Disclaimer: The Power Rangers & Villains are not mine they belong to Haim Saban. The characters Tea/Katie Zeddky/Zaron (respectively) and the new names of old villains are mine. Just not the actual character villain's old names (You'll see what I mean in the story).
Authors note: This is not part of Zeo Disaster or Reunion Series. There is no required or suggested reading. Also the name, and also title of this story, Tea is not pronounced like the drink. It's pronounced Tay-a.
Time frame: Mostly takes place right after Mutiny. But at the beginning it refers to 30 years after Mutiny. So there is reference to "Countdown to Destruction".

By: Dana

It is the year 2023. And much has changed since liberation took place. Kyle Zeddky, who was known as Lord Zedd for many centuries, and his wife Aretha, who was known as Rita Repulsa, returned to Earth two years after they returned to there old states. They knew it would be wise not to go to Angel Grove and decided to settle in Maui. They have three children. A fifteen-year-old daughter named Tea, and ten-year-old twin sons named Jordan and Stefan. None of the children knew about who their parents had been. That was fine with the parents.

Kyle Zeddky is holding a gold coin and looking at it. He turns to look out the window at his children who were playing on the beach. He didn't like the decision he was about to make. But he knew for the sake of his children it must be done.

Kyle walks over to the door and yells, "Tea! Could you come in here please!"

After she comes in Kyle signals for her to sit down. "Tea I need to tell you something very important. Twenty-six years ago, your mother and I came to Hawaii to live. I know we told you we came from California but that isn't true at all. I have seen you reading old books about the Power Rangers. This coin," he holds up the coin. "Is the Star Fire coin. I have had it for a very long time. Your mother used to have the Green Ranger power coin but she chose to give it to someone." Looking at his confused daughter he continues. "Your mother and I used to be Lord Zedd and Rita Repulsa. If that's what you were going to ask."

"Dad I can't believe that! You two are two of the most caring people I know! I can't imagine you guys as two people who were trying to conquer earth."

"I know honey. But just listen OK?" Seeing Tea nodding he continued. "When Astronema and Dark Spectre were destroyed, your mother and I returned to our former states."

"Then who's Uncle Ron?"

"That would be Rito Repulso."

She laughed when remembering what she read in her books.

"Tea, there is something else I have to tell you. I have received word that someone is about to go into the past to change everything. I am not quite sure who it is though. But who I have heard this from is a very reliable source. Why I have told you all of this is because someone needs to stop the person before it happens. Your mother and I certainly can't go back because we would most likely be recognized by ourselves. And I am not sending one of your brothers. So I have decided you are the best choice. You are as old as the rangers were at the time, and could easily fit in at the school."

"Would I be going alone?"

"No I am sending Scarlett, along with your Uncle Ron. Scarlett by the way used to be Scorpina she could give you some feedback. And I am sending your Uncle Ron to pretend to be the father."

"Do you know what this person is planning to do?"

"Yes I do know. He is going to kill the green ranger. He most likely figured that this would be the best time to do so. It is before he receives the white ranger powers, so he is pretty weak. I believe he also chose to go after him because Tommy, he is the green ranger, plays a very important part in the rest of the Power Ranger history."

"OK I will do it."


Katie Zaron nervously got ready for school. She had been reading old fashion magazines to keep in touch with what people wore in the past. She double-checked her outfit that comprised of a green T-shirt and a pair of jeans. Which was not much different then in the future.

Scarlett came in the room. "Well I was just going to check to see if you were ready yet. You look very nice."

"I am so nervous! What if I say something wrong? What if I give an answer to a question that hasn't happened yet? What if...."

"Whoa, whoa, whoa!" Ron said after coming in. "You will never know if you don't find out!"

"Ron hush! Ignore your uncle. Don't worry Tea you'll be fine." Scarlett told her reassuringly. "You want me to take you to school or you going to take the bus?"

" A ride would be better."

"Then get your stuff and let's go!"


Tea walked to her locker and saw a cute guy standing next to it. (Talk about good luck!).

"Excuse me." She said.

