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Author’s Notes: This is my thirty-first story in the Power Rangers Beyond series. It comes after “Children of Rage.” I’d like to thank Shaun MacLeod for his ideas concerning this story. And now let the series finale begin!

Power Rangers Beyond
Day of Armageddon: Part I
by Marques Jeffries

To save his own skin, the infamous gun runner Baron Drole had entered a plea bargain with the Senturions. He agreed to reveal the secret location of RED BLOSSOM’s headquarters in exchange for getting a lighter prison term. The Senturions weren’t happy about making this deal with Drole, but they knew this was their best chance of verifying some rumors that had first began to circulate on Onyx.

On the snow covered planet known as Prica, two blood red, wolf monsters guarded the entrance to an underground base.

“I still don’t know why we have to guard the entrance. I mean, its not like anyone would ever come to this freezing planet anyway,” grumbled one of the wolves.

“Fang, we aren’t the only creatures in the universe who can survive in this freezing weather. Besides, Crimsa has been jumpy ever since the baron got busted by the Power Rangers,” replied the other wolf.

“Wait!” Fang raised his black sabre, and began to look around nervously. “I thought I heard footsteps, but I don’t see anything.”

“Aw, you just jumpy. The other two guards will relieve us in a few minutes, and then we can go inside and get a drink.”

Just then two snowballs flew through the air, striking both guards in their faces.

“Show yourself intruder!” demanded Fang.

The Phantom Ranger made himself visible, and then quickly went to work on taking out the guards. The Phantom knocked out Fang first, with a shot from his blaster, then he turned his attention to the other guard, striking the villain in the chest, and then burying the two villains in the snow.

“That won’t hold you guys long, but I’ll be long gone by the time you do dig yourselves out,” stated the Phantom, before entering the tunnel at lead underground.


While wandering through the dark base, the Phantom fought off four of five guards. Finally, he reached what appeared to be a computer room.

After looking around the room for a few moments a disk, sticking out from the control console attracted the Phantom’s attention. He walked over and picked up the disk, which he discovered was labeled ARMAGEDDON.

“Put it down, Ranger!” yelled a female wolf monster, who stood in the doorway.

“You must be Crimsa,” the Phantom guessed.

“Yes, and I want that disk.......NOW!” The monster then leaped across the room at the Phantom. Thinking quickly, he ducked out of the way, causing Crimsa to crash into the control console.

“This place will self-destruct in ten minutes,” said a computerized voice.

“That’s my cue to leave,” the Phantom said, before darting out of the room.

Crimsa shook off her grogginess and then screamed for the guards to stop the Phantom.

The Phantom ran out of the tunnel entrance, pressed a button on his hand held remote, and then was teleported up to his Phantom Cruiser starship.

Moments later, Crimsa and the other members of RED BLOSSOM emerged from the entrance. They freed the two guards, and then ran a safe distance from the base.

“He got the disk,” Crimsa groaned, as a ball of fire burst out from under the snow. “Dark Spectre will not be pleased.”


“Did you find anything?” asked a Blue Senturion, who now appeared on the viewing screen of the Phantom Cruiser.

“RED BLOSSOM are a pack of wolves, literally. I swiped an information disk from their base, but I haven’t be able to access it with my onboard computers.....” The Phantom was interrupted by blasts from a squadron of Velocifighters. “I’m under attack!”

“We will come and assist you, Shaun,” replied the Blue Senturion.

“I’m going to head for Earth. Hopefully my friends there will be able to help,” Shaun replied.

“Good luck, Shaun, and let the Power protect you.”

“Thanks, Shaun out.”

The Phantom Cruiser shifted to hyper warp speed, putting a great deal of distance between itself and the Velocifighters.

“Bad news, my princess, he got away,” the Flamablizer spoke into an intercom.

“No matter. Dark Spectre says he knows where the Phantom is heading,” replied the voice of Princess Zara.


