Disclaimer: Any old rangers, other characters, or concepts from the Show or Movies unfortunately belong to Haim Saban. Everyone else though belongs to Me. That includes Janet Cranston. This takes place after Ninja Spirit. For the Record as mentioned in Base Changes Janet attended the Eltare Ranger Academy presumably during the time that Brianca Chang was attending the Triforian Academy.

Power Rangers Demona
Visit from an old friend
By Robert Gutheim

One day aboard the Triforian Passenger Vessel the Lord Trey.

“Ma'am. Why are you paying a visit to the Colony on Capsilon IX?” A crewman on the vessel asked a Tall Reddish Blond Human Female wearing a White Ninja like Uniform minus any kind of headgear.

“I'm going there to visit an old friend. We knew each other back on Earth. I went to a special school on Eltare and she went to a similar school on your world. I had sent her a message that I was coming but I don't know if she ever got it,” the female said.

Later that day Brianca Chang was sitting with her good friends Sue Collington and Sasha Stanton in the Terra Venture Youth Center.

“I found a note in my mail this morning from one of my friends. I mentioned her before Janet Cranston,” Brianca said.

“Isn't she the one that you were mad at because she got into the Ranger Academy on Eltare and you didn't?” Sasha asked.

“Yes she is. She's a great person though. She just finished up her basic class on Eltare. When I responded I neglected to tell her I wore the same color as her ancestor Billy. I also invited her to stop by and see me at some point,” Brianca said. “Oh boy. Sue, before she does visit I might want to talk to your mom and Powermatic see just what I can tell her and what I can't.”

At that moment the Reddish Blond woman was walking up to a house on a quiet tree lined street. She immediately rang the doorbell. It was answered by a Tall Asian woman in her later thirties.

“Janet, this is a surprise?” Miss. Chang said. “Unfortunately Brianca isn't home.”

“Do you know where she is?” Janet asked.

“She is either at the Youth Center or hiding over in Dr. Collington's lab in with Research and Development,” Miss Chang said. “Tell you what why don't I call the Youth Center and see if She is there?”

“Sounds good.

At the Youth Center Matt Connorson answered the Phone.

“Terra Venture Youth Center this is Matt.”

“Matt, this is Robin Chang is Brianca there?”

“Yes she is sitting with Sue and Sasha. You want me to get her?” Matt asked.

“No that's not necessary just don't let her leave right away,” Miss Chang said.

“I'll try but that group can be sneaky,” Matt said. He then walked over to the table the Rangers were at.

“Brianca, you going to be here for a bit?” Matt asked.

“I was thinking of going to see Dr. Collington about something dealing with my night job but It's nothing urgent,” Brianca said even though she knew that Matt knew what she was talking about.

“She didn't give a reason but she asked that I not let you leave right away,” Matt said.

“I wonder why,” Brianca said.

Ten minutes later Brianca looked toward the doors of the Youth Center just as the Reddish Blond woman walked in by this time She was Wearing jeans and a Striped Blouse instead of her White Ninja Outfit.

“Oh my lord,” Brianca said. “Someone pinch me.”

“Why is that Bri,” Sue asked.

“You see that Reddish Blond woman over there,” Brianca said.

“Yeah so what. She's probably not a regular around here like we are,” Sasha said.

“I know she isn't. She couldn't have gotten my response already,” Brianca said. “Janet, over here.”

Janet then walked over.

“Brianca, what was it like on Triforia?” Janet asked.

“It was great. Janet, these are my friends Sue Collington and Sasha Stanton. Sue, Sasha, this is my old school friend Janet Cranston,” Brianca said. “What brings you here?”

“I came to see you dodo brain,” Janet said. “How long after you finished at the Triforian Academy did you have to wait before getting posted here?”

“Actually Janet I sort of left two weeks early,” Brianca said.

“Why?” Janet said.

