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"I do it for you"
by Meaghan

"Heads up!"

T.J. dove for the volleyball but missed, landing face-first into the sand.

"Nice one!" Andros laughed, helping his friend to his feet.

"Way to go, Teej!" Rocky laughed from the other side of the net. "I'd ask you to try that again, but we're winning anyway!"

"Not for long!" T.J. grinned as Rocky served the ball. He jumped into the air, and hit it over to Rocky's side. Just as the ball was about to hit the ground, Korone dove and hit it into the air, but T.J. jumped up to the net and spiked it to the ground.

"You're serve!" Cassie threw the ball to T.J's side. Andros picked up the ball and held it up.

"You remember how to do that?" Asked Ashley.

"Sure." Andros nodded. He hit the ball, but it sailed through the air and hit Carlos, who had been sunbathing, in the back of the head.

"Whoops!" Andros blushed as he went to retrieve the ball. "Sorry!"

It was Korone's turn to serve the ball. She took a deep breath and hit it, squealing with delight when it made it over. T.J. returned the ball, Cassie hit it into the air and Rocky hit it over. Ashley received the ball and hit it to Andros, who spiked it, but Rocky dove and got it before it hit the ground. He bounced the ball into the air, and Korone spiked it into the ground behind T.J.

"Yeah!" Rocky's team cheered. "Good game, guys!"

"You too!" Said T.J., and they joined Carlos at their blanket.

"This is the best day to be at the beach!" Ashley exclaimed, looking around. "It's a beautiful day!" She lay her towel on the ground beside Carlos and Andros to sunbathe. Soon Korone and Cassie had joined her, and they soaked up the midday sun. All was quiet until they felt ice-cold water hit their backs. Squealing, the five teens jumped up, and turned to see Rocky and T.J. grinning with supersoakers in their hands.

"Get them!" Korone yelled, and they took off after the two young men, tearing across the beach. Korone tackled Rocky, and Ashley caught T.J. The pinned down the struggling teens, and together the five of them carried them to the water and threw them in.

"Hey, no fair!" Rocky sputtered when he came to the surface. "Five on two!"

"It'll make you think twice before you squirt people outnumbering you!" Korone laughed. Rocky grinned widely, and it took Korone a second to realize what he was going to do.

"No!" She cried and took off, Rocky close behind. He grabbed her and slung her over his shoulder, she kicked and punched him, but he didn't let go. He brought her to the water's edge and let her go, but she grabbed his bathing suit and pulled him in too. They both came up laughing, and the other rangers joined them in the water. There was a few splashing fights, but the rangers soon had grabbed a few tubes and floating objects to sit on.

"This is the life." Cassie sighed.

"You said it." Said T.J., twirling his fingers in the water.

"Where's Rocky?" Asked Ashley, noticing his tube was empty.

"I don't know. "said Korone. "He was here a minute ag whoah!" She shrieked as her tube was tipped up and she was dumped in the water, along with a few other rangers.

"Do you always have to cause mischief?!" She scolded, dunking her boyfriend.

"It's Ok, Korone." Ashley laughed. "The water feels good! Anyone want to race to shore?" No sooner had she said so, when all the male rangers swam full tilt towards the beach blanket.

"Boys will be boys." Cassie shrugged. "Well, we'd better get back for lunch, or Rocky will have eaten all the food!" When they reached the blanket, the boys had set out the lunch, and everyone made their own sandwiches.

Rocky's, of course, was almost bigger then his head.

"I used to think your eyes were bigger then your stomach." Ashley commented. "But I was quite wrong, your stomach is a bottomless pit!"

"But," Andros protested. "How can his eyes be bigger then his stomach?"

"It's a figure of speech." Said Carlos, and he explained it to him.

"I may have a big stomach." Said Rocky. "But at least I'm not eating chicken with mustard!"

"Hey, I like it!" Ashley defended, taking another bite. "And who knows what's in that monster sandwich of yours?"

"Ok ok, truce!" Cassie put her hand between them. "Am I going to have to give you two a time out?"

"Fine." Rocky pouted, crossing his arms and sticking out his lower lip.

