Weather Or Not
by : Steve Folger

The city of Angel Grove, California. Population 376,000. The city's mayor, Barbara Carrington walks along the sandy beach of her beloved town. Just two weeks ago, the Power Rangers saved her city and the planet Earth from a hurling asteroid that was sent by Dark Specter and destroyed the Psycho Rangers. She thinks of a day that she would give the Rangers a key to the city for saving her city since 1993. She sees the blue skies of the beach become cloudy and they become gray in color. A storm is brewing out in the Pacific Ocean and is about to head to her town. Not knowing that a possible hurricane could be on the way there.

On the Astro Megaship, Steve enjoys a workout in the holodeck with Jessica. Fighting Craterites and Manta Menace. They pull out their weapons to finish off the Manta Menace.

JESSICA: Cosmic Charges!!

STEVE: Solar Flare!!

They assemble their weapons with their Astro Blasters and fire them at the large manta looking beast. Kaboom! It is history.

JESSICA: What a workout. End simulation.

The simudeck disappears.

DECA: Jessica. Steve. Please report to the bridge. Inclement weather heading toward Angel Grove.

They run up to the bridge and sees Alpha reading the weather report coming in on the viewing screen.

ALPHA-5: Aiyiyi! A hurricane is heading toward Angel Grove.

STEVE: Alpha. Contact the other Rangers down on Earth

JESSICA: Andros! Zhane! We need you guys up here in the bridge. Come quick!

Andros and Zhane who are working in the engine room run up to the bridge to see the problem at hand.

ANDROS: What's going on?

JESSICA: There's a hurricane heading toward Angel Grove.

TJ, Carlos, Cassie and Ashley arrive in the megaship and head to the bridge to meet the others.

CARLOS: Guys. Did you here?

STEVE: Yeah.

JESSICA: Its on the news now. Alpha. Bring up the news on the screen.

Channel 6's weather woman appears on the screen and shows to the people of Angel Grove watching about the hurricane heading right for the city.

WEATHER WOMAN: There is a level 2 hurricane heading straight for the city with winds gusting close up to 200 mph. Evacuation is immediately going on right now at this time. I'll be back for more details on the hurricane.

TJ: Oh man! This is really bad.

ANDROS: We better help and get these people out of the city.

The eight Power Rangers run to their jump tubes and jump in. They fly down on their Galaxy Gliders to the city to help the citizens of Angel Grove to evacuate from the incoming hurricane that is heading there. As they arrive, the winds have already gotten much more intensified and it just started raining.

ASHLEY: Its already started raining.

CASSIE: We better hurry and get these people out of here.

CARLOS: Yeah. The winds are blowing much faster now.

TJ: We need the Megatank to get them out of here quick.

ANDROS: Good call TJ. Megatank online!

The Megatank drops out of the cargo hold of the Astro Megaship and lands right in front of the Rangers.

ANDROS: Everyone into the tank. Come on.

The remaining citizens go into the Megatank while Carlos and Cassie drives them to safety to the evacuation shelter. Andros, Zhane, TJ, Ashley, Steve and Jessica stay and do their part and search for any remaining citizens who might be still in the city.

CARLOS: All close is clear. It looks like that is everyone.

ANDROS: Good. Now we can get back to the Megaship.

Two giant monsters are brought to their attention as Carlos and Cassie drive away in the Megatank. One a dog like creature and the other a clown monster.

ZHANE: Guys. Look up there.

ANDROS: What are two monsters doing here in the middle of a hurricane coming?

HURRICANE HOUND: Good question Ranger. Let's give them the answer Cyclown.

CYCLOWN: Ha ha ha! The answer is......we are the hurricane.

Cyclown emits out a thunderous laughing roar as he shoots out a wind storm at the Megatank he sees leaving from the city limits.

CARLOS: Woah! What just hit us?

CASSIE: I don't know. It can't be the hurricane. It hasn't hit land yet.

CARLOS: Hang on everyone. We're going much faster to get out of town. Time to put the pedal to the metal.

CASSIE: You all better buckle up now.

Carlos accelerates the tank and takes off for the evacuation shelter as the four citizens buckle up in the seats.

The other Rangers watch the Megatank take off and looks back up at the two giant monsters that are invading the city.

ZHANE: So these creeps are the source of the hurricane.

ANDROS: Let's take these guys down. Mega Voyager, online!

ZHANE: Mega Winger, online!

The Mega Voyager transforms into megazord form while Zhane enters the cockpit in his Mega Winger.

ZHANE: Mega Winger, transform!

The Mega Winger transforms from shuttle mode to zord mode. Mega Winger and Mega Voyager ready to confront the two monsters.

CYCLOWN: How about a whirlwind, Rangers? Ha ha ha!

HURRICANE HOUND: And here is tornado for you, Silver Ranger!

The two zords are caught in the two tornados.

ZHANE: Woooooah!

TJ: Oh man! We gotta get out of these tornadoes somehow.

ANDROS: I got an idea guys. Galactic Rover, online!

The red Galactic Rover appears and Andros jumps in the seat of his vehicle.

