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Author's note: Ah another series with the Defenders. I said this on a message board I want to do a time travel series! This series I call Guardians of Time. This series presumes that the Astro Rangers left the group after Protectors of Space "The End of it All."

Second author's note: This fic is really short. It's to give you an idea on what's going to be going on in the series it will introduce the new characters in the series. Well Leo's not new but to this series he is and so is Mira.

Suggested reading: All of Zeo Disaster, Defenders sub-series, and Protectors of Space.

Time frame: After Destined for Greatness for Lost Galaxy. For Defenders six months after Missing You.

Surprising New Friends
By Dana

Every new beginning comes from some other beginning's end "Closing Time."-Semi Sonic

Leo, Kendrix, Mike, Kai, Maya, and Damon were fighting one of Scorpius's monsters. Mike, who had become the new Magna Defender, was turned away from the monster. The monster was preparing to fire. Leo noticed this right away.

"Mike look out!" He yelled. Without thinking Leo ran in front of the laser and was gone.

"Leo!" Mike yelled. He was furious. He glared at the monster. "You'll pay for that!" He swore. Mike tore into the monster with more fury then anyone had ever seen. The monster retreated through an open hole.

Mike ran towards it but Kendrix grabbed his arm. "Mike stop! We'll get Leo back!" She yelled.

Mike struggled when Kai and Damon got a stronger hold on him. "I have to get him back!" He yelled. 'Why couldn't they understand?' He wondered.

"Not this way!" Damon said. "Mike we've got to go! They aren't here! We can look for him on the MEGA Ship!"

Mike was pulled away and teleported onto the ship.

* * *
"You know, it's nice not having to fight monsters all the time and act like somewhat normal people again." Sora, also known on Earth as Sara, Meyerson said leaning against her boyfriend Tommy Oliver as they walked through the park.

"I wish it was under better circumstances. I just can't believe Alexis died six months ago. Roland's still taking it really hard." Tommy commented.

"I know. She was always like another big sister to me." Sora said sadly.

There was a flash of light and a young man in a black leather jacket, red T-shirt and jeans appeared. He looked around confused.

He was about as confused as Sora and Tommy was. They both got into a fighting stance just in case. The young man did the same.

"Who are you?" Tommy asked.

"I could ask you the same. Where am I is also what I want to know." The guy said.

"You're in Angel Grove California." Sora answered.

"As in on Earth?" He asked confused. "I was on Terra Venture."

"Terra Venture?" Tommy asked. "What's that?"

"What year is this?" He asked. 'If I'm in the correct year then they would know what Terra Venture is.'

"It is the year 1997." Tommy answered him.

"No way! I'm in the past!" The guy said.

"The past?" Sora and Tommy asked.

"I jumped in front of my brother and got hit with a ray from a monster and the next thing I know I'm here." He said.

"A monster? I thought those things were destroyed." Sora said.

"From a different planet. We had to step through a portal..." He stopped himself from telling them everything.

"Are you a Power Ranger?" Tommy asked. If he were then, it would make perfect sense.

"Yes. How did you figure it out?" He asked.

"Makes sense to me. Monsters from a different planet and stepping through portals." Tommy answered. "I've been a Ranger and Defender so long I can figure that part out."

"You're a Ranger too?" He asked.

"Yes. Well we are Defenders. However, we aren't much of a group anymore. I'm Tommy and this is Sora." He said.

"I'm Leo." He said and shook their hands. He was surprised when Tommy reached out and touched his shoulder.

"I'm going to teleport you up to the ship. Don't worry." He said.

Leo nodded.

When they got there the alarms went off. "It does that to everyone that the Talorn doesn't recognize." Tommy said with a smile. "Dimitria it's all right." He called. The alarms shut off. Tommy led Leo and Sora down the hallway. "It would be a good bet that Andros, Zhane, Dallas and Roland are in the Rec. Room." He said entering the Rec. Room.

Leo noticed this ship wasn't much different then the MEGA ship. He immediately saw the large picture on the back wall. It was of a young blond woman. A plaque said, "In memory of Alexis Rhea Verte who gave her life so that we could all go on."

Zhane jumped to his feet as soon as he saw them. "Who's this?" He asked.

"This is Leo. He's from the future I think." Sora said.

Jason, after being contacted by Tommy, teleported onto the ship in a flash of light. "What's going on guys?" He asked. He then saw Leo standing there. "Who's this?"

"We were just asking about that." Zhane said.

"My name is Leo Corbett." Leo spoke up. "I am from the future. I am a Power Ranger. We were fighting a monster when it fired at my brother. He didn't see it so I jumped in front of him. The next thing I know, I'm here."

"That's strange." Zhane said. "We'll help you as much as we can. By the way, my name is Zhane. This is Roland, Jason, Dallas, and Andros. You've already met Tommy and Sora."

