Disclaimer: I would like to thank Naomi Tilley for providing me with a better idea of how to get Tommy and Jason to the Dimension of Darkness. I would rate this part of Evil Returns M15+. The fight is quite brutal and just a bit graphic. DO NOT DO THIS STUFF AT HOME.

Evil Returns
Part 4
by Melissa Ishak

Tommy and Jason teleported behind a large oak tree in the park then proceeded on foot to the Youth centre. Once there Jason turned to Tommy.

"Come on, bro. Let's go for a round."

"I don't know if I'm up to it."

"It may help you get your mind off things." Jason offered.

Tommy thought for a bit then reluctantly agreed.

The two went to the boys locker room and got changed into their Gi's.

When they returned they headed straight for the mats and began to warm up.

After 5 minutes of warming up Jason straightened up and looked at Tommy.

"Ready, bro?"

"Ready when you are."

Jason didn't waste any time and neither did Tommy. The pair bowed to each other then quickly fell into their fighters stance. Tommy leapt into the air and headed for Jason's mid section with a powerful flying side kick. Jason just barely rolled away from the kick and came up behind Tommy. Jason lashed out with a front snap kick but Tommy saw it coming and blocked it then retaliated with a Spinning back kick. The kick connected to Jason's head and fazed him a bit.

Jason fell back on the mat. He looked up at Tommy with a questioning look. "What are you doing Tommy? You're supposed to have control on your moves. This isn't a real fight!"

"That's what you think." Tommy said coldly.

"This is some sort of a joke right?" Jason asked with a bit of concern.

"No joke, bro." Tommy spat. "Now get up. We're going to go for a little stroll in the park. And if you dare put up a struggle, I'll have to sic Goldar, Rito, Scorpina and a very large flock of Tengas, that even the Power Rangers wouldn't be able to hold off, onto the Youth Centre." Tommy warned coldly as Jason stood up.

Jason felt a surge of panic fill him as he got a closer look into Tommy's eyes. He glanced around the crowded Youth Centre and decided it would be best, in the interest of his fellow students safety, if he didn't put up a fight. He knew the all-too-real consequences if he did.

"All right, Tommy," Jason sighed. "You win."

"A very wise decision, Jase. Now, move casually and quietly to the exit.

You know what I will do if you try any heroics."

Tommy left the implication to linger, knowing Jason fully understood what he really meant.

"Now get moving," Tommy ordered. He nudged Jason with a sharp object that he had hidden from everyone's view. Jason drew in a quick, sharp breath as he felt the object penetrate the skin of his back and draw blood. He tried to turn and face Tommy but was stopped by the sudden pain firing through his back. Jason bit back a cry of pain and walked on.

By this time pair had made it outside into the park.

"Tommy, why are you doing this? Please man, snap out of this!"

"Enough. That's enough."

Jason fell quiet, fear pricking at his gut.

"You know, Jason, you are really pathetic. Without your friends around to back you up you are worthless and weak."

Before Jason could get a word in, the park faded in a flash of light, and he found himself teleported into the Dimension of Darkness, the one place that he genuinely feared the most.

_oh boy, i bet i know what's next from here_

Jason looked around his new surroundings, knowing that there was no way to escape unless one of the other Rangers teleported him out.

_hmph, the chances of that happening are nil. tommy's got them all fooled.

what am i going to do?_

The Park


Tommy turned around, on the verge of teleporting himself, to find the other Rangers and ex-Rangers running toward him. He put on his best smile.

"Hey guys, what's up? Why the rush?"

"Tommy, have you seen Jase?" Zack asked his long time friend.

"As a matter of fact, I just came from the Youth Centre. Jason and I were sparring together. He may still be there."

"Thanks man. Let's go guys."

The teens all headed toward the Youth Centre. Tommy waited patiently until they were out of sight, then teleported to the Dimension of Darkness.

Dimension Of Darkness.

Jason wasn't the least bit surprised when Goldar teleported into the dimension, but that didn't stop the fear rise inside of him.

_great, gold boy decides to rumble and i have no protection_

"Welcome back, old friend," Goldar cruelly taunted. "How does it feel, knowing you have no powers or friends to help you?"