"Oh I'm sorry." The guy replied. "Are you new to Angel Grove? I don't remember seeing you before."

"I just moved here from Maui a couple of days ago. My name's Katie Zaron."

"Jason Scott. Who do you have for homeroom?" Jason asked.

"Mrs. Applebee." She replied.

"So do I. I'll walk you there and tell you where you can find the rest of your classes.

They walked into a classroom. Jason took his normal seat in the front of the class and immediately started talking to his friends. Tea stood there watching waiting for the teacher to come in.

"Hello you must be Katie Zaron. I'm Mrs. Applebee. Why don't you sit right there." She pointed to a seat one row back one seat over from Jason's.

Smiling she walked over to the seat. She looked at the boy who was in the desk next to her. He was wearing a green flannel shirt and black pants. Same liking in color obviously. Taking a closer look she noticed he looked kind of pale.

Mrs. Applebee took role and when she got to Tommy Oliver's name, Tea looked around to see who it was. She was surprised when it was the person next to her.

"OK class as you may have noticed we have a new student in this class. Her name is Katie Zaron. Katie would you please stand up and introduce yourself to the class?"

"Sure. My name is Katie Zaron I lived in Maui all my life till recently. Katie is not a nickname. I am an only child and my parents run a restaurant." She took a seat as soon as she was finished.

"All right class. In the announcements for today..."


It was the last class of the day. Tea noticed she was in every single one of Tommy's classes. Must have been her parents doing. In science she was working on an equation when she looked over at him. He looked worse then he did in homeroom.

"Excuse me are you all right?" She asked him.

Tommy looked up. "Yeah I'm fine."

"You don't look like it."

"I'm fine. It's the last class anyway." He said.

Just then the bell rang. Tea looked over at Tommy one more time before leaving the classroom. Heading over to her locker, she noticed Jason was at his locker. She walked over and opened her locker pretending not to notice Jason.

"Hey Katie. So how do you Like Angel Grove so far?"

"It's good so far. I feel like school shouldn't be over yet. But that's probably jet lag talking." She answered.

"You want to go the Youth Center? It's where everyone hangs out." Jason asked.

"Sure just let me call my mother and let her know OK?"

Tea hurried over to the phone and called her house. In a quiet voice she said, "Hello Scarlett? It's me. I'm going to go to some place called the Youth Center. Is that all right?...OK thanks see you later."

Tea hurried over to Jason and they exited the high school.

When they arrived Jason led her to a table where his friends sat. "Hey guys this is Katie Zaron. Katie this is Trini Kwan, Billy Cranston, Zack Taylor, and Kimberly Hart."

"Glad to meet you."

"Hey Kim is Tommy here yet?" Jason asked.

"Yes. He's in the locker room I think." Kimberly answered.

Jason hurried to the locker room.

"Have a seat Katie." Trini said.

"This place is cool! We don't have many places like this where I'm from." Tea said with a smile. She missed home but this place was shaping up to be better then she thought it would be. She watched Jason and Tommy come out of the locker room. Tea knew she should be concentrating on her mission. "Wow! Those two are good."

"So Katie do you know karate?" Billy asked.

"Been taking karate since I was three. I haven't had much time to practice though."

The others looked impressed. They all turned to watch Tommy and Jason sparring. When they were finished they both returned to the table. Suddenly Tea heard chimes and looked around confused.

"I'm sorry Katie we forgot we had to go help organize the gym for the assembly tomorrow. We'll catch up with you tomorrow OK?" Jason asked.

As she watched them run off she figured that Zordon needed them. She hoped Zordon hadn't seen her here. It would mess everything up.


When the Rangers had arrived in the Command Center, they all looked up at Zordon.


"Bro why don't you go down to the Youth Center and keep Katie company? I'm sure Zordon can contact you from there." Jason said.

"I guess." Tommy wasn't able to hide his disappointment. He hated having to sit out of fights.


Tea was just packing up her things when she saw Tommy walking towards her. "Hey I thought you guys were at the high school." She said.

"They didn't need me so I thought I'd come back here."

