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Author’s Note : I’ve seen TOO MUCH TITANIC! So, I decided to write this :-) It is my second attempt at an X-Files/Power Rangers crossover, but this time I’m using a different approach: The Power Rangers were never power rangers. I just used the characters, not the plot. Let’s see how it goes.
Time Line : PR: never, but age wise, it would be the Turbo Ranger series after the graduation. For XF...after cancer before Emily. ‘Nuff said.
Summary : Fate is so powerful that it can draw eight young adults together as they were destined to be. It’s a force that can bring the best and the worst out of two FBI agents, their AD, and a familiar advesary. Fate is powerful enough to sink the largest ship ever, and, most impressive, fate is able to decide who lives, who loves, and who dies.

by: Christina Ortega

It was the biggest ship that he had ever seen. Everything he had ever heard about Titanic’s size quickly faded away, as he finally saw it for himself. The ship seemed to reach the sky, trying it’s hardest to join the heavens. He looked up, barely able to see the top of the ship.

All around him, people were swarming around the boat: young and old. Families with small children were talking to eachother, excitedly. Newlyweds and even older couples kissed each other, and said that it would be a ‘second honeymoon’. Young couples excitedly got on the boat, ready to spend a romantic week with their significant other. Some people came with friends, all eager to enjoy the week together, and then there were those that came alone, merely wanting to meet new people and experience the luxuries of the resurrected Titanic. This man felt none of this. He felt empty, sad, and hopeless.

Walking up to the entrance of the ship, the man pulled out his ticket and handed it to the blue-suited officer standing against the door of the ship. The slightly stout officer checked the ticket list before turning back to the man, “Fox Mulder?”

“That’s me,” Special Agent Fox Mulder replied. He had already checked in his luggage, so now he was only carrying a small leather briefcase. Mulder’s shiny brown hair was slightly tousled, as usual, and, instead of his normal suit, he was wearing a white T-shirt and blue jeans.

“Sir, your ticket is for first class, but the list says that you’re traveling second class. Is that right?”

Mulder nodded, somewhat morosely, “That’s right. I, um, had to change levels at the last minute. Problems with my roommate.”

The stout man nodded, understanding, and ushered Mulder inside, pointing him towards the second class rooms. While walking to his room, a horde of images came rushing into his mind as he remembered that awful fight he and Dana Scully had had right before the trip.

“I can’t believe you!” Scully had yelled, “You are such an arrogant bastard!”

“Being arrogant is a whole lot better than being like you, Ice Queen,” Mulder had sneered, “I can’t believe I’m still partners with you! Why do you have to shut everyone out?”

Scully had laughed wryly, “Me shut everyone out!? Look who’s talking, Spooky!”

“Maybe this whole cruise assignment is a bad idea,” Mulder had growled, “I would never want to be in the same room as you.”

“You won’t have to. I’ll have Skinner change our rooms.”

Inside, Mulder had been dying. _Apologize, you selfish creep!_ “Fine! I don’t need you!” _Yes, I do_

Mulder had seen a flash of sorrow in her eyes, but it was quickly gone, “I don’t need you either, Mulder. I’ll go to Skinner right now.”

Thus, Skinner had changed him to second class. Maybe it was better this way. He and Scully could have some time apart. _I don’t want to be apart from her_ Mulder thought, continuing down the hallway towards a staircase _I love her. Not that it matters._

Walking up the staircase, Mulder started down a hallway marked ‘Second Class’. Finally finding his room number, Mulder pulled out his silver key and unlocked it only to find two guys already inside. They were considerably younger than him. _Oh well. Company is company_ “Hi, I’m Fox Mulder. I guess we’re roommates.”

“I guess so,” One of the boys said. Mulder noted that he was quite muscular. His hair was dark brown, just a little shorter than his, and his eyes were a dark brown. Smiling, the boy put out his hand, “My name is Jason Scott, and this is Adam Park.”

“Nice to meet you,” The Asian boy said to Mulder. His hair was pitch black, and, though a little shorter than Jason, he was almost as muscular. Looking around the room which had three small beds, Adam smiled weakly, “I guess this is supposed to show us where we rank in the scheme of things.”

“No offense to you, but what are you doing down here?” Jason asked, turning to Mulder.

Mulder tilted his head, puzzled, “What do you mean?”

Jason grinned, “Sorry, it’s just you don’t really look like a second class passenger.”

“Social problems,” Mulder confessed, “I got kicked out of my first class room.”

“I guess you’re stuck with us, then,” Adam commented, flopping onto one of the beds. he looked around at the rest of the room. It had blue carpeting, and there was a small bathroom with a shower in the corner of it. A small window at the far end of the room gave the trio a beautiful view of the vast ocean.

Mulder flopped onto a bed next to Adam’s and sighed contentedly, “I don’t know. Somehow, I think this is going to be a very exciting week.”

“Agreed,” Jason said, “Who cares if we don’t go to the big parties in first class. Second class should be fun.”

“I’m glad that I’m not a rich asshole anyway,” Adam remarked, nodding.

