Mind Trap
By: Osiris
Part 8

        "My friends come we have much to discuss.   I have to say once
again that I'm deeply sorry for what I've done.  I was full of rage and
not knowing you weren't the guilty ones I took that rage out on you." 
spoke Queen Serenity.  Her voice was so different now.  Before when the
scouts had been on trial she spoke with anger and vengeance, but now her
voice embodied the very meaning of peace.  
        The four scouts were in the main hall of the palace having a 
discussion with Queen Serenity.  After the dark scouts had retreated
the good scouts had returned to the palace to decide what their next 
move should be.
        "There's no need to apologize Queen Serenity, if we were in your
place and you in ours we would have treated you the same.  If something
was to happened to the princess..." said Venus, not finishing her sentence, 
"It's fortunate you found out in time.  Any longer and we might not be here."
        "Darien!...How is he?" spoke Mars with a start as she remembered
that the last time they saw Darien he had been on the verge of death.
        "Why don't you ask him yourself?" said Darien coming up behind
the scouts.  To their surprise he was now dressed in his Prince's armor
instead of his tuxedo and mask.
        "Darien you're Ok!" said Mars as she ran and hugged him.  Feeling
some what embarrassed at what she had done she quickly released him.
        "Yes the power of the Crystal has returned me to full strength."
        "But why are you in your prince's armor?" asked Mercury.
        "I've realized that this is much more serious than I thought.  I feel
stronger this way and I've decided to keep this form for now.  Is there any
news on Serena?" 
        "No there is not.  I'm very worried about her.  I know she's still
alive.  She's worth more to them alive than dead but even more so I can
feel her presence even though she's so far away.  I always feel her in my
mind." said Serenity, she lowered her head in despair.
        "Don't worry queen Serenity we'll get her back." said Jupiter. 
        "That's what we're here to discuss.  The queen and I have been
talking and we think it would be best if we attacked the dark pillar.  
Tomorrow the palace's army shall attack the pillar and we will teleport
inside.  While they're distracted we'll get Serena and get out again.  The
Queen's head scientists have also given us some help.  Each of us will be
given a small pin.  Once we're in we'll all have a pin so we can teleport
back to the palace by our selves in case anything should go wrong."
        "Queen Serenity I've been meaning to ask you, why is it that the 
palace has such technology but yet the villages look like they're from 
medieval earth?" asked Mercury.
        "That's simple, when the nation began to gain stronger powers and
technologies the people first rebelled against the idea.  It was then 
decided that the old ways should be kept but the new technologies should be
used only in case of defending the palace and it's people from invasion.  The 
nation didn't feel ready for these new devices so, it wanted to keep a hold
some of it's innocence."
        "So are we all agreed?  Tomorrow one hour before dawn we will strike.
We decided to take advantage of the element of surprise and attack under
the cover of night.  Our main goal is get in and get Serena out."
        "Agreed!" all four of the scouts said in unison.
        "Then it's decided tomorrow we will attack the dark pillar." said
Queen Serenity as she finally seen hope for the princess.  
        "So they're going to attack are they?" whispered a chamber maid in 
the shadows.  She had been listening all this time to their plans.  Her eyes
glowed red in the dark as an evil grin crossed her face.  Moving swiftly she
returned to her room in the servants section of the palace.  She locked the
door behind her and sat down in front of the mirror.
        "Master I have something to report," as she spoke the mirror flashed
a bright white and an image of the dark Jupiter appeared.  "The palace 
intends on attacking the pillar tomorrow, one hour before dawn.  They are 
going to make a ground attack to distract the warriors and then the sailor
scouts along with the Prince will teleport and try to retrieve the princess."
        "Good work you'll be highly rewarded when we achieve dominance over
the palace.  Jupiter out!" the mirror flashed once more and returned to 


        "So the palace is going to attack." said the Dark Tuxedo Mask as he
thought pensively in the great hall of the pillar.
        "Yes my spy at the palace reported just recently.  They are going to
attack one hour before dawn." replied Jupiter.  Jupiter gazed over to Mars
with a look of arrogance, "My spy was able to enter undetected after the 
barrier dropped.  No one would suspect a chamber maid to be a spy."
        "Good job Jupiter!" congratulated Tuxedo Mask.
        "I'll put up the field so they can't teleport in." said Mercury 
going over to the control panel.
        "NO!" shouted Tuxedo Mask suddenly, "Let then enter freely.  I have a
better idea.  Let them through, once inside we'll split them up.  They are
strongest when they are together, if we can split them up they'll be no 
match for us.  Make preparations for our...Guests!"
        "Right away my master!" they all said as they turned to prepare for 
the oncoming attack.


        Darkness hung like a blanket covering the palace.  It was early 
morning and the sun had not yet risen.  The palace was alive with energy.  
The guards were preparing for the strike.  In the great hall the four scouts,
Darien and Queen Serenity stood preparing for the on coming battle.  A thick 
fog of tension filled the air.  This might be their only chance to save the 
        "So we're all ready?" asked Darien.  All the scouts nodded in 
        "Good luck!" said Queen Serenity, "Captain send word to start the 
attack."  Queen Serenity turned once again to the sailor scouts and Darien, 
"Ours and the princess' lives are in your hands."
        The scouts  held hands around Darien and began to concentrate.
They all began to glow and rise slightly into the air.  Then with a flash
of light they were gone.


        In the dark pillar an empty corridor stretched down into the darkness.
