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Author's Notes: This is my twentieth story in the Power Rangers Beyond series. It comes after "Six Of A Kind." And now on with the story!

Power Rangers Beyond
Rumble On Terra Venture
by Marques Jeffries

Aboard the slithering Scorpion Stinger, the evil Scorpius was meeting with his trusted general, Treacheron.

"A Brood shuttle is heading in our direction," the general informed.

"Hmmm, try to open a communication channel with the shuttle," the slimy villain ordered.

Within moments, an image of Princess Zara appeared on the ship's viewing screen.

"State your business in my sector of the universe, woman," Scorpius ordered.

"My name is Princess Zara, and I've come to recruit you into the New United Alliance of Evil," the Brood princess replied.

"What? I had heard that the Power Rangers had defeated the UAE, several years ago," Scorpius stated.

"Well Dark Spectre has returned and he wants you and your minion to join forces with him," the princess explained.

"We will discuss this further when you arrive here," Scorpius stated. "Treacheron, tell the Sting Wingers to open the hanger. We have guests coming, and by the way where is my daughter?"

"Um, I don't know," Treacheron answered. "I thought you had decided to send her on a mission."

"Arrrr, find Whirlwind and tell him to go to Terra Venture and find my daughter, at once!' Scorpius ordered.


To Chris and Nick's surprise, the Megaship was able to land in some sort of field on the massive space colony.

"Their security system could use some work," Nick sommented as he and Chris exited the Megaship. Ecliptor had gone with Joseph and Michelle, and Alpha was staying on the Megaship just in case a curious colonist showed up.

The Medlin brothers made their way through the field and entered what appeared to be the colony's central city.

"Chris, what exactly are we looking for?" Nick asked.

"DECA detected the location of another Megaship on this space colony," stated Chris.

"What? That means there's another team of Power Rangers nearby," Nick guessed.

"That's right, and we're going to need help if we're going to stop whatever scheme the Brood is hatching," Chris explained. The two brothers were so busy chatting that they bumped into two other teenagers.

"I'm sorry," Chris said, as he helped a girl, with a jungle look to her, pick up some books.

"Its okay," the girl replied. "My name is Maya."

"I'm Chris and this is my brother Nick," the Ranger leader replied.

Just then the monster alert sounded.

"Oh no!" Maya exclaimed, as she ran off.

"C'mon, Nick let's move it," Chris said. The two brothers ducked behind a large stack of boxed, and using their Liberty Orbs, morphed into their Ranger suits.


On the outskirts of the city, Scorpius' latest monster and a group of Sting Wingers had matterialized and were preparing to begin their search for Trakeena.

"Spread out, Sting Wingers, and find Princes Trakeena!" commanded a monster with blue and white colored spiral fur.

"Hold it right there!" yelled Galaxy Red, as the five Galaxy Rangers arrived.

"This must be my lucky day. I'm gonna find Trakeena and kick some Ranger booty in the process," the monster snarled.

'We're the ones who are going to do the booty kicking!" the Gold Ranger proclaimed, as he and the Red Ranger stood on the roof of a building.

"Whoa!" exclaimed Galaxy Green. "Two new Rangers!"

"Where did they come from?" Galaxy Pink wondered.

Chris and Nick jumped down from the roof and began to fight off the Stinger Wingers.

"Come on, let's help them," stated Galaxy Red.

The two Red Rangers double teamed Whirlwind, while the other Rangers easily defeated the Sting Wingers.

"Hang on, Whirlwind! I'll help you!" yelled Trakeena as she came out from behind an artificial bush.

"Oh no you don't, Trakeena," stated Galaxy Pinck, as she knocked the bug princess to the ground with a flying spin kick.

"Ouch, that really hurt," Trakeena whined, as she struggled to her feet.

Whirlwind held the two Red Rangers at bay long enough to teleport Trakeena back to the Scorpion Stinger.

"Quasar Sabres!" yelled the Galaxy Rangers.

Together the five Rangers sent fiery blasts from their swords that sent the monster scurrying away. "We'll finish this later, Rangers!" the villain vowed before vanishing in a spiraling ray of blue and white light.

"Thanks for your help," Galaxy Red stated as he and Chris stook hands.

"So what brings you guys to our part of the universe?" Galaxy Pink asked.

"Is there somewhere private where we can talk?" Chris asked.

"Sure, we'll go to our Megaship," replied Galaxy Blue. All seven Rangers dissolved into sven beams of light and flew away.


