Author's notes:

Hello everyone, now before you read this I want you to know that this is my first fanfic. Further more this is my first thing I have every really put to the public so after you read it don't get to judge mental. I want and encourage feed back so I'll know how the public feels, got to give the public what they want or they won't read it right. The one thing I don't like is flames. As far as I am concerned the only one who should be flaming around here is Raye. I am going to write this first part and depending on what the feed back is like I will continue. Any constructive criticism will be helpful.

And just in case you would like to know it takes place in the Sailor R series before Darien tells Serena about the dreams from the future. I would also like to add that Rubeus and the four sisters play only a little part in this story. Not even enough to make a difference. I will also be using the north American names because that's all I have seen. I have done some background search but I find it less confusing to write without having to worry about the spelling of the original name. I hope you enjoy it. Now on with the show.

Mind Trap
By: Osiris
Part 1

It was a warm summer day. The birds were singing, the sun was shining, life was good. All was peaceful. Serena slept soundly underneath the warm comforter which had been partially kicked off during the night. Luna was also sleeping on the end of Serena's bed. The radiant light shone softly into the room and lay vicariously across the soft pink sheets.

The black cat which lay curled up into a ball started to stir, waking from a good nights sleep. Luna stretched and groggily walked up to the front of the bed.

"Wake up Serena, you can't sleep your life away!" said Luna pushing on Serena's back to wake her up.

"Just five more minutes mom, Just five more..." Serena said as she slipped in and out of consciousness. "Minutes. Just need five more."

"Get up, get up, get up, get up, we have important business today Serena, we're having a sailor scout meeting, we need to find out what the black moon family are going to do next."

"Go away Luna I'm tired." she exclaimed while pushing Luna off the bed.

Luna hit the floor with a thud. Shaking her head she jumped back to the bed ready for round two with hurricane Serena.

But before Luna could say or do anything the phone started emitting a horrible noise. Making Luna fall off the bed in fright and causing Serena to sit straight up in fear. Serena's eyes were wide open and fully awake.

"Damn new phone sounds like a fire alarm, OK mental note get new phone." thought Serena as she tried to calm her heart.

Serena reached over and picked up the phone with one hand and covered her eye's with the other.

"Hello." she said sounding still a little sleepy. She felt that she was going to have a head ache.

"Hello Serena, it's me Amy, I'm sorry did I wake you?" said the voice from the other end.

"Hi Amy, ah no I had to get up to answer the phone." she said in a sarcastic yet joking manner. "So what did you want?"

"I was wondering if you wanted to walk over to Raye's with me? Plus you've been sleeping in a lot lately and I wanted to make sure you made it to Raye's."

"Hey I would have made it there," she paused, "eventually. Sure but I got to hop in the shower first and get dressed." Serena looked at her clock, the meeting was for 12:00 and it was already 11:15. "I'll meet you in about half an hour at the stop sign at the end of my street." she continued.

"OK see you then." replied Amy.

"See ya."

Serena gently placed the phone back down and lay back in her bed. She took out her star locket and opened it, being soothed some what by it's enchanting music. But in that music also came a feeling of sorrow. The locket now held two meanings for Serena. The promise of Darien's love to be there always and the proof of his decent when he rejected her. Serena slowly slipped if off around her neck and placed it on her night stand. She lay back in her bed one more time, stretched and then proceeded to climb out of bed. While doing so she grabbed her head "I'll definitely need some aspirin." she thought.

Serena left her room for a second and got a towel from the linen closet. She tossed it over her shoulder and returned to her room.

"Oh Serena why can't you be more like the other scouts. They don't have problems getting up, take a lesson from Amy. She has good grades, she doesn't have to have someone wake her up and she is already really independent." said Luna going off on one of her lectures again.

"Give it a rest Luna, I know, I know, I can almost tell you what you're going to say next, I've heard enough already." said Serena, she was starting to get annoyed.

"And I'll say it again and again until you straighten up your act! All the girls have improved. Amy, Lita, Mina, Raye, they are all responsible sailor scouts why can't you be like them?"

