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Trust, Lies, and Lockets
by : Michael Richards

In the darkness of space, a small black spacestation in orbiting a planet known as Graforack, the spacestation is the Dark Fortress, the base of Dark Spectre's latest lackeys, Astronema, Ecliptor, Darkonda, and Elgar.

In the Astronema's chamber, the lights are so dim that you can barley make out any shapes, but at the far end of the four walled room, opposite to the door, Astronema is tossing and turning in her bed. She is mobling something, "Help me! Andr........... Andr.......... Help me!" Astronema woke u screaming out, "Help me! ANDR! ANDR!"

Ecliptor and Elgar came running into Astronema's Chamber. They both were very surprised to her the Princess of Darkness screaming for help, and for this Andr.

"Princess Astronema, are you ok?" Ecliptor asked concerned for her.

"I am fine, leave me at once!" Astronema shouted, both of them left her bedroom. "Not again, I can't be having these dreams again. Who is this Andr? Where did I see him and why is he haunting me? So many Questions, so little answers." she said to herself. She hit a few buttons on a console near her bed. "Computer, contact Emperor Calimar."

"Yes your greatness." the computer said, viewing screen on the left wall of the room lit up with a picture of a frail man, who is as skinny as a bone, really.

"Astronema, so evil to see you, how are you feeling?" the man asked.

"Not so evil Uncle Calimar, I am having that dream again about....." she was interrupted by her Uncle.

"About Andr, how many times have I told you my little gremlin, there is no one b that name that you know, Andr was your imaginary friend when you were a little girl." Calimar told Astronema, giving her a little comfort. "Would it make you feel better if I came?"

"I believe so Uncle Calimar." Astronema said as the picture her Uncle vanished in a purple light. As Astronema got up from her bed, the same purple light appeared before her, and a six foot five man wearing all black and a giant gold crown appeared before her, it is her Uncle Calimar.

"Did you miss me?" Calimar asked. Astronema gave her Uncle a hug. "I will take that as a yes. So how are things going on destroying the Power Rangers?"

"Not so good Uncle," Astronema answered sadly, "but I have an all new, full proof plan that will make me the new Queen of Evil."

"Do tell my horrible." Calimar said interested.

"With my newest henchmen, Darkonda, I will........." Calimar cut Astronema off.

"Did you say, Darkonda?" Calimar asked with an angry look on his face.

"Yes Uncle, do you know him?" Astronema asked with a puzzled look on her face.

"All to well!" he said as his eyes turned a dark blood red. "Where is Ecliptor? I must speak with that stupid fighter at once."

"I believe he is on the bridge. Why do you ask Uncle?" Astronema asked adding to all the unanswered questions.

"I will be back, in a few moments my little gremlin." Calimar walked out the door of Astronema's Chamber. Astronema walked over to her closet to get dress and get out of her PJs.

On the Dark Fortress' Bridge, Quantrones are at work at each of their posts, Elgar is watching over them, to make sure they are doing their jobs. Ecliptor is standing at a console, pushing a few buttons and watching on the screen with delight.

"Elgar, I found the Rangers in the Rio Galaxy, I want you to..." Ecliptor was silenced when he saw Emperor Calimar walk on to the bridge.

"Ecliptor you fool, I wanted you to protect my niece from that Dork, Darkonda! You failed my you fool! I should cut off your head and make it in to a vase." Calimar screamed out. All the Quantrones turned around and looked at them both.

"Get back to work you trash cans!" Ecliptor shouted. "Can we talk about this another time, or maybe in another room.?"

"I want to talk to you in my Quarters now!" Calimar and Ecliptor walked out of the Bridge.

"Boy, thank evilness I am not apart of that." Elgar said to himself. "Hey you," he shouted at a Quantron that is sitting around doing nothing, "get back to work."

* * *

Deep with in the Rio Galaxy, the Astro Megaship is going from system to system to find their mentor, Zordon of Eltar.

On the Bridge of the ship, Andros, Ashley, and TJ are each at a station, working on different scans of the planets in this galaxy. Andros is frustrated with his progress, They are getting no where in finding Zordon.

"Where are you Zordon?" he asked himself as he hit his fist on the panel.

