Sailor Rifts
Chapter 7: Awakening the Angel of Fire
By Simon Woodington

He paced; only a few minutes now. She would come out of the coma in less than ten minutes. Dr. Ravelli figited furiously in expectation of his latest creation. Such beauty to be transformed into such power!

What will manifest in my black haired beauty? He wondered. If nothing, then she would simply have to undergo further treatment. He almost had to wonder how much more she could take; she had already endured a week of exposure to the drugs. No matter. She would come into her own. She was too much of a wonder not to survive.

The fire.

The flames licked at her soul, teasing her. She felt the warmth, and knew that the fire was there. It was there for her. It was going to help her take her revenge.

You have known the fire most of your life. Use it. Use it to take back that which has been stolen from you.

Her eyes snapped open. Awareness flooded her senses. Color. Light. The lights in the ceiling shone above her. She felt the coldness of the table, her bare skin against it. The air was warm in her dry mouth. Listening to the sound of her world, she heard nothing. Nothing.

Movement brought her attention to him, the hated one, as he entered the room. The door closed, she saw his mouth move. Silent was his only comment.

He reeled as she screamed. Rei felt the vibrations in her throat as her voice tumbled forth in terror and anger. The hated one drew near as the noise ceased.

The fire!

Anger coursed through her. Rei felt her hand suddenly free from the bond that held it. The hand was on fire. The hated one's mouth opened. She reached toward him with her flaming hand, and sent the fire towards him, to let it burn, to destroy him.

The fire took him, holding firm though he scrambled and ran through the door, leaving it open. She willed that the fire help her, so that she might be sure of his death.

As the fire of her hand consumed the rest of her body, she felt the power of it fill her soul. Never again would he take anything from anyone. For she hand taken his life. His life was hers. She flew out to the blackened body of the doctor, she knew the truth of the fire. It would never foresake her. Never.

Soon, others came.

They wanted the fire. She cried out again, and struck those down who came. They would not steal the fire from her. She was the fire now, and she would not be taken.

She flew through the open door, going somewhere. She wasn't sure exactly where. Away? Away from what?

The pain.

As she sped down the white halls, she noticed cells like the one she had been held in. The thought that she might be able to free them did not even occur to her. She was consumed by her hatred for the Coalition. Then she saw them as they ran towards her. They had weapons. The first stopped.

A cry of rage left her throat as she struck the first of the five. His helmet exploded in a plume of smoke. The second merely stepped over the body and pointed a strange looking gun at her. A white foam issued forth from the nozzle of the weapon, and as it struck her it caused

My fire! No!

a violent wash of pain to take her as the flames of her body dissipated. She landed on her knees, coughing and cursing. Her voice rang out in uneven curses at her attackers.

She felt a hand pull her hair, forcing her to look at one of them. She watched his mouth move, her anger only growing as he spoke. Though she could no longer hear him, she was starting to understand thew words that his mouth formed when it moved.

'You're gonna pay bitch.'

Then a hand hit her in the face. She bit the hand that slapped her, drawing blood. The man's mouth moved again, and so did the hand.

Rei felt her arm snap as he twisted it violently behind her. She gave out in pain. The next thing she felt was a needle, then the welcome bliss of the veil of unconsciousness.