The Lost Adventures : Happy Birthday Trini
By Robert Gutheim

One day in Chittenango New York Robert Gutheim was working on an electronics project. His good friend and partner Jessica Nabinger had just arrived.

"Robert, what on earth are you doing with your powerband?" she asked.

"Modifying it. I'm working it so that my powers don't inadvertently activate. The way I'm doing it is by attaching this ringlock to the power mechanism. It rotates a certain way. If I insert my class ring into it with Chittenango above High and rotate it towards my shoulder it unlocks them to lock I turn it back. The second lock is to activate the teleporter to the PRCC. That one is fixed just inserting the ring does it. the two communicators are now one," Robert said as he replaced his powerband on his left wrist and grabbed two small devices. "This is what they look like. These particular ones are for your power band. If you want I could make the necessary modifications."

"Good thinking. How long will it take?" Jessica asked. "We could need them at any time."

"I'll have it for you this evening," Robert promised. The next day they were walking along the Canal in order to relax when they came upon a building in good condition right in the middle of the towpath. Meanwhile in the lair of the oh so evil Lord Zedd the repulsiveness himself was in a meeting with Galdar his armored friend with a face much closer to a gorilla than a human.

"Galdar, I need an idea of something to do to Plastica and his partner Headset," Zedd said.

"Of course my lord. why don't you use the Quadraks they can defeat anything," Galdar suggested.

"Good thinking," Zedd said. "Send the Quadraks to there side." Back in Chittenango:

"What are those things?" Jessica asked.

"I don't know just back away slowly while I get ready," Robert said. Soon they were in a corner with the four slithering monsters right on their front. "Jessica prepare to teleport." They arrive at the PRCC only to find Alpha 5 the guardian of the command center panicking.

"Ay yi yi. Something is wrong terribly wrong. What am I going to do," Alpha said.

"To start with you can teleport us to the Angel Grove Youth Center," Robert said.

"Activating teleporter now," Alpha said. They arrived at the center to find their good friends Kimberly, Zack, Billy, and Tommy decorating.

"Whoa what on earth is this for. Where are Jason and Trini?" Robert asked.

"It's Trini's birthday. Jason is keeping her away from here until 2:00," Kimberly said.

"You four know of any creatures that look like lizards and hang out in groups of four? We encountered some and I wouldn't be all too surprised to find Zedd's involved," Jessica said.

"Sounds like the Quadraks. We saw them once. How about helping Ernie get the drinks ready," Zack said.

"Billy, you don't plan on using that cake a matic again do you?" Ernie asked.

"No The cake is at Kimberly's until we get down close to that time," Billy answered.

The group soon had the center all set up and decorated. Of course they didn't expect the goon squad to appear.

"Yo, Kimberly. How about a date with yours truly," Skull the thinner of the two asked.

"Not a chance. Now why don't you and your Bulky friend make like a couple of trees and leave," Kimberly said. "One more thing Skull I wouldn't date you if you were the last nitwit on earth." Soon a clock in the distance bongs two times. Jason and Trini arrive to find the room empty. Immediately the group teleports back:

"Surprise," the group said upon reappearing. "Happy birthday Trini."

"This is so neat. How difficult was it to get Zordon to go along with it?" Trini asked.

"Would you believe it was his idea to do this," Jason said.

"Jessica, I was wondering if you would be here. How did you happen to be in the area?" Trini asked.

"We ran into the Quadraks. Robert immediately teleported us to the PRCC when they literally drove us into a corner. He then had Alpha teleport us to the youth center," Jessica answered.

"Jason, the quadraks are back. We may want to huddle and plan a strategy," Trini said. "We can finish the party after the battle." The huddle was called. It was decided that Robert would lead a force of himself, Jessica, Kimberly, Trini, Billy, and Zack. Before they left for a briefing with Zordon Jason called Robert over.

"Robert, just in case it should be necessary I want you to keep this with you," Jason said removing the medallion from his powermorpher.

"The Tyrannosaurus medallion. What will you do when Zordon calls you and Tommy to battle?" Robert asked.

