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Okay, this fanfiction takes place during Season 2, after Zack, Trini, and Jason have left for the Peace Conference, and before Kat takes over for Kimberly. Lord Zedd and Rita are together, and the Rangers are using the Ninja Powers (Although the way this fic is heading, I don't know how much of the Zords we will see) Enjoy!

Night Six
by: Cricker

Billy sat with his feet under him, rubbing the medallion between his fingers and staring intently at the stone. The color kept fading in and out from a vibrant blue, pink and brilliant white to a dull yellow, black and red.

"Billy?" Dulcea's voice brought him out of his daze, and he reluctantly placed the medallion in the small circle. He then laid down with his head pointing towards the middle of the circle, Tommy and Kim on either side of him in the same position. "Are you ready?"

Billy wished he knew what the others were thinking, what thoughts were running through their minds. He was asking them to trust him with their lives on just his word alone, and they had done it without a second thought.

"You must all clear your minds," Dulcea walked around them, her staff clicking softly on the stone. Billy looked to either side, and then up to the sky. Even the diamond like stars brought no comfort, and no matter how hard he tried he could not clear his mind.

"Concentrate." he closed his eyes as Dulcea stood over him, her soft features creased with concern. If he didn't let himself relax, then there was no way they were going to save their friends.

Billy was about to open his eyes again, when he felt another hand grab his own. He could feel Kimberly's strength as she squeezed gently, and then Tommy's as they made the circle complete. It was much easier then to clear their minds, and the teens felt their bodies going numb. Even the fire that raged not 5 feet away gave any heat, and they all shivered. Billy was just about to shake out of his trance, when his body started warming up, starting at the top of his head, as if someone was pumping hot water directly into it. Down through his body, and then with more intensity until he could feel every beat of his heart pounding in his ears. The hot water had now turned into lava, scalding him from the inside out, and making his body cry out to be released. From the way the others were gripping his hands, a small part of his brain registered that they must be going through the same thing. The last thought that went racing through his head was failure, his mind starting to slip into darkness. His body was exhausted, and there was no way they could try again. They had failed even before the mission began, and now there was no way to save their friends. Then the darkness swallowed him.

"Billy?" Kimberly?

"Billy?" Tommy? "Wake up, come on now!"

The voices where very distant, but as Billy started sorting out the jagged pieces of his memory, he suddenly felt his whole being snap back into place like a rubber band. Crying out, he sat up and tried to get to his feet.

"Billy wait!" Kimberly was kneeling next to him, and Tommy was right behind her.

"What happened?"

"We made it!" Kim smiled in spite of the situation. When she remembered how close she came to being trapped their though, the smile faded.

"Come on, we have to start moving!" Tommy helped Billy to his feet, and then stopped after a few steps. "I, uh, actually have no clue where to go."

"Listen!" Kim grabbed his arm. "the ticking of the clock. That is what led me to the exit last time!"

"It's worth a shot," Billy reasoned.

"Let's do it," Tommy led the way, with Kim and Billy following close behind. What little light there was revealed slinky creatures that disappeared into the shadows as if they were a part of them, so they kept their eyes ahead. Further and further they ventured, the feeling of dread and panic tightening their insides with every step.

"What are we going to do!" Aisha huddled with Adam and Rocky in the middle of the cell, pretending to eat the watery mush that had been handed to them through the bars. They had never actually seen what it was that delivered the meal, but it never returned for the bowls, just brought a fresh one every day. None of them had actually never ate any, but it gave them an excuse to talk.

"I say that next time that guy comes in here, we bash him in the head with a bowl like Aisha tried to do to me," Adam was only half joking when he said it, but no one laughed.

"If we do that, and assuming that he actually does pass out, how does that help us escape." Aisha reasoned. "he just zaps himself in and out."

"We can't just sit here and wait for our friends to get captured!" Rocky slammed his fist down, and the water broth flew everywhere. Even though they were all filthy, the oily substance just made them feel more retched.

"Rocky, getting angry is not going to solve anything. I think that..."

"Rangers!" the hushed whisper was not expected, but none of them jumped. With all the crazy noises they heard all day, another human voice was always welcome. They turned and saw the light from a single torch on the outside of the bars. "I have come to free you!"