"Enough already, hear me now. I am not Amy, Lita, Mina, or Raye, I am Serena if you hadn't noticed. Why are you always comparing me to them, You're so mean." said Serena. Luna figured that Serena would go into a fit of hysterics and start crying but instead she stormed out of her room to go take her shower. Luna was mystified.

"For once she didn't cry, maybe she is getting more of a back bone." thought Luna. She had started to notice that Serena had changed the past few days. "Raye had been mean to her a lot this week. Could it be she is going to be able to stand up for her self. No this is Serena were talking about. She's just in a bad mood from being woken by the phone."

Luna decided she would lie down for a little while as she waited for Serena to shower and dress. She jumped up on to the bed and curled up in the shadow of light that shone in through the window.

Serena returned 10 minutes later. With a pink towel wrapped around her. She quickly dried her hair and put it up into its regular meat ball formation. She looked back and saw Luna still asleep on the bed.

"What a hypocrite!" she thought, "Look at her she's no better then I am." Serena her self had noticed that she was changing. The past few days she wasn't her cheery, normal self. She felt edgy and the littlest things would tick her off. It was like all the grief and tension were starting to build to one final moment.

She was relieved that Renie wasn't here. Renie had gone with Serena's mom to the zoo and wouldn't be back till about 3. She wasn't in the mood for the little fungus to go acting like a spoiled brat. She liked Renie a lot despite the fact they were always fighting and she didn't want to take her bad mood out on her. Serena really felt for the little kid. She was all alone looking for her mother in a strange place she didn't know.

Serena quickly finished drying her self off and got dressed. She then went over to her bureau, picked up her transformation broach and secured it to her blouse. Looking around she had a strange feeling like she was forgetting something. Then looking over at the night stand she noticed her locket. She went over and picked up. At one time she wouldn't have left it out of her sight for a second; but now it seemed it's meaning was slowly wearing away. Serena held it in her hands tightly thinking all the while of what she had lost. She unclasped the chain and slipped it around her neck, letting it fall underneath her blouse.

She then proceeded out into the kitchen and had some breakfast. Scarfing down the food like there was no tomorrow. By this time Luna was awake and was sitting at the Kitchen door and watching Serena gorging on what looked like a meal that could feed a hundred men. Now this was the Serena she knew. Luna could never quite understand how Serena could eat so much but weight so little. "Must be the royal blood inside her. How often do you hear of a fat princess?" she thought.

As Luna sat there watching Serena devouring the breakfast that lay before her Sammy walked in. He quietly walked over to the fridge and got some orange juice. All the while wondering what was the best way to insult Serena this morning. Looking at Serena eat he could see bits of food flying away from her as if she was a wolf tearing apart her prey.

"Hey Serena, You'd better be careful you might actually get some food in your mouth." said Sammy, trying his best to get on Serena's nerves.

"Shut up worm!" she said spitting most of her food all over Sammy.

"Oh gross Serena, you might like to shower in your food but I certainly don't."

Serena sat there as she finished eating her breakfast. Then gazing up at the clock she realized that she was supposed to meet Amy 5 minutes ago.

"Oh god I'm late!" she screamed finishing her drink and running out of the kitchen. She ran to the porch and quickly put on her shoes. Luna running after her. She opened the door and started dashing down the street with Luna starting to catch up.

Down at the stop sign Amy was waiting for Serena impatiently. Then out of the corner of her eye she could see Serena running all out down the road. Eventually she got to the stop sign. Luna then realized that it must have been all the running she does that keeps her thin.

"Late again Serena?" said Amy, " You should get up earlier like me. I get up at 8:00 every day."

"Sorry Amy, well come on we got to hurry up, we only got 10 minutes and if I'm late again Raye is going to blow an artery!" exclaimed Serena half dragging Amy by the arm.

"This is what Serena must feel like being late every morning." thought Amy as she started to run after Serena down the street.


"Where could they be? I understand Serena being late but what in the world happened to Amy?" exclaimed Raye as she waited impatiently for the two tardy Sailor scouts. Raye stood waiting along with Mina, Artemis and Lita.

