Disclaimer: This is a Zeo fanfiction, depicting an alternate ending to the Tommy/Kim situation. If you'd like, you can consider this the conclusion of my four-part song-lyric fanfiction series, along with "Butterfly", "I Will Always Love You", and "Against All Odds". I put it on this page, though, because the events in this tale undo some of "A Venusian Encounter". This fanfic was recommended by Hellfire, by the way, and I'm grateful to him for the inspiration. And "Un-Break My Heart" is Toni Braxton's. Enjoy!

Un-Break My Heart
by Rachel D Dawson

In the Gym and Juice Bar, Tommy Oliver is busy lifting weights. His best friend, the recently instated Gold Ranger Jason Lee, is spotting him. The rest of the Zeo Rangers were elsewhere in the Youth Center, with Katherine Hillard teaching a ballet class, Billy Mitchell helping Rocky DeSantos comprehend Physics, and Adam Park helping Tanya Sloan perfect her tornado kick.

"Okay, Bro," said Jason, "one more set, and we'll call it a day. You ready?"

"Always," said Tommy, after taking a long sip of water from his water bottle. He lay back on the bench, and prepared to lift the bar again. During this set, Ernie walked up to the teens, a serious look on his face.

"What's up Ernie?" asked Jason.

"Uh," said Ernie uncomfortably, "a letter came for Tommy--"

Tommy stopped, and nearly dropped the weight on his chest. He struggled to prop it back up on the pole.

"-- and its from Florida," Ernie finished, glancing down at the young man clad in red. Tommy sat up from the bench, and gazed at the small envelope, absolutely frozen. Jason looked at Tommy, and then back at the letter.

"You okay, Tommy?" he asked, taking the letter from Ernie. Ernie walked back to the bar, leaving the two young men alone.

"Um, I... I gotta get going," Tommy said abruptly, nearly snatching the letter from Jason's hand. Tommy stood up, grabbed his gym bag, and quickly left the Youth Center. Jason watched Tommy go, and happened to catch Ernie in the corner of his eye. Ernie had also seen Tommy hurry out of the Youth Center, and he shook his head as he dried clean drinking glasses. Rocky and Billy also saw Tommy leave, and they walked over to Jason.

"What happened to him?" asked Rocky.

"I... I don't get it," Jason said in confusion, "He just got a letter from Florida--"

Jason stopped abruptly as he noticed both his friends turn pale. "What?!"

"Jason," said Billy, "I'm sure Tommy told you he and Kimberly broke up."

"Yeah," Jason said, "but he never told me exactly what happened."

"Well," said Rocky, leading Jason to the table, "it was a few days before Valentine's Day..."

Don't leave me in all this pain
Don't leave me out in the rain
Come back and bring back a smile
Come and take these tears away
I need your arms to hold me now
The nights are so unkind
Bring back those nights when I held you beside me...

Tommy ran straight to Angel Grove Park, about a mile from the Youth Center. He didn't even need to think to guide his feet. He felt as if he'd just seen a ghost. Now, he stands beneath a large tree overlooking the still waters of the lake, clutching the white envelope tightly. He glanced down at the address, and knew immediately it was from Kimberly. He took a deep breath as he opened the envelope.

At least this time I'm alone, he thought to himself, unfolding the white paper, At least I don't have to give anyone any explanations.

Tommy looked down at the letter, and read in a low whisper.

"Dear Tommy. As you probably know, the Pan Global Games are a week away. I'm really excited, and nervous, all at the same time. The Coach has decided that we're all too tense here in Miami, and so he's giving us Friday through Sunday off. The games start the following Friday, so we have some time to unwind. At first, I wanted to go visit my mother and step-father in Paris, but I'll be seeing them when they come to see the games next week. It was then I realized I haven't seen you, or my other friends in Angel Grove, since I came to Florida. I never meant to stay out of touch for so long. That's why I decided to come home this weekend..."

Tommy stopped reading, and glanced at his watch. Sure enough, it was Friday, May 23, 1997. Exactly one week before the opening ceremony of the 1997 Pan-Global Games in Miami, Florida.

"I know this is really short notice," he continued to read, "but I only decided to come home this morning, and you probably won't get this letter until the day I arrive anyway. I know I could have called, but I haven't spoken to you since February. We really do need to talk, Tommy. That's why I'm sending you this message now. If you're not busy Friday night, please meet me by Angel Grove Lake at eight o'clock. I understand if you never want to see or speak to me again, so I won't hold it against you if you can't make it. Hopefully, I'll see you there. All my love, Kimberly."

