Disclaimer: Concept belongs to Haim Saban but the Characters are mine. For those of you who are confused when Prince Goldarean's name is mentioned he is an Eltarian Noble who had spent Many Millennia serving Evil. Teri was able to free him from Evil. It seems strange that this series is winding down but I hope the next series proves to be as good if not better (Which I think it will be) then this one.

Senturions Unite
by Robert Gutheim

The story opens up at a table at the Terra Venture Youth Center, Sam Hayes, Jake McCann, Mark Grant, and Scott Trang are chatting about the women in their lives.

"Teri has really been going good since she freed that Prince from evil," Scott mentioned.

"Let's face it Scott if he wasn't on Eltare you'd probably have some competition," Mark pointed out.

"Yeah right. She remembers him for how he used to be. I doubt he would understand how he is now. Besides how old did this Prince look to be?" Mark asked.

"Early twenties maybe. Mark relax one of the first things he said to her was that he hopes that Teri and I are blessed with many children. He actually referred to me by name. In other words he knows A that she has a boyfriend and who it is."

Scott and Mark had their backs to the bar and didn't notice as a Dark Haired Asian looking girl and a brown haired Caucasian girl slipped up behind them silence gesture given to Sam and Jake. When they were in range they put their hands around and covered the two boys eyes

"Guess who?" the girl behind Scott asked.

"The Queen of the Nile," he said.

"I wish," she said.

"An Android's daughter."

"If you like theories you could probably say that," She said as Scott got up and with his eyes closed gave the girl a big smooch on the lips.

"Your lips feel like Teri's," he said.

"You cheater," Teri said as Fran got ready to slug Mark but Teri was too quick with her own hands and caught Fran.

"Thanks Teri," Mark said.

Andrew Hammond meanwhile was on the phone in his apartment having taken a call the local IGPF office had put through to him from IGPF Chief Roxwood.

"Yes Sir Chief I understand but things are a little busy for me right now with everything I have to deal with. AS you know I just got back to Capsilon IX from handling a big investigation on Earth," Andrew said.

"Andrew, try to understand, I have a couple things I want to discuss. A your findings into the investigation on Earth and also I want to discuss where you would be going from there," Chief Roxwood said. "By the way I head through the grapevine that you just became a father."

"That's the main reason things are so busy. Janet is taking classes toward a teaching degree and I have to watch Ashley during the day. I haven't even been by the base since I got back."

"Couldn't one of the other Rangers watch her for a little while?" Chief Roxwood asked.

"Not easily and Alpha isn't much help in certain areas. TO make matters worse Stephanie Collington is looking toward Retirement. Who knows how long she will be around," Andrew said.

"What about her daughter?" Chief Roxwood asked.

"Sue relocated several months ago and we never see her," Andrew said.

"Andrew I want you to understand. I need you now more then ever," Chief Roxwood said.

Mechinack meanwhile was listening in on Andrew's call.

"Secure line my foot. Looks like Chief Roxwood is having some problems with his ranger puppet," Mechinack said. "Hankoid, It wouldn't surprise me if he decides to pay a visit to the planet. If he does I have one simple task for you."

"What task is that?"

"Make sure his party never leaves the planet."

"How do you want me to do that?" Hankoid asked confusion in his voice.

"That is up to you," Mechinack said. "Just don't get caught. IT's bad enough I lost Goldar. I don't want to lose you as well."

"Understandable my lord."

By this time Andrew had called the Entire Company both Field personnel and Support crew to an emergency meetings. Tyra Johnson the recently appointed Assistant Lab Director watched the kids from a rear table with her Immediate Superior Dr. Stephanie Collington sitting up in front.

"OK here is the Situation. AS you know I carry two jobs. My main job is as the Director of Rangertech security under my identity as the Black Ranger. Also as you know I took a leave of Absence unless absolutely needed from IGPF. Well Chief Roxwood and Captain Griff are planning a visit. We need to make sure that nothing goes wrong during their visit," Andrew briefed the company.

"Andrew, is their anything I can do to assist?" Amelia who at twelve was the youngest in uniform present.

"I don't know how much help one JR. Ranger will be but I'll keep you in mind,"

"Andrew, will there be any special receptions for the IGPF Brass while they are here?" Teri asked since she was the food services director in addition to Public Relations.

"I don't know yet. A formal Schedule hasn't been figured out," Andrew replied.

