by : Steve Folger

Steve is gliding through space on his brown Galaxy Glider on his way back to the Astro Megaship. But out from nowhere, a Velocifighter shoots from the other side of the planet Onyx and heads straight right for him..

STEVE: A Velocifighter!

Steve then brings out his Astro Blaster to shoot at the incoming fighter that is right behind him. The Velocifighter fires at him as he tries to evade the blasts.

STEVE: Oh man! I can't shake this guy. He's right on my tail.

Steve then concentrates on the fire power of his Astro Blaster by combining his Solar Flare weapon with the blaster. As Steve keeps dodging each and every blast that goes around him, he brings out the Solar Flare Astro Blaster and confronts the fighter.

STEVE: How about a game of chicken?

But as Steve turns around to fires at the incoming Velocifighter, it succeeds in blasting the exhaust pipe of his brown glider.

STEVE: W-O-A-H! Direct hit! I'm going to make this guy learn a lesson. Solar Flare Astro Blaster Rifle, fire!

He shoots at the Velocifighter with his weapon and it blows up into a fire ball and the Quantron pilot and its fighter is space dust.

STEVE: Yeah! That got him!

The blast that hit the exhaust pipe of his glider causes it to stop completely in space.

STEVE: Oh no! That blast halted the glider. I'm being pulled in by Onyx's gravity field.

Steve and his Galaxy Glider enter the atmosphere of Onyx as he tries to guide himself to find a safe place to crash land. But as he tries to get closer to the outskirts of Onyx's town, the glider conks out and it skids the surface and crashes to the ground.


Steve is tossed from his glider as it completely stops its skidding. He hits the ground hard on his left side and he is demorphed into his Astro Megaship uniform. His Astro Morpher explodes and sparks after his left arm hit a rock. Both his glider and morpher are damaged. It now seems he cannot contact the other Rangers on the megaship to come and get him.

STEVE: Oh no! Now what am I gonna do? I can't reach the others. And I left my communicator in my locker on the megaship.

While on the Astro Megaship, the Rangers await for Steve's return. Just having defeated Darkonda with the new Mega Voyager, they can now continue to find their mentor Zordon and Andros's sister Karone. Andros walks to the bridge of the megaship and joins with the other male Rangers as they finish repairing the megaship.

ANDROS: Any word from Steve yet?

CARLOS: No. I haven't seen him come back.

TJ: Neither have I.

ANDROS: What about the girls?

CARLOS: They are all in the simudeck . ANDROS: Deca. Has Steve returned?

DECA: Steve is still on Onyx.

ALPHA-6: Rangers! I'm getting a weak signal on Onyx. I think its Steve.

Back on Onyx, Steve walks through the outskirts area of the planet. The hot sun makes him sweat and confused as he tries to keep shaded from the burning star. He falls to the ground and passes out from the heat. He hears a voice that seems to be like Zordon's. Is it a mirage he sees?

ZORDON: Steve! Steve!

Steve rises his head from the sandy dune and sees the floating head out from the distance.

STEVE: Zordon?!

ZORDON: Dark Specter is close to siphoning my powers for his own evil plans. You and the Rangers must come and save me. It is almost complete. Help me!


Steve sees Zordon disappear in thin air as he passes back out again. A hooded figure sees him lying in the sand. Picking up Steve and lying him in his cart that is connected to his horse, the unknown person heads back to town.

On the Dark Fortress, Ecliptor informs Astronema that Steve had been shot down by a Velocifighter and crash landed back to Onyx. ECLIPTOR: Astronema! It seems the Brown Ranger has crash landed on Onyx. A Velocifighter shot him down.

ASTRONEMA: Good. Go down there with Quantrons and go after him.

As Ecliptor and Quantrons enter the town on Onyx looking for Steve, the hooded figure brings him into his cabin where he aids him. He puts a smelling salt under his nose to wake him up.

HORVATH: Wake up!

STEVE: Huh! Oh man! That stuff burns my nose.

HORVATH: How are you feeling?

STEVE: I'm ok. Thanks.

HORVATH: It is the least I can do. You're the Brown Ranger, aren't you?

STEVE: Yes I am.

HORVATH: I am Horvath. A bounty hunter. I was the one who stoled Zordon's keycards while Eltar was being invaded.

STEVE: So you're the guy Andros won the keycards from in the card game?

HORVATH: Yes I am. He beat me with a Zenta.

STEVE: I got to go. It was nice of you for finding me and helping me out. The other Rangers should on their way to find me.

