Disclaimer: First, I'd like everyone to know that the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers aren't my original idea (of course, they aren't Saban's either, if you think about it, but let's not get into that). All characters in this story, with the exception of Alexis Darling, the Purple Ranger, the Mud Putties and Mudman, are owned by Saban. Oh, and no, I don't have Haim's permission, either.
I know that many people have already written original stories about the addition of a Purple Ranger. I wrote this story back in the second season, after Tommy became the White Ranger, but before Zack, Jason, and Trini left the show. Therefore, that is when this story takes place. I chose the color Purple simply because purple is my favorite color, and it is one of the few colors of the rainbow that have not been used thus far.

Grace of an Eagle
by Rachel D Dawson

It's eight o'clock Friday morning in Angel Grove High School. All the students get ready for the school day, as well as make plans for the afternoon. It is a typical California school, but six students here are rather atypical. These six are the Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers.

"Okay, Jason," said Zack, closing his locker,"in order to win the championship tomorrow morning, we have to practice all day."

"I know, Zack. Stone Canyon has a tough basketball team. They're undefeated this whole season!"

"Our best bet is for the three of us to practice at the park right after school."

"Hi, guys," said Tommy, just getting to school, "I almost slept in. Again."

"Tommy," said Zack, "You don't have any plans after school, do you?"

"Actually, Kimberly and I were going to take a walk in the park after school. Why do you ask?"

"Well, Tommy," said Jason, "we really have to put in some extra practice if we want to beat Stone Canyon at the basketball championship tomorrow...."

Meanwhile, two other Power Rangers, Billy and Trini, walk down the hall. "Billy," said Trini,"when are you leaving for the convention of Ecological Progress?"

"Immediately after lunch today. The Science Club chartered a bus to take us to Los Angeles and back. We should get back to Angel Grove late tonight."

Just then, the final Power Ranger, Kimberly, passes by. "Hi, Trini, Billy. Have either of you seen Tommy today?"

"No I haven't," said Billy, "Trini and I have just arrived. What's amiss?"

"I'm going to have to break our date for today. Something's come up..."

Then, Tommy spotted Kimberly, and ran over to her. "Hey, Kim," he said shyly, "I was wondering... if... uh...."

"Oh, Tommy, I'm glad I found you! I won't be able to go to the park with you today. A new student has just enrolled here, and Mr. Caplan asked me if I could show her around town after school."

"No problem, Kim. Now, I can shoot hoops with the guys!"

"Who is the new student, Kim?", asked Billy. "Her name is Alexis Darling. She's really sweet, and-- hey, there she is! C'mon, guys, I'll introduce you."

Tommy, Trini, and Billy follow Kim down the hall, where a tall red-head attempts to open her locker. "Hello, Alexis," says Kim, "and welcome to Angel Grove High. I'd like you to meet my friends Tommy, Trini, and Billy."

"Nice to meet you," says Alexis, shaking their hands. Billy notices a unique necklace upon Alexis' neck.

"That is an extremely interesting coin on your necklace," Billy observes, "What is the emblem on the coin?"

"It's an eagle. This coin has been in my family for generations. It's sort of an heirlomb."

Just then, the homeroom bell rings, interrupting their conversation.. "We have to go, Lex," said Kim, "I'll meet you at the Youth Center after school?"

"Sure thing, Kim!"

* * *

Meanwhile, up inside a mysterious castle upon the surface of the dark side of the moon, Lord Zedd listens to their conversation. "Yes, Billy," muses Zedd, "That is a very interesting coin. That symbol of an eagle seems very familiar. I wonder...."

"Can it be a power coin, oh Mighty Master?" asked Goldar humbly.

"Don't disturb my train of thought, Goldar! Ah ha! Now I remember! It is the Purple Power Coin! The most powerful coin of them all!"

"Really, Master?" asked Baboo.

"Yes, dolt. The last Purple Ranger had the ability to fly, as I recall, and also had an ultraviolet energy blast. But that coin was destroyed in a battle between the Power Rangers and my army several millenia ago. It was the only time I managed to destroy a Power Ranger forever."

"Is it possible that the coin was strewn across the galaxy and landed on Earth?" asked Goldar.

"If so, then why didn't Zordon know about it... Of course! The coin is dormant! Useless. It emitts no energy at all. In order for the Purple Coin to be utilized, it must be recharged. And the only was to recharge a Power Coin permanently is with the Phoenix Fire of the Omega Dimension."

"Perhaps we can capture the girl and make her an evil Ranger!" said Goldar.

"Don't think too much, Goldar, you may hurt yourself," said Lord Zedd menacingly, "We will have to tread carefully. After all, Rita created an evil Green Ranger, and he betrayed her. We must be sure that the brain washing will be a complete success, and that means that the Power Rangers must be kept busy while we create an all new Purple Ranger. She has already become friends with the Pink Ranger. We must act quickly! Send a squadron of Putties to collect tha re-head with the coin. I will send her to the Omega Dimension, where the unlimited energy of the Phoenix Fire will rekindle the coin. Finster!!"

