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Suggested reading: This is the prologue for my new series Guardians of Time. This is the fourth part of a long series that doesn't have a name. You have to read Zeo Disaster, Defenders, and Protectors of Space first or you will be completely lost.

Authors note: This fanfic is written in first person from Petra's point of view. It's also short.

Time frame: 2 months after Missing You.

Pondering the Future
By Dana

I stood in the park watching my son and his friends goofing off. They seem to be more carefree now. They had nothing to worry about now. With Antiqua getting destroyed, they had no one to fight.

I heard someone slowly approaching behind me and turned around. It was my ex-husband Cordon. He was trying to look as if he belonged on Earth. He wore jeans a T-shirt and a hat backwards. Course so was I with a purple shirt and pants that I borrowed from Dallas. They offered me Alexis's clothes but I look awful in orange and besides she was a lot smaller then I.

"Well Cordon I didn't think I'd see you here." I greeted as soon as he was next to me.

"I could say the same thing of you Petra. But I can understand why you survived. Let's step back a little so Andros doesn't see me. I came to see you."

I nodded and we walked back a distance but we were still able to see the others playing something called Ultimate Frisbee that I decided not to play.

"He seems happy." Cordon said speaking of Andros.

"He really seems to like Ashley. They get along really well. I'm glad for that." I said sighing.

"So what have you been up to Petra? Where do you live?" Cordon asked.

"The Defenders are letting me live on their ship. They said let bygones be bygones. Andros has really opened up to me and started calling me mother." I said with a smile.

"That's what you always wanted wasn't it Petra? For Andros to love you as much as you love him." Cordon asked. I simply nodded. "So how's Roland?"

"Roland has really become quieter since Alexis died. He holds himself responsible. But there always was this hatred between Astronema and Alexis that I never understood. It was something that never could be understood or answered by him or me. It was only Alexis that held the answer." I closed my eyes a minute. "There's something that I sense that will be revealed something to ease Roland's pain. I don't know what yet but I can sense it. Maybe a new girlfriend I don't know.

"That's what attracted me to you Petra. You and I both can sense things that most people couldn't. What else do you sense?" Cordon asked.

"Something will come between Ashley and Andros. Something that can't be solved." I said. "These things are too vague. I wish I could sense more. But those are the only things I sense."

"Hey you're not a Lightning Ranger you aren't expected to hold all of the answers." Cordon said smiling.

"True." I said and watched the others some more.

Andros saw us and came running over. "Father! When did you get here?"

"Oh about ten minutes ago. I was just talking to your mother. How are you?" He asked.

"Great." Andros said with excitement and the others came over to talk to Cordon.

I backed away and watched. I didn't feel like I belonged in the group. I was the mother of Andros and I know that's how they feel about me. Roland doesn't trust me.

Would this scene have been common if I hadn't hooked up with Jet? Then Andros wouldn't have run into Dallas, Zhane, Roland, and Alexis. There wouldn't have been a need for the Defenders right away on KO-35. There wouldn't have been Astronema. If I had a daughter, she would have been raised to love everyone. But was that something I could have done? What if I was meant to be evil and my love for Andros was the only thing that could bring me to the light?

As I watch Andros talk to Cordon I know I can never get back with Cordon. He may be acting friendly now but I know he doesn't trust me.

I have a feeling I won't always be the outsider of this group. Something's going to happen to change it. I'm Petra Lynn Tayen, woman with a future. I like that.

I went back to standing with the others and smiled as Cordon put a hand on my shoulder. So maybe he does care about me. Thank you Antiqua for this opportunity.

The End

That's the end of part 18 of the Protectors of Space series. One more fanfic coming out called Looking Back which is from Jimanya's point of view. I switched them around this should have been 19 but that's all right. Email me at Willow@grrtech.com with you thoughts on this story.