The two began to circle, each one warily sizing the other up. Suddenly, unexpectedly, Goldar lunged at Jason with a sharp jab to the teen's face.

Jason, caught off-guard by the sudden attack, was too slow to dodge and took the full force of the attack to his face. Jason then heard a sickening crunch as his nose broke under the force of the blow, and then reeled back as he felt the pain fire in his face.

"So the famous Red Ranger does bleed!" Goldar crowed. "I'm going to enjoy this immensely!"

Jason neither reacted nor replied to Goldar's taunts. He continued to slowly circle Goldar. Finding an opening, he leapt into a flying scissor kick. Goldar, however, deflected the kick at the last second with his sword, and Jason fell to the ground with a thud, cracking his head on the hard ground as he landed.

"Come on, get up!!"

Jason struggled to his feet. Goldar was about to lash out once more when a white flash lit up the Dimension, then faded. When the flash faded the two fighters were able to see who- or what- caused the flash. In the middle of the Dimension now stood the White Ranger.

_oh shit, I'm screwed_

Jason watched in growing panic as White Ranger stalked over to Goldar and told him something. The next thing Jason knew, Goldar teleported out and the White Ranger began to advance toward him.

"So, here we are, back to square one," White Ranger taunted. "Although, as I remember it, you weren't quite so bloody the last time. But this time you won't make it out alive."

"Tommy, you don't want to do this, please snap out of it, bro." Jason pleaded.

"Snap out of what?" White Ranger retorted cruelly. "I'm destined to be on the dark side. You and I both know it."

"No Tom, you weren't. You're not evil. You are a fighter for the side of light, not dark. Remember Mr Trueheart? Remember all he said and taught you? Tommy, your spirit is both light and dark, but the light rules and always will rule over your dark side."

White Ranger didn't say a word. Instead he lashed out at Jason with a vicious spin kick to Jason's head. Jason's head rocked to violently to the side and Jason fell to the ground, stunned. White Ranger began to circle his fallen opponent.

"Get up," the evil Ranger's icy voice spat out. "Get up and fight me like a real man... Like a real Ranger."

Jason lay still as he slowly collected his thoughts. He then started to get slowly back to his feet. As he moved, he became dimly aware of a sharp pain in his side. A glance down to his right side revealed Saba's sharp tip slowly penetrating his skin.


"Just helping you up," White Ranger answered coldly. He gave Saba a sudden twist and Jason cried out in pain as his skin twisted open and literally split, exposing tendons and muscles. Jason collapsed back to the floor, screaming in pain and bleeding heavily from his fresh wound.

_I'm gonna die here!_ Jason realised in panic. _there's nothing I can say or do to break the potion's hold on him!_

White Ranger walked slowly around Jason, sizing his opponent up and deciding what other actions to take. After a moment of thought, he kicked Jason in the ribs, breaking at least three ribs. Jason gagged in pain then began to cough uncontrollably. With each cough came wave after wave of fresh pain.

"You were never worthy of the Red Powers, Jason. You were weak and selfish.

You never thought of the others, it was always about you and your battles.

No more Jason. I'm going to finish what I started with you. I'm going to make sure you don't get out of this alive. Say goodbye Jason."

"No Tommy. It was never like that. You and I, we're like brothers man.

You've got to fight Zedd's potion. Don't let it control you."

Jason's plea faded into a coughing fit. White Ranger began to laugh cruelly.

"Keep telling yourself that and you might even begin to believe yourself.

Are you ready to die, Jason? Are you ready for your death?"

White Ranger let out an evil laugh, then, and Jason realised that he had two choices. Either he lay on the floor and take the beating that Tommy was about to submit him to, or he had to get up and try his best to defend himself. He made his decision instantly and slowly began to get to his feet, preparing himself for the onslaught that he knew he could no longer prevent.

White Ranger set his stance and waited for Jason's first move. Tommy knew Jason's tendency to be impatient and used that knowledge against him.

Jason finally, inevitably became impatient and charged, as best as he could, toward the White Ranger. White Ranger waited, re-acting at the last possible moment, and retaliated with a 360 mid air round house kick.