“A goof-up over at GSA Headquarters on Earth. I think they thought I finished two weeks earlier then I really did and my orders were such that I didn't have time to finish my course work. If I had gotten accepted to Eltare like you did we could have been roommates,” Brianca said.

Meanwhile over at the Counter Kim Coltran was just arriving for work.

“Matt, who is the Reddish Blond talking to my friends?” Kim asked her boss.

“I'm not sure She hasn't been by before,” Matt said. “Tell you what why don't you take her a complimentary soda.”

“Sounds good,” Kim said as she drew one of Matt's special recipe sodas. She then walked over.

“Hi, this is on the house,” Kim said setting the soda in front of Janet. “It's my boss's own recipe.”

“I'm Janet Cranston an old friends of Brianca's.”

“I'm Kim Coltran I work here as a waitress. If you want anything else I can get it for you. You have a cash card?”

“Afraid not I'm only visiting,” Janet said.

Kim then went and filed report with her boss.

“Her name is Janet Cranston. She is a descendent of Billy Cranston the First of the Blue Rangers on Earth. She is visiting the colony,” Kim told her boss who was the only outsider to know the rangers true identities.

“I'll keep a tab for her to make it look good but her food is on the house,” Matt said.

An hour later Janet left with Brianca, Sue, and Sasha. Just as they cleared the Corner near Brianca's house a platoon of Gearheads attacked.

“Oh great,” Sue said. “Janet, run.”

“I don't think so,” Janet said. “These things don't look so tough.”

“They can be though,” Brianca said.

Alpha 8 meanwhile noticed the fight on the main viewer in the Command Bunker. He then signaled the bunker's lab where Dr. Collington was.

“Doc, Gearheads in a residential zone. Sue, Sasha, and Brianca are fighting them but there is a civilian with them,” Alpha said.

“Not really Alpha. The person with them is a Ranger but not one of ours,” Powermatic said as he appeared. “She probably doesn't know that her friends are rangers. Contact Sean and the others.”

“Powermatic, while My boss may know I'm a ranger I can't exactly just leave in the middle of a shift,” Kim said.

“I'll try to save you as a reserve,” Powermatic said. “Tyra, soon as you get there tell Sue, Sasha, and Brianca to morph Ninja even if they have to do it in front of Brianca's friend.”

“I'll try,” Tyra said. “Ninja Ranger Power.”

Tyra and Sean then arrived at the battle.

“Sue, message from upstairs. You Sasha, and Brianca are to morph,” Tyra said.

“What about Janet?” Sasha said as she got back up after her fourth time getting tripped by her hair just that battle

“He must know something I don't but he said to do it even if you have to do it in front of her,” Tyra said.

“Ninja Ranger Power,” Sue said as She, Sasha, Brianca, and Janet underwent the Kata needed. Soon as it was done there was a Red, Pink, Blue, and Light Blue almost Purple Ninja Ranger standing there. For Sasha it was better since when morphed her hair wasn't a liability. Before too long the Gearheads were defeated.

“Rangers, teleport to the Command Bunker,” Dr. Collington called out.

“Acknowledged,” Sue said. The group then Teleported to the Bunker with Janet joining them.

“Whoa what is this place?” Janet asked.

“This is our Command Bunker,” Brianca said. “We use it as a base of operations.”

“So you are Ninja Rangers,” Janet said.

“Those are their Secondary Powers. Their primary powers come from the Planet Demona Prime,” Powermatic said.

“So what type of Rangers are you?” Janet asked.

“Demona Rangers. This is Powermatic one of our mentors kind of like Zordon was to your ancestor,” Brianca said.

“Who is your other Mentor?” Janet asked.

“My mom she works over in Research and Development but she has a lab down here that was constructed with our base,” Sue said. “I take it you are a Ranger yourself?”