"Yes, my Liege?" said Finster, entering the throne room.

"Make me a batch of Mud Putties to hold off the Power Rangers. While they attempt to save Angel Grove, as I know they will, I shall create a new warrior with the power to defeat Zordon's little Brat Squad for good. Final Victory shall be mine!"

* * *

The bell rings at 3:00 at Angle Grove High. Alexis walks to Mr. Caplan's office. He had wanted to make sure that everything was okay with Alexis' schedule. After fifteen minutes, Alexis walks down the deserted hallway towards her locker.

"I'd better get moving," thought Alexis, "Kim's waiting for me at the Gym and Juice Bar." Suddenly, a squadron of Putty Patrolers cut her off and encircle her.

"Oh, gosh! What the heck are these things!" Alexis pushes past them and runs into the school parking lot. Then, more Putties materialize in front of her, while the other ones follow her.

"Okay, that's it!" said Alexis angrily, "I'm from south central Philadelphia, and if you creeps want a fight, I'll give ya one!"

Alexis springs into action, dodging the Putties attacks and swatting them with her bookbag. She soon hits one of the Putties on the "Z" emblem, and it disintegrates. "Cool!" she exclaimed, now aiming for the chest symbols. Just then, a putty reveals a long glowing rope, and throws it at her. Alexis tried to avoid it, but the glowing rope had a mind of its own and followed her. Once it entangled her, the remaining Putties grabbed her and walked through a magic portal.

* * *

Meanwhile, Kimberly waits for Alexis at the Youth Center. She sits at the counter, sipping a pink lemonade, and watches the door like a hawk.

"Ernie, are you sure you didn't see Alexis? She has short red hair and green eyes. She's about five foot seven."

"Sorry Kim, but I didn't see her. Maybe you should check the school. Or maybe the park."

"Good idea. Maybe she forgot about the sightseeing." Kimberly got up and left the Youth Center. After looking throughout the school and the park, she came across Trini, Jason, Zack, and Tommy playing basketball.

"Pass me the ball, Jason!" yelled Tommy, getting free from Zack.

"You got it!"
Tommy catches the ball and makes a break for the hoop. Zack quickly catches up. Tommy fakes a shot and then runs up for a slam. He goes up to the hoop, and then Trini manages to block him. Tommy hits the ground hard.

"Ouch!" said Tommy, standing up, "Wow, Trini, you're tough on the court. That's a fowl, ya know." Tommy shakes the dust off his pants while Jason gets the ball.

Just then, Kimberly runs onto the court. "Guys, something's happened to Alexis! No one has seen her for over an hour!"

"Are you sure?" said Zack, "Maybe she went home."

"No I called her house, and no one's there. I need your help to find her. I'm getting worried..."

"Okay," said Tommy, "Trini and I will help you look, Kim. I've had enough practice for now anyway."

"We'll be here in case you need help," said Jason.

* * *

On the moon, Lord Zedd watches the teenagers search for Alexis. "Blast it!" he yelled angrily, "If those teenagers discover the girl is missing, they will doubtlessly inform Zordon! I cannot let those brats spoil my plans before they begin! GOLDAR!!"

"Yes, my Lord?"

"I want you send those three Power Rangers into my Omega Dimension."

"But Master, won't that spoil you're plans?"

"No. I conquered the Omega Dimension centuries ago. The Rangers will be cut off from the Command Center as well as their morphing powers. They shall not stand a chance. Besides, I have prepared a little welcoming committee for them."

* * *

On Earth, Kimberly, Tommy, and Trini plan the search for Alexis. "Okay, here we go," said Tommy, "I'll check her house, and around there. She may have gotten lost. Trini, check downtown, and Kim, you get to the Juice Bar."

"I already checked the Juice Bar, Tommy!" said Kim frustratedly.

"Well, maybe she was just late," said Trini calmly, "Don't worry, Kim, we'll find her."

"I doubt it!" said a voice from behind.

"Goldar!" said Tommy and Trini.

"I knew something was up! What did you do to Alexis, Tin-Grin?"

"Why don't you find out for yourself, my dear?" said Goldar, creating a portal. The Rangers were helplessly sucked in.

* * *

Kimberly falls from a hole in the deep purple sky. She lands in a puddle of blue mud. "Yuck," Kim mutters, wiping the tar-like substance from her skin and dress, "Where am I? Tommy? Trini?! ANYBODY?"

Kimberly steps out of the puddle and peers into the dark fog that completely surrounds her. The only evidence of life she could see was a few bare trees. Kimberly starts to panic. "I'm all alone," she whispers, "and I don't even know if Trini and Tommy are okay."

Suddenly, a cold hand grabs her arm. She shrieks. "Its okay, Kim. It's me, Tommy."

"Oh, thank goodness," she says hugging him, "Where are we? Did you find Trini?"

"No. You're the first person I found here. We must be in one of Zedd's dark dimensions. Luckily, I think I found a way out. Follow me."

