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The Beasts of Virtue
by Marques Jeffries

Within Lord Shroud’s desolate castle, a horde of Predatron Droids drag three chained warriors through some dark corridors.

The three former Rangers known as, Jason Lee Scott, Kimberly Ann Hart, and Tommy Oliver had spent several days in Lord Shroud’s dungeon, but now they were being escorted to the dark sorcerer’s chambers. Soon they would be coming face to face with their captor.

*This is all my fault.* Tommy thought to himself. *If I hadn’t been so persistent in talking Jason and Kimberly into coming on this mission, they’d be safe on Earth right now. I’ve got to come up with a plan to get us out of this mess.*

“Hey, robots, can we take a break?” Kimberly asked. “My legs are really aching and I just need to rest for a few minutes.” Surprisingly, the Predatrons paused and released the three bound warriors, allowing them to tumble to the ground.

They may have been bound, but the three former Morphin Rangers were not beaten. Using his feet as a springboard, Jason sprang to his feet and caught a Predatron with a front kick. The other Predatrons began to fire laser blasts at Jason, but the former Red Ranger simply positioned his body, so that the blasts cut his chains.

“Way to go Jas,” Tommy cheered, as he and Kimberly allowed their chains to be cut also.

“Okay, now the three of us are going to show you overgrown soda machines that its not smart to mess with the Power Rangers,” Kimberly said, before striking a Predatron with a flying jumpkick.

Jason and Tommy then began to fight off Predatrons also. Within a few moments the three former Rangers had disposed of their enemies.

“Okay now let’s find our way out of this creepy castle,” Kimberly suggested.

“Right, but we’d better stay close to one another. We’ve had enough experience dealing with magical villains like Rita and Zedd, to know that this castle probably has plenty of evil spells within it.” Tommy added.

“Then let’s stop our talking and get moving,” Jason suggested.

* * *
“Hey, guys, take a look out the window,” Brandon said. “According to this map, that green and brown planet up ahead is Monobin.”

“Hmmm, this kinda reminds me of our trip to Yutoba,” T.J. said.

“Yutoba? What’s that?” Adam asked.

“During the time that I first realized that my entire life had been a lie and that Andros was my brother. I tried to help the Astro Rangers rescue Zordon from Yutoba,” Karone began. “It ended up being a trap set by Dark Spectre and Darkonda, but thanks to Ecliptor we managed to take one of Darkonda’s lives and escape Dark Spectre’s clutches.”

“Billy, take us in and see if you can find a safe place to land,” Andros commanded.

The Rangers’ ship entered the planet’s atmosphere and began its descent from the sky.

For miles and miles around, all the Rangers could see were the brown and green colors of treetops.

Brandon examined the map once again and then said, “According to the map, there’s a path down there that leads straight to the Beasts of Virtue.”

“Then it looks like we’ll just have to teleport down there, and search for the Beasts on foot,” Andros replied. He then addressed Billy and Brandon. “While we’re down there, I’d like for you guys to keep an eye out for the Dark Fortress. We’ve dealt with Master Vile and Darkonda long enough to know they don’t give up easily.”

“You’re not going anywhere, Rangers!” Hogley surprised the Rangers, by bursting out of the restraints that held him in his seat. He then turned his aggressions to the nearest Ranger, which just so happened to be Ashley. The porker grabbed the Yellow Ranger and hurled her towards both T.J. and Adam, who were advancing towards him. All three Rangers tumbled to the floor in a heap.

In a flash of silver light Zhane morphed into the Silver Ranger, and immediately, engaged Hogley in battle. The Ranger took a swing at Hogley with his Silverizer, however, his aim was bad and the porker easily dodged the attack and countered with a punch to Zhane’s chest. Zhane was sent through the air backwards into the ship’s main control console.

“Hogley, are you crazy! You’re going to kill us all!” Brandon yelled.

“If Cobrada can’t have the Scrolls of Bangoli, no one will!” Hogley drew a blaster and took aim at the control console, ready destroy himself and the Power Rangers, however, the porker was so filled with rage that he didn’t notice Karone sneaking up behind him.