Today was indeed going to be a historic day for the people of Earth. Thanks to some funding by several major planetary, such as Ray-Tech and Wayne-Powers Industries, a new, more powerful set of Defense satellites were able to be put into orbit.

These new satellites, were just the latest advancements made by the planets that comprised the Allied Planets. KO-35, Triforia, and now Earth had established a Galactic Network, which allowed civilians from these planets to communicate with one another through speech, e-mail, and the Internet.

The first Galactic Message was being sent from the President of the United States to King Trey of Triforia.

Naturally, this event was being covered by every news channel known to mankind, so that, earthlings, Kerovans, and Triforians alike could bare witness to this event.

In the Power Lair, the Power Rangers and their mentors had gathered to watch on the viewing screen.

“So, Billy, what do you think of this Galactic Network?” Joseph asked.

“From a technological aspect, I think it is a great advancement, but I strongly feel that Hodges and Powers have some alterior motive,” Billy replied.

“I agree with you something smells fishy about all of this,” Kimberly stated.

“Oh, its me,” Nick said. “I had a fish sandwich for lunch.” Chris simply smacked his brother on the side of the head.

“And now President Winton will send a hello message to King Trey,” said a reporter.

The President clicked the send button, and waited for a few minutes. After about ten minutes, a reply came back from Trey. Those in attendance applauded the success of the demonstration.

“And it is as simple as that?” Derek Simon explained.

“Anyone owning a Hodges-Powers box, will not only be able to watch television programs from other planets, but will also be able to e-mail, access websites, and speak with and see those from these planets.”

In Gotham City, Terry McGinnis and Bruce Wayne were also watching the demonstration on television.

“Sounds too good to be true, huh Wayne?” Terry asked.

“Yes. I don’t think the governing body of the Allied Planets know what they’re getting into with this Galactic Network,” Bruce said grimly. “They’re bringing all of the problems associated with the Internet to a Galactic level. Hodges and Powers are both madmen. They’re up to something big, and we’re going to find out what is.”

“I’ll go search Powers’ office.” Terry replied.


Batman flew a secret tunnel which took him from Wayne Manor to a broom closet on the third floor of the Wayne-Powers. He then headed up to Powers’ penthouse.

“McGinnis, have you found anything yet?” asked the voice of Bruce.

“Not yet, but Powers has a lot of paperwork on his desk. Hey wait a minute what’s this?” Batman picked up a case, and opened it, revealing another disk labeled ARMAGEDDON. “Bingo! Bruce, I’m bringing something back for you to check out.”


The Rangers and mentors were just about to exit the Power Lair, when Alpha contacted them, saying that the Phantom Rangers’ ship was in the galaxy.

“Teleport all of us up, Alpha,” commanded Andros.

Moments later, the Rangers and their mentors were stepping onto the bridge of the Megaship.

“DECA, open a communications channel with Shaun’s ship,” Chris commanded.

“What’s up, Shaun?” asked Tim, once an image of the Phantom Ranger had appeared on the viewing screen.

“Rangers, I have something that I’d like you to have a look at,” the Phantom replied.

“We’ll open the hanger, and let your ship board,” stated Andros.

Once he had landed his ship, the Phantom demorphed and headed up to the bridge.

The six Rangers greeted their friend with a few high-fives and hugs.

“Its good to see you, man,” Tommy said with a smile.

“You too, sensei. I heard about the terrible ordeal Dark Spectre put you and some of the other mentors through, I’m sorry I wasn’t around to help the Rangers rescue you.”

“Its okay, man. You’re here now, and that’s all that matters.”

“Oh, Andros, have a look at this.” Shaun handed the disk to the Kerovan.

“ARMAGEDDON? Shaun, where did you get this from?” Andros asked.

“I found it while infiltrating the headquarters of RED BLOSSOM. I came here hoping that you guys could help me figure out what’s on it.”

Andros placed the disk into a control slot, and ordered DECA to begin scanning its contents.

“Analysis Completed, This is the first of two data disks,” DECA began. “I am bringing up all decipherable data from this disk on the viewing screen now.”

