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Damned if you do, Damned if you don't!
Part One
Melissa Ishak

The Rangers burst out of Super Zeo Megazord after yet another victorious battle against King Mondo’s seemingly endless supply of robotics monsters.

Once on the ground, the rangers checked the area of Angel Grove Park, where they had landed, carefully for onlookers. Seeing no one in the immediate area, the rangers powered-down, not noticing the pair of eyes that watched them from a nearby bush.

“That has got to be Mondo’s hardest monster yet!” Kat complained.

“It wasn’t as tough as the ones we’ve had to deal with in the past, right bro.” Jason replied looking at Tommy.

“Huh? Oh yeah, that’s right. Remember Slippery Shark?”

Jason laughed as he remembered the menace. “I sure do. Man he very nearly had us tearing each other apart!”

“How’d they manage that?!” Tanya wondered aloud as the rangers began to make their way to the Youth Center.

“Jason and Tommy took it in turns to tell the story as they walked. Not one ranger ever noticed the mysterious figure that followed them.

As they were walking, Tommy suddenly stopped, causing the other rangers to bump into each other.

“Hey! Why’d ya do that for?!” Rocky grumbled from some where in the middle of the pile up, angry that Tanya had stepped on his ankle.

Tommy ignored him. “Don’t you feel it?” He asked no one in particular.

“Feel what, bro?” Jason finally answered after a moment of silence.

“It’s sort of a tingling feeling.”

“So?” Tanya replied beginning to get impatient.

“I’ve got a feeling that we’re being followed, or watched.”

The rangers instantly looked around but found nothing.

“There’s no one in sight, Tommy.” Kat said after looking around the place and finding nothing.

“Kat’s right, Tommy. There’s no one out here. The ‘all’s clear’ siren hasn’t even sounded yet. No doubt that everyone is still in the shelters.” Adam added. Even as he spoke the siren sounded.

“You’re probably just paranoid.” Tanya put in.

“Yeah, I guess you’re right. But I still can’t shake this feeling that our every move is being watched…” Rocky opened his mouth to say something but Tommy second guessed him. “…And I’m positive that it’s not our friends in space. Whoever is watching us is human.” Tommy finished.

Suddenly Rocky’s stomach gave a loud rumble, causing the other rangers to laugh. Then they continued on their way.

“Very soon, Tommy, very soon.” The man threatened as he stepped out of his hiding place. Then, he laughed, a soft evil laugh that carried in the wind. The man continued to follow the rangers at a safe distance, never loosing sight of them.

Youth Center

With a tray of food in his hands, Tommy carefully made his way to the table where he and his friends were sitting at. Once he got to the table, Tommy set the tray down and settled onto a seat between Jason and Adam, while Rocky dived for the food.

“Can you believe that monster?!” Tanya said in a hushed voice.

“I know,” Laughed Rocky between mouthfuls. “I can’t believe Mondo named it Shredder!”

“I guess Mondo watched the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles too.” Laughed Jason causing the group to burst into uncontrollable laughter. Some teen’s in the Youth Center looked up at the laughing teens as Tommy fell out of his chair causing the other teens in the Youth Center to laugh.

Just as suddenly as Tommy started laughing, he stopped laughing. Across his face the silly grin dropped like a rock only to be replaced by a frown.

Jason felt the change in Tommy’s mood instantly. “What’s wrong, bro?” Concern lacing Jason’s voice.

“I’m beginning to get that feeling again.” Tommy replied seriously.

“That we’re being watched?” Jason pressed in a hushed whisper.

“Yeah. Look around the Youth Center and see if you see anyone that doesn’t usually come here, But Jase…”

“Yeah, bro?”

“Don’t make it too obvious. I’ll get up and walk down to the practice mats. You check out who may be watching.”

“Got it, bro.”

As Tommy got up from the table, the other rangers finally became lucid one more.

“Hey, where’s Tommy going?” Rocky asked as he watched Tommy make his way toward the gym equipment.

“To the Practice mats to work out.” Jason replied casually as he continued to look around the Youth Center.

“Who or what are you looking for?” Adam asked Jason.

“I’ll tell you when I find it myself.”

“Jase, what’s going on?” Rocky finally asked getting impatient with his friend’s vague replies.