"You're the girl from the other day, the younger one." Adam said warily.

"Yes, and I have been in this prison for close to 200 years."

"200 years! That's impossible!"

"I don't have time to explain now, but you must trust me, or Kelic will steal another soul!" the clicking of the door made them all jump up and dash towards it. In an instant they were free, and standing next to their rescuer. They couldn't see her face from under the dark hood, but splashes of light brown hair spilled out in the torch light.

"What can we do!" Aisha's eyes darted around for any sign of the old man, but could see none.

"Your friend are here and are headed towards the clock tower. Kelic has only until midnight tonight to finish out his plans, or he will die."

"We have to get there, where is it!" Adam was ready for some action, and the others echoed his sentiments.

"Follow the ticking, and you will find it, but please be careful. Kelic will try to trick you into staying here. No matter what he offer, DO NOT accept."

"No problem!" Aisha was about to turn around when something grabbed her wrist.

"Aisha," the girl's voice was pleading now. "You mustn't let him manipulate you. Please, I cannot tell you why, but you must listen!"

"I promise!" Aisha looked to the boys and then started off in the direction she thought the clock was in. She hoped she was right, because if she understood things correctly, this was going to be the final fight, and she didn't want to miss it.

Tommy felt like he had been walking for hours, but he had no way of knowing for sure. The ticking of the clock would keep getting louder and softer, and he felt like he was losing his mind.

"Look!" Kimberly cried and started past him. It took a moment for his eyes to focus, but soon Tommy saw what she was all excited about. He looked up at the magnificent clock, the ominous features shining in a polished black. The time read 11:48, and Tommy watched the pendulums swing back and forth. At the base was a small glass panel, and Tommy was almost compelled to reach out and touch it.

"Kimberly, so nice to see you again!" All three of them turned and brought their fists up. The man that stood behind them was old and very frail looking, but Kimberly would never forget the eyes and the strength of his grip.

"Where are our friends!" Kim narrowed her eyes, and he chuckled.

"Where are my manners, I haven't introduced myself. My name is Kelic, and you are all going to die!" his staff came up fast and the beam barely missed Tommy as they all dove away. They had to keep moving as more and more energy blasts kept coming.

"Kelic!" the voice stopped everything cold, and Tommy took a second to glance from his hiding place. A small hooded figure had walked to the center of the room, and Kelic had his staff pointed right at her.

"We made a deal Meredyth!" he growled, the orb glowing brighter.

"I don't care, I wont let you do this again!"

"What about Daniel?" Kelic brought an old wrinkled hand to his face and when it was removed the face was young and handsome. "Don't you still love me Meredyth!"

"You are not Daniel!" she cried. "You are just the shell of the man I loved!"

"Step away, or I am going to kill you!"

"Oh yeah?!" Billy and Kimberly looked at each other with huge smiles as they recognized the voice.

"Aisha!" they stepped a little from their hiding place, and saw the three missing teens go stand with the hooded figure. Aisha looked up at the clock, noting that the time was 11:53.

"You guys, we only have to hold him off for a little longer, then he will lose all of his powers!"

"Never!!" Kelic's eyes glowed with rage, and he raised his staff into the air.

"Run!!" The four figures in the middle scattered as lightening bolts slammed down from the sky. Aisha rolled right into the clock, shaking her head as it started clouding up.

"Now you are mine!" Kelic took a few steps towards her, but she was too dizzy to move.

"Aisha!" Billy charged forward, and everything seemed to go into slow motion. Kelic's laughter echoed loudly and his yellow eyes were nearly popping out of his skull. Aisha was still sitting on the floor, trying to regain her feet, but the tip of Kelic's staff told her that she didn't have much time. Then with a horrible sound, the beam shot at her, and she covered her eyes in a futile attempt to stop it.

"No!" Billy grabbed her around the waist and then threw her out of the way. The others watched horrified as the beam shot right into his chest, making him fall back against the glass panel on the clock. With a snap, the panel opened and Billy fell in. Then it snapped shut, and a bright blue light started to emanate from the compartment. Around them the wind picked up, and soon the sand and dust from the ground was all around them, almost completely hiding the evil creature.

