Mystic Knight Brown Ranger
By Steve Folger

Steve flies in outer space on his Galaxy Glider on his way to the Astro Megaship followed by his good friend the Phantom Ranger in his spaceship. Steve looks to his left to see his friend race up next to him.


STEVE: Of course. Bet you can't beat me Phantom. You'll need your own Galaxy Glider if you going to beat me old buddy. There's a surprise waiting for you on the Astro Megaship.

PHANTOM RANGER: Yeah I know. Its Cassie running into my arms once I win this race.

STEVE: Ha ha! Last one to the ship is a rotten egg.

As the two of are about to race off to the ship, a Velocifighter appears from behind and Darkonda as the pilot.

STEVE: Woah! Watch out Phantom! There's a Velocifighter right behind us.

PHANTOM RANGER: Giving up? You have to do better than that.

STEVE: I'm not kidding. Look!

Phantom Ranger looks behind in his ship and sees the Velocifighter coming in for an attack. Darkonda shoots at Steve and Phantom with the Velocifighter's lasers.

STEVE: Oh man! He's right on my tail.

Darkonda hits the brown Galaxy Glider with a blast right in the tailpipe section and Steve is thrown off of his glider and into space.

DARKONDA: Ha ha ha ha! This is more fun then a barrel of monkeys. Bye bye Brown Ranger. One Ranger down, seven to go! Ha ha ha ha ha!

Phantom Ranger flies behind Darkonda unseen in stealth mode and re-appears again right in front of him.

PHANTOM RANGER: Darkonda! You Barillian stink bug! You're gonna pay for that.

DARKONDA: Oh no! The Phantom Ranger!

PHANTOM RANGER: Hasta la vista, baby!

Phantom Ranger shoots at the Velocifighter with Darkonda in it and it blows up into space debris.


PHANTOM RANGER: Yeah that got him. Now to find Steve.

STEVE: Huh! What's that? A black hole! Oh no, its going to suck me right into it.

A black holes appears and it sucks Steve right into it the dark void and it closes up just in time before Phantom returns to find him.

PHANTOM RANGER: Oh no! Where's Steve at?

All that Phantom sees is Steve's brown glider that is there and no sign of him anywhere. He's not even seen on the scanner of his ship. The glider took heavy damage from the blast where Darkonda had shot at it. Phantom puts Steve's glider in tow with his tractor beam.

Meanwhile on the Megaship, Deca receives an incoming message from the Phantom Ranger and transmits it to the Rangers.

DECA: I'm receiving an urgent message from the Phantom Ranger.

ANDROS: Put it on the screen Deca.

PHANTOM RANGER: Rangers. Darkonda has attacked and shot down Steve from his glider. There is no sign of him anywhere in space. I managed to destroy Darkonda in a Velocifighter.

CASSIE: You better head here to ship Phantom.

PHANTOM RANGER: I'm on my way now. Phantom out.

TJ: Oh man! This is just great. Steve is missing.

CARLOS: I wonder what Darkonda would want with Steve anyway?

ANDROS: I have no idea.

ASHLEY: We better hurry and find him quick.

JESSICA: If Darkonda just hurts a hair on him and I'll....

ANDROS: Don't worry Jessica. We'll find Steve.

In the land of Kells a portal appears just in the middle of the Kell's forest. Steve appears in a flash of brown light and he falls to the ground demorphed into his megaship uniform. His Digimorpher falls out of his pocket as he hits the ground unconscious. As he wakes up , he hears someone coming and decks behind a large bush where he sees a retreating army coming from the east of the forest.

TORK: Retreat! We must regroup against the Mystic Knights for the next battle.

Steve sees the weird armor the warriors wear as they head back to Queen Maeve where she is in her castle. The Mystic Knights do not see Steve looking from behind the bushes as he sees the heroes win another battle over Maeve's army led by Tork. He whispers to himself and says:

STEVE: Where on Earth am I? And who are these guys?

His whisper is heard from the ears of the Mystic Knights' leader, Rohan who is joined by Princess Dierdre, Prince Ivar, Angus and Garret.

ROHAN: You behind the bushes. Come out from where you are.

Steve stands up shocked as he puts his hands up as the heroes bring out their weapons as he comes out of the bushes.

DIERDRE: Who are you? One of Maeve's spies?

IVAR: And what are those strange clothes you wear?

STEVE: I'm unarmed. Put your weapons down please.

ANGUS: What are you doing here?

GARRET: And what do you want?

STEVE: name is Steven and I don't know anything of this Maeve you speak of. She sounds like an evil witch or something.

IVAR: That she is.

DIERDRE: How did you get here then?

STEVE: The last thing I remembered I was being hunted down by Darkonda. He shot me down.

ROHAN: Who is this Darkonda you speak of? One of Maeve's warriors?