Sitting back down they started talking about karate. Tea told him she was a fourth degree black belt, but she hadn't been practicing lately. He told her about when he moved to Angel Grove, and what he went through with getting used to a new town. An hour or so later, they walked out of the Juice Bar. Tommy was going to walk her home.

A block away from her house putties appeared in front of them. "What are these things?" Tea asked.

"I don't know much about them but I heard they are Lord Zedd's creatures." Tommy answered.

Lord Zedd's creatures? This is too weird Tea thought.

The putties charged them. They were mostly focusing on Tommy. Tea saw them hold Tommy down and ran over and spin kicked one of them in the head. They let go of Tommy and looked at her with interest. Tommy seeing that the putties were not looking, kicked them in the back. The putties disappeared soon after.

Tommy started coughing, not understanding what was wrong. "Your really good at karate Katie." He said between coughs.

"Thanks. Are you all right?" She asked.

"I don't know what's wrong, but I just couldn't stop coughing." Tommy said.

Tea walked over and placed a hand on his forehead. "Tommy you're burning up! Can you walk another block? When we get to my house either my mom or dad could give you a ride."

"I think so."

They walked slowly to Tea's house. Tea never realized how far away a block could seem.

When they arrived at the house Tea ran into the house. "Sit on the porch swing. I'll be right back!" She called and ran into the house.

Finding Ron in the family room watching TV she ran over. "Uncle Ron! Tommy's outside he's running a fever. Could you give him a ride home?"

"Oh my gosh, yeah I'll go do it right now!" He hurried out the door with Tea right behind him.


Later that night, Scarlett, Ron and Tea were sitting around the table eating dinner.

"Scarlett do you remember Tommy being really sick?" Tea asked.

"No Tea I don't. It's strange. I think you're going to have to tell Zordon." Scarlett suggested.

"How am I going to do that? I may have a power coin but I don't think that will get me in the Command Center."

"Go up to one of them and tell them." Ron suggested.

"I can try that but I don't think it will work."

Just then the phone rang. Tea walked over to it and picked it up. "Hello?"

"May I please speak to Katie Zaron?"

"This is she."

"Katie this is Jason. Hope you don't mind me calling you. Tommy said you were the one who got him home. His parents took him to the hospital. It's just a bad case of the flu they said. He'll be out of school a few days but that's it."

"Thanks for calling me Jason. I was really worried. I need to talk to you about something though Jason. Can you meet me at 7:00 AM tomorrow in the parking lot of IHOP?"

"Sure Katie." Jason said not hiding his confusion.


The next morning Tea walked over to Jason's car. She pulled him into an empty alley.

"Jason I need you to take me to Zordon."

"Zordon?" Jason asked confused.

"Jason I know you guys are the Power Rangers. It is very important that I talk to Zordon."

"All right." Jason took her hand and teleported her to the Command Center.

When they arrived the alarms went off.

"Intruder alert!" Alpha called.

"Whoa Alpha this is Katie she said she knows who we are and says it's very important she talks to Zordon." Jason said

Zordon looked down at the young girl. He saw something in her eyes that reminded him of someone from his past. "EXCUSE ME KATIE, BUT HOW DO YOU KNOW ME?"

"Zordon this is kind of something I need to discuss with you alone. Sorry Jason." She said.

Alpha who had been scanning the girl looked up at Zordon. "No spell Zordon."

Zordon nodded at Jason. "YOU MAY GO JASON." Watching him leave he turned to Tea. "NOW WHAT IS IT YOU WANTED TO TALK TO ME ABOUT?"

Tea took a deep breath and started at the beginning. "Zordon first my name isn't really Katie, it's Tea Zeddky. I come from the future. My father sent me here after telling me that the future was in danger. You would know my parents better as Lord Zedd and Rita Repulsa. Don't worry in my future there is no more of the Lord Zedd and Rita Repulsa you know. And I can prove what I'm saying." She held up the coin that had been in her pocket. "My father said this is the Star Fire coin."