She tossed her hair back and decided to sit down thinking that they were going to be there awhile. The sun, still bright in the sky, cast down light softly on the trees near the temple. It was a prime example of a perfect day. She watched the crows pecking at the ground. She soon started to relax in the sun light admiring the peacefulness.

"Maybe something happened on the way over. Do you think there could have been an attack?" said Mina.

"I don't know about that, wouldn't they have called on their communicators?" said Artemis as he paced back and forth and then finally found a place to lie down.

"Good point but I think I am going to try anyway, it couldn't hurt." said Lita as she grabbed her bag to get her communicator.

"Wait a Second I think I see them." said Raye. She stood up so she could get a better look and sure enough she could see Serena coming full force up over the steps to the temple with Amy and Luna soon following her.

Serena finally made it up over the stairs and headed over to where Raye, Lita, Mina, and Artemis were.

"Sorry... Guys.. I lost.. track of time." puffed Serena all out of breath as she sat down on the porch in front of the temple.

"Yeah well wake up earlier next time, you knew there was a meeting today." said Raye. She looked really cross. When it came to Serena she had a low tolerance level.

"Hey lighten up Raye, she's only a few minutes late." said Mina going to Serena's defense. By this time Amy and Luna were there.

"So Amy, why were you late?" inquired Raye.

"I was waiting for Serena. We were going to walk over but Serena was late."

"Oh!" said Raye in the tone that screamed I told you so, "Well come on in I'm going to do a fire reading. So we can be ready for the next attack."

They all nodded and went into the temple. But unknown to Serena the clasp on her locket had come undone. It would seem she hadn't clasped it fully tight earlier this morning and as she rose to go inside the clasp came undone and the locket fell to the ground. It lay silent on the ground with the chain lain askew as Serena and her friends left to do the fire reading.

Raye had to get ready to do the reading so she asked the rest to stay in her room and wait for her. She went to the other room and quickly changed into her traditional red and white robes.

"Oh great this gives me a chance to read some of Raye's Mangas!" exclaimed Serena in joy. She immediately sat down to a tall stack and started reading. With her back to the rest of the other scouts.

The rest sat around the table and started talking.

"So are you guys ready to go back to school?" said Amy pushing her blue hair away from her eyes. "I can't wait to start this new computer class they have this year."

"Personally I don't want to go back. Having to think and worry about exam's and project gives me a queasy feeling." replied Mina.

"I thought you did okay in school Mina?" asked Lita.

"I do fine but the Idea of all the pressure just gets to me sometimes."

"I agree with being a Sailor scout and having to go to school that doesn't leave me with a lot of..." said Lita as she turned around to see Serena rolling around on the floor in fits of laughter. "...extra time." she continued.

"Hey you guys you have to read this it's so funny." Serena managed to get out between bursts of laughter. Large beads of sweat appeared on their heads as they rolled their eyes.

"So how are you doing in School Lita?" Inquired Amy.

An even bigger drop appeared on her head, "Ahhh Well lets just say that this year I have to do more studying, we're almost in High School and I need to settle down and get to work."

"So, what cha talking about?" asked Serena as she left her reading and sat down next to Amy.

"School, so why did you leave your reading?" asked Mina.

"Don't remind me about School and the Mangas well I figure If I read then all now then I won't have a reason to come over later. Both Renie and Sammy will be home and I am not in the mood to handle both of them at the same time."
Mina looked at Serena. "Something's different." she thought. Some thing about Serena was different today. Her hair was the same, every thing looked normal. Then coming upon her neck she noticed that the chain which she kept her locket was missing.

"So Serena did you forget to wear your Locket today?" asked Mina.

"No what are you," said Serena as she tried to grasp her locket. A sudden feeling of dread filled her when she noticed it missing.

"Oh no I must of lost it." Serena got up and started to look around the room along with the other girls. But they couldn't see it any where.

"Are you sure you put it on today?" asked Amy coming over to console her friend.

"Yes, I'm positive. I think so any way." she said with a look of frustration and fear on her face. "I'm going to go out side and look for it."

"We'll go with you." said Mina as she followed Serena to the door.

"No that's okay, just tell Raye to wait a little while, when she comes back." They all agreed doubtfully and sat back down.