“Remember when Tommy got that feeling that we were being watched or followed?”

“Yeah, I’m still sore from that.” Rocky complained.

“He’s gotten that feeling again. So he’s gone to the prac mat’s while I look out for some one who seems out of place here.” Jason quietly explained. “Now keep a look out. Look for some one we’ve never seen here before.”

“Got it.” The rangers agreed.

“Just don’t be too obvious.” Jason cautioned.

“No shit, sherlock!” Rocky returned sarcastically.

“Just keep a lookout.” Came the agitated reply from Jason.

“Hey, settle. We were just playing with you.” Kat replied, hurt.

“I know you were, but this is serious. Now pay attention.”

“Alright, alright. Sheesh!” Rocky replied defensively as Jason glared at him.

The rangers settled down and began to watch the Youth Center from people they didn’t recognize. After about five minutes of looking, they finally found what they were looking for.

“Hey, hey, over there. ”Hushed Adam.

“Where?” Tanya asked.

“Over there by the Punching bags. He’s being casual about it but he’s definitely watching Tommy.”

“Hey, I know that guy!” Rocky hushed, recognition lighting his eyes.

“You do?” Asked Jason.

“Hasn’t he been in the news before?” Kat asked.

“The news?!” Tanya added, confused.

“Yeah. I think he’s been on the news bulletins. There was a guy that has killed him many times, but this guy just keeps on coming back!” Kat explained.

“I remember those news flashes! The guy that killed him, he’s name was MacGyver.” Rocky jumped in. Suddenly Rocky found all his friends eyes on him. “What?! I watch the news too!”

“That’s cool. We just never thought you could settle down for long enough to watch the news.” Jason teased.

“Hey!! I don’t always binge on Jolt!!” Rocky bit back.

“Hook, line and sinker!” Jason laughed. Rocky said nothing but turned an interesting shade of red, causing the other rangers to burst out laughing.

“Uh, guys. Where’s Tommy?” Tanya asked as the laughing died down.

The rangers looked around the Youth Center and found nothing.

“That other guy is gone too.” Kat pointed out, causing the rangers to become worried.

“Murdoc!!!!” Rocky half whispered in despair.

“Who?” Tanya asked.

“Oh my god!” Kat paled as she remembered the terror Murdoc caused for MacGyver. “He’s a hit man that seems to enjoy going after MacGyver. MacGyver has blown him up, electrocuted then drowned him, caused him to fall off a cliff and finally fall down a one hundred foot mine shaft, but somehow the guy has never died. No one knows how, but he always manages to make it out alive. The guy is practically immortal. That’s not all. MacGyver has faced him, many times, as I’ve just explained, but he barely makes it out of each confrontation, alive.” Kat explained to her friends.

“Oh man, Tommy.” Jason whispered.

“We have to get to the Power Chamber.” Adam told his friends.

“Let’s go.” Jason ordered without hesitation.

Tanya, Kat, Adam, Rocky and Jason quickly made their way to the alcove and teleported out of the Youth Center.

Power Chamber

The rangers teleported in unexpectedly, startling Alpha, Zordon and Billy.

“Rangers, what are you doing here?” Zordon queried.

“Where’s Tommy?” Billy asked after quickly scanning his friends to see who had come in.

“That’s why we’re here.” Jason answered.

“He didn’t come here.” Billy replied.

“We know.” Jason replied grimly. “We… Tommy had a strange feeling that we were being watched, so he told me to look out for some one out of place while he went down to the practice mats. Tanya was the first to realize that he was missing.”

“So? He may have gone to the bathroom.” Billy answered practically.

“Except there was a guy watching Tommy. When Tommy went missing, the guy was gone, but the worst thing is… the guy is Murdoc.” Rocky informed Billy, dramatically.

“My god, please tell me that you’re joking.” Billy managed in a hoarse, shocked voice.

“I wish we could.” Jason confirmed after a minute of silence.

Jason, suddenly and unexpectedly, hit the floor hard as shock appeared to overcome him, causing him to pass out.

Billy and Adam moved quickly to Jason’s fallen and motionless form and lifted his heavy frame onto the medical table.

Once Billy had made sure Jason was breathing, he headed straight over to the tacking console, forgetting to ask Zordon’s permission until Zordon finally broke his silence.