"Andros." Ashley got up from her chair and walked over to Andros, "We will find him, it is just going to take time, a lot of time." Ashley took his hand into her own, she felt a warm liquid all over his knuckles. Andros has blood all over his hand from hitting the console. "Andros!" Ashley said surprised, "Your bleeding, I had better get you to the Infirmary right away."

"I'll be find Ashley." he said pulling his hand from hers.

"But Andros, your bleed......." Ashley was pushed out of Andros' way as he got up.

"I told you before Ashley, I will be fine." Andros stormed out of the Bridge as TJ walked over to Ashley.

"You ok?" TJ asked concerned.

"Yah, I will make it, but is it just me or is Andros seeming a little more off edge then normal?" Ashley asked knowing the answer.

"I know, I wonder what is wrong with him?" TJ asked again.

"Karone? Zordon? Who knows?" Ashley said, both of them went back to work on trying to find Zordon.

In one of the many corridors on the Astro Megaship, Alpha 6 and Cassie are walked enjoying their talk.

"I think Carlos is cute, but TJ has got a nice body." Cassie said as they both laughed. "I would love to go on the Simu-Deck to Venice with either one of them."

"What about Andros?" Alpha asked.

"I like Andros as a friend, and I don't think things would work out with us, he hides to much, he keeps it all inside and he needs to work on it." Cassie told Alpha. "You asked me who I think is cute, now it s your turn. Who out of all the people or robots that you know is cute?"

"I would have to say Alpha 2, from the pictures in the database that I saw of him, he makes my wires melt." Alpha said as they both gave a little chuckle. As they both stopped laughing, Andros walked around them, not even saying anything.

"Andros, are you ok........" she saw a streak of blood on the floor that led up to Andros' hand. "My goodness Andros, your bleeding, I think you should go to the...."

"Cassie, leave me alone." Andros said in a cold-pitched voice.

"Andros are you feeling alright?" Alpha asked worried to her friend.

"Alpha, leave me alone." Andros one again walked away in a angry storm of fury.

"See what I told you Alpha, he keeps in himself, eating away at him, not letting anyone in." Cassie explained to Alpha why she did not want any romantic relationship with him. Both of them walked away to the bridge.

As Andros walked down the corridor, he stopped for a moment in front a door marked Cryogenic Freezing in bold black letters, printed on a silver plaque.

"DECA open this door." Andros said to the computer.

"But Andros, you said not to open this door until Zhane is fully healed." DECA said back, but Andros did not care.

"DECA I said to open this door, I don't care what I said before." with that, the doors to the Cryogenic Freezing Room opened. Andros stepped into the dark room. "DECA keep the door locked, I don't want TJ, Cassie, Carlos, Ashley, or Alpha in this room."

"Right Andros." DECA said back.

"Lights," he commanded as the lights to the dark room went on. The room was small, no furniture of any kind was in the room, the only thing in the small room is a long rectangled box and a panel on the wall near the box. The box is a Cryogenic Freezer. "DECA, how long till Zhane will awaken?"

"Two hours, twenty nine minutes." the female computers voice replied.

Andros walked over to the freezer and placed his hand on it. "Soon my friend, very soon will you take your revenge on the person who put you here, Astronema will pay for her crimes. Andros to Ashley, Cassie, Carlos, TJ, and Alpha, report to the meeting room at once." Andros walked out of the room and headed to the meeting room to tell his fellow shipmates about Zhane.

* * *

On Astronema's evil Dark Fortress, in Calimar's dark Quarters, Calimar and Ecliptor walked in. Calimar's eyes were a bright red from the anger from his servant Ecliptor.

"I told you to keep him away from Astronema, but I should have known better then to send you to guard her," Calimar swung his three inch fingernails across Ecliptors face, leaving a scare on his left check. Ecliptor held his hand on his face, a stream of blood fell to the floor.

"I am sorry my Emperor, but Darkonda just appeared a few days ago and Astronema just finds him interesting," Eclitpor said as he toke his hand away from the bleeding scare, but the scare healed itself with in a few seconds.

"Then he disappear like her appeared. Ecliptor, I want you to destroy him before he tells Astronema of her true nature." Calimar ordered as a person walked into Calimar's Quarters, it is Babboo.