The hatch door flew open, and all Hogley saw was pink light, as the Pink Ranger fired beams from her Nova Staff. Andros then fired a blast from his Tri-Blaster, causing the porker to fall out of the ship.

Hogley dropped from the sky and was swallowed up by the sea of trees below.

“That was a close one,” Brandon sighed, as he wiped his brow.

“Don’t say a word, Brandon,” Ashley said, feeling an “I told you so” coming on.

“Damage report?” Andros asked.

“Zhane’s collision with the console only caused some minor damage to the weapons controls,” Billy informed. “As long as we don’t have to go into battle, the repairs can wait til we get back to Alter-Earth.”

“Look, guys! There’s a small clearing,” Adam stated, directing his teammates’ attention to a patch of grass.”

Moments later, six beams of light emerged from the ship and descended to the ground below.

The Rangers rematerialized and began to survey their surroundings. Andros was now carrying the map, as he had located the Rangers’ location on it. According to the map they’d have to travel east in order to find the Beasts of Virtue. This meant they’d have to venture into the strange jungle.

The Rangers’ bravely forged into the jungle, unaware that a strange being was now watching their every move.

* * *
The Dark Fortress had been positioned on the other side of the planet, and Darkonda wasted no time in gathering together a patrol of Quantrons and heading to the jungle below. Master Vile was staying on the Fortress, just in case, Benjur or Cobrada tried to contact the two villains.

Darkonda was carrying a small scanning device, which had been set to hone in on the Murth Stone, which was now in the Rangers’ possession.

As he and his robotic foot soldiers wandered through the jungle, Darkonda thought to himself how wonderful it would be once the Power Rangers were finally destroyed. In the past, those meddlesome do gooders always managed to foil his evil schemes, but things were going to be different this time.

This dimension was ruled by evil, and from what Darkonda had seen of the people from Alter Earth, everyone was too afraid to stand up to Lord Shroud and his generals. This thought brought an wicked grin to Darkonda’s face. First, he’d destroy the Power Rangers and seize the Beasts of Virtue. Then with the Beasts in his and Master Vile’s possession, he’d head back to Alter Earth and dispose of Cobrada. *Working for Oblivion is a whole better than being the lackey for that walking puddle of lava, Dark Spectre. At least Oblivion has a master plan...* Darkonda was snapped out of his train of though by something moving through the trees nearby.

“Quantrons, on your guard,” the villain commanded, as he drew his Extenda Sword. From out of the trees emerged a large black panther. The feline took down two Quantrons and then turned its attention to Darkonda. As the cat leapt towards Darkonda, he telewarped out of its path.

The remaining Quantrons looking around for their leader, but the scientist had abandoned them in order to save himself. The panther fired a few yellow eyebeams that wiped out the robotic villains.

* * *
After traveling for awhile, the Power Rangers arrived at the bank of a river, and decided that this would be a good place to stop and catch their breathe.

“So where do we go from here, Andros?” T.J. inquired, as he, Andros, and Adam gazed down the river.

“According to the map, we’re going to have to figure out a way to travel down this river,” the Kerovan replied.

“Man, if the gap between these trees weren’t so narrow we could fly the Z-Wingers down stream,” suggested Adam.

A few feet away Zhane and the two female Rangers had stumbled across a baby elephant, who appeared to be lost.

“Don’t worry, little fella, we’re not going to hurt you,” Ashley said, soothingly.

“I’ll bet he’s hungry,” Karone said. “Zhane, hand me some peanut butter crackers.”

Zhane reached into the inside pocket of his jacket and withdrew a pack of crackers. “Well.....I was going to eat these later on, but he is a little baby.....here ya go,” he said, reluctantly handing the crackers to Karone.

“Okay open wide, little guy,” the blonde said. The elephant did as he was told, as Karone placed a cracker into his mouth, and barely managed to pull her hand away in time to avoid the baby biting it also.

After digesting the cracker, the elephant playfully used his trunk to whack Karone and Ashley on their cheeks.

“Hey, cut that out,” Ashley giggled.

“I guess that’s his way of saying thank you,” Zhane assumed.

In the trees above, a pair of glowing white eyes had witnessed the Rangers’ act of kindness. *What manner of humans are these? Could these strangers be the ones Bangoli spoke of that would one day seek out the Beasts of Virtue? I must be certain of their intentions before I reveal myself to them.*

“Hey! Ash! Karone! Zhane! What are you guys doing?” T.J. called.