“Billy,” Billy jumped as Zordon spoke, then looked up at Zordon with pleading eyes. Zordon hesitated then changed his mind. “Good luck in your attempt to locate Tommy. I will have Alpha assist you and shall give you my own input to assist you in your quest to locate Tommy. On one condition.”

Billy looked up at Zordon nervously. “What’s the condition?”

“That you will end your search promptly at 6pm each night, go home, eat Dinner and get your rest, before coming back here at 10am each morning to resume your search for Tommy.”

“But Zordon…” Anything Billy was about to say was cut off by a stern look from Zordon.

“Alpha and myself will be here while you are at home resting. Alpha and myself do not need to rest. You do. Do not try to bargain with me, Billy. This is not a request, it is an order.” Zordon finished off sternly. Although Zordon didn’t like ordering the sensitive, young genius he knew that he had to for Billy’s sake. For his health.

Billy dropped his head, defeated. “Yes Zordon.” That sorted, Billy and Alpha got straight to work, trying to locate Tommy.

“Rocky, I would like you to tell Alpha and Billy anything and everything you know about Murdoc. His appearance, background and who he works for, if you do know. Katherine, you will help Rocky. Tanya and Adam, you two will look after Jason. Make sure the equipment is working and try to snap him out of it.” Zordon commanded his pupils.

“Yes Zordon.” The rangers chorused in unison.

“Zordon, what if Billy located MacGyver and teleported him here. He could help us more than anyone.” Adam suggested.

“You’re right, Adam. Zordon, May I attempt to locate and teleport MacGyver here before I find Tommy. If anyone can help us, he can.” Billy asked his mentor.

“Can he be trusted with our secret?” Zordon questioned.

“I’d bet my powers on him.” Rocky jumped in without thinking. “Uh, I mean, yes, he is a very trustworthy man.” Rocky corrected himself, blushing as he did so.

Zordon stifled a laugh and gave Billy his consent. “You may teleport him when he is alone.” He cautioned.

“Will do, Zordon.” Billy confirmed.

Phoenix Foundation

“No, Pete. I need a break!” MacGyver argued with his friend and boss.

“But Mac, we need you on this one. You’re the best we’ve got! You can’t just leave me hanging!” Pete shot back, hoping his pleas would bring MacGyver around and make him say yes.

“Pete, understand when I tell you, I need a break! I have been in Peru for the past three weeks dodging bullets, aimed at me!! I need a shower and a months worth of sleep! There is no way anyone is going to make me budge from my houseboat for the next month.”


Authors note: Uh, uh, uh, uh, uh. Is said very quickly.
“Uh, uh, uh, uh, uh, I don’t want to hear it. Good bye Pete.”


“I don’t want to hear it. I’ll see you in about a months time!”

Before Pete could say another word, MacGyver was out of the office.

“Damn it!” Pete cursed as he sat at his desk.

MacGyvers Boathouse

MacGyver unlocked his door and walked into his home, closing the door behind him. He put his bag down by the stairs then walked to the kitchen, made himself a protein shake before he went to the lounge and relaxed. He wasn’t laying down for more than five seconds before a strange tingling sensation overtook his body. Before he knew it, his room disappeared in a flash of soft white light.

Power Chamber

“I’ve got him. He’s teleporting now.”

Seconds after Billy spoke MacGyver teleported into the Chamber, falling onto his back as he landed.

It took MacGyver a second to recover before he quickly got to his feet.

“What the heck just happened?” He asked no one in particular. “What is this place?” He questioned as he took in his new surroundings, not seeing Zordon or Alpha.

Adam stepped forward and stretched out a hand to welcome MacGyver. “Welcome to the Power Chamber, MacGyver.”

“Power Chamber? Power for what? Who are you?” MacGyver asked in confusion.

“My name is Adam. This is Billy, Tanya, Rocky and Kat. We’re the Power Rangers.” Adam explained pointing to each person as he introduced them.

“You are” MacGyver said, skepticism lacing his voice.

“Yes. We are.” Rocky retorted defensively.

MacGyver considered all that had happened and nodded his head as he accepted the explanation of how he suddenly appeared in a strange place within seconds. “I believe you. Who is the boy laying on the bench?”

“That’s Jason. He’s the Gold Ranger.” Tanya finally spoke up.