"What is he doing here, I thought he was Zedd and Rita's servant?" Ecliptor said.

"I was, till they didn't want me, Squatt, and Scorpina any more." Babboo replied back.

"Speaking of Squatt and Scorpina, where are they?" Calimar asked his servant.

"They both are on their way, but there is something more important." Babboo said in worry.

"Well! What is it Babboo?" Calimar asked in a rage.

"Andros is still alive, he is in the Rio Galaxy." Babboo said, he ran out of the room in terror of what Calimar will do.


"Please your greatness, Andros is alive, but we are dealing with him. He is not that easy to bet." Ecliptor said as Calimar's eyes turned even brighter red.

"He is but a mortal, you can't even bet up a mortal man?" Calimar asked.

"Andros is the Red Ranger that Astronema is fighting at the moment. I am trying to deal with this little mortal, but he is more clever then you think." Ecliptor pointed out, as Calimar's face light up.

"I have it, all the pieces of the puzzle are coming together. I have a plan to rid myself of Darkonda and Andros in one battle, and also get rid of the Power Rangers for my little gremlin. Get Darkonda at once Ecliptor." Ecliptor bowed and walked out of Calimar's Quarters. "Babboo!" Babboo came running in the room, "Time for you to make yourself worthy." Calimar said as he gave out a pure evil laugh.

* * *

Back on the Astro Megaship, the four teens, TJ, Cassie, Carlos, and Ashley are sitting around in the meeting room waiting for Andros to come and tell them why he called this meeting. The doors to the room opened, and there stood Andros, in pure silence. He slowly walked into the room and took a seat at the round table.

"Andros," Carlos finely said something, "why did you call this meeting?"

"This is important, the reason that I have been on edge, is because, one year ago today, my brother, Zhane was attacked and critically injured by Astronema in an attack, we were trying to defend a planet in this galaxy." Andros explained to them.

"Where is your brother?" Cassie asked.

"He has been on the ship in the Cryogenic Freezing Room. He is being healed through cryogenic freezing, a form of technology that has been used by my people on KO-35 for years. He will awaken in an hour and a half." Andros said, he got out of his chair and walked over to a screen on a wall and hit a few buttons on the screen, a picture of a Power Ranger Suit appeared on the screen, but this suit was not red, blue, pink, yellow, or black, but silver. "My brother Zhane is the Silver Ranger."

"You mean there is a Silver Ranger?" TJ asked surprised.

"Why didn't you tell us this Andros? You could have trusted us." Ashley said to him.

"I never open myself up to anyone since Zhane was injured, I am responsible for him being in the cryogenic freezer, I am the one who should be there, not him." Andros said blaming himself.

"What happened to him?" Carlos asked concerned for Andros.

"Zhane and I were fighting Ecliptor on a cliff, when some Quantrons attacked me, I left Zhane alone to fight Ecliptor. He won, but Astronema got mad and fired a blast of magical energy from her staff to Zhane, he fell from that cliff and dropped over twenty feet. Luckily he lived, but it was my fault he was there, I should have been there for him." Andros explained getting mad at himself.

"Andros, you can't be there for everyone all the time, Astronema is to blame for your brothers injury, you aren't, you had to fight the Quantrons." Ashley said holding Andros' hand once more, she looked at his hand for blood, but it was healed. "Your hand?"

"I went to the Infirmary before I came here." Andros told Ashley as she squeezed his hand.

"Now I think we should have a party for Zhane, since he is going to be awake soon." Cassie said with excitement. "We can have it on the Simu-Deck, we can go to Angel Grove Beach, they have a nice waves there."

"What do you say Andros?" Ashley asked still holding his hand.

"Well my brother is going to want to have some fun since he has been in that freezer for a year." They all laughed and walked out of the meeting room into a corridor.

* * *

Back on the Dark Fortress, on the Bridge, Astronema, Darkonda, and Elgar are talking, although, Elgar doesn't make a good conversation. As they continued their talk, Ecliptor came on to the bridge.

"Darkonda, Emperor Calimar is on board and he wishes to speak with you at once." Ecliptor told the Hunter.

"Very well Ecliptor," Darkonda turned to Astronema, "lets talk late great one." They both started to leave when Astronema shouted at them.