Serena walked quickly out the door and passed Raye without her knowing. Raye then got up and went back to her room ready to start the reading.

Raye walked into the room and noticed that Serena wasn't around.

"So where's Serena?" asked Raye as she sat down next to Mina.


Serena quickly walked out the huge front doors and frantically started looking for the locket. With it were many bad feelings but it seemed the good out weighted the bad and she still had hope for Darien. She would always love him even if he didn't love her.

"Oh god it could be anywhere between here and my house!" she exclaimed to no one in particular, "Where is it?" she thought.

A single tear ran down her face as she realized that the odds were against her. This just wasn't her day. Then looking up she saw it lying near the steps. She picked it up and listened to the soft music. She felt whole again. She knew now that her and Darien would always be together. She took this as a omen. Things might be bad now between them but they were destined to find their way back to each other.

Serena turned and headed back inside. She pushed her hair out of the way and clasped the locket firmly making sure she wouldn't lose it again. As she walked in she noticed Raye had finished setting up and the giant room where they were going to do the fire reading was empty. Serena liked this room. It was big and dark with only one window letting light fall onto the refined wooden floor.

Walking closer to Raye's room she could hear the girls talking inside.

"She lost her locket, Serena is such an airhead. She loves that thing but she still can't even hold on to it. Personally I think she should give up on Darien, he clearly says he doesn't love her." remarked Raye. Serena Expected this from Raye, she was always on her case.

"Yeah she should give up on him it seems pretty futile. She should focus more on her studies. Her marks aren't really good." added Amy.

"Then again Serena wouldn't be able to study for more then 5 minutes without having to go gorge on more food from the Kitchen." continued Raye.

"That's another thing she's always eating my food. It's kind of annoying. It's no wonder she's not as fat as a cow." added Lita. The whole group started laughing.

Serena couldn't believe what she was hearing. Her friends were making fun of her behind her back. She leaned closer to hear more.

"She's always late too. Is it so hard to wake up in the morning. What a role model we have for a leader." said Mina.

"She's also bringing down my grades." said Amy.

"How long is she going to be anyway?" said Raye as she impatiently waited for Serena.

Serena stood quite outside of Raye's room. She couldn't believe what she was hearing.

"Maybe they're right, Maybe I should try to get my life and responsibilities in order." thought Serena as she slowly walked out of the temple, she didn't want to see them now. She needed to think for a while.


"Then again if I have to Sacrifice my grades to remain Serena's friend then so be it. Despite all her faults she is loyal and caring." continued Amy.

"Yeah Despite everything she has always been there for us." said Mina, "Before I joined the Sailor Scouts I didn't have many friends, people didn't want to hang around me because I never went to things like dances and parties, Artemis kept me on a short leash so to speak, but when I first arrived here Serena was always a good friend to me."

"Same here, the first day I came here she wasn't afraid to talk to me, the rumors about me being a bully scared a lot of people off but not her." chimed in Lita as she thought back to the first time she had met Serena at Crossroads Jr. high.

"I must say Serena is a good friend. She's not much of a leader but she has a good heart." said Raye. The rest of the group just looked back in shock. Out of all the group she was the Hardest on Serena.

"Hey don't look too shocked, I'm only hard on her because I think if she applies her self she could be a really good leader."

"I heard something like that before on TV. Kind of like tuff love, when a parent has to be ruff on the child and let them make their own mistakes so they can fend for themselves." explained Amy.

"Don't get me wrong sometimes she can be really Annoying." said Raye putting enthuses on the last word.

"To know here is to be annoyed by her, but to love her anyway." said Lita. The group smiled in agreement.

"Well it looks like she's going to be awhile so why don't we start the fire reading without her."

The other scouts reluctantly agreed and followed Raye out into the hall where she normally done the fire readings.

"A good friend yes, but prompt, I don't think so." thought Raye as she led the scouts over to the fire.

"I hope she hurries up. I don't have the patients."

Raye was somewhat in a bad mood today. Her Grandfather had been out on the street again bothering girls to come work at the temple. Some times he made her wonder if he still had any sense in his head. She didn't have patients for anybody today.