MacGyver hesitated for a second before asking, “Isn’t there a Red Ranger?”

“How’d you know he isn’t here?” Kat asked amazed.

“Well, seeing as how you lot are the Power Rangers, you each seem to be drawn to your own colour. You’re all wearing the colours of your costumes.” MacGyver replied.

The rangers dropped their jaws in shock.

“Don’t look so surprised. They didn’t ask me to join the Foundation because of my good looks, you know.”

Billy recovered first. “There is a Red Ranger. He’s the reason we brought you here. But before we get into that, there’s someone we’d like you to meet. Turn around.” Billy requested.

MacGyver turned and stopped. “Whoa.”

“Welcome MacGyver. I am Zordon, mentor to the Power Rangers. I have heard much about you.”

MacGyver just stared at the giant floating head in the tube, at a complete loss for words.

Alpha shuffled forward startling MacGyver even more. “I am Alpha 5. Zordon’s assistant.”

“You, you’re an android.” MacGyver finally managed. He turned on his heal and stared the rangers down. “Alright, one of you are going to tell me exactly what is going on and it had better be good. I’m supposed to be on a break!” MacGyver cried exasperated.

“We need your help. Tommy, he’s the Red Ranger, was kidnapped today from the Youth Center…” Adam went on to relate the whole story to MacGyver, who paled at the mention of Murdoc.

“Murdoc is alive?” MacGyver asked, dumbfounded.

“Yes and he has Tommy. We need to get him back.” Adam confirmed grimly.

“But how? I threw that lunatic down a 100 foot well!!” MacGyver paused for a minute. “Actually, why doesn’t that surprise me.”

“We don’t know how he got out of it, all we know is that he is alive and has taken Tommy.” Adam repeated.

“I know. We’ve already been through that.” MacGyver replied dryly.

“We need your help. Please, you’ve got to help us.” Kat pleaded.

“We know you’re exhausted and need rest, but we don’t know how to deal with Murdoc like you do.” Tanya added.

“Why don’t you just do that transport thing?” MacGyver suggested, already knowing what the answer would be.

“Teleporting. We’ve already tried. We can’t get a lock on them. Tommy is either unconscious or his Zeonizers and Communicator has been destroyed. There’s nothing else we can do except go on the information we already have on Tommy. Because of recent power surges, which have gone through the computers, all the information we had on Tommy has been destroyed making our search difficult.” Billy explained sadly.

MacGyver took in each of the teens faces as they looked at him, pleading for his help. Finally after a long thought, MacGyver decided.

“Alright, alright. I’ll help you.” He sighed.

“Thank you very much, MacGyver. We won’t forget this.” Adam replied, relieved.

“How long has Tommy been missing for?” MacGyver asked.

“About 30 to 40 minutes.” Rocky answered, as MacGyver’s face dropped.

“What? What’s wrong?” Tanya asked worriedly.

“That has given him plenty of time to set a trap.” MacGyver replied with a sigh. “He’s notorious for that.”

“How do we find him?” Billy queried.

“We don’t. He finds us.” Came the grim reply.

“How long?” Adam asked.

“I’m not sure. Look, Murdoc has never pulled a stunt like this before.”

“What do you mean?” Rocky asked.

“This is the first time Murdoc has taken a hostage that I don’t even know. The last hostage he took was Penny Parker. I don’t know why he’s done it. It could be because he’s trying to lure me here, but I would like to know how he planned to get me to Angel Grove from L.A or it could be for an entirely different reason altogether. I just don’t know.” MacGyver replies, frustrated at the sudden feeling of helplessness he felt.

“Do not despair, MacGyver. By putting your mind together with young Billy, together you will develop a plan to get Tommy back.”

“With Billy? Which on of you is Billy? Sorry,” MacGyver apologized, as Billy stepped forward. “With all that’s happened, which one of you is which has slipped my mind. “

“It’s alright. You’ve got nine names to remember, we just have the one.” Kat said.

The rangers and MacGyver gave Kat a funny look causing Kat to blush a deep scarlet.

“Shouldn’t Jason be recovering by now?” Tanya suddenly asked, worried.

Billy and MacGyver both frowned before Billy walked over and checked on Jason.

“Alpha, bring the brain scanner.” Billy requested.