"Oh, come on!" Ashley slapped him lightly on the shoulder, and he grinned. After lunch, Carlos, T.J. and Cassie went back to float in the water, Ashley and Andros stayed at the blanket, and Rocky took Korone for a walk along the shore.

"You look amazing in that bathing suit." Said Rocky, giving her a kiss on the cheek.

"You're not so bad yourself!" Said Korone, tracing her boyfriend's muscular chest with her finger. They laughed and met on the lips in a long kiss. They continued to walk, enjoying the sunlight.

"I think we should head back now." Korone mused a while later.

"I have something for you first." Said Rocky. Out of his pocket he pulled a necklace with a small, glistening crystal charm. The crystal seemed to shine with it's own light, and sparkled as she sun shone through in brilliant colors.

"Rocky, I don't know what to say!" Korone breathed, taking it. "Where did you get this?"

"I found the crystal and thought it would look beautiful on you." He smiled, and slipped the necklace over her head. "And it does."

"Thank you, Rocky." Korone gave him a big hug. "I'll treasure it forever!"

As the two walked back to the towel, Korone examined the necklace, awed by it's beauty. She slipped her arm under Rocky's, smiling at him, and they returned to the blanket.

"We were wondering when you'd get back!" said T.J. "We were about to send a search party after you two!"

"We're fine." Korone hugged Rocky's arm. Suddenly, the teens were surrounded by familiar, metal goons.

"Quantrons!" Shouted Andros. Screaming, everyone on the beach ran off, until it was only the rangers and Rynagore's henchmen left.

"Let's get 'em, guys!" T.J. shouted, and they ran in. T.J. spun-kicked one, and sent another sprawling. Andros turned just in time to duck a swinging Quantron. He swept the feet out from under one, and punched two more. Rocky faced off against three metal warriors. The first two ran at him, but he grabbed them and flipped himself over them, kicking into the third, and spun his arms around, sending the first two to the ground. Korone and Cassie stood back-to-back against four Quantrons. Suddenly, they both spun around each other, taking out one Quantron each, and went in the opposite direction, taking out the other two. Ashley and Carlos turned to each other and nodded.

"Ki-yah!" Ashley kicked and got the attention of three Quantrons, and they all ran in towards her. She ducked low, tackling the middle Quantron, while Carlos came up from behind and smashed the remaining two Quantrons' heads together. Soon, all the Quantrons were defeated, and disappeared.

"Well, that was great." Said Rocky. "You guys ready to go?"

They all nodded, and the seven teens packed up and headed toward the car.

Andros stood next Ashley, seeming hesitant about something. He started to reach his hand towards hers, but pulled back and continued walking. Rocky noticed and made a mental note. On the way back Rocky had his arm around Korone, and Andros sat next to Ashley. As she turned to look out the window, Andros held his arm up as if he wanted to put it around her, but decided against it and turned away.

The drive back was quiet, and the teens returned to the megaship and went to their separate quarters to change.

"Hey, Andros." Rocky stopped him. "Can I talk to you for a second?"

"Sure." Said Andros. "Is anything wrong?"

"No, well," Rocky shrugged. "I noticed that you seem.. well, uncomfortable around Ashley sometimes. I just wondered what was the matter."

"Oh." Andros sighed. "I'm.. I'm just not sure what to do around her. On KO-35 we didn't have many affectionate things like hugging and everything. I I want to, but I never know if I'm doing the right thing or not! I'm afraid she won't like me anymore."

"Hey, it's Ok." Rocky patted his shoulder. "She likes you no matter what. She likes you for who you are, not what you do. If you're uncomfortable with being close, than maybe you should wait until you're ready. Just be yourself, that's what she likes in you."

"Thanks." Andros smiled, "I needed that."


"What do you mean the attack failed?!" Roared Rynagore.

"Well, uh," Elgar scratched his head. "The Quantrons went down, and the Power Rangers kicked their butts!"

Rynagore growled and swung at Elgar, but he ducked in time.

"Massster." Came a slithery voice.

Rynagore turned. "Ah, Decdion." He said to his monster-maker.

The green lizard-like creature walked into the room. "May I make a suggesstion?"

