Disclaimer: Everything Power Rangers related in this story is the property of Saban Entertainment. I’ve just doing this series for my enjoyment and for the enjoyment of others.

Author’s Notes: This is the first story in the Power Rangers Beyond series. Read the Prelude it provides a short profile on all of the main characters in this series. I got this idea from the Batman Beyond TV series. This series will be step on the idea that the Rangers were already morphed when came to fight off Astronema’s forces in Countdown to Destruction, therefore, their true identities still remain a secret. And now let the series begin!

Power Rangers Beyond
The Power Is Reborn: Part I
by: Marques Jeffries

Fifteen years have passed since the fall of the United Alliance of Evil, and it is now the year 2013. The Allied Planets, consisting of Earth, KO-35, Aquitar, and Triforia, has been formed to work to spread goodwill and unity throughout the universe, and to safeguard the known universe against hostile forces.

At Angel Grove High School, Andros is teaching his Kerovan History class.

“Would anyone like to explain the War of 96?” asked Andros, as he stood at the front of the classroom.

There was silence for a few moments, and then a young, blonde female student began to speak. “In the year 1996, KO-35 was attacked by the United Alliance of Evil. Those who survived the attack, fled to a distant desert planet,” explained a young blonde female.

“Very good, Stephanie,” replied Andros, with a smile.

“Show off,” whispered a guy, who was sitting behind the girl.

Before Andros could ask another question the bell began, ending the class. “Read Chapters 11 and 12, and be prepared for a quiz, tomorrow,” instructed the Kerovan, as he watched his students exiting the room.

Andros had been teaching Kerovan History for ten years, and he loved teaching Earth students about the cultures of his home world.

In the hallway, Stephanie Fairchild was getting three books out of her locker, when the guy from her Kerovan History class walked up.

“So, Stephanie, how would you like to catch a movie with me on Friday night?” offered the guy.

“Sorry, Tim, but my parents are giving a dinner party, Friday night. Mason Hodges is supposed to be coming over also,” the girl responded. “Maybe some other time.”

“Okay, and I’m sorry for calling you a show off, in class,” stated Tim, as he walked away.

As Stephanie watched Tim walk away, she thought about how sheltered a life she lived. She was one of the richest girls in the country, and her parents were afraid that some guy would take advantage of her, so they forbade her from dating until she reached college. Stephanie had had a crush on Tim since the sixth grade, but she did not want to be disobedient to her parents.


At the Surf Spot, Tim and his two friends, Christopher and Nicolas Medlin, were chowing down on some burgers.

“So, did you ask Stephanie to go out with you?” inquired Chris.

“Yeah, but she turned me down again. I’m beginning to think that she doesn’t like me,” replied Tim.

“Oh I’m sure she likes you, because she’s always staring at you in our Algebra II class,” announced Chris.

“Okay, guys, here are your drinks,” said T.J., as he brought three sodas to the table.

“Thanks, T.J.,” stated Nick, as he took his soda.

“So you’re interested in Stephanie Fairchild, huh,” stated T.J., with a grin.

“Yeah, but I wonder if she’s interested in me,” Tim said.

“Well she comes in here from time to time, and I’ve heard her talking to her friend Jasmine about you,” said T.J. “Stephanie likes you, but her parents are very strict and won’t allow her to date.”

Just then Cassie and her niece Michelle entered the restaurant and walked up to the counter.

“Well guys I gotta get over there and take their order, but don’t give up, Tim,” said T.J., before walking away.

“Hey isn’t that Michelle Chan?” asked Nick, as he looked at the girl.

“Yeah, but from what I heard she’s nothing like her aunt,” stated Chris. “I heard that she got in trouble with the law, and that she was sent here because her aunt is the only person that she will listen to.”


At Ray-Tech, Tim’s parents, Matthew and Gloria Bennett, were preparing to head home for the day. As they walked to their car, they were approached by one of their co-workers.

“Matt! Gloria! Wait!” yelled the man, as he ran up to them.

“Daryl, what’s wrong? You look like you’re being chased,” said a concerned Gloria.

“Listen, I don’t have much time. This tape has evidence on it. Evidence that could topple the very foundation of Ray-Tech,” explained the man, as he shoved a tape into Matthew Bennett’s hands.

“Daryl, what is this all about?” questioned Matthew.

“I’ve got to go, before they get me,” said a frightened Daryl. The Bennett’s watched in confusion, as Daryl ran off.