Tommy leads her to the dead tree, where a glowing hole was located at the roots. "It must be a warp tunnel," said Tommy, "Let's go."

"Wait a minute!" protested Kimberly, "How can we be sure its not a trap? And what about Trini and Alexis?"

"They'll have to fend for themselves," said Tommy, leading her to the tunnel, "Now let's go!"

"What? No way I'm gonna leave my friends behind!"

Tommy grabs her arm roughly. "I'm in charge here! You do what I say!!" he hollered.

"How dare you!" cried Kimberly slapping him in the face and making him release his grip, "You can't be Tommy!"

Then, the creature melts into a puddle and then reforms, taking the appearance of Kimberly in full battle garb. "You're right, I'm not Tommy. I am your mirror image, Kimberly Hart. I'm your greatest foe and your worst nightmare! Meet Deceit!"

* * *

Meanwhile, Tommy stands alone in another part of the dank nothingness. He attempts to contact someone via his wrist communicator. "Zordon? This is Tommy. Do you read? Kimberly? Trini, are you two okay?"

Tommy gives up trying to establish contact and starts walking. "Kimberly and Trini must be around here somewhere," he reasons,"We all fell through the same portal. I guess I'll just have to find them the old fashioned--wha?"

Tommy spun around. He could feel eyes on him, but he couldn't see anything but fog. "This place is really freaking me out," he whispered to himself, "There isn't anyone for miles!"

He continued walking until suddenly, he felt a fist in his gut. He fell back onto the dirt. "Who's there?" he asked, standing up and taking battle stance.

"I am," said a voice in the fog, "I have been sent to welcome you to the Omega Dimension. I hope you have a pleasant stay."

"Where--?" said Tommy, right when he was again struck by his invisible assailant, "Okay, that's it!"

Tommy leapt into the air, performing one of his famous tornado kicks. Even though he targetted the area from where he received the blow, he didn't make contact with the enemy.

"Ha, ha!" taunted the invisible creature, "How does it feel, Tommy Oliver, to know that there is nothing that you can do to save yourself or your teammates?"

"Who are you?" yelled Tommy furiously.

"I am Despair!"

* * *

Trini, unlike the others, didn't land in a foggy limbo. Rather, she gracefully landed a few yards away from a mysterious cave, with a dozen Putty Patrollers guarding the openning. "This place realy gives me the creeps," said Trini, rubbing her arms, "and I have a feeling the way out is through that cave. I could take a dozen Putties without too much trouble, but not without alerting whoever is in the cave of my presence. No, its best to be patient and not lose the element of surprise. I may not even have to fight."

Sure enough, the squad of Putties dispersed, leaving only two to guard the cave.

"Now's my chance," said Trini, leaping into action. She easily destroys both Putties before they could even react. She then quietly slips into the cave. She runs through a long, dark tunnel, as quietly as a cat, and soon finds herself in a room glowing purple. She hides behind a rock before she is noticed. She sees Alexis lying unconcious upon a flat bed. She also sees Lord Zedd tending to the purple fire.

"Now," said Zedd, "the coin has been re-charged! Now, I'll check on Finster and see if my Mud Putties are ready. When the coin cools, give it to the girl," he said to a Putty,"She will immediately awaken. As long as a being of evil touches the coin last before it is rejoined with its owner, the coin's essence will be evil."

Lord Zedd gives the coin to the Putty and disappears in a magical cloud. The Putty approaches Alexis, but Trini gets in its way. "Oh, no you don't!" said Trini, "If anyone is going to give Alexis that coin, its going to be me!"

The Putty makes a gesture, and a dozen more Putties appear. Trini decided to take them all on (this is the part where the song "Fight" would be playing). She manages to swipe the coin from the lead Putty and runs to Alexis. She places the coin back on Alexis' necklace. Alexis' eyes open wide.

"Trini, what happened?" said Alexis, confused.

"I'll explain in a minute," said Trini, approaching the Putties, "Get out of here! I'll cover you."

"Wait, I think I can help!" Alexis concentrates, and releases a broad beam of purple light. The Putties are incinerated immediately.

"How did you do that?" asked Trini.

"My power coin was just charged here, so it manages to operate here. Yours will not. Hurry, we must get to your friends, before Despair and Deceit have their way!"

"Who?" asked Trini, running after Alexis.

"The guardians of the Omega Dimension. They were sent to destroy the Pink and White Rangers. You were fortunate. Goldar was supposed to send you to Deceit with Kimberly."

"How do you know so much?" asked Trini. "I...I don't know. I just see images in my head. As if they were memories of experiences I never really had."

Trini follows Alexis out of the cave.

* * *

Back in Angel Grove, Zack and Jason practice their foul shots on the basketball court in the park.

"Nothin' but net, Jay," smiled Zack, watching his shot slide faultlessly through the net, "That's twelve in a row!"

"I'm beat, Zack," said Jason, retrieving the ball, "We've been practicing foul shots, field goals, dunks, fade aways, and dribbling for three hours! Don't you get tired?"

"No way man," said Zack, jogging in place, "I'm pumped."