"Go ahead." Said Rynagore.

"I have made a new warrior to help your Quantrons. They are very powerful. Here is one of my Lizard Warriorsss"

Behind Decdion came a lizard creature that resembled Decdion, but even more menacing. He had a nose like an alligator's, only half as short, a forked tongue and glistening white teeth. He stood on two legs attached to a scaly, muscular upper body. His arms were heavily muscled, and his hands curved into long sharp claws. Down his back ran a row of evil-looking spikes, that went down his long tail which ended with a mace-like tip.

"Wonderful!" Rynagore's eyes gleamed. "They will be perfect for my plan!"

"What plan iss that, masster? To desstroy the power rangerss?" Decdion hissed.

"Yes and no." Rynagore shook his furry head. "I will destroy all of the power rangers, except for Astronema. I will not stop until she is evil again, and stands by my side as my queen! To do this, I will find the Aruden Power Crystal, it will make me powerful enough to defeat the power rangers, and help me conquer the Universe!"

"How do you know where it iss?" Decdion asked.

"It was lost when an Aruden starship crashed to earth many years ago. It was near the area of Angel grove." Rynagore explained. "I just learned about it when one of my spies found an old ship's log that had explained the situation."

"Didn't the Arudienss come looking for it?"

"No." Said Rynagore. "Earth's atmosphere is toxic to them, and they figured no earthling had the power to control it."

"But you do." Said Decdion.

"Yes." Rynagore smiled. "I do."


"I have a surprise for you." Rocky smiled.

"Rocky, you are _full_ of surprises!" Korone laughed, but she let him lead her down the hall.

"Close your eyes." Said Rocky. "No peeking!"

"All right." Korone agreed. She let herself be led into a room. 'Is this the Simu-deck?' She wondered to herself.

"Open your eyes!" Said Rocky. Korone opened them and a smile spread across her face. The Simu-deck was in the form of a cozy cabin room, complete with a couch in front of the fireplace that lit up the dark room.

"Music on." Said Rocky, and Korone heard the soft tune of "I do it for you" playing.

"It's our song!" She exclaimed, kissing him. "I love it, Rocky! You can be so romantic!"

They stood in each other's arms, and began to dance to the music.

Look into my eyes

You will see

What you mean to me

Search your heart,

Search your soul

And when you find me there,

You'll search no more

They slowly twirled around the room, caught up in the mood. Rocky felt Korone lay her head on his shoulder, and knew he wouldn't trade anything for this moment.

Don't tell me,

It's not worth trying for

You can't tell me,

It's not worth dying for

You know it's true,

Everything I do,

I do it for you

Rocky's thoughts drifted for a moment to Andros, who was not used to giving romantic gestures. Rocky hoped that Andros would be able to show Ashley how much he really loved her.


Ashley was sitting on her bed when she heard a knock at the door.

"Come in!" She called. The door opened and Andros came in. He nervously brushed his fingers through his brown and yellow streaked hair and sat beside Ashley. He wanted to put his arm around her, but what would she think? Would she pull away? Would that be coming on to fast?

"Here, I got you this." He blurted finally, holding out a rose. "I got this from earth, do you like it?" He fidgeted slightly, not knowing how she'd react.

"Oh Andros, that's so sweet!" Ashley gushed, taking the rose and smelling it. "I love it, thank you!" She gave him a kiss on the cheek. Andros smiled and before he could stop himself, he had put his arm around her. He stiffened for a moment, but she cuddled next to him and he relaxed and squeezed her shoulder.

Look into your heart

You will find

There's nothing there

To hide

Take me as I am,

Take my life

I would give it up,

I would sacrifice


"So, what are we going to do?" Korone asked Rocky as they left his house a while later.

"We're going to meet everyone at the Surf Spot, and we're going to catch a late night movie." Rocky explained.

"Sounds good to me!" Korone shrugged, and the two headed off toward the restaurant. Korone fixed the two necklaces she had on, the rose necklace, and the crystal one, both Rocky had given to her. Suddenly, there were flashes of light, and a dozen Quantrons appeared.