“What do you think is on that tape?” asked Gloria.

“I don’t know, but whatever it is, it can’t be good,” replied Matthew.


“Ashley, I’m home!” yelled Andros, as he entered the house. “Where are you, honey?!”

“I’m right here!” replied Ashley, from the den.

Andros entered the den, to find his wife sitting on the couch, eating some pasta, and watching the news.

“So how was your day?” asked Andros, as he kissed his Ashley on the cheek.

“It was good. Verscotti called me and told me that everyone in Paris in looking forward to the Ivory Creations fashion show, next month,” stated Ashley.

“”That’s great, Ash. I’ll bet Kimberly and my sister are excited also,” stated Andros, as he sat down beside Ashley.

“Ladies and gentlemen, we’ve just received word that a prominent Ray-Tech executive was found dead twenty minutes ago,” stated the newscaster.

Andros and Ashley listened as a reporter told the story about how Daryl’s body had been found in an alley, three blocks from Ray-Tech. The reporter also stated that the killer was obviously looking for something, because Daryl’s jacket pockets appeared to have been searched.

“Its just not safe to walk the streets anymore,” stated Ashley. “Maybe someone should do something about it.” Ashley motioned to the door that led to the basement.

“Ashley, Its been fifteen years since we last morphed. We’ve gotten older and our life is so much different then it was then. I have a great job, teaching students about the ways of my people, and you’re one of the best fashion designers in the universe,” stated Andros.

“I know, but sometimes I miss the good old days, of traveling through space, on the Astro Megaship, fighting evil space aliens, and saving the universe,” stated Ashley.


Meanwhile, at Ray-Tech, Mason Hodges was meeting with his right-hand man, Derek Simon.

“What did the boys find on Daryl Linwood?” asked Hodges.

“The tape wasn’t on him,” replied Simon.

“He must’ve gave it to someone, but the question is who?” stated Hodges.

“He was good friends with Matthew and Gloria Bennett. Do you want me to pay them a visit?” asked Derek.

“No, there’s no need to arouse suspicion from them. They may not have it,” explained Hodges.

“Then what are we going to do? If the police or the Senturions get their hands on that tape, the both of us will find ourselves behind bars,” stated Simon.

“Listen the Bennetts will be attending the Fairchilds’ dinner party, also. While I keep an eye on them there, you take the boys and search their house,” ordered Hodges.


“Yo, Tim, are you going to the party at the Silver Pulse?” asked Chris, as he talked to Tim on the phone.

“Aw, man, that is tonight!” exclaimed Tim, as he hit himself on the head.

“I talked to Stephanie, and she said that she’s sneaking out to go to the party, so you’ve got to be there,” insisted Chris.

“I can’t go. My dad took one look at my report card today, and grounded me for a month,” stated Tim.

“Bummer,” replied Chris.

“I’m going to see if he’ll lift my grounding for one night,” Tim said. “If he does, I’ll see you there.”

When Tim got down downstairs, his parents were about to leave for the Fairchilds’ house.

“Dad, listen there’s a party at the Silver Pulse, and I was kinda hoping that you’d lift my grounding for one night,” stated Tim.

“Timothy, we discussed this earlier. You won’t be attending any parties until your grades come up,” stated Matthew, sternly.

“But its not fair! All of my friends are going to be there! Mom help me out!” exclaimed Tim.

‘Tim, your father is right. Your grades were terrible, son, and we all know that you can do better. There will be other parties, but tonight you have to stay home,” stated Gloria.

“You better be here when we get back, or I’ll extend your grounding longer,” ordered Matthew, before he and Gloria headed out the door.

As soon as their car was out of the driveway, Tim headed out the backdoor.


At the Silver Pulse, teens danced and sang with the music.

“Hi, Joseph!” said Michelle, as she walked up to Joseph Guerrero, who the captain Angel Grove High’s football team.

“Hi, Michelle, so your aunt let you come?” stated Joseph.

“I promised her that I’d be home by eleven,” replied Michelle. “Wanna dance?”

As Michelle and Joseph began to slow dance, Tim entered the club.

“Tim! Over here!” yelled Stephanie, as she, Chris, and Nick stood by the drink machine.

“So, how did you get out?” asked Nick.

“I came here after my parents had left,’ replied Tim.

“You disobeyed your parents?!” exclaimed Nick.

“Well when I found out that Stephanie was going to be here, I knew I had to come,” Tim said.

“Well I’m glad you’re here,” stated Stephanie, with a smile.