"Plan on a reception and work out arrangements with Matt and Kim," Powermatic the Company CEO said referring to Matt Connorson the Youth Center Owner and Kim Coltran his partner and also Kim was the Operations Director for Rangertech. "Figure on inviting some of the Colony Big Wigs like Amelia's uncle."

"This will be interesting," Kelly Brennan Kim's assistant stated.

"I agree," Fran said.

Hankoid was working on a secret plan in a laboratory area at Mechinack's lair. The plan was basically two fold.

"This one bomb should be enough to blow up the IGPF Chief's official car which will probably be from the local office. IT does help to have a back-up bomb of course," He figured. Of course I have an all together different plan in mind for the second bomb a plan that Mechinack won't like.

A Couple Days later Andrew was on hand along with the Local IGPF Supervisor at the Old Colony Space Port when the Official IGPF Shuttle pulled up. For this one Andrew was in his IGPF Uniform.

"Andrew, you are looking good even if you are out of uniform," Captain Griff said.

"Moi out of uniform yeah right," Andrew said.

"Your uniform is missing something that's why," Captain Griff said handing Andrew a small computer chip.

"What could this be?" Andrew asked. "Chief Roxwood Sir, for security reasons we felt you and your delegation would be safer at the Bunker."

"For some reason I feel like agreeing with you Sergeant," Chief Roxwood said.

The look on Andrew's face was like something from those silly MasterCard Commercials.

Sir, I have a couple Diplomatic Cars lined up to take you to the Bunker. Captain Griff will ride with me and Chief Roxwood with Lieutenant Ridgey," Andrew said.

"Sarge, try to keep the Captain in one piece," the Planetary Supervisor said.

What the IGPF Officers didn't realize was that a Gearhead had slipped in and placed the bomb on the fuel tank of one of the cars.

"Same here with you concerning the Chief Lieutenant," Andrew said.

"You know the Chief will be all right I'm more concerned about you Sergeant," Lieutenant Ridgey said.

When Andrew and Captain Griff arrived at the diplomatic car Andrew partly as a joke placed a Yellow Diamond shaped piece of plastic with a clear suction cup in the rear windshield that said in Black Letters Baby on Board.

"In reference to little Ashley huh," the captain said.

"I found it in an antique store in Settlement 1. Things like this towards the end of last century were pretty popular. IT's for my personal car but I put it up there so I could tease the lieutenant. He after all a much crazier driver then I am.

Just as the Motorcade arrived at the Vehicular Transport Station in order to teleport to Settlement 14 the bomb under Lt. Ridgey and Chief Roxwood went off.

"Command Bunker, this is Andrew, Code Red, send back-up."

"Back-up is on it's way," Alpha said.

Andrew then went into a Morphing Stance.

"Ranger Power Eclipsed," he barked. "Black Ranger Power."

Andrew then rushed over to the other car. What he saw when he looked up almost caused him to throw up inside his helmet. By this time Teri, Kelly, Sylvia, Fran, and Kim arrived Morphed in their standard Uniform.

"Andrew what happened?" Kim asked on being the blown up car. By this time fire fighters were arriving.

"There has been a terrorist incident of some type. The car that was blown up has Chief Roxwood in it. We have to get word to Assistant Chief Kaolin," Andrew said. "He hates Space Travel so he never goes off planet."

"Not good. Why do we have to get word to the assistant chief?" Kim asked.

"Because I have a feeling that both Chief Roxwood and Lt. Ridgey are dead," Andrew said.

"Can either you or Captain Griff think of anyone who would do something like this?" Kelly asked as she walked over and removed her helmet throwing it on the ground.

"One name comes immediately to mind," Andrew said. "Mechinack."

"One problem with that theory Sergeant. We used secure lines for all conversations that dealt with the chief and I coming to Capsilon," Captain Griff said.

"Villains can be tricky Captain. That's part of the reason they are villains. "We better get you to safety in the meantime," Andrew said. "Teri, your with the good captain and I."

Andrew then got in the back with Captain Griff while Teri drove them to the Bunker. Soon as they arrived He cleared Captain Griff into the War Room.

"Alpha, get me IGPF Headquarters on Secure Line. I need the office of Assistant Chief Kaolin," Andrew said. "Tell whoever responds that the call is from Captain Griff and Sergeant Hammond."

A short time later the Slightly Packadermy head of Assistant Chief Kaolin appeared on a viewer.

"I assume that there is a problem since Chief Roxwood is missing," he said.

