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Authors Note's: Okay this story takes place between "A Date With Danger" and "Zhane's Destiny". Now on with the fanfic!

Never Is Such A Long Time
by Marques Jeffries

Two days had passed since Zhane's "date with danger", and even though Astronema had destroyed the flowers he brought her, knocked him into a lake, and told him she never wanted to see him again, Zhane still couldn't get the image of her smiling as she and he roasted marshmallows, out of his mind. As he sat in his room he looked over at the picture of her, that was lying on his dresser.

ZHANE: "I wonder if she's thinking about me?"

Just then, DECA came over the intercom and told him that Andros had called a meeting on the bridge, so Zhane placed the picture down, and headed for the bridge.

When Zhane arrived the others were already there.

ANDROS: "Listen, everyone, the reason I've called this meeting is to discuss our search for Zordon. I'm sure Dark Spectre must be close to draining all of Zordon's powers by now."

CARLOS: "If only we could defeat Astronema's forces, once and for all."

T.J.: "Yeah, with her gone we could concentrate all out energies on finding Zordon."

ZHANE: "Remember we can't escalate a fight unless she does first."

ANDROS: "That's true. It's a rule that the Power Rangers have abided by for centuries."

ASHLEY: "Maybe we could try talking to her. I mean, I believe there is some good in everybody."

ANDROS: "Perhaps you're right, Ashley, but no matter what, we have to find Zordon soon."


On the Dark Fortress, Astronema was sitting in front of her mirror, combing her long, blonde hair, when Ecliptor entered the room.

ECLIPTOR: 'I don't mean to question you, my princess, but I sense that something has been occupying your mind the last few days. You haven't quite been yourself since your encounter with the Silver Ranger."

ASTRONEMA: "Don't worry about me, Ecliptor, I'm okay. I have simply been trying to come up with a new battle plan."

ECLIPTOR: "I want you to know that you can talk to me about anytime, my princess, OK."


After Ecliptor had exited the room, Astronema picked up a new photo of Zhane, and stared lovingly at it. Just then a smile crept on her face. Astronema had a plan. One that she was sure would bring about the defeat of the Rangers and bring Zhane to her side.


All six of the Rangers had gone down to Earth now, for a little relaxation at the beach, and had found a nice secluded area to relax.

ASHLEY: "C'mon, Andros, I'll show you how to build a sand castle!" (Ashley tugged on her boyfriend's hand.)

CASSIE: "Its always good to get some relaxation in."

T.J.: "Yeah, cuz you never know when our hair-changing enemy will decide to launch an attack."

CARLOS: "Like, now!"

Carlos, T.J., Zhane, and Cassie found themselves surrounded by Astronema, Ecliptor, and about twenty Quantrons.

ASTRONEMA: "Attack, my warriors, but I want the Silver Ranger taken alive!"

The four Rangers morphed and sprung into action. T.J., Cassie, and Carlos battled the Quantrons, while Zhane faced off with Ecliptor.

ZHANE: "Take your best shot, Ecliptor!" (Getting into his normal fighting stance.)

ECLIPTOR: "I'll make this battle short and sweet, because soon you'll bow before Astronema."

Zhane swung his Silverizer continuously at Ecliptor, but Astronema took advantage of this distraction, and blasted Silver Ranger with her Wrath Staff.

ASTRONEMA: "We have what we came for!"

Andros and Ashley returned just time to see Astronema and her forces teleport away, with Zhane.

ANDROS: "Zhane!"

CASSIE: "They were obviously here to capture Zhane."

ASHLEY: "What could Astronema be up to this time?"

ANDROS: "I don't know, but we're do everything in our power to find Zhane?"


As Zhane opened his eyes, Astronema and Ecliptor stood in front of him.

ASTRONEMA: "Welcome, Silver Ranger, welcome to the Dark Fortress.

ECLIPTOR: "I think we should have bound him in chains while he was unconscious."

ASTRONEMA: "Leave us, Ecliptor. I wish to speak with Zhane, alone."

ECLIPTOR: "Are you sure, my princess?"

ASTRONEMA: "Yes, my loyal warrior. Go make preparations for the Rangers visit. They are sure to come after their friend, and when they do, we'll have them all."

Ecliptor gave a hateful glare at Zhane, and then exited dungeon.

ZHANE: "I thought you said you never wanted to see me again?"

ASTRONEMA: "Never is such a long time, besides I have an offer to make you."

ZHANE: "What is it?"

ASTRONEMA: "Join me, Silver Ranger. Together we could rule this entire galaxy, with Dark Spectre's blessing, of course."

