, Roland, and Alexis were sitting in the Rec. Room with a newspaper in front of them. They were talking about what movie they wanted to see. They were going on a double date "How about Blair Witch Project?" Zhane suggested.

"No way!" Alexis and Dallas said at the same time.

"How about Runaway Bride?" Dallas asked. Alexis nodded.

"No!" Roland and Zhane both said.

"Looks like we’ll…" Zhane was interrupted by the sound of his communicator. "This is Zhane."


"I’ll be right there." He turned to the others. "I guess this will have to wait." Zhane said and ran out of the room with the others following him. He got to the Control Room and hit the message.

Soon Prince Dex appeared on the screen along with Jorgan. "A problem has arisen that we need your help on."

"Alexis can you contact the others?" Zhane said to Alexis without turning around. "I want the others here." Dex simply nodded.

A few minutes later everyone either teleported or walked into the Control Room. "Dex!" Tommy and Billy both said in surprise.

"It’s good to see you too Tommy and Billy." Dex said. "Though I wish it was under better circumstances." The reunion of sorts had to wait. There was an emergency. "You might be wondering why I’m on Edenoi. My Grandfather contacted me to tell me there was an emergency." He paused trying to figure out the right way to say this. "Count Dregon had contacted Edenoi. He had Jimanya."

Andros and Tommy exchanged quick looks. They couldn’t believe it. They’d only seen Jimanya a few hours ago!

"We’d do anything to help." Zhane said. "Would you like us to come to Edenoi to help?"

"That would be great." Dex said with a smile.

"We’ll be there soon as we decide who goes." Zhane said. Dex and Jorgan nodded. Then Zhane cut off communication. He turned to the rest. "Obviously I’m going. Tommy and Billy are going. Tommy and Billy know Count Dregon’s Plague Patrol. I want the rest of the Astro Rangers and Sora to stay here in case Astronema attacks Earth." He turned to the other Defenders. "I’d like you Dallas and Roland to come also. I want to split the team evenly. Sorry Alexis. I’m sure they’ll need your computer brain." Zhane then realized he had forgotten Jason. "Jason you can choose whether you want to go or not. I’d like you to stay because you’re a good fighter. You could be an immense help to the others. But you can decide."

"What about me Zhane?" Andros asked.

‘How did I forget Andros?’ Zhane wondered to himself. "I want you to stay Andros. We’ll need one Lightning Ranger here just in case. Never mind Jase if you want to, you can come to Edenoi."

"Since Jason’s a good fighter we may need him on Edenoi if we fight the Plague Patrol." Tommy commented.

"Good point. Okay that settles it. Andros, Sora, Alexis, Cassie, TJ, Carlos and Ashley stay here. Tommy, Jason, Roland, Dallas, Billy and I are going to Edenoi. That should be good. Seven here in case Astronema attacks. Six are going to Edenoi where the Royal Guards and Prince Dex will aid us. Good split." Zhane commented. "Let’s go now." They nodded and the Rangers going to Edenoi disappeared in flashes of silver, black, white, purple, red and gray flashes of light.

The others just stood there watching.


Tommy, Jason, Roland, Dallas, Billy and Zhane landed in the Control Room of the palace on Edenoi. Guards quickly surrounded them. "It’s all right!" A voice called. The guards backed up.

"Dex!" Tommy and Billy said.

"Oh it’s great to see you guys again. Wish it was under better circumstances though." Dex said.

"Hello Prince Dex. My name’s Zhane. This is Jason, Roland, and Dallas. Of course you’ve already met Billy and Tommy." Zhane said sticking his hand out to shake. Dex took it and smiled.

"Are these the Rangers Dex?" King Tork asked as he and Queen Felicia entered the room.

"Yes Dad. Mother and father this is Zhane, Roland, Dallas, Tommy, Jason, and Billy. Guys these are my parents King Tork and Queen Felicia."

"Pleased to meet all of you." Queen Felicia.

Fert came over to them quickly bowing. "My King! Count Dregon has contacted us again!"

King Tork growled under his breath. "Open communications."

Count Dregon appeared on the screen and surveyed the people in front of him. "Well Tork I didn’t know you had children for guards."

"Get to the point Dregon." Tork said closing his hands into fists.

"My point is have you made your decision?"

"I’ll let you know in an hour." Tork said.

"Your daughters life is on the line don’t forget that." Dregon said and disappeared.

"Where is Count Dregon?" Zhane asked.

"I don’t know Zhane." Tork answered truthfully.

Tommy closed his eyes and tried to see if he could mentally find Jimanya. He got nothing. "I can’t find her." Tommy said quietly.

"She’s not…" Jorgan asked from the corner.

"Oh no it could be they are blocking her. There’s no need to think that she’s dead." Tommy said trying to cheer them up.

"Your majesty!" One of the guards called. "I have found the location of the ship."

"Great. Where is it?" Tork asked.

"Between the planet Cigoni and it’s moon Fich." The guard informed them.