Chris and Nick were amazed at how much the Galaxy Rangers' Megaship looked like theirs.

"Power down!" all seven Rangers said.

The five Galaxy Rangers introduced themselves as being Leo the Red Galaxy Ranger, Kendrix the Pink Galaxy Ranger, Kai the Blue Galaxy Ranger, Damon the Green Galaxy Ranger, and Maya the Yellow Galaxy Ranger.

Chris and Nick then introduced themselves and explained that the Brood was lurking around in the area.

"Well if the Brood is nearby, then they're sure to run up with Scorpius," Leo stated.

"Who's Scorpius?" the Medlin brothers asked in unison.

The brothers listened as the Galaxy Rangers explained how Maya had led them through a portal to the planet Mirinoi, where they gained the power of the Quasar Sabres, and lost Leo's brother Mike during a battle with one of Scorpius' generals.

"Wait a minute," Damon said, as a revelation came to him. "If the Brood meets up with Scorpius, they'll probably convince him to join the New UAE."

"Damon's right," Kendrix said. "We've got to do something, and fast."


"Welcome to the Scorpion Stinger, Princess Zara," Scorpius roared, as the Brood princess, the Flamablizer, and a few Brood soldiers stood before him.

"Nice place ya come her, Scorpy. Slimy and quaint," the Flamablizer snarled.

"Dark Spectre is looking for new UAE members, and you're at the top of his list," the Brood princess commented.

"The Grand Monarch of Evil and I are old friends, therefore I will accept his offer, but under one condition. You and your forces must help me seize the Quasar Sabres."

"Sounds easy enough. Where are the Sabres at now?" Zara asked.

"They are in the possession of the Power Rangers of Terra Venture," Trakeena explained.

"More Power Rangers?!" the Flamablizer groaned.

"I take it you've had your share of problems with those multi-colored do-gooders," Scopius assumed.

'A Different set of Rangers, but the same meddlesome antics," Zara groaned.

"Scorpius, we've got a problem!" whined Whirlwind, as he entered the slime filled throne room.

'Let me guess........the Power Rangers," Scopius guessed.

"Seven of them," Whirlwind added.

"Seven?!" Treacheron asked.

"Yes, the Galaxy Rangers were joined by another Red Ranger and a Gold Ranger," Whirlwind added.

"The Medlin brothers," Zara revealed.

"That does it!" Scorpius growled. "Treacheron, Whirlwind, I want the two of you to gather every available Sting Winger and launch a full scale attack on Terra Venture."

"The Flamablizer and my Brood soldiers will join you in battle," stated Zara. "The Rangers will be not match for our combined forces."


Chris and Leo were now sitting in the Rec room of the Galaxy Rangers' Megaship.

"So how did you guys get this Megaship?" Chris asked.

"We found it while we were on Mirinoi," Leo replied. "Maya said that here people believed that it had been left there by a wise sage, many centuries ago."

"Leo, do you ever wonder if you're making the right decisions when you and your teammates go into battle?" Chris asked.

"I ask myself that question everytime we have to face one of Scorpius' monsters. Maybe its because it was my brother who originally pulled the Red Ranger Quasar Sabre from the rock. I sometimes wonder if I'm truly worthy of the power that I've been given," Leo explained.

"I guess I can identify with that. My friends and I have been through to terrible ordeal. I mean, yesterday morning, we were safe on Earth relaxing at the Youth Center, and now we're locked in a battle for our very lives. Dark Spectre has everyone's morpher except mine, and my morpher is smashed up," Chris stated. "If we hadn't found the Liberty Orbs I don't know what we'd be doing now."

'Well, Chris, I kinda of new to this Power Ranger thing, but one thing I have come to realized is that its not the weapons or the zords that make us Power Rangers, but its who we are inside that empowers us. My brother was chosen to pull the Quasar Sabre, yet he never got a chance to use it. When he gave the Sabre to me, it accepted me as its wielder," Leo advised.

"You're right, man. Thanks for those wise words," Chris stated.

"No problem. We Power Rangers have got to stick together, right?" Leo asked.

'Right?" The two Ranger leaders shook hands.

"Hey, guys, the Brood and Scorpius' forces are attacking the Power Plant," Kendrix stated, as she walked in.

The Rangers all assembled on the ship's bridge and prepared for battle.

'Go Galactic!" yelled the five Galaxy Rangers.

