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Author's Notes: This is my thirteenth story in the Power Rangers Beyond series. It comes after "Cameo and Corsiette." Shaun Macleod begins his appearances in this story. And now on with the story!

Passing the Ruby
by Marques Jeffries

The Phantom Ranger sat in the dining room of the Astro Megaship, pondering what he would say to Cassie when they were finally reunited. The last time they had seen each other was during a battle with the UAE on Hercuron, fifteen years ago.

Seeing the love that radiated between Cameo and Corsiette, had stirred up feelings within the mysterious hero that he thought he had gotten over. For the first time in his life the Phantom Ranger longed for companionship, and there was only one person who could satisfy this longing, Cassie Chan.


The Phantom snapped out of his trance, and glanced over at the doorway to see Andros and Ashley entering the room.

"Are you okay?" Ashley inquired.

"Yes, I'm fine. I was just doing some thinking."

"We came to tell you that we're within teleportation range. We're going to teleport from the bridge." Andros explained.

The Phantom rose from his seat and followed the two former Astro Rangers to the bridge.

On the Cimerian Planet, Blane had just finished telling Zara about Cameo's treachery.

"So what are we going to do about him?" Blane asked.

"We will do nothing. Destroying Cameo is not our biggest priority, right now," the Brood princess handed Blane a CD. "This CD contains vital information about the United Alliance of Evil members. It may even help us figure out identities of the Rangers. There is a computer system in the other room. Get in there and get the data from this disk."

Before Blane could reply, a tall, muscular creature, who bore a strong resemblance to Rita's Lizanator, entered the room.

"Blitzkoff, you managed to elude the Senturions," Zara greeted.

"Yes, but Haru was captured, however, that's not why I'm here," the creature replied. "The Phantom Ranger is on his way to Earth with the Rangers."

"How do you know this?" Blane questioned.

"I saw all of them board their ship," Blitzkoff snarled.

"You saw them unmorphed?" a wicked smile covered Zara's face.

"Yes, and the Rangers are definitely teenagers. They were accompanied by an Earthling woman and three Kerovans," the creature explained.

"Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha! So the Shadow Ranger was correct. The Rangers do indeed have mentors, and I'm willing to bet that these mentors are former Rangers," Zara assumed.

"Your evilness, I'd like to ask your permission to go to Earth and seize the Phantom Ranger's Power Ruby," Blitzkoff bowed.

"Yes, the Power Ruby could be used to empower even stronger Brood soldiers. Gather a few soldiers and go get that ruby. I will contact Mason Hodges and have him send the Shadow Ranger to assist you," stated Zara.

"I don't need his help," Blitzkoff snarled.

"Do not be overconfident, Blitzkoff. The Power Rangers are very resourceful, and will do everything in their power to guard that Ruby," the princess warned. "Now go, and don't come back without that Power Ruby! And, Blane, get to work on that disk."

The two henchmen turned and exited the room.

Inside a dojo, Tommy Oliver sparred with his prize student, Shaun Macleod. Macleod was a nineteen year old martial artist, who had shown up at Tommy's dojo, six months ago. The blue-eyed young man was very mysterious, and never really had much to say.

Tommy had learned, through casual talks with the teen, that Shaun was from Glace Bay, Nova Scotia. Shaun told Tommy that he had sought him out, because he'd heard about all of Tommy's accomplishments in martial arts, and wanted to learn from the best. At first, Tommy was hesitant about training such a mysterious young man, yet the former Ranger leader could see a lot of himself in Shaun. Tommy had bee truly amazed at how gifted Shaun was. The young man seemed to be as graceful as a ballerina, yet struck with the power of a lion.

After an hour of sparring, Tommy and Shaun sat at a table and talked.

"Sensei Oliver, I can't thank you enough for everything that you've taught me," Shaun said.

"You're a good student, man," Tommy replied, with a smile. "But it sounds like you're about to say good-bye."

"Well my dream is to see more of the world, and now that I've learned from you, and I've earned enough money from working at the docks, I want to visit Japan." the young man replied, as he combed his dirty-blonde hair.