STEVE: Not really.

ANGUS: Then come with us to the castle at once. You looked bushed.

STEVE: Thank you. I never did get to know your names?

ROHAN: I am Rohan.

DIERDRE: I am Dierdre. Princess of Kells.

IVAR: Hello Steven. I am Ivar.

ANGUS: I am Angus.

GARRET: And I am Garret.

ROHAN: Come with us quick before any of Maeve's men returns.

STEVE: You mean those creeps that just retreated back there?

DIERDRE: Yes. Those are Maeve's warriors.

As the Mystic Knights return to the castle along with Steve, they introduce him to Dierdre's father, King Conchobar and Cathbad.

KING CONCHOBAR: Who is this stranger you have brought with you? And this strange clothing he wears?

DIERDRE: Father I would like you to meet Steven. We found him in the forest after our battle with Maeve's men.

STEVE: Nice to meet you your highness. *bows his head*

CATHBAD: What are these strange symbols on your clothing?

STEVE: Uh! They are just symbols. I am a hero in my own time just like your Mystic Knights.

KING CONCHOBAR: Time? What do you mean?

STEVE: From the looks of things, it looks like that I have traveled back into time and ended up here. It must've been the black hole that sent me here.

IVAR: Sweet loo! You can travel through time?

STEVE: Not really. It was an accident how I got here. I got to get back to my own time.

CATHBAD: Hmmm! This reminds me of a prophecy I read on a scroll.

ROHAN: What is it Cathbad?

CATHBAD: Yes I remember know. A scroll I read said a stranger will fall from the Heaven's and aid the Mystic Knights in battle for the day.

STEVE: And this person is me?

ROHAN: He has to be. We can use your help in our next battle with Maeve's warriors.

DIERDRE: You said you are a hero in a different time right? Is there someone evil like Maeve you fight against?

STEVE: Unfortunately yes. Her name is Astronema. And she a friend of mines sister too. But its not her fault she is evil.

GARRET: Will you join us in battle?

ANGUS: Yes. Just like the prophecy in the scroll Cathbad told us about, will you help us out?

STEVE: Yes I am with you. Wait a minute! I've seemed to misplaced something.

A little fairy flies into the room through the window carrying Steve's phone like morpher.

DIERDRE: Aideen. What is that strange thing you have with you?

AIDEEN: I think it belongs to your new friend.

STEVE: I don't believe it. Fairies exist?

In shock, Steve sees the female fairy Aideen fly up to him and drops in his hands his Digimorpher.

AIDEEN: Here you go.

STEVE: Thank you.

ROHAN: What does that thing do that you have there?

STEVE: It transforms me into my powerful hero self.

GARRET: Oh! You mean just like what we can do when we call on our armor to become the Mystic Knights.

STEVE: Huh! You all can transform too?

ANGUS: Yes we can. Watch this.

ROHAN: Fire within me!

DIERDRE: Air above me!

IVAR: Water around me!

ANGUS: Earth beneath me!

GARRET: Forest before me!

Steve witnesses the five heroes transform into their armor outfits as he is about to morph as they are done.

STEVE: Wow! That is really awesome armor you have. Now check this out. I hope my morpher works in this time period.

KING CONCHOBAR: Go on young man. Time is wasting.

STEVE: Let's Rocket! 3-3-5-ENTER

King Conchobar, Cathbad and the Mystic Knights are stunned to see Steve transform as he morphs into his Brown Lightstar Power Ranger self.

STEVE: What do you think? Like it?

CATHBAD: Very impressive I say.

DIERDRE: I like it very much.

IVAR: I do say I never seen anything like it before.

ROHAN: Let's go. Maeve's men will be returning soon.

STEVE: Wait a minute. There has to be someway for me to get back home once we are done.

CATHBAD: I'll see what I can do to send you back to your own time. Now, you must join with the others.

ANGUS: Come on Steven. We have a battle to win.

GARRET: Yes let's go my friend.

The Mystic Knights and Steve take off for the upcoming battle between them and Maeve's army of warriors.

Meanwhile at Maeve's castle, another portal appears before the dark Queen as she sits on her throne and out comes Darkonda.

MAEVE: Who are you? Guards get him!

DARKONDA: Wait! I have a proposition for you. You must be Maeve I have heard so much of?

MAEVE: Yes I am. Tell me of your proposition.

DARKONDA: Very well then. I am searching for a stranger who had just came here. He might be with your enemy, the Mystic Knights.

MAEVE: What importance is he to you? An enemy of yours?

DARKONDA: Yes he is.

MAEVE: Tork! You will assist Darkonda as he seeks this person. He will be with the Mystic Knights in the upcoming battle. Go and destroy the stranger and the Mystic Knights.

TORK: As you wish my Queen.