Alpha picked up a strange looking device and shuffled toward Billy with it. Just as Alpha was about to hand the device to Billy, Jason began to wake up.

“Come on Jase.” Billy urged his friend.

“Rise and shine, sleeping beauty.” Rocky added with a laugh.

“I’m not going to forget that remark anytime soon, Rocky.” Jason retorted weakly as he tried to sit up.

“Stay down, Jase. You need to recover before you get to your feet.” Billy instructed as he tried to hold Jason down. Eventually Jason gave up trying and stayed put.

MacGyver walked over to the medical table. “Billy’s right, Jason. You should get your rest.”

Jason gave MacGyver a strange look. “Who are you?” he asked weakly, not recognizing MacGyver right away.

“MacGyver. Your friends, uh, teleported me here.”

“Are you going to help us find Tommy?” Came the hopeful reply.

“I’ll do all that I can. Now rest.”

“Knowing you’re here makes it easier to rest. I know you’ll get him back.”

“Thanks for the confidence.” I’m gonna need it. “Alright, I’m going to need to go to the last place Tommy was seen.” MacGyver told the others.

“We’ll teleport there right away.” Adam replied.

“Alpha, keep trying to locate them. But first, get a permanent lock on MacGyver. If anything should happen to him, we need to be able to teleport him back here.” Billy requested.

“Will do. Good luck, rangers.”

“Thanks Alpha. We’re gonna need it.” Adam replied. “MacGyver, hold my arm.”

MacGyver took hold of Adams arm and in a flash of multicoloured light, the five teens and MacGyver teleported just outside the Youth Center.

Youth Center

“I’m never going to get used to that.” MacGyver grumbled as he got to his feet after yet another fall.

Rocky laughed as he helped MacGyver to his feet. “Don’t worry, you’ll get used to it before you know it. But until then, here’s a little tip. Have your legs bent while you teleport. That way, when you come in to land, you won’t fall. Or at least, you shouldn’t fall.”

“Thanks for the tip. I’ll try to keep it in mind.”

“Anytime.” Rocky replied.

“I was being… never mind, let’s go.” MacGyver replied perplexed at Rocky’s docility.

The rangers, Billy and MacGyver made their way into the Youth Center. Once inside, Adam led the group to the practice mats.

“Where was Tommy?” MacGyver asked.

“He was right here on the practice mats.” Rocky replied.

“What about Murdoc?”

“Over there next to the punching bag.” Adam answered.

MacGyver wondered over to the punching bag. “Who runs this place?”

“Ernie. He’s over there behind the counter.” Kat pointed out.

”Could you get him for me, please Kat?” MacGyver requested.

“Sure.” Kat quickly made her way to the counter and brought Ernie back with her.

“How can I help you, sir?”

“ Has anybody touched the punching bag since Tommy was here?” MacGyver asked.

“Yeah, as a matter of fact, Bruce was using it about 15 minutes ago. He found a picture on it. I’ll go get it.” Ernie offered.

MacGyver paled at the mention of the photo. “Uh, yes please. I’d like to see it.”

Without another word, Ernie turned and went behind the counter to retrieve the photo. “Here you go.” Ernie handed the photo to MacGyver once he came back. “It’s a strange photo. Who would want to take a picture of…” Ernie trailed off as he got a close look at MacGyver’s face. “Hey, are you alright?”

MacGyver had turned a deathly shade of white upon seeing what the picture was.

“What’s wrong, Mac?” Adam asked, unsure he wanted to know what the answer was.

“This photo,” MacGyver replied softly. “It was taken at the mountains.” In MacGyver’s mind, he saw Murdoc standing on the back of his ute with a bazooka in his arms, aimed at MacGyver in his car. “I was in my car. Murdoc rammed me from behind and I crashed into the guard rails. He then stopped his utility truck just a few meters away from me and stood on the back of the ute. He set up a bazooka, aimed at me then fired.”

The rangers, caught up in MacGyver’s story, didn’t notice Murdoc standing in the doorway, listening to MacGyver re-count the day Murdoc tried to blow him up.

“Then what happened?” Tanya asked.

“I opened the passenger door and escaped. The car blew up hurtling me several meters through the air before I crashed into a tree. I don’t really remember much after that.” MacGyver finished softly.