“Yes Purple Ninja Ranger assigned to Eltare. All I have is my one type of uniform I don't wear any other type of suit. Unlike most rangers I don't wear my color very often since I spend a lot of time in my ranger uniform while drilling,” Janet said. “When I get back to Eltare I'm going to be spending a year helping to train rookie's before I move on to the intermediate level. I'm sure my ancestor the original blue ranger on Earth would be pleased that you wear his color. OF course I know you aren't a brainiac like he was,” Janet said.

“On this team I handle the brainiac duties,” Tyra said. “I'm Tyra Johnson. I'm Dr. Collington's laboratory intern.”

“I'm Janet Cranston.”

“Yeah Brianca told us about you not much though just that you were attending the Ranger Academy on Eltare,” Tyra said.

“Trust me at least the rookie trainees have it rough. There are a few cute guys at the Academy in my class but during the training we had a take celibacy oaths. All that was missing was poverty and chastity and I would think I was in some religious order.”

Meanwhile at the Youth Center Matt walked up to Kim while she was working behind the counter.

“Everything going well?” He asked.

“I'm not sure. The others were attacked earlier but I didn't see any reason to sneak out so I used work as an excuse,” Kim said.

“I wouldn't have minded. It probably helps that your boss knows your inner most secret. If you had to leave suddenly I would have understood,” Matt said.

“Sue called me after the battle and they managed all right. Turns out Janet was able to help them out,” Kim said.

“How much do you know about her besides intelligence on her family tree?” Matt asked.

“She attended the Ranger Academy on Eltare. Whether she graduated yet or not I don't know. I assume she is a ranger of some type,” Kim said. “The question is does she know about our rangers.”

“She might if she was with the others and they had to morph,” Matt said.

“They might have been able to use our secondary powers,” Kim said.

A couple hours later Kim's shift ended so she headed for the Command Bunker entering through the War Room.

“FREDA, where is everyone?” Kim asked.

“They are in the room where the pool is?” FREDA answered.

“I'll head in there then,” Kim said as she left and headed for a convenient stairway to the lower level where what Sasha liked to call the creature comforts were located soon she came to the pool room.

“Hey Kim, what's up at the Youth Center?” Sean asked.

“I don't think my boss will let me use work as an excuse to get out of rangering in the future,” Kim said.

“I take it you are a ranger yourself,” Janet said.

“White Ninja and Demona,” Kim said.

“Is Terra Venture a place where your identities are known to everyone?” Janet asked.

“No luckily. Only my boss that I know of knows our identities outside of Dr. Collington, Powermatic, and Alpha 8,” Kim said.

“How did you get your powers?” Janet asked.

“My mom with Powermatic's help developed them. At first she was reluctant to give them to us but Tyra didn't give her a choice. Tyra, Brianca, Sean, Sasha and I were the first ones. Kim came along later,” Sue said.

“You five might have used the emergency at hand to get your powers but Sue's mom and Powermatic sort of recruited me,” Kim said.

“We didn't even know that her power existed. Not that it would have changed anything if we had known,” Sue said.

“Why is that?” Kim asked.

“If we had known of your power existing we might have chosen you for the power ourselves,” Sue said.

“How did you know who would get what color?” Janet asked.

“WE didn't. I think Tyra handed them to use randomly. It would have been really awkward if Sean has ended up with pink,” Sasha said.

“Not bad coming from a clutz,” Sean said.

“Hey watch it Sean I like my hair long even if it is a liability when I fight without powers,” Sasha said.

“Yeah a major liability. If you ask me your lucky your long hair hasn't caused you to end up with a broken neck,” Sean said.

Sue sent a splash of water between the two combating rangers.

“I admit Sean has a point. Luckily we generally morph during battles. We might need everybody next battle,” Sue said. “For one thing Mechinack might send Hankoid down with a monster or even jet fighters.”

“I assume you have zords of some type,” Janet said.