Tommy looked up from the letter, and noticed that tears blurred his vision. He wiped them away with his sleeve, and gazed out at the water. He sat on the grass and glanced down at his watch. It was already six o'clock. He could wait two hours by the lake. No problem.

Un-break my heart
Say you love me again
Un-do this hurt that you caused
When you walked out the door
And walked out of my life
Un-cry these tears
I've cried so many nights
Un-break my heart
My heart...

"Hey, Tommy," said a voice. Tommy jumped, and turned around to see Jason standing behind him. He smiled as his best friend took a seat on the grass beside him.

"Hi, Jay," Tommy said.

"I was wondering why you left the Youth Center," Jason began, "but Billy and Rocky filled me in. Are you okay, Bro?"

"Yeah," Tommy lied, "I'm fine. No problem."

Jason could tell Tommy wasn't telling the truth. "What did the letter say?"

Tommy remained quiet for a moment. "She's coming back," he said in a voice just above a whisper, "Tonight."

"Really?" Jason said in astonishment, "But, what about the Pan-Globals?"

"Coach Schmidt gave the team three days off," Tommy explained, "and Kim's coming here. She... she wants to see me. Tonight. She says we need to talk."

"Well, what do you think?" asked Jason quietly.

"She's right," Tommy admitted, "we do need to talk. There's alot that needs to be cleared up, for both of us. If we're going to remain friends, we need to come to an understanding. But..."

"But what?"

"But, I've never had the courage to talk to her after she sent the letter. I mean, lots of times I picked up the receiver, and even dialed her phone number. But, after the first ring, I just couldn't stand it any longer. I'd rather face a million Cogs than hear Kim say she doesn't love me anymore. Or worse, that she never really did."

"So are you going to talk to her?"

"I... I have to," Tommy decided, "Its the only way I'll ever be able to move on. About two weeks ago, I had a talk with Katherine over dinner. She said that she loved me, and waited for me to say it back. I... I couldn't. It was then I realized that... I still love Kimberly. I really, really thought I had put her behind me, and moved on. But I didn't. I latched onto Katherine just because she was wearing pink! I guess I convinced myself I could pretend it was Kimberly in the pink armor. Man, Jase, I felt so horrible when I saw Kat's face! I couldn't lie to her, and I couldn't tell her the truth."

"What did you say?"

"I didn't say anything to her! I just sat there, like a zombie or something. She waited for like a minute for me to answer, and then, she started crying. I wanted to die, right then and there. I mean, I hurt the one person in the world who didn't deserve it. She... she told me she understood, and got up and left. I wanted to follow her, and apologize, but I couldn't move. I was so shocked by the realization that I didn't love her, I just couldn't move. I still feel awful."

"You didn't do it on purpose," Jason said, putting his hand on Tommy's shoulder, "She'll forgive you."

"She probably will," Tommy sighed, "She's such an inherently good person, she'll forgive me, no matter how badly I used her. But that's not enough to make me love her."

"When are you meeting Kimberly?" Jason asked.

"About an hour," Tommy said, glancing at his watch, "right here."

"Then, I'll see you later," Jason said, rising to his feet, "Good luck."

"Thanks, Bro."

Tommy watched as his best friend stood up and walked across the park. Once Jason was out of sight, Tommy turned back to the lake. In his mind, he remembered the day when he and Kimberly first kissed, just down the shore. He cringed as he remembered the day when he received Kim's first letter, and he came to the lake to reflect and to wallow in self pity. Its funny how the lake always is associated with Kimberly. No matter what I do, I'm drawn to the lake. Just like I was drawn to Kimberly...

Take back that sad word goodbye
Bring back the joy to my life
Don't leave me here with these tears
Come and kiss this pain away
I can't forget the day you left
Time is so unkind
And life is so cruel without you here beside me

"What I wouldn't give for Kimberly to come here, and take back all that she said in that letter!" Tommy sighed, lying down on the grass and staring at the clouds, "I guess I'm still counting on her taking me back. I... I know it won't happen. Kim's found someone else. Someone better for her. I mean, I should have expected this. She's way too good for me. She's just perfect, and I'm... well, I'm not. And I constantly leaned on her, burdening her with all my problems. What kind of boyfriend was I?"

Tommy sighed deeply, and watched the clouds pass over the horizon. The sky took on a pinkish shade, meaning the sun would be setting soon. Tommy stared as the white clouds danced in the pink light, and smiled to himself.