“I do!!” Proclaimed a husky, accented voice from the entrance.

MacGyver spun around so fast he almost fell over. “Murdoc!”

“I see the rangers found you.” Murdoc replied in his usual husky but sexy, quick voice.

The rangers looked at each other uncomfortably. “The teens got in contact with the rangers and the rangers then teleported me here.” MacGyver replied sensing the rangers’ discomfort and wondering why he was engaging in conversation with Murdoc.

“I don’t believe you can be so naďve.” Murdoc retorted.

“Just get on with it, Murdoc. What do you want?” MacGyver snapped as his patients wore thin.

“As you know I have Tommy. Your job, MacGyver, is to come and get him. Every minute counts, so you’d better be quick.” Without waiting for a reply, Murdoc ran off. MacGyver gave chase, following Murdoc out into the car park where MacGyver promptly lost him.

“Damn!” He cursed as he looked around. Then he saw it. A manhole in the road. At that moment the rangers ran out to see where Murdoc and MacGyver had gone to, only to find MacGyver alone and Murdoc no where in sight.

“I have to ask this, why are you crawling around on the road? Do you want to get hit or something?” Rocky asked with his usual sense of humor.

“No, Murdoc went down this manhole.” MacGyver replied in no mood for Rocky’s jokes.

Adam activated his communicator. “Alpha, do you have that lock on MacGyver?”

“Yes we do, Adam. We can track MacGyver anywhere he goes.” Came the reply over Adam’s communicator. That confirmed, Adam promptly signed off.

“What is that thing?”

“It’s a communicator. Billy made them.” Adam answered.

“You made them? That’s really good work.” MacGyver complemented causing Billy to blush.

“I’ll second that. Billy’s the best. But don’t we have to go after a certain hit man?” Rocky pointed out seriously.

“Gee Rocky, never thought I’d see the day that you’d become serious!” Adam joked, earning himself a punch on the arm. “OW!”

“Serves you right!” Rocky shot back.

“Alright, can we get back to business.” It was a rhetorical question. Seeing he had the rangers’ attention, MacGyver continued. “We’ll split up. Adam and Tanya you will go right, toward the Youth Center. Rocky and Kat, you two will go straight up the center and Billy and I will go left. If there are any other tunnels, split up. When one of us finds Murdoc, call the others. Billy and I will remain together. Remember, no-one is to go after Murdoc by themselves. If you see any sort of sign that Murdoc was wherever you are, call everyone else to you. Oh, and watch out for traps.” MacGyver cautioned. God I hope I’m doing the right thing by putting my life into the hands, or lack of, that giant head MacGyver thought worridly.

“Got it.” The rangers chorused.

They then split up into their teams of two and made their way down their designated tunnel.

MacGyver and Billy hadn’t been walking around for more than ten minutes before they heard Murdoc’s voice float to them. “I didn’t think it would take you long to find me, MacGyver.” He taunted.

"Why don't you come out of your hiding place and face me." MacGyver shot back.

“Oh it's much better if you try to find me. "Came the taunting reply.

MacGyver sighed. “Billy, contact your friends.” MacGyver ordered. “Looks like we’ll be doing this the hard way.” He sighed.

Billy contacted the other Rangers, while MacGyver checked out the surrounding area for traps Murdoc may’ve set for them.

“They’re on their way.” Billy announced.

MacGyver and Billy sat down and waited for the other rangers’ arrival. 30 minutes later, the group was altogether.

Once the rangers had arrived, MacGyver watched the group settle down. Once they had all settled, MacGyver spoke.

“Alright. I can’t have you all come with me at once. Murdoc is sure to have traps set up. I’ll go in alone. Once I’ve made sure that it’s safe, I’ll call you. “

“MacGyver, here. Take this.” Billy stopped Mac and gave him his communicator.

“Thanks, Billy.” Without another word, MacGyver turned and began to make his way toward the end of the tunnel.

Once MacGyver had left, Adam turned to Billy. “Shouldn’t one of us go with him?”

“That’s the same question I asked MacGyver while we were waiting for you. He told me that it’s best if we stayed put and waited for his call. He knows what sort of traps to look for. We don’t. We could unknowingly set a trap off killing us all!” Billy explained.