"Actually, I'm getting worried about the others. They should have checked in by now. Maybe we should go look for them."

"If they need us, Jay, they'll call."

Just then, a squad of Mud Putties approached. "What are those?" said Zack, "Yellow Putties?"

"It's a good thing you're pumped, Zack, 'cause these things look like they're after a fight!"

Jason and Zack immediately engaged the Mud Putties, expecting the usual easy victory. However, they soon learn that these are rather unusual Putties. Both Jason and Zack were easily defeated by the onslaught.

"We're in trouble," panted Jason, "We'd better get help!"

Jason and Zack reported to the Command Center. "Power Rangers," said Zordon, "I have dire news. Tommy, Trini, and Kimberly have been captured."

"Why didn't you contact us earlier, Zordon?" asked Zack.

"Alpha Five has been recalibrating the scanners to locate your missing friends. The radiation from the scan had interrupted the communications devices."

"What about those strange Putty Patrolers?" asked Jason.

"They are Finster's infamous Mud Putties. Their power is great, especially if they combine. You will need the other Power Rangers to defeat them."

"Alpha," ordered Jason, "Try to reach Billy. We're gonna need him. We have to find Tommy and the girls, or Angel Grove is doomed."

* * *

In the Omega Dimension, Kimberly continued to battle her mirror image. However, without her ability to morph, she was at a severe disadvantage.

"Come on, Kimberly! You should at least be ALMOST as fast as I am," taunted Deceit, striking Kimberly in the face. Kim fell to the ground, the taste of blood in her mouth.

Just then, Trini ran onto the scene. She went straight to Kimberly. "Are you okay, Kim?" asked Trini, helping Kim to her feet.

"I'm fine," mumbled Kim, her pride hurt, "What happened to you? Did you find Tommy or Alexis?"

"I found Alexis, but I haven't seen Tommy."

"What a cute little reunion," mocked Deceit, "Why don't you get up and fight, Wimp? Or are you waiting for your White Knight to come and rescue you, like he always does? Face it Kimberly, you really aren't cut to be a hero."

Kimberly's eyes flared, and she tried to approach Deceit, but Trini held her back. "Easy Kim, she's trying to provoke you. The creatures of this dimension were placed here by Zedd to break our spirits. Don't let them get to you!"

"What's the matter, Kimmy?" taunted Deceit further, "I know you can't beat me, but what ever happened to the old college try?"

"Kim, stay calm," advised Trini, "She is feeding off your hatred and self-doubt. Everything she has said to you is a lie! Her name is Deceit!"

Sudddenly, Alexis ran onto the scene. "Stand back, Ladies," she said, firing her energy beam at Deceit, "I know how to handle this windbag!"

Alexis' energy beam is ultraviolet heat, which causes Deceit to turn into her liquid form and later evaporate.

"How did you know Deceit's natural state is a liquid?" asked Kimberly, surprised by Alexis' actions.

"Well, I just did. I don't know. I just have the feeling that I suddenly know everything about everything, including this Omega Dimension. Its a world used to hold captives and torture them by making them feel weak and useless. We have to find Tommy and get back to Angel Grove. Jason, Zack, and Billy need our help fighting the Mud Putties."

"The what?" asked Kim, turning to Trini.

"I'll explain on the way," said Alexis, leading them in another direction.

"What happened to her?" whispered Kim to Trini.

"I don't know, but it seems she can tap into the power of the eagle coin, but she doesn't have a morpher. She explained how she manages to use such power, but I don't understand where the knowledge came from. How does she know the six of us are Power Rangers?"

Trini and Kim hurry to catch up to Alexis. The trio soon comes upon a hill, where they witness Tommy fly into a dead tree. He is barely conscious.

"Tommy!" cried Kim, running down the hill to him.

Trini stopped her. "Wait, Kim. There is more here than meets the eye."

"She's right," said Alexis, "Something is here. Follow me." The girls cautiously approach Tommy, who is lying by the tree. Kim checks on him while the other two women keep an eye out for danger.

"Tommy," said Kim soothingly, "Are you okay?"

"Kim," he answered, struggling to speak, "Look out. Despair!"

"Who?" asked Kim, helping Tommy to his feet.

"Despair is Lord Zedd's other Omega Dimension minion," said Alexis, "He has super strength and the ability to become invisible, making it impossible to attack him."

"So, where is he?" said Trini, looking around.

"I see him with my ultra-violet vision."

"Your what?" asked Tommy, dumbfounded, "What happened to Alexis?"

"A question for another time," said Alexis, firing her violet rays. They struck Despair, and with the impact, he could no longer concentrate enough to turn himself invisible.

"Oh, crap," muttered Despair, knowing he no longer can provoke the Power Rangers safely.

"You can't defeat Despair with brute force, Tommy," said Alexis, "You must use your power coin!"

"But, we can't morph in this dimension," said Trini.

"Maybe I can channel the White Ranger energies directly from the coin, like what Alexis is doing," said Tommy, taking his coin off his morpher and clenching it in his fist, "Let's see what happens."