The kick connected squarely with Jason's mid section. Jason felt the powerful blow, and heard more of his ribs break. He then fell to the ground, trying his best to get back his breath. His throat seemed to have closed up all together, and what little oxygen he was getting came and went in wheezing gasps.

"You sorry excuse for a human!!! You have put all humans to shame with this despicable display of weakness. Get up now before I have Saba help you up again!!"

Jason knew that the threat would be carried out, but, he also knew that his already weakened body could take no more punishment.

_What choice do I have? I'm never going to go down in a fight. Besides, he'll only get really angry if I lay here_

Slowly and painfully Jason struggled to his feet. No sooner was he standing, though, when White Ranger advanced on him and let fly a powerful side kick to Jason's knee. Fire raced up Jason's right leg as the kick smashed the knee cap and broke Jason's knee altogether. Jason stumbled, then fell heavily to the ground once more. Looking at his leg, Jason found it to be sticking out at a strange angle. He let out a strangled cry, then moaned in both panic and pain.

White Ranger laughed cruelly and began to advance on Jason. Jason knew he had heard that particular laugh once before, right before Tommy as the Green Ranger had tried to skewer him with the Sword of Darkness. He stiffened in anticipation and dread of what he thought was to come. But the White Rangers' next move took Jason completely by surprise.

White Ranger calmly stepped onto Jason's smashed knee causing Jason to howl in pain. White Ranger then bent down and grabbed Jason's right ankle in both hands. With a quick, swift maneuver, White Ranger pulled Jason's ankle up towards his shield breaking the leg half way down and dislocating Jason's knee.

Jason screamed and convulsed uncontrollably in agony as tears began to work their way down his face. He looked up at the White Ranger to find him stepping off his right leg and advancing toward his left leg. Jason tried to move the leg away from him but White Ranger grabbed hold of it then stepped down onto the knee.

"No, Tommy, please," the teen moaned helplessly. "Please Tommy. You can't do this."

Jason weakly begged hoping to stop Tommy from doing the same to his other leg.

"Don't worry Jason," White Ranger remarked coldly "I'll make sure I do it quickly, just for you."

"No, Tommy, Don't....."

A scream, unlike anything that had ever been heard before within the walls of that dark dimension, rent the otherwise quiet stillness as White Ranger callously repeated the crippling act on Jason's left leg, cutting the young man off from his terrified begging. By then, all Jason was capable of were intelligable moans and groans of pain. He failed to notice White Ranger standing over him until it was too late.

Jason felt a sharp pain fire across his chest as White Ranger used Saba to slice across his chest. Jason, too weak to move or scream, just moaned out in pain. White Ranger continued to enthusiastically slice and dice Jason's chest and abdomen. By then, Jason's Gi top was completely soaked in blood.

White Ranger looked down at Jason, laughing softly as he observed the other's pain.

"Just two more things before I leave you to die."

With that, White Ranger sat down behind Jason, just above his head, with his legs folded up close to his chest. White Ranger bent forward and grabbed Jason's wrists into each of his hands, then placed his feet onto Jason's elbows and suddenly, in one quick and sudden movement, straightened both his legs at the same time, breaking Jason's arms at the elbow.

A chocked sob escaped Jason's lips, and then the young man finally, gratefully passed out, in a welcome escape from the pain that was coursing through his body.

White Ranger de-morphed and looked down at Jason's broken, bloody form in triumphant silence.

Lord Zedd's Palace

Lord Zedd, who watched Tommy's progress with Jason, had become very pleased at his own work.

"Hmmm, perhaps now would be an excellent time to release Tommy from my control. I will then allow him to teleport himself and Jason out of there and watch as he beats himself up. Yes that will do excellently!!"

Lord Zedd let out an evil laugh then pointed his staff at Tommy.

Dimension of Darkness.

Tommy look down at Jason's still form. Suddenly a white light tinged with green exited Tommy's body and Tommy fell to his knees, away from Jason, stunned. For several long seconds he knelt there on the misty floor, too dazed to think straight.

Then, finally, his blinked and looked up slowly in extreme confusion.

"Where am I?" he wondered out loud.

A quick glance around answered his question, and his heart began to pound hard in his chest as he recognised the Dimension of Darkness.