In the tunnel, MacGyver had already passed two deadly traps, and it wasn’t long before he came across a third. Terrific, surely there can’t be more!

Murdoc’s Lair

Tommy was laying on the floor of a cage over a pipeline. At the bottom of the vertical pipe, after the 100 foot drop, was a floor of sharp rocks.

“Oh come on, Tommy. It’s more fun when you’re conscious.” Murdoc taunted, beginning to get impatient with the unconscious teen.

Tommy finally began to snap out of his chloroform induced slumber. He took in his surrounding area in confusion. Then, in his mind, he quickly went over what had happened. He had been on the practice mats when a man came in behind him and held a sharp object to his back. The man had told him ‘no tricks’ then told him to proceed to the outside of the Youth Center. Once there Tommy had been forced to go down a manhole before a wet rag was forced over his mouth and nose.

Finally Tommy became fully aware of the danger he was in. Looking around, his eyes rested on his kidnapper.

“Sleeping beauty awakens.” Murdoc said, simply. “I was expecting a struggle from you, Tommy, but you’ve made this far to easy for me.”

“I would’ve struggled if I had been expecting to come across a dead man. I thought MacGyver killed you!” Tommy shot back.

“MacGyver hasn’t stopped me before, and he never will.”

“He’ll stop you. My friends will stop you too. You have no idea who you’re dealing with. You’re in this way over your head.”

“Take a look around you, Tommy. You’re the one locked up in a cage. As for who I’m dealing with, I already know the answer to that one. You’re the Power Rangers. Zeo Rangers if you want to be exact.” At Tommy’s surprised look, Murdoc went on. “Don’t look so surprised, Tommy. I saw you defeat that horrible monster. Then I saw you change outfits. Very impressive.” Murdoc paused for a minute, as if considering his next move. “You know, I spent a long, long time preparing this masquerade, Tommy. Designing this, killing ground, especially for you. I’ve anticipated everything MacGyver’s creative little mind can come up with. I have a special plan, for the both of you.”

“Why don’t you just spare me your cheap theatrics. You’re going to kill me, so why don’t you just get on with it?” Tommy retorted, causing Murdoc to laugh.

“Kill you?! Don’t worry, Tommy. I’m not going to kill you. Nope! I’m saving that job, for MacGyver.”

Before Tommy could reply, Murdoc left the room and waited for MacGyver to show up.

Tommy looked down at his wrist to discover that his communicator was missing. Checking behind his back, he found that his Zeonizers were also missing. “Damn!”

Outside the lair

30 minutes later, MacGyver had disarmed all the traps. Now, MacGyver and the rangers were standing a few feet away from a metal door with a small barred window in it.

MacGyver looked around the area and found a red laser beam. “Alright, none of you are to put foot into that beam. Step over it. There’s no telling what will happen if we trip it.” MacGyver warned the others.

The rangers muttered an affirmative and proceeded carefully over the beam. All but one made it before Rocky tripped over a small rock and his feet landed in the path of the beam setting it off. Before anyone could react, a heavy door slid down behind Rocky, leaving Kat behind. The rangers turned in a futile attempt to stop the door but it was too late. They were trapped.

“MacGyver, at last!” Murdocs voice floated to them.

“Don’t open the door, it’s rigged!” Tommy warned desperately.

MacGyver peered out from behind the bars, on the small window, to see a wire trip line run along the bottom of the door to the cage holding Tommy.

“He’s right, MacGyver. Open the door and Tommy will fall to his death, or you don’t open the door…” Murdoc pressed a button on a remote. “and you lot die.” Murdoc finished as the floor underneath the rangers and MacGyver began to slide upward.

The rangers looked around them, panicked, as the skirting boards on the door snapped off the wall.

“It’s up to you, MacGyver. It’s either broken Tommy, or pancake MacGyver and friends. Either way, one of you get’s to watch the other die. Enjoy.” That said, Murdoc, once again, left the room.

“There’s a trip line hooked to the door!” Tommy informed MacGyver.

“Where is it?”

“It runs along the bottom of the door, to a release switch.”

“Maybe I can reach it. Rocky, hand me that stick.” Macygver instructed as he pulled the cords out of his leather jacket. MacGyver then tied the cords together. “Hold the stick so I can tie this onto the end.”