ANDROS: I hope this works.

Back in the cockpit of the Mega Voyager, the others watch as Andros drives up in his Galactic Rover.

TJ: What is Andros trying to do?

ASHLEY: I don't know.

JESSICA: Look everyone! TJ and Cassie are back.

Carlos and Cassie return as they see Andros in his red Galactic Rover.

CARLOS: Wait a minute! What is Andros doing in his Galactic Rover?

CASSIE: I guess he has something in mind.

CARLOS: I guess he is going to get the zords out of those two tornadoes. But how?

CASSIE: Andros! Need some help?

ANDROS: Yeah. Call on your Galactic Rovers. I have an idea to save the guys in the zords.

ZHANE: Hurry guys! Mega Winger can't take anymore of this.

TJ: Neither can we. We're losing all power.

ANDROS: Don't worry. We are on our way.

CARLOS: Galactic Rover, online!

CASSIE: Galactic Rover, online!

The black and pink Galactic Rovers appear before Carlos and Cassie and they get in the seats of their vehicles.

ANDROS: Come on guys. We can drive up to these creeps and shoot them in their feet.

They fire from their rovers at the monster's feet and the two monsters grab their feet in pain and the two tornadoes disappear. The Mega Voyager and Mega Winger get back up as the tornadoes are gone.

ZHANE: Nice job guys!

ANDROS: You guys okay up there?

STEVE: We are now thanks to you three.

The two monsters turn around to see Andros, TJ and Cassie in their Galactic Rovers.

HURRICANE HOUND: You'll pay for that Rangers. You're toe cheese!!

Hurricane Hound tries to stomp on the Rangers while they scatter in their rovers in a figure eight motion around him and Cyclown.

CYCLOWN: Where do you think your going, Rangers? We'll crush your little go-carts. Ha ha ha ha!

Cyclown swipes down at the ground trying to get one of the rovers that is driving around his and Hurricane Hound's feet.

ZHANE: Hurry guys! We got to get rid of these creeps.

STEVE: Guys. Get back to the Mega Voyager. Me and Jessica will call on Mega 'V' Ultra so we can finish them off.

The red, black and pink Galactic Rovers disappear and Hurricane Hound and Cyclown look confused as they see them disappear.

CYCLOWN: Huh! Now where did they go?

HURRICANE HOUND: I don't know.

Andros, Carlos and Cassie return to the Mega Voyager as Mega 'V' Ultra flies down and knocks down the two windy monsters on their backs.

CYCLOWN: Woah! Who did that?

Cyclown accidentally steps on Hurricane Hounds tails as he falls to the ground.


STEVE: Ha ha! You two didn't count on us, didn't you?

JESSICA: Time to finish you big uglies off for good.

STEVE/JESSICA: Mega Ultrazord! Transform!

The Mega V's and Mega Winger form up front and the Astro-Delta Megazord stands in the back of the Mega Ultrazord.

ANDROS: Mega Ultrazord. Lock on all weapons and fire.

Cyclown and Hurricane Hound try to get back up to their feet and is hit one by one of the artillery fire power of the Mega Ultrazord.


CYCLOWN: Oh what a world! What a world!

KABOOOM. They are both are gone in an explosion of fire and become debris. The clouds above the city dissipate and the sky clears up into its beautiful light blue color.

ANDROS: Alright we did it guys!

CARLOS: They are toast!

A couple of days have past since the destruction of the two monsters that were sent down by Astronema. Or also known as Andros's sister, Karone, which one day Andros will someday get her back and restore his sister back to normal. The people of Angel Grove have returned to their hometown to find no destruction of their homes. Thanks to the Power Rangers once again. The mayor calls on a day to give the Power Rangers a key to the city that will keep them once and for all in Angel Grove as their hometowm. On the stage, the Mayor stands at the podium where she is about to hand out the large key they will accept.

MAYOR: People of Angel Grove. We have been under siege one too many times by monsters and villians. Thanks to the Power Rangers for saving our beloved city from mass destruction from these evil forces. Ladies and gentleman, boy and the girls, I bring you, the Power Rangers!

The people out in the large crowd cheer as the eight superheros in their colorful spandex walk up to the stage where they meet the mayor of Angel Grove. The Red, Silver, Blue, Black, Brown, Pink, Yellow and Purple Ranger each shake her hand as they come up the stage to greet her.

MAYOR: Power Rangers. The city of Angel Grove has been your home for five years, and the citizens of this beloved city want to thank you for stopping all sorts of evil forces and destructive monsters. And to keep the city of Angel Grove as your hometown forever, I present to you, the key to the city of Angel Grove, California.

The Red Ranger, Andros, graciously accepts the key from Mayor Barbara Carrington and says a few word at the podium.

ANDROS: The eight of us would like to thank all of your citizens for keeping up the hope and the children of Angel Grove for looking up to us as their heroes. Thank you Mayor and thank you citizens of Angel Grove.

Bulk, Skull and Professor Phonomenous clap their hands at the front of the crowd along with the other people as they cheer for the Power Rangers.

The End... for now