Just then Tommy's phone rang, and he rushed over and picked it up. "Really?! I'll be right there." Tommy hung up the phone and then returned to his seat.

"Some important business?" Shaun asked.

"Yeah, kinda. Anyway, don't leave town, at least not without dropping by the house to say good-bye to Kimberly and I," Tommy said.

"There's no way I can repay you and your wife for your kindness, so I promise I'll stop by before I leave town," Shaun vowed as he and Tommy shook hands. The young man rose from his seat and then exited the dojo.

Cassie and Carlos were standing at the site of the old Power Chamber. The Rangers had tapped into Angel Grove's telephone line and told the two former Rangers to meet them there.

When the group finally arrived, Cassie was glad to see her friends and niece back safe and sound, but words can't describe the stunned look on her face when she saw the Phantom.

"Hello, Cassie," the mysterious Ranger said in a quiet voice. Without uttering a word, Cassie grabbed the Phantom and gave him a hug.

"I can't believe you're really here," she said as tears began to pour from her eyes.

"Believe it, my love. I'm here and this time I'm here to stay," the Phantom vowed.

"You mean you'd give up traveling through space-----for me?" Cassie questioned.

"Yes. Cassie, there is so much I have to tell you, but I guess the best way to start is to do this," With that the Phantom placed one hand on his Power Ruby, and was instantly transformed.

The man, who now stood before Cassie, had straight brown hair that came down to his shoulders, dark blue eyes, and from every outward appearance he appeared to be human. He was dressed in a uniform identical to the Astro Rangers' Megaship uniforms, except he wore a black and white striped shirt.

"So what do you think?" the man asked.

"You're just like I always imagined," Cassie smiled.

"This is so sweet," Ashley whispered as she began to cry.

"Somebody hand her a Kleenex," Nick said, quietly.

"So what am I supposed to call you?" inquired the Asian woman.

"My real name is Darion," the man replied.

"Darion," Cassie said quietly. Finally all of her questions were going to be answered. All of the days and nights of wondering who the Phantom was, where he was, and if she'd ever see him again were now over.

"Listen, everyone," Phantom said. "I know you all have so many questions, but if I'm going to stay here on Earth, a new person will have to be chosen to claim the Phantom Ranger Powers."

"But your Ruby? If you remove it you'll die?" Cassie said.

"There is a way, but there is no time to explain. I sense that evil forces are on their way here as we speak." the Phantom warned.

Just then Chris' communicator beeped. "What's up, Alpha?"

"The Shadow Ranger, a new monster, and a few Brood soldiers are attacking NASADA," the voice of the robot explained.

"We're on the way," Chris replied.

"No rest for the weary, huh," Tim stated.

"I will join you in battle, Rangers," the Phantom offered.

"Thanks for the offer, but I think we can handle this," Joseph said, confidently.

"Besides, we're sure you have a lot more to tell Aunt Cassie," Michelle added.

"Very well, but be careful," the Phantom warned.

"Okay, team, Let's Rocket!" Chris yelled. Energy surged through the bodies of the six teens, transforming them into the teenagers with attitude, the Power Rangers. The Rangers then dissolved into beams of light and ascended into the sky.

"So where do we begin looking for this new Ranger at?" Zhane asked.

"I have a feeling that he will find us," Darion replied.

Just then Tommy and Kimberly arrived.

"Tommy, Kimberly, I'd like to introduce the two of you to Darion the Phantom Ranger," Cassie said.

"Its nice to meet you," Kimberly said as she and Tommy each shook the man's hand.

At NASADA, Blitzkoff, the Shadow Ranger, and the Brood soldiers were firing laser blasts at the workers.

"Run, you cowards! Run from the Brood!" Blitzkoff laughed.

"The Rangers should be here soon," the Shadow Ranger commented.

"Looking for us," stated the Blue Ranger as the Rangers stood on a catwalk on a higher level.

"Ya know, you guys should be careful what you ask for," the Yellow Ranger stated.

"Cuz when you get it, you might not like it," the White Ranger warned. The Rangers flipped down and took their fighting stances.

"Brood, Attack!" yelled Blitzkoff. Michelle, Stephanie, Joseph, and Nick took on the soldiers, Tim battled the Shadow Ranger, and Chris took on Blitzkoff.