MAEVE: This will be a day long remembered. It will soon be the end of those Mystic Knights and their new friend.

Meanwhile back in the present time and on the Astro Megaship, the Rangers and the Phantom Ranger talk about what happened to Steve.

TJ: I don't get it. How come we can't get any readings on Steve? None of our scanners can pick him up.

CARLOS: Same thing here. All I get is nada. No sign of him anywhere.

ANDROS: And he's not on any planet surface either.

JESSICA: I wonder what he is doing now?

CASSIE: Don't worry Jessica. We'll get Steve back somehow.

ZHANE: Hey guys come check this out.

ASHLEY: What you find?

ZHANE: Some sort of space anomaly. It keeps appearing and disappearing.

PHANTOM RANGER: Then that must be it.

ZHANE: What Phantom?

PHANTOM RANGER: Steve must've fallen into that anomaly. Either a black hole or a rip of time and space.

ANDROS: But I don't think that Steve could survive being dragged into a black hole.

TJ: That has to be the answer.

JESSICA: Then that means Steve is lost to us for good.

ASHLEY: Keep your hopes up Jessica. It might be even a black hole.

PHANTOM RANGER: Oh wait! Steve said something you had something for me anyway. What was it?

CARLOS: Oh man! That's right. We've been hanging our heads in trying to find Steve and we all forgot.

PHANTOM RANGER: So what is it?

ANDROS: You are going to love this. Come with me to the rec room and I'll show you.

As the Phantom Ranger, Zhane and Andros walk to the rec room where Steve's damaged Galaxy Glider is also at, a specially designed Galaxy Glider made for the Phantom Ranger hovers there before him as he checks it out with amazement.

PHANTOM RANGER: Its amazing! How did you manage to make me a Galaxy Glider?

ZHANE: Well it wasn't so hard to do.

ANDROS: I would like you to meet your very own Phantom Glider. Me and Zhane put in our own handy work to design it for you. It also can form into a cycle too just like Zhane's Silver Cycle.

PHANTOM RANGER: Thank you Andros and Zhane. Can't wait to test drive it.

CARLOS: Hey guys you better come quick. We found something.

JESSICA: That anomaly is opening up again. Its definitely a black hole.

PHANTOM RANGER: I know how to get Steve back. If he had gone into the black hole, I can go in and retrieve him.

CASSIE: But its to dangerous Phantom. You might get hurt.

PHANTOM RANGER: I'm going have to risk it in order to save him. I'll use my new Phantom Glider to go into the black hole

ANDROS: You sure you want to try this to save Steve.

ZHANE: He has to try. His glider is also stable enough to go through a black hole too just like ours.

TJ: Yes they are. I say go for it Phantom.

JESSICA: Bring him back to us.

PHANTOM RANGER: I will. I promise.

As Phantom is about to leave and head off in the void with his new Phantom Glider, he waves farewell to his friends.

ASHLEY: Good luck Phantom.

CASSIE: Be careful.

Cassie runs off to the Phantom Ranger and hugs him as he gets ready to go on his glider

PHANTOM RANGER: I will Cassie. Phantom Glider, hang 10!

Phantom Ranger is seen in space by the Rangers on the View Screen as he nears the dark void where Steve had gone into and enters the black hole.

ANDROS: Let's keep our fingers crossed guys.

Back in the past in Kells, the Mystic Knights and Steve arrive to see the armada of warriors led by Darkonda and Tork.

STEVE: I don't believe this. Darkonda has joined forces with Maeve?

IVAR: So that is the beast you were talking about earlier?

STEVE: Yes that's him.

DIERDRE: What a disgusting ugly beast he is.

ANGUS: Then we are going to take down this ugly bugger.

ROHAN: Right with you old chap.

GARRET: Here they come.

Darkonda and Tork summons the armada of warriors to attack as he sees Steve with the Mystic Knights about to engage the enemy.

DARKONDA: Warriors attack!

TORK: Go! Destroy them!

STEVE: So your behind all of this right Darkonda?

DARKONDA: Brown Ranger! I see you have your new friends with you. Surrender to me or you will be destroyed.

STEVE: I don't think so Darkonda! You must have lives like a cat. Your going down you for good.

DARKONDA: Too bad. I have more lives then you. You on the other hand just only have one life to live.

Steve calls on his Solar Flare and takes on Darkonda in a fight. The Mystic Knights fight the large army and Tork as they fight for their land of Kells. Steve takes a hard hit to the back but manages to get back up and tries to leg sweep Darkonda but he misses and gets another hit in the back and falls to the ground. Darkonda pins him to the ground with his foot on his chest as he is about to strike him with his sword.

DARKONDA: And now for the final blow. Say goodbye Brown Ranger. Ha ha ha ha ha!

Just as he tries to strike him with his sword, another portal opens up and out flies Phantom Ranger on his Phantom Glider.