Mulder grinned, but inside, he was thinking of Scully. _She’s all alone with Skinner. Why did we have to fight?_

* * *

Dana Scully looked at the room where she would be staying in awe. “It’s amazing,” she breathed, laying her backpack on the burgundy-quilted bed.

Walter Skinner, who had come in behind her, put a hand on her shoulder, “Scully, I know I’m your supervisor, but I want you to know that I’ve put everything into this week. If we’re going to be investigating, we’ll be investigating in style.”

_Without Mulder_ “I’m sure it will be great, Sir,” Scully said, looking at herself in the gold-rimmed mirror by the door.

Skinner, sensing something was wrong, sighed, “Look, Scully, I know part of you is upset that I put Mulder in second class, but he’ll be fine, and you can see him during the investigation. Oh, and while we’re here, it’s just Skinner...not Sir.”

“OK....Skinner,” Scully said, trying out the older man’s name, “Can you summarize the case for me again? I didn’t get a chance to look at the file before we came.”

“We’re looking for Harold Smith. He’s wanted for homicide, and his latest clue led us to believe that he would be coming on this ship. He could be riding any class, so we have to stay alert.”

“I won’t let you down, Skinner,” Scully said. Pulling her forest green suit jacket down, she smiled, “Well, I’m going to unpack, and then I’m going to get something to eat.”

“I’ll join you,” Skinner said, moving towards his suitcase.

* * *

“I don’t believe this! Everything is superb!” Billy Cranston exclaimed, looking around his huge first class suite, “This is nothing like any other cruise liner I’ve seen.”

“Isn’t it magnificent?” Mark Cranston questioned. “It’s the same size as the original Titanic, only this time the outsides are made of stronger metal. It’s the most beautiful thing ever.”

“Somehow, I don’t like the idea of riding a duplicate of Titanic. Are you sure it’s unsinkable?” Julie Cranston asked, nervously.

Mr. Cranston laughed, “Are you kidding, Julie? This ship is the safest thing ever! God himself could not sink this ship!”

“Is this ship called Titanic as well?” Billy asked his dad.

“Yes, Son, it is. Seeing the size of it, doesn’t it seem the best name? Titanic will never be feared again. It will be idolized as it was originally meant to be.”

“I don’t like this ship,” Mrs. Cranston said, sitting down on the king-sized bed, “I don’t like it one bit.”

* * *

“Whoa!” Tommy Oliver exclaimed, racing through the cramped hallways of third class towards his room, “This is incredible!” His long brown hair flew around wildly as he rushed past other third class passengers who were all looking at him strangely.

One of the passengers watched him fly by, scoffing, “Gee, someone’s a little excited.”

Rounding a corner, Tommy couldn’t stop himself before slamming into someone running in the other direction. “Shit!” Tommy yelled, getting up quickly to attend to the other person, “I’m so sorry! I didn’t mea-” he was cut off as he saw the woman who he had bumped into. She was slender with flowing blond hair and sapphire eyes. Her outfit was a creme low-cut blouse with a flowered brown skirt. Remembering what had just happened, Tommy snapped out of his pensive state and held out his hand, “I’m really sorry.”

“So am I,” The woman replied, “I guess we were both kind of excited.” She took Tommy’s offered hand, and pulled herself to her feet, brushing herself off. She smiled, “I guess we’re both lower class folk.”

_She has a beautiful accent. It sounds Australian_ Tommy noted. His eyes widened, surprised, before answering, “Sorry, I’m just kinda shocked. You don’t look like you belong down here with people like me.”

“I was about to say the same thing,” She said, smiling, “I’m Katherine Hilliard.”

“Tommy Oliver,” Tommy said. He grinned, “I don’t want to sound to forceful, but can I escort you to your room?”

Katherine laughed, “That wasn’t forceful, and I’d love you to escort me. I’m traveling alone, so it’s great I bumped into you.”

“Really?” Tommy’s eyes lit up, “I’m alone, too! Well, I guess I’ll be bugging you a lot this week.”

“I look forward to it,” Katherine said. Pulling Tommy over towards a door, she stuck a bronze key into the keyhole, “This is my room, which reminds me to ask you: what’s your room number?”

“548,” Tommy informed her. He smiled, “Since we’re both alone, can I take you to dinner at the lovely third class cafeteria?”

“I’d be honored,” Katherine responded. Before Tommy could add anything else, she leaned closer to him, eyes glimmering, “I’ll pick you up. Be ready by 7:00pm.”

Tommy nodded, saluting, “Yes, Ma’am.” He waved, “I’ll see you later.”

“Bye,” Katherine said. She watched as Tommy disappeared; rounding a corner into another hallway.

Walking into her room, Katherine was almost alarmed to find her roommate already there. _She looks about my age_ Katherine thought to herself. She smiled, “Hi, I’m Katherine Hilliard. I guess you’re my roommate.”

“I guess so,” The woman said. She grinned, “I’m Tanya Sloan. It’s nice to meet you. Judging by that conversation you had out there, I’ll assume you’re quite the socialist.”

Katherine blushed, “I bumped into the guy in the hallway. He’s traveling alone, too.”