“We’re feeding a baby elephant!” Zhane yelled back.

“What?!” Andros and the other boys came over to see if this was true or if Zhane was just being sarcastic.

“He’s a cute little guy, but I’ll bet he misses his mother,” T.J. said. As if on cue, the ground began to tremble, and then from out of the trees marched two large elephants.

“Oh boy, we’re in big trouble,” Zhane said in a muffled voice.

“Um, Sir, Mame, we didn’t hurt your baby,” Karone said, with an innocent tone. “We fed him some crackers.” The two elephants stared at the six teens for a moment and then looked to each other.

“I sure do wish I knew what they were thinking,” Adam said.

Cautiously, Karone and Zhane escorted the baby over to his parents.

“Aw isn’t this sweet. A family reunion,” came a familiar voice. “Too bad I’m going to have to destroy you all.”

To the Rangers’ dismay, standing a few feet away was Hogley.

“I thought we got rid of you?” Zhane said.

“You will never get rid of me, Rangers. I have a mission to complete, and not the six of you, nor the Dumbo Family here, are going to stop me,” the porker retorted.

“Well we’ll see about that....Turn on the Power!” Andros yelled, as all six teens morphed into Power Rangers.

“Unbelievable, those humans are Power Rangers,” the stranger whispered to himself.

One by one each Ranger used their Power Weapon to strike Hogley, however, the porker refused to give up. In the midst of the battle, Hogley managed to get close enough to the baby elephant to grab it.

“Ha, ha, ha! Okay, Red Ranger, hand over the map, or else something very unpleasant is going to happen to this little creature,” Hogley threatened.

“Okay, Okay, You win, Hogley,” Andros said, lowering his Spiral Sabre. “Just don’t hurt him.” Before Andros could hand over the map, the full grown elephants stepped in. With a mighty swing of his trunk, the papa elephant sent Hogley flying through the air like a baseball.

“So long, Hogley!” the Yellow Ranger, jokingly yelled. ‘

“Thank for your help,” Andros said, as he patted the elephants.

“Hmm, I just got an idea. These elephants can carry all of us up stream,” Adam said.

“Sounds good to me, but how do we communicate this to them?” T.J. asked.

From the treetops above, the stranger sent a mental message to the full grown elephants.

The papa elephant pointed his trunk upwards.

“What’s he doing?” Ashley asked.

“I think he wants us to climb on,” Andros said hesitantly. So Andros, Ashley, and T.J. climbed on one elephant, while Zhane, Karone, and Adam climbed on the other one.

Once the Rangers were safely on their backs the elephants headed for the river, with the baby elephant following close behind.

* * *
Darkonda was now jogging through the jungle, stopping ever so often to check the scanner. *Hmmm, perhaps I shouldn’t have abandoned the Quantrons so quickly. I will need help if I going to defeat the Rangers.” The scoundrel looked around for a few moments and then spotted a large gorilla with silvery, gray fur. “This most be my lucky day. Silver Back Gorillas are some the most ferocious creatures of the wild.” Darkonda was thankful that the gorilla hadn’t seen him yet, for this would make what Darkonda was able to do that much easier.

As the gorilla plucked a few berries of a bush, he sensed a presence, and spun around, but it was too late. Using his Extenda Sword, Darkonda dealt the gorilla a powerful blow that knocked the primate to the ground.

Darkonda looked down and chuckled, as he watched the Silver Back attempt to rise to his feet. “Its no use, you are mine now primate.” Darkonda’s body began to glow, as he lifted to gorilla from the ground. All at once, the two beings merged together to become one awesome monster.

This new creature retained the gorilla’s body, however it had Darkonda’s face and hands. “Yes, it worked! Ha, ha, ha, ha! Ready or not, Rangers, here I come.”

* * *
Lord Shroud stood in front of a viewing screen, with the image of Cobrada on it.

“Has there been any word from Hogley?” the dark sorcerer questioned.

“No, your majesty, but I’m sure we will hear from him soon,” Cobrada assured. “Hogley is a loyal and faithful servant of the Darkness.”