HORVATH: Wait! You can't go out there looking like that. You'll be easily noticed by the Quantrons. Take my cloak. It will cover you so you won't be noticed.

STEVE: Yes. It looks like it can fit me perfectly. Thanks.

He puts on the hooded cloak and heads out the door and see if the close is clear to go. Ecliptor and Quantrons appears as Steve sees them and he pretends he doesn't know who they are as he crosses the street.

ECLIPTOR: Find him. He is around here somewhere.

The Quantrons do so as they storm the street of the town and search for Steve. The hooded figure passes a Quantron and pays of no attention to the warrior. The Quantron sees him go around the corner of a saloon and decides to see if it is Steve. Steve waits around the corner for the warrior so he can attack the Quantron. Steve trips the Quantron and does a combo of punches on it and kicks it to the floor of the saloon. ECLLIPTOR: Huh! What was that?

Ecliptor hears a scuffle around the corner as he sees the Quantron that is not there. He looks around the corner and sees Steve tangle on with the Quantron. He sneeks up behind Steve and pulls off the hood of his cloak to reveal his face.

ECLIPTOR: Brown Ranger!

STEVE: Huh! Ecliptor!

Steve turns around surprised to see the black warrior with green grid lines. Ecliptor shoves Steve and throws the hooded garment to the ground. Steve goes into a fighting stance and waits for Ecliptor's attack. More Quantrons show up as Ecliptor misses another strike of his sword at Steve. Steve pulls his arm and elbow punches him in his gut. Quantrons gather up from behind Steve and hold him down as Ecliptor tries to strike Steve once again.

ECLIPTOR: You're finished! So long Brown Ranger!

As he just is about to strike him again, six lasers of the color of black, yellow, red, purple, blue and pink fire upon the back of Ecliptor. Steve gives a shove kick into Ecliptor's front and he falls to the ground.

STEVE: Guys! You made it!

Steve sweep kicks the two Quantrons from underneath their feet to escape their grasp.

JESSICA: Steve. Are you ok? STEVE: I'm fine. But my Galaxy Glider and morpher are damaged. That's why I couldn't contact you.

ANDROS: Thats ok. I'll fix them when we get back to the megaship.

CARLOS: But now we better get out of here before more Quantrons show up.

TJ: Right!

Astronema watches from about in the Dark Fortress.

ASTRONEMA: Elgar! Fire the satellasers on a Quantron. We can't let them escape.

ELGAR: Right boss.

Elgar taps a button the control and a beam of light aims down on a Quantron warrior and it grows to giant size.

ASHLEY: What in the world!

CASSIE: A giant Quantron! What now?

ANDROS: You guys better get Steve and his glider and return to the megaship. I'll take of care of this giant bolt brain myself.

JESSICA: Right! Let's go!

ANDROS: Mega V1, online!

The doors on the moon of Jupiter opens up and Andros's Mega V1 robot is catapulted to Onyx. Andros enters the cockpit of his zord.

ANDROS: Mega V1 missles, fire!

The missles from the shoulders of Mega V1 fires at the Quantron warrior and it falls to ground and explodes.

ANDROS: Allright! I win! I love this new zord!

The Rangers have returned to the Astro Megaship and Steve and Andros are repairing his Galaxy Glider and Astro Morpher.

ANDROS: That should do it. There wasn't that bad of a damage to the exhaust port.

STEVE: Thanks Andros. How is my morpher coming?

ANDROS: I just had to replace a burnt out chip. You can morph again.

STEVE: Good. I better test it out to see if it works.

ANDROS: Yeah try it out.

STVE: Let's rocket! *3-3-5-ENTER*

TJ and the others walk in to see Steve morphed again as his Brown Lightstar Ranger self.

CARLOS: It looks like Steve can morph again.

CASSIE: Yes. Back in action.

STEVE: Thanks for coming to my rescue guys. Without you all, I wouldn't have made it.

AHSLEY: Any time.

JESSICA: We're here for you all the way.

TJ: You going to test your Galaxy Glider?

STEVE: Yes! Later guys. I'll be back!

JESSICA: Don't stay out so long.

Steve heads up to his brown jump tube and jumps in and lands on his Galaxy Glider once again. It works perfectly. Just like it rolled off the assembly line. He takes off into the vastness of space.

Meanwhile on Earth, his long time friend and former Power Ranger Justin, looks into the night sky wondering that his friends are okay. He sees a star fall in the night sky and he makes a wish.

JUSTIN: I wish that my friends are ok?

The End


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