"Yes there is Sir. Chief Roxwood and I were in separate cars. I rode with Sergeant Hammond and the Chief rode with Lt. Ridgey. The car containing Lt Ridgey and the chief blew up for some reason. Sir, Lt. Ridgey was the Capsilon IX Precinct Commander."

"Looks like Capsilon IX will most likely need a new IGPF Supervisor. I don't have any lieutenant's I can spare and no time to promote a sergeant not that any would be qualified for a post as important as that. Besides in my opinion a Captain would be better qualified for a post like that. Your assignment is to get over to the local office and get settled in," Assistant Chief Kaolin said.

"When can I expect the new Precinct Commander to arrive to replace Lt. Ridgey?" Captain Griff said.

"Soon as you can follow orders and get your you know what over there," Kaolin said clearly annoyed as his trunk neared a trumpeters level.

"Yes Sir," Captain Griff said.

"Alpha, soon as you can scare up McCann and Hayes have them meet me at the IGPF base," Andrew ordered. "Teri, your with us."

They then took to the Highway and headed for Settlement 12 where the IGPF base was located. Soon as they arrived they proceeded to the officer of the base commander.

"Captain, I'm not sure where the Lieutenant is," an officer sitting at the outer desk said.

"I have two orders for you. One call all IGPF personnel on planet in here for a briefing and then get me a cup of coffee," Captain Griff said.

"Yes sir," He said.

"Make that two cups Steve," Andrew said.

"Get your own coffee bud," Steve said.

Andrew then through the chip into a reader on Steve's desk and placed his IGPF ID next to it.

"Oh ah sorry Sergeant," Steve said. "Your uniform is missing a few chevrons?"

"Well since I just got word of my promotion when I was berreting you I haven't had a chance to get them," Andrew said.

At that moment Jake and Sam walked in. Steve meanwhile was grabbing a couple pins from his desk.

"Here you go sir," he said handing them to Andrew. Andrew then put them on his collar points.

"Now you are in proper Uniform."

Twenty minutes later the occupants of what was now Captain Griff's office even if Steve didn't know that. Andrew took the Podium when they walked in.

"Greetings Gang, some of you I know from working with you before. What most of you probably don't know is that I'm now a Sergeant. Standing next to me is Captain Griff. He will be giving you the first of many briefings."

"OK First off as you probably were informed Chief Roxwood and I were coming here on a diplomatic mission. Well that mission went sour real fast. There is a reason Sergeant Hammond and I are here but your boss Lt. Ridgey along with the Chief aren't here. That's because an explosion probably of terrorist nature blew up a diplomatic car carrying Lieutenant Ridgey and Chief Roxwood. At the trumpeting orders of Assistant Chief Kaolin I've been named the new Precinct Commander. It is the belief of Sergeant Hammond who will be working for me along with Officer Steve Carlson that Mechinack is behind the bombing. I've already ordered a Senturion Unit to keep an eye out for Hankoid who has an outstanding warrant as it is out," Captain Griff informed the officers now under his command.

"This is Senturion Unit 63, Requesting Back-up. Hankoid has been spotted in Settlement 7 near the Transport Station"

"Senturion Unit 63, Back-up is enroute," Andrew responded. "Jake, Sam, let's morph."

"Which Morph."

"Third," Andrew said. "Ranger Power Eclipsed. Black Ranger Power."

"Green Ranger Power."

"Brown Ranger Power."

"Teri, you better stick close to Captain Griff," Andrew said as Teri prepped to morph.

The three Rangers then teleported to the Settlement arriving near the Station. They could see that the Senturion was in the Middle of a real battle with Hankoid.

"Hankoid, you're under arrest," Andrew bellowed.

"On what charge Ranger."

"Let's see escape from justice, 2 counts of murder, 3 counts of kidnapping, numerous accounts of endangering the public. I'd say enough to keep you in prison for a long time," Andrew said handing a pair of special cuffs to Jake who then proceeded to place them on Hankoid's stocky arms. By this time a Wagon from the base was just arriving. Two IGPF cars were also on hand. Hankoid was placed in the wagon and Andrew, Jake, and Sam climbed into the two cards. They then headed for the Base where Hankoid was escorted to his cell.

"Now we just have to nail Mechinack," Captain Griff said. "Until such time you will be on Active duty as my Special Liaison. Once Mechinack is gone you will move into my office suite as my executive assistant."

"Sounds good Captain," Andrew said.

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