Disclaimer: Part two of my first fic, A Ranger Romance. Yes, I finally got it finished. It took me so long to actually get all my ideas together and I had so much editing to do. Anyway the song is Kathleen Wilhoite's,"Wish Never Met." Kim, Jason and Gunther Smidt all belong to Saban Entertainment and I'm using them without permission. However, Janice belongs to me so if your going to use her get permission. Okay you came here to read so go ahead and read part two.

Surprise Time
by: Kimber

Florida: Gunther Smidt's Gymnastics Compound

"All right gymnasts, that's it for today. I will see you all bright and early tomorrow." Gunther Smidt announced. "Take the rest of the day to relax." With that, he walked into his office and closed the door.

Kim sighed with relief and hopped off the beam. Walking over to the benches, she grabbed her bag and swung it over her shoulder. Making her way out the door of the training building, Kim sighed. It was good to finally get out of there. She walked over to the Housing Area, where all the gymnasts had small apartment complexes set up, and opened the door.

The receptionist, who took messages for the gymnasts smiled at Kim. "Hey Kim, tough day huh?"

Kim smiled back, "Hi Janice, it always is. Any, messages for me?" Kim asked standing in front of Janice's desk.

"Let me check." Janice went through a few papers then looked back to Kim. "Nope, none today Kim."

"Hmm, I was hoping my Mom would call. Oh well, thanks anyway Janice. See you later." Kim said.

She walked down the hallway and up to her apartment door. Opening her bag she searched around for her keys. When she finally found them, she pulled them out and unlocked the door. Once she was inside she tossed her bag on the floor and walked over to her radio system. Turning it on a song floated into the room, one Kim loved. It made her think about her friends back home, one in particular, Jason. The last time she had seen him was when the whole Muriathias incident happened. He had helped win the tournament and for a while stayed in Florida.

Unfortunately, college beckoned and he went back to California to go to college there. He had also saved her life. When Divatox had captured them, they had found a way out but she had gotten caught. Helping her had cost him his chance to get free. Thank goodness that whole mess was over with. But something had happened to Kim before Jason left. She had fallen for him. Her lifetime friend, the guy she grew up, and she had fallen for him. The song played on the radio and Kim plopped down on the couch and listened.

"Disappointment stops by from time to time,
To see how I'm doing.
He came by last night, right after you left,
My life in ruin.

When I don't get what I want,
The spoiled child inside breaks down.
Kicking, screaming, praying and dreaming,
For a love lost then found.

Well, I wish we never, wish we never, wish we never met.
Cause now I've got my heart set on you."
Jason had stolen Kim's heart but she hadn't gotten he chance to tell him before he went back to Angel Grove.
"Humiliation asked me out last night,
I had nothing else to do.
So we took a cab to lose, be drunk, at conversations,
I couldn't get through."
There had been nights after he left where she had sat in bed crying because she had said nothing and had let him get away. Many restless nights had come and gone by. She had tried dozens of times to think of a way to say what she felt. She had also dated other people to forget but nothing helped.
"In another strangers arms,
Were trying desperately to be blind.
But I look away, tabs to pay, lies to say.
Like "How are you? Well, I'm doing fine."

Oh but I wish we never, wish we never, wish we never met.
Cause now I've got my heart set, I wish we never
wish we never, wish we never met.
Cause now I've got my heart set on you."
He had told her about Emily and how he had broken up with her because of his feeling for someone else, but he had never said who it was.
"And I don't get what I want,
From another strangers arms.
No, and I don't get what I want,
From another strangers arms.

I wish we never, wish we never, wish we never met.
Cause now I've got my heart set on you.
I'm set on you."
No matter how hard she tried she just couldn't think of a way to tell him. She just hoped that one day, she would be able to. The song drifted off and another began to play and Kim quickly turned the radio off. She just couldn't bare to hear another song of lost love and gloom. She sat down on her couch, not knowing that her chance to tell Jason how she felt was just outside.

Florida: Outside Gunther Smidt's Gymnastics Compound

Jason's cab pulled up to the building in no time and after paying the driver, he got out. Janice smiled as he walked into the apartment complexes of the compound. "Can I help you sir?"

Jason walked up to the desk, "Yes, I'm looking for Kimberly Hart, is she here?"

Janice looked at the handsome young man that stood before her and almost drooled over herself before replying. "Yeah, can I ask who you are?" she asked

"I'm an old friend of hers from back home." Jason told the girl.

"Would you like me to tell her she has a visitor?" offered Janice. Janice couldn't believe how lucky Kim was to know such a hunk.

Jason thought about, "No thanks, I think I'd rather surprise her. Can I ask what room she is she in?"

"Down the hall, last door on the left." Janice replied with a smile. Jason thanked her and walked down the hall. Janice followed him with her eyes, thinking to herself, *Darn, that girl is lucky* She went back to filing papers as Jason came up to Kim's door. He lightly tapped the door and waited for Kim to answer. The door opened and Kim stood there with her mouth open wide.

"Hey Kimmie! Did you miss me?" Before Jason said another word Kim fainted.

Well, I hope you liked part two. I know it took me a long time to write it and its so small, but I had so much editing and revising to do on it. I'm now writing part three and it will be done soon. The song in this fic, was actually in an episode of Buffy. It is a beautiful song and I did use it without permission, sorry about that. Part three is giving me some troubles so bare with, major writers block and pressed for time.