Tim and Stephanie headed onto the dance floor.

“So how did you sneak out?” Tim asked, as they danced.

“I told my parents what I was going to the library,” replied Stephanie.

Tim and Stephanie danced to four songs, and were just about to kiss, when some unwelcomed guests showed up. About twenty guys dressed in feathered jackets, and masks similar to the faces of Lord Zedd’s infamous Tenga Warriors

“Okay, everybody hand over your valuables!” yelled one of the men, as he and his partners pulled out some lasers.

“The Tenga Gang!’ yelled Nick.

“Hey nobody invited you guys so take a hike!” yelled Zhane, as he stepped up to the thugs.

“Step aside, wimp!” yelled one of the Tengas, as he shoved Zhane to the ground.

“We’ve gotta help Zhane,” stated Chris.

“We’re with ya,” said Tim, Stephanie, and Nick, in unison.

“Hey why don’t you guys try us on for size!’ yelled Tim, as the four teens got into fighting stances.

“Let’s get these losers,” stated one of the Tengas, as the thugs began to fire at the teens.

Chris struck first, by leaping into the air and dropping one of the thugs with a spinning kick. The other teens took Chris’ lead and began to fight off the Tengas. Once Joseph and Michelle realized what was going on they came to help Chris and the other teens.

“I sure do wish I had my morpher with me,” thought Zhane, as he started throwing food at the Tenga Gang. Finally the Tengas realized their plan to rob the party goers was a bust, and so they retreated.

“Yeah, we kicked their butts!” yelled Nick.

“Now that was fun,” added Michelle, as she high fived with Stephanie.

The six teens introduced themselves to each other, and then resumed partying.


As Tim neared his house, he could hear sirens in the distance.

“What is going on?” thought Tim, as he began to run home.

When he reached his house, paramedics were bringing two stretchers out of the house.

“Hey! What’s going on?!” yelled Tim, as he caught the attention of one of an police officer.

“Are you Timothy?” asked the officer.

“Yes, and this is my home. What happened here and where are my parents?” asked Tim.

“There was a break in here and unfortunately your---,” said the officer, just before Tim pushed him aside, and ran over to one of the stretchers. When Tim lifted the sheet, he was heartbroken to see his father’s lifeless body.

“NNNNNoooooo!” screamed Tim, as he collapsed to the ground, and began to cry.

“Does he have any family?” asked Ashley, as she walked up to the officer.

“I’m afraid not, mam,” replied the officer sadly.

Ashley walked over to Tim and placed a comforting hand on his shoulder.

“Tim, I’d like for you to come stay with my husband and I, at least until we can get in touch with one of your other relatives,” stated Ashley.

Tim responded by rising to feet, and giving one final cry of anguish, before leaving with Ashley.


“Did you find the tape?” asked Hodges, as Derek Simon entered his house.

“Sure did, Mr. Hodges, but the Bennetts returned and we had to kill them,” replied Simon, as he handed the tape over to Hodges.

“They were good workers, but sacrifices have to be made, so that Ray-Tech can make more money,” stated Hodges, as he torn the tape apart. “No more evidence.


Over the next two weeks, Andros and Ashley had gotten in contact with one of Tim’s uncles, who told them that his life was too hectic to look out for a teenager. He also gave the two former Rangers his consent to adopt Tim. Tim now realized that his life had now been turned upside down, and he wasn’t sure if he’d ever smile again. Zhane had told Andros and Ashley about what had happened at the Silver Pulse, and so they invited Stephanie, Chris, Nick, Joseph, and Michelle over, in an attempt to cheer Tim up.

“Come on in, you guys,” greeted Ashley, as the five teens entered the house.

“Mr. Andros isn’t going to give a quiz tonight, is he?” joked Stephanie.

“No, he went the gym to play basketball with his friend Tommy Oliver,” stated Ashley. “Tim is in the den.”

“What are you guys doing here?!” asked Tim, when his friends entered the room.

“We are all very concerned about you, Tim,” stated Chris.

“Guys, I just feel like its my fault that they were killed. I mean, if I had stayed home, I could have saved them,” said Tim, sadly.

“Tim, if you had been there then you would have been killed also,” stated Joseph.

Tim rose to his feet and walked over to the door that led to the basement.

“I just feel so guilty,” said Tim, as he beat his head on the door. Instantly, the door burst open, and Tim tumbled down the stairs.

“Oh my God! Tim are you okay?!” yelled Stephanie, as she and the other four teens stood at the door.