"I can't say. But I think you need to teleport Tommy up here. I had been talking it over with Scarlett, you would know her better as Scorpina though, and my uncle Ron, Rito Repulso. Scarlett said that Tommy hadn't been this sick back then. I'm worried that I may have been too late."


"Right away Zordon."

When Tommy arrived he looked pretty out of it. He was put on an examining table. He looked over at Tea and was startled to see her. He found it even stranger when Alpha started scanning him.

"Zordon what's going on? Dr. Mitchell said it was just a bad case of the flu. And what is Katie doing here?" Tommy asked.


"Just some form of powder. I am not sure what it is, but I think we have something that will cure him." Alpha said. He teleported a bottle and syringe up. He injected it into Tommy. Watching it take affect Alpha continued. "I'm not sure how it got into him though."

Zordon watched Tommy for a few seconds before teleporting him back to his house. "TEA CAN YOU EXPLAIN MORE ABOUT WHAT YOU'RE DOING HERE? FOR TOMMY'S SAKE IT MIGHT MAKE THINGS EASIER."

Tea looked up. "Zordon I can't say too much because the future is in jeopardy. Tommy is being hunted down. I was sent to make sure everything goes the way it's supposed to.


"Don't worry Zordon Scarlett already called in." She said then teleported back to the school.



Tea ran into homeroom. Handing Mrs. Applebee a note she sat down in her seat. Jason turned around and looked at her curiously but turned back around when Mrs. Applebee started talking again.

When she was finished the bell rang. Tea rushed out the door before Jason could stop her.

"Katie wait!" Jason called.

She turned around and waited. "Jason this isn't the place to talk OK? I don't want to be late for another class." She turned back around and nearly ran to her next class.

"What was that about Jase? Zack asked walking up behind Jason.

Jason stood there watching Tea. "Zack I don't know. I just don't know."

Just then the warning bell rang and Zack and Jason rushed to class.


After school Tea walked to the Oliver house. Charlotte Oliver came to the door. And smiled as soon as she saw who it was.

"Hello Katie. I want to thank you again for giving Tommy a ride home. Please tell your father thank you also. I suppose your here to see Tommy. He's up in his room. If you can wait one second I'll show you where the room is."

"Thanks Mrs. Oliver."

When they reached Tommy's room, Charlotte Oliver stuck her head in the door and told Tommy that Katie was there. She moved out of the way to allow Tea through.

When Tea walked in the room she noticed almost immediately who was also in there. Blushing she reached back to turn the door handle. Jason jumped up and pulled her away from the door.

"Tommy and I were both kind of curious about how you know who we are. I'm glad you were here though to help Tommy but who are you?"

"Jason who I am is not of importance right now." Looking over at the teenager laying on his bed she said, "Tommy are you feeling any better?"

"A whole lot better. My mother couldn't believe my fever went down so quickly. It's normal now. I probably will go to school tomorrow. Though my mother is pretty mad about going to the hospital."

"Guess it runs in the family." Jason joked. He turned to Tea. "So you're not going to tell us who you are?"

"Not now." She said. "I'm glad you're doing better Tommy I am going to go now."

They all said good-bye's. After Tea left Tommy looked over at Jason. "Jase you really like her don't you? I can see it in the way you look at her."

"Yeah I do but there's something about her."


The next day at school, Mr. Ryerson's seventh period science class is getting ready for a mini-field trip to the forest on the outskirts of Angel Grove. Getting in the school bus Tea notices Tommy already in there and takes the seat next to him. When they got to the area everyone piled outside of the bus.

"OK class you have your list of items you will need for next weeks experiments. Let's meet back here in a half hour."

Tommy and Tea headed down the trail. Stopping to glance around looking for the items.

"Tommy look there's some moss." Tea said while looking down at her list.

Just then a flash of light appeared in front of them. It was Goldar and a horde of Putties.

"Katie run! I'll take care of these things. Get the students to safety. Go!" Tommy yelled.

"Not so fast Tommy. You're both coming with me." Goldar laughed. As Tea started to leave Putties surrounded her. "See?" With that Goldar teleported them back up to the moon.


