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Creatures of the Night
by Marques Jeffries

A full moon hung high above the city of Angel Grove, as two teenagers walked through Angel Grove Park hand-in-hand. The boy was sporting a crewcut hairstyle and was wearing blue shirt and a pair of jeans, while his girlfriend had shoulder length brown hair and was wearing an pink tanktop and black skirt.

“You do know that if the Predatrons patrol this area and find us, we’re going to be in big trouble,” the girl warned.

“And how many times have we snuck out, Rachel?” the boy quizzed.

“Plenty of times.”

“And how many times have we been caught by Cobrada’s stooges?”

“Never, and I’d like to keep it that way, Evan,” the girl warned. “So let’s get mov...,” Rachel’s attention quickly turned to a something that was moving in the nearby trees.

“Who’s there?” Evan said sternly. There was silence, and then there was the ruffling of leaves. “I said who’s there?” The teenager said in a more demanding tone.

As Evan moved towards the trees, he was forced to the ground by something with great strength. Rachel let out a horrified scream as something with blood red eyes grabbed her.

* * *
Brandon stood in front of the control console and keyed in instructions for the computer to follow. He had been doing this for most of the afternoon, but it had been keeping his mind from dwelling on what had been troubling him for the past two days.

For many years, this night had been known as the Night of Shadows. Each year a gateway to a dark dimension would open up and spirits would come through to menace the people of Alter-Earth. Though no one knew for certain what causes this gateway to open, Brandon had heard it said many times, that in exchange for his Black Magic, Lord Shroud had made a deal with the leader of these spirits to allow them to come to Alter-Earth for one night each year. With every pasting year, these Creatures of the Night seemed to cause more and more chaos, and they seemed to be growing stronger also. Each year, shortly after the sun had set, the gateway would open and the appresions would begin their night of mayhem. Then shortly before the sun would begin to rise, they’d go back to their dimension, taking with them any poor human that they could capture.

Brandon was glad that these creatures didn’t know the location of his headquarters, especially since his friends, the Power Rangers, were not there to protect him at the moment. The Rangers had ventured into space to continue their search for the missing crew of the Millennia, and had been gone for several hours. Brandon knew that it was important that they find their friends, so he didn’t tell him about the Night of Shadows. He was, however, hoping that they would return soon, because if anyone could defeat these evil spirits, the Power Rangers could.

“There is a disturbance in the west sector of town,” the computer said, in its monotone voice.

“The west sector? That’s where most of the rich citizens live,” Brandon said out loud. The young boy then watched in terror as an image of a mob of vampires chasing a chubby guy, appeared on the computer screen. “Aw man, they’re not wasting any time this year.”

“Hey, Brandon, didn’t we tell you not to watch too many horror movies,” came the familiar voice of Ashley Hammond, from behind the boy.

Brandon then turned around to face his friends. “I wish this was a movie, but I’m afraid its not. This is an image of what is happening in the western sector of town, right now.”

After seeing the shocked looks on all of the Rangers’ faces, Brandon decided that it was time to tell them the whole story.

“So this has been happening every year?” T.J. asked, once Brandon had finished explaining everything.

“Yes, and it gets worse with every passing year,” Brandon added.

Andros scratched his head, and then stated, “Well I think its time we introduced ourselves to these Creatures of the Night.”

“I was hoping you were going to say that,” Zhane said with a smile.

“Turn on the Power!” the six Rangers shouted in unison, as multi-colored energy surged through their bodies transforming them from normal humans to Power Rangers.

“Be careful, we don’t know the extent of these monsters’ powers,” Billy warned.

“Don’t worry, Billy, we’ll stay in close contact with you and Brandon,” Karone assured, before the Rangers teleported away.

* * *
“Run all you want, mortals. No matter where you go we will find you,” hissed a slender vampire, who was dressed in a black sleeveless t-shirt, and a pair of leather pants. Infact all of the vampires were wearing the same attire.

A group of vampires brought a few normal humans before a vampire with hair as white as snow. “Well done, my loyal comrades. I can see that they are already beginning to transform,” the vampire said, making note of the fact that the humans were becoming vampires.

“The humans are putting up a fight, but they are no match for our powers,” a female vampire, with striped red and silver hair stated.

“Well how about trying our powers on for size!” came the voice of the Red Ranger from above.