“Oh my God,’ Karone said in shock. “Its written in Dark Spectre’s native language.”

“Can you translate it?” Zhane asked.

“I think so. Here’s goes.” Karone took a deep breath and then began to translate the strange writing. “According to this information, an alliance has been formed between RED BLOSSOM, Ray-Tech, Wayne-Powers Industries, and the New UAE. There’s more. It doesn’t say how or when, but apparently there’s suppose to be an invasion of Earth, KO-35, Triforia, and Aquitar.

“We’ve got to find that other disk,” Tim said.

“We’ve also got to make the governing body of the Allied Planets aware of this,” T.J. added.

“An incoming message from Bruce Wayne,” announced DECA.

“Power Rangers, I’ve got some bad news,” Bruce began. “Terry recovered a data disk from Derek Powers office. When he and I opened it, we learned that our greatest enemies are teaming up. They’ve created a virus called ARMAGEDDON. This virus will have the capability to knock out satellites, Power Generators, and Military Outposts throughout the universe.”

“Bruce and I aren’t sure, but we think there is another disk with more information,” Terry added.

“The Phantom Ranger found the other disk,” Michelle stated. “It basically said that our enemies planned to take out the Allied Planets first.”

“But how could they get this virus around, so quickly. I mean they’ve need to find a medium that Earth, KO-35, Triforia, and Aquitar shared in common,” stated Ashley.

“The Galactic Network!” exclaimed Stephanie and Tim, in unison.

“But Aquitar isn’t apart of the Galactic Network,” Darion reminded.

“Aquitians cannot survive without water, so it would only be a matter of draining the water from the planet,” Andros explained. “Something, I’ll bet Dark Spectre has already taken into consideration.”

“The real scary part about this is that we don’t even know when the invasion will begin,” Nick commented. “It could be weeks, days, or even minutes away.”


Dark Spectre’s flag ship cruised through deepest, darkest space. Onboard, the evil monarch met with his top warriors.

“The time is drawing near for our conquest of the universe. Mason Hodges and Derek Powers have done their part, by convincing the Allied Planets to implement the Galactic Network. Little do the Allied fools know, their technological advancement will be the very tool that brings about their destruction. Crimsa, you and your pack have done well in creating the ARMAGEDDON virus. There is only one more matter that we must attend to,” stated Dark Spectre. “The Power Rangers must be destroyed. Send Mechalard to Earth. He will draw the Rangers out and destroy them.”


“Okay so we’ll go down to Earth and let everyone know what’s going on, Right?” Stephanie asked.

“Yes. The Allied Troops are going to be desperately needed if we can’t find Dark Spectre’s ship in time to stop him from unleashing the virus,” Andros replied.

“Mechalard has been detected in the area,” DECA informed.

“Great just great!” grumbled Nick.

“The other Rangers and I will take on Mechalard,” Chris stated.

“Are you sure?” Carlos asked.

“Yes. We’ll battle him, while you guys try to find Dark Spectre’s ship,” Tim stated.

“I’ve got to brief the Senturions of what we’ve learned, so I should be leaving also,” Shaun stated.

“Let the Power protect you, man,” Tommy said.

“Same to you, sensei,’ Shaun replied, before exiting the bridge.

“C’mon, Rangers, we’ve got to fly to swat,” Chris stated.

“Wait,” Stephanie said. She walked over to Andros and handed him the Battlizer. “Take this just so we know that one of you guys will be able to morph.”

“Thank you, Stephanie,” Andros said, gratiously. “Now you guys have got work to do.” The six Rangers morphed and then teleported down to the moon to pick up their Zords.

“The UAE flag ship has been detected in the Kerova Galaxy,” DECA informed.

“They must be preparing to attack KO-35,” guessed Zhane.

“DECA, set course for KO-35,” Andros commanded. The Astro Megaship shifted to hyper rush speed, and sped through space, leaving a blue and white trail of light.


“Earth!” exclaimed Mechalard. “I can’t wait to hear all those humans beg for their lives.