DARKONDA: Huh! What's that? The Phantom Ranger!

PHANTOM RANGER: Hasn't your mother told you not to play with sharp objects Darkonda?

The Mystic Knights and the army they fight see the black clad armor being come out of the portal. Phantom Ranger knocks down Darkonda and his sword falls out of his hands as Steve is let go and gets back up to his feet and picks up Darkonda's sword.

STEVE: Phantom?! Is that you?

PHANTOM RANGER: Are you okay Steve?

STEVE: I'm okay. How'd you find me? PHANTOM RANGER: Its a long story. Now its time to get you home before the portal closes.

DARKONDA: You cannot escape me.

Darkonda grabs his sword out of Steve's hands as he rushes him and Phantom and knocks the both of them down.

ANGUS: Who is that? A friend of Steven's?

DIERDRE: They must be because that monster just knocked them both down.

Dierdre fires her weapon the crossbow at Darkonda and it does nothing to him.

DARKONDA: Ha ha! That weapon of yours cannot harm me.

IVAR: Try this on for size you ugly bugger!

Ivar shoots lighting out of his trident at Darkonda and it does no damage to him either.

IVAR: Sweet loo! Not even my trident can do anything to him.

ROHAN: I'll stop this beast my self.

Next Rohan fires a fireball out of his sword at Darkonda and it also does nothing to him.

ROHAN: How can this be? Not even our weapons are effective on this monster.

GARRET: Now its my turn.

DIERDRE: Don't do it Garret. Your weapon won't work at all.

Steve gets back up to his feet and rejoins the Knights.

STEVE: I know how to stop him for good.

IVAR: Tell us quick before its too late.

ROHAN: Combine our weapons right?

STEVE: Good guess Rohan. Let's do it!

DARKONDA: Ha ha ha ha ha! Not even your pathetic weapons can destroy me at all. Ha ha ha!

STEVE: We'll just see about that Darkonda. Your days are over. Solar Flare Astro Blaster!

Steve brings out his Astro Blaster and merges it with his Solar Flare to turn it into a more powerful weapon so he and the Knights can finish off Darkonda.

ROHAN: Ready on your command Steven.

STEVE: Ready! Aim! Fire!!

They all shoot at their target that is Darkonda with all of the firepower they can muster with their weapons. Darkonda screams out in pain as they strike him down and he is engulfed in a ball of fire as he explodes. As Maeve's army who witnesses the destruction of Darkonda, Tork tells them to retreat.

TORK: Retreat now! Darkonda has been destroyed.

ANGUS: Yes we did it. We got rid of that ugly beast.

ROHAN: And Tork and his warriors have also retreated. We won this battle.

STEVE: Power down!

DIERDRE: Steven, who is your friend?

STEVE: He is the Phantom Ranger from my time too. He is here to take me home now.

PHANTOM RANGER: We must go now Steve. Are you ready to go now?

STEVE: Just a second Phantom. Gotta say goodbye.

IVAR: So this is a goodbye my friend?

STEVE: Yes I must head back home now. I would like to thank you all for your help.

ANGUS: And we would like to thank you for your help also.

DIERDRE: We will miss you.

Steve takes Dierdre's hand and lightly kisses it.

GARRET: Do not forget us.

STEVE: I won't. That's a promise.

ROHAN: Good journey my friend.

STEVE: Take care me friends. Goodbye Mystic Knights.


Steve and Phantom Ranger get up on his Phantom Glider and they both wave goodbye to the Knights as they take and fly into the portal that leads back home. The Mystic Knights waves back to them as they see the glider race off into the portal and it closes up behind them.

As Steve and Phantom Ranger head back into the present time, they head back to the Astro Megaship where the other Rangers await for their return. Jessica runs into Steve's arms and starts to cry.

JESSICA: Oh gosh Steve I thought I would never see you again.

STEVE: I'm okay now. I'm here in all one piece.

CARLOS: We're glad to see you in one piece too. We missed you man.

STEVE: I missed you guys too. It looks like you finally gave Phantom his Glider.

CASSIE: I'm just glad he to see the both of you okay.

ANDROS: We're just glad to see you again.

ZHANE: Hey Phantom! How's the new glider working?

PHANTOM RANGER: It works like a charm. Thanks again Zhane and Andros.

ANDROS: Your welcome.

ASHLEY: So Steve. What happened to you when you got sent into that black hole?

STEVE: You guys are not going to believe where I was? And guess who showed up when I was there?

ANDROS: Darkonda right?

STEVE: You know something? He has like lives like a Cat or something. I don't know what's up, but he's been coming back after we destroy him all the time.

ZHANE: Yeah. I noticed it too. I took him down on Centaurbe-5.

ANDROS: You did? Oh well. I hope we've seen the last of him again.

The End