They all sat down in front of the fire. Raye in the front naturally and the rest of the scout's were sat down behind her in a horizontal line.

Raye gazed into the fire and started to pray. She watched the fire flicker before her eyes. Moving back and forth. The more she prayed more it seemed to respond. She then closed her eye's and went deeper into the chant. Her three friends behind her sat in silence as Raye called upon the sacred flame as she did so many times before.

"Sacred flame please tell us when will there be another attack?" as the words left her lips the flame started to change color. Images and shaped started to form before her eyes.

At first they seemed innocent. They could see Renie at the zoo with Serena's mother. Then Renie let go of Serena's mother's hand and bounced forth to see one of the animals. It growled at her and bared it's sharp teeth. The poor little child just ran and tripped over her own feet causing her to fall to the ground. If no one knew any better they could have sworn it was some thing Serena would have done.

As the child landed on the ground she scraped her knee. Tears weld up in her eyes and the crescent moon insignia appeared on her forehead. The energy force called the moon beam screamed out and filled the sky. As this happened one of the four sisters arrived with a large creature which seemed composed of multiple animals. People started to run and scream everywhere.

"We have another attempt on Renie, lets go scouts!"

"Jupiter Star Power!"

"Venus Star Power!"

"Mercury Star Power!"

"Mars Star Power!"

"Luna call Serena on the communicator and tell her to get to the zoo right away." said Mars as the Sailor Scouts ran out of the temple to save Renie.


"So little Rabbit I have you at last, Rubeus will be pleased!" said a platinum blond woman with her hair in a braid. Across her forehead was a dark crescent moon. She hovered in the air about 10 feet from Renie.

"Leave me alone, I don't like you. Help Luna ball!" as Renie lay helpless on the ground Luna ball sprang forward and tried to strike the woman but to no avail because she just knocked it away with a blast of ice.

"Get her Chimera!" she said to the beast to her right.

"As you command Birdy." the beast said in unison. The animal looked like something from a chemical accident. It was composed of different types of animals. The body was controlled by three head but with a single consciousness. The three heads were that of a dragon, a lion, and an eagle. The body looked like that of a horse and out of the back stretched giant wings. It also had a large spiked tail which it wiped back and forth.

"Stop right there!" shouted a voice from behind them.

Birdy turned to see four of the sailor scouts standing behind her.

"I was wondering when you were going to show up, so where's your leader Sailor moon?"

Mars turned around to see that Serena wasn't anywhere in sight.

"Stupid Ditz, she should have been here by now." thought Mars.

"It doesn't matter, I'll kill you first and when I find her I'll kill her too!"

"Not if we have something to say about it. In the name of Mars I will punish you!"

"In the name of Venus I will punish you!" joined Venus.

"In the name of Jupiter I will punish you!" added Jupiter.

"And in the name of Mercury I will punish you!" said Mercury.

"Well lets see about that, get them!" shouted Birdy pointing at the four scouts poised for battle.

"Get Renie out of here Jupiter!" commanded Mars in Serena's absence. Jupiter quickly ran over and picked up Renie. Seeing this Birdy Chased after them.

"Come on Scouts lets team up!" shouted mercury, "Mercury Bubbles Blast!" she announced sending forth a stream of bubbles causing a thick mist.

"Mars Celestial fire" shouted Mars.

"Venus Love Chain" screamed Venus.

"Surround!" finished mars sending forth her rings of burning fire.

"Encircle" added Venus simultaneously as mars sending forth her ribbon of light double teamed with Mars' fire.

But before it could reach it the Chimera flew up into the air and sent down a powerful breath of fire upon Sailor Venus. But Venus jumped in time to escape the breath but as it landed it took her out with its tail.

She flew through the air and knocked into the cages full of petrified animals. Her body lay limp on the ground.

Mars and Mercury rushed over to Venus motionless body. Reaching down Mars felt her pulse.

"Still beating, Is she breathing?" asked Mars.

Mercury lowered her head and listened for her breath.

"Yeah she'll be fine but we got to kill that monster and get her out of here."