“Well he may be loyal, but I’m not so sure about those other two creatures that you’ve taken in. Something just doesn’t add up about them,” Shroud explained.

“Well they do have experience fighting the Power Rangers, which reminds me.....What are you planning on doing with the three former Rangers?”

“A group of Predatrons are bringing them to me as we speak,” Lord Shroud chuckled. “Those three humans will be the tool by which we’ll finally rid ourselves of both the Power Rangers and those wretched Revolutionaries.” Lord Shroud then noticed a Predatron staggering into the room with sparkles flying from its chest.

‘Excuse me, Cobrada, there is a matter I must attend to personally,” With that the sorcerer closed the communications channel and went in search of the three former Rangers.

* * *
Jason, Tommy, and Kimberly now found themselves in what appeared to be a library. Curiously, Kimberly selected a book from the shelf. “The Ancient Spells of Nuroba,” she read. “This must be where, Lord Shroud keeps his books of spells.”

“Then that means we’d better get out of here, because if he hasn’t already, Shroud will be coming after us soon,” Jason explained.

“Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha! There is no escape from me, humans,” an evil voice echoed through the walls.

“Good grief, let’s get out of here.” Kimberly began look around nervously.

“No wait.” Tommy held up hand. “Maybe we can use one of these spells to defeat Shroud.”

‘Its worth a try,” Jason replied, before pulling a book from the shelf.

A glowing ball of fire floated into the room, and then transformed into Lord Shroud.

“Put those books down, fools. There strong magic within those pages. Magic that you don’t want to use,” Shroud warned.

“Oh on the contrary, Shroud, there just might be a spell or two in these pages that can destroy you,’ Jason said. “Like this one for instance. Mesh Ra Tantus!” Lightning streaked down from the ceiling striking the dark sorcerer, but having no affect on him.

“Let me give it try,” Tommy said. “Poco Biente!” The whole room began to shake and then a giant octopus-like monster emerged from beneath the floor.

“Octanium, seize those three fools!” Shroud ordered. The monster dashed towards the three helpless humans, however, just as it was within range, all three humans leaped into the air and delivered a triple spin kick. Octanium tumbled to the ground and then rolled back into the hole he had emerged from.

“Oh if you want something done right, you have to do it yourself,” Lord Shroud grumbled. He then held his hands in front of his mouth, and a large blue rose appeared.

“C’mon, guys. I don’t like the looks of this,” Tommy said, but before the three humans could move, Lord Shroud blew on the rose. This caused a puff of blue smoke to emit from the flower and float into the humans’ faces.

“I feel, so sleepy,” Kimberly said, before falling to the ground. Her other friends then fell like dominos.

“Now to carry out my plan.” Lord Shroud waved his hands over the three sleeping humans, and they teleported away. The sorcerer then followed.

* * *
Hogley flight ended in the river, and after some “persuasion” he was currently receiving a ride from a giant crocodile. The porker was certain that if he continued on this course he’d run up with the Power Rangers again.

“Hoglllleeeeyyyy,’ a voice whispered.

“Who’s there?” the porker asked, with a hit of nervousness in his voice.

“Oh, Hoglllleeeeeeeeeeyyy. Why are fighting your destiny? Why are you fighting the Power Rangers?” the voice said.

“Who are you?!” Hogley demanded.

“The Rangers can help you, Hogley. The can help you find the Pathway.”

At the mention of the Pathway, Hogley’s eyes enlarged and his body was filled with shock. He had never told anyone about his belief that there was a place that existed outside of all time and space. A place where all dimensions met. A place where anywhere could be accessed. A place called the Pathway. “For the last time....Who are you!”

“A person who wants to see you reach your destiny, my robust friend. That is all you need to know for now.”

Hogley’s mood quickly changed as he heard the sound of laughter in the distance.

“Stop horsing around, Zhane. You’re going to cause us to fall into this cold water.”

“Aw, you worry too much, Karone.”

Hogley immediately recognized these two voices as the ones belonging to the Pink and Silver Rangers. *Yes, I’m closing in on them.*

Up ahead, the Rangers were looking around at the colorful wildlife that greeted them as they floated up stream. All sorts of birds, squirrels, wildcats, and as they passed under a low hanging branch, a little monkey swung down and gave Andros and kiss on the cheek.