Each side smooth as glass and dark as night.  In the center of the hall way
a small light began to grow and then burst in blaze of power.  The scouts
opened their eyes and they were in the dark pillar.
        "So where do we start to look?" asked Jupiter.
        "Let me do a scan, I might be able to pick up her energy signature."
said Mercury.  She took out her mini computer and turned on her visor.  
She slowly turned in a circle scanning in every direction.  
        "She's down this hall way!" said Mercury.  They all took off in the
direction Mercury had pointed out.
        "Strange!  Why haven't we seen any guards yet?" said Mars.
        "Maybe they're concentrating on the palace's attack." said Venus in
        In what seemed like hours they finally reached the end of the hall.
The long twisting corridor seemed to mesmerize them as they ran.  The corridor
turned off into a circular room with five doors leading in all directions.
        "So where to now?" asked Venus.  Mercury once again began scanning
the vicinity with her computer.
        "I can't tell!  These readings are inconclusive.  One moment it says
she is to the east and one moment it says to the west.  This whole pillar
is some kind of vortex where reality twists.  All I know is she's down one 
of these halls.  Which one I can't tell.  It would take us forever to check 
each one out one at a time and the odds of us getting the right one at the 
right time is virtually impossible."
        "Then we'll have to split up.  Who ever finds the princess first
call the others on their communicators.  We'll re group here and teleport
out." said Jupiter.
        "I don't know about that, if were alone they can pick us off one by
one." said Venus.
        "That's probably just what they want but we have no choice." said 
        "She's right!  We have to split up, it's the only way we'll find 
her." said Darien.  He was staring off into the darkness of the corridors.
        "I'll save you Serena!  Just hold on!"  Darien thought.
        "Then we're agreed.  Who ever finds her first call the others on 
the communicators and then we can get out of here." said Mercury.
        "But Mercury Darien doesn't have a communicator, what will we do
about that?" asked Venus.
        "That's all taken care of thanks to the queens scientists.  They
built a communicator in the pins just to be safe."
        Each scout took a path and headed into the darkness.  The shadows
hung like a fog before them.  They knew something was waiting in the dark,
something horrible and unseen.  They knew they were heading into the face
of danger but they also knew that Serena needed them and each would lay down
their lives for her if they could.


        Mercury cautiously walked down the long hall before her.  The 
once thick darkness which draped the walls had now faded and dulled into
a dark purple aura.
        Her heart beat echoed in her ears as she walked further down the 
        "Mercury." whispered a voice from the darkness.  She noticed it as 
her own and turned around quickly.
        "Where are you?  Come out of the shadows." shouted Mercury to her
unseen counter part.
        "Mercury!" said the voice louder than before, it echoed and repeated
as the sound slowly bounced off the walls.
        "Or should I say Amy!" said the voice once again.
        "How do you know my real name?  Come out and fight!" shouted Mercury.
        As she finished speaking from the shadows appeared the dark Mercury.  
She smiled devilishly.
        "Hello Mercury!" said her dark counterpart, "What's wrong you afraid
you're going to fail your precious princess?  You've always been afraid of
failure." said the dark Mercury as she slipped once again into the shadows.
        "What are you talking about?  Come out and fight!"
        "You know what I'm talking about.  You've always been afraid of 
failure.  At first school was fun, you were happy and learned new things, but
then the pressure became to great.  Your grades were great but then every one
expected so much more from you.  You started to need to be perfect at 
everything.  You always had to be the best!"  said the dark Mercury once 
        "How did you know?" whispered Mercury as she though back.  She 
remembered back to just before she came to cross roads junior high.  She had
got an 92 in a test and ran home to tell her mom.  Amy could see her self
running inside to tell her mom the good news.  She remembered as her mother
looked at the paper and then looked back up to Amy with a look of 
disappointment.  "Did any one else do better?" her mother asked.  Amy feeling
a little shocked looked down at her feet and silently said "Yeah a boy in my
class got a hundred."  Her mother gave the sheet of paper back to her.  
"Amy you've got to try harder!  Entrance exams into university are only a few
years away.  You've got to try your hardest or you won't get anywhere."  Amy
remembered that ever since then she needed to get the best, she always needed
to be the best.  
        Amy looked up wards to see the dark sailor scout looking down at her.
"What are you doing to me?" she wailed as she crumbled to her knees.
        "Idiot!  You're in the realm of the mind.  All feelings and memories
here are more intense.  Remember Mercury you had to be the best at all costs.
You studied and had no friends."
        "No...It's, It's not, It's not true!" she repeated on her knees.
        "They were jealous of you Mercury, they hated you.  Even your friends
now only use you.  Do you think if you didn't help them with their studies
they'd be your friends.  Poor, foolish Amy!  Let me put you out of your 
misery!"  the dark Mercury as she stepped back and began her attack.
        "Mercury Ice storm!" the dark Mercury began.
        "No!" shouted the good Mercury, "I felt like that before but not any
more.  My friends love me for who I am, not what I can do for them!  You
twist the truth.  In the name of Mercury I will punish you!" and with that
the good Mercury began to glow with a blue aura, she raised her hands in the
air and in them appeared a staff.  The staff was made of olive wood and
was entwined with two serpents.  Surmounted three quarters of the way up
the staff were two wings.  At the top a bright blue orb was held in place by
the two serpents.  Mercury rose to her feet holding the staff before her.
