Water Runs Dry
Part Two
By: Rachel D Dawson

"Cestria!" called Billy, stopping in his tracks to catch his breath, "Please, slow down!"

The young Aquitian stopped, and turned around. She walked over to Billy, and took his hand.

"I apologize for this, Billy, but time is of the essence! We must get to my chambers immediately."

"Why?" asked Billy, allowing Cestria to lead him down the hallway.

"I shall show you."

Soon, the young couple was in Cestria's quarters, which was near the level closest to the sea floor. Billy waited by the door while Cestria went into her clothing closet. She pulled out a small silver case, and brought it out of the closet. She laid in on a table near the full wall window, and Billy stood up and walked beside her.

"What is that?" he asked her.

"This is a treasure, and a responsibility, that has been passed down in my family for generations. It hasn't been needed until now."

Cestria opened the case, and inside it was a white pearl, about the size of a fist. She picked it up with both hands, and looked up at Billy.

"I know what is causing the volcanic activity, Billy."

Billy was astonished. "But, how? Why didn't you say anything before?"

"Listen, Billy, this is the Eye of Tympanus. It is a compass, that guides one to the Sword of Tympanus. It is prophesied that the mountains will roar when the Sword calls to its owner. That means the time of destiny is upon us."

Cestria placed the white pearl into Billy's hands. It gave off a warm, silvery glow. "Billy, do you recall the day when your body was infused with the negative proton energy?"

"Yes," he said, almost bitterly, "I couldn't become the Gold Ranger because of it."

"You weren't meant to become the Gold Ranger. By absorbing the negative proton energy, your body has been prepared to accept the power of the opposite. The Sword of Tympanus is a weapon related to the Staff of Tympanus, also known as the Gold Ranger staff."

"You mean, I'm the one destined to retrieve the Sword?"

"Yes. That may be why I was so drawn to you, Billy. Our destinies are intertwined. As a member of the house of Filleus, I was charged with the responsibility of protecting the Eye, so that the Chosen One will be able to receive it, and be guided to his goal. You must go."

"Go where?" he asked, still having trouble with the concept of destiny.

"To wherever the Eye leads you. Divatox cannot be allowed to possess the Sword, Billy. A being such as herself is unworthy of the gift, and she would no doubt misuse the power to wreak havoc throughout the cosmos. We must hurry. Divatox will be back soon."

Cestria led Billy outside of the residential dome, and into the docking area, where many undersea vessels were kept. Right before he left, she kissed him lightly on the lips. "Be strong, My Love," she said, "The path you must now walk isn't easy. You must prove worthy of the power, or you will certainly perish while trying to claim it."

"I will," he said, "Please be careful. I don't know what Divatox has in store, but she seems to be willing to do anything to get what she wants."

* * *

Divatox marched onto the bridge of the space-submarine, a bitter scowl on her face. She stood in the center of the room, with her hands on her hips.

"So, the little trout-people think they can stop me?" she snarled, "Well, I'll show them! I'm the premier enchantress of Venus! Well, at least I was, before I destroyed it. Now, I'm going to do the same to this backwater planet. Elgar!"

"Yeah, Auntie D?"

"Take the ship into orbit around the planet," she said, sitting down on the captain's chair, "I need to get a good distance before I can cast the spell."

"What spell?"

"The spell of dehydration! The one spell that will forever destroy the Aquitian culture. Now move it! I gave them an hour, and it'll take me that long to fully cast the spell."

"But, what if they concede to your demands?" asked Porto.

"Hey, no skin off my back. Now, move it!"

"Time to go," said Elgar, turning on the thrusters. The bronze space submarine lifted off, out of the water, and through the thick atmosphere of the submerged planet. Once they were out of the atmosphere, Elgar programmed the ships computers for synchronous orbit, so the ship would remain over Triton as the planet rotated on its axis. Divatox rose from her throne, and marched into her bed chambers. She opened up a book of spells, and her eyes began to glow with silver light.

"Let's see how long these fish can survive out of the ocean," she chuckled, and then the Pirate Queen began to cast the deadly spell.

* * *

Meanwhile, on Earth, the senior class of Angel Grove High is busy in graduation practice. Rocky has a frown on his face, and taps his foot impatiently. Tommy, who is sitting beside him, turns around to look at his friend.

