The Phantom Menace
by : Steve Folger

Just another normal day in Angel Grove. The temperature is 80 degrees and its a sunny day. Not even a cloud in the sky. But out in the sky, an object can be seen that is coming from out in outer space. It is the Phantom Ranger in his spacecraft and he is being tracked down by two missles that was shot by Divatox's subcraft that is docked with the space base. Rygog looks through his portal section and tells Divatox that the missles are locked on target with the Phantom's ship.

RYGOG: Divatox! The missles are targeted for the Phantom Ranger's spaceship. He's on his way for Earth.

DIVATOX: He won't make it in time to Earth. He's going down.

The missles finally succeed and hit Phantom Ranger's craft and sends it hurling into the Earth's atmosphere.


He tries to control his ship and he gets ready to crash land it at Angel Grove's beach. Divatox sees him about to land at the beach and tells the monster, Phantom Menator, to go and capture him.

DIVATOX: Menator! Go and get him.

PHANTOM MENATOR: Yes Divatox. I have a personal score with the Phantom Ranger myself. I want his power ruby.

PORTO: Menator can use the Phantom's power ruby to be an evil version of the Phantom Ranger.

ELGAR: Sounds really cool.

PHANTOM MENATOR: Yes. That's my plan all right. No more Phantom Ranger.

The mutant half goat-half horse beast disappears and heads down to the beach where Phantom had just crash landed.

Phantom gets out of his pilot seat and climbs down the ladder of his ship that leads him out to the beach. As he just leaves from his ship, he collapses to the sand and crawls until he can get back up. As he stands back up, Phantom Menator shows up with Piranhatrons.

PHANTOM RANGER: Menator! What are you doing here?

PHANTOM MENATOR: I can ask you the same thing Phantom Ranger. Piranhatrons! Get him!

Phantom takes a couple of the Piranhatrons' attacks and blocks their kicks. But they overwhelm him and grab him and Phantom Menator pulls out Phantom's power ruby from his chest. They all vanish and put the Phantom Ranger in Menator's cave like prison out in Angel Grove's forest. Menator takes the power ruby and uses it to become an evil version look alike of Phantom Ranger and disappears in a flash.

Somewhere else in the city of Angel Grove, the Blue Senturion is patrolling the streets on his Senturion Cycle. He sees a black Chevy Camaro pulled off to the side of the road where a young man has the hood of his car opened up where he looks to see what is wrong with it. He pulls to side to the road and gets off his cycle. BLUE SENTURION: What seems to be the problem? May I be of any assistance? *click*

YOUNG MAN: I guess so. It just died on me. I don't know whats wrong with it.

BLUE SENTURION: I see the problem. Its your carborator. This wire came unplugged from it.

Blue Senturion plugs the wire back into the carborator as the young man watches him.

YOUNG MAN: Oh geez! I didn't even see that. Thank you very much.

BLUE SENTURION: Don't mention it. All in a days work.

An unseen being comes into view and watches the Blue Senturion helping out the young man with his car. The being becomes visible and it is the Phantom Ranger. But is really the Phantom Menator in disguise. Blue Senturion walks up to him as the young man drives off in his car.

BLUE SENTURION: Phantom Ranger. What brings you here?

PHANTOM MENATOR: I need your assistance. The Rangers need our help.

BLUE SENTURION: Yes. Let's go.

But before they go, an army of Piranhatrons appear and gather around the Blue Senturion. The Phantom Ranger just stands there as he watches the Blue Senturion being attacked by the Piranhatrons. Blue Senturion tries to ask for his help but sees him just watching the fight.

BLUE SENTURION: Don't just stand there. I can use your asistance.

The Piranhatrons grabs him and the Phantom Menator reappears as he turns back into his self. Blue Senturion sees the half goat-half horse creature come up to him.

BLUE SENTURION: Huh! You're not the Phantom Ranger.

PHANTOM MENATOR: That's right. You're about to join the real Phantom Ranger in my prison. Take him away!

Menator, the Piranhatrons and the Blue Senturion all disappear and they throw him into the cave like prison. His Senturion Cycle is left there at the side of the street.