Once Tommy enclosed his fist, it began to irradiate white energy. He charged at Despair and struck him in the gut. Despair hunched over and disappeared.

"Now you know what it feels like," said Tommy, hunching over.

"Tommy, are you okay?" asked Kimberly.

"Yeah. I'm just a little tired."

"So, what do we do now?" asked Trini.

"I don't know," grunted Tommy, "I couldn't reach Zordon earlier, so I doubt we can reach him now."

"Wait," said Kim, turning to Alexis, "maybe there is a way! In this dimension, the purple coin is very strong, while our coins are weak. The purple coin has been replenished, and you seem to gain some kind of understanding about this dimension, along with its power."

"Are you saying Alexis can get us out of this?" asked Tommy.

"It's an idea." said Kim.

"Well, I suppose I have enough energy left ot create a portal. I do know how to create one as well. However, I don't think I can choose our destination."

"Here," said Tommy, holding out his power coin, "use this. Our coins are tuned to the Morphin Grid on Earth."

"Good idea," said Trini, holding out her coin.

"Right," said Kim, taking out her coin.

All four power coins glowed in the radiant colors of their signature powers. All the energy focussed into the purple coin, that is still on Alexis' necklace. She then released a single ring of power, which became a tunnel. All four teens leaped into the vortex.

About ten minutes later...

"...and that's the whole story, Zordon," said Tommy.

"It seems as if the purple coin has bonded with Alexis. The reason why she is exhibiting such vast knowledge about these powers is because she is wearing the coin without a morpher, so her real personality is masked by that of the coin."

"Zordon," said Jason, "you're talking like the coin is conscious."

"It is, to a certain extent. All of your coins are," said Alpha.

"Is that possible?" asked Billy.

"Let me explain," said Zordon, "Each power coin has an innate quality that is specializes in, and you were all chosen to wield your particular coin because you also excell in that particular quality. It had nothing to do with the color clothing you like to wear. Zack, the black coin is the coin of joy, and your exuberance is truly worthy of that coin. Trini, your coin is the coin of peace, and your inner peace and tranquility are unmatched. Kimberly, you exhibit the kindness and compassion embodied in the pink power coin. You are self giving and empathetic. Billy, your gentle demeanor has earned you the right to wield the blue coin, the coin of mildness. Jason, your strength of character is unmatched, and since you are always willing to fight for righteousness, you hold the red coin of courage. Tommy, you never let anger cloud your judgement. Your ability to keep a cool head has helped you become an excellent leader for the Power Rangers. You also battled your darker side, namely the Evil Green Ranger. Therefore, you are the White Ranger, possessing the coin of self-control. All these coins are the virtues found among the best of mankind. You should all be proud of yourselves, and the example you set for the world, both in and out of uniform."

"What about Alexis' coin?" asked Zack.

"The purple coin is the coin of knowledge. However, this knowledge is very dangerous without a power coin. Alexis, do you want to join the ranks of the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers?"

"Definitely." she answered proudly.

"Excellent. Your power and wisdom will be a great asset. Now, you already know who I am through the knowledge of the coin. As a Power Ranger, you must trust me completely."

"You got it."

"Please, Alpha, escort Alexis into the Light Dimension, where we created the White Ranger. We must make a morpher to help her regain control."

Alpha led Alexis to the Light Dimension. "Now, we shall turn our attention to the crisis at hand. Please, observe the viewing globe. Lord Zedd's Mud Putties are on the rampage!"

The Power Rangers see the Putties destroying everything in sight. "They'll destroy the park!" said Jason, "How do we defeat them?"

"At this point, all I know is that their composed of shock-absorbing mud. Therefore, they are exceptionally durable. They are also much quicker and more intelligent than the Putties you usually fight. You must keep them from combining."

"What do you mean?" asked Kim.

"I shall show you in the viewing globe. The monster that you see is called Mudman. He is a fierce and indominable creature. Your best chance is to defeat the Putties before they have a chance to combine. They can only combine at Lord Zedd's instruction."

"Okay, Rangers," said Tommy, "It's MORPHIN TIME!"

* * *

In Angel Grove Park, innocent civillians were being attacked by Mud Putties. The Power Rangers morphed into the chaotic scene, preparing for battle.

"Blue Ranger!" yelled Tommy, wary of the crowd of onlookers, "Escort the people out of harm's way! The rest of us will handle the Putties."

"Will do!" acknowledged Billy.

The Rangers battled the Mud Putties, managing to inflict more harm then earlier. Still, the Mud Putties seemed to keep coming, no matter how hard the Rangers fought. Zack, however, tripped upon the answer.

"Rangers!" he yelled after slicing a Putty in half with his Power Axe, "Use your Power Weapons! They can't withstand the weapons!"

Trini unsheathed her Power Daggers and pierced a Mud Putty. The Putty could not hold its form and melted into a puddle of mud.

"Zack's right, guys!" she cried to the others. Tommy pulled out Saba.

"Saba," he cried, "it's time turn these Putties into pancake batter!"