"No... No way..." he whispered, getting slowly, unsteadily to his feet, completely unaware of the broken body of his friend right behind him.

"Zedd, why have you brought me here? Damn it...."

Shaking his head in distress, he turned around, and froze.


Jason didn't respond, but continued to lie there in a growing pool of his own blood. Tommy started forward, moving to go to him, when the walls of his memory crumbled, and everything came back in a flood. The young man collapsed to his knees again in horror, no longer possessing the strength to remain on his feet as he realised exactly what he had now become responsible for. A moment later, he screamed in anguish, collapsing fully to the ground next to the broken body of his best friend.

"No!! Jason!!!!!!! What have I done?!!!"

Part 5

*Youth Center*

Rocky, Adam, Aisha, Kat, Karen, Trini, Zack and Billy took their usual seats at their usual table trying to figure out what was going on. Ernie had just informed them that Tommy and Jason had left the Center together. Jason, however, had seemed to be a bit worried and nervous about something.

"I don't get it!" Zack fumed once again. "Tommy told us that Jason was still here. What's going on! Why would Tommy lie to us?"

"Calm down, Zack" Trini spoke softly, still trying to get over the loss of her long time friend, Kimberly. She turned to Billy, who was deep in thought. "Billy?" Billy looked up, confused as to who had just spoken his name. "Do you think Tommy may still be under the potions hold?"

Billy looked at Trini. "It's possible. Tommy did look as though he was about to teleport somewhere when..."

Whatever else Billy was going to say was cut off by the telltale chime of their Communicators. The rangers looked at each other, then, as one got up and went to the alcove to answer the summons.

"We read you, Zordon. What is it?" Rocky spoke into his communicator.

"Teleport to the Command Center at once, Rangers." Came Zordon's predictable reply.

"We're on our way." Rocky replied as Trini and Zack took hold of Karen and Adam.

*Command Center*

The rangers teleported in to find Alpha bustling around getting the consoles in order.

"What's the problem, Zordon?" Adam asked quietly.

"Goldar, Rito and Neutralizer are terrorising people in the park," Zordon informed the Rangers. "You must go and intercept them."

The Rangers took their stance behind Rocky.

"It's Morphin time!" Rocky cried out the famous call.

"Purple Ranger Power!"
"Black ranger power!"
"Pink ranger power!"
"Blue ranger power!"
"Yellow ranger power!"
"Red ranger power!"

The rangers were then, instantly teleported to the battlefield.

"Zack, Trini, you two will remain here and help Alpha get a lock on Tommy and Jason." Zordon ordered the two ex-rangers.

"Zordon, we saw Tommy in the Park earlier without Jase. He told us that Jase was at the Youth Center, but Ernie told us that they left together. Do you know anything about that?" Zack questioned the ancient master.

"No Zack. I do not." Zordon replied grimly.

"Then where are they?" Trini asked.

"We have a lock on each ranger, including past weilders of the power. We lost the lock on Jason before we lost the lock on Tommy. This would suggest that they are no longer in this dimension. I fear they are in one of Lord Zedd's dimensions. It is imperative that we find them teleport them back here immediately." Zordon explained, concern etched in his voice.

"We're on it, Zordon." Trini confirmed quietly. Zack and Trini then turned to the consoles to help Alpha with the task.

*Angel Grove Park*

Red Ranger fell to the ground, stunned, as he took another powerful blast from the Neutralizer. Nuetralizer advanced on the fallen teen every intention of blasting the boy to peices. Black Ranger yelled at Rocky in alarm, then took to the air in a powerful flying sidekick. The kick hit it's target and Neutralizer flew through air backward and landed heavily on the ground.

"Rocky, are you alright?" Adam asked his friend in concern.

"Yeah, I'm fine." Rocky replied slowly getting to his feet. "Let's toast this guy!"

Both rangers then charged toward the monster.

Purple and Yellow Rangers had their hands full fighting Goldar.

"You Power Pests are finally going down, and you, Purple Ranger, how dare you betray the mighty Lord Zedd!" Goldar growled in fury.

"Forget it Goldar! I didn't betray anyone worthwhile. It's you that is going to fall and you will fall hard!" Karen shot back.