“Yes we do. They are based on Late Twentieth Century Military Hardware. My zord the Command Zord is a Humvee. Brianca's Emplacerzord is based on a self propelled howitzer. An M1A1 Abrams Tank was the inspiration for the Tankzord. That's it for the Ground based zords. Our Air Force consists of the Airzord with is based on an F-14 Tomcat, the Strike Eagle Megazord which is based on an F-15 Strike Eagle and Sasha's zord which was based on an AH-64D Longbow Apache. She didn't come up with a special name for it yet,” Sue said.

“You six definitely have it easy. Our base back on Eltare is so basic Just a Main Chamber no labs or recreation areas or even sleeping quarters,” Janet said.

“Trust me the sleeping quarters don't get a lot of use. We usually just sleep at home. How big is your team?” Sue asked.

“It's pretty big. The whole team is thirteen members, White, Red, Blue, Green, Black, Pink, Yellow, Purple, Gold, Silver, Brown, Grey, and Tan. We usually split into smaller teams when we go into battle though. For one thing it makes it easier. As I said before we just have the one suit not the double suit like my ancestor or your all have. Also we don't have zords of any kind which stinks if you ask me,” Janet said.

“Who knows you might not have your zords yet. I was a couple weeks before we had our zords from when we first took upon our powers but I think you can blame Tyra for that since she was slow to design them,” Sean said.

“Watch it Sean you're already on thin ice,” Sue said.

At that minute Alpha's voice was heard over the PA system.

“Rangers, we have a Monster attacking the Old Colony in the Ocean Dome,” Alpha said.

“We're on it Alpha,” Sue said. “Janet, you want to join us.”

“I'll monitor from upstairs,” Janet said. “I'll be out of my league when he grows anyway since I don't have a zord.”

“You could ride with me in the Emplacerzord if necessary,” Brianca said.

“Still in a way I'm kind of glad I don't have a zord since Megazord cockpits can get pretty tight and I'm a little claustrophobic,” Janet said.

“We better get moving then,” Sue said. “Demona Ranger Powers.”

Janet then headed for the War Room where by this time Stephanie was standing by a console.

“Hi, I'm not sure how you got in here but this area is restricted,” Stephanie said.

“I'm a Ranger on Eltare. I'm here visiting Brianca the Blue Ranger. On Eltare I'm the purple ninja ranger,” Janet said.

“Oh you must be Janet Cranston. I'm Dr. Stephanie Collington.”

“I met your Laboratory Intern Earlier Tyra,” Janet said. “Where is Powermatic?”

“He is off on some mission. What exactly I'm not sure. HE could be anywhere from Phaedos to Demona Prime where his people are from. What I'm wondering is where Alpha disappeared to after he sent Sue and the others,” Stephanie said.

Off to one side in a case where the old powerbands.

“What are those thing there?” Janet asked.

“Oh those are a few old Powereon Powerbands. The one on the left was Sue's Grandfathers, the Middle one was mine and the one on the right was Sue's grandmothers. Sue's grandmother died long before Sue was born. Her grandfather died when she was a baby and I retired when I became pregnant with her,” Stephanie said.

One the Viewscreen They could see the Battle was going rough as the Rangers are forced to call upon their zords. After Ten minutes of watching the MegaBattlezord and the Strike Eagle Megazord take shots from the Monster Janet comes up with an idea.

“Dr. Collington, any chance I could view the specs for the zords?” Janet asked.

“If I can figure out were Alpha disappeared to I'll have him call them up. This is ridiculous my intern is in battle my partner is on some mission and my assistant went off on his own so The only person available to help me is completely new to the computer system,” Stephanie said.

“Here are your specs Purple Ranger,” FREDA said.

“Thanks I think,” Janet said. She looked them over for five minutes and then started to make a few adjustments to the programming. “Luckily My major at the Ranger Academy was zord maintenance and design.”

“Open a Channel to the Rangers,” Janet said.

“Channel Open,” FREDA said.