"Didn't you learn your lesson?" Rocky cried, falling into a fighting stance. No sooner had they forced the Quantrons back, when four Lizard Warriors appeared.

"What are they?!" Cried Korone. One swept at her with it's tail, and she was barely able to dodge, but Rocky wasn't so lucky. The mace-like end caught him in the back and he was flung ten feet to the ground.

Korone tried to face off against two, but they were far too powerful. They were much quicker than the Quantrons, and far more intelligent. She was grabbed from behind and held in a bear hug. The creature held her tight, and she struggled to breathe. Suddenly, the thing was slammed into from behind by a blur of white.

Don't tell me,

It's not worth fighting for

I can't help it,

There's nothing I want more

"Run!" Cried Rocky as soon as she was freed.

Korone shook her head. "I won't leave you!"

"Please, Korone!" Rocky begged, ducking another swing of a tail. "Go without me, I'll hold them off! Do it for me! Go! Please!"

Korone looked into her boyfriend's desperate eyes, sighed inwardly and started running.

You know it's true,

Everything I do,

I do it for you

Rocky wondered miserably what he was going to do. He was terribly outnumbered and overpowered. 'I hope Korone made it out of here' he thought to himself. 'If Rynagore's done anything to her!' He was suddenly grabbed from behind and held by two powerful arms. He struggled to free himself when he was hit hard across the back of the head and blacked out.

Korone continued running, looked back for a moment, and ran into something hard. She looked up in horror to find herself in the arms of a grinning lizard.

"Time to ssleep." He hissed, and sprayed a gas in her face. She coughed and gagged for a moment, then fell limp.

A short while later Rocky groaned and lifted his head, when a searing pain shot through his head and neck. He gingerly felt the large lump that had formed, and shakily got to his feet. Suddenly he realized, where was Korone? Why had she not come back after the creatures had left, and why did the creatures not kill him?

"Korone!" He yelled, no answer. He started in the direction in which she's run, and spotted something sparkling in the grass. He knelt down and picked it up, it was Korone's necklace! A chill went down his spine as he spotted lizard footprints, next to human ones in the soft ground. It looked like there was a struggle, but only the lizard prints left the scene

He stared in shock at the necklace he'd given her, his hand shaking.

"Noooooooo!" His agonized cry echoed into the starry sky.


"Where's Rocky and Korone?" Asked Ashley.

"They should have been here by now." Said T.J. "I hope they're okay!"

They sat for a few more moments, when Rocky stumbled in the door and collapsed.

"Rocky! My God! Are you all right?" Cassie ran to his side. Rocky was out of breath and seemingly semi-conscious. Panting, he explained what had happened, and they quickly left for the Megaship. Rocky's head was bandaged, and the other rangers almost had to strap him to the diagnostic bed to make him stay.

"Relax, Rocky." Andros pushed the teen back into a lying position. "We're doing everything we can! The last time he kidnapped her she was alive, right?"

"He turned her evil!"

"Well," Andros thought for a moment. "It worked out, and no matter what happens, we'll get her back!"

"What does he want with her?" Asked Rocky, who's spinning head forced him to cease struggling.

"He may want her back on the side of evil." Said Andros. "Even if he tries another spell, we broke the first one, we can break another."

Rocky took a deep breath to hold back the anger inside him. He vowed to get Korone back, and he would make Rynagore pay for what he had done to her. With this in mind, he drifted off to sleep.


"How's he doing?" Asked Ashley, coming up beside Andros.

"He's doing all right." Andros shrugged. "His head should be fine in a day or two"

"No." Ashley shook her head. "I mean, how is he doing about Korone?"

Andros sighed. "He's really upset, Rynagore keeps disturbing their lives, making them miserable. We don't know what Rynagore wants with Korone, but Rocky won't stop until he gets her back, and that's what I'm afraid of."

"I know, me too." Ashley put her hand in his. Andros looked surprised for a moment, then relaxed and squeezed her hand, smiling.


Rocky awoke suddenly in the middle of the night.

"Are you all right, Rocky?" Asked D.E.C.A.

"I'm fine." He mumbled. "D.E.C.A., what does Rynagore want with Korone?" He didn't know why he'd asked the question, but he had to get it out. To his surprise, D.E.C.A. answered.