“Cool coincidence!” Tanya said, chuckling. She picked up a ratty-looking pillow laying on her cot and put it on her lap, “I’m traveling alone too, Girl, but there’s one thing you should watch out for concerning me: I live for gossip, so now I want details about this guy. Is he cute? Muscular? Charming?”

Katherine laughed, “Oh, we’re going to get along wonderfully.” She smiled and laid down on her cot, looking up at the ceiling _I don’t like the idea of telling her all this gossip already. Oh well, it’s not like I’ll have anyone else to talk to besides Tommy this week_ “I’ll tell you this: he has a great body. He looks like a really athletic guy.”

Tanya nodded, “A great body. The guy gets one check. Sorry, go on.”

“Um, he seems really thoughtful. Like, when he bumped into me, he was really great about the whole thing. He apologized, and helped me up.”

“Sensitivity. Another check. Next?”

Katherine sighed, “Um, it seems like he has a sense of humor.”

“Two checks for that one,” Tanya said, “Humor goes together with conversation. Anything else?”

“He’s very polite,” Katherine said, “Oh, and he has a totally faultless face.”

“Polite and cute face. Two more checks,” Tanya grinned. She looked straight at Katherine, “Any downers?”

Katherine turned to Tanya, “His hair’s a little long. OK, it’s very long. It’s longer than mine!”

“Minus one,” Tanya said. She frowned, “Anything else?”

“Nope,” Katherine shook her head, “That’s about it.”

“The guy has five checks!” Tanya exclaimed, “That’s, like, a new record! I say go for it!”

“I don’t know,” Kat shrugged, “We have a lot in common and everything, and if we did get together it would probably work out, but I don’t know if I want to.”

“What!?” Tanya nearly screamed, getting up and sitting next to Kat, “Look, this guy sounds too good to be true! You don’t get many guys like that!”

“He just seems like someone I’d rather have as my best friend than a boyfriend. Have you ever had that feeling?”

Tanya shook her head, “The closest ever was Shawn, and we hardly speak anymore. Well, it’s your call. After saying what you just did, I agree with you. Since you are going with him to dinner, I guess I’ll leave you two alone.”

“Nonsense!” Katherine exclaimed, “You’re coming with us! That way he can meet you! Us third class people have to stay together!”

“That’s true,” Tanya said, “Well, it’s five now. I’m going to get my stuff laid out, and then I’ll join you.”

“Great!” Katherine said. She smiled, “Oh, and Tanya? Call me Kat.”

* * *

“Oh yay!” Jason exclaimed, sarcastically, “Strange looking grool!”

Mulder took a small bite, and quickly raised his napkin to his mouth to spit it out, “This is the grossest stuff I’ve ever had! Don’t they serve real food on this ship!?” Jason laughed.

Adam shrugged, “C’mon, guys, I’m sure it’s not that bad.” Taking a spoonful of the retched stuff, Adam seemed to turn as green as the sweater he was wearing, before sprinting for the door of the dining hall and running towards the deck of the ship.

Jason shook his head, “Poor guy doesn’t have a strong stomach. I bet first class has all the good food.”

Mulder nodded. Not wanting to think of Scully, he changed the subject, “So, how do you know Adam? Have you been friends for a long time?”

“We went to the same high school, and since he does martial arts as well, we got along,” Jason explained. “What do you do?”

“I’m with the FBI,” Mulder informed him.

As Mulder thought he would, Jason got really excited, “FBI!? Really!? That’s awesome! Um, what branch? Are you on a case here?”

“I work in a small division called the X-Files which investigates paranormal activity. Yes, there might be a homicide suspect on this ship named Harold Smith, but that’s to be kept strictly confidential, OK?”

Jason nodded, “You got it. Wow, the FBI!”

At that moment, Adam plopped back down in his seat next to Jason, holding his stomach. Mulder looked at him sympathetically, “Are you all right?”

“I’ll be fine,” Adam assured him, “No more grool for me, though. Maybe I’m just a little seasick.”

“I get seasick, too, but I got some new medication that helps, if you want to try it later,” Mulder offered.

Adam smiled weakly, “Thanks, Man.”

Just then, an Asian girl with long black hair walked up to the three, eyeing the empty seat at their table, “Um, are you saving this seat for anyone?”

Seeing that the two boys were too hormone-ridden to answer, Mulder nodded, “Go ahead.”

“Thanks,” The girl said, “There weren’t many seats left out there. This whole boat is so damn crowded.”

“Tell me about it,” Jason agreed, getting his voice back. “I’m Jason, by the way.”

“Trini Kwan,” The girl said, “It’s nice to meet you.” The two shook hands.

Mulder held out his hand, as well, “Fox Mulder.” Seeing that Adam was still in shock, Mulder chuckled, “And Mr. Silence over here is Adam Park.”

“It’s nice to meet all of you,” Trini commented, “I’m traveling alone, and it’s awful, in my opinion, not to know anyone.”

“I agree,” Mulder said, “These guys are my roommates, and that’s how I met them.”