“Yuck!” the Ranger leader groaned, as he wiped his cheek.

“Now that was funny,” Ashley giggled.

Andros couldn’t help but let out a few chuckles of his own. With all of the hustle and bustle of the big city they were accustomed to, it was nice to have a change of scenery and be able to relax for a few moments, however, each Ranger knew that sooner or later they’d run into Hogley, Darkonda, or some other villain before their journey was over.

“Hey, guys, help me look for a red, bricked path. According to the map there should be one in this area,” Andros said.

“There it is,” T.J. said, pointed to a small clearing between to two trees. The Rangers motioned for the elephants for head in the direction of the walkway.

After hopping onto solid ground the Rangers thanked the elephants for there help, and then continued on their journey, unaware that two of their greatest enemies were hot on their trail.

* * *
Finally, the six teens arrived at a clearing and were left speechless by what they found.

Their were six large statues of animals: a Jaguar, a Phoenix, a Wildcat, a Frog, a Bull, and an Ape.

“Well this must be the place,” T.J. said.

‘So what do we do now?” Ashley asked.

“You die! That’s what you’ll do!” snarled the Silver Back gorilla, who came out from behind the Jaguar statue. “What took you guys so long to get here?!”

“Darkonda? What happened to you?” Karone asked.

“Oh have you forgotten my ability to merge with other creatures,” Darkonda hissed.

“We’re not going to let you seize the power of the Beasts of Virtue,” Andros stated.

“Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha! Is that what you thought, Rangers,” the primate cackled. “I don’t want to seize the power of the Beasts of Virtue. I want to destroy them once and for all!”

“Darkonda, you traitor!” Hogley yelled as he came charging from behind some trees.

“Good, now I’ll get the opportunity to destroy all seven of you at once,” Darkonda stated.

“Think again, pal,” T.J. stated.

“Turn on the Power!” all six teens shouted, in unison.

“Master Vile, bring the Dark Fortress down here now!” Darkonda spoke into the communicator.

“Oh no. They’re going to use the Dark Fortress’ lasers to destroy the statues,” the Pink Ranger guessed.

“Darkonda, you’re mine!” Hogley snarled, leaping into the air and tackling the primate to the ground.

With the strength of his new body, Darkonda was able to toss Hogley around like a ragdoll. “You were foolish to come here, Hogley, now I’ll finish what I started on Rizi.” Darkonda grabbed Hogley’s head and held it firmly in his arms, ready the snap the porker’s neck.

At this point quite a few things ran through Hogley’s mind. What lies would Darkonda and Master Vile tell Cobrada, when they returned to Earth without him? How long would Cobrada be allowed to live, after Vile and Darkonda’s return? And finally, if Vile and Darkonda weren’t working for Lord Shroud, just who were they working for?

There was a blur of red light, as the Red Ranger activated his Red Tornado Mode. The twisting red energy swirled around both Darkonda and Hogley, causing the primate to release his hold on the porker. The red energy faded away, and the Red Ranger returned to the side of his teammates.

Hogley noticed that Darkonda was in a weakened state, and using all of his might, the porker struck his foe with his sword. There were a few sparks of energy and then Darkonda and the gorilla split into two beings once again.

“Now its our turn!” Andros said. “Spiral Sabre!”

“Nova Staff!” Karone called.

“Astral Daggers!” Ashley yelled.

“Astral Bow!” T.J. yelled.

“Spacial Blade!” Adam yelled.

“Super Silverizer!” Zhane called.

“Power Weapons....Fire!” In unison, the Rangers fired a blast of white energy at Darkonda.

Hogley dove out of the way in time to watch Darkonda burst into flames.

“Well done, Power Rangers,” came a strange voice.

The Rangers watched as a panther leaped down from its perch in the treetops, and then transformed into a slender man, with Mongolian features, and who was dressed in a black tanktop and a pair of white sweat pants.

“Who are you?” Adam asked.