Alarms were going off in the Command Center.

"Ai yi yi Zordon! Goldar and Putties just took Tommy and Tea! What should we do?"

"CONTACT THE OTHER RANGERS ALPHA!" Zordon knew this would be hard getting five students out of class but it was an emergency. If Zedd found out who Tea was there was no telling what would happen.

"Right away Zordon."


Jason was working on his math homework when his communicator went off. He raised his hand.

"Yes Jason?" Mr. Simmons asked.

"May I go to the restroom?"

"Make it quick."

Jason hurried to the boys' bathroom. Making sure no one was in the stalls before answering his communicator. "Yes Zordon?"


"What about the others Zordon they are all in class?"


Just then Jason heard a message being called. "Would Trini Kwan, Billy Cranston, Kimberly Hart, Zack Taylor, and Jason Scott please come to the office?"

Hurrying out the door Jason saw the others. "You guys Zordon needs us to go to the Command Center. Let's go see what the office wants first."

When they reached the office the secretary met them. "Ah yes. I just got a phone call asking me to tell you, you are needed for a meeting at the Youth Center."

They all muttered their thanks.

"That must have been Zordon and Alpha's doing. Come on we better go." Jason said.

When they teleported up they all turned to Zordon.


"Zordon what would Lord Zedd want with Katie?" Trini asked.


"So what do we do sit here and wait?" Zack asked.



Tommy was working on the chains he and Tea were attached to when Lord Zedd teleported in. Lord Zedd was followed by another man that teleported in. The man was heavily robed. There was no way to be able to see who it was.

"Make a new friend Zedd?" Tommy asked with sarcasm.

"Oh did I forget to introduce you? How terribly forgetful of me! This is Roland Cliffson. He seems to have a fond interest in you Tommy."

Tea gasped she knew that name! It was her universal history teacher! He was behind this. She couldn't believe it.

"What's the matter Tea I wasn't who you expected?" The man asked. "Sorry to disappoint you but I am the one behind changing history. I have been studying everything there is to know about the Power Rangers."

When Roland Cliffson was finished talking, Lord Zedd walked over to Tommy and Tea. He removed the communicators and took Tommy's morpher. "Can't let the prisoners get away."

They both teleported away.

"Tea?" Tommy asked.

"I'm sorry Tommy it's a really long story. My real first name is Tea. That man with Lord Zedd is my universal history teacher." She answered quietly.

"Oh." Tommy said. Then Tommy started feeling weak and a lot of pain. He closed his eyes and tried to make the pain go away.


"Tea I think they are doing something to the power coin!" Tommy said and passed out.

"NO!" Tea screamed.


A few hours later Zedd came back in the dungeon. Looking down at the unconscious ranger. "Hmmm well that's what you do when you use that device. Well the man was right." Turning to Tea who was sitting there staring at him. "Don't worry I'm just taking the rest of his powers. He's used to it by now." He said with a smirk.

"Why are you doing this? Don't you realize the man is just using you?"

"It's actually the other way around. You haven't been here long enough to understand." Lord Zedd said.

"You're right I probably don't understand why someone would want to hurt another so much."

"Well you're dumber then you look then." He said. Sparing her another curious glance he teleported out of the dungeon.

Tommy started to stir. "I think he stopped the machine." He whispered. All he could muster in his weak state. "Tea I heard what you said. Zedd's had it out for me since the very beginning I don't think that will ever change." He closed his eyes again.

"Thomas Oliver don't you quit on me! Tommy think about your best friend Jason! Think about your girlfriend Kimberly! What would they do without you?" Seeing that he didn't answer her she went on. "Don't give up you have to stay with me!" Tea pleaded.

She leaned over and checked his pulse. It was there but it was very weak. She started crying. Taking the coin out of her pocket she whispered "I have failed you father." She closed her eyes and cried silently.


"What do you mean my daughters missing! How can you lose two teenagers! You should pay more attention sir. If your not qualified to keep track of them you shouldn't have went on this field trip!" Scarlett yelled into the phone. "Oh you better be sorry!" With that she hung up the phone.