        "Blast!" finished the dark Mercury sending forward a ice storm at
        Mercury started waving the staff in a trance like motion while she
softly spoke the words, "Mercury Caduceus Blast!"  The eyes of the serpents
opened and glowed a bright blue.  In succession the orb began to glow 
brighter and a beam like wave of ice sped forth in the dark Mercury's  
direction.  It easily dispersed her attack and continues forth encircling
the dark Mercury with it's power.  The dark Mercury screamed in pain and
fell to the floor.  
        The good Mercury ran over to the now still body.  Before she reached
it, her chest sprang upwards and a dark smoke left the body and into the
        The dark Mercury's eyes fluttered open, "Where am I?  What am I doing
here?  Who are you?" she said, her eyes opening wider as she asked the last
question.  The dark Mercury's eyes were no longer black and had been wiped
of all evil.
        "Don't speak, lay still."  The good Mercury didn't know what
to do with the dark Mercury.  Reluctantly she placed the pin on her sailor
uniform and pressed down on it.  She stepped back and the dark Mercury 
before her disappeared in a flash of light.
        The good Mercury then took off once again into the darkness and
whatever lay before her.


        Jupiter walked slowly down the hall.  She was prepared to fight at
a moments notice.  She hated this waiting, she knew something was out there
but she didn't know where.  
        "I wish they'd just attack and get on with it." Jupiter found her
self thinking as she moved further and further down the hall.  Then all of
a sudden the walls and floors around her started to sway back and forth.
Reality seemed to be rebuilding its self, in seconds Jupiter found her
self standing upon a tall pillar.  She was in a circular room with many
such pillars coming up from the darkness below.  Water could be heard
washing back and forth far beneath her.  Jupiter closed her eyes tightly.    
     "Calm down Jupiter, you can do this, just try and put the fear 
out of your mind!" she thought.
        "I know you're out there come out and fight me nega scum!" in answer
to her request a light began to glow upon one of the pillars on the other 
side of the room.  In a few moments the dark Jupiter appeared.
        "Impatient aren't we." said the dark sailor Jupiter, "The mighty and
brave Jupiter wants action.  What could possible scare her?  I don't know
maybe," she paused slightly looking deeply into Jupiter eyes, "Heights."
        As she spoke the word Jupiter remembered back to when she was but
a child.  She was in a air plane high above the earth.  Around her people
were complaining about how crowded things were and how bad the food was.  
The flight had been crowded.  If that had not been bad enough they had to 
sit in coach; First class had been all sold out.  Lita looked up at her 
mother and father.  They weren't enjoying the flight, everything annoyed 
them the smoke, the noise and the food most of all.
        Then the plane shook violently and the engine on the right side 
struggled once and then slowly died.  The plane shook again as the second 
engine struggled and died.  The plane started falling from the sky like a 
bird shot down.  People were screaming and panicking as the stewardess 
passed out pillows and tried to keep everybody calm.  Lita's mother 
grasped her  husband's hand tightly, as they leaned forward on their pillows. 
        Her mother looked to the right and reached out her hand to Lita.
Lita desperately reached, trying to grasp hold of her mother.  
The last thing Lita heard was her mother say, "I love you!" as the plane 
crashed into the earth below.  As it cut its path through the earth, sending
flames and destruction in its wake, a strange green aura surrounded Lita
protecting her from the flames.  
        When she awoke a fire man was taking her from the wreckage.  No 
one survived but Lita.
        "Mother!" Jupiter whispered as began to feel weak in the knees.  
Her eyes were full of tears.
        "You lost your mother and your father in that plane crash but you
survived.  You won't be as lucky this time.  You've failed yourself, your
parents and most of all the princess!"
        "No!  I won't give up!  Bad things happen in life but I can't give 
up!  I've got to go on even if it hurts!  People are counting on me!" as Jupiter
spoke a green aura encircled her.  In her hands appeared a long golden staff
which was entwined with ivory.  She focused all her power as she spoke,    
"I call upon Jupiter to help vanquish this evil, Jupiter send me your 
messenger!  Jupiter Supreme Eagle!"  she launched the staff at the dark 
Jupiter.  Lightning encased the staff and it turned into a flying eagle of 
light.  It flew around the circumference of the room and then straight for
the dark Jupiter.  It struck the dark Jupiter, lightening crashed all around 
her as she screamed.  The lightening then returned once again into an eagle 
and then into the staff.  It swung back wards and into Sailor Jupiter's 
waiting hands.
        As the power ceased around her the room began to change once again.
It turned once more into the long winding corridor.  The dark Jupiter fell 
to the floor.  She shook once, like the dark Mercury, and then a dark cloud 
of vapor burst forth from her mouth and eyes into the safety of the dark.
        Sailor Jupiter went over to the body which began to stir.  The dark
Jupiter opened her eyes, which were now cleansed of all darkness.
        "You must help the princess!" she said before collapsing once
again.  Sailor Jupiter took her pin and clasped it on her mirror image.
        "I have no other alternative, I have to use the pin, I just can't
leave her here!" thought Jupiter.  She pushed down on the pin and stepped 
back.  The Sailor scout quickly disappeared in a flash of light.
        "Don't worry, I won't let her down!" Jupiter swore as she ran off
once again down the twisting hall way.


