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by: Stardust Magick

Carlos looked around the computer room. Ever since his friends left him 5 years earlier, he spent a lot of time with computers. It was because of a computer that he met Trek. All he thought he had done was hack into a bulletin board not some government funded program. Funny how life did things. First these people wanted him, and then he met Trek and became one of them.

"Ian, what is the time of arrival for the president?"

Ian laughed in his high and mighty British accent. "Two days, three hours, twenty seven minutes and 15 seconds. To be precise."

"Aren't you always?" Ian had become one of his few friends in this business. He got along with Kyle and them, but Trek and Ian were the only two he shared all his secrets with. Even those of being a Power Ranger. "What is today's date?" I know what it is, but there are times that I just need to hear it.

"March 17, 2003."

Carlos's smile vanished as he remembered being found by Billy and the Aquitian Rangers. The others had just left him to die. How could you guys? I thought we were friends. His thoughts were interrupted when a loud banging started on his door. "Who is it?"

"Kyle! I need your help, Lightening." Carlos smiled. Lightening, the name he used when he was hacking. Trek liked it enough to keep calling him that, then the others started. "Trek's been hurt bad."

"What? HOW?"

"Plato sorta lost control of steering and threw Trek off and down a cliff. He's in intensive care. Come on, we need you."

Carlos opened the door, being a tad confused as to how he could help. "And?"

Kyle smiled at the young Mexican man. "We want you to temporarily take Trek's place on the team."

"Why me?"

"Right before Trek went deep into his coma, he kept calling out your name. Something is going on, and you are involved in it."

"And you want to keep an eye on Trek's hacker friend? Sorry, but NO thanks."

"That's not it. I trust you, but I also want you safe. Probably the safest place for you is with us. That and this has been coming for some time. Bring Ian with you."

"Ian? What's going on Kyle?"

"You'll see. Just bring Ian."

Carlos sighed as he picked up Ian's portable unit. Something big was happening, and he didn't like being left in the dark.

"WE ARE UNDER ATTACK! I REPEAT! WE ARE UNDER ATTACK!" Andros's voice rang through the ship. Carlos ran to his friends on the bridge.


"You better believe it."

Andros, the left Spectral Thermographer is broken. It needs to be fixed, or we are sunk.

"I'll do it!" Carlos said, jumping to his feet and racing off the bridge towards the Glider tubes. Sliding down, he felt the familiar sensation of morphing sliding over his body. I swear I will NEVER get use to this, no matter how long I am a Ranger, he thought as he quickly started working on fixing the Spectral Thermographer. Seconds later, his vision was blinded by a bright white flash of light.

Carlos shook off the memories as he set the unit on the table in the garage. He looked closely at both Kyle and Jenny.

"The others are with Trek right now. This is what's been a long time coming," Kyle stated as he removed a sheet from the Tracker that had been under it. "This is Ian's new home, and your car as the newest member of TKR!"

Carlos almost started to say something, as the alarms went off. Rushing to the computer, his face went as white as a ghost.