Ron came running into the room when he heard all the yelling. "Scarlett what's the matter?"

"That science teacher of hers just phoned. They couldn't find Tommy and Tea. I'm worried about what could have happened. I'm going to call Jason Scott."


Jason had just walked into his house when he heard the phone ringing. He picked it up. "Hello?"

"Is this Jason Scott?" The voice on the other end of the phone asked.

"Yes this is he." He answered.

"This is Scarlett Zaron. Katie's Mother. I just got a phone call from the school. I thought you would need to know. Tommy and Katie are both missing."

"Oh no! Thank you for calling."

"Jason hold on a second. Tell me honestly. Does Zordon think Lord Zedd took them?"

"Excuse me?" Jason said. What kind of family was this?

"Just answer the question please."

"Yes he does."

"Then they are both in grave danger."

Jason heard a click and then the dial tone. Zordon has a lot of explaining to do! Jason thought.


Tea opened her eyes again. She realized she must have fallen asleep. Quickly she checked Tommy's pulse. She breathed a sigh of relief when she was able to find it. However it was still weak.

She heard a sound outside of the dungeon. She saw a communicator thrown towards her. She was able to catch it. Confused she examined it. There was a small note on it.

"Take the communicator and go. The powers are gone that's all I really wanted. This man is fried." The note said. Amused she noticed it was her own father's handwriting.

"OK Tommy you ready to go home?" Not waiting for any answer she used the communicator.

They landed in the Command Center. She was so surprised she barely noticed Jason go next to her and take Tommy.

"Wow I can't believe we're back. That's one experience I don't want to relive."

"Zordon Tommy is extremely weak. His powers are fully gone and his life force was being drained also. If he was there a little longer he wouldn't have survived."

Tea breathed a sigh of relief. "That means he's going to be all right doesn't it?"


Tommy woke up. "Whoa how did we get back here? Tea?" He asked.

"I'm right here Tommy."

"Tea?" Billy asked.

"Yes. My real name is Tea Zeddky. The only things I told you that were the truth were my age and where I'm from. Sorry guys I couldn't tell you or it would ruin the reason I'm here. I never meant to hurt any of you."

"It's solid Tea." Zack said and smiled.


"So when are you leaving?" Jason asked Tea.

It was the next day and Jason and Tea were sitting in Tea's living room talking things over. Tommy was home. He was taking some time off from school to recuperate and think things over.

"I don't know my dad hasn't told to me about it yet."

"It's kind of ironic though. Your father let you and Tommy go, and yet he didn't know you were his daughter." Jason said with a smile.

"I know! But I'm not going to argue!"

"If you're still here Friday I was wondering if you would like to go to the dance with me. We are all mostly going as friends but you know..."

"No I'd love to."

"Oh look at the time I have to go teach a karate class. See you later OK?" Jason walked out the door.

Scarlett came into the room. "Tea I was just in your room and you'll never guess what I saw." She stopped when she saw the tears in Tea's eyes. "Are you OK?"

"I'm just going to miss them Scarlett. Do you know when I have to go back?" Tea asked.

"I was just going to tell you. Come up to your room!"

She practically dragged the younger girl to her room. When they arrived Tea saw immediately what Scarlett was talking about. On a hanger on the door was the prettiest sleeveless green dress she had ever seen. Pinned to it was a note.

"For a wonderful job done, your stay has been extended. But you will be leaving the day after tomorrow. Love, mom and dad." She read.

"What are you waiting for try it on!" Laughing they both looked into the mirror and saw two equal sized smiles.


"Oh I am so nervous!" Tea said.

It was Friday night. Tea stood nervously in the living room waiting for Jason to come and pick her up for the dance.

"Don't be you'll have a great time. Jason is a nice enough of a guy."

Just then the doorbell rang. "That's him!" Tea said. She ran over to the door and pulled it open.

"This is for you!" Jason said and held up a beautiful red corsage.

Tea knew then and there; she would never be as happy as she was at that moment again.


It was the last dance of the evening. Jason turned to Tea. "May I have this dance?"