Being the White Ranger was definitely the best time of my life, he thought, I mean, I was unbeatable! Zedd's magic couldn't take control of me, like when I was the Green Ranger, and I always had Saba for guidance. At first, I was uncomfortable being the leader, but I learned to love it! And of course, I always had Kimberly by my side. We stood firm, the Pink and White Rangers. No one could stand between us. Then, she left. She went to Florida to realize her dreams. Little did I know that it included finding someone else. But if she's happy, then I should be happy for her. At least we can still be friends. Just as long as I can have her infectious laughter and bright smile in my life again. That's all I ask.

Tommy's watch alarm sounded, and he sat up. It was five minutes to eight. He rose to his feet, straightened out his clothing, and quickly fixed his hair. He then stuck his hands in his pockets, and waited.

Un-break my heart
Say you love me again
Un-do this hurt you caused
When you walked out the door
And walked out of my life
Un-cry these tears
I've cried so many nights
Un-break my heart
Oh, ooo

Tommy spun around when he heard a rustling in the bushes. Sure enough, he saw her approaching. Tommy tried not to stare, but he had no control over his eyes. He hadn't seen her almost a year, and she'd never looked so gorgeous.

Kimberly Anne Hart was wearing a pink tank top and denim shorts, but she would've been breath-taking in a plastic bag as far as Tommy was concerned. Her caramel hair fell loosely, framing her face and gently brushing against her shoulders. Tommy noted her hair was at least three inches longer than when she left, and it reached down her back with the slightest hint of curl to it. She had a healthy tan to her soft skin, and her eyes, as usual, were bright with life. When her eyes met with his, Tommy thought he saw a twinkle in them, as if they were stars in the heavens.

"Hi, Tommy," she said timidly, walking closer to him.

"Hey, Kim," he responded. He grinned when he saw Kimberly glance at her own watch.

"Wow," she said, "you're early! I... I guess alot has changed since I left."

"Not as much as you'd think," Tommy said truthfully, praying that she'd get the hint. There was an awkward silence for a few moments.

"So," said Kimberly, glancing around to make sure there weren't any onlookers, "how are things in the ranger business?"

"Well, things've been quiet for awhile. Lord Zedd and Rita recently showed up again, meaning we've got to deal with them and the Machine Empire. Jason joined the team last week as the Gold Ranger. He got the Power from Prince Trey of the planet Triforia, to use temporarily while Trey heals from some wounds he received during a fight."

"Wow," Kim commented, "sounds exciting. How are the others?"

"Billy's still a little upset about not being able to accept the Gold Ranger Powers. Something about negative protons, but he's getting over it. Tanya's doing pretty well with her martial arts training, and she's been spending lots of time with Adam. Rocky's been doing pretty well, too. He joined the Big Brother program, and spends a lot of time with this orphan named Justin Stewart. Nice kid, and pretty good at Tae Kwon Do, actually."

"How's Kat?" Kim asked suddenly, gazing deeply into Tommy's eyes. Tommy felt as if she was peering his very soul with those golden doe eyes.

Don't leave me in all this pain
Don't leave me out in the rain
Bring back those nights
When I held you beside me

"She's... um, fine," Tommy said finally, "I guess. So, how're you?"

"I'm well," Kim said, rocking back and forth on her feet, "I'll admit I'm a bit tired of gymnastics, but it'll all be worth it come next week."

"How're your friends in Florida?"

Kim regarded him for a moment. She knew where this was leading. "Everyone's doing well. We're all overworked, though. That's why Coach Schmidt gave us this time off."

"How's your... um, boyfriend?" Tommy said. He didn't mean to, but his voice lowered substantially from the beginning of this short sentence to the end. Kim remained silent for a while, and turned her head away from Tommy, to gaze out at the water.

"I'm sorry," Tommy said, "its none of my business."

"Yes," Kim said quietly, "yes it is. Um, Trevor's doing great. He graduated from the University of Florida two weeks ago, and after that he went to Cleveland, where his parents live."

"He's in college?" Tommy asked, "That's good. What's he studying?"

"International Relations and Economics," Kim recited with a smile, "He's been accepted into Harvard Law come September. He's planning on being a corporate lawyer."

"Wow," said Tommy, "Harvard Law? Impressive."

"I guess," Kim continued, turning to look at Tommy. Their eyes locked for a moment, and then he cast his eyes to the ground. "He's really a great guy," Kim continued, "He's so nice, funny, sweet, charming, handsome..." her voice lowered with each word, as she studied Tommy's reaction. Her eyes widened when he raised his head quickly, and gazed out at the lake, avoiding her gaze. She was shocked to see tears in his eyes. Could... could he still love me?

Meanwhile, Tommy focused on a duck on the lake, doing his best not to let Kimberly see his wet eyes. Why was she telling him how wonderful her new boyfriend is? Was she trying to torment him?