        The hall was quiet all for the sound of Mars' heals as she walked 
forward.  She been expecting someone to attack.  She could feel the 
malevolence all around her.  But it was not from one being, it echoed 
from the walls, the ceiling, the floors, all of it screamed evil.  But 
what stood out farther than the evil was a sense of betrayal and pain.  It 
gnawed at her mind.  It took all her strength to keep the pain at a distance.
Usually her heightened senses came in handy but now they were just
a nuisance.
        She walked further down the twisting hall keeping her mind focused 
on her task ahead.  Then from the corner of her mind a searing flash of evil   
caught her attention.  She turned around slowly to find the dark Mars behind
        "Greetings Mars!" spoke the dark Mars, "I was wondering when you 
were going to get here.  Let us take this to a more hospitable place." The 
dark Mars raised her hands and fire began to burn away the walls.  When the
flames grew dim they found them selves in what looked like Raye's temple.
They were in a giant room with soft wooden floors.  The room was cloaked in
shadows, the only source of light coming from a giant fire burning at the
head of the room.  
     "So you've come for the princess, but why, wouldn't you be better 
off with out her!"
        "What, you think I would betrayal the princess!  On the behalf of Mars
I will punish you!" said the good Mars.
        "Mars Fire Ignite!" the good Mars screamed.  The dark Mars did the
same.  It was a fire fight, both flames blazing brightly, struggling against
the other.  The good Mars focused all the strength she could spare in this
blast.  Her flame over powered the dark Mars' flame.  Luckily for the dark
Mars she was able to jump away before the flames could touch her.
        "I will not let you hurt Serena!  We're taking her back with us!"
said the good Mars in triumph.
     "Drop the act Mars, I know how you feel.  Serena was in the way
of you and Darien being together.  Serena the weak little fool could
never hold onto him.  She's weak, you could have had him if you wanted.  
Or could you?  Face it Mars he never loved you!" the dark Mars said.
        "No that's not true!  He loved me once, but I knew him and Serena 
were destined to be together.  So I stepped aside."
        "Poor Mars still in denial.  He never loved you!" 
        Mars felt weak.  Her knees began to shake, her defenses were coming
down.  She couldn't keep the pain away.  Her hand raced to her forehead
as a blast of pain washed over her.  She though back to how happy she was
with Darien.  She remember how happy they were that day on the boat.  She 
loved him so much, she still did.  She never got over him, there was no 
closure.  He had just left her for Serena, no reasons, no good byes.  She
remembered how Serena and Darien had looked at each other with such love  
the day they found the silver crystal.  How her heart broke that day.  
        "Face it Mars he loves her!  You hoped she'd never wake up from
the comma, you wanted Darien all to your self!" said the dark Mars, "Now 
prepare to die!  Such a fool you were, you could have had everything, but
you were too weak to take it!  He would have learned to love you, if you 
had the strength and courage to take what you wanted!"
        "NO!!!" screamed the good Mars, "It's true I still love Darien,
but Serena's my friend!  I love her and wouldn't want anything to happen to
her!  What they have is more than what was between me and Darien!"
        "Prepare to die fool!  Mars Celestial Fire!" the dark Mars 
marshaled her forces and began her attack.
        "I know now the truth!  I love both Serena and Darien too much to 
see them hurt!  Today I set my heart free!" as she spoke she began to glow 
with a red aura all around her.  In each hand appeared a long sword.
They were both made of silver and adorned with red and black gem stones.  
She raised them into the air, each glowing with a fire like aura.
        "Mars Twin Sword Inferno!" she said in a trance like manner.  While
speaking she brought the two swords down slicing through the air.  From them
two paths of fire cut along the floor, they raced forwards swerving back 
and forth until they became one.  They sped forward engulfing the dark Mars
in flames, not allowing her to finish her attack.  She screamed in pain and 
fell to the floor.  The dark Mars lost control of her concentration and the 
room returned once again in the long hall.  Her hands and face were 
scared and melted by the flames.  Her body lurched 
upward and the dark smoke from her body dispersed into the night.  As the 
darkness left her body so did go the burn marks on her face and hands.
        Waking from her trance Mars ran forward to the limp body of her 
counter part.  The dark Mars' eyes slowly opened.  Her eyes were clear now
from all evil.  She gripped the good Mars' hand tightly.
        "Where am I?" she asked looking up into the face of the good Mars.
And as she did she remember something from when she was possessed.    
        The good Mars having no other alternative put her pin on the fallen
Mars and stepped back.
        "Thank you...for setting us both free!" she said before disappearing
in a flash of light.
        Mars sighed with relief, she felt new and alive inside.  She had
dealt with her pain and found a new power.  She then ran down the hall 
once again preparing her self for what came next.

        "Be prepared for them to come at any time, each of us has been              
attacked.  You're probably next, oh and be careful they'll try to lie to you
and trick you.  Don't be fooled." said Mercury across the communicator.
        "So I'm the only one left, great!  Has anyone found Serena yet?" said
Venus into the communicator.  She surveyed the area, making sure no one was
sneaking up on her.
        "No I've checked with all the scouts and none of them has seen her.
I haven't been able to communicate with Darien, he's too far in and something
about this place is blocking our signal with him." said Mercury.
        "I hope someone finds her soon, I don't know how much more of this
I can take.  I'm really worried about her Mercury." said Venus.
        "I know...we all are, but we have to keep on going.  Keep an open
eye and be prepared, Mercury out!" said Mercury.