"Good. That’s not that far away actually." Lexion said entering the room. He had heard it from the hallway. "We can teleport all of you there. Are all of you going?"

"We came to help sir." Zhane said.

"I’m going also." Dex spoke up. "We’ll need some of the guards also."

Tork nodded. "All right. Good luck all of you."

"It’s Morphin Time!" Zhane yelled.

"Lightning Power!" Tommy called.

"Thunder Power!" Jason called.

"Solar Power!" Roland called.

"Sun Power!" Dallas called.

"Star Power!" Zhane called.

"Let’s Rocket!" Billy called.

"Data Bonders!" Dex called.

They stood waiting for the troops to be assembled.

"Let’s go." Dex said when everyone was ready.

"Good luck." Jorgan said. Queen Felicia and King Tork nodded and watched as they teleported away.


They landed on the ship in three separate groups. Tommy and Dallas landed just outside of the Throne Room. Billy and Jason landed near the center of the ship. Prince Dex and Zhane landed towards the bottom of the ship. Guards accompanied each group.

Prince Dex looked around his surroundings. He knew he couldn’t exactly start calling for his sister. "Zhane do you see anything?" He asked.

"No. It’s so quiet it’s almost scary. I would think there would be more noises." Zhane said looking around. The guards just shrugged. ‘Jason, Tommy, Dallas, Roland come in.’

‘Tommy here.’

‘Dallas here.’

‘Roland here.’

‘Jason here what’s up?’

‘Is it awfully quiet where you guys are?’ Zhane asked.

‘Yeah almost too silent.’ Roland’s reply came.

‘Billy Roland and I are looking through the rooms. Haven’t found anyone.’ Jason mentally replied.

‘‘How about you Dal?’ Zhane asked. There was no answer. ‘Dal? Are you there? Tommy?’ There was no answer at all. ‘Jase are you still there?’

‘Yeah I’m here Zhane. What happened to Dallas and Tommy?’ Jason asked.

‘I don’t know.’ Zhane said.


‘Zhane! Jason! Come in!’ Dallas was frantically trying to get a hold of Jason. Something was wrong.

"This is too weird Dallas." Tommy said.

"Won’t you two please come in." A voice said from behind them.

Dallas and Tommy whirled around. "Count Dregon." Tommy said with disgust.

"Why I don’t think I’ve met you two and yet you know me." Dregon said with a smirk. "But I do suggest you come in here." Dallas and Tommy walked in the room and they instantly unmorphed. Dregon looked at Tommy closely. "Wait you look familiar. You’re that White Ranger!"

"Was. Where’s Jimanya." Tommy asked. He wasn’t going to play Dregon’s games.

"Look around Defender." Dregon said.

Tommy looked around and saw Jimanya chained in the corner.

"Now tell me. Where are your friends? I know you’re not stupid enough to come onto my ship alone." Dregon said crossing in front of them.

"We’d never tell you Dregon." Dallas said.

"Oh really? Your just as annoying as Silver over there. No matter I’ll find them. They probably know where you teleported to." Dregon said. He turned to his Plague Patrol. "Restrain them and chain them next to Jimanya."

Tommy and Dallas weren’t going to give up without a fight. They kicked the creatures with everything they had. But there were way too many of them and soon enough, they were sitting next to Jimanya on the floor.

"Are you okay?" Dallas asked Jimanya.

"Yeah. What are you guys doing here?" She asked.

"Trying to rescue you." Tommy said.

"Um Tommy I just realized something." Dallas whispered.

"What?" Tommy whispered equally as quiet.

"What happened to the guards that were with us?" Dallas asked.

Realization suddenly dawned on Tommy. "They weren’t with us when we landed! I never noticed that until now. Something isn’t right."


Billy, Jason, and Roland looked around the ship. The guards were behind them. Jason had finished his mental conversation with Zhane. "Billy something’s wrong with Tommy and Dallas. They didn’t reply to the mental message."

"That’s strange. Jase did you notice we have more guards with us now then we split into before we landed?"

Roland quickly did a count. They had double the size. Roland sighed. Who’s guards did they have? There was something strange going on. He just wished he knew what it was.


Zhane looked over at Dex. "We should head up to the Throne Room. Something’s not right. Tommy and Dallas aren’t responding."

Dex didn’t say anything for a moment. Then he shook his head. "Of course! Dregon didn’t have cells here he would put Jimanya in the Throne Room!"

"Should I alert Jason, Roland, and Billy?" Zhane asked.

"Not yet. We’ll need them if we are caught. This is what I think happened to Dallas and Tommy. Come on." Dex said and they all teleported to outside of the Throne Room.

When they landed, they could easily hear Dregon yelling, "Where are they?"

Dex and Zhane leaned against the wall hoping that Dregon wouldn’t spot them. They were both in luck. Zhane’s suit was gray and Dex’s was black along with the guards’ suits. "I’ve got an idea." Zhane said. He leaned over to whisper it to Dex. Dex nodded and they set off to start.


Jimanya looked at Dallas and Tommy who looked worried. Dregon was pacing in front of them.