A woman entered the room. Her hair pulled back into a ponytail but Leo could see the amazing colors of her hair. "What's up?" She asked.

"Mother this is Leo Corbett. Leo this is my mother Petra." Andros spoke up.

"Nice to meet you Leo. So what's going on?" Petra asked looking at the others. Zhane filled her in on what they knew.

"This looks like the MEGA Ship." Leo said aloud.

"MEGA Ship? This is the Talorn." Zhane answered looking at him puzzled.

"This is just too weird for me. Zhane you and Andros along with four other Rangers saved Earth from Astronema. Astronema was saved by Andros from what I read."

"There were thirteen of us. Twelve made it out of it alive and seven of us are standing before you. Astronema was destroyed." Zhane said.

Petra blanched and Andros put a hand on her shoulder.

Roland spoke up quickly. "You might be from a different dimension. The beam that hit you, may have been specifically made for your brother."

Leo shrugged this was all a little too weird for him.

* * *
A girl with dark brown hair and green eyes stood in the room she shared with another girl named Camie wishing she had any kind of memory about her life. Chrisman said she was suffering from amnesia and she would probably get her memory back very soon. It had been way too long since she remembered anything. She couldn't even pinpoint back to when she realized she had no memory. She had no idea on how she got on this base or how long she had been on it. She's had amnesia for four months. How that was possible, she didn't know.

"Mira?" Camie called walking into the room. "There you are. Chrisman said he wants to talk to us."

"Okay Camie. I'm right behind you." Mira said and put down the stuffed koala bear she was holding that Tierl had given her. 'In case you are ever scared.' He had said.

"Did he say why?" Mira asked.

"Nope. Just that I had to get you pronto." Camie said and led the way down the hall.

* * *
Petra sat in her room, that once had been Cassie and Ashley's, gazing out the window and at the Earth. Hearing that in another dimension her daughter was perfectly fine hurt her immensely. She heard a set of footsteps in the hall.

There was a light knock on the door. "Petra we need your help." Zhane's voice could be heard through the door.

"I'll be there in a second Zhane." Petra replied getting up from her spot at the window. She pulled the door open and saw Zhane waiting. "What's going on?" She asked.

"We've got an idea on how to try getting Leo back to the correct time." Zhane informed her as they walked down the hall.

When they got to the control room they found Jason, Dallas, Roland, Billy, Leo, Tommy, Sora and Roland were waiting.

Billy stood up from the monitor he was inspecting. "It's all ready to go." He said dusting his hands off. "Good luck guys." Billy said.

"What you're not coming with us Billy?" Tommy asked.

"Nope. I gave back my morpher just like the rest of the Astro Rangers did. This is your adventure not mine." Billy said sadly.

"Ah come on Billy. We know you don't want to leave Kimberly behind." Jason said with a smile. Billy had been dating Kimberly Hart for five months none of them could blame Billy for not wanting to leave.

"True but I wish all of you the best of luck." Billy said and teleported off the ship.

"Okay does someone want to fill me in here?" Petra asked.

"Sure." Zhane spoke up. "Billy and Roland have been working on a gadget that can help us try to get Leo back to the correct dimension. We aren't sure if it will work right away since we aren't sure where Leo came from." Zhane informed her and then went to the picture of Alexis. "Petra we've been discussing this all day. We want you to become the Comet Defender."

"Me?" Petra asked in surprise. "You want me to take Alexis's place? Why not Ashley or Cassie or any of the Astro Rangers?"

"Because you are the right person." Roland spoke up quietly. "Alexis would have wanted it this way."

"After all that I've done you want me to be a Defender?" Petra asked again not understanding.

"It's all right Petra. We all want you on the team." Dallas said and everyone else nodded.

"Okay I'll do it." Petra said taking the morpher.

"Dimitria start the machine." Zhane called.

"MACHINE IS STARTED ZHANE. ENTERING CODE 9883234498." Dimitria answered.

"Let's do it. Everyone ready?" He asked. They all nodded. "Let's go." The machine started and they were gone in a blur of light.

When the ship stopped they teleported to the surface of Earth.

People started screaming and pointing at the group as they walked out from behind a building.

"It's them!" A woman yelled. "They are even associating with my son Tommy and his best friend Jason." She hissed.

"Mom?" Tommy asked. The woman in front of him had dirt all over her face. Now that Tommy looked closer at the woman, he realized it was definitely his mother.

"Tommy and Jason get away from them." Charlotte Oliver yelled pointing her finger.

They Defenders looked around in confusion until they saw that the woman was pointing at Andros and Petra.

To be continued

You got the general idea of this series now. I hope you don't mind that I gave Petra the Comet Ranger morpher. This is going to be a fun series to right. I hope you all liked this fic. Email me at Willow@grrtech.com with comments and questions.