ZHANE: "As much as I care about you, Astronema, I won't betray my friends or join the forces of evil.

ASTRONEMA: "But, Zhane, I believe it is, with my brains and your brawn, the other Rangers would be no match for us. You could have whatever you wanted. We could be together."

Astronema, stood very close to Zhane, now.

ZHANE: "You actually know my name."

Just then Elgar walked in.

ELGAR: "Hey, boss, I just thought you'd want to know that the Astro Megaship is heading our way."

ASTRONEMA: "Send a squadron of Velocifighters out to greet them."


CASSIE: "I'm bringing up an image of the Dark Fortress on screen, now."

T.J.: "Looks like Astronema is sending out the welcoming committee."

ANDROS: "Alpha, ready the lasers. We're going to have to blast our way through those fighters.

ALPHA: "The lasers are ready."

ANDROS: "T.J., you and I will take our Galaxy Gliders and head for the Dark Fortress. The rest of you stay here, and try to hold off the Velocifighters.

ASHLEY: "Just bring Zhane back, safe and sound."

Andros and T.J. jumped into the Jump Tubes.

ANDROS and T.J.: "Let's Rocket!" (As they slide through the tubes)

With the Velocifighter distracted, Red and Blue Rangers flew into the hanger bay of the Dark Fortress. They battled a few Quantrons, and then made their way through the corridors, in search of Zhane.

T.J.: "Hold on, Andros, I think I hear Elgar's voice around the corner.

"ANDROS: "I'll bet he knows where Zhane is."

T.J.: "We're in luck, he's all by himself." (Peeking around the corner)

Before Elgar had a chance to react, the Red Ranger grabbed him.

ANDROS: "Okay, Elgar, where is Zhane?"

ELGAR: "I'm not going to tell you that Astronema is keeping him in the dungeon, and that its just around the next corner."

T.J.: "Thanks"

Andros and T.J. quickly hurried past Elgar.

ELGAR: "Those stupid Rangers thought they were going to make me talk."

In the dungeon, Astronema was still trying to convince Zhane to join forces with her.

ASTRONEMA: "You are a mighty warrior. You shouldn't wasting our time searching for that old fool, Zordon."

ANDROS: "Zordon is not fool!"

ASTRONEMA: "How did you get on board, undetected? Ecliptor!"

Within seconds, Ecliptor and ten Quantrons entered the dungeon.

ECLIPTOR: "You two made a big mistake in coming here."

ANDROS: "You guys are the ones who made the mistake, when you kidnapped Zhane."

Zhane and Astronema watched as Red Ranger battled Ecliptor, and Blue Ranger took on the Quantrons.

ASTRONEMA: "Now's your chance, Zhane. Destroy those two Rangers, while they're distracted."

Zhane struggled with his loyalty to the other Rangers, and his desire to be with his beloved Astronema.

ZHANE: "Hang on, Teej, I'll help you! Super Silverizer!"

Together, Zhane and T.J. defeated the Quantrons.

T.J.: "C'mon, Andros, I think we've worn out our welcome."

ANDROS: "I'm right behind you guys." (As he used his Spiral Saber to knock Ecliptor to the ground)

Zhane took one last look at Astronema before rushing out of the dungeon.


Meanwhile, the other Rangers had destroyed all of the advancing Velocifighters, and were now awaiting the return of their three friends.

ASHLEY: "I hope their okay."

CARLOS: "I'm sure they'll return soon."

Just then, Andros, Zhane, and T.J. stepped onto the bridge.

ANDROS: "Great job, everyone, now let's get out of this area before Astronema sends out some more Velocifighters.

Quickly, the Astro Megaship shifted into hyper speed, and vanished from sight.


Several hours had passed now, and the Rangers were now having a snack.

ANDROS: "So, Zhane, what did Astronema want?"

ZHANE: "I'm really not sure. She never really stated her motive."

ASHLEY: "She must've had some reason for kidnapping you?"

As Zhane was about to reply, DECA contacted the Rangers.

DECA: "Rangers, I've located an energy source that could be Zordon. It's in the Norcon sector."

ANDROS: "We're on our way to the bridge, right now."

Zhane waited for the other Rangers to leave first.

ZHANE: "They would never understand, if I told them the whole story." (Exiting the dining room)


On board the Dark Fortress, Astronema just stand in her chair on the bridge, and sulked.

ECLIPTOR: "Astronema, what troubles you?"

ASTRONEMA: "I don't wanna talk about it." (As she rose to her feet and turned her back to Ecliptor and Elgar)

ELGAR: "Sheesh, you'd like she was in love with that Ranger or something."

With her back turned, a tear fell from Astronema's right eye.