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Author's notes: I did this fic in honor of Snoopy. She didn't think I could write a fan fic that didn't make her go 'thud'. Now I'm here to prove her wrong. LOL :) This one's for you Snoopy. Enjoy. :)

The Things That Make You Go 'Huh'?
by: Cinders

He didn't know how long he had been sitting there, or even why. All he knew was that he was getting cold. But, it didn't seem to matter. Nothing outside of what he was doing now, mattered. Nothing.


Why was he here? Why didn't he just get up and leave? He'd been asked by the others to play flag-football, but he'd refused the offer. Again, sometime later; he didn't know how much later; they'd returned with an offer to go to the Youth Center for something to eat. He thought it over, mulled it around in his head. He really should go with them, he hadn't eaten all day.

What time was it?

Did it matter?

Not that he remembered, it didn't.

So, he refused once again, to the concern and confusion of the others. Even Zordon's obvious concerns; voiced over his communicator, didn't deter him from what he was doing.

After some time, his eyes began to sting, and he spared a moment to rub them, then he continued on in his task. The only gage of time passing, that he had, was the darkness that had begun to slowly enfold him in it's embrace. He strained against it, to continue his duty. During that time, one of his friends had come to check on him. He remembered hearing her voice, but couldn't remember the words.

There was a sudden warmth around him then, just before she left. Welcoming it, he reached out, touching the blanket she'd draped over his shoulders. Thankful, he pulled it closer around him.

As time went on, he began to feel tired. He wanted desperately to close his eyes. He wanted to go home, eat and sleep. But, he couldn't leave his post.


What was stopping him? There were no walls built around him. No chains holding him in place. So, why didn't he just leave? He moved to stand, but found himself sitting back down almost immediately.

* * *

Above the Earth, on the moon, an evil laugh filled the space around it.

"What is so funny?" Came a deep, angry voice.

"I've confused one of the Rangers." Came Rita's grating voice. She looked extremely pleased with herself.

Zedd made his way, stiffly, to her side. With his visor glowing red, he gazed down at the Earth and a lone figure that was just sitting there.

"What have you done to him? None of your other spells have worked before." Zedd stated, looking at Rita.

She didn't know weather to take it as a half-complement, or not. She could never figure out her husband. Maybe that love potion wasn't such a good idea after all.

"I simply made him do something, that he has no idea why he's doing it."

"That simple?"

"Yes. That simple."

"Unbelievable. Why didn't I think of it sooner?"

"Because you can't think of anything on your own, and if you had tried, you would have hurt yourself." Rita stated, sarcastically. Zedd gazed at her, as he started to glow red. She could well guess the look in his eyes beneath that visor. She laughed.

"Imagine, Zeddy. If it's working so well on that one pathetic Ranger, then think how well something so similar could work on the others."

"The possibilities are astounding." More evil laughter began to ring out.

* * *

As the light began to rise on a new day, he pushed the, once welcome, blanket off of his shoulders. He'd been there all night long. His eyes burned, his stomach growled with hunger. He could smell the breakfast foods being prepared at the local McDonald's. He had enough money in his pocket to purchase something to eat, but he didn't move.

His mouth was dry. Oh so dry, that his tongue was permanently stuck to the roof of his mouth. He felt dirty, his skin crawling. How he wanted to get up, go home and shower. But, again, he didn't move.

He tried to lift his arm, to see what time it was, but he was stiff from the lack of movement. Giving up on the idea, he remained still.

A voice from beside him failed to draw his attention.

"You've been sitting here since yesterday afternoon. Aren't you tired?" Asked the male voice at his side.

"I'm not sure." He responded in a drone.

"Something's not right. I'm going to go see Zordon."


He was alone again. Distant voices started to drift to him on the gentle morning breeze. Then everything began to waver. His vision became fuzzy. Suddenly, the world turned upside down. He felt himself falling, the blissful sleep had finally come to him.

* * *

Tommy teleported back to the wall outside of the beach side cafe, just in time to see Billy fall off the bench he'd been sitting on for so long. Quickly, Tommy raced to his side, to see a smile on Billy's dry lips and the sounds of snores emanating from him. Shaking his head, Tommy looked up just as Kim and Rocky arrived.

"Oh my gosh. Tommy, what's wrong with Billy?" Quickly they joined him; Kim almost laughing at the snores coming from Billy.

"He's sleeping, now."

"Why is he sleeping out here?" Rocky asked, confused.

"He's been out here since yesterday afternoon." Tommy said.

"You mean, after we invited him to the Youth Center, he never went home?" Kim asked in surprise.

"Nope. I went to talk to Zordon about it, and I returned in time to see him fall; literally, asleep."

"So, what was he doing out here this whole time?" Rocky questioned.

"Staring at that..." Tommy motioned to the wall, several feet away from them.

"At...a picture of...SNOOPY?" Kim asked, confused.

"For nearly twenty-four hours? Why?" The very idea just confused Rocky.

"Yes, twenty-four hours. Let's get him to the Command Center, we'll figure out the 'whys' later."

Four columns of light teleported away. Pink, White, Red and Blue.

* * *

"Our plans for Universal domination have just begun. We've made the genius, Blue Ranger, confused over doing something that he couldn't explain. One Ranger down, five to go." Rita laughed, as she danced around the Throne room with Lord Zedd.

The End.

Special Note: I wrote this fic for fun, with no intentions of making it into a series. Hope you had fun reading it. LOL :) Thanks.