"Let's Rocket!" yelled Chris and Nick.


In another sector of the universe, Joseph and Michelle had discovered a small UAE base on the surface of a rocky planet.

They were just about to head down to the planet when the Fortress of Power arrived. The Mega Winger flew into the ship's hanger, and then the two Rangers and Ecliptor headed to the bridge, where Ashley and the three Kerovans were waiting.

"Did you guys miss us?" Michelle said with a smirk as they stepped onto the bridge.

"But of course," Ashley replied as she hugged the Pink Ranger.

"Where are Chris and Nick?" Andros asked.

"They headed into deep space to investigate some Brood activity," Joseph stated.

"We picked up Tim and Stephanie after they beat the Slimespewer, but now I think we should go find the Medlin brothers," Andros stated.

"I've located the Astro Megaship," Karone stated, as she sat in front of the ship's tracking computer. "It appears to be aboard a large space colony."

"Terra Venture!" Zhane said.

"Set the ship to maximum hyper rush speed. Terra Venture move surprisingly quickly despite its massive size," Andros eplained.

"What's going on?" Tim asked, as he and Stephanie stepped onto the bridge.

"We're on our way to Terra Venture," Joseph answered.

"But I thought we were going to check out that UAE base, and see if the morphers or our captured friends were there?" questioned Stephanie.

"We'll investigate the base, once we've made sure that Chris and Nick are okay," Andros replied.

The Fortress of Power rocketed through space, leaving a trail of blue light behind it.


"Power Rangers! Oh, Power Rangers! Come out and play!" taunted Treacheron.

"Maybe they're chickens. Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha!" laughed the Flamablizer.

"Now come on, you guys have fought us enough times to know that we aren't chickens," Kai stated as the seven morphed Rangers arrived.

"Let the battle again!" yelled Whirlwind.

Chris summoned his Lionizer and began to knock the Flamablizer around. Leo used his Quasar Sabre to fight off Whirlwind. Treacheron was taken down by the Magna Defender.

The remaining Rangers fought off the Sting Wingers and Brood soldiers. With the combined blasts from the Transdaggers and Power Weapons, both sets of foot soldiers were disposed of easily, leaving only Treacheron, Whirlwind, and the Flamablizer.

The three monsters growed and awaited the beam of green light that fired through the colony's dome, causing the villains to grow to mammoth size.

"Whoa! Looks like we're going to have to call for back up," Damon said.

"Galactabeasts arise!" Leo yelled. From below the ground, emerged, the Lion, Ape, Wildcat, Wolf, and Condor.

The Rangers took their positions atop their beasts, and then began to battle the three giants.

"I can't let the Rangers have all of the fun," said the Magna Defender. "Torozord Charge!"

The mighty Torozord arrived and quickly transformed to Warrior Mode.

>From out of the sky, came the Fortress of Power in Warrior Mode.

"Alright!" the Gold Ranger exclaimed. He and Chris boarded the zord, and the battle began.

The Torozord torn into Treacheron with fierce punches, causing the villain to make a hasty retreat.

The Galaxy Megazord and Whirlwind had a lengthy battle, which saw Whirlwind trap the Megazord within a twister, but the Ranger regained their composure and used Condor Missile Mode to finish off the monster.

The Rangers of Earth relieved the Flamablizer of yet another one of his lives, with a blast from the Warrior's Power cannons.

"The Power Rangers are back and on the attack!" Michelle quipped as the Rangers watched the Flamblizer's energy beam exit the colony.

The Magna Defender and his mighty zord exited the scene before the Rangers could give a thank you.


"You failed to get the Quasar Sabres, but I still feel that it would be best to join the UAE. Go back and tell Dark Spectre that I'm in," Scorpius announced.

"He will be pleased to hear that," Zara smiled wickedly.


"Well I guess this is good-bye for now," Chris said.

"Not good-bye, just farewell till next time," Damon said.

"We will never forget you, Rangers of Earth," Leo said.

"We will never forget you, Rangers of Terra Venture," Nick replied.

The two groups of Rangers all shook hands, and vowed to back each other up, should the forces of evil launch another full scale attack.


The Rangers were now exiting the dome of Terra Venture, and as they looked out of the Megaship's window, they couldn't help but feel a sense of relief at learning that there were more Power Rangers in the universe.

The United Alliance of Evil was only going to get stronger, and each of the Rangers knew that they were going to need all the help they could get in defeating Dark Spectre's forces.

The End