Trini sighed, “My roommate is part of a large group of people. They’re the loud ones over there by the door.” She pointed to the group of twenty or so, “I just didn’t fit in with them. Again, I’m sorry for intruding.”

“Don’t apologize,” Jason said, “Feel free to join us at anytime.”

“Yeah,” Adam remarked, finally finding his voice, “The more the merrier.”

“Thanks,” Trini said. She looked at the gray blob in the middle of her food bowl, “Now all I have to do is figure out what this shit is.”

“I think that’s something that all of second class is trying to do,” Mulder chuckled. As the rest of the table laughed, Mulder glanced out the window, and swore that he saw Scully walk by. Getting up, Mulder looked at the three teens, “Um, I think I see my partner out there. I’ll meet you guys back at the room. Oh, it was nice meeting you, Trini.”

“Bye,” The trio chimed, looking at each other, confused.

* * *

Scully was walking along on the deck of the magnificent ship, taking in the sights, when she heard someone call her name behind her. Turning around, she nearly fainted as she saw Mulder running towards her. Forcing herself to keep her wall up, she stepped towards him, “What do you want?”

“I just wanted to talk,” Mulder replied, surprised by her angered tone, “We haven’t spoken at all over the past few days.”

“I’m not ready to see you, Mulder,” Scully said, coolly, “Why don’t you go back to second class?”

“Scully!” Mulder exclaimed, “Look, I’m sorry, but why are you so mad? I thought this whole fight had blown over!”

“What you said hurt, Mulder, and it’s going to take me more than a little bit to forget it,” Scully sneered, “If you don’t mind, I have to go over the case again with Skinner.”

“Skinner!?’ Mulder declared, “I can’t let you do that, Scully! I’m apologizing! Why can’t you accept that!?”

“Give me time, Mulder,” Scully persisted, beginning towards her room. Before she could get away, Mulder grabbed her arm.

“Scully, I miss you!” Mulder blurted out, “So far, this trip has been hell, and we’ve only been on board for a few hours!”

Scully’s eyes softened, but she shook her head again, “Mulder, I need some time. I’ll find you tomorrow.”

Mulder looked down at the soft arm of his partner which was being held by his hand. Hesitantly, his hand opened, and he let Scully’s arm fall away from it. Rubbing the bridge of his nose, Mulder sighed, “Scully?”


“Don’t forget me.” With that, Mulder sadly turned away and began towards the second class rooms.

* * *

“It’s seven o’clock, Mr. Oliver,” Kat called through the door of room 548.

“The door’s open,” Tommy called back, “Come on in.”

Kat and Tanya entered the cramped room, to find Tommy slipping a white tank top over his head. Kat cleared her throat, and Tommy turned around, smiling at the two girls, “Hi, Katherine. Um, I’m sorry...you are?”

“Tanya Sloan,” Tanya replied, “It’s nice to meet you, Tommy. Kat told me a little bit about you when she came into the room.”

“I said it would be OK if Tanya ate with us, Tommy,” Kat said, somewhat cautiously. “You don’t mind, right?”

Tommy shook his head, “No, I don’t mind. Hold on, let me just grab my key, and we’ll be on our way.” Picking up the bronze key laying on his cot, Tommy ushered the two girls out of the room, locking it behind them.

“Do you have a nice roommate?” Tanya asked Tommy as they walked through the hallway.

Tommy shrugged, “He’s OK. I don’t know. The guy’s kinda quiet. One of the shy types, I guess. He’s older, though. Probably in his late twenties to early thirties.”

“What’s his name?” Kat questioned.

Tommy frowned, “Alex...something. I don’t remember what it was now. Weird thing about him....he has a prosthetic arm!”

Tanya’s eyes widened, “A prosthetic arm!? What happened to him?”

“I asked him about it, but all he would tell me was that it happened when he was on vacation in Russia.”

“I don’t want to know,” Kat said. She pointed towards a sign above them, “The dining hall is this way.”

The three looked in horror as they came upon the third class cafeteria. It was quite grimy. Most the people inside were smoking, making the room hazy, and a quarter of the people inside were drunk. Walking in, Tanya began to cough heavily, “Ugh, this is awful!”

“Let’s get out of here. I have some spare food in my suitcase,” Kat suggested.

“Good idea,” Tommy agreed. The three, gagging, left the smoky cafeteria.

Reaching Kat and Tanya’s room, the trio walked inside, sitting down on the cots. Kat pulled out three water bottles and a couple of boxes of food. Tommy looked at her, shocked, “Are you sure you’re willing to give this much? If not, I can fend for myself, and-”

“Tommy, this is one of the only times you will be offered food by a woman willingly, and I suggest that you take it,” Kat said, a gleam in her eye.

Tanya took a bite of a cracker and smiled, “It’s not first class, but it’s most likely better than anything in that third class dining hall.”

“I wonder what it would be like in first class,” Tommy thought aloud.

“It would be perfect,” Kat answered for him, “The food would be perfect, the rooms would be perfect...everything would be perfect.”

* * *

Scully and Skinner walked through the elegant dining hall of first class, side by side. Scully, in a white blouse with brown pants, looked up at Skinner, who was wearing a standard suit and tie, “The food was great! I’ve haven’t eaten so well in ages.”