"What's the matter, Rocko?" he asks.

"I'm bored as heck," Rocky whispers, "How many times do we have to line up, and march in step down the football field, only to sit down and listen as the Valedictorian gives the same speech? I'm getting tired of this."

"Well, it'll all be over soon. Thursday night, we get our diplomas, and get out of here."

"Yeah," said Rocky, "its kinda scary, when you think about it."

"I know," said Tommy, "In a few days, both of us will have graduated! Did you make any plans, Rocko?"

"I'm going to open up my own dojo in Stone Canyon," he said with a smile, "Its been my dream since I was a kid!"

"That's good," said Tommy, "I'm going to Brown in the fall."

"Wow," gasped Rocky, "you got into an Ivy League university?!"

"Don't be too surprised," said Tommy with a smirk.

"Sorry, I didn't mean it that way."

"Its okay, it was a big shock to me too. I never thought I'd be accepted, but my dad insisted I apply. And I'm in. So I'm going."

"You don't sound too happy about it," Rocky observed.

"Yeah, well I can't stay on the team if I go to Rhode Island," he said in an even lower voice, "I won't have the time, much less the fact that I won't even be on the West Coast anymore. You guys'll need a replacement."

"Well, we don't have to worry about it yet," said Rocky, "You don't start school until the end of August. I'm sure You-Know-Who knows what to do in this situation."

Just then, Tommy's communicator sounds. Tommy quickly covers his wrist, and looks around warily. As of now, they were sitting down in the back row of the graduating class.

"We gotta sneak out," whispered Tommy, quietly pushing the folding chair he was sitting on back. Rocky followed Tommy's example, and the two managed to push their chairs out of the row. Then, they quickly got up, and took cover beneath the bleachers. "What's happening, Zordon?" asked Tommy.


"Oh no," whispered Rocky, "Do you think something happened to Billy?"

"We'd better find out," said Tommy, and the Red and Blue Zeo Rangers vanished. Momentarily, they appeared in the Power Chamber, accompanied by fellow rangers Katherine Hillard, Adam Park, and Tanya Sloan.

"What's happening?" asked Rocky.

"TURN YOUR ATTENTION TO THE VIEWING GLOBE," said Zordon. The five rangers turned around, and saw the five Aquitian Rangers-- Delphine, Aurico, Cestro, Tideus, and, and Corcus.

^Rangers of Earth,^ said Delphine, ^it is good to see you again. If that it were not such dire circumstances that now bring us together.^

"What's going on, Delphine?" asked Tommy.

^Rangers, Aquitar has been attacked by a space pirate named Divatox.^

"Who?" asked Tanya.


"I remember this story!" said Katherine, "She cast a spell, draining all the water from Venus, making the entire planet uninhabitable. That's why the Venusians now live on Earth, on Venus Island."

^We are not familiar with the Venusians,^ said Cestro, ^but Billy suggested we contact you to learn more of their abilities.^

"Why did she attack Aquitar?" asked Adam.

^She wants to Sword of Tympanus,^ said Aurico, ^and she threatens to destroy Aquitar if we do not deliver it.^

"The Sword of Tympanus?" asked Tommy, turning to Zordon.


"Then we have to keep Divatox from getting her hands on it," said Rocky, turning back to the Viewing Globe, "Aquitians, Divatox has magical powers capable of destroying planets! You have to take her out fast!"


"Well, there's only one option," said Tommy, "we have to go help them."

^Your aid would be greatly appreciated, Rangers of Earth,^ said Corcus.

"Its the least we can do," said Katherine, "If it weren't for you five coming to Earth when Mastervile made us all children, the entire planet would be under his control. Or worse."

"But, if we go all the way to Aquitar, what happens to Earth?" asked Rocky.

"Yeah," said Tanya, "I doubt Zedd would miss out on a chance to attack when the rangers aren't around."


"You're gonna call Kim?" asked Tommy.