At the Space Base where Elgar looks through his aunt Divatox's telescope, he tells her that her plan is working and that the Phantom Menator and the Piranhatrons have captured the Blue Senturion. Menator comes back aboard the space base as he just finished putting the Blue Senturion in his prison.

ELGAR: Hey Auntie D! Guess what? Menator and the Piranhatrons got the Blue Senturion. Heh heh!

PHANTOM MENATOR: Hah hah hah hah! I got the Blue Senturion and the Phantom Ranger, Divatox.

DIVATOX: Yes I noticed. Finally a plan of mine is working. Soon those Rangers will join them and they will all be destroyed. Let me see through my periscope Elgar.

ELGAR: Okie dokie.

She looks through her periscope and see the Blue Senturion and Phantom Ranger in Menator's prison. But something else catches her eye in another part of Angel Grove, she sees Steve doing his Karate moves out at Angel Grove Park. She orders Phanton Menator to go capture him.

DIVATOX: Well well well. Look what we have here. Menator. Go and capture the Brown Ranger. I want him gone too.

PHANTOM MENATOR: Yes Divatox. He doesn't stand a chance against me.

Menator disappears and heads back down to Earth to capture Steve.

After working out on his Karate moves, Steve sits down under a tree to rest and shades himself from the sun. He picks up his bottle of water and takes a drink. He puts it back down next to him and shuts his eyes for a brief moment. His eyes open back and sees the Phantom Ranger appear before him. Unknown it is the Phantom Menator who is there to capture him.

STEVE: Hey Phantom. What's up?

PHANTOM RANGER: I can use your help.

STEVE: Sure. What can I do for you?

As Phantom walks up to him as Steve stands up, a group of Piranhatrons show up behind Phantom and Steve goes into his fighitng stance.

STEVE: Right now I can use your help Phantom. Let's kick some Piranhatron butt. Shift into Turbo!

Steve pulls out his Turbo key and morphs into the Brown Turbo Ranger. But to his shock, he sees Phantom just standing there watching while he is fighting the Piranhatrons.

STEVE: Hey Phantom! Why are you just standing there? I need your help.

As he takes on two Piranhatrons at once, Phantom comes up to him and kicks Steve to the ground. The Piranhatrons pick him up. Steve tries to contact Dimitria and Alpha at the Power Chamber as they carry him off.

STEVE: Alpha! Dimitria! Contact the others. I need their help.

At the Power Chamber, Dimitria and Alpha were just watching on the viewing screen as the Piranhatrons disappear with Steve.

ALPHA: Yo Dimitria. I don't get it. The Phantom Ranger didn't help Steve at all with the Piranhatrons. Something is definitely wrong.

DIMITRIA: I detect its not the Phantom Ranger at all.

ALPHA: Its not? Then who is it?

DIMITRIA: Unknown. Contact the other Rangers at once. They should be leaving from school now. Inform them to come to the Power Chamber at once.

ALPHA: Right away.

As TJ, Justin, Carlos, Carlos, Ashley and Cassie leave school for the day, their communicators signal off. They head outside to the corner of the school to answer the call.

TJ: Come in Alpha.

ALPHA: Rangers. You better teleport here to the Power Chamber at once.

TJ: Okay Alpha. We're on the way.

They teleport to the Power Chamber in their colored beams of light in red, blue, green, yellow and pink.

JUSTIN: What's up Alpha?

TJ: Yeah. Where's Steve at?

DIMITRIA: That's why I asked you all to come here. The Phantom Ranger's enemy, the Phantom Menator, has captured Steve, the Phantom Ranger and the Blue Senturion. He's taken the identity of the Phantom Ranger and has his power ruby. So be careful Rangers. He'll try to lure you into one of Divatox's traps.

TJ: We will Dimitria.

ASHLEY: I'd wonder why this thing want with the Phantom Ranger's power ruby.

CASSIE: I don't know. He'll won't survive with it out. We better do something and fast.

CARLOS: Alpha. Do know where they can be held at around here?

ALPHA: I'm doing a scanning of the area right now. Wait! There they are.

The Viewing Screen comes on and Steve, Blue Senturion and Phantom Ranger can be seen in a cave somewhere in Angel Grove park.

DIMITRIA: Teleport them out of there at once Alpha.