“It’s the best food around,” Skinner agreed. As a family passed by them, Skinner stopped Scully, and they turned around to face them. He leaned closer to her, “That’s the Cranston family.”

Scully gasped, “Cranston? That’s one of the biggest names in technology! The whole family has millions of dollars!”

“They are very rich. Their son, Billy, is following in his father’s footsteps. In fact, most of the latest Cranston products were hand-crafted by Billy.”

“Amazing,” Scully breathed.

“Oh,” Skinner said, pointing to two people that had just begun talking to the Cranstons, “That’s Robert Hart and his daughter, Kimberly. He’s one of the biggest fashion designers of the decade.”

Scully nodded, imprinting both names in her brain. She sighed, “I’m going to go back to the room. You can stay if you want.”

“No,” Skinner said. He grinned, “I didn’t know you were so tired, Scully. I’m sorry. Besides, I’m kinda worn out myself.” Saying this, the two began back towards their room.

* * *

“Hello, Mark,” Robert Hart said to the blond-haired man who was, currently, talking to his wife, “I hope you remember me. I’m Robert Hart, of Hart Fashion, and this is my daughter, Kimberly.”

“Yes,” Robert said, unenthusiastically, “I remember you, Mark. We met at your show a year ago.”

“Darling, why don’t you go talk to Billy while I talk to the Cranstons?” Mr. Hart suggested.

Kimberly sighed, “OK, Dad.”

The two teens walked over to a table where a few people were sitting, and sat down. Billy frowned, “Well, I guess you know that I’m Billy Cranston.”

“I use some of your products,” Kim said, trying to make conversation, “How does it feel to be part of the most advanced technology company?”

“It’s pretty boring,” Billy admitted, “The only people you get to be around are big industry people. I don’t have many friends because of that.”

“I know how you feel. My whole life has been spent going to fashion shows. Not that there’s anything wrong with them. Most of the shows are exciting, but sometimes I just want to get away from it all, you know? I want to get to know other people.”

“I guess we have something in common then,” Billy said, smiling.

Kim nodded, “I guess so.” They continued talking for nearly and hour as their parents discussed foreign markets and ideas for the new millennium.

* * *

“Hey, sleepyhead, rise and shine,” Kat cooed, brushing Tommy’s arm with her hand.

Tanya ‘tsked’ “Not a light sleeper. Take away another point. Actually, never mind, this can be good sometimes.” Giggling lightly, Tanya took her pinkie finger and softly dragged it across Tommy’s face. He swatted at it with his hand, sighing heavily. Again, Tanya dragged her pinkie finger across Tommy’s face. This time, he accidentally smacked himself in the face, which quickly woke him up.

He was greeted by the laughter of Kat and Tanya, who were nearly crying. He smiled groggily, “Ha ha, very funny.”

“You wouldn’t get up, so it was the only thing left to do,” Tanya said, still laughing.

“Sorry, I didn’t mean to fall asleep. You could have kicked me out.”

Kat brushed a strand of golden hair away from her face, “We would have, but you looked too peaceful. I couldn’t do it.”

“I would have,” Tanya explained, “but she wouldn’t let me. Besides, you did look really cute asleep.”

“I’ll take that as a compliment,” Tommy chuckled. Fishing through his pocket for his key, he frowned, “I hope Alex didn’t miss me too much.”

“You should probably go back just in case,” Kat said.

Tommy grinned, “You trying to get rid of me, Katherine?”

“I don’t know you well enough to want to get rid of you, Tommy,” Kat retorted, “I just don’t want you to go back to your room to find Alex has stolen all of your stuff.”

“Good point,” Tommy agreed, “Well, I’ll be off. Have a good morning, ladies.”

“Bye,” Kat and Tanya chimed in unison. After Tommy had left the room, Tanya sighed, “You were right. He is worth five checks.” Kat laughed, and Tanya quickly joined her.

* * *

“What the hell are you wearing!?” Jason exclaimed, looking at Mulder.

Mulder shrugged, “Suit and tie. Why?”

Adam sighed, “Look, Mulder, I understand that you’re with the FBI and everything, but if you’re undercover you’ve got to dress undercover.”

“What do you mean, and how did you know I was with the FBI?” Mulder asked, looking at Jason suspiciously.

Adam, understanding what Mulder thought, smiled, “If you really didn’t want me to know you were with the FBI, then you shouldn’t have left your badge laying on your bed!”

Mulder looked down at his cot, only to see that Adam was right. His badge was laying open. Jason stifled a chuckle. Mulder shook his head, “Oh well, it’s confidential, so don’t tell anyone.”

“I’m good at keeping secrets, Man, don’t worry.” Adam assured him. “Now, about that outfit. If you’re traveling second class, then you have to look second class. Let’s modify that outfit.” Mulder’s eyes widened as both Adam and Jason walked forward, ready to change his appearance.

* * *

Tommy walked into his room only to find that Alex was already up. He frowned, “Sorry that I didn’t come back last night.”