“Hey guys, come on down!” replied Tim. “There’s something you guys have just gotta see!”

So the five teen cautiously made their way down the stairs.


When they reached the basement Tim stood in front of a wall, and on the wall was printed “THE POWER RANGERS: ONE TEAM, ONE GOAL, ONE MISSION”

“Wow!” exclaimed Nick.

“You guys do know what this means, don’t you?” stated Tim.

“Yeah, either the Rangers lived here---,” said Michelle.

“Or Mr. Andros and his wife are Rangers, themselves,” added Chris.

“Its the latter,” stated Andros, as he and Ashley came down the stairs. “Its a good thing I cut my basketball game short.”

“You kids weren’t supposed to find this place,’ stated Ashley.

“What is this place anyway?” asked Stephanie.

“When we bought this house, we moved all of our Power Ranger weapons and equipment down here,” explained Andros.

“This is the situation! This is how I can find out who killed my parents!” exclaimed Tim.

“I know what you’re thinking and there’s no way I’m going to let you claim the Power,” stated Andros.

“Tim, you weren’t thinking of becoming a Ranger, were you?” questioned Stephanie.

“The person that killed Daryl Linwood is the same person who murdered my parents,” stated Tim. “If I were a Power Ranger, I could track this person down, and make them pay!”

“You just can’t use the power for personal reasons,” stated Andros.

“Andros, you are the one who rode the Megaship all over space searching for your sister,” reminded Ashley.

Andros could not argue with that statement, because he knew that Ashley was right, and deep down inside, Andros knew that if he were in Tim’s shoes he’d want to do the same thing.

“Okay, Tim, but you’re going to need help. Are the rest of you up for the challenge?” asked Andros.

“Well, I don’t know. I mean I’m still trying to take all of this in,” stated Stephanie.

“This guys is offering us the chance to become Power Rangers,” explained Nick. “What else is their to take in!”

“Listen, you guys, Zhane told us about how you kids took care of those Tengas, so there is no question that the six of you would make a great team,” stated Ashley.

“What do you guys say? Will you help me find my parents’ killer?” asked Tim.

“You’re my best friend, Tim, so count me in,” replied Chris.

“I’m not going to let my brother have all the fun, count me in also,” stated Nick.

“This team could use a little Girl Power, so I’m cool with it,” stated Michelle.

“Me too,” stated Stephanie.

“What about you, Guerrero? Do you wanna be a Ranger?” asked Tim.

Joseph thought for a second and then said. “I’m with ya.”

“Well, Mr. Andros, we’re ready to receive the power,” stated Chris.

Andros pulled out his cellular phone and made a few phone calls, and within moments Zhane, Karone, T.J., Cassie, Tommy, and Kimberly had joined them in the basement.

“Wow! we see you guys everyday, and we never knew that you were former Rangers,” stated Nick.

‘My friends, we are all gathered here tonight for a special ceremony,” stated Andros. “For centuries the Power Rangers have served as the defenders of justice throughout the universe. Now after a fifteen year absence, they have once again been called upon to right a terrible wrong. These six young adults who stand before me will now carry one the tradition as those that came before them, however, because the Space Powers were destroyed fifteen years ago, a new power source is needed.”

“And that’s where I come in,” stated Billy, as he entered the room.

“Billy, its good to see you again, old friend,’ stated Tommy, as he and Billy shook hands.

“Its good to see you too, Tommy,” Billy replied. “Andros contacted me shortly after the defeat of the United Alliance of Evil, and had me construct a new Morphing Grid. One that would empower a new team of Rangers, should the forces of evil rise up again.”

‘That time has now come,” stated Andros. “Step forward, my young friends and receive your morphers, the key to your powers.”

“Christopher Medlin, noble and wise, you shall be the leader of this new team, the Red Ranger, You command the Lion Zord,’ stated Andros, as he handed Chris his morpher.

“Stephanie Fairchild, agile and smart, you will be the Yellow Ranger, and control the Cheetah Zord,” stated Ashley, as Stephanie accepted her morpher.

“Joseph Guerrero, patient and swift, you’ll be the new Blue Ranger, and pilot the Panther Zord,” stated T.J. as he presented Joseph with his morpher.

“Michelle Chan, my dear sweet niece, you are unpredictable yet true, you are the new Pink Ranger, and you’ll control the Wildcat Zord,” said Cassie, as she hugged her niece and handed her the morpher.