"It is most probable he wants her as his queen. He was the one who wanted her, and his kidnapping was probably how he would get her back. He will most likely try to put a spell on her with the Aruden crystal."

"The Aruden crystal?" Asked Rocky.

"It is a power crystal from the planet Aruden, left here when the shuttle carrying it crashed to earth. Information going to Rynagore's ship that I have intercepted leads to the possibility that he is looking for it in the area of Angel Grove." D.E.C.A. answered. "Where are you going, Rocky?"

Rocky stood up, taking the bandage off of his head. "I'm going to get Korone back."

"That is unwise, Rocky." D.E.C.A. reported. "To go alone in your state may lead to your demise."

"As long as I get Korone back, it won't matter." Said Rocky determinedly. He searched around in his dresser, grabbed an object, and left for the planet below.


"Well, well, well, what have we here?" Rynagore sneered, tracing Korone's chin with his claw. She angrily pulled away.

"Isn't this kidnapping thing getting redundant?" She said angrily, struggling against the lizards holding her.

"Feisty, isn't she?" Rynagore smiling, showing his sharp white teeth. "I won't stop until I have you at my side as my queen!"


"That will change, child." Rynagore grinned evilly. "As soon as I get my hands on the Aruden crystal!"

"Ssire." One of the lizard creatures came in. "One of the power rangerss, the white one, he hass been sspotted on the planet Kryden. Alone."

"Alone?" Rynagore scratched his furry chin. "Capture him!"


Rocky took a deep breath, waiting for Rynagore's goons to come. Suddenly, three lizards appeared behind him. He ducked a swing of one's tail, and swept the feet out from under the one next to it. The third swung and missed, but swung again and hit the back of Rocky's head, right in the sore spot. He groaned and tumbled forward, and the Lizards caught him.


Korone gasped as the Lizards appeared with Rocky in their scaly arms. The white rangers looked beaten, but his spirit was not.

"Let Korone go, Rynagore!"

"Why should I?" Rynagore sneered.

"You have me, now let her go!" He shouted.

"No, Rocky!" Korone begged. "Get out of here!"

He turned to her. "I won't leave you!"

"Why should, I let her go?" Asked Rynagore. "I have both of you!"

"I have something you want." Said Rocky.

"What's that?" Asked Rynagore.

"This." Said Rocky, pulling a small crystal out of his pocket. "The Aruden crystal!"

One of the Lizards made a grab for it, but Rynagore stopped him. "The crystal can not be stolen from whoever holds it." He explained. "It can be picked up from the ground, but not taken from one's hand. It must be transferred willingly." Rocky was relieved at his stroke of luck.

"Let her go, and you can have it and me." Rocky said finally.

"No!" Korone cried. "Rocky, you can't do this! Don't throw your life away!"

Rocky looked at Korone, "I don't have a life without you." He said, his brown eyes pleading.

There's no love,

Like your love

And no other

Could give more love

There's no where

Unless you're there

All the time,

All the way

Korone sucked in a breath, the look on Rocky's face kept her quiet.

"Very well, give her back her morpher and send her to the planet." Said Rynagore. Korone gave Rocky one last pleading look. 'I love you' she mouthed, before she disappeared in a flash of light. Rocky's heart sank, knowing full well he would probably never see her again. Rynagore would eventually figure out the crystal he held was a fake, and kill him. A lump formed in his throat. "Forgive me, Korone." He whispered softly.

Oh, You can't tell me,

It's not worth trying for

I can't help it,

There's nothing I want more

I would fight for you,

I'd lie for you

Walk the while for you,

Yeah, I'd die for you


Korone was transported to the planet below. She fell to her knees in disbelief. "Rocky." She whispered. "Why did you do it?" Tears formed in her eyes. She took her morpher and transported to the Megaship.

"Korone?!" Andros ran over to her. "Korone, you're back!" He rushed to her and gave her a big hug. He pulled back and saw her tear-streaked face. "What's wrong?" He asked.