Alex Krycek sighed, carefully putting his fake arm through the sleeve of his black leather jacket, “Where were you?”

“I was with two girls that I met yesterday,” Tommy explained, quickly realizing that what he said hadn’t come out right.

As expected, Krycek smirked, “Oh, you’re an amateur slut! Good for you, Oliver. You’re becoming a man. Did you get any last night?”

“No,” Tommy said, “That didn’t come out right. The food was nasty in third class, and this girl, Katherine had brought some extra food, so we ate over there, and I guess I dozed off.” Changing the subject, he grinned, “What did you do last night?”

“Ate whatever that damn stuff was in the cafeteria, chatted a bit with our neighbors, and slept. I was tired.”

“So was I,” Tommy commented. He plopped down on his cot, shifting through his suitcase to find another outfit, “Anything you were going to do today?”

Krycek shook his head, “What about you?”

“I was going to probably go up on the lower deck with Katherine and Tanya to check out the ocean. You’re welcome to come.”

Krycek pondered this for a moment _I shouldn’t. Knowing my luck, Mulder or someone else will find me. That would make this trip so much more interesting. Ick!_ Seeing the urging expression on Tommy’s face, however, Krycek shrugged, “I’ve been wanting to check out the deck, too. Sure, I’ll come.” _I must be nuts_

“Great!” Tommy declared, “Well, I’m going to change, and then I was going to go up to the dining hall to see if they had anything edible. Have you eaten yet?”

“No,” Krycek said, “I’ll join you, though. Who cares if it’s gross? I’m starving.”

“Let me just get changed,” Tommy uttered, taking off his tank top.

* * *

Jason, Mulder, and Adam walked out onto the lower decks of Titanic, happily breathing in the fresh air. Jason ran over to the side of the ship, eagerly looking off the railing. Adam quickly joined him. Mulder laughed, “Just don’t fall off the ship, guys, because I’m not jumping in after you.”

Both boys ignored Mulder. “It’s beautiful,” Adam breathed, sniffing in the sea air.

Jason, in his blue jeans and black tank top, positioned himself so the wind ran right through his hair. “Awesome,” he whispered, putting his arms out, and taking in the breeze.

Mulder, who was now wearing blue jeans and a slightly wrinkled white dress shirt, ran a hair through his scruffy hair, “This is great.”

Just then, Trini walked up to the three in a yellow striped midriff shirt with beige pants, “I thought I recognized you three! Isn’t the view incredible?”

“It’s amazing,” Adam said, turning to face the new arrival, “Besides our food, this whole trip has been amazing.”

“I agree,” Jason said, nodding, “This is wonderful.”

“Have you been enjoying yourself, Trini?” Mulder asked.

Trini nodded, “I was going through hell, but now that I met you three, at least I’m not alone.”

Adam pensively looked up at the first class deck. He sighed, “I wonder how different it is up there.”

“I wonder, sometimes, how bad it is for third class,” Jason pondered, “I mean, second class is trashy enough as it is. Can you imagine worse food than what we have?” The four grimaced.

Mulder looked up, quickly turning away as he saw Scully and Skinner walk out together on the first class deck. Trini caught the motion and moved closer to him, “What’s wrong?”

“Two people I know are up there,” Mulder explained, “They’re from my job.”

Trini looked up to see a bald man wearing a suit and tie standing next to a petite redhead wearing a beige blouse with a flowing blue skirt, “She’s beautiful. Do you work with her?”

“Yeah,” Mulder sighed, “Her name is Dana....Dana Scully.”

Adam thought he heard something in his voice. Sorrow? Longing? Passion? Maybe all three? Whatever it was, he decided to let it slide. “Are you going to talk to them later?”

Mulder nodded, “I should right now, actually.”

“Um,” Jason began. “You’re not allowed to go on first class decks.”

“Shit!” Mulder exclaimed. He frowned, “I guess I’ll have to get them to come down here.” Waving, he ran towards first class.

Trini giggled, “This, I’ve got to see.”

The three did their best not to laugh as Mulder began jumping up and down, trying to get the two first class passengers to notice him. As they suspected it would, it took a few minutes for them to see him.

Scully, from up above, looked down, incredulously, as she saw Mulder jumping up and down like an idiot. She ran over to the railing, “Mulder!? What are you doing!?”

“Come down here!” Mulder yelled, “We need to discuss something, and I can’t go up there!”

Skinner breathed heavily, “We’ll be right there, Mulder.” The two disappeared from sight.

* * *

In a few minutes Scully and Skinner had joined Mulder on the second class decks. Mulder bowed, as was necessary for all second class passengers. Skinner sighed, “You don’t have to do that, Agent Mulder.”

“Only following the rules, Sir,” Mulder informed him, dryly.

Scully put a hand through her red hair and looked at Mulder thoroughly, “Mulder, what happened to you? You look like hell!”

“Just playing my part, Scully,” Mulder explained, “If I’m riding second class, I have to dress second class.”

“What do you need to know about the case, Agent Mulder?” Skinner questioned, ignoring the agent’s comment.

