Kiss of Evil
by Steve Folger

*between episodes An Evil Game and Memories of Mirinoi*

As Mike and Steve drive to command headquarters in a Terra Venture car, they both talk about when Mike was inside Magna Defender before he returned. Steve drives the car as he asks Mike a question.

Steve: So Mike. What was it like being inside of Magna Defender?

Mike: Well it was frustrating to watch you guys being treated like that from him. I tried everything of my will power to stop him. Even when he tried using the Lights of Orion to destroy Scorpius, I managed to stop him.

Steve: So that means that pains he had, that was you?

Mike: Yeah. It was me. By the ways, thanks for not telling Leo that I was inside Magna Defender.

Steve: No problem man. I wouldn't want to hurt Leo's feelings.

As they near the command headquarters building, Stingwingers and a new monster of Trakeena appears before them in a flash of light.

Mike: Stingwingers!

Steve stops the car as him and Mike get out to fight the Stingwingers and the monster.

Mike: Let's get them. Ready?

Steve: Ready. Go Galactic!

Mike: Magna power!

They morph into the Brown Ranger and the Magna Defender. Steve contacts the others on his morpher to come and help them.

Steve: Guys we need you at the front of command headquarters.

Leo responds on his morpher that they are on their way.

Leo: We're on the way.

As Steve and Mike continue the fight with the army of Stingwingers, Cosmeticron comes up to Steve and attacks him by blowing him a kiss and it sends him hurling into the arms of his friends who arrived just in time. Damon and Leo catches him.

Damon: Whoa! You okay Steve?

Steve: Yeah.

Leo: Its time to make that thing to learn a lesson in manners.

Rangers: Right. Lights of Orion, activate!

The seven Rangers go into their power up stance and call on the Lights of Orion and the armor appears on them. Leo sees his brother in trouble with Cosmeticron.

Leo: Hold on Mike. We're coming. Power up mode!

Cosmeticron turns around to see the Rangers in the ball of energy rushing at her and she blows a powerful kiss that deflects the Rangers and sends them to the ground.

Cosmeticron: Kiss off Rangers.

Mike: Watch your mouth.

Mike returns the battle with the monster and lands a uppercut from his sword and she falls to the ground. Cosmeticron retaliates once more with another powerful kiss and this time it straps around the Magna Defender and she opens up her purse and Mike is sucked inside it.

Leo: Oh no! She's got Mike. Let him go.

Cosmeticron: Forget it. Now for you Power Rangers.

She once more again sends a another kiss that captures the Rangers except for Steve who ducks out the way from the kiss. The other Rangers are catapulted away and are sucked away into her purse.

Cosmeticron: That was fun. Lucky for you Brown Ranger that I don't have enough room in my purse. So I'll be back for you.

Steve: No. Come back.

She disappears in a flash with the Stingwingers as they head back to the Scorpion Stinger as Steve looks to see his friends gone.

Steve: Oh no! Now what do I do?

As Steve heads for the Astro Megaship to talk with Alpha, on the Scorpion Stinger, Trakeena tells Cosmeticron she he has done well in capturing the Rangers. Deviot, Villamax and Kegler watch on.

Trakeena: Impressive work Cosmeticron. Now get that Brown Ranger.

Deviot: Pretty impressive indeed. But that Brown Ranger won't give up that easily to save his friends.

Villamax: Yes. Deviot is right my Queen. Cosmeticron, show her what you have for her?

Cosmeticron pulls out a lipstick that is for Trakeena. She humbily accepts the gift and opens it up just to find out its regular lipstick.

Villamax: Its just lipstick. What's so special about this?

Cosmeticron: I'm glad you asked. To get the Brown Ranger, wear this special lipstick to poison him so you can capture him.

Trakeena: Yes. I love it when a plan comes along. Villamax, send a transmission to the Brown Ranger. I have a plan.

Villmax: Right away.

As she gets ready to send a message to Steve, him and Alpha are on the bridge of the Astro Megaship where Deca informs them of the incoming message. Steve with his helmet off, wonders around the bridge and comes to a halt when he hears Deca.

Deca: I'm picking up a transmission from the Scorpoin Stinger. It is Trakeena.

Steve: What?

Trakeena's face comes on the main screen and tells Steve to meet her on Terra Venture.

Trakeena: So Brown Ranger. If you want your friends back, meet me back on Terra Venture and I'll release them.

Steve: I don't believe you Trakeena. Release my friends now.

Trakeena: You don't believe me?

Alpha: Steve its a trap.

Steve: No Alpha. I have to do something to get them back.

Trakeena: Very smart. Meet me at the mountain dome then. I'll be there alone.

Steve: Fine then. There better not be any tricks Trakeena.

The screen goes blank and Steve grabs his helmet and gets ready to leave as Alpha runs up behind him. He puts his helmet on.

Steve: She has no idea who she is messing with.

Alpha: Steve be careful. Don't do anyhing that could get you captured.

Steve: I will Alpha. Thanks. I'll get the others back.

Back on the Scorpion Stinger, Trakeena looks in her mirror so she can put on the special lipstick that Cosmeticron gave her.

Trakeena: That Brown Ranger doesn't know who he's messing with. I'll show him.

Cosmeticron: You look lovely Trakeena. That shade of lipstick matches you prefectly.

Deviot: Very evil my Queen.

Villamax: Yes indeed.

Trakeena: I'll shall reign the universe once I destroy that Brown Ranger. Eat your heart out Terra Venture, because I Trakeena shall make all of you fall to your knees.

She transforms into the green orb ball and heads for Terra Venture's mountain dome to meet with Steve. Steve arrives and waits for her. She appears before him as she transforms back to ther evil self.

Trakeena: I'm here Brown Ranger.

Steve: Trakeena! Release my friends now.