"Allow me to introduce myself, I'm Blitzkoff," snarled the reptilian villain before striking the Red Ranger with a powerful uppercut. Chris went flying backwards into some stacked boxes. Before the Red Ranger could get to his feet, Blitzkoff lifted him up and slammed the Ranger leader against a metallic container.

"Hold on, bro! I'm coming!" yelled the Gold Ranger as he leaped into the air and struck Blitzkoff in the chest with a Spinning Dragon kick. Blitzkoff staggered backwards and then retaliated by blasting the Gold Ranger with an energy bolt from his hands.

He then struck Pink, Yellow, and Blue Rangers with bolts, which dropped the three Rangers.

The Shadow and White Rangers were at a stalemate. Both had hit each other with their best moves, so Blitzkoff decided to tip the odds. He crept up behind Tim, and grabbed the Rangers' arms. The Shadow Ranger took advantage of this, and struck the White Ranger with an energy beam from his hands.

The villains gathered the six Rangers, and sealed the teens within an electron net.

"That should hold them," stated Blitzkoff.

"Wh--What are you going to do to us?" the Red Ranger asked weakly.

"You'll find out soon enough," the lizard replied. Blitzkoff pulled out an remote control and opened a portal. He then raised his hands and the net rose off the ground carrying the Rangers through the portal. The villainous Ranger and his reptilian partner in crime followed.

At the docks, Shaun had just finished loading some cargo onto a ship that would be leaving in a few hours. He was currently sitting on an old trunk, eating a snack when he noticed something strange.

The Shadow Ranger and Blitzkoff were going into a nearby warehouse. Shaun didn't recognize the lizard, but he'd seen news reports about the wicked deeds of the Shadow Ranger. The young man decided he'd go investigate.

Macleod slowly made his way down a few stairs, and then peeked into the warehouse. The two lead villains were standing over the net, which held the Power Rangers.

Aw, man, this is serious. I've got to get them out of there, but how? Shaun looked around and found some old firecrackers. This should do the trick. Macleod started up the firecrackers, and the two villains took the bait and raced outside to investigate.

Once they were outside, Shaun slipped in and ran over to the Rangers.

"Shaun, what are you doing here?" the White Ranger asked. Shaun immediately recognized the voice as belonging to Tim Bennett. Shaun had talked with Tim and Chris a few times when they visited the dojo.

"Tim? How? When?" Shaun questioned.

"There's no time to explain it now. They'll be back soon. You've got to go to Andros' house and get help," Tim warned.

"Andros? The Kerovan History teacher? What does he have to do with this?" Shaun continued to question.

"Just hurry," Joseph said. Shaun heard the voices of the villains as they returned. He ducked behind a crate to avoid being seen.

"We heard you talking to someone. Who's here?" snarled Blitzkoff.

"Oh nobody, but us Rangers," Michelle quipped.

While the villains' backs were turned, Shaun exited the warehouse, and headed in the direction of Andros' house.

In the basement of Andros and Ashley's house, Darion and Cassie chatted while Andros and Zhane used the computer to try to locate the Rangers.

"The Phantom Ranger Powers were experimental, and Zordon wasn't even sure if a human would be able to sustain the energy," Darion explained.

"But how were you chosen?"Cassie questioned.

"I'm sure Andros has told you and the other Rangers about how his ancestors were from here, and that they were taken to KO-35 by aliens," Darion stated.


"Well same thing applies to me. I come from a planet called Beta-10. My world was attacked by Dark Spectre forces shortly before they attacked KO-35. A group of Eltarian warriors came to Beta-10 to assist my people, but failed. I was badly wounded in battle, and was taken to Eltar where I met Zordon, who had recently returned from mentoring the original Turbo Rangers. He and the other Morphin Masters presented me with the Power Ruby, but told me that it was infused with an experimental power. I accepted the Power and became the Phantom Ranger. Zordon knew that Dark Spectre would not rest until he'd conquered the entire universe, so he sent me out into space to help wherever I was needed. I discovered Divatox and her forces and decided I'd come to Earth and give you and your friends a hand, and the rest is history," Darion said.