"Of course!"

Jason led Tea out. Billy danced with Trini, and Kimberly with Zack. Tommy wasn't strong enough to go to a dance.

And her eyes are like skies with rain
But there's work to be done
And she does not complain
I heard her cryin'
I heard you pray
Now you must go and it's so hard to say

Goodbye Carmen
Thank you for staying with us a while
With your pretty smile
And someday you'll get home again

Goodbye Carmen
Hasta manana or who knows when
It all depends

We're convinced our intentions are good
But we live in this world often misunderstood
Can you feel it?
I can feel it
And no one seems to care much
And it's so hard to say goodbye Carmen

Goodbye Carmen
Thank you for staying a while
With your pretty smile
And someday you'll get home again

Goodbye Carmen
Hasta manana or who knows when
It all depends

Goodbye Carmen
Careful what you do
Be careful what you see Carmen
Ooh...I will always be with you

Turned around but she's lost in the sun
There was so much to say
But she's already gone so...

Goodbye Carmen
I won't be afraid this is not the end
So rest your head
I hope someday we will meet again

Goodbye Carmen
Hasta manana or never again
But you're my friend Carmen

Tea had never felt so happy before. During the whole song Jason kept saying Tea instead of Carmen. She closed her eyes and wished the night would never end.


A week later Jason is sitting in his room writing a letter. There was a knock on the door.

"Come in."

"Hey Bro how are you doing?" Tommy asked as he walked into the room.

"OK. I just miss her so much. It's been five days since she left. I miss her already."

"I know Jase. I'm sure she's fine where she is."

Jason finished the letter and put it into a box that he locked. And turned back to Tommy and they talked about school. Jason tried as hard as he could to keep his mind off Tea.


In the year 2023 Tea is trying to concentrate on a computer program. Another teacher without any explanation had replaced Roland Cliffson, though Tea didn't need one. She heard the doorbell ring.

Jumping up from behind the computer Tea yelled, "I'll get it!" She opened the door and saw a blond hared Jason standing in front of her. Or at least that's what it looked like.

"How may I help you?" Tea asked.

"I wanted to see Tea Zaron if I could." He said.

"Please come in I'll go get her." Tea said. "Have a seat on the sofa."

Tea ran into the kitchen to find Aretha Zeddky cooking dinner.

"Mom I think Jason's son is here. He's looking for me! I can't go in there and say it's me! Can you pretend to be me? Please!"

"Of course I will come on."

They walked into the room.

"How may I help you sir?" Aretha asked.

"Mrs. Zeddky my name is Brandon Scott. My father, Jason Scott, was killed in an automobile accident two weeks ago. I was looking through one of his private boxes and found a letter with your address on it. My dad talked a lot about you. My mother suggested I deliver it to you myself."

"So who did Jason marry?" Aretha asked.

"Emily Johnson Mrs. Zeddky." He answered

"May I see the letter please?" She asked.

He handed it to her.

Aretha began reading it aloud.

"Tea since the moment I met you at school I couldn't get you out of my mind. You were the perfect person. Even though you were there for only a few weeks. I still miss you. I remember the last song we danced to. And I still have the picture Kim took of us. I will always remember you.


"I am sorry to hear about your father's death Brandon." Tea said.

"May I ask how the others are Brandon?" Aretha asked.

"Uncle Tommy got married two years after high school to a woman named Katherine Hilliard. Trini and Zack got married in New York and have two children. Kimberly coaches gymnastics in Florida and got married to another gymnast." He said.

"What about Billy Cranston?" Tea asked.

"I never met him." Brandon said.

This conversation went on for an hour before Brandon said he wanted to get to his hotel room. After saying goodbye, Tea hurried to her room and locked the door. She picked up the picture of her and Jason at the dance and sat there looking at it with a slight smile on her face.

The End
Author's Note: Ok that's it. I hope you all liked it. I know I changed how Tommy lost his powers forever so don't flame me. The song that they danced to is Goodbye Carmen, by Wilson Phillips. Email me and let me know what you think of the story!