“Nicolas Medlin, heroic and strong, your are the Gold Ranger, and the mighty Golden Dragonzord will be at your command,” stated Zhane, as he handed Nick a morpher.

“And finally, Timothy Bennett, cunning and loyal, you are now the White Ranger, and you will control the White Phoenix Zord,” stated Tommy, as he handed a tearful Timothy a morpher.

“I also have a gift for the six of you,” stated Karone, as she stepped forward. “After the last great war, Zhane and I renovated the Dark Fortress, and it is now the Fortress of Power. When needed, the six of you will able to transform the Fortress into an independent Megazord that will assist you in battle.”

“And I’m sure you guys are aware that you can also form a Megazord by joining your individual zords,’ reminded Kimberly.

“Thank you all for everything,” stated Chris.

“The best way to thank us is for the six of you to do your best to protect the universe from evil,” stated Andros.

‘We will,” vowed Tim.

“There are three rules that the six of you must live by,” stated Ashley.

“Never escalate battle, unless a villain does first,” stated Tommy.

“Never use your powers for personal gain,” stated Billy.

“And, your identities must remain a guarded secret. No one may know that you are the Power Ranger, except for us, of course,” stated Andros.

“We will follow these rules to the letter,” vowed Chris.

“Then raise your morphers in the air and shout, Let’s Rocket,” instructed Cassie.

“Let’s Rocket!” shouted the six teens, in unison.

The six teens then teleported out of the basement.


The Rangers landed on the moon, and looked down on Earth, and then into space.

“Where there is injustice, beware,” stated Chris.

“Where there is evil, be warned,” stated Stephanie.

“A team of Rangers have arrived on the scene,” said Joseph.

“And we’re not gonna back down from any challenge,” stated Michelle.

“We’re fired up and ready for action,” stated Nick.

“So all you bad guys were better watch your step,” stated Timothy.

“Cause we’re the Power Rangers!” yelled the teens, in unison.

Part 2

Six beams of light streaked across the night sky, and landed in Mason Hodges’ office at Ray-Tech.

“Tim, I don’t think we should be in here,” stated Stephanie.

“I’ve got a funny feeling that he’s somehow involved in my parents’ murder,” stated Tim, as he looked through some papers on the desk. “Nothing imcriminating, here.”

“Have you guys found anything?” asked a voice from the teens’ helmets.

“Mr. Andros, where are you?” asked Chris, in amazement.

“I’m in my basement. As you know, now, there’s a built-in communicator in your helmets, so I’ll be able to contact you guys, and vice-versa,” replied Andros.

“This totally rocks!” exclaimed Michelle.

“SSSShhhh, I heard footsteps in the hall,” warned Nick.

The teens quickly looked around, and found a walk-in closet.

“We’ll hide in here, and eavesdrop on whoever is coming in,” stated Chris, as the teens entered the closet and closed the door.

Mason Hodges entered the office, followed by Derek Simon.

“Open a communications channel to Horric,” ordered Hodges. Simon pushed a few buttons on Hodges’ computer, and a giant screen monitor dropped down from the ceiling. On the screen was the image of a young women with an Astronema-style look.

“Greetings, Princess Zara, you are looking as lovely as ever,” complimented Mason.

“Cut the flattery, Mason,” snapped the woman. “When will, my warheads be ready?”

“The warheads will be ready for delivery tomorrow night,” replied Hodges.

“Excellent, so your men will meet me on the planet, Hercuron, as we discussed earlier, right?” asked the princess.

“Yes, Hercuron has been uninhabited for years now, so there’ll be no witnesses to our little business transaction,” explained Hodges.

“Excellent, I’ll be there along with my soldiers, and we’ll bring your gold,” promised Princess Zara, before the commuications channel was closed.

“So what time do you want me to leave with the warheads?” inquired Derek.

“At 10 o’clock, tomorrow night,” replied Mason. “By the way the Bennetts had a kid. Did you take care of him, also?”

“No, but I heard that he was now staying with a couple, that live in the same neighborhood,” replied Derek Simon. “Do you want me to add him to the death toll?”

“Not at this time. We’ll deal with him only if he starts snooping around,” replied Mason.

Once the two men had left the office, the Rangers came out of the closet.

“I’m going after Simon,” stated White Ranger, as he started out the door.

“Hold it, Tim, you just can’t go after him now,” said Chris, as he grabbed Tim’s arm.

“Chris is right. We can nail those two, tomorrow night,” explained Stephanie.