* * *

Meanwhile, far away from any other land mass, somewhere in the Pacific Ocean, is the mystical Venus Island. This island is entirely populated by a race of beautiful, yet powerful women who were originally from Venus, but were forced to take refuge on Earth when Divatox destroyed the planet by eliminating the water supply. Atop the high mountain on the center of the isle is a city of silver and white. This city is where the Venusians dwell, called Ambrosia. The highest structure in Ambrosia is a pearly white palace. Behind the palace is an elegant rose garden, with blossoms of every color imaginable. Here is where Kimberly, the Queen of the island, is spending her afternoon, watering the flowers.

"Kim!" called a voice from the palace. Kimberly looked up, and smiled when she saw her good friend Renee Ryan wave at her. The tall, dark enchantress clad in an orange toga ran over to the queen, and kneeled beside her on the grass.

"Kim, what are you doing? I've been looking for you for ages!"

"I'm watering the flowers, of course," said Kimberly, "It hasn't rained in ages, and roses need water."

"Why are you doing it?" Renee inquired, "You could've asked me to conjure up a little raincloud or something."

"Nah, its okay," said Kimberly, turning back to the bush of lavender roses, "Back home, I took care of a garden. I watered each plant by hand, and sang to them, and everything. I enjoyed it. Actually, I kinda missed it."

"Well, sorry to disturb you, but there's a message for you on the Mirror."

"Really?" asked Kim, standing up, "From Zordon?"


Kimberly looked up at the highest tower of the palace, where her bedroom is. She sighed.

"Well," she said, "its much easier to fly up there than walk up those stairs."

Kimberly closed her eyes, and was bathed in a soft pink light. When the light faded, Kimberly's human form melted, revealing a graceful pink crane. The crane spread its wings, and soared high into the air, and into the large open window of her bedroom. She landed in front of the full length mirror, and transformed back into human form. She waved her hand over the glass of the mirror, and an image of the Power Chamber appeared. "Sorry to keep you waiting," she said, "I was in the garden."


Kimberly gasped. "Is Billy okay?"

^For now,^ said Tommy, ^but the Aquitian Rangers need help. They've never battled anyone like this before.^

"Who are they up against?"

^Divatox,^ said Tanya grimly. Kimberly scowled.

"You're right then, they do need help! If Divatox casts the dehydration spell, the entire planet will be dry as a desert!"

^We're getting ready to go now,^ said Adam, ^Hopefully the Zeo Rangers can help out. But, we don't want to leave Earth unprotected.^

"Relax, gang," said Kimberly, "I can have a team of Venusians at the Power Chamber within the hour. We can watch over Earth while you're gone."

^Thanks, Kim,^ said Rocky.

"Don't mention it. Besides, this is my planet too, and no way am I gonna let some alien scumbags try to conquer it! I'll be there as soon as I can."

Kim once again waved her hand over the mirror, and the image reverted back to her reflection. Kim sighed, as she gazed at her reflection.

"Well," she said, "its time to get cracking! I summon the power of Ninjetti!!"

Kim held her hand to the sky, and a badge of silver, with an image of a Crane appeared. It sparked with pink electricity, and the electricity transformed Kim's dress into her Ninjetti uniform. She was wearing a long-sleeved hot pink leotard, trimmed with black, and a silver badge on the center of her chest, with the Crane emblazoned on its surface. She wore high black boots, silver armbands, and a soft pink cape, which reached her ankles. Kim ran to the window, and leapt to the ground level, twenty stories down. She landed as gracefully as a feather. Renee's eyes were wide, and she let out a sigh.

"Don't you ever do that again!" she cried, "You scared the crap outta me!!"

"We gotta get to the Power Chamber," said Kimberly, "Where are the Guardians?"

"Practicing their new Ninjetti skills, most likely," said Renee, "That's all they've been doing since they made the trip to Phaedos to unite with their spirit guides."

"Well, get ready to rock and roll, Tiger!"

* * *

In the Power Chamber, five streaks of bright light cut through the relative darkness, pink, orange, gold, lavender, and turquoise. When the light faded, the five Zeo Rangers were standing face to face with five beautiful women. The ones in orange, lavender, and turquoise all wore identical colored uniforms, consisting of bikini tops and leggings of their color, a black sheer skirt, long black boots and gloves, a band on their foreheads, and a golden badge on their chests with various animals on them. The blonde woman wore gold armor with yellow leggings, and the pink one wore a leotard trimmed with silver and black. The pink one smiled at everyone, and immediately was greeted with a tight embrace from Tommy.