Venus's eyes fluttered open, "Sorry guys I wasn't expecting the tail."

Mercury squeezed her hand, "That's OK we'll get him in the end."

"Where's Serena we could really use that moon Scepter of hers?" asked Mars. She was starting to become really annoyed with Serena.

Both Mars and Mercury looked up to see the Chimera standing there watching them. "Come on fight me!" the heads said in union.

Mercury stood up "Let's see if you like my brand of power"

"Mercury Ice storm Blast" she said focusing all her power. The Chimera just laughed and deflected the Ice storm back at Mercury causing her to slam into the cage and lie in a pile on the floor.

Mars was the only one left. She looked upwards and saw the Beast Staring down on her. She could feel it's hot breath as it came in for the final blow.


Serena's lay emersed in a deep sleep. When she heard the scouts she had went home. She felt weak and tired, she had to lie down.

Her sleep wasn't pleasant, she tossed and turned with hellish dreams. On her bureau Luna's voice could be heard in a frantic tone. In her dreams Serena could see her self being taken away from Queen Serenity. Her arms outstretched. She could feel her self being slowly pulled away from her. She turned expecting to find Queen Beryl or the four generals taking her away but instead four demented faces of the sailor Scouts looked back. Their expressions filled with hate and Deceit.

They laughed sinisterly as they pulled her away from her mother. Serena could see the Kingdom of the moon being slowly absorbed by a dark Shadow and then everything was gone. The once thriving world now lay quiet in the lifeless void of destruction.

She looked up wards into their faces one more time. Mars stepped forward and grabbed Serena's Locket and lifted her into the air with it.

She slapped her hard across the face. A large red welt appeared on her cheek.

Mars then threw her to the ground and prepared to use her celestial fire. Her eyes were dark and cold.

"Say good-bye Princess!" said Mars mocking her as she sent forth the fire to engulf Serena.

Serena awoke from her dream. She was shaking all over. She could still feel the pain in her cheek as if it actually happened. She felt cold.

"It was only a dream, only a dream." she repeated over and over.

Then as quickly as the dream had ended it started to disappear as most dreams did when the light of day shone down on them. But yet part of it had remained. The feelings of betrayal and despair stayed for they were partly true. She remembered how they had talked behind her back, how they laughed at her. That hurt the most.

Then from the bureau came a small voice, "Serena, where are you?"

Serena jumped at the noise and then realized that Luna was trying to call her on the communicator.

She quickly walked over and picked it up. "Hello Luna, what's wrong?"


Mean while Jupiter was quickly leaving the scene with Renie in her arms. "Please don't let them take me!" exclaimed the small child in her arms.

"Don't worry about that we're not going to let anything happen to you." said Jupiter trying to comfort the child.

"Well let's see if you can keep your promises Jupiter!" said Birdy as she appeared before them.

The Surprised Jupiter brought Renie to the ground and stood in front of her. "I won't let you take her" screamed Jupiter.

"Jupiter Thundercrash zap!" she screamed focusing her energy in a glowing ball of electricity in her hands. She took the ball of light and flung it at her enemy. The blast nearly hit her but Birdy managed to move quickly out of the way.

"Pathetic, now feel the power of the negamoon!" she exclaimed. She was about to send forth a blast of Ice to freeze the poised Jupiter with the scared Renie but before she could get a chance a single rose cut through the air and scraped across her face. She screamed and looked upwards to see Tuxedo Mask.

"Damn you, I'll get you next time!" she warned holding a hand to the gouge down her face. She felt blood trickling down her neck.

"Mark my words no one hurts my face and gets away with it!" And before another word was said she disappeared with only a few drops of blood on the ground to ever show she had been there.

"Thanks Tuxedo Mask." exclaimed Jupiter as he jumped down to her level.

"I'll take Renie you go and help the rest of the scouts." he said as the scared Renie ran to him.

"Right!" she said simply agreeing with him and ran off to help the others while he departed with Renie to find Serena's mother.


The Chimera had come down hard on Mars but she managed to move away in time but her leg was caught in the strike.

"Stupid Human, you should have excepted your fate for now I'll have to kill you slowly and painfully. There's no one here left to save you!" laughed the Chimera.