"Rocky came," Korone tried to stay calm. "He.. he had some kind of crystal that Rynagore wanted, he traded that, and himself to let me go. Why did he do that? Rynagore will kill him!"

"Because he loves you" Said Andros softly. "He was willing to give his life for you."

"But we won't let him." Said T.J.

"Right." Said Carlos. "We'll stop him."

"What was this crystal?" Asked Ashley.

"It was" Korone thought for a moment. "D.E.C.A., what is the Aruden crystal?"

D.E.C.A. explained what it was.

"Did Rocky have the real crystal?" Asked Cassie.

"I don't know." Said Korone. "D.E.C.A., what does the crystal look like?"

"You are wearing it around your neck." D.E.C.A. answered. Korone put her hand to her neck and felt the necklace that Rocky had given her.

"This?" She pulled it off, and it glowed slightly. "So, the crystal Rocky has isn't real." The color drained from her face. "As soon as Rynagore finds out it's fake, he'll kill Rocky!"

"Don't worry, Korone." Andros reassured with more confidence than he felt. "We'll follow Rynagore's ship, he'll be likely to try out his powers on a nearby planet, and we'll get him then.

"Yes." Korone looked up, anger flashing in her eyes. "We will!"


Rynagore held the crystal like a baby with a new toy. "It's mine!" He cried. "Quickly, I must test it at once!"

"Masster, it will be wissser to try it in open sspace, not on the ship." Decdion advised.

"Very well." Said Rynagore. "Bring us to the nearest planet, and we will try."

When they arrived, Rynagore, Decdion, Lizard warriors and Rocky teleported to the planet. Rocky was still held by the two Lizard warriors, and a third nearby fiddled with his morpher.

"Now behold!" Rynagore cried, holding the crystal to the sky. "Ultimate power!"

Nothing happened. Rynagore tried again, nothing happened. He shook it, but it just sat in his hand.

"Ssire, I think that'ss a fraudulent imitation." Decdion stated.

"A what?"

"A fake, ssire."

"What?!!" Rynagore's cry echoed all the way to the planet's three moons. "You! You tricked me for the last time, white ranger!" He grabbed his pointed staff from Decdion and fired it. The blast caught Rocky in the chest, sending the white ranger flying across the rocky terrain. The pain shot through him, coursing through his body. He groaned and sat up, only to meet another blast hitting him in the back. He cried out in pain, and hit the ground, shivering. The furious Rynagore kicked him hard. "I will make your death slow and painful, ranger!" He cried, picking up Rocky by the neck. Rocky tried to struggle, but he was growing too weak. He felt his consciousness fading in and out, he didn't know how much longer he could last. He blanked out for a moment, but was awakened by Rynagore shaking him violently. "Oh no you don't, white ranger!" Rynagore cried. He blasted Rocky with the staff again, and Rocky flew through the air, landing in a crumpled heap.

"Stand back, Rynagore!" Rynagore looked up in horror to see six rangers standing behind Rocky. The purple rushed to his side. "Rocky." Korone begged. "Answer me, please!" Rocky whimpered softly, but didn't open his eyes. "Get him out of here!" Korone ordered, and T.J. and Carlos dragged Rocky's figure out of harm's way.

"You." Korone turned to Rynagore with a look that set his fur on end. "You will pay! Suratar power sword!" A sword appeared in her hand, and she sent a ball of energy at Rynagore, sending the furry giant to his knees. Korone shot again, but Rynagore and Decdion had disappeared. In their place stood a new monster. This monster

Had an ape-like muscular body with long powerful arms. His head was long, like a horse's, but protruding long sharp horns and teeth. It bellowed and swung it's enormous pole. The pole had a heavy ball at the end, sure to crush anything in it's path. Korone quickly stepped back to check on Rocky. She spotted his morpher, dropped by the Lizard in the frenzy, and brought it to him. He was slowly waking up, his eyes were open and he struggled to sit up. She pushed him back down and ran to help the other rangers fight. They managed to get a few blows in, but not many. The monster was not fast, but he was very powerful. Only one in many punches seemed to effect him. Only a few blasts from their guns seemed to even sway him. He fought back against the rangers, picking up Carlos and flinging him into T.J. He grabbed Ashley and held her up.