The vampires looked up to see all six Power Rangers standing atop the roof of warehouse.

“We’re sending you Creatures of the Night back where you came from,’ the Yellow Ranger added.

“Well this is a surprise,” the vampire with the white hair scoffed. “We didn’t expect a confrontation with the legendary Power Rangers, but this is confrontation that I’ll take great pride in winning. Creatures of the Night, destroy the Rangers!”

The Power Rangers leaped down to the street and began to do battle with the vampires. T.J. knocked one of the bloodhunters to the ground with a powerful spinning kick. Adam dealt several powerful punches to every vampire that got near him. Zhane and Karone teamed up to take down a burly vampire who looked more like a professional wrestler.

“Blizzard, is my name, and you and your friends have made a big by interfering with recruitment of new family members,” the white haired vampire warned, as he prepared to face off against the Red Ranger.

“You’re the one who made the mistake when you started terrorizing these innocent people,” Andros retorted. The Red Ranger then swung his Spiral Sabre at the bloodhunter, but Blizzard’s lightning reflexes helped him dodge the blow. The vampire then leaped into the air, preparing to deliver a damaging flying kick to Andros, however, the Ranger leader leaped into the air also, striking the vampire in the stomach with his Spiral Sabre.

Blizzard crumbled to the ground in a heap, wounded by the blow, but it was another vampire who snuck behind the Red Ranger and delivered a powerful kick to Andros’ back. The Red Ranger was sent tumbling to the ground, and before he could get up he felt a piercing sting in the back of his neck, and then he passed out.

“Andros!” Ashley yelled, realizing that the Red Ranger had been bitten by his attacker. As the Yellow Ranger rushed over to try to prevent anymore harm to her boyfriend, she was seized from behind by Rachel and Evan, who were now vampires. “Let me go! I don’t want to have to hurt the two of you!,” Ashley exclaimed, as she tried to struggle free. As she struggled, she also felt a sting on the back of her neck, as Evan bite throw the protective material of her Ranger suit.

Blizzard grabbed the Green Ranger from behind and held him still as another vampire delivered the bite. Zhane would have been the next victim, had it not been for T.J. attacking the vampire with his Astral Bow.

“Zhane! Karone! I’ve got to retreat!” the Blue Ranger yelled.

“But what about the others!” the Pink Ranger replied. “We can’t just leave them here!”

“There’s nothing we can do for them right now, we’ve got to get out of here before we get bitten,” Zhane added. Karone did not want to leave her brother, but she knew that her teammates were right, and so the Silver, Pink, and Blue Rangers dissolved into beams of light and flew away.

“Do you want us to go after them?” the female vampire asked.

“No, once these three awaken, will let them hunt down their teammates,” Blizzard hissed, as he gazed at the three Rangers who were now transforming into vampires.

* * *
Zhane, Karone, and T.J. materialized in their headquarters, and removed their helmets.

“Brandon and I saw everything on the viewing screen. Are you guys okay?” Billy asked.

“Yes, but the others aren’t,” Karone said, sadly shaking her head.

“Blizzard is sure to send them after us, as soon as they wake up, so we’ve either got to find a way to change everyone back into humans, or.....,” T.J. began.

“Don’t say it, Teej,” Karone interrupted. “I can’t fight my brother. I caused him so much pain when I was Astronema......I just can’t fight him.” Karone then wiped a few tears from her cheeks.

“Don’t worry, Karone, we’ll find a way to change our friends back to their normal selves,” Zhane assured, as he gave his girlfriend a hug.

Moments later, an image of an army of werewolves attacking the Revolutionaries flashed onto the viewing screen.

The wolves were Dylan and his teammates around like ragdolls, and nothing the Revolutionaries tried to do seemed to any effect on the werewolves.

“This is getting out of hand,” T.J. stated.

“We’ve got to go help Dylan and the others, but we can’t leave you guys unprotected either,” Zhane stated.

“Zhane and I will go help the Revolutionaries. Karone, you stay here and protect Billy and Brandon. if Andros and the others show up, do whatever you can to hold him off until we get back,” the Blue Ranger stated, before he and Zhane placed their helmets on their heads.

“Be careful, guys. The vampires were bad enough, but there’s no telling what those werewolves can do,” the Pink Ranger warned.

“We’ll be back before you can say silver bullet,” Zhane quipped, before he and T.J. teleported away.