"Hey, Beautiful," he said, lifting her off the ground, "Long time no see."

"Too long," Kimberly giggled, as he put her back down. She then stood on her toes, and kissed him. Rocky rolled his eyes, and cleared his throat.

"Sorry," he said, "but we don't have much time--"

"Right," Kim said, her cheeks reddening, "Zeo Rangers, I'd like you to meet... the Guardians! These four are my band of elite fighters, in case of an emergency. You already know Renee and Dalal," she said, pointing to the ones in orange and gold, "but you may not know the other two. They just returned from their mission to Phaedos, to be trained by Dulcea in the art of Ninjetti. The one in lavender is Jezebel, guided by the swift and powerful Horse, and the one in turquoise is Sophia, guided by the silent and steady Deer."

"Is Dalal a Ninjetti?" asked Tanya, "She's not wearing a badge."

"I am not Ninjetti," Dalal said, "I am an enchantress, but I am well trained in the art of combat. Although Renee is also an enchantress, she was exposed to the Great Power, and so she is acquainted with her spirit animal. I have yet to make the pilgrimage to Phaedos."

"So," said Renee, "where's Jason anyway?"

"He and his family went to the Bahamas for a week," said Rocky, "They haven't been on a family vacation in a while."

"Well, we'd better get going," said Tommy, twisting his wrists. His Zeonizers appeared at his command. "We have a long trip ahead of us. Its Morphin Time!!"

"Zeo Ranger One-- Pink!!" cried Katherine.

"Zeo Ranger Two-- Yellow!!" called Tanya.

"Zeo Ranger Three-- Blue!!" yelled Rocky.

"Zeo Ranger Four-- Green!!" shouted Adam.

"Zeo Ranger Five-- Red!!" bellowed Tommy. In a blinding flash of light, all five teenagers morphed into the Zeo Rangers. They all touched their belt buckles simultaneously.

"We'll get outside and summon the Super Zeo Zords," said the Red Ranger, "Then, we'll fly to Aquitar."

"Right!" said the other four, and all five vanished from the Power Chamber. The five Guardians, Alpha, and Zordon all watched as the Zeo Rangers summoned their colossal Zords, and combined them to form the Super Zeo Megazord. Then, the thrusters on the feet of the huge robot activated, and the Zord launched itself into the atmosphere.

"How long will it take them to get to Aquitar?" asked Kimberly, turning to the wise sage.


"I sure hope Aquitar lasts that long," said Renee solemnly.

* * *

Meanwhile, Lord Zedd sits upon his throne, tapping his metallic chin in thought.

"Now let me see," he muttered, "how do I destroy the Power Rangers?"

Suddenly, the entire palace quaked violently, and from the balcony Lord Zedd saw a large machine fly past the Moon, and out into space. Zedd leapt off his throne, and rushed to the balcony to get a better look. He gasped as he saw the Super Zeo Megazord fly away into the blackness of space at speeds defying the basic laws of physics.

"Where in the universe are they headed?" he asked himself. He then started to chuckle. "It doesn't matter!" he declared, "So long as they are away from Earth, the entire planet is mine for the taking! Rita! Goldar! Rito! Scorpina! Get in here!!"

Rita Repulsa, Rito Revolto, Goldar, and Scorpina all entered the throne room at the same time. Goldar and Scorpina bowed low to the throne, and Rito waved at the emperor, but Rita walked right up to Zedd and stuck her index finger in his face.

"Never, ever yell at me like that!!" she screamed, "Who do you think you are?!"

Zedd ignored her. "Everyone, I have an announcement. It appears the Zeo Rangers have business somewhere other than Earth. They have just taken the Zeo Megazord into space."

"Why didn't they just teleport?" asked Rito, "That would be quicker."

"They can't teleport the Zords, Moron!" roared Zedd, "Wherever they are going, they'll be needing the use of the Megazord. They'll most likely be gone for days. Now's our chance to destroy Zordon, and the Earth, before they get back!!"