        Venus walked slowly forward keeping her wits about her.  "Can I              
really handle this, fight monsters from the negaverse, no problem, but my own
feelings?"  Venus though as she moved farther down the hall.
        "Sailor Venus!" shouted Serena from behind her.  Serena turned and
saw that all the scouts, Darien and Serena were here.
        "You've found her!  Serena I was so worried!  Now we can get out of here!"
said Venus feeling relieved that this whole ordeal had come to an end.
        "Well sort of, we're leaving, you're not!" said Serena, in a cruel 
tone.  Something was wrong, Serena had never spoke like this before.
        "Yeah sorry Venus but us Sailor Scouts don't need you any more!" said
Jupiter, echoing Serena's mood and demeanor.
        "You were useful for awhile but we've no need of you!" said Mercury.
        "To tell the truth we never liked you, you so perky.  It makes me 
gag!" said Mars.
        "No!  I can't be alone again, not like before!" said Venus as her
voice trailed off.  
        "This has got to be a trick!  But how, they're all so..real!" though
Venus.  As Venus raised her head once again to see them all laughing at her
 something caught her eye.  To the far corner of the room a small red
light gleamed slightly in the darkness.
        "Maybe, I hope I'm right, Venus Crescent Beam!" she said striking
the light with a shaft of yellow energy.  The beam hit the small red light and 
the images before her abruptly dissolved and vanished.
        "Congratulations Sailor Venus, you defeated my mirages but I won't
be defeated as easily!" said the dark Sailor Venus as she emerged from the
        "You know it's only a matter of time before they all desert you and
you're left alone like before.  Remember how that was, you had no friends, no
one liked you because you always hurried home after school, always busy with
something, no time for parties.  They all though you were a rich snob.  Those
days are coming again Venus so don't get comfortable!"
        "No you're wrong, the scouts are my friends, they wouldn't abandon me!"
        "Still in denial are we?  Join me Venus, you and I can rule the  
 entire universe, we don't need them.  They were never your friends anyway!"
 said the dark Venus.
        The good Venus, lowered her head slightly and remembered how it had 
been like before she joined the sailor scouts.  Artemis kept her so busy she 
never had any time for friends or parties.  How lonely she had been, her only 
 friend a white cat, she loved Artemis but she needed real friends to do
 things with like go to parties or the mall.  How happy she felt when those
 days ended and she joined the sailor scouts.  
     "Now are my days with the sailor scouts to end and the old 
ways come back again?" thought Venus.
        "Well then if you are not my ally then you are my enemy!  Venus Love
 Chain Encircle!" screamed the dark Venus.  A ribbon of light sped forth 
 rapping its self around the good Venus.  Tighter and Tighter it rapped its
self around her.  She felt her strength wearing down and her breath starting
to shorten.
        "No!  I will not give up my friends, I will fight to the end!"
she screamed.  A aura of yellow light shone around her as she found a new
strength inside her.  The ribbon burst with this new surge of power.
In both of Venus' hands appeared two silver Sais with intricate designs 
of yellow.  On the handle of each Sai a tiny heart was imprinted with gold.
        Venus raised to her feet and began her attack, "Venus Love Sai 
Illumination!" she screamed as she propelled each of the Sais through the air
and at her target.  Each Sai shot forth leaving a trail of light behind in.
As they hit their target they turned into a brilliant light which surged all
around the dark Venus.  As the dark Venus fell to the ground a strange yellow
glow outlined two Sais in Venus' hand and like magic the Sais appeared once 
        The good Venus ran over to the dark Venus' body as it lay help less
on the ground.  The dark Venus' eyes opened slowly, and she smiled.  
        "You know you never needed to fear losing them, they would never 
leave you." said the dark Venus with compassion in her voice.
        "I know that now." said the good Venus as she put her pin on the dark
Venus.  She stepped back and watched as the Sailor scout vanished in a flash 
of light.


        Prince Darien finally reached the end of the path which he took.  The
random chance that he was to find the princess didn't seem so random any more.
He knew before they had split that he would be the one to find her.  
        Slowly he entered the great hall that lay before him.  He was 
prepared for the worst.  The hall stretched out before him; To the far of 
the room the floor raised into steps that led to a small platform and on
it a throne and the dark crystal.  It glowed the strongest it ever had
before.  Like a heart beat it pulsed with life.  Flashes of light crossed the
room with each beat.
        "So here we are prince Darien!" said the dark Tuxedo Mask from behind
him, "How amusing that you would chose this form, so be it!" A dark mist 
spun around the dark Tuxedo Mask and he transformed into his armor.
        "You understand I will not leave here with out the princess!" said
Darien.  He with drew his sword, the hilt felt cold to the touch.
        "And I won't let you take her, it's a fight to the death!  Only one
shall leave here alive!" said the dark prince, he too with drew his sword.
        The dark prince lunged at Darien, Darien parried the strike with his
sword.  The dark prince struck again, back and forth their swords clashed.
Their shadows cast upon the wall by the light of the dark crystal; each
attacking the other but gaining no leeway.
        Both tired now, their eyes fixed on the other, they pondered the 
next move.  Darien's sword flew forward only to meet the dark prince's 
offense.  The dark prince struggled under Darien's strength but managed to
force him away.
        "Why do you bother?  She no longer loves you!  You've treated her as
if she was just another girl.  A weak human, you didn't respect the power
and beauty she held!  You've lost her forever!" shouted the dark prince, as
he tried to emotionally attack Darien.  He knew of Darien's Trauma, he knew
of the pain he harbored deep inside.  He was aware of the advantage he held,
he had shared the information with the other scouts.  It didn't save them,
could it save him?