Trakeena: Tisk tisk tisk! In order for me to release your friends, you have to do one thing for me then.

Steve: Forget it. I don't serve the side of evil. And I don't work for you. Never.

Trakeena: You don't have to do anything evil for me. Just kiss me and I will release your friends.

Steve: No way! I would never kiss you.

Trakeena: You have no choice then. I promise I will release your friends if you kiss me.

Steve: No. Kiss me and release them.

Steve powers down from costume so he can kiss her. But what Trakeena does not know is that he coated his lips for protection with fake lips.

Steve: Power down! Let's get this over with Trakeena.

A shadow of the two figures from the sun come toward each other as Trakeena put her arms around him and plants a long wet kiss on him. Standing there, Steve stares off in the distance and seems frozen as Trakeena sees him and pushes to him to ground and he falls on his stomach and lays there. Cosmeticron appears to her side in a flash to congratulate her.

Cosmeticron: Well done Trakeena. Ha ha ha ha!

Trakeena: All seven Rangers are mine now. Take him away.

Cosmeticron: Right.

But before she can get to Steve, her and Trakeena find him gone as they look at the ground where he laid before. They look around to see where he had gone.

Trakeena: What? Where did he go?

To answer her question, Steve comes up from Cosmeticron and grabs the purse from her and runs away just far enough away from the two.

Cosmeticron: Oh no! My purse.

Trakeena: He tricked us. But how?

Steve peels off the fake lips that protected him from being poisoned and tosses them away.

Trakeena: Very smart Brown Ranger. But not very long. Finish him off.

Steve: Not before can I release my friends first.

Steve opens up the purse and seven lights come out of it and form into his friends still morphed in costume. He runs up the them to see they are okay.

Steve: Guys. You all okay?

Jessica: Yeah. We're fine.

Leo: Yeah. I say let's give Trakeena and Cosmeticron a makeover.

Mike: Steve, your better morph so we can finish her off.

Cosmeticron: You're the ones who are gonna get makeovers.

Steve: I don't think so. Go Galactic!

He presses the two button on his morpher and morphs back into the Brown Galaxy Ranger. Trakeena tells the monster to destroy them as she disappears and head back to the Scorpion Stinger.

Trakeena: Destroy them all before I get a headache. Say goodbye Rangers.

Cosmeticron: Yeah. Just like she said, goodbye Rangers.

Mike: You're the one who is going goodbye.

Leo: Let's do it guys.

Rangers: Lights of Orion, activate!

Mike jumps into attack first as he flips in the air and strikes a blow from his saber to Cosmeticron. The Rangers go into power up mode with the lights as Steve commands them.

Steve: Power up mode!

The seven Rangers transform into the large ball of energy and goes through the monster sending it down to the ground as the seven Rangers and Magna Defender turn around and sees Cosmeticron blow up and then sees her grow to large size and call on the zords. Steve calls on the seven Galactabeasts and Mike calls on Torozord.

Steve: Galactabeasts, arise!

Mike: Torozord, charge!

Magna Defender merges with his zord and becomes Defender Torozord as the seven Galactazords form the Galaxy Megazord. Leo commands on the Lights of Orion to power up the armor around the Galaxy Megazord.

Leo: Galaxy megazord, power up mode!

Cosmeticron: Oh I see that's how want to play it, huh? Here's a kiss from me to the both of you.

Leo: Stratoforce, Centuarus!

She blows a powerful kiss to the zords and knocks them down to the ground. Leo commands on the newest zords to come to their help. Zenith carrierzord opens up releasing the Centaurus and Stratoforce megazords and they join at the backs and turn into a whirlwind to attack Cosmeticron and she falls. Mike takes his turn next and attacks her.

Mike: Defender Torozord, lightning spin!

Torozord strikes her too as Steve commands on the Galaxy megazord saber to finish off Cosmeticron.

Steve: Galaxy megazord saber, full power.

The megazord slashes the saber at her and she falls to the ground and she blows up. She yells in pain as she is destroyed.

Cosmeticron: Yeeooooow!

The Galaxy Megazord, Torozord, Centaurus and Stratoforce stand in triumphant together in front of Zenith carrierzord as they defeat another monster of Trakeena's.

In Mike's living quarters where they all are talking, Steve tells them that he had to kiss Trakeena to save them. Jessica, Maya and Kendrix are in shock to hear what he had to do to save them.

Kendrix: What?

Maya: You kissed Trakeena?

Jessica: Are you crazy?

Steve: I had to guys.

Damon: Steve, that girl is poison.

Steve: But guys, I took precaution. I wore fake lips to protect myself. I knew what she was up to.

Mike: Smart move Steve.

Leo: Yeah. Good job.

Kai: But how did you know what she was up to?

Steve: I know her moves from the start. I scanned a poison signature on her lips in my helmet. But let's just say the opposite attracts when you kiss someone with poison lips.

They all get the idea what Steve meant. They all laugh as we cut to a scene back on the Scorpion Stinger where Trakeena looks in her mirror to see her swelled up lips. She touches them and whines in pain. Her evil cohorts looks on as Kegler tries to help her out by giving her a healing potion to put on her lips.

Trakeena: Ow!

Kegler: Oh dear! Here you go Trakeena.

She takes the potion as a Stingwinger buzzes out a laugh as it sees her as it walks by. After she puts on the healing potion, she lashes out her tongue at the foot soldier as it shrinks in her tongue and she swallows it up.

Kegler: Nice distance Trakeena.

She burps out loud at Kegler and tells him to get back to work as she sits in her chair and swears to destroy the Rangers.

Trakeena: Get back to work. Now, where was I? Yes. Villamax, Deviot. I have to destroy the Rangers once and for all.

Villamax: Yes my Queen.