* * *

A small silver submarine pulls away from the capitol city of Aquitar. Inside, at the helm of the one-man vessel, is a young human man, clad in a black wetsuit. Beside him is some scuba gear, and a harpoon gun, in case he is confronted by some enemy. He also has an energy pistol, just in case. In his right hand is a fist-sized pearl, glowing faintly.

"I guess its time for you to tell me which way to go," Billy said to the pearl, "I wonder how I am supposed to activate you?"

Suddenly, a black hole appeared on the surface of the pearl, making it resemble an enlarged eye. From the hole, a beam of silver light streamed forth, and pointed out the glass. Billy followed the beam with his eyes, until he recognized a mountain range in the distance.

"Now I see why you're called the Eye," he said, "Well then, the Azure Mountains it is."

Billy turned the vessel around, and sped towards the high mountains, whose peak reaches above the surface of the vast sea.

* * *

Cestria slowly walks into the laboratory of Triton, where the five Aquitian Rangers had just sent a distress call to Earth.

"Cestria, my cousin," said Cestro, "are you alright?"

"Yes," she said, "Cestro, rangers, I have something to confess. When Divatox came here earlier, and asked if anyone knew of the house of Filleus, she was looking for me."

"Why?" asked Tideus.

"Because, I am the one of our generation honored with the duty of protecting the Sword of Tympanus."

The Aquitian Rangers were shocked. "Why did you not say something to us immediately?"

"I had to first ensure that the Chosen One was sent on his mission to retrieve the Sword."

"I do not understand," said Aurico.

"The legend is that the Sword of Tympanus was hidden by the first minister, because it wasn't needed, and the lure of power may be dangerous. But, the possibility always remained that the Sword may at some time be needed, if ever Aquitar were placed under attack--"

"But, isn't that what the Power Rangers are for?" asked Corcus.

"Essentially, but the Sword possesses great powers that can aid the Power Rangers if they ever need it. The problem is that the Sword of Tympanus can cause great harm to he that uses it, because of the vast amount of power it contains. Also, the Sword and the Staff, its sister weapon that is owned by the Gold Ranger, are polar opposites in power, so they actually cancel each other out if they were ever fighting against each other. Not just anyone can safely wield the Sword, so it was said that a Chosen One would be born, who has sustained the bodily changes necessary to obtain such power. He was also described as being wise, and specifically to have lived both as a young man and as an old man, so he would have gained knowledge through his experiences. When the time came that the Chosen One would need to claim the Sword, the mountains would quake, and spew fire."

"The Azure Mountains," said Delphine in surprise, "You knew what caused the seismic activity?"

"Yes. It is a sign that the time has come. I have sent the Chosen One to claim the Sword of Tympanus. It may be the only power that can save us from Divatox."

"Does the Sword possess the same abilities as the Staff?" asked Aurico.

"According to the legend, the Staff is more of a weapon, and the Sword is more of a healing device."

"That is ironic," said Delphine, "One would think the opposite. Staffs are used more commonly by Healers, and swords are used by warriors."

"Not on ancient Eltar," said Cestro, "Swords were used often as surgical tools, or at least something similar to a sword. Staffs were the fighting weapons of choice."

"Who is this Chosen One?" asked Tideus.


"But, William is a human!" said Cestro, "Can he sustain the power that was originally meant for an Aquitian?"

"By absorbing the negative protons that repelled the Staff of Tympanus, he has made his body compatible with the opposite power-- that of the Sword. Also, he fits the legend of the Chosen One. I have given him the Eye, so he can find the Sword. I pray he can find it before Divatox has her way."

Suddenly, alarms began going off from consoles all over the laboratory. The other rangers watched as Cestro activated the main computer.

"What is the emergency?" asked Delphine.

"The water level across the planet has dropped thirty-two meters, and it is continuing to drop at an alarming rate! The computer estimates it is continuing to recede at a rate of a kilometer every three hours."

"What?!" said Aurico, "How is it possible? Not even Hydro-Hog can dehydrate the planet at such a speed!"

"It must be Divatox," said Corcus, "Cestro, if this rate of evaporation continues, how long shall it take for the entire ocean to evaporate?"

"So long as the rate of evaporation remains constant, Aquitar will be completely dry in about fifty hours."