* * *
The leader of the Revolutionaries struggled to his feet just in time to meeting an advancing werewolf with blow from his dagger. Dylan looked around briefly to see how his teammates were faring against their attackers. He could see that Kelly and a few others were on the verge of being overwhelmed.

“Dylan, look out!” came the voice of Randy, before Dylan was tackled to the ground by his hot-headed friend.

The masked rebel glanced up to see that Randy had knocked him out of the way just in time to avoid being struck by a knife tossed by one of the werewolves.

“Thanks, Randy. I owe you one, man,” Dylan whispered, as he rose to his feet.

“You can pay me back later,” Randy replied. “Now let’s kick these furballs’ butts.”

“I’m with you, man,” Dylan replied. Together, the two Revolutionaries began to fend off the brown furred villains. Dylan and Randy were trying to clear a path to where their teammates, but now a group of vampires had shown up.

“Good evening, Revolutionaries,” Blizzard said, casually, as he strutted to the front line of his army. “Are the two of you ready to join my Creatures of the Night?”

“Never!’ Randy yelled, as he was able to charge towards the vampire leader, before being grabbed by Dylan.

“We were only an infant group when we faced you, last year, Blizzard, but this year we’re a little bit wiser,” Dylan stated.

“Creatures of the Night, kill these two fools,” Blizzard ordered, coolly. Obeying their leader’s command, the werewolves and vampires advanced towards the two rebels, however the Silver and Blue Rangers materialized in front of their two friends and immediately summoned their Power Weapons.

“Blizzard, you and your Creatures of the Night are going down,” T.J. stated as he aimed his Astral Bow at the vampire leader.

The four heroes then began to battle the werewolves and vampires once again, as Blizzard stood on the sidelines and watched the battle.

“Master, our new recruits have awakened,” a small ore whispered to Blizzard.

Blizzard let out a wicked chuckle and then replied, “The Pink Ranger hasn’t been converted yet. Send them after her.”

* * *
Karone, Brandon, and Billy watched the viewing screen, as the image of their friends battling the Creatures of the Night was displayed. As Karone watched the battle, a thought occurred to her. Where was Cobrada, and why was he just sitting back and letting these Creatures of the Night run amuck on HIS planet? Surely Cobrada would have had some objection to what Blizzard was doing?

“Brandon, can you open up a communications channel to Castle Cobrada?” the Kerovan asked.

“Castle Cobrada? Why?” Brandon asked.

“It just doesn’t make any sense that Cobrada would just sit back and let Blizzard take away the people that are supposed to be under Cobrada’s rule,” she replied.

“I can open up the communications channel, but there is a risk that Cobrada could trace the signal and discover exactly where we are,” Brandon stated.

“That’s a risk we’re going to have to take,” Billy said. “We need help, and right now the only place we can get it from is from our worst enemy.”

“Okay I’m opening the channel now,” Brandon informed, with a hint of concern in his voice.

The three of them watched with anticipation as an image of Cobrada appeared on the screen.”

“Well this is a surprise,” the villain hissed. “How did you access my private line, Rangers.”

“That’s not important, Cobrada. We need your help,” Karone said.

Like an erupting volcano, Cobrada burst into a hysterical fit of laughter. “You....you.....you need my help,” the reptilian general laughed, as he tried to gather his composure, once again. “Let me guess Blizzard and his vampires are getting the better you, right?”

“This isn’t a laughing matter, Cobrada,” Karone retorted, a touch of irritation in her voice.

“Give me one good reason why I should you, Ranger? I mean, all I have to do is sit here and let Blizzard have his way. He’ll be gone at sunrise, and he’ll have done me a favor by defeating both the Revolutionaries and Power Rangers.”

“That maybe true, but each year with very conversion from human to Creature of the Night Blizzard’s army grows. Someday he might figure out a way to stay in this dimension and then his army will be large enough to overthrow you. Our respective groups can’t beat the Creatures of the Night alone, but perhaps if we work together we can win.”

Cobrada pondered the Pink Ranger’s wise words for a moment. In his arrogance, the general hadn’t ever considered the fact that Blizzard might be able to take Alter-Earth from him. It had taken years for Cobrada to shape the planet’s social structure to his liking, but all of this would change if Blizzard every figured out a way to stay on Alter-Earth. Though the general longed to witness the defeat of the Revolutionaries and Power Rangers, he knew that they were the only ones who could help him rid himself of the night dwellers. “Very well, Pink Ranger, my forces and I will join you in battle against the Creatures of the Night.”