        Darien gripped his head and slowly began to lower to his knees.
Memories flashed before his eyes.  He saw Serena as she was in the moon 
kingdom, how happy she was then.  He remember as they danced the night before
the end of the moon kingdom.  He savored that moment as if it were his last.
He remember as they found each other once again when the rainbow crystals
formed to be one.  He then remember how he had treated her, what he had said
only a few days before.  How he said he didn't love her.  He knew it was for
her own good but he still felt guilty.
        "You were foolish to give her up!  You've lost her forever, she's 
mine, my evil shall rule her!" said the dark prince as he towered before 
Darien, "You've lost!  Prepare to Die!" The dark prince raised his sword into
the air and brought it down with a scream of laughter.
        Darien brought his sword up and stopped the blow.  The dark prince
leaped backward in astonishment.  Darien swung his sword forward with a new
strength and life that sprang forth from his soul.  The dark prince blocked
it but Darien's sword cut through the sword.
        "I'll never let you have her!  She may no longer love me but that
doesn't change my feelings for her!" said Darien.  Holding the hilt in both
hands and pointing the blade at the dark prince he burst forth with anger.
Sword plunged deeply into the prince's torso.  The prince's eyes flashed with
pain.  Darien with drew his sword from the body.  The dark prince slowly 
slumped to the floor.  His eyes quivered slightly and then closed.
Darkness flowed forth from his mouth and eyes into the darkness above.  Going
with it went the dark prince's wounds.
        At that moment the walls began to wave and formed into five more
doors.  From four of the doors came a black cloud of smoke which formed 
together with the cloud from the dark prince.  The fifth door led to a 
balcony which over looked the horizon.  Then from each door came the four  
sailor scouts.  They all raced forward to Darien, each with a weapon in hand.
        "Darien, what happened?  Where's Serena?" asked Venus.
        "I don't know.  I just encountered the dark Tuxedo Mask, I thought
I killed him but a dark smoke left his body and he was healed." said 
Darien as he put away his sword, which was oddly free of any blood.
        "Darien, give me your pin." said Mercury.  
        "But, why?" he said handing the pin to Mercury.  Mercury placed it 
on the dark prince.
        "Don't worry, he's ok now.  They were good once before but some kind
of evil possessed them." said Mercury with reassurance as the dark prince 
disappeared back to the palace.
        "So what's next?" asked Jupiter as she looked upward into the dark
swirling cloud above them.
        "Wait for it Jupiter!" said the darkness high above.  It's voice
was that of all the scouts and Darien harmonized together, "The best is yet
to come, you though you destroyed us!  You can never destroy the pain,
you can never destroy the darkness!  We are the evil of existence, we are 
Beryl, we are the darkness of Ann and Alan, we are the evil of wise man!
We were present in all of these, and we are here now.  Our only goal is
the ultimate beauty of the void, the silence of destruction.  This princess
has stopped us before but now she will be the very instrument of destruction.
We are evil!  We...are legion!"  said the darkness, it began to swirl 
faster now and crash with electricity.
        "Watch as your princess is reborn!"  as the darkness spoke the sun
rose over the horizon ushering in the end of the metamorphose, the light
draped over the dark crystal.  It began to pulse once again with life,
two eyes began to glow with in.  They shone with the black of night but 
were brighter than the sun.  The dark purple aura began to grow stronger
and grew into a blast of light as the crystal shattered.
        The scouts and Darien flinched and cover their eyes as crystal shards
burst forth from the throne.  They raised their eyes once again to see the
dust from the crystal began to settle.  A dark figure stood silent her eyes
like night and a dark purple aura surrounding her.  The dust settled and
Serena stepped forth from the throne.  She was dressed in a long flowing 
dress like she once wore in the moon kingdom.  Her face was cold and
corrupt, her eyes void of all life and filled with the darkness of oblivion.
        "My God, what have they done to her?!" said Mars in a shocked voice.
        "I once was the angel of the light, the messiah of love, but now I
have learned the darker side of existence, and I know the truth, I will 
usher in the silence!" said Serena, she slowly raised her hand to reveal her
moon wand with the silver crystal inside.  The crystal was different though,
it shone with a purple light.
        "No Serena, you've got to remember, remember us the scouts.  Your
friends and guardians!" protested Mars.
        "Lies!  You've always been jealous of me.  You though I was 
incompetent!  Dark Princess Power!" she yelled back at Mars.  A blast of 
energy came from her crystal and knocked Mars to the floor.  
        "Serena!  You can't do this you've got to listen to us!  Remember
the first day we met!  You weren't afraid to be my friend!" said Jupiter.
        "You were just my friend so you wouldn't be alone, you never liked
me!  Dark Princess Power!" she screamed once again sending Jupiter across the
room with a blast of energy.
        "Serena you can't do this.  You'll regret hurting your friends!  
Mercury bubbles Blast!" shouted Mercury.  A dense fog filled the room to 
prevent Serena from doing something she would regret.
        "Dark Princess Blast!" shouted Serena from the fog.  The blast 
hit Mercury  in the stomach and made her fly across the room.  She landed in a 
pile on top of the rest of the sailor scouts.  They were just awakening from
the attack but were knocked down once again.
        "You think those pathetic bubbles can stop me!" she shouted as she
continued her rampage.