Goldar charged the girls and took a powerful swipe with his sword toward the girls. The girls easily ducked the clumsy swing and Goldar toppled over, over balanced. The fight continued.

Rito wasn't having such an easy time with the Pink and Blue rangers. Blue and Pink Rangers weren't giving him a chance. They continued to attack Rito from both sides. Rito was beginning to tire and both rangers could see it.

"Come on, Rito. You're not giving up now are you?!" Billy laughed at the bag of skeletons.

"You twerps won't know what hit you when I'm through with you!" Rito shot back.

"Give us your best shot!" Kat puffed.

Rito covered his eyes. Instantly the two rangers knew what was coming and split up before Rito uncovered his eyes and let loose a fatal blast of energy, missing the two rangers completely.

Rito looked around confused as to the whereabouts of the two rangers.

"Rito, behind you." Kat teased.

Rito turned around and before he even had the chance to put up a fight, the two Rangers double power kicked him in the stomach sending Rito flying backward.

"You two are going to pay for that!" Rito grumbled as he got up.

Eventually Goldar, Scorpina and Rito bowed out in their usual cowardly manner, leaving Neutralizer to fend the Rangers off for himself.

"Alright Rangers, let's re-group!" Adam commanded once the cowardly henchmen bailed out. The Rangers gathered up behind Adam as he spoke.

"Let's take this guy down, once and for all!" Red Ranger growled, eager to end the fight.

"I agree. Take him from all sides." Adam ordered in his usual soft, but commanding voice. The Rangers formed a circle around Neutralizer.

"You are all fools, Rangers!" The ugly beast taunted.

"You're the fool." Blue Ranger shot back.

The fight began in earnest as Neutralizer threw himself at the Red Ranger, who stood his ground waiting only until the last possible second to react. Falling back on his hind leg, Red Ranger spun his other leg around in a devestating hook kick aimed at Neutralizers head. The kick struck home sending Neutralizer reeling backward.

Black and Yellow Rangers flew through the air in a double power sidekick which neatly found the target on the back of Neutralizer. Neutralizer, unable to keep his balance, fell forward, face first, into the dirt with a heavy thud.

The rangers waited, never taking their eyes off Neutralizer, as he slowly, painfully got back to his feet. They were just about to charge at the beast, when a raw bolt of energy shot out from Neutralizer, hitting the Rangers front on and sending them sprawling to the ground, stunned.

As the Rangers slowly re-gained their wits, a beam of Rita and Lord Zedd's magic hit Neutralizer, causing him to grow. The rangers instantly sprung to action, calling upon their megazord.

"We need Mega zord Power! Now!" the Rangers commanded as one. As the zords came froth, the rangers each leaped into their respective Zords. The Ninja Zords then joined together forming the Ninja Megazord.

Neutralizer advanced on the Megazord and kicked out at the zord with deadly force, which sent the Megazord flying backward, landing on an abandoned skyscraper, destroying the building in a voilent explosion as it went down.

Inside the cockpit, the Rangers were working frantically to stabalize and get the Megazord back onto it's feet.

"Get the weapons online, Now! We need to finish this fight before we take another hit like that!" Adam barked out. Billy hurried to obey the order.

The other rangers managed to get the megazord back onto it's feet and called on the Power Saber. The Sword appeared out of no where and the Rangers instantly powered it up to full power and threw the energy beam at Neutralizer, who was destroyed on impact.

The Rangers briefly celebrated their victory before teleporting back to the Command Centre, the Megazord disappearing to it's own hiding place in the mountains.


*Lord Zedd's Palace*

Lord Zedd pounded his fist onto the barricade as his body glowed an angry red.

"Blast!!! There goes a perfectly good monster!"

In the background, Lord Zedd's cowardly henchmen shied away from their ancient master in fear.

"Now would be the perfect time to send Tommy and Jason to the Command Center. Tommy will get into so much strife, when the others find out what he did. It will cause the team to fall apart and Zordon will have to strip Tommy of his powers!!!"

The evil lord let out a crazed laugh that sent chills down ones spine, as he aimed his staff at the sobbing Tommy and the unconscious Jason, sending them to the Command Center.