"Rangers!" a voice called out to them. "You must destroy the orb!"

"Will that help Billy?" Tommy cried.

"I'm sorry, but it is too late for him!" the hooded figure grabbed Tommy by the arm and looked him straight in the eyes.

"I can't just leave him here!"

"If you do not destroy the orb, then he will die in vain. I was promised 200 years ago that when Kelic was done with Daniels body that he would be restored and we would be together again. He lied, and sucked everything that was good out of Daniel. By destroying the orb, we ensure that this will never happen again."

"We can't leave him!" Aisha joined in the conversation, and Tommy realized for the first time that they were all around him.

"We have to do what is the best for everyone!" Tommy tried to be brave, but even he could hear his own voice quiver. "Let's destroy the orb!"

"Surprise!" Tommy brought his head back as Kelic swung his staff into the middle of them. He made a grab at it, one hand closing tightly around the wooden part.

"Let go!" Kelic seemed surprised that anyone would dare touch his staff, and stood there for a moment. Tommy took that opportunity to grab with his other hand, but a second later Kelic was struggling to regain control.

"Help you guys!" Tommy gritted his teeth, and felt strong arms around his waist. Someone was anchoring him, and then other hand snaked around to grab at the staff as well. Tommy was waiting for lightening to fly from it at any moment, but after a moment he realized nothing was happening.

"You are going to pay for this!" Kelic growled because it was the only thing he could do. Out of the corner of his eye, he could see the girl in yellow rushing to his clock. It read 11:58 now. Not much time.

"Billy!" Aisha pressed her hand against the glass, and pushed with all of her strength, but it would budge.

"Aisha, please get out of here!"

"No, you saved me!" tears streamed down her face, her fists pounding in rhythm with her heart. It seemed like an eternity ago that they had shared that kiss on the plateau but she could still feel his lips.

"Aisha, I can feel my self being drained. Soon Kelic will be taking over my body, and I will no longer be myself.

"No!" Aisha fell to her knees, and Bill knelt in front of her. He put his hand to the glass, and she could feel the warmth of it on her hand.

"This is the only way to stop him." he closed his eyes, and in his hands appeared the medallion. All of the six Ranger colors were swirling together, but when he opened his eyes, the medallion disappeared.

"Where did it go!" Aisha asked as a bright light flashed in the room. Everything stopped, and all eyes turned to the sky.

"It is time for your evil to end!" Billy recognized the voice as his mothers, but the others were just awe struck at the sight. The medallion hung in the air, sparks of colors falling all around them. Tommy felt his hands letting go of the staff, but he couldn't move anything else. As soon as he was free, Kelic dashed towards the clock tower as it started striking midnight.


"We must combine our powers!" Billy took his coin, and pressed it against the glass. As Aisha put her hand up, the coin seemed to melt through it until she held it in the palm of her hand.


"Get away!" Kelic pushed her aside, and placed his palms on the glass himself. Even though Billy was not doing the same, he could feel his spirit leaving him. Aisha didn't know what to do. 99


"Aisha, combine the powers!" Billy cried out, obviously in pain.


"Right!" she pulled her own coin from her morpher, and held it in the palm of her hand along with the blue one. Tommy and Adam joined her, placing their coins in the pile


"Here!" Kimberly placed hers and then Rocky was the last. Kelic was almost out of time!


"Stand around me everyone, and concentrate!" Aisha closed her eyes and felt the power surge through her.


"You might as well give up, because I have won again!" The body that Kelic had occupied for so long fell to the ground in a heap, the oldness draining away and the young face returning.


"Daniel!" the anguished cry was not missed by any of them. Meredyth looked up, her hood falling from her head. Kelic was now strong in his new body, and he grabbed her by the arm.


"I promised that he would be returned to you!


"But instead of spending eternity with him in life!" he raised his staff


"You will spend it in death!" the staff started coming down just as the orb exploded in a brilliant burst. The light spread throughout the room, and engulfed them all.

"I don't think so!" Aisha could feel nothing but the power of the coins throughout her entire body, but as the circle of light hit them, and the others were forced to drop hands, she felt herself falling.


The explosion that followed was not felt on earth by many, but those who did feel it were those that were the most deeply affected by it. 

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