“I thought you’d see things my way,” Karone smiled. “I’ll meet you at the Angel Grove Park Pavilion in fifteen minutes.”

“Very well,” the villain replied, and with that the screen with to black.

“I still don’t know about this,” Brandon mumbled.

“Teaming up with Cobrada is our best chance to defeat Blizzard and save our friends,” Billy replied, about a split second before the Red, Green, and Yellow Rangers materialized in the room.

“Oh, Andros, I so glad you’re,” Karone’s happiness turned to horror, as the three Rangers removed their helmets, revealing the pale skin, blood shot eyes, and worst of all sharp vampire teeth.

“Stay back,” Billy ordered as he picked up a spare Tri-Blaster.

“The hunger is overwhelming,” Andros moaned as he moved closer towards his sister, who was now frozen with fear. Karone recovered just in time to flip out of her brother’s path.

“There’s no need to fight us,’ Adam said.

“You wouldn’t believe how good immortality feels,” Ashley finished.

“You guys, don’t know what you’re saying!” Brandon yelled. “You’re Power Rangers! You’re supposed to fight the forces of darkness not join them!”

“Don’t worry, Brandon once you’ve been converted you’ll learn to relish immortality just as much as we do,” Andros said as he reached out to grab the youngster.

Karone morphed and then struck her brother with a flying kick that knocked him to the ground. “I’m sorry, Andros,” she whispered. As Ashley crept up behind the Pink Ranger, Billy blasted the yellow clad vampire with a beam from his Tri-Blaster. The same thing happened to Adam as he was about to attack the former Blue Morphin Ranger.

“Don’t worry the blast only stunned them,” Billy assured Karone. “They won’t be out for long, so we’d better restrain them now, until we can find a way to return them to normal.”

Brandon, Billy, and Karone used a electromagnetic rope to tie-up their friends.

“Don’t worry they won’t be able to escape,” Billy said to the Pink Ranger. “You’d better go meet with Cobrada. I’ll contact T.J. and Zhane and tell them what’s going on.”

Karone then dissolved into a beam of pink energy and exited the headquarters.

* * *
The Blue and Silver Rangers had called in some Pestoids, which seemed to be evening the odds a little bit for the good guys. As the battle wore on, Blizzard would occasionally glance down at his watch. He didn’t want his troops to know it, but his biggest fear was what he and his minion would not return to their dimension before sunrise.

The night dweller was very pleased with his “recruitment” this year. He now had the majority of the Revolutionaries and three Power Rangers under his power. These four heroes who were valiantly fighting his forces would soon be either converted into vampires or killed. It didn’t matter to Blizzard which of the two occurred, but he was a little concerned that he hadn’t heard anything from the Red, Yellow, and Green Rangers. Surely, they must have converted the Pink Ranger by now?

Blizzard’s train of thought was broken rather harshly, as he was knocked to the ground by the Silver Ranger, who was wielding his Silverizer.

As Blizzard struggled to his feet, he realized that he had recieved a severe cut as a result of being struck by the Silverizer.

“What’s wrong, vampire?” Zhane taunted. “Now the blood that you’ve taken from some many others is flowing from you.”

Blizzard growled angrily, as then sprang to his feet and made a wild dive at Zhane. The Silver Ranger dodged the attack and then struck Blizzard in the shoulder with the Silverizer. The vampire’s whole body was now coarsing with pain, and he could barely stand up now.

As Zhane readied to deliver the final blow to Blizzard, he was shoved aside by an overzealous Randy. The blonde-haired Revolutionary then swung an axe at Blizzard’s heart, but Blizzard ducked the attack and planted a bite on Randy’s neck.

“Randy!” Dylan, as he looked on, in shock.

“He’s mine now, as are your fallen Revolutionaries, and those three Power Rangers,” Blizzard said, before turning his attention to his forces. “Come my loyal warriors, our time here is drawing to a close. Let us take our new brothers and sisters to their new home.” With that, each Creature of the Night teleported away.

“No! Stop!” Dylan yelled, but there was nothing he or the two Rangers could do.

“You’ve failed, fools! I’ll see you next year, Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha!” Blizzard laughed, as he was the last to vanish.