*Command Centre*

After the battle had finished, the rangers had teleported in, de-morphed, to find Trini, Zack and Alpha working hard to find the location of Tommy and Jason. Billy instantly threw himself into the work.

Five minutes passed and Billy was beginning to get close to finding his friends when a teleportation beam behind the huddled rangers made them turn around. There, in the middle of the Command Center, lay Jason, with Tommy sitting over him, sobbing helplessly. The Rangers gasped at the bloodied, broken sight of their friend.

Tommy, caught unawares of the sudden teleportation, gazed around his new surroundings in a daze. When he caught sight of his friends and Zordon, he let out a choked sob mixed with fear and relief.

Billy was the first to recover from the shock and reacted on instinct. He nudged his way through his friends and went down by Jason's still form.

"Tommy?" Tommy looked toward Billy with a haunted look in his eyes. It was all Billy could do to keep himself from cringing at the pain that was reflected in Tommy's eyes.

"Tommy, what happened?" Billy asked in concern, speaking slowly so his friend could understand what he was saying.

Tommy shuddered. He couldn't hide the truth. He had to tell them. He was just gathering up the courage to speak when Zordon interrupted him.

"Alpha, teleport yourself and Jason to the medical chamber and begin treatment at once," Zordon commanded grimly. "There is no time to spare as infection has already began to spread through Jason's body."

The little robot hurried to do as he was asked and within an instant, both Alpha and Jason disappeared from the Main chamber.

"Billy, run a scan over Tommy immediately. If my suspitions are correct, Tommy may be free of the potion's effects, indefinately."

"Right Zordon." Billy did as he was asked, while the rest of the Rangers looked on. Once he had finished, Billy turned around to face the rangers, with a relieved smile on his face.

"There is not a trace of the potion left in him," Billy announced. "Although he is in deep shock."

"I don't understand, Zordon. I thought you said the potion would remain in Tommy forever. What happened?" Trini queried.

"With your earlier efforts, you were able to break a small part of the potions hold on Tommy. The when Tommy came back to us, of his own free will, he weakend the potions effect. The last two factors were when Lord Zedd released Tommy from his hold after Jason was... injured, and when the Neutralizer was destroyed. Unbeknown to us, Neutralizer was the key to the potion, with him destroyed, the potion dissipated. Tommy is now free from the evil clutches of Lord Zedd," Zordon finished.

Once Zordon had finished explaining things to the rangers, Tommy scanned each of his friends concerned faces.

"I know what you're all thinking, what happened." Tommy said in a small and trembling voice.

"Tommy, don't." Aisha interrupted her friend and leader.

"You need to rest. You're in shock." Billy added.

"You can tell us what happend later. After you've rested." Adam finished.

Tommy was about to open his mouth, but Zordon beat him to it. "Tommy, you will teleport to the medical chamber and rest. You are in shock and still weak from the potions effects." Zordon said in his, 'do-not-dis-obey-me' tone.

Tommy bowed his head, defeated. "Yes Zordon." Activating the button on his communicator, he teleported to where Alpha and Jason were.

The moment Tommy left the main chamber, the remaining rangers all turned toward their mentor wanting answers as to what had happened to Jason, and why Tommy didn't have a scratch on him. Although they had their suspicions, neither wanted to face that possibility.

Zordon waited patiently until the ruckus had subsided before speaking. "Rangers, I must ask that you go and do whatever it is you need to do today. Ask no further questions as to what had transpired in the Dimension of Darkness. You will not ask this of Jason not Tommy. When they are ready, only then will they tell you. Until then, I ask you not to badger them."

"Yes, Zordon." The rangers chorused none too happy.

"Before you go, may I congratulate you, Trini, Zack and Billy in your efforts on locating and teleporting Jason and Tommy back to the Command Center," Zordon rumbled on.

Billy, Trini and Zack looked at each other in surprise. Then Billy spoke.

"But Zordon, it wasn't us. We were still trying to get the lock on them."

"Very well. You may go now rangers." The ancient being continued, seemingly ignoring Billy's words.

The rangers glanced at each other and shrugged before leaving the Command center in a flash of colourful light. Zordon, satisfied that the rangers had left, teleported himself to the Medical Chamber to oversee Alpha's progress.