ALPHA: Oh no! I can't. That force field keeping them inside has a dampening field. I can't even contact them either.

In the cave, Steve gets static on his communicator as he tries to contact the Rangers and Dimitria.

STEVE: I can't get a thing on my communicator. And I can't even teleport out of here either.

BLUE SENTURION: Its a dampening field caused from this force field that is keeping us in here. I can't even contact the Rangers either. *click*

PHANTOM RANGER: We must find a way to get my power ruby back. I won't be able to survive without it. I'll be gone.

STEVE: Don't give up Phantom. We'll get out of here somehow and get your power ruby back.

Back at the Power Chamber where the others hopelessly watch Steve, Phantom and Blue Senturion in the cave where they are imprisioned, Cassie gets an idea on how to get Phantom's power ruby back.

CASSIE: Hey! I have an idea. If we run into this Phantom Menator, we can play into his game as if he is the Phantom Ranger and I can get the Phantom's power ruby back. Its simple as that.

ASHLEY: Allright! Great plan Cassie. It should work.

TJ: Let's just hope so. I say let's do it.

DIMITRIA: Good luck Rangers. And may the power protect you.

TJ: Shift into Turbo!

They bring out their Turbo keys and stick them into their Auto morphers on thier left wrists. They transform into the Turbo Rangers and teleport off to Angel Grove park. As they arrive, the Phantom Menator arrives there in the form of the Phantom Ranger. Unknowing that the Rangers knows he is not the Phantom Ranger. Cassie walks up to him.

CASSIE: Phantom Ranger. I'm glad you are here. We can use your help.

PHANTOM MENATOR: My assistance is always at your service Rangers. How can I help you?


She gets closer to him and pulls out the power ruby from his chest and the true form of the Phantom Menator is shown to the Rangers. The half goat-half horse mutant growls at Cassie after she runs back to her friends and the Phantom's power ruby in her hands.

PHANTOM MENATOR: Argh! So now you know who I am now. But you'll won't be in time to save the real Phantom Ranger in time.

TJ: Cassie go! Go and get to the Phantom quick. We'll take care of this phantom menace.

CARLOS: And get Steve and Blue Senturion too. We're gonna need their help.

CASSIE: Okay guys. I'll be back.

Piranhatrons appear behind Menator and surround the Rangers as they get ready fight. Cassie runs off with the Phantom's power ruby in hand as she finds the cave where Steve, Blue Senturion and Phantom are being held.

CASSIE: Steve. Blue Senturion. Are you guys all right?

STEVE: We're just fine. But the Phantom Ranger needs his ruby back.

BLUE SENTURION: Quick. He'll won't survive any much longer without. You'll have to free us from this cave. There has to be a way to disable this force field.

Phantom Ranger slowly gets up from the ground and tells Cassie to use his ruby to shatter the force field.

PHANTOM RANGER: Cassie. Use my ruby to disable the force field. It will free us.

CASSIE: Okay. Here goes nothing.

Cassie sticks out the ruby onto the force field and the it sparks the force field until it disappears.

CASSIE: Yes! It worked.

STEVE: Quick! Save Phantom before its too late.

Cassie runs over to Phantom who still lays on the ground and sticks his power ruby back into the chest of his armor. He slowly raises and is helped up by Cassie and Blue Senturion.

BLUE SENTURION: Are you okay now Phantom?

PHANTOM RANGER: Yes I am. Thanks to Cassie.

CASSIE: Don't mention it.

STEVE: Right now we better go and help the others.

CASSIE: Right.

BLUE SENTURION: You both look like you can use mines and Phantom's assistance too. How about it Phantom?

PHANTOM RANGER: Yes. Let's go.

The four of them leave from the cave and rejoin their friends in battle with the Piranhatrons and Phantom Menator.

STEVE: Guys! We're here.

TJ: All right! Steve and Blue Senturion made it back.

BLUE SENTURION: Let's even up the odds here. *click*

Phantom Ranger and Blue Senturion engage the battle too as they fight Phantom Menator together.

PHANTOM RANGER: You're gonna get it Menator.

BLUE SENTURION: You are a menace to society. Prepare to be destroyed monster. *click*

Phantom Menator ravagely neighs at Blue Senturion and Phantom Ranger as he charges at them and misses them both as he tries to run them down.