        "Serena, You've got to stop this.  Think of Renie, think of your 
friends!  Think of the future we were sworn to defend!" said Venus.  
        "The future!  Ha!  Oh the future I've sworn to defend is not what you
were hoping for.  Silence for eternity!  Dark Princess Power!" she yelled
once again.  This time Venus raised her Sais' to block the blow.  The power
screamed out of the crystal, forcing it's self on Venus.  Venus tried with
all her might but Serena was too strong for her.  The power quickly over
took her and sent her flying into the other injured sailor scouts.
        "She's holding back, she could have killed them already!  What's 
going on!" thought the darkness high above, "Kill them now!" it commanded.
        "With pleasure!"  Serena began to walk forward heading for the last
warrior that stood in her way.  Darien, the one that had hurt her the most of
all was the last objective she had to over come.
        "Serena, I know the goodness is still inside you!  I know you can 
hear me!  Serena fight!  I love you Serena!  I was trying to protect you 
before but I can't lie anymore!  I love you Serena and I want you in my 
life!" said Darien, this was his last and only chance.  He couldn't hurt her,
how was he to stop her if she continued.  The only one that could save them,
to save the world was Serena.  All the scouts had risen and were now standing 
with Darien.
        "You, You Lie!  There's nothing, nothing..." Serena's voice trailed
off as a flash of memories crossed over her mind.  She remembered the first
day she had met each of them, she remember how Raye and her would fight,
she remembered all the good times.  She though about how they all died for
her yet came back to help her against Beryl.  But she remembered most of all
Darien's love, how he had waited for her all these centuries.
        "You meddlesome Scouts!  You've done this!  When you're out of the
way she'll return to the darker side!"  boomed the dark cloud above them.  
It crackled with energy and power.  A swirling light appeared in the cloud
and a blast of energy made it's way for the scouts.
        Serena looked up just in time to see the blast, "No!" she screamed 
throwing her self in the way of blast.
        "Serena!" shouted Darien.  Him and the scouts ran to her limp body
as it lay lifeless on the ground.
        Darien took Serena into his arms and held her tightly, he could feel
her beginning to slip away.
        "Serena you can't leave us.  I need you, we all need you!  Please
Serena don't die!  Oh please don't be dead!"  Serena stirred slightly in his 
arms and whispered his name.
        "Serena, you're alive!  I couldn't bear life with out you.  I'm sorry
for being such a jerk, I was scared for you, I love you so much!" 
        "I know...Darien...I'm getting tired.  I need to sleep, I feel so 
tired..."  Serena said as her eyes slowly closed once again.
        "No Serena you need to stay awake!  You can't die on me, I'll die
with out you!"  said Darien again shaking Serena a little to awaken her.  The
rest of the scouts were along side him, tears in their eyes.
        "Darien, I'm dying, I feel myself slipping away.  Know I love you
Darien, know I love you all, keep up the fight!  Promise me if I die you'll
make sure the future turns out right!" 
        "Serena don't talk that way!  You're not going to die!" said Mars.
        "You'll be fine Serena, you're strong you've been in tougher situations
than this!" said Jupiter as she wiped a tear from her eye.
        "Yeah Serena you're are the strongest, caring person I know, if 
any one can make it out of this you will!" said Venus.
        "Serena you were sent to earth for a reason, to protect the world
from evil, good will always triumph!" said Mercury, her cheeks were red with
        "We're all here Serena, you can't die on us, we need you!" said Darien
holding Serena closer to him.  He could feel her heart beat; it was really
        "Promise me Darien, Promise me, Mars, Jupiter, Mercury, Venus!  
Promise me all of you!  Promise to keep up the fight!  Promise, Promise..."
finished Serena.  Her eyes slowly closed and her head slumped back wards.
A strange wind crossed her face, her hair blew slightly in the breeze, taking 
with it the last essence of Serena.
        "Serena!" screamed Darien as he drew her empty body closer to his.  
He was holding her body tightly as tears fell from his eyes.  
        "No, no, No it can't end this way!  It wasn't supposed to happen this
way!" said Mars in denial.
        "She's, she's gone Mars, we have to let her go!" said Mercury trying
her best to keep her own raging emotions under control.  
        "No, she's not gone!  She's still alive, I can feel her!" said Mars
pulling her self away from Mercury.
        "Serena wouldn't want us to act like this, we have to be brave now,
more than ever!" said Venus.
        "Come on Mars, lets show this evil what being a Sailor Scout is 
truly about!" said Jupiter.  Jupiter turned towards Darien once again to
see him slowly laying Serena's dead body on the ground.
        "You did this to her!" shouted Darien as he pointed to the dark cloud
high above, "I the name of all that's good, in the name of the moon, in 
Serena's name we will destroy you!"
        "The princess is dead and you will soon join her, what can you do
against us, you are but one when we are many!  We are Legion!  Prepare
to die!" boomed the voice from high above.
        "I may be but one but all of our powers together is more than a match
for you!  Help me Scouts, send me your powers!" said Darien looking to the
scouts for support as he raised his sword high into the air.
        "For the innocent lives you intend to take, on behalf of Jupiter I
will punish you!" said Jupiter.  She once again began to glow with a green
aura.  But this time her body began to fade away and in it's place was a 
strange electricity.  Her staff embedded its self into the ground as 
Jupiter's energy flew into it.