Medical Chamber

Alpha, how is your progress?" Zordon asked once he was in the chamber.

"Yikes! Zordon, you startled me!" Alpha yelped in fright.

"I am sorry, Alpha. How are you progressing?"

"Aye aye aye! Slowly, Zordon. Whoever beat Jason did a good job. He has a broken nose, countless broken ribs, a shattered jaw, a shattered patella, both legs and arms have been broken, numerous stab and slash wounds, internal bleeding, internal damage to vital organs, he has lost a considerable amount of blood, fever burns through him and he has a sever concussion!!" Alpha wailed, marking off each injury. "I'm doing my best. I have set his arms and legs and bandaged some of the cuts across his mid section. But I'm having difficulty with the internal damage. There is so much bleeding, that our scanners pin-point the exact location or locations from which they are originating!"

"This is not good, Alpha. Perhaps it would be wise to send him, with the Rangers, to the hospital for surgery. We can simply tell them that he was caught in a monster attack."

"You're right, Zordon. There really is nothing more I can do to help him. And without his powers, he simply cannot mend himself quickly enough."

"Contact Billy." Zordon ordered the android grimly.

"Right away, Zordon."

With that, Alpha and Zordon teleported back into the main chamber. Unbeknownst to the pair, Tommy lay awake on his bed, sobbing as he heard the whole exchange between the pair. Slowly, Tommy got out of the comfort of his bed and, on unstable feet, made his way to his friend's side.

_he looks so pale._ He thought in sorrow.

"I'm so sorry, Jase. Please, you gotta pull through this. You can't die. I could never live with myself if we lost you." He bowed his head. " I don't think I can live knowing I did this to you. Come back to us, buddy. Please." As sobs racked Tommy's body, he slumped down to the ground in a dead faint, the events and shock finally taking its toll on him.

Command Center

Zordon had just finished explaining what he wanted the rangers to do.

"Don't worry, we'll take extreme care with him. And the best medical treatment."

Rocky assured the ancient being. The others agreed whole-heartedly. That said, the rangers morphed then teleported to the Medical Chamber.

Medical Chamber

Upon arrival, the rangers were met with the sight of an unconscious Tommy lying on the floor with Alpha's medical instruments on and scattered around Tommy.

"Oh man!" Billy and Rocky sprung forward and quickly cleared the mess. Then Blue Ranger gently lifted Tommy and placed him onto the bed, checking for cuts, once he had settled the White Ranger into the bed. Satisfied that Tommy was all right, Blue Ranger then turned to Jason and carefully picked him up.

Once re-assured Jason was all right in the Blue Rangers arms, the rangers promptly teleported to Angel Grove Community Hospital. Blue Ranger giving thanks for his added strength as they went.

Angel Grove Community Hospital

The rangers teleported into the hospital, startling the staff immensely. Taking one look at the unconscious teen in the Blue rangers arms, four nurses rushed to them with a gurney being wheeled between them. Blue Ranger gently placed Jason onto the gurney, thankful to unload the injured boy.

"What happened to him?" Nurse Jones asked the rangers.

"He was caught in a monster attack. We managed to treat most of his injuries, but I'm afraid that even with our Command Center's superior technology, we were unable to treat the internal injuries. He has massive internal bleeding...." Blue Ranger went on to list all the injuries Jason's body sustained. When he had finished, the nurses looked from Blue Ranger to Jason in horror.

"He's very lucky to still be alive. We may not have much time. Quickly, rush the boy up to the operating theatre," Nurse Jones demanded. "I will call ahead to warn them."

The nurses rushed Jason off without a second thought. Nurse Jones then turned to the Rangers.

"We're going to have to ask you a few questions about the boys identity. We'll also have to locate his family and get them here, pronto."

"Not a problem." Blue Ranger replied. "Red Ranger, take Purple Ranger with you and teleport to the Scott's home. Explain what has happened and teleport them straight here."

The two rangers teleported out wordlessly.

"If you'll follow me to the front desk, we'll get the boys details."

The rangers followed the nurse and gave her all the details on Jason.

When they had finished, Red and Purple Rangers teleported in, the Scott's clinging onto the Rangers arms. Both Scott's were pale and in shock.