"Easier done than said," said Saba, diving at the Putties.

* * *

"No!" cried Lord Zedd, watching the battle from his moon palace, "those teenagers will not destroy my beautiful Mud Putties! It's time for Mudman!"

Zedd pointed his staff to Earth, and a magical beam struck the battle scene. All the puddles of Mud Putties bonded like water into one large puddle.

"What's going on?" asked Kim as the ground began to shake.

"Apparently, we failed to prevent the Mud Putties from metamorphing," observed Billy.

"Tommy!" yelled Trini, "We have to do something, before he destroys all of Angel Grove!"

Mudman climbed out of the puddle of ooze and yawned. "Aaah!" he exclaimed, "It's been thousands of years since I've been able to stretch my legs!" He looked down at the Power Rangers, who watched him cautiously, "Ah, ha! If it isn't the next generation of Power Rangers! How interesting! I thought that Zordon would have learned his lesson--human teenagers are no match for Mudman!"

"Oh, yeah?" yelled Jason, "Well, we're undefeated, Slimey, and you're history!"

"Oh REALLY? Suck my mud, Red Ranger!"

Mudman's arms converted into wet mud, and he shot a stream of mud at the Power Rangers. The Rangers tried desperately to avoid the mud.

"Okay, Rangers," yelled Tommy, "it's time for the Mega Thunderzord!" The Power Rangers summoned their various battle zords: the Red Dragon, the Black Lion, the Yellow Griffin, the Blue Unicorn, the Pink Firebird, and the White Tigerzord. The first five zords immediately joined to form the Mega Thunderzord, and the White Tigerzord morphed into Battlemode.

"Ha, ha!" laughed Mudman, "Do you think you can intimidate me with your puny zord? Let's see you dodge my adhesive mud!"

The Megazord tried, but it was too slow and large to successfully avoid the stream of mud.

"Jason!" yelled Billy, monitoring the status of all vital systems in the Megazord, "The mud is hardening quickly! We are unable to move!"

Tommy watches in horror as the Megazord falls helplessly to the ground.

"Jason!" he cried into his communicator, "disengage Megazord NOW!! It's ineffective against the Mudman! Can anyone hear me! God, I hope the communications systems are operating."

"Jason," said Kimberly, "Tommy is trying to hail us. Switching into shipwide!"

"Jason," said Tommy's voice through the communicator, "disengage Megazord NOW!! It's ineffective against the Mudman...."

"He's right," said Jason, "We're too big and slow to deal with Mudman. We need speed and agility more than size and strength. Prepare to disengage Megazord."

The Mega Thunderzord dettached, and the Rangers piloted their individual zords.

"I hope you have a plan, Tommy!" said Zack.

"As a matter of fact, I do. We can't fight Mudman close up on the ground, because my scanners read that the puddle of mud surrounding him drains energy. Kim and Jason have to fly in close while the rest of us fire from a distance. I hope the zords have enough power to dry him out with heat."

"I'm not sure we do," said Billy, "The mud that encased Megazord is also energy-siphoning. Our zords are not up to full strength, and any further contact with the mud can prove critical."

"We'll keep that in mind," said Jason, "Let's move in close, Kim!"

"Right behind you!" called Kimberly.

The Power Rangers launch their attack in fluid motion. The Firebird and the Red Dragon fly in for the close attack while the other zords covered their approach with barage of missiles, making sure not to hit the flying zords. Unfortunately, the flying zords aren't faster than Mudman, who fires a stream of mud directly at Jason and Kimberly.

"Jason, Kim! Do you read me?" called Tommy, watching the mud completely cover the zords.

"I'm okay, but the Firebird's had it!" answered Kimberly, "Jason took the brunt of the attack! He was flying in front of me."

"He is still is the mud stream!" yelled Trini. Suddenly, the Red Dragon flew out of the mud and plummeted to the ground.

"Tommy!" yelled Jason, "The mud has completely drained my zord! I can't control it. We're going down!"

"Bail out Jay!" yelled Zack, watching helplessly as the Red Dragon slammed into the Angel Grove countryside.

"Jason, are you okay?" asked Tommy, "Answer me!"

Just then, Zordon hailed all the Power Rangers. "Everyone, report to the Command Center immediately. Alpha shall teleport your zords to the hangar, and Jason is here with me. I have a surprise for you."

* * *

The Power Rangers retreat to the Command Center, where Alpha V and the Red Ranger were waiting for them. Alpha was busy scanning Jason for any injuries inflicted during the battle.

"So, what's the verdict, Alpha?" asked Jason, holding his helmet under his arm.

"You aren't severely injured. Your uniform protected you from any injuries you would have sustained from the circuits exploding in the Red Dragon."

"So, how are the zords?" asked Trini, "Will we be able to use them to stop Mudman?"

"No," said Zordon, "the Griffin, Lion and Unicorn have only a fraction of power left. It shall take days to replenish them in full. The Firebird is completely drained, so that ship will not fly for even longer. The Red Dragonzord has severe damages from both the power drainage and the crash. Only the White Tigerzord is in operable condition, thought I doubt it shall prove effective against the Mudman."