"Thank you for explaining all of this to me, but I still don't understand how you can exist without the ruby?" Cassie stated.

Just then Tommy, Kimberly, and Karone came downstairs followed by Shaun.

The others were shocked to see the young man with the former Rangers.

Noticing that expressions on the faces of the others, Tommy spoke up. "The Rangers have been captured by the Shadow Ranger and a Brood warrior."

"I knew I should have went with them," Darion stated.

"Could someone please explain this to me," Shaun said.

"Shaun, we are all former Power Rangers," Kimberly said. "We been mentoring Tim and the others, in their fight against evil."

Shaun thought about this for a moment and then began to speak. "This is my calling, this is my destiny."

"What are you talking about, man?" Tommy asked.

"I want to be a Ranger," Macleod proclaimed. Before the others could reply, Blitzkoff appeared on the viewing screen.

"Former Rangers, I am Blitzkoff and I have captured your young friends. If you want to see them again tell the Phantom to bring his ruby to me. I can be found at the big, brown warehouse by the docks. Don't try anything funny or the Rangers will perish. You have two hours," the lizard warned.

"This is very bad. He knows who we are and how to contact us," Ashley stated.

"Then its settled I will surrender my Power Ruby to him," Darion said sadly.

"Darion, he has no intention of releasing the Rangers or letting you leave. You'd be walking into a deathtrap," Cassie warned.

"There's no other way," Darion embraced the Asian girl.

"Sure there is," Shaun raised an eyebrow.

"What do you mean?" Andros walked up to the young man.

"Give me the power. I can rescue the Rangers," Shaun said.

"You?" Tommy questioned.

"Tommy you've taught so much, and I know that I can do it," Shaun pleaded.

Darion looked into the young man's eyes and knew that this was the Chosen One that he had been searching for. "I can give you the power, but with it will come a great responsibility. You must give me your life-force, and vow to serve as a guardian of the universe."

"I agree to the guardian part, but how will I exist without my life-force?" the teenager asked, with a worried expression on his face.

"The Power Ruby will allow you to exist, as it has allowed me to exist, but I need your life-force so that I can be a whole human and live here on Earth with the woman I love," Darion placed his arm around Cassie's shoulders.

Shaun thought for moment and then replied, "I'll do it.'

"Very well, step forward and place your hand on my ruby," Darion ordered. Shaun did as instructed, and as he touched the ruby, Darion recited an ancient chant, and both men began to glow in the bright, red light.

When the glow ended, Darion longer carried the ruby on his chest, and Shaun was now dressed in the Phantom Ranger armor, complete with the Power Ruby.

"How do you feel?" Darion asked.

"I feel great," Shaun replied as he removed the helmet.

Andros and Tommy quickly went over the rules of being a Power Ranger, and Shaun agreed to obey all of them.

"Now that you are the Phantom Ranger, you will be able to make yourself invisible by crossing your arms in front of you, but be warned the more you move the more visible you will become. You also now have the Artillatron zord at your disposal. It's hidden below the city. It will come when you call for it," Darion instructed.

"Thank you, thank you all. Now I must go rescue the other Rangers," with that Shaun placed the helmet on his head, and then teleported away.

"Let the Power protect you, my friend," Tommy said.

"You'll never get the Phantom Ranger's ruby," stated the Red Ranger.

"Of course I will. He'd never let me destroy his friends," Blitzkoff growled.

The Shadow Ranger paced back and forth, and appeared to be concerned.

"What's your problem, Shadow?" the lizard asked.

"I don't like this. These Rangers have always got something up their sleeve, and besides can't that Phantom Ranger make himself invisible?" the evil Ranger reminded.

"You worry too much Nobody is going to get by the two of us," Blitzkoff bragged. Just then, Stephanie noticed that a spray can was flying through the air towards the lizard.

Before Blitzkoff knew what hit him, he was sprayed in the face with paint.

"The Phantom Ranger!" yelled the Shadow Ranger.

"Ding, Ding, Ding, now here's your prize," stated the Phantom as he appeared in front of the villain and knocked him to the floor with a Power Punch.