Rocky did as MacGyver asked. MacGyver then proceeded to tie the sting to the end then got out his pocket knife and tied the knife to the other end. He then pulled a hooked can opener part out of the knife and put the knife out of the barred window, intending to hook the tripline.

“Get out of there, you’re running out of time!” Tommy called out, afraid that his friends were about to be crushed.

“Guide me, Tommy. Tell me when I got it.” MacGyver called back, ignoring Tommy’s request, as the others looked on.

“Lower!” Tommy called as he watched the knife. “No, you’re never gonna make it. Forget about me, save yourselves. Open the door! You hear me guys? Open the door!” Tommy yelled, seeing how close his friends were to being crushed. MacGyver continued to ignore Tommy as he tried to hook the tripline. A few moments later, MacGyver finally got the hook onto the tripline.

“Wait a minute! That’s almost it!” Tommy called excitedly. “A little further. That’s almost it!” MacGyver got the tripline off. “You’ve got it! Now get out of there!!!” Tommy called out.

Hearing Tommy’s triumphant call, MacGyver dropped the pole and quickly kicked the door. All the rangers slid out of the deadly room followed, lastly, by MacGyver. Adam went straight over to a pole and swung Tommys cage over to solid ground.

“Where are the keys?” Adam asked.

“Murdoc has them.” Tommy replied.

“Alright. Take this and work on the padlock.” MacGyver instructed, giving Tommy a metal plank. “I’m going after Murdoc.”

“Do you need help?” Billy offered.

“No, thanks. Murdoc is mine.”

MacGyver then cautiously went through the same tunnel Murdoc had disappeared down, leaving the rangers to get Tommy out of the cage.

Just then, the rangers heard a pounding noise.

"What's that?" Tanya asked, looking around not knowing what to expect.

"It's coming from the door that we just came from." Rocky replied.

"It's Kat. She got caught on the other side of that sliding door." Billy answered.

"I think it's that switch with the red lights on it. That might be the switch that will open the door." Tommy suggested.

"I'll go flick it." Tanya volunteered.

"Be careful. No telling if that lunatic has wired it to shock or kill you." Billy warned.

"Why can't Kat just teleport in here?" Rocky asked.

"The same reason why we couldn't. There is a natural energy barrier preventing teleportation to and from this area." Billy explained.

"Is that why we couldn't get a lock on Tommy earlier?" Rocky continued as Tanya let Kat in.

"Well, I'm not sure. His communitcator is missing, and he could've been unconscious." Billy patiently explained.

"Hello, I'm right here you know. You can quit talking about me like I'm not here." Tommy interjected sarcastically. "To answer your questions, yes, Murdoc has my communicator, and my Zeonizers, and I've been unconscious for god knows how long. I only just regained consciousness just before you lot showed." Tommy continued, angrily. He didn't like the idea of his friends talking about him like he wasn't there.

"Sorry Tommy." The others apologized.

Tunnel with MacGyver and Murdoc

"So, Tommy's dead." Murdoc stated as he walked out of the shadows, causing MacGyver to look to where Murdoc was walking out with a gun in his hand. "I knew you had it in you, MacGyver. Underneath it all, there's so much in life. I'm almost sorry to see it end."

"Oh come on, Murdoc. After all this, you're not just gonna shoot me, are you?" Replied MacGyver, calmly.

"Well, MacGyver, I know it's not very creative, but, it gets the job done. "Came the callous reply.

Without warning, MacGyver kicked the gun from Murdocs hand. The gun flew through the air then slid harmlessly on the ground away from the pair. Murdoc lunged for the gun as MacGyver lunged for Murdoc.

Murdoc tried, unsuccessfully, to bump MacGyver into the wall. MacGyver kept a firm hold on Murdoc, drove him into the opposite wall, then held him there for a brief moment, before Murdoc twisted out of MacGyvers hold, slammed his fist onto the back of MacGyvers neck then flipped MacGyver onto the ground.

MacGyver quickly recovered from the flip and stood up near the entrance of the main room, where the rangers had just gotten Tommy out of the cage. As MacGyver stood, Murdoc produced a knife out of nowhere. Murdoc swiped the knife at MacGyver as MacGyver jumped back trying to avoid being slashed, only to suffer a large cut on the palm of his hand.