“Derek Simon killed my parents, and I am not going to let him get away with it!” yelled Tim.

“We’ve got to get back to Mr. Andros’ house,” stated Chris.

“Yeah, I am sure him and the other former Rangers can help us formulate a plan,” stated Michelle.


The six Rangers arrived in Andros and Ashley’s basement, and demorphed. Andros, Ashley, T.J., Zhane, Karone, Cassie, Tommy, Kimberly, and Billy were waiting for them.

“So what did you guys overhear?” asked Ashley.

“Derek Simon killed my parents,” proclaimed Tim.

“Oh my God,” stated Ashley. “Does Hodges know about this?”

“He’s the one that ordered it done,” grumbled Tim.

“That’s not all, either,” stated Michelle. “He’s selling warheads to some lady named Zara.”

“Zara! Princess Zara?!” asked Andros, as a concerned look came on his face.

“Yes, that’s her name. Do you know her?” asked Joseph.

“I’ve never met her, but I do know of her,” stated Andros.

“I know her also,” stated Karone. “Zara is the ruler of a race of beings called the Brood. They’re bad news. Back when her father was in power, Dark Spector would not allow them entrance into the United Alliance of Evil, because he felt that they would eventually try to overthrow him.”

“The Brood has one goal to conquer the universe, but the question is what planet are they on now?” stated Andros. “The United Alliance of Evil destroyed their home world during the last great battle.”

“Well the Brood is supposed to meet Hodges’ men on a planet called Hercuron, tomorrow night,” stated Nick.

“I think the best thing for us to do is to capture Hodges’ men before they leave Earth, and then we’ll contact the Senturions, and let them know that the Brood is on Hercuron,” stated Andros.

“I’m sure that the Senturions will be glad to get that news,” stated Cassie.


The next day at school, Tim was called to the office, where Mason Hodges was waiting for him.

“Hello, Timothy, I’m sorry I had to pull you away from your class, but there’s something important that I have to ask you,” stated Hodges.

Tim was furious to see the man, who had ordered his parents’ death, but he knew he had to keep his composure, so that he and the other Rangers could nail Hodges later that night.

“Mr. Hodges, if its about my parents, I really don’t want get into it,” replied Tim, trying to mask his anger.

“Like I said, its very important,” stated Hodges. “Did your father ever mention to you about a tape that he had gotten from Daryl Linwood?”

“No, I’m afraid not. Why do you ask?” questioned Tim.

Well you see, I have reason to believe that Linwood was secretly working for an alien mobster, and there was some evidence on the tape that could have incriminated both of them,” lied Hodges.

“So if you had the tape, you’d turn it over to the Angel Grove Police or the Senturions?” asked Tim.

“Yes, but the tape is missing,” Hodges continued to lie. “Well I’ve got to get back to work. I’m going to be working late, tonight.”

“I’m sorry I couldn’t help you,” stated Tim, as he exited the office.

“I’m going to be working late tonight also, Hodges,” thought Tim, as he walked back to class.

As soon as Hodges got back into his car, he called Derek Simon.

“The kid doesn’t know anything, so we’ll let him live, for now,” stated Hodges.

“The shuttle is being gaased up as we speak, for tonight’s trip,” replied Simon.


After school, the six Rangers headed over to the Surf Spot, because they didn’t want to go into battle on an empty stomach.

“Anybody know what the capital city of planet Friz is?” asked Michelle, as she worked on her homework and ate a hamburger, at the same time.

“Ketchup,” replied Joseph.

“Ketchup?!” exclaimed a puzzled Michelle.

“Yeah, Ketchup is the capital of planet Friz,” explained Joseph.

“Its also what’s dripping on your worksheet,” added Nick, as he, Stephanie, Chris, Tim, and Joseph began to laugh.

“Oh my God,” said Michelle, as she looked down at her paper.

“Will all of you be able to meet in the basement at six-thirty?” asked Tim.

“Yeah. That will give us enough time to find out where Hodges’ men are leaving from,,” stated Chris.


In the basement, Andros, Ashley, Karone, Billy, and the Rangers had one last meeting, before the battle.

“Before you kids head into battle, we’ve got a few more things we need to tell you,” stated Andros.

“First of all, as you noticed when you first morphed, there’s an Astro Blaster attached to your belts,” stated Ashley. “They’re very powerful, and you should never use them on a normal human, unless it is extremely necessary.”

