Disclaimer: The Power rangers are sabans characters. Rusty is my character. This story is for entertainment and may not be sold. Just want to say this will probably be my first story and may not be very good but I'll get better so without further adieu….

The Black Ranger
By: Tiffiny C

The rangers were going to the youth center to relax. The battles with Mondo had worn them out. Alpha told them to take a break and relax.

" Hey who's that?" asked Adam as they took their normal seat. They all looked at a kid working out on the mat. He looked to be a little taller than Adam and about Adams' build he had dark brown hair and greenish blue eyes.

"He was in my language art," said Kat in her beautiful Australian accent. "I didn't hear his name." As Kat finishes her sentence the new kid walks by and sits at a table by himself . Adam noticed how lonely he seemed. Before anyone could notice Adam got up and walked over to the new boy. " Is this seat taken?" Adam asked. "Hi, sit."

Rusty said. "I just moved here."

Adam smiled " let me be the first to say welcome to Angle Grove. "What's your name?"

"My name is Adam"

" My name is Rusty nice to meet you."

Adam smiles " Would you like to join me and my friends?"

Adam points to the other group. Rusty smiles a smile that lit his face.

" Sure, but can I ask you a question?"


"Can you spar?"

Adam bursts out laughing. He finally stops and looks at the new kid with a dangerous gleam in his eyes. " Is that a challenge?"

" Yes it is."

Adam laughs again this time a dangerous playful laugh that no one has ever heard. " I except"

The two boys get up and move to the mat. Adam takes a fighting stance and Rusty does the same. The fight starts Adam attacks first but his moves are blocked and he is sent flying on his butt with a leg sweep.

Surprised gasps fill the youth center. "Good move but not good enough." Adam jumps up and before Rusty could protect himself Adam punches him in the stomach with just enough force to stun him so Adam can do his famous leg sweep. Rusty falls on his back and moans." Here let me help you." Adam offers his hand and Rusty grabs it and gets up. They both return to their seats breathing heavily. Adam returns to his seat with his friends and Rusty pulls up a chair and joins them.

" So what's your name?" questions Rocky.

" My name is Rusty. May I have the pleasure of knowing your names?"

"Sure" Tommy answers. "I'm Tommy . . . this is Tanya, Kat, Rocky, and you've already meet Adam."

" How do you like Angle Grove so far?" Rocky asks. Its nice much better than where I came from."

*** At the Machine Empire King Mondo is watching the new kid.

"Mondo darling what are you so interested in on Earth?" Queen Machina asks her husband, her curiosity peeked. "I'm just watching that new kid Rusty, I think I've found my Zeo ranger." Mondo answered his wife's question.

To Be Continued



This FanFic was written by Tiffiny C., and is posted here with her permission.