“This isn’t right. Blizzard can’t have won,” T.J. said, shaking his head.

“He hasn’t,” Dylan said, confidently. “The gateway back to the dark dimension can only be opened in Angel Grove Park. There’s still a chance that we can save our friends, if we can get there before they go through the gateway.” Just then T.J.’s communi-morpher began to beep.

“Hey, guys, the Pink Ranger talked Cobrada into helping us defeat the Creatures of the Night,” came the voice of Billy. “She’s meeting with him at the pavilion.”

“We’re on our way there now,” the Blue Ranger replied. “The gateway back to the dark dimension can only be opened from there.”

“Hey who was that?” Dylan asked.

“Its a long story, but right now we’d better get to the park,” the Silver Ranger stated.

* * *
“You’ve got a lot of courage showing up alone, Pink Ranger,” Cobrada stated, as the Ranger materialized in front of him and his forces. “You do realize I could destroy you right now, do you?”

“Yes, but I know that you won’t, because you know that you need my help in order to defeat the Creatures of the Night,” the Kerovan answered. Without warning the ground began to shake, causing several Predatron Droids to lose their footing.

“What’s happening?!” Hogley asked.

“Its the gateway to Blizzard’s dark dimension. It must be opening!” Cobrada stated.

“C’mon let’s go get him,” Karone stated, as she took off running. Cobrada shrugged his shoulder and then motioned for his troops to follow him.

* * *
Brandon frantically flipped through the pages of a book, entitled The Book of Legends, trying to find a way to change the new converts back to their human forms. “Eureka! I’ve found the solution!” the boy said cheerfully. “I knew this book would come in handy someday.”

“Well by all means tell me what we have to do,” Billy stated.

“According to this if we can keep the Creatures of the Night here past sunrise, the sun’s rays will transform anyone who was not born a vampire back into a regular mortal.”

“We’ve got still got thirty minutes before sunrise, and those night dwellers are about to leave,” Billy said. Billy pondered this for a moment and was just about to label the situation hopeless, and then a thought occurred to him. He remembered a scene from the movie Batman & Robin in which Robin and Batgirl used an outerspace mirror to reflect the sunlight on the other side of the world onto Gotham City during the night. Perhaps what worked that movie would work now. It was a long shot, but Billy couldn’t think of anything else to try. The former Ranger explained his plan to Brandon, who agreed that it was definitely worth a try.

“It just so happens that Cobrada has a large mirror located in his castle that just might do the trick, but the question is how are we going to get it into space at this time. There isn’t a ship big enough to carry it,” Brandon stated.

Still not ready to give up hope yet, Billy contacted Karone hoping that she’d have a suggestion.

“Billy, you’re a genius,” Karone said once Billy had given her an overview of his plan. “Thee might be one ship that could accomplish this mission. My old headquarters.......The Dark Fortress.”

“Billy! Andros and the others are gone!” Brandon yelled in shock.

“Blizzard must have summoned them,” Billy realized.

Karone explained her friend’s plan to Cobrada, who agreed to allow the Rangers to use the Dark Fortress to position the mirror. By this time Zhane, T.J., and Dylan had met up with the Pink Ranger, Cobrada, and the Predatron army.

They all agreed that Karone and Hogley would take the mirror into space, while the others tried to prevent the Creatures of the Night from going through the gateway.

* * *
* A wicked smile covered Blizzard’s face as he looked over his “family.” At this moment the red portal was beginning to widen. Soon he and his followers would be leaving, and there was nothing the remaining Power Rangers and Revolutionaries could do to stop him, or so he thought.

“Don’t be in such a rush to leave, Blizzard!” yelled Cobrada, as he and his army marched into the area. “You’ve visited my world for all these years, and you never had the courtesy to stop by the castle and say hello.”

“What do you want, reptile?” the vampire leader snarled. “I got the distinct impression that you were afraid of my family and I, and that you were content with us just visiting Alter-Earth once year, taking what we want, and then leaving, as long as we didn’t bother you.”

“You’re army is getting larger, soon yours will rival mine,” the general noted. “I don’t want you to ever feel like you can take Alter-Earth from me. Lord Shroud gave me dominion over this planet.....”

“And aren’t you forgetting that your master made a deal with my master that allows us to come to this world once year?” the vampire reminded.