“You’re the one who is going to be begging, pal!” exclaimed the Gold Ranger, as the Liberty Megazord arrived to battle its foe.

“Then c’mon and make your goody-goody booties famous!” screeched Mechalard.

“I think that was a challenge......I think,’ Chris said.

“Let’s get em,” Tim stated.

On Earth, several television viewers were watching the battle between the Liberty Megazord and Mechalard, thanks to a Communication’s Satellite that was broadcasting the battle from space.

“C’mon, Power Rangers! kick that dragonfly’s butt1” yelled some kids.

“This is going to be better than Tyson-Holyfield,” stated a fat guy, who was sitting on a sofa, drinking beer.

“Be careful, Michelle,” Drew whispered as she watched the battle, in her dorm room.

Mechalard continuously spit acid balls at the Megazord. “How am I supposed to destroy you pesky Rangers if you keep moving!”

“Let’s give this guy at taste of the Mega Missiles,” Chris commanded.

“Fire!” the Rangers shouted in unison. Mechalard screamed in pain as he was struck by the missiles, but surprisingly they didn’t destroy him. “Is that the best you can do, Rangers! I thought you were tougher!”

“He’s really getting on my nerves,” Stephanie stated.


As Mason Hodges’ private jet flew back to Angel Grove, he talked to Derek Powers on the phone.

“It won’t be long now,’ Hodges stated.

“I’ve already rounded up Inke, Willie Watts, Shriek, and the Royal Flush Gang. They’re ready to into battle as soon as Dark Spectre gives the signal.”

“I’ve got my bases covered in Angel Grove, also. The Shadow Ranger, the Tenga Gang, and Princess Zara is going to send down a large army of Brood soldiers. Let Batman, the Power Rangers, and anyone else foolish enough challenge us beware.”


The Liberty Megazord was now giving Mechalard a severe thrashing. The Megazord landed a powerful uppercut to Mechalard’s head, which dazed the monster.

“Okay let’s hit him with the Mega Chakram,” stated the Red Ranger.

“Mega Chakram ready to launch,” the Blue Ranger stated.

As Mechalard tried to gather his senses, the Rangers’ sent the flying disk soaring through space.

“Buenos diez, you horrible children!” screamed Mechalard, just before he exploded.

“Good bye, and good riddance,” stated the Pink Ranger.

“Now that he’s gone, let’s go see what’s going on Angel Grove,” Chris stated.


“The troops on Onyx are ready to depart. The only thing needed is your command,” stated Zara.

“Let ARMAGEDDON begin!” yelled Dark Spectre.

On Earth, Derek Simon sat at a computer, waiting for the signal. When his communicator began to flash bright red he knew it was time. He quickly brought up the file transfer program, entered the login name and password for Earth’s main Galactic Server.

“Once the virus reaches Earth’s main server it will automatically send itself to the Kerovan and Triforian systems,” Simon said to himself.


On KO-35, Velocifighters were striking from the air, while Quantrons, and Brood soldiers attacked on the ground.

The former Space Rangers materialized in the midst of the battle, with their Astro Blasters drawn.

“I think we’ve been through this once before,” Cassie commented, referring to the last war with the UAE.

Several Kerovan jets and tanks arrived to assist the former Rangers in battle.


Dark Spectre’s flag ship was currently hovering above Earth. Now that he didn’t need his energy tube anymore, Dark Spectre was overseeing an invasion elsewhere, so Zara had been left in charge of the Earth invasion.

“The Astro Megaship is heading into deep space,” informed Blane, as he looked at a radar. “Shall I send a group of Velocifighters after it?”

“No. Knowing those do-gooders they’re probably heading to KO-35,” replied Zara. “Let them go. The Flamablizer’s forces will finish them off. Now bring Angel Grove up on the viewing screen.”

An image of hordes and hordes of Brood soldiers attacked downtown Angel Grove, appeared on the screen.

“There’s no way the Power Rangers can win this time,” hissed Princess Zara, with a wicked smile.

To Be Continued