“Gang, I wiped up a couple new configurations for you. One is the Strike Eagle Mega Battlezord and the other one is the Demona Ultrazord. The Strike Eagle Mega Battlezord combines Kim's zord with Sean's, Brianca's and Sasha's. The Ultrazord brings everything together. The Ultrazord also has flight capabilities,” Janet said.

“Sounds interesting. WE might have to try it out,” Sue said.

Back at the battle site.

“So which configuration do you think we should try?” Tyra asked.

“I don't mind seeing what the Demona Ultrazord looks like,” Kim said.

“In that case let's Go Ultra,” Sue said.

“We need Demona Ultrazord Power Now,” The Rangers said.

Immediately the MegaBattleZord split into it's component zords and the Airzord and the Strike Eagle Megazord combined to form the SuperAirzord with it's huge wings. The Tankzord and Emplacerzord attached to the wings to form huge cannons while the Command Zord Attached to the Underside to help form the Ultrazord's bridge. Finally For Extra Lift the Apache Attached to the Top and It's rotors started turning.

“Ultrazord is online and ready,” Kim said.

“Then Let's fire all weapons,” Sue said.

The monster was short lived as the weapons were fired.

Shortly after that the Rangers reconvened in the Command Bunker's War Room.

“That new configuration you came up with was unbelievable,” Sue said.

“By chance my major at the Ranger Academy was zord maintenance and Design. All I had to do was have FREDA show me the specs,” Janet said. “The Support team wasn't really involved.”

At that moment Alpha showed back up.

“Alpha 8, where on Capsilon IX did you disappear to after dispatching the Rangers?” Stephanie asked.

“I was in the lab working on something. Before Powermatic left for Demona Prime he asked me to prepare an extra Morpher for energizing and then send it to him so he could properly energize it,” Alpha said.

“Dr. Collington I think I know what Powermatic has in mind but for right now I can't except your power. I do have to leave day after tomorrow for Eltare so I can begin my official Ranger Duties. It takes so long to get here that I use up most of my leave just getting here. Someday maybe I'll try to return for a longer time but I have no idea when that will be,” Janet said.

“Suppose I could find a way to get you transferred here from Eltare then would you stay?” Powermatic asked as he returned from Demona Prime.

“Powermatic when the Eltarians in charge of the Ranger Academy got wind that Mechinack was going to try something I tried to convince the guys in charge to send me here but They told me that they didn't have a contract with the Colony. As it is the contract was for a single ranger and the Triforian Academy got the contract,” Janet said.

“That was my fault. I had cross referenced the GSA roster with a list of people who had or were receiving Ranger Training which is why Brianca got chosen,” Powermatic said. “I figured on exercising flexibility so the Next contract for a Ranger Candidate on Terra Venture might be sent to the Eltare Academy,” Powermatic said.

The next day Janet joined the other Rangers at their table at the Youth Center. Through a little maneuvering their table was somewhat apart from the other tables to allow for private conversation. Joining them at the table at that moment was Matt.

“How did thing go during the battle yesterday against the Monster.

“It went great Matt. Janet really kicked you know what,” Tyra said.

“What did you do a quick roundhouse at the Monsters sensitive area?” Matt asked.

“No actually she was behind the scenes in the base but she used the zord specs to come up with a couple new configurations,” Tyra said. “If I had known that she was an expert at zord maintenance and design I might have consulted her when I was coming up with our zords originally.”

The next day The Rangers, Matt, Dr. Collington, and Brianca's mom stood by as Janet teleported up to the Passenger Vessel that would take her back to Eltare.

Closing Notes: Believe me this won't be the last time you see Janet. It won't be for probably maybe eight fanfics in this series but eventually she will be back. I enjoy working on this series because it doesn't have constraints like my other series The New Adventures of Plastica and Headset (Which when I start back on that series in a few months will continue to use the Full title even with the events in Rest in Peace.) there I'm somewhat limited in what I can do since I can't predict what Haim Saban and Fox Kids will do. It's for that reason that my other series in on Hiatus and I'm working on this one.