* * *
The Dark Fortress cruised through outer space, with the giant mirror in tow.

“Just move 40 degrees west and you guys will be in position,” stated the voice of Billy through Karone’s communi-morpher.

“Who is that?” Hogley asked.

“It doesn’t matter who that was. Just do as he said and get us into position,” Karone ordered.

Hogley hated the Power Rangers with a passion, but Cobrada had told him to do as the Rangers commanded for this mission. The porker figured once this whole thing was over, the general would have a truly nasty fate in store for both the Rangers and their rebel friends, the Revolutionaries.

“Okay, please release the mirror,” the Pink Ranger ordered. Hogley pressed a button on the ship’s control console, and the giant mirror moved into the proper alignment with the sun.

* * *
Things had now gone south in Angel Grove Park, and now the Creatures of the Night were fighting out with the Predatron army. A gleam of bright light was all the warning Blizzard needed to let him know that it was time to leave....fast.

“Cobrada, you fool! What have you done?!” Blizzard yelled in anger.

“I’ve beaten you,” the reptile bluntly replied.

“Blizzard motioned for his troops to follow him through the portal, but it was too late. The golden beams of sunlight showered down on the vampires. Those who were once normal humans were transformed to their normal forms, and those who were true vampires began to shrivel up and die.

“No!” Blizzard angrily waved his hands in the air.

As soon as Andros, Adam, and Ashley returned to their right minds, they placed their helmets back on their heads to conceal their identities.

“Its all over, Blizzard,” the Red Ranger said, shortly before the Pink Ranger materialized beside her friends.

“The Power Rangers are back together again, and now we’re going put you out of business, night dweller,” the Blue Ranger warned.

“I’d love to stay and fight, Rangers, but I really must be going. Until next year good-by...,” Blizzard’s farewell was interrupted by a venom ball that had been launched from Cobrada’s mouth.

“This ends now,” Cobrada hissed, as he watched Blizzard drop to the ground. Everyone watched as Blizzard’s body shriveled up and then he disintegrated.

“Hoooray!” the crowd of people cheered.

“Stop your cheering!” Cobrada yelled. “I’m still the same evil ruler, that all of you love to hate.” He then addressed the Rangers and Revolutionaries. “This changes nothing. I’m going to destroy all of you in the very near future.” With that, Cobrada and his troops marched away, leaving the Rangers and Revolutionaries to wonder why Cobrada had chosen not to engage them in battle now.

“C’mon guys let’s go home,” Andros said to his friends, and then the Rangers teleported away.

“Thanks, Rangers,” Kelly whispered, as she and the other Revolutionaries stood in the crowd.

* * *
“Well, Billy, once again you came through for us,” Adam said, as the Rangers, Billy, and Brandon sat around the table.

“I just did what needed to be done,” Billy replied modestly.

“I still wondering why Cobrada walked away today? I mean, he had a perfect opportunity to defeat us and the Revolutionaries,” Ashley stated.

‘I think there is more to Cobrada then meets the eye,” Andros said.

“Guys, there’s something else that has me baffled,” T.J. said. “Blizzard that Lord Shroud made a deal with his master, so if Blizzard wasn’t the leader of the Creatures of the Night, then who is?”

“Something tells me we don’t want to know, but I have a feeling we’re going to find out,” Zhane stated.

* * *
Darkonda, Master Vile, and Benjur sat in front of a large pit within Oblivion’s Temple, as a wall of fire erupted from the pit.

“Once again the Power Rangers have proven themselves to be worthy opponents,” a voice boomed from within the fire. “They outsmarted Blizzard, a feat truly worthy of admiration.”

“You’re not going soft on us are you, master?” Benjur asked.

“No! This recent battle with the Rangers was merely another test. I’m learning more about them, however, I do want the three of you to monitor Cobrada. He could pose a threat to my plans if he finds out what we’re up to before its time,” the voice warned.

“Don’t worry we’ll take care of Cobrada and Hogley,” Darkonda assured.


“So what’s the next phase of your plan, master?” Master Vile inquired.

“I want to give the Red Ranger a gift,” the voice replied.

“A gift for the Red Ranger?” Darkonda asked.

“Yes, we’re going to give him the Murth Stone,” the voice revealed. “Benjur, you know what to do.” The High Priest nodded, and began to chuckle.