"I'll go with him and let him know that should it be necessary you are going to take control of my zord. It doesn't include my costume." The group teleports up to the PRCC. Zordon and Alpha are relieved to see the team. Powermatic the demon who gave Robert and Jessica the powers that they possessed was also on hand.

"Zordon, during the upcoming battle with the Quadraks Robert will be in control if necessary of the Red Dragon Thunderzord. I will be at the Juice Bar with Tommy," Jason said. "Alpha teleport me back."

"Wait, Alpha, Both Robert and Jason will need to be prepared mentally for this. neither is prepared yet. I'm going to give both you some telepathy. It will allow you during the darkest hour to link minds. So that Jason will be controlling the zord through Roberts body. Come forward you two," Powermatic commanded. "Kneel before me both of you." Within a couple minutes their minds were prepared mentally:

"Team, I've tracked the Quadraks to Angel Grove park. To defeat them you must knock off the orbs atop their heads. Good luck and may the power protect you,"

"Let's power up. It's morphin time," Robert said.




"Saber-toothed tiger"

"Powers of glass and plastic change me to Plastica."

"Powers of the unknown, abilities of a strobelight, change me to Headset." They arrive at the park at the same time that the quadraks start to grow.

"I Plastica master of the sacred powers of glass and plastic use this medallion to call forth the powers of the Red Dragon Thunderzord."

"Mastodon Lion Thunderzord power"

"Pterodactyl Firebird Thunderzord power"

"Triceratops Unicorn Thunderzord power"

"Saber-toothed tiger Griffin Thunderzord power"

The thunderzords arrived and the rangers lept into them Plastica took to an eagles wings and flew into his "O.K. team lets bring on the all powerful Megathunderzord," Plastica said. "Jason, hear me my friend and guide my hand through the coming battle."

"Robert, I hear you take the medallion and turn it into a crystal you can do it."

"Rangers power up now. Headset after link up join us in the controlroom," The five zords linked up into the awesome MegaZord and quickly climbed onto two feet. "Power sword now," Robert said.

"Jason you still with me my friend?"

"Yes, You made good choices. If we win I'll have Zordon make you an honorary ranger,"Jason said. The Megazord quickly held forth his sword and with a quick sweeping action knocked all four orbs off of the Quadraks The four slithering monsters turned into ordinary harmless snakes. which slithered into a burrow nearby.

"We did good. Billy, contact the Angel Grove zoo have them send someone to pick up the snakes." The rangers then teleported back to the PRCC. Jason and Tommy were waiting for them along with Alpha, Powermatic, Zordon, and...

"Robert, come forward. Let me introduce myself I'm Gradu the leader of the demon society of which Zordon and Powermatic are members. From what Jason and Zordon told me you did well in battle today against Lord Zedd's forces. It is with my great pleasure to give you this medal for Valor In fact you rangers deserve it as well. During a time of great battle you found that you were able to take orders from Robert even though he wasn't a ranger. Therefore you each will get the Power Ranger medal of Valor. Jason, you will get the medal for deciding when to stand aside and let another lead the way. I also have this medallion for Robert. Jason figured on making you an honorary ranger. I think you deserve to be a true ranger. I give you the Stegosaurus Medallion. guard it well. Use it during your extremely most darkest hour."

"Whoa, I feel that this is a great honor. I'm sure that I speak for all of us when I say thanks. When Jessica and I were cornered by the Quadraks I figured Zedd was behind it. That is why Instead of powering up I teleported both Jessica and myself here. I'm glad I did," Robert said.

"Trini, Jason told me how today is your birthday. I'd like to wish you a happy birthday," Gradu said.

"Thanks Gradu," Trini said. The group returned to the youth center to finish off the party. Alpha joined them. Suddenly:

"What have we here. A party, Why weren't we invited," Bulk said.

"Well for one thing we didn't have enough food for you and us," Robert said chuckling.

"Why you," Bulk said as he ran towards Robert who was lighting the candles on the cake. Robert managed to stand aside just as Bulk flew into the cake and collapsed the table setting everyone including Skull laughing. Bulk was so embarrassed at Skull's laughing he threw a piece of cake at him.

The End... for now