"Affirmative," said Billy, "The zords proved unable to inflict any substantial damage upon Mudman with our conventional weapons."

"He's just too fast, Zordon," said Zack.

"And our missiles didn't help," siad Kimberly, "We need a new plan of attack."

"We could try the Power Blaster," said Tommy, pacing around the Command Center with his arms crossed, "At least it generates a concentrated heat blast."

"I doubt the Power Blaster provides enough power to dry out Mudman," said Zordon, "but there is another solution."

"What?" asked Trini.

"Me," said Alexis, stepping out from the shadows. She was holding a Power Morpher in her hand. "It's Morphin Time!" yelled Alexis, holding her morpher at arm's length, "PURPLE RANGER POWER!!"

The Power Coin in the morpher began to glow a blinding purple, enveloping Alexis in its glory. When the light faded, the six Power Rangers behold their newest Ranger. She was wearing a purple Power Rangers uniform, with white and purple opera gloves, a golden chest plate and belt, thigh high white boots with purple bands at the knee, and golden wings at her ankles.

"Alexis," said Tommy, "are you sure you're up to this?"

"You bet! Zordon made me a morpher, which serves as a medium for the power of the purple coin. Now, instead of its consciousness overpowering my mind, I call upon its power when I morph, like you guys. I'm the Purple Ranger!"

"Is she back to normal?" Kim asked Zordon, "I mean, before she was like all-knowing."

"She is back to her usual self, although when the need arises she can tap into the knowledge and wisdom her power coin has made available to her, just as you can tap into your coins for aid in times of trial."

"Are those wings functional?" asked Billy examining Alexis' suit with peaked curiosity and fascination.

"Absolutely! Zordon says I can fly so long as there are curents of air for the wings to beat against. I can probably do about 200 miles per hour if I really push myself. Not bad, but my zord will do better."

"What zord?" asked Zack.

"Alexis' zord is the Purple Eagle," said Alpha, "a swift flying zord. Or at least, it will be, once we finish making it."

"In the meantime, her concentration of ultraviolet light will prove helpful in your defeating the Mudman. You must hurry, Mudman has just cut off all communication lines leading into Angle Grove."

"He's cutting off Angel Grove," said Trini.

"BACK TO ACTION, GUYS!" yelled Tommy, and the seven Mighty Morphin Power Rangers teleported.

* * *

The Power Rangers returned to the battlefield. The Purple Ranger immediately took to the air. "Are you sure you're ready for this?" asked Tommy.

"Will you relax already!" called Alexis, "After all, I did save you guys from the Omega Dimension!"

"That wasn't you, that was the knowledge and experience of the coin! You still have the coin, but now you're in control!" warned Trini.

"I admit my abilities aren't entirely familiar yet, but Zordon told me everything he could, and the coin and I have bonded. I'm the Purple Ranger, and now is as good a time as any to learn what my limits are!" Alexis flies up towards Mudman.

"So," laughed Mudman, "first Zordon sends in a huge robot, then a group of smaller ones, and now, just one little girl?!"

Mudman fires a stream of mud at the Purple Ranger. She tries to avoid it, then blocks the oncoming mud with a her ultraviolet rays. She manages to burn out some, but there was simply to much mud for her to block.

"How long do you think you can hold out against me?" said Mudman, increasing the force of the mud stream.

Alexis tried her best, but she was unable to withstand Mudman's onslaught. She fell into the puddle of mud at Mudman's feet.

"Now to finish you off," said Mudman, preparing to step on her.

"Not today," yelled Tommy, "FIRE!!"

While Alexis had battled Mudman one-on-one, the other Power Rangers assembled the Power Cannon. The force of the blast startled Mudman, who melted into the mud puddle.

"We did it!" cheered Kimberly, "Swamp Thing's history."

Trini and Billy ran to the puddle, and pulled Alexis out. "Are you okay?" asked Trini.

"I'm fine," she mumbled,"but I can't believe he beat me so easily. I just don't have the raw power to cook his goose."

"He's taken care of," said Billy.

Suddenly, Mudman rose from the puddle, this time even larger. "Now I'm REALLY mad!" he yelled, throwing balls of mud all over the area, "I'll destroy you, and your precious city, all at once!"

"We have to do something!" said Tommy, as his communicator sounded, "Yes Zordon?"

"White Ranger, in order to defeat the Mudman, you must combine and focus your power." said Zordon's voice over the communciator.

"We already tried the Power Cannon."

"No. With your new ally comes a new combined ability. You must "charge" the Purple Ranger's Bomb Attack."

"Excuse me?"

"Hold up your coin, concentrate, and call upon your power. You can all infuse your powers into one Ranger, you've done it before. In this case, the power strengthens her ultraviolet energy, causing a beam of immense power."

"We'll give it a try, Zordon," Tommy said, turning to the other Power Rangers, "It's time for the Bomb Attack!"

"The WHAT?" asked the other Rangers in unison.