"Hold it right there you two. I have been totally lost ever since my Uncle came onboard he got mad when I told him you were on board Darkonda, then he got mad at Ecliptor. I want to know what is going on, if you both don't tell me then I will send you both into the nearest black hole." Astronema shouted out in anger.

"Astronema, how I would love to tell you, but Emperor Calimar told me not to tell you anything." Ecliptor said making it all up.

"Why?" Astronema wanted to know.

"I will explain to you when he gives me permission." Ecliptor and Darkonda walked off the bridge and down to Calimar's Quarters.

Both Darkonda and Ecliptor entered the dark master's quarters. They both looked around the dark room and both saw no one, but a voice in the darkness echoed the room.

"Darkonda, it has been a long time since we last talked. I thought the last words I said to you was to stay away from Astronema." Calimar said as he came from the shadows to reveal himself. "If I am wrong, please correct me?"

"You are right, you told me to stay away from your niece." Darkonda said with a smirk on his face.

"Then why are you around?" Ecliptor finally broke his silence.

"Because, I asked Astronema if I should leave, and she said she wanted me to stay, so I did." Darkonda said back.

"I am telling you to leave." Calimar said angrily, his eyes turned the usual red.

"I would love to, but I would not want to disappoint Astronema." Darkonda said as he laughed, "And if I do leave then it just might get out about Astronema's true past, or should I say Karo..."

"Silence!' Calimar yelled as he sliced Darkonda's face with his long claws. "If you even talk about that name, then I will make your life a living nightmare. I will not have all that I worked for be ruined by some little nobody. I am Emperor Calimar, Leader of Thirty Galaxies, I will not have my heir to my throne be pushed off like a seed in the wind. Do I make myself clear?"

"Crystal." Darkonda said back.

"Now, time for you to destroy the Power Rangers." Calimar said as Darkonda got a surprised look on his face. "With these words I speak, Your mentality will become weak. You will do as I say, Or never see the light of day." with those words, Darkonda became Calimar's mindless slave.

"Great one, you never told me your plan. If I might ask, what is it?" Ecliptor asked.

"Well, now that I have Darkonda under my power I will send him down with Scorpina and they will lure out the Power Rangers, and then I will send some Quantrons to deal with the Black, Pink, Yellow, and Blue Rangers while Darkonda and Scorpina attack the Red Ranger, Andros. And Scorpina will go away from the battle and then Darkonda will explode the bomb I will give him." Calimar started to laugh with the same pure evil laugh as before. "Now Ecliptor, Darkonda, let us go to a planet in the Rio Galaxy and attack it. Scorpina, Squatt, Babboo, come with us at once." All of Calimar's Henchmen ran over to him. "See ya later Dark Fortress." They all teleported out of the Dark Fortress and went to the planet, Kiolon.

* * *

Back in the Astro Megaship, it was just ten minutes before Andros' brother, Zhane, would awake after being in the Cryogenic Freezing for a year to the day. All of the rangers are in the room, waiting for Zhane to awaken after his long slumber, the party was already programed in the Simu-Deck.

"Ten more minutes till I see Zhane again." Andros said excited.

"This is one family reunion I am going to want to see." Carlos said as the others laughed, but the laughs soon came to a hult as the alarms went off.

"DECA what is wrong?" TJ ask the computer.

"Emperor Calimar, Ecliptor, Darkonda, Scorpina, Babboo, Squatt, and some Quantrons are attacking the Kiolon Planet." the female computer's voice responded to TJ question.

"Not now!" Andros shouted, "Of all the times to attack a world, it had to be now. We had better go and defend that world."

"We can handle them, you stay here for the few minutes, it wont be that long Andros." Ashley said to Andros.

"No, you can't handle Darkonda, Ecliptor, Scorpina, and the Quantrons at one time. I will go, Alpha please tell Zhane what has happened, DECA will assist you." Andros said as they all took the usual stance when the morph. "Lets Rocket!" Andros shouted as they opened their morphers and press {335}. They all morphed into the Power Rangers and transported to the Planet Kiolon.

"Good luck Power Rangers." Alpha said as she looked at the Cryogenic Freezer.

The End... for now