“I am Curry,” the man said, with a heavy accent. “Before going to fulfill his destiny in battle against Lord Shroud, Bangoli entrusted me with guarding the Beasts of Virtue from those who serve the Darkness. Now something far more sinister than anything Lord Shroud could ever create is on the verge of being unleashed upon this universe. Power Rangers, I now pass the powers of the Beasts of Virtue to the six of you.”

“The Beasts of Virtue are coming with me,” Hogley said, boldly stepping forward.

“No, Hogley, you must act as an ally to the Power Rangers, for it is the only way you ever find the Pathway,” Curry revealed.

“Hogley, an ally to us?” Andros and his teammates were now very confused.

“All will be revealed to you in time, but for now you must act quickly. Your friends, the Revolutionaries, are in grave danger as we speak, and I must send one of you to KO-20 to help another potential ally find the Light,” Curry continued.

“Just tell us what needs to be done and we’ll do it,” Adam stated.

“Step forward and unlock the power of your new zords,” Curry instructed. “Andros, leader of the Power Rangers, the Red Jaguar is yours to command. Ashley, the unpredictable Yellow Wildcat is your new zord. Karone, you have risen from the ashes, much like your zord the Pink Phoenix. Adam, your Ninjetti spirit, the Green Frog, will continue to assist you. T.J., you will pilot the mystical Blue Bull. And, Zhane,..,”

“Yes,” the teen grinned.

“Well....the Silver Ape will be at your command,” Curry stated. He then addressed the Rangers as a whole. “Use the Beasts wisely, my young friends, because until Lord Shroud is defeated and Darkonda and Master Vile’s master is revealed and dealt with also, you will face challenges that you never thought possible. Before your mission is complete, all of you will have to depend on something far more powerful than even your Ranger powers. And, Hogley, you WILL have to assist the Rangers if you want to find the Pathway.”

“Well, Hogley, what do you say?” Andros asked. “Are you willing to work with us?”

“How quickly you forget, Rangers, I am a servant of the Darkness,” Hogley growled. “I’ll find the Pathway by myself “ Hogley waved his sword in front of himself and then vanished into thin air.

“Give him time, Rangers,” Curry said. “He’ll be there when you need him.”

“You said that the Revolutionaries were in danger,” T.J. said.

“Yes. As we speak your friends are launching an attack on one of Cobrada’s outposts, yet they don’t realized that they’re walking into a trap. Five of you must journey back to Alter-Earth to help them,” the Mongolian explained.

“I’ll go to KO-20,” Adam volunteered.

“No way, man. I’ll go,” Andros stated.

“No, Andros, you’re our leader. If something goes wrong on KO-20, I’ll be more expendable then you would,” the Green Ranger stated.

“Okay, but if you need us, just call,” Andros replied.

Curry produced a wooden staff from thin air and waved it in the air, creating a swirling blue portal. “This portal will take you to KO-20. Be careful, Green Ranger, as all six of you should be. Your gaiden is only beginning.”

“How will I know when I find this potential ally?” Adam asked.

“Don’t worry.......they’d will find you. Your zord will be there if you need it,” Curry stated.

The other Rangers bidded Adam farewell for now, and then watched as their friend leaped through the portal.

“Good luck, my friend,” Andros whispered. He then addressed his teammates. “Well guys, we’d better get moving if we’re going to help the Revolutionaries.” The others nodded in agreement.

“Billy, we’re on our way up,” T.J. spoke into his communicator.

“Will we ever see you again, Curry?” Karone asked.

“I’m the guardian of this planet, and would die if I ever tried to leave, but I will be with you in spirit as you battle the forces of evil,” the Mongolian vowed.

“May the Power protect you, Curry,” Andros said, before he and his teammates dissolved into beams of light and ascended into the sky.

“May the protect you also, Power Rangers,” Curry stated, before disappearing.

* * *
“Don’t tell me......The Rangers found the Beasts of Virtue,” Master Vile guessed, as Darkonda walked onto the bridge.

“I had them right where I wanted them until that fool, Hogley, showed up. Thanks to him I’ve lost yet another life,” Darkonda grumbled.

“The master will not be pleased.” Master Vile shook his head.

“Hmmm, I think I just came up with a way to get rid of Hogley, once and for all,” Darkonda explained with an evil laugh. “I’m setting a course for Alter Earth.”