Double Team
by : Steve Folger

The six Turbo Rangers are engaging a battle with Piranhatrons as of now. TJ, the leader of the team takes down two Piranhatrons with a mighty double blow of his fists and punches them down to the ground. They both disappear in a splash of water.

TJ: Oh man! These guys just don't give up.

CARLOS: Tell me about it. I can't take any more of this today.

ASHLEY: Cassie! Behind you!

Cassie sees the incoming Piranhatron warrior coming up from behind her and it grabs her. She pulls it arms and kicks back the warrior to the ground. It disappears in a splash of water.

CASSIE: That was close. Thanks Ashley.

STEVE: Guys! Up there!

JUSTIN: It looks like Divatox's new monster has already grown to size. We better call on the zords.

TJ: Right. We need Rescue Megazord power now!

Star Racer and Thunder Loader form the legs while Storm Blaster and Lightning Fire Tamer form the upper and lower torso. Wind Rescue forms the left arms and Storm Cloud forms the right arm. Lock Jaw, new monster of Divatox's stands up to the Rescue Megazord. It resembles of Metallasaurus which Divatox's brother Havoc has driven once before.

LOCK JAW: Divatox wants you Rangers out of the picture for good.

TJ: We'll just see about that. We need artillery power now!

The artillery arms form Artillatron form on the arms of the Rescue Megazord.

RANGERS: Artillery power, Fire!

As the Rangers fire at the monster, Lock Jaw does a spinning jump over the fire power of the megazord. It takes a grab of the Rescue Megazord. The artillery arms return to Artillatron as he gets a good hold on the zord from behind.

TJ: Let us go.

LOCK JAW: No way Ranger. Divatox has special plans for you.

Lock Jaw flies away with the Rescue Megazord in hand. The Rangers seem to be defeated but call on the Power Chamber for back up.

TJ: Dimitria, we need help.

DIMITRIA: I'll send a telepathic link to the Phantom Ranger. Alpha-6, contact the Blue Senturion at once.

ALPHA-6: Right away Dimitria.

Alpha does so as the Blue Senturion shows up in to see the Rescue Megazord captured and taken to the Space Base.

BLUE SENTURION: Oh no! That monster has the Rangers.

Phantom Ranger appears in front of Blue Senturion and greets him.

BLUE SENTURION: Huh! Who are you?

PHANTOM RANGER: I am the Phantom Ranger. A friend of the Rangers. My assistance is needed.

BLUE SENTURION: Well a friend of the Rangers is a friend of mine. Nice to meet you Phantom.

PHANTOM RANGER: The pleasure is all mine, but the reason we are here is to save the Rangers.


PHANTOM RANGER: Then we must get to the Rangers' Power Chamber at once.


The Blue Senturion and Phantom Ranger arrive at the Power Chamber to see Dimitria and Alpha there.

DIMITRIA: Welcome back to the Power Chamber Phantom Ranger.

BLUE SENTURION: We must think of a plan to save the Rangers, Dimitria.

PHANTOM RANGER: I agree with the Blue Senturion. Who knows what Divatox is doing to the Rangers now?

DIMITRIA: Yes I know. The monster Divatox sent down is a powerful enemy and a threat to the Earth.

ALPHA-6: Oh my goodness! It looks like that monster creep has returned and is attacking Angel Grove.

PHANTOM RANGER: Wait! I have a plan that can take care of that monster. You better call on your Robo Racer, Blue Senturion.

BLUE SENTURION: What do you have in mind?

PHANTOM RANGER: We can't use the Rangers' Turbo Megazord, but I think I can re-configure Artillatron's weaponry with your zord.

BLUE SENTURION: Nice plan. Robo Racer online! *blows whistle*

Blue Senturion's Robo Racer goes into battle mode and takes on Lock Jaw.

BLUE SENTURION: Halt in the name of the law!

LOCK JAW: Huh! What do we have here? The Rangers' RoboCop friend Blue Senturion and his Robo Racer. I'll crush you and your zord into spare parts.

BLUE SENTURION: I'll just see about that. Arrest mode!

The large handcuffs shoot from the Robo Racer and grabs the left arm of Lock Jaw. He bites them off with and he is free.

BLUE SENTURION: Synergizer blaster! Fire!

LOCK JAW: Ha ha ha ha! You cannot defeat with your weakling zord. Not even your fire power can destroy me.

BLUE SENTURION: Hurry Phantom Ranger! I cannot take anymore of his attacks.

In Artillatron's cockpit, Phantom is configuring the artillery power to Robo Racer and hears the Blue Senturion's call for help.

PHANTOM RANGER: I'm hurrying as fast as I can. I'm almost finished. There. I'm done. Artillatron, power up!

Artillatron pulls out of the Turbo garage and goes into high stance mode as it rolls up to Robo Racer.

BLUE SENTURION: It's about time. Now we can get rid of this hideous beast.

PHANTOM RANGER: Go for it Blue Senturion. Call on the weaponry now.

BLUE SENTURION: Right. Robo Racer Artillery power now!

