Phone Calls
Dedicated to Chris Benoit
by: Dana

I hung up the phone
My friends say they are joining me
I look at Nancy who stands there at the door
I smile she may be why
But that doesn't mean a thing

The phone rang again
This time it was my old boss
He asked if I would reconsider
But even he should know I can't

I think back at what happened
Vince got removed and Sully came back
As if the world title meant something
When Sully's in charge

The phone rang again
This time it was Paul E
I listen but I told him I'm headed to New York
Nancy walked over and took the phone off the hook
Enough with the phone she said

I looked at all the titles that were in the room
From titles in Canada to titles in Japan
I saw the newest trophy the world title
And actually laughed

I actually expected the phone to ring again
I grabbed the piece of paper and knew what to do