PHANTOM MENATOR: You cannot stop me. I'm more powerful then you can handle.

TJ: We'll just see about that. Turbine Laser, now!

The Turbine Laser show in the Rangers' hands and they shoot a beam of energy at Menator sending him to his knees.

Divatox watches from above in space at the Space Base and orders the torpedoes to fire on Menator to make him grow to giant size.

DIVATOX: Fire torpedoes!

RYGOG: Torpedoes away!

Rygog presses the button and the the two torpedoes shoot down to the Earth and they hit their target, Phantom Menator, and make him grow to enormous size.

PHANTOM RANGER: Rangers. We can destroy Menator together by combining all of your zords from inside of Artillatron. It will form the Turbo Ultrazord.

BLUE SENTURION: Do you require my assistance as well, Phantom?

PHANTOM RANGER: Of course. Let's do it.

BLUE SENTURION: Robo Racer, now! *blows whistle*

TURBO RANGERS: We need Turbo Megazord power, now!

The Turbos zords and Artillatron drive out of the Turbo garage and the Turbo zords combine inside with the Rescue zords in each section in a upper and lower deck for each Ranger's Turbo and Rescue zord. Artillatron stands up in high stance mode as the Blue Senturion is in the pilot seat of Robo Racer and transforms it to warrior mode. Phantom Ranger, who is in the cockpit of Artillatron gets ready to command on with the Rangers to fire at Phantom Menator.

PHANTOM RANGER: Ready Rangers. We can do this. Ready Blue Senturion?


PHANTOM RANGER: Turbo Ultrazord, online!

Divatox looks through her telescope and sees all of the zords finish combining with Artillatron.


As Artillatron stands still, the hatches open up and the Rescue and Turbo zords inside charge up their weaponry and get ready to fire. Artillatron's arms charge up too as the Rangers, Phantom and Blue Senturion command together all at once.


BLUE SENTURION: Syngerizer Blaster!

All zords from inside, Artillatron's powerful cannon arms and Robo Racer fire at Phantom Menator sending to his fiery demise as he is pummeled by the large array of lasers one by one and he blows up as he falls to the ground.


TJ: Yeah we did it. Phantom Menator is history.

PHANTOM RANGER: Well done Rangers and Blue Senturion. We did it.

BLUE SENTURION: The feeling is mutual Phantom. Another monster bites the dust.

TJ: We couldn't have done with you two. The eight of us are unstoppable together.

CARLOS: That's right.

STEVE: Let's get back to the Power Chamber.

As the Rangers head back to the Power Chamber, Dimitria congratulates the Rangers, Phantom Ranger and Blue Senturion on a job well done.

DIMITRIA: Congratulations on another victorius win everyone.

TJ: Thanks Dimitria. We couldn't have done it without Phantom Ranger and Blue Senturion.

PHANTOM RANGER: The pleasure is all mine Rangers and Blue Senturion. Now I must go and return to my home planet.

CASSIE: Will I ever see you again Phantom?

PHANTOM RANGER: Yes you will Cassie. I will see you again.

Cassie hugs Phantom Ranger and then Blue Senturion walks up to him and shake they shake hands.

BLUE SENTURION: Goodbye Phantom Ranger. Take care of yourself friend.

PHANTOM RANGER: So long Blue Senturion.

DIMITRIA: So long Phantom Ranger. Have a pleasant journey home and may the power protect you.

PHANTOM RANGER: I will Dimtria. We will see each other again Rangers. I promise.

The Rangers, Blue Senturion and Alpha wave goodbye to Phantom as he turns invisible and heads back to his spaceship at Angel Grove beach. The Rangers watch on the Viewing Screen as they watch his spaceship take off and fly off into space.

Meanwhile, Divatox, Porto, Rygog and Elgar are with a monster that says it will destroy the Rangers.

PORTO: Divatox. I present to you, GoldGoyle.

ELGAR: He doesn't look like much of a monster to me.


GOLDGOYLE: Divatox. I am Goldgoyle. And I will destroy the Power Rangers for you.

DIVATOX: Yes. Go down to Earth and destroy those Power Rangers once and for all. VIVA LA DIVA!

The End