"We'll infuse Alexis with our powers to strengthen her energy beam. Follow my lead."

The six original Power Rangers stood in line. Following Tommy's lead, they each removed his/her power coin from the morpher and held it in Alexis' direction.
"I infuse you with the power of the Tigerzord!" yelled Tommy.

"I infuse you with the power of the Mastodon!"

"I infuse you with the power of the Pterodactyl!"

"I infuse you with the power of the Triceratops!"

"I infuse you with the power of the Sabre-Toothed Tiger!"

"I infuse you with the power of the Tyrannosaurus!" As each Power Ranger called on his/her power source, a colored bolt of light formed in the coin and lept to Alexis. Soon, she had embodied the combined energies of the Power Rangers.

"Now it's my turn," she said, bracing herself against a rock. She released a single energy beam, striped with the colors of all seven Power Rangers. The force of the beam threw her back, and once it hit Mudman, he exploded, and the mud that composed his remains disintegrated.

* * *

The next morning, Trini and Billy talk to Ernie while waiting for the others at the Juice Bar. "So, how was your scientce convention, Billy?"

"Most informative. It's inspiring to see so many young Americans so devoted to the betterment of the ecology and society in general."

"What time did you get home? Los Angeles is kinda far."

"Actually, Ernie, I arrived home sooner than expected."

Just then, Tommy walks into the Juice Bar with a broad smile on his face. "Hey guys," he said, sitting down beside Billy.

"Can I get ya something, Tommy?" asked Ernie.

"Grapefruit juice, please."

Ernie left, and Trini turned to Tommy. "Well," she said, "You look like you're in a pretty good mood this morning."

"I should be! After all, Angle Grove just won the basketball State Championships!"

"That's fantastic!" said Trini, smiling.

"Indeed, an outstanding achievement. I was led to assume that you competetor was a formidable team."

"Formidable doesn't do them justice, Billy. They really are excellent. Tose guys play amazing defense. If Zack didn't hit that three-pointer at the buzzer, we would have lost."

"Where are Zack and Jason anyway?" asked Ernie, setting Tommy's juice on the counter.

"The last time I saw Zack, he was busy telling Angela he was MVP!"

"What about Jason?" asked Trini.

"I don't know where he--here he comes now."

Jason walked into the juice bar and sat with his friends. "Hi, guys! Hey Ernie, could I have a lemonade?"

"You got it, Jason."

"So, where were you?" asked Tommy.

"I was helping Coach Rizzo put the trophey in the display case by the gym."

Ernie brought Jason his drink. "So, guys, tell me, how was the game?"

"It was rough," recalled Jason, sipping his lemonade, "We were losing for the first three quarters, and at one point we were down by twelve!"

"Were you guys asleep, or what?" asked Ernie, surprised.

"I guess you could say we didn't get much sleep yesterday," said Tommy, "but we did win the game in the last play."

"Yeah!" interrupted Jason, "We had four seconds in the last quarter. I inbounded the ball to Tommy, who tossed one of his patented no-look passes to Zack."

"I was right under the hoop," said Tommy, "and they triple-teamed me. I passed the ball to Zack, who was wide-open. He made the shot easily."

"So, I take it you guys won?" asked Kimberly, walking over from the gym mat. She had been practicing a balance beam routine. Alexis was with her.

"Hi, Kim," greeted Ernie, "Can I get you ladies anything?"

"I'll have some water," said Kimberly, taking a seat beside Tommy.

"I'd like some apple juice, please," said Alexis. Ernie once again disappeared behind the counter.

"So," whispered Trini, "how do you feel, Lex?"

"I feel fine! I admit that this has been a very taxing experience. one minute, I'm an average teenager, trying to get around a new city. The next, I'm taken prisoner by some alien lunatic bent on universal domination! And after all this, I'm chosen to join the famous Power Rangers and help defend the planet from the forces of evil. What a day!"

"It certainly is something," said Jason, "The day we were chosen to be Power Rangers was the greatest day of my life."

"Yeah," said Tommy, "and the day I lost my Green Ranger power was the hardest day of my life. Being a Power Ranger really complicates your life."

Zack miserably walks into the Juice Bar and plops down next to Alexis. "What's wrong, Zack?" asked Jason.

"Well, I decided to pay Angela a visit. She was at the game, so I kinda made my way to her in the aisles. I asked her to go out with me, but, she, uh, said she's seeing someone else."

"It's okay," said Tommy, patting Zack on the shoulder, "There are plenty of fish in the sea."

"Easy for you to say! You HAVE a girlfriend! So, what were you guys talking about?"

"I was just saying how this whole experience feels like a dream," continued Alexis, looking up to the ceiling, " I mean, the coin I had since my tenth birthday, that has been in the Darling family for generations, has more power potential than an atomic bomb."

"Well, being a Power Ranger is more than just about fame and flying. We have a responsibility to the world," said Billy.

"I'm still glad to be part of the team," said Alexis.

"And its great to have you on the team!" said Kimberly, giving her newest teammate a hug.