"Stop that!" screamed a voice from behind it. The Chimera turned around and found Sailor Moon standing with her Scepter in hands.

"So you finally decided to show up!" said Raye in anger.

"I am Sailor moon and I stand for love and Justice, in the name of the moon I will punish you!" said Sailor Moon in confidence.

"Lets see you try." it laughed sending forth a blast of energy like Venus's attack from the lions head. Sailor moon Barely Managed to escape as she tripped over her feet and landed to the ground.

"You're no match for me!" said the Chimera looking down at Sailor Moon as she lay at the mercy of the Chimera.

Then from the entrance of the zoo Jupiter appeared.

"Jupiter Thunder Dragon!" She screamed sending forth a dragon composed of a sparkling white energy. It engulfed the Chimera and quickly turned it to dust. A pile of ashes lay where the Chimera once was. In the ashes lay a blue Prism with a Dark moon Insignia which quickly faded to a dark gray mass.

"So what happened you Ditz, we almost got killed because you weren't here!" stated Raye. The pain in her leg only increased her rage. Raye was burning angry now and she was going to let Serena have it full force.

"Yeah they almost got Renie, and both Sailor mercury and Sailor Venus are laying in a pile on the ground. We could have got killed!" shouted Jupiter to Sailor Moons astonishment. She could never remember Jupiter getting this angry.

"I'm, I'm sorry guys. I was..." said Serena trying to find the best way to say I was home asleep without coming across lazy.

"No excuses Sailor Moon we were almost killed today because of you."

"But you guy don't understand, it's not my fault I." she stopped realizing none of them would entertain any excuse.

She turned to Sailor Mercury, "You believe me don't you Sailor Mercury, You wouldn't think I would desert you?"

Sailor Mercury looked coldly back at her. She felt pain pulsing through her body, she just stared back giving Serena her answer.

"I don't know Serena, next time we might be dead." Mercury finally said.

"Yeah anyone could be a better leader than you, " said Mars. Mars was already in a bad mood and it was just building, "I could make a better leader than you!" she continued.

Serena couldn't believe what she was hearing. They had all turned on her. Raye, Lita, Mina, and even Amy, they were all against her. They weren't joking before, they really thought she was a terrible leader.

Tears started to fill her eyes, at first they were the feelings of despair and then they turned to anger.

Serena quickly and coldly looked at Raye. The one who spearheaded all this. She slowly grasped her broach from her uniform. Ripping it from her chest, she turned back into Serena.

Jupiter looked around as she seen Serena do this, "Oh Great idea Serena transform here in public, let everyone know who you are!" scolded Jupiter.

"Shut up Jupiter!" Serena coldly said. Jupiter was taken back. She had never seen Serena get this Angry. Even when fighting Beryl she had always remained calm. Jupiter shuddered as she could hear the extreme anger in Serena's voice.

Serena once again turned to Raye to continue what she has set out to do. Raye then noticed the pain and anger in Serena's eyes. They seemed cold and empty.

"Here take it," Serena said as she threw her Transformation broach to the ground, "If you think you could do a better job go right ahead." upon saying this she turned on her heals and started to walk away.

Raye looked down at her feet. Laying there was Serena's broach with the Imperialim silver crystal inside.

Seeing how they had hurt Serena, Jupiter ran up to her and Grabbed her arm, "No Serena were sorry, we didn't..." she tried to say.

But Serena just turned to sailor Jupiter with a hate in her eyes. She calmly and slowly said only three words, letting them slip out slowly so Jupiter would get their full meaning, "Let me go." She pulled back her arm releasing her self from Lita's strong grip.

As Serena slowly walked away they all stared on in Disbelief. Their anger slowly decreasing as they came to gripes with what had just happened.

Slowly Mars reached down and picked up the broach which Serena had left at her feet. A sudden feeling of dread entered her, she felt weak in the knees.

"What have we just done?" the question stood out in her head. As the last rays of anger slowly dissolved. They watched Serena's ridged body move out of sight. The four scouts stood in a tense silence each regretting what she has said. The only question was what was going to happen next?