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What You Thought You Knew
by: Cricker

Billy heard the phone even before they were in the house. Kat made a motion for him to get it, and he raced past her, running down the hall to the corner table.

"Cranston residence," he stole a glance back down the hall to make sure she was okay. She waved quickly, and he smiled. Even at eight months pregnant she was beautiful, but he knew that no argument in the world would make her believe she was beautiful at this stage. He had already tried.

"Billy?" the voice on the other end of the line was barely above a whisper, and it took him a few seconds to realize who it was.

"Kimberly?" he was utterly confused. No one had heard from her, save for a few letters and postcards, for nearly 7 years.

"I'm glad I caught you at home, I..."

"Wait a second, let me get Kat! She is going to be thrilled!"

"No!" her voice was definitely not a whisper that time, and he heard rustling on the other end.

"What's going on?" he started to get a bad feeling in his gut. "Kimberly!"

"I can't talk right now," she was whispering again. "I know we haven't kept in touch, but I really need you to come out here."

"What about Tommy?" he curled the cord around his fingers. "have you contacted him?"

"No," her voice cracked, and he could almost see the tears starting to swell in her eyes. "Please Billy. I need you."

"Okay," he said in a calming voice. "I can come in a few months, and then Kat..."

"Alone," Kim pleaded.

"But Kat is eight months pregnant. I can't leave her now."

There was silence, and he was afraid she had hung up on him.

"I have to go!" she hissed. "I will send you directions by mail. Please Billy, I don't know what to do!"

He took a deep breath, closing his eyes.

"I'll come," he decided, and he heard her sigh in relief.

"Thank you! And Billy?"


"Please don't tell any of the others what is going on, not yet!"

She hung up, and he shook his head. How was he going to tell anyone anything, when he didn't fully know what was going on himself. He placed the phone back in its cradle, and treaded through the entrance to the living room. Kat was laying on the couch, three pillows propped under her knees and two more behind her head.

"Who was it?"

"What? Oh, no one. Just one of those silly surveys."

"Come, come Mr. Cranston," she raised her eyebrows, and crossed her arms slightly. "I know you too well to fall for that."

"Do you?" he sat at the end of the couch, and in one quick motion, he grabbed her left foot and started tickling the bottom of it. She burst out in laughter, kicking both feet in an attempt to end the tickle torture.

"Okay, okay!" she cried, laughing hysterically. He stopped and took one of her hands, kissing the back of it slightly. She shifted slightly to allow Billy to lay behind her, wrapping his arms around, his hands on her stomach. She leaned back against his chest, her blonde hair tickling his nose.

"I thought of another name," she heard him sigh, and brought her hand around to whack his thigh.

"What is it peach pie!" he added quickly to keep another attack from coming.

"Never mind. We will just call it hey you."

"No really, what is it? I thought we decided on Jonathan for a boy, and Elisabeth for a girl."

"I know, but those are really common names," she turned slightly. "I was thinking if it was a girl we could name her Jordann,"

"J O R D A N?"

"No, J O R D A N N,"

"I like it," he agreed. A knocking at the door made them both groan.

"Maybe if we are really quiet, they will go away,"

"Hello?" Billy tightened his grip on her as the voice of his mother in law came to their ears. She giggled, but Kat knew that if she didn't answer the door soon, her mother was going to break it down. Billy grudgingly helped her to her feet, and escorted her to the door.

"Katherine!" the women was carrying three big bags of stuff, but the real surprise was who stood behind her. Aisha, Tanya, Tommy, Adam, Trini, Zack, Jason, Emily and Rocky were all there, and one by one they filed in with big bags of their own.

"Oh my gosh!" she laughed as they ushered her into the living room. Decorations started coming out, and soon the room was covered in pink and blue streamers and balloons.

"You guys are always so busy, we decided to bring the party to you!"

"You shouldn't have!" Katherine hugged her mother, who sat her in the easy chair next to the coffee table.

"Of course not," Zack quipped, "But it is Tuesday, and we didn't have anything better to do!"

"Thanks," Kat rolled her eyes, but laughed anyway. Billy sat next to her on the arm of the chair as presents were handed to the mother to be.

"It's adorable!" she held up a little blue sailor outfit, and a matching pink sailor dress. "If its a boy, I don't know what I am going to do with all of this pink stuff!"

The telephone rang, and Billy excused himself to answer it.


"Who is this?!" the male voice speaking did not sound very happy.

"Um, well that depends on who you are?"

"I knew it!" Billy had to hold the receiver away from his ear as the caller slammed his phone down. His mind immediately went back to his other call that afternoon. What had Kimberly been so upset about? To not hear from her in so long, and then out of the blue she calls pleading for him to go to her. He drove all thoughts of it from his mind before returning to the party. They were all so happy, he didn't want to upset them. He would find out soon enough what was going on.

Four days later he received a letter just addressed to William Cranston, Angel Grove California.

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