Un-break my heart
Say you love me again
Un-do this hurt that you caused
When you walked out the door
And walked out of my life
Un-cry these tears
I've cried so many, many nights
Un-break my...

They remained silent for a few moments. Tommy took a deep breath, praying his voice wouldn't crack.

"Sounds like you've bagged a great guy," Tommy said, "I'm sure you'll be very happy with him."

"That's... that's what all my friends tell me," Kim admitted, folding her arms, and turning her entire body towards the lake. The breeze picked up slightly, causing her caramel locks to dance in the wind gently. Tommy bit his lower lip as he watched her from the corner of his eye. This was torture!

"Everyone is happy for me," Kim said quietly, salty tears forming in her eyes. There was a moment of silence, and she took a deep breath. "But... I'm not happy."

Tommy turned around slowly, and noticed the tears in her eyes. He desperately wanted to wipe the tears from her eyes gently, and wrap his arms around her, promising he'd never let anyone or anything hurt her. It took all the willpower he possessed to refrain from touching her.

"Tommy," Kim said in a voice just above a whisper, "Trevor is truly a great guy. I guess I should love him. But, I don't. I just can't."

She wiped the tears from her eyes, and continued, not daring to turn around and look Tommy in the eye.

"When Trev graduated about two weeks ago, he took me out for dinner and dancing. I'll admit, we both had a terrific time. When he brought me home, he told me how much he'd miss me over the summer, and said that he loved me so much, he'd wait for me to follow my dream to its end. He... he got down on one knee, and... he pulled a small velvet box from his blazer pocket."

Kimberly was crying outright now, and she needed to take a moment to compose herself. "He, asked me if I would someday become his wife," she whispered, "Whenever I was ready, of course. We're both young and all, but he wanted to make sure I understood exactly how he felt about me before he left the next morning. He's such a shy guy... it took every ounce of courage in his body to offer me the ring. But, I couldn't take it. I thought I loved him, I really, really did! But, I couldn't imagine spending my entire life with him. He's a great guy, and a fantastic friend. He's one of the few close friends I had in Miami. But no matter how much people tried to convince me of the opposite, I just didn't love him. I... I had to turn him down. I felt horrible..."

Tommy couldn't hold back anymore. He turned Kimberly around, and lifted her chin with his hand. He gazed into her eyes, and they both regarded the tears that were shining. Kimberly wrapped her arms around Tommy's waist, and dried her cheeks in his shirt. Tommy was at first surprised by her action, but he hugged her warmly, stroking her back and resting his chin on her hair. It felt good to hold her again.

Un-break my heart
Oh baby
Come back and say you love me
Un-break my heart
Sweet darling
Without you I just can't go on...

"Tommy," Kim whispered, "I'm... I'm sorry I sent that letter. Believe it or not, I just wanted you to be happy."

"But I was happy," he answered her, not letting go, "I was happy being with you."

"But you weren't with me! We were separated my three-thousand miles! I... I knew you'd never do anything to hurt me, even if it was for your own good. I... I suspected you loved Katherine, and I knew she was attracted to you. I thought the only thing keeping you two apart was me."

"What gave you that idea?" asked Tommy, absolutely astounded. He couldn't believe how far from the truth that statement was.

"Well, she's everything I'm not," Kim admitted, "She's tall, beautiful, glamorous and sophisticated. Who wouldn't love her?"

"I wouldn't," Tommy said, gently pushing Kim away so he could look into her eyes, "After you sent me the letter, Kat did everything in her power to make me feel better. After a few months, I actually believed I was starting to get over you, and starting to love her. But, I was only fooling myself. Recently, I realized I could never love anyone but you."

A faint smile crossed Kimberly's lips. "Really?"

"Absolutely," Tommy admitted, returning the smile, "God, Kim, you don't know how much I've missed you."

"Can you ever forgive me for being so stupid?" Kim asked, hypnotized by his warm hazel eyes.

"I could never hold anything against you, Kim," he said truthfully, touching her cheek, "I love you too much."

"And I love you."

Say that you love me
Say that you love me
Tell me you love me
Un-break my...

Ever so slowly, Kimberly rose to her toes, and Tommy leaned over. They both closed their eyes, and as their lips touched, all the loneliness and pain they both felt over the past few months just evaporated. All the wondering, and dreaming about what could have been stopped. All the guilt and confusion disappeared. The dreams they didn't even dare to dream have come true, and as they held each other, lips pressed together gently and warmly, they both knew everything would work out for them. They had a bright future. Together.

Say that you love me
Say that you love me
Tell me you love me
Un-break my heart...

The End