Mulder folded his arms over his chest, “Well, everything. You haven’t told me much about anything, Sir. First class must be really good, since I haven’t seen you at all.”

Skinner’s teeth clenched together, “We’ve both been busy, Agent Mulder, and I would hope you would accept that.”

“Whatever,” Mulder grumbled, “Just tell me about the case.”

Skinner grunted, but, instead of continuing the argument, he did as Mulder asked, “We’re looking for Harold Smith, who is wanted for homicide. He’s in his forties, blond hair, blue eyes, about six feet. Keep an eye out for someone matching that description. If you think you see him, get a message to one of us. I think that’s all you need to know.” He began to walk off the deck, surprised when Scully didn’t follow him.

“I need to talk to him alone,” Scully said, answering his silent question. Skinner nodded, reluctantly, and walked away from the two.

Mulder leaned towards her, “What has he been doing to you, Scully? Skinner was coming on to you! Didn’t you notice.”

Not answering the question, Scully scowled, “What are you doing, Mulder? You were totally out of line!”

“You’re defending Skinner!?” Mulder exclaimed, unbelieving, “Has Skinner been coming on to you, or have you been coming on to him!?”

“What!?” Scully whispered, harshly, “What are you talking about? I’m not coming on to Skinner!”

Mulder shook his head, calming himself, “He’s coming on to you, Scully.”

“He’s my boss!” Scully declared, “and might I remind you that he’s also yours.”

“Scully, I’m not making this up!” Mulder told her, “Can’t you tell?”

Scully sighed, her lips pursed, “The only thing that I can tell is that you are being completely irrational, Mulder. That’s all I have to say to you.”

As she began to walk away, Mulder put a hand on her shoulder, holding her back, “I miss you, Scully. Don’t shut me out.”

“I’m not,” Scully assured him. She turned around, her eyes soft and glimmering, “I’m sorry we fought, Mulder, but this is the situation I’m in, and I’m going to make the best of it.”

Mulder rubbed the bridge of his nose, “Do you like Skinner?”

“What!?” Scully said, practically shouting, “Of course not!”

“What about me?” Mulder asked, “Do you like me?”

Scully swallowed hard, diverting her gaze, “You’re my partner, Mulder. Don’t forget that.”

“I need to know, Scully,” Mulder commented, practically pleading.

Scully looked up at Mulder, her breath shaky, “No, Mulder. You’re my best friend, and the greatest partner I could ever hope for, but I can’t say that I...” Her voice trailed off.

Mulder looked at the ground, letting go of Scully’s shoulder, “OK. I’m sorry that I asked. I’ll see you tomorrow.” He began to walk down to his room, ignoring cries from Scully for him to come back.

A tear rolled down Scully’s cheek, but she quickly brushed it away and walked up the stairs to first class. _He’s just kind of upset right now, and it wasn’t like I could tell him how I really feel..._

* * *

Tommy and Krycek came up onto the third class deck, laughing heartily. Tommy chuckled, “I think something was moving in mine.”

Krycek grinned, “Mine tasted like shit. I wonder what that crap was, anyway.”

Tommy groaned, jokingly, “I don’t think I want to know.”

As the two reached the deck, they looked over the side, amazed. Krycek breathed in the sea air, closing his eyes and taking in the sounds of the ocean, “This is great.”

Tommy, who was now wearing blue jeans and a white shirt which was not buttoned, ran a hand through his long, brown hair. The wind rushed through his shirt, cooling his bear chest. Pointing towards two chairs lined against the railing of the ship, he smiled, “Feel like relaxing over there?”

“Why not? I’m a little uptight, and a good sun bath won’t hurt,” Krycek said, nodding. The two walked over to the white chairs, lying back on them. Krycek took off his leather jacket, exposing his tight, black shirt. Pulling out sunglasses from his shirt pocket, he put them on, closing his eyes. He groaned in pleasure, “This is the life.”

“I’ll second that,” Tommy agreed, pulling back his shirt so that his chest would feel the warmth of the sun. Looking over at Krycek, he smirked, “How small is that shirt, Alex? I don’t think I could fit in that! What, are you trying to get a woman’s attention?”

“Ha ha,” Krycek laughed sarcastically. “Most of my shirts wouldn’t fit over your bulging chest anyway. To answer your question, no, I’m not trying to get a woman’s attention, and this shirt was made to be small.”

Tommy smiled, closing his eyes, “If I fall asleep, promise to wake me up.”

“I won’t sleep,” Krycek said, somewhat unconvincingly, “I’ll just rest my eyes.” Both men stayed quiet, letting the sun’s heat and the sound of rolling waves lull them to sleep.

* * *

Tommy opened an eye, sleepily, taking in a deep breath. Out of the corner of his eye, he could make two people out, standing above him. “Shit,” he muttered, rubbing his eyes. Opening them again, Tommy saw that the two people were Kat and Tanya. He grinned, “Just catching up on some sleep.”

Tanya chuckled, “Like you didn’t get enough sleep on my cot!”

Tommy merely grinned, tapping Krycek on the shoulder. The older man stirred, turning to face Tommy. He smiled groggily, “See, I told you I was just resting my eyes.”