“Next, I’m afraid your Power Weapons aren’t quite ready yet,” explained Billy. “The old Astro weapons will be made available to you until your new ones are ready.”

“Its getting kinda late, and we still don’t know where that shuttle is leaving from,” stated Chris.

Just then Andros’ cellular phone began to ring.

“Hello,” said Andros, into the phone.

“Andros, I’ve located the shuttle,” replied the voice of Zhane.

“Where is it?” asked Andros.

“Its leaving from a field, forty-five miles west of Angel Grove Airport,” replied Zhane.

“Thanks, man, now you better get out of there before someone sees you,’ warned Andros.

“Carlos is covering for me at the Silver Pulse, tonight, so I’m on my way there,” stated Zhane, before hanging up.

“They’re leaving from a field forty-five miles west of the airport,” announced Andros.

“Then we’d better get going,” stated Chris.

“Good luck,” stated Karone.

“Thanks,” replied Michelle.

“Let’s Rocket!” shouted the Rangers, in unison.

“Okay, team, lets go to work,” stated Chris.

“Do you think Tim will be able to control his rage when he meets Derek Simon, face-to-face?” asked Ashley, as the Rangers teleported away.

“I hope so,” replied Andros.


In the field, Hodges, Simon, and about twenty thugs loaded the warheads into the shuttle.

“Just one more warhead, and we’ll be ready to go,” stated Simon.

“I want you to go with them, to make sure that the Brood doesn’t pull a doublecross,” ordered Hodges.

“As you wish, Mr. Hodges,” replied Simon.

“You guys aren’t going anywhere,” stated a voice from a group of trees.

“Who’s there!” yelled Hodges.

“We’re your worst nightmare,” stated another voice, as six figures moved towards the two villains.

Finally, the six heroes stood directly under the moonlight, and Hodges and Simon could see exactly who they were.

“Well, well, well, six young punks, who think they’re the Power Rangers,” sneered Simon.

“We are the Power Rangers,” stated the Red Ranger, with all of the courage that he could muster.

“I never leave home without insurance,” stated Hodges, as he pressed a button on his watch. Instantly, a giant, robotic bat flew down from the sky.

“The BAT2000 was intended for military use, but he’ll serve as a nice distraction for you meddlers, while we depart,” explained Hodges.

“Look at the size of that thing!” yelled Michelle.

“Chris, what are we going to do?” whispered Stephanie.

“I’m going after Simon,” stated Tim, as he ran towards the shuttle.

“White Ranger, wait!’ yelled Joseph.

“Nick, call your Dragonzord, the rest of us will go help Tim,” commanded Chris.

“Dragonzord, I call upon your blazing power!” yelled Nick, as he raised his morpher in the air. The Golden Dragonzord emerged from a crater on the moon, and flew to its owner.

‘Wow! here it comes!’ exclaimed the Gold Ranger.

“Be careful, bro,” stated Chris, before he and the others ran off to help Tim.

The Gold Ranger leaped into the cockpit of the mighty zord, and then the zord headed into the sky to battle the BAT2000.

The bat struck first by firing missiles out of its mouth, but the Dragonzord manuevered out of the path of the missiles.

“Nicolas, the red button on the control panel sends a ball of fire out of the zord’s mouth, and the one that’s shaped like a pentagon, causes the zord to kick at its opponent,” stated billy’s voice, into Nick’s helmet.

“Thanks for the info,” replied Nick, as he pressed the pentagon button. The Dragonzord nailed the BAT2000 with a few kicks, but the bat quickly shook them off, and flew directly at the Dragonzord.

“Okay its now or never,” said Nick, as he pressed the red button. Just as the BAT2000 neared, the Dragonzord shifted into reverse, and unleashed a fatal blast of fire!

“Oh yeahhhh!” exclaimed Nick, as he watched the bat burst into flames. “I hope the others are okay.


On the ground, the Red, Pink, Yellow, and Blue Rangers were fighting Hodges’ henchmen.

“Derek, where you!” yelled Mason Hodges, as he looked for his assistant.

Inside the shuttle, Derek Simon was swinging a dagger at the White Ranger.

‘I don’t know why you’re so determined to harm me, Ranger, but your determination will be your undoing,” stated Simon.

“You killed two friends of mine, and now you’re going to pay,” stated Tim, as he kicked the dagger out of Simon’s hand.

“Okay, Ranger let’s not be hasty,” begged Simon, as he began to back towards the control panel of the shuttle. “I’m a very wealthy man, and I could share some of my wealth with you, if you’ll let me leave with these warheads.”