Shaun wasted no time and snatched Blitzkoff's remote control, and used it to release the Rangers.

"Thanks, man, now let's kick some booty," stated the Gold Ranger.

The Rangers turned their attention on the Shadow Ranger, and began to fire blasts from their Astro Blasters at him.

"This plot has unraveled," the villainous Ranger said. "Blitzkoff, you're on your own. Rangers, we'll meet again, but on my terms." Shadow Ranger then teleported away.

"Coward!" yelled Blitzkoff before being knocked down by the Phantom Ranger.

The lizard rose to his feet, and then pulled out vial of green liquid. "Time for a boost," he said before drinking the vial's contents.

The monster then grow to mammoth size. "Now what are you gonna do, Phantom?"

The monster then teleported away.

"He's gone," Shaun said.

"He probably hasn't gone far," Chris said. Then Andros contacted the Rangers to let them know that the lizard was in Angel Grove Park.

"Let's move it!" stated the Red Ranger.

In the park, a crowd of teenagers ran in fright from the reptilian monster.

"We need Liberty Megazord Power Now!" yelled the Rangers as they arrived.

"I'll give you guys some back up," the Phantom said. "Artillatron!"

The Megazord descended from the sky, while the train-like zord drove out of a tunnel, which had opened in the ground.

All of the Rangers took their position in the cockpits.

"Artillatron Warrior Mode!" the Phantom said, as he pressed a button on the zord's control console. The train slowly transformed into a mighty robot, with twin cannons mounted on both of its shoulders. "Okay, Blitzkoff, me what you've got!"

"I'll mangle both your zords!" growled the lizard as he punched the Liberty Megazord. The zord staggered backwards and then grabbed the lizard and body slammed him.

Blitzkoff got up, and fired energy blasts at the two zords.

"Joseph, bring up the shields," Chris commanded.

"They're up, but his blasts are too powerful," the Blue Ranger replied.

"Hey, Rangers, I'm sending you guys something I think you guys might like," the Phantom said. Instantly Artillatron began to merge with the Liberty Megazord.

"Yeah the Ultra Liberty Megazord!" exclaimed Nick.

"Let's hit him with the Artillery Cannons," suggested the Phantom.

"I'm gonna tear you teenagers apart, piece by piece!" yelled Blitzkoff as he ran at the Megazord.

"Fire!" yelled the seven Rangers, in unison. An assortments of cannons fired from the Ultra Liberty Megazord striking Blitzkoff, and causing him to burst into flames.

"Blitzkoff is now extinct," stated Michelle.

At the ruins of the Power Chamber, Andros, Ashley, Karone, Tommy, Kimberly, and the six Earth Rangers had gathered to say farewell to Shaun.

"Darion and Cassie told us to with you luck," stated Tim.

"They would have been here, but Darion is still getting used to being a normal human again, and he was feeling very tired," stated Michelle.

"There's no need to explain. I'm sure they wanted to be alone. Tell Darion, I wont let him down. I'll carry on as he would," Shaun vowed.

"Thanks again for rescuing us," stated Stephanie.

"No thanks needed. We're all family now, right Andros?" Shaun asked.

"That's right," the Kerovan replied with a smile.

"Ashley and I made you some cookies, for the long trip," stated Karone as she handed Shaun a plastic container.

"Thank you both."

"Take care of yourself buddy," Tommy said as he hugged his student.

"Yeah, and let the Power Protect You, always," Kimberly added.

"Let the Power Protect all of you, also, and if you ever need me again, I'll be here," the young man promised.

"Alpha and DECA will take you to the Senturions base, and you'll get further orders there," explained Andros.

"Good-bye, Rangers of Earth," stated Shaun before teleporting up to the Megaship.

"Good-bye, Phantom Ranger," stated Chris.

Michelle entered her aunt's house, and noticed Darion and Cassie sitting on the couch. They had been watching Star Crossed Lovers, and Cassie had fallen asleep in Darion's arms.

I'm glad you're here, Darion. Now Aunt Cassie can finally experience true happiness. Michelle quietly tip-toes upstairs to her room.

The End