The artillery arms of Artillatron form on Robo Racers arms. Blue Senturion has aimed it and ready to fire.

LOCK JAW: Uh oh! This doesn't look good for Lock Jaw.

BLUE SENTURION: Robo Racer artillery power, fire!

Robo Racer's arms extends out and the powerful cannons on top of them fire at Lock Jaw. The fire power hits him and he falls to the ground and blows up into smithereens.

BLUE SENTURION: Yes. I did it. I mean, we did it together Phantom. We make a great team don't we.

PHANTOM RANGER: We sure do make a great team. Good job Blue Senturion.

BLUE SENTURION: Thanks. Now it's time to find the Rangers.

PHANTOM RANGER: I'm tracking them on the Space Base of Divatox's. They're still being held there with the Rescue Megazord.

BLUE SENTURION: Then let's head up there and get them.

Meanwhile at the Space Base, Elgar tells to his Aunt Divatox has been destroyed.

DIVATOX: The Rangers have been captured and the Earth is all mine.

ELGAR: Uhhhh! I hate to interrupt Auntie D, but look.

DIVATOX: What is it Elgar? We won. Don't fret my nephew.

ELGAR: But Auntie D, the Blue Senturion and the Phantom Ranger has destroyed Lock Jaw.

DIVATOX: WHAT?! Noooooooooo! I don't believe it!

RYGOG: It looks like they are coming here to save the Rangers. We must stop them.

DIVATOX: We'll be ready for those dynamic duo friends of the Rangers.

In the Rescue Megazord, the Rangers awaken from their unconsciousness.

CARLOS: Huh! What happened to us?

JUSTIN: I don't know but where are we?

TJ: Oh no! We're in the Space Base guys.

As the Blue Senturion and Phantom Ranger arrive at the Space Base, the alarms go off.

RYGOG: Divatox. Its them. They are heading for the Rescue Megazord.

DIVATOX: Then stop them. Take some Piranhatrons and capture them too.

The Blue Senturion and Phantom Ranger are spotted by the Piranhatrons.


PHANTOM RANGER: I'll take care of this, you go and get the Rangers.

BLUE SENTURION: Right. I'm on my way.

As Blue Senturion takes off to find the Rangers and their megazord, Phantom is about to be overwhelmed by the Piranhatrons. Just before the fishy fiends get to him, his chest and the compartments of his upper thighs opens up and fires a pulse wave of energy at the incoming armada of Pirhnatrons. They all disappear in a splash of water.

The Blue Senturion arrives and sees the Rescue Megazord in a holding area. The Rangers look down and see him there.

ASHLEY: Guys look! Its the Blue Senturion!

TJ: What's he doing here?

BLUE SENTURION: Rangers, are you all okay?

CARLOS: Yes, we're alright. But I think the Megazord is under a force field. Over there is panel that can release us.

BLUE SENTURION: I'll take of that. Which switch is which?

TJ: Blue Senturion, look out!

As the Blue Senturion tries to find the right switch, two Pirahnatrons enter the holding bay and attack him.

BLUE SENTURION: Get off me you fisky freaks!

Just as he is attacked, the Phantom Ranger, unseen in stealth mode takes down the two Piranhatrons. He reappears and he is seen by the Rangers in the Rescue Megazord.

CASSIE: Phantom Ranger! Your here too?

PHANTOM RANGER: Yes, I am here Cassie.

STEVE: Well its good to see you two. How about getting us out of here?

Blue Senturion blasts the control panel with his Synergizer Blaster and the force field around the Rescue Megazord disappears.

JUSTIN: Alright! Now we can get of here.

TJ: Let's go Phantom and Blue. You both can ride with us six so we can all escape.

Phantom Ranger and Blue Senturion go into the cockpit of the Rescue Megazord and the mighty megazord takes off into space and back to the Earth.

RYGOG: Oh no! Divatox! The Rangers and the Blue Senturion and Phantom Ranger have escaped and have headed back to Earth.

DIVATOX: Noooo! My plans have been stopped once again. I'm getting a migraine.

As the Rangers arrive back in the Power Chamber and the Rescue Megazord back in the Turbo garage, the Blue Senturion and Phantom Ranger are congratulated on a job well done by Dimitria and the Rangers.

TJ: Thanks for coming and saving us guys. We owe you two one.

DIMITRIA: Yes. They have done an excellent job. We are deeply in your debts Phantom and Blue Senturion.

BLUE SENTURION: All in a days work, Dimitria.

PHANTOM RANGER: We sure do make a good team, don't we Blue Senturion?

BLUE SENTURION: We sure do. We make a good team.

CASSIE: And don't forget us guys. All of us are a team now. The eight of us are.

STEVE: Cassie's right. We are the elite eight.

JUSTIN: Thats a nice touch Steve. That's cool! I like it.

TJ: We all like it. We are the elite eight.

The Rangers, Blue Senturion and Phantom Ranger gather next to each other and put her hands together and makes a friendship that will last forever.

---THE END---

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