The Day the World Fell Dark
A Power Rangers/Beetle Borg Sega.
By Gold Nitro

As the Ranger sit down and rest at the Juice Bar, Justin a young boy about the age of 12 with light brown hair walks up to a table holding five drinks.

" Ok now who had the Banana Twist Shake?" Justin asked. TJ a black boy about the age of 15 or 16, his head shaved and he is the new leader of their team rises his hand.

" Ok TJ" Justin says as he hands him the drink.

" Ok who was the Kiwi Swirl?" Justin asked. A brown haired Asian girl about the same age as TJ rises her hand. "Ok Cassie" Justin says as he hands it to her.

" I was the Fruit Shake" Carlos a young Spanish man dressed in green said. Justin hands Carlos the drink.

" And Ashley you had water right?" Justin asked.

" Yes" A lovely white girl, a cheerleader at that dress in yellow says.

" Ok here you go" Justin says as he hands Ashley her water.

* * * As the Rangers sat and drank their drinks they talk about what had happened to them today, when there secret communicators go off, " Oh no, Come on guys" TJ said as he got up and walked to the hall. The others followed him. In the hall they answer the call and her a familiar voice, " Yo, Yo, Yo, Ranger you'd better get to the Power Chamber and quick" the robot voice said.

" Ok Six were on are way" TJ said as they look to see if the coast is clear, they press the teleport button on the silver watches and they disappear in there respective colors.

At the Power Chamber the alarms are going off, Five different colored beams of light appear in the Power Chamber, " What's going on Six?" TJ asked as he stepped forward the same way Tommy had so many times.

" We got trouble, Divatox has joined up with a new evil" Alpha 6 said.

" And who is this new evil?" Ashley asked.

" This evil does not have any interest in Angel Grove but in a small town known as Chaterville" Alpha said.

" Whoa that's out of our area, So what are we going to do? Who is this new evil? Who is protecting the town from him?" Justin asked.

" His name is Nukas, and he is from the 2D world, People who are protecting the town have a silly name," Alpha said.

"Well what are there names?" Carlos asked.

" Umm... Beetle Borgs..." Alpha said. The Rangers laugh and clam down by the seriousness in Dimtera's face.

" What do we do?" Cassie asked.

" Should you not go find these Beetle Borgs and tell them of their problem?" Dimtera asked yet she was telling them to do something.

" Yeah let's go" TJ said as they rise one hand in front of their faces, Then taking a out a key like item, " Shift into Turbo!" TJ yelled as the put the keys in a small device on their left wrists as a flash of color explodes from the key.

" Red Lighting Turbo Power!" TJ yells.
" Desert Thunder Turbo Power!" Carlos yells.
" Mountain Blaster Turbo Power!" Justin yells.
" Dune Star Turbo Power!" Ashley yells.
" Wind Chaser Turbo Power!" Cassie yells.

Now the Rangers stand in their respective colored suits, TJ the Red Ranger leader of the Power Rangers, Justin the Blue Ranger no doubt second in command, Cassie in pink, Ashley in yellow, and Carlos in Green.

" Now go Rangers and help the Beetle Borgs" Dimtera said as the Rangers teleport out.

Chapter 2 In Chaterville three kids walk into an old house, known as Hillherst. As the three kids close the door behind them one yelled, " Flabber! Where are you?" the young white kid asked he had blond hair and his name was Drew.

" Flabber!" a young white girl yelled she was a year younger then Drew and his sister her name was Jo.

" Hey Flabber!" the last kid a tall black child his head close to a shaved one, his name was Roland. As if on request a poof of smoke appeared in front of the kids, from the smoke a tall man with a large chin and an Elvis hairdo in a purple and gold suit appeared.

" Flabber" Drew said once again.

" Hi kids! I'm so glad to see you" Flabber said.

" What's going on?" Jo asked.

" The monsters are on a rampage," Flabber said nervously. Just then a Were Wolf runs out and smells the kids.

" Wolfgain get down!" Roland said pushing the were wolf down, it runs away.

" See what I mean?" Flabber asked.

" Yeah" They all said together nodding the heads.

" Mums says it's because Nukas just joined up with some evil lady from Angel Grove." Flabber said.
" Oh Flabber, Angel Grove is over three miles from here, What'd she do teleport?" Jo said as she, and the others laugh softly.

" That's what Franky said" Flabber protested.

" Ok we'll check it out," Drew said as he rolled his eyes. He nodded at the others and the nodded back.

" Data Bonders," they said in unison as three odd shaped devise appeared in there hands, " Input Cards" they said again in unison as they put three cards in the Bonders, " Beetle Blast!" They finally yell in unison. They rise the Bonders above their heads as if like scissors cut them out of the 3D world and throw them into the 2D world, Metal forms around their bodies. Drew in Gold, Roland in Silver, Jo in Purple.

(Some where On the Edge of Chaterville)

The Beetle Borgs stand on a hill over seeing a field they watch and wait as Roland sees five colored beams of light headed their way, " What's that?" Roland asked as he pointed at the beams. As if an answer to his question the beams landed near them and formed into five bodies in colored spandex. The Beetle Borgs run toward them with their input lasers ready.

" Whoa Chill!" The one in blue yelled the beetle Borgs stop and realized that, that was a kid's voice. They slowly walked up to the rangers; " Can we trust you?" Drew asked.

" Yes, Are you the Beetle Borgs?" The one in Red asked.

" Yes?" Roland asked a question it answer his question.

" Good, We were sent here to help you" the one in Green said as they all demorphed. The Borgs look at them, the blue one smaller then all the others, " Back Blast!" the Borgs yelled in unison. Now standed in front of the three kids.

The Blond one stepped forward, " I'm Drew" he said, " This is Roland," He pointed at the African-American boy, " and this is Jo" he said as he pointed to a little girl next to him.

" I'm TJ, this is Carlos, Justin, Ashley, and Cassie" The one in Red cloths said as he pointed to all of them as there name came up.

TBC . . .