“I don’t take bribes, especially not from the likes of you,” scoffed Tim, as he grabbed Simon, and tossed him to the ground. Tim pulled out his Astro Blaster, and pointed it directly at Simon’s heart. “I should blow you away, right now.”

“Go ahead. Do it, Ranger,” snarled Simon. “Shoot an unarmed man. Some Power Ranger you are.”

Tim then began to think back to what Ashley had said about not using the Astro Blaster on normal humans. “I can’t do it, because if I did I’d be no better than you are,” stated Tim, as he put his blaster away.

‘Good boy, I knew you were too soft to do it,” said Simon, as he rose to his feet. Simon then lunged at the White Ranger with a knife, but Tim reacted and stepped out of the way. Derek Simon’s knife sank into the shuttle’s control panel, causing Simon to be electricuted.

“Tim, are you okay?” asked Chris, as he entered the shuttle.

“Chris, we’ve gotta get out of here!” yelled Tim. “Simon short circuited the controls, and now I think this thing is going to blow!” Chris and Tim, both tried to free Simon from the electric charges, but he wouldn’t budge. The two Rangers made it off of the shuttle just before it exploded.

“So much for Hodges’ plans,” stated Blue Ranger.

“Where is he anyway?” asked Tim.

“He got away while we were fighting his men,” replied Stephanie.

“None of those guys were connected with Ray-Tech. They were just common thugs,” explained Michelle.

“Tim, are you okay?” asked Nick.

“Yeah, but I’m ready to go home,” replied the White Ranger.

“I hear police sirens in the distance, so we’d better jet,” suggested Joseph.

“Yeah, the bad guys are all tied up and ready for their trip to prison,” stated Stephanie.

The Rangers teleported away, just as the police cars pulled up.

“Well, lookie here, Scorpions, all tied up,” said one of the officers. “Who did this to you guys, Mannon?”

“The Power Rangers!” cried one of the thugs.

“The Power Rangers?!” said all of the officers in unison.


At Andros and Ashley’s house the Rangers watched the news.

“Tonight our fair city of Angel Grove is a buzz with talk that the Power Rangers have returned after a fifteen year absence,” stated the newscaster. “A group of thugs were found tied up in a field, near Angel Grove Airport, and when they were taken into custody, they said that the Power Rangers were responsible for their capture. I don’t know if these men were telling the truth, but if they were I’d just like to say welcome back, Power Rangers!”

“We still need to get Hodges,” stated Tim.

“A man as powerful as Hodges can’t be brought down so easily, but his day will come,” stated Andros.

“When that shuttle doesn’t show up on Hercuron, his day may come sooner than later,” added Ashley.

Just then, the phone rang, Ashley picked it up and after a brief conversation hung it up.

“That was Karone,” stated Ashley.

“Did her and Zhane hear from the Senturions?” asked Andros.

“Yeah, She said that when the Senturions arrived on Hercuron, they had a short battle with some Brood warriors, but the warriors managed to escape into a wierd portal that opened,” stated Ashley.

“Well if the Brood comes to Earth, they’ll have to deal with us. Right guys?” stated Michelle.

“Right!” replied the other Rangers.

‘The Power Rangers are back,” stated Chris.

“And they’re better than ever,” replied Nick.

“Its getting late, so you guys need to head home, so that you won’t arouse the suspicion of your parents,” suggested Andros.

Tim rose to his feet and bidded his friends farewell for the night. Stephanie was the last one left to leave, and before heading out of the door she turned to Tim, and gave him a kiss on the cheek. “I love you, White Ranger,” she whispered, before heading out the door.

“Its really amazing,” said Tim, as he returned to his seat on the couch.

“What?” asked Ashley.

“I’ve lost one family, but gained a new one,” replied Tim.

“Tim, Chris told me what happened with you and Simon, and I want you to know that you did the right thing,” stated Andros.

“Thanks, Mr. Andros,” said Tim, with a smile.


“Those meddlers will pay for what they’ve done! Every last one of those armor-wearing, karate-kicking, Rangers will pay with their lives!” screamed Hodges, as he tossed his TV remote at the TV.

“Mr. Hodges, your scientists just called. They found Derek Simon, and amazingly, he’s still alive,” said Hodges’ butler, as he entered the room.

“Really!” said Mason Hodges.

“Yes. They want you to come to Ray-Tech’s lab immediately,” explained the butler.

The End