Disclaimer: All right people. right now i'm thinking about making another sailormoon fanfic. and if you received my FF6 fanfic, can you please post it up for me? i know it kinda suck, but i'm sure the sailormoon fanfic will better just like the CT and Zelda.

Rated: R-13

Legend of Pretty Pretty Soldiers (Sailormoon
The Past and Beyond
*the name may change
By: Yeun Hing Lee

(The story may change)

about: Everything was perfect. peace returned, and evil have forever disappeared. Sailormoon has faced all her enemies, and it's time for her to live on with her normal life.  Serena was so excited that she will marry Darien very soon (she's 16 yrs.). She got everything planned perfectly, and nothing NOTHING will disturb her wedding or her life.  Until she met HER...a young little baby girl, beautiful and innocent...yet, mysterious.  Then Serena knew that the evil is not over yet....

This story is like right after SailorMoon SuperStar, of what and how Serena will become queen, etc.