        "For those who have gone before us!  For the innocent souls that
have passed away, in the name of Mercury, I will punish you!" spoke Mercury.
As she spoke a blue aura danced around her and she turned into a wavering
mass of water.  Her staff embedded its self into the ground with a loud
smack.  Her power flowed into the eyes of the serpents and into the orb that
lay on top of her staff.
        "For the purity of the earth and the land all around us, for Venus
I will punish you!" said Venus as she began to glow yellow.  As she spoke
her body turned into a brilliant yellow light. Her Sais fell to the flow 
sticking straight up.  Her energy fell like rain into the Sais.
        "For the perseverance of the soul.  The eternal flame that never dies,
on behalf on Mars, I will punish you!"  Mars' twin swords fell and stuck into
the ground.  She began to glow with a red aura and burst into flames, the 
fire surged around the two swords with a life of its own.
        "For the light of the world that never dies, for Serena, we all shall
punish you!" said Darien as a white light traced all around his body.  He 
turned into a white beam and went into his sword.  His sword remained turning
slowly into the air.  It glowed with a white light, it flashed and one by
one each weapon disappeared and formed into a beam of light which entered the
sword.  With each beam it flashed, green, blue, yellow and red, all the
scouts and Darien were in the sword.  The sword surged with energy, it 
pointed it's blade at the dark cloud and began to fly through the air, 
straight at it.  It hit it dead center and with a blinding light it torn
away at the darkness.  The cloud began to shrink imploding in on it's self.
It flashed once more with energy and was gone.  All that was left was the 
glowing sword high in the air.  The light then stopped and the sword
fell to the floor.
        The entire dark pillar lay quiet, nothing moved, all that was left
was a silent sword, the moon wand, and Serena's dead body.  A eerie breeze
entered the hall, the sun was rising into the air and life was beginning 
again.  The breeze twisted and twirled it's way around the room and then
stopped at Serena's body.  It began to spin wildly around her.  Her body 
the sword, and the moon wand began to rise into the air.  Her body was the
first to fade into a soft pink light with entered the silver crystal.  The
sword following suit  began to fade into 5 different balls of light.
Each of them entered the wand one after the other.  The wand then fell
to the ground.  The crystal glowed wildly, and surged once with energy,
whispering the word "Promise".  
        At that moment the world began to rumble and shake.  A giant rip 
formed, tearing away at Serena's reality.  The darkness spread quickly across
the entire world like an eclipse over the moon.  All that was left was
the moon wand and a vast emptiness.  The only light in this new realm was 
that of the moon wand.  It flashed again and 5 orbs of energy flew out of 
the wand forming the 4 sailor scouts and Darien.  They each raised to their
        "What's going on Darien, are we dead?" asked Mars.
        "No if we were dead Serena would be here!" answered Mercury.
        "Then where are we?" asked Jupiter.
        "We're in Serena's mind, this is all that's left." said Darien he
lowered his head in misery, "We've failed her, we came here to help and in
the end she died so we could live!"
        "I can't believe she's gone." said Venus, she was looking out past
the darkness into what little was left of Serena's mind.  
Mars was unusually quiet, she wasn't crying anymore, she was just silent, 
brooding with pain.
        "Look!" shouted Mercury, all the scouts turned and in the darkness
a light had appeared.  It started to grow bigger and bigger, forming a 
crescent moon.  At the center of the crescent moon was a tiny baby, lying
in a tiny white gown, a crescent moon on her forehead, and tiny whisks of
blond hair blowing in the breeze.  She slowly opened her eyes, as she did 
the crescent moon began to expand filling the whole area.
        The scouts began to feel them selves starting to teleport.  They were
all moving through time and space, rushing past worlds, past dimensions, back
into their own bodies, and their own reality.  Inside their minds they could
feel Serena, she was using her power to return them to the real world.  They
could here her whispering the word "Promise".


        All the scouts opened their eyes and found that they were holding
hands in a circle with Darien in the center.  They were back in the hospital, 
in the real world.  They all let go and rushed over to Serena's bed. 
        Darien held Serena's hand and whispered to her softly, "Serena, wake
up Serena!".
        Serena's eyes slowly opened.  They were shining a bright blue and 
embodied all the love she held inside her.
        "Serena, you've come back to us!" said Darien as he moved closer and
hugged her.
        "The crystal saw the love still left in my soul and granted me
the chance to fight for a better future.  But because you went on the journey
into my mind, I was given the chance to get over my pain and be able to 
live!  Your journey has given me another chance at life!" said Serena softly, 
her voice was very hoarse.
        "That same journey, may have given us another chance at life
as well, Serena." said Jupiter, a tiny tear was bleeding down her cheek.
        "I'm free because of your strength and love, I love you all so much!"
said Serena, she too was now crying.
        They all hugged drawing them selves closer together.  Each wanted
to say some thing more but couldn't think of what to say.  Every thing
deep inside had been said.  The pain they had hid for so long had been 
defeated.  The dark moon family may be hovering high above, plotting against 
them but they could handle anything that came their way.  They had each other 
and as their lights began to glow together the future seemed a lot more 
brighter and they were each able to face another day.

                        The End


     "Then I take myself back to the real world.  
      High above the bones, the blood, the skin. 
      And I walk on and smile to myself.  Knowing
      all the while the power deep within.
      And only my eyes tell my age, tell the stories
      in the wasteland, in the garden, in my soul."
          - Osiris "The Wasteland"