"No!" Cried Andros. He rammed the monster who let her go, but he swept at the red rangers who was sent flying.

"Are you Ok?" Asked Ashley. "Thanks!" She helped him to his feet. They both ran in and fired at the gorilla-like monster, and it fell over and rolled away. Finally, he got back to his feet and charged at the rangers, who ducked as he lumbered past.

"Suretar Pegasus power!" Cried Korone, and morphed into her animal form. She kicked at the gorilla with her powerful hind legs, but he grabbed her and flung her to the ground. He pinned her down and started squeezing her neck.

"Korone!" Cried Rocky, shakily getting to his feet. His knees buckled and T.J. caught him.

"You have to stay here!" Said T.J. 'We'll get Korone!" T.J. and Cassie ran in, but the gorilla only swatted them away like flies.

"Eretar Dragon power!" Cried Rocky, and in his place stood a magnificent white dragon. He roared and flung the gorilla off of Korone, and he stood over her, baring his teeth. The gorilla swung at Korone with his pole, but Rocky took the blows while Korone struggled for air. He began to see stars as he was hit again, but he couldn't let those swings get to Korone. A lucky swing caught a glancing blow across his head, and he was sent tumbling. The gorilla went after Korone, hitting her with his pole and she cried out in pain. Andros tried to stop him, but one swing of the pole sent him flying to the rocky ground. The gorilla raised the pole over his head for a final blow, when a ball of flame sent him backwards. The white dragon grabbed the gorilla and held him tightly, breathing fire on him until he got hotter and hotter. Finally, the great monster blew up and Rocky flew backwards, hitting the sensitive spot on the back of his head on a rock and blacking out. Korone watched in horror as Rocky fell limp, and demorphed. She and the other rangers demorphed and ran to him.

"Why did you do it, Rocky?" She said sadly, brushing a lock of brown hair out of his eyes. She already knew the answer. They quickly teleported to the megaship, and attached Rocky to life support.

"He should recover." Said Carlos. "But he is very fragile right now, it may be a while before he wakes up."

"I'll wait for him." Said Korone, sitting in a chair beside his diagnostic bed. The other rangers brought her food as she sat by his bed every day, waiting for him to wake up.

One day she sat by his bed, singing their song. "It's true everything I do"

"I do it for you" came a soft voice from the bed.

"Rocky!" Cried Korone.

"Who were you expecting?" Rocky cracked a weak smile. Korone hugged him, tears in her eyes. "I love you, Rocky." She whispered.

He put his arms around her and hugged her tightly. "I love you too, Korone."


"Rocky and I are going to go to a romantic restaurant on earth." Said Korone a few weeks later. Rocky had almost fully recovered, and Korone had given the real Aruden crystal to Alpha for safekeeping.

"It sounds so exciting!" Said Ashley. She sighed. "I wish Andros would do something like that."

"He will." Said Korone, applying some lipstick. "Just give him time!"

"Maybe you're right." Said Ashley. "But you'd better hurry or you'll miss your reservation!"

She and Korone walked down the hall to Rocky.

"You look beautiful!" He took her hand and kissed it. Korone wore a dazzling purple dress that accented her figure, and it sparkled like a starry night. Rocky looked handsome himself, wearing white tux complete with a white rose in the pocket.

"Here's yours." He said, giving Korone a beautiful white rose corsage.

"Have fun, guys!" Ashley waved. Rocky took Korone's hand, and they teleported to the planet.

Ashley was staring at where they had just been, when she felt a tap on her shoulder. She turned to see a smiling Andros.

"I have a surprise for you." He said. "Close your eyes!"

He led her down the hall. "Ok, open them!"

Ashley opened her eyes and broke into a smile. The Simu-deck was a candle-lit room with a table in the center, set for two. "Oh, Andros." Ashley covered her mouth. "I don't know what to say!"

"Than don't say anything." Said Andros softly. Music started to play, and he took her hand. Ashley rested her head on his shoulder, and Andros wrapped his arms around her. They twirled to the music, hoping that the moment would never end.

You know it's true,

Everything I do,

I do it for you

THE END for now !