“Uh huh,” Tommy nodded, disbelievingly. He motioned towards Kat and Tanya, “We have company.”

Krycek looked up at the two women. Taking off his glasses, Krycek stood up, giving the two his most charming smile. Eyes twinkling, he kissed both girls’ hands, “I’m Alex, and you fine ladies are?”

Tanya blushed, “I’m Tanya.” She glanced down at Krycek’s prosthetic arm, but quickly turned away from it, not wanting to be rude.

“I’m Katherine,” Kat replied, giggling besides herself.

Tommy smirked, “Always the flatterer, aren’t you, Krycek?”

Krycek shrugged, “If I didn’t flatter these two, I would merely be keeping myself from having a very joyful experience.”

“This is a side of you I never thought I’d see, Krycek,” Tommy said, smiling.

Krycek laughed, “There are many sides of me you’ve never seen, Tommy.” He suddenly frowned, “Some of them you don’t want to see.”

Tommy looked at him, worriedly, “Are you OK?”

Krycek looked up at him, snapping out of the pensive state he was in, “Yeah, I’m fine. Don’t worry about it.”

Tommy, unconvinced, merely nodded. Kat motioned towards the seats where they were sitting, “Do you mind if we join you?”

“As long as you don’t mind sitting by me and Mr. Charm here,” Tommy said, once again in his playful mood.

Krycek smirked, “Tommy, I would suggest that if you ever want to be liked by women, that you comment on their loveliness, personality, and everything else that you love about them, because if they never know how you feel, then they’ll only feel unloved.” There was a flicker of sadness in his eyes, but it quickly went away, as he grabbed Kat’s hand, “I take up a lot of room, but you can join me if you want to.”

Kat smiled, “I’d be glad to join you.” Kat sat down in the chair next to Kat, as Tanya joined Tommy. The four talked, good-naturedly, unaware of what was going on in other classes of the ship.

* * *

“Mulder seemed pretty pissed,” Jason said to Adam, as the two stood on the second class balcony. They were both waiting for Trini to return from her room. She had gone to use the restroom, or so she said.

Adam nodded in agreement, “Yeah...I think he likes her.”

Jason tilted his head in puzzlement, “His partner?”

“Mmm-hmm. He likes her. It’s written all over his head.”

Jason stifled a laugh, “Speaking of liking someone, here comes Trini.”

“What’s that supposed to mean?” Adam asked.

Jason smirked, “Don’t use that innocence act on me! Go for it, Man! I’m sure she feels the same way.”

Before Adam could respond, Trini appeared in front of them, smiling brightly, “Hey, guys! Sorry that took so long.”

Jason nudged Adam a little bit, and Adam cleared his throat, nervously, “Um, I was wondering if I could ask you something, Trini.”

“Always, Adam. What’s up?”

Adam took in a shaky breath, “Well, I know I’m being kinda forward, but would you go with me to the second class party out here tonight?”

Trini smiled, nodding, “I’d love to, but only if you’d come with me now to help me pick out an outfit.”

Adam looked at Jason, expectantly, “You don’t mind, Jason?”

Jason shook his head, “No. Go ahead. Have fun.” Trini and Adam nodded, leaving Jason alone on the second class deck. Rubbing his face with his hands, Jason looked out over the railing of the second class deck onto the third class deck. _I wonder what it’s like down there_ he thought _Well, I guess there’s only one way to find out_ With that, he began down the stairs leading to the third class deck.

* * *

Jason walked to the railing of the third class deck, looking over the vast ocean. “What lies ahead?” Jason asked himself aloud. Looking around the people on the deck, Jason saw they were of all size and race. Some were young children sitting with there parents, and some were considerably older. Just then, someone caught his eye: a woman...a beautiful woman. She was African American, and was wearing a yellow tank top with a black skirt. Her hair was tied back with a yellow band, and she was wearing black heeled shoes.

With this woman were three other people: one woman and two men. The woman had shiny blond hair, and was wearing a pastel pink shirt with blue flares. Her hair was held back by a claw, with a few stray strands of hair hanging loose.

One of the men had very long brown hair, and was wearing a white shirt which was unbuttoned, showing his chest, and blue jeans. The other man was wearing a black shirt, blue jeans, and had a black leather jacket draped over his shoulders.

Try as he might, Jason could not tear his eyes away from the Black woman, and, finally, gave in to the desire to approach the four.

Meanwhile, Krycek looked up to see Jason walking towards them. He turned to Tommy, “You know him?”

Tommy shook his head, his brow creasing, “Nope. Kat? Tanya?”

“Never seen him before” Kat said.

Tanya sighed, “He’s cute.” Tommy snickered.

Jason stopped in front of them, almost trembling with fright, “Um, hi. I’m Jason.”

“Alex,” Krycek said, cautiously.

Tommy grinned, somewhat confused, “I’m Tommy.”

“Katherine,” Kat said, looking at the others.

Tanya grinned, “I’m Tanya. Are you alone?”

“For now,” Jason answered, relieved that the group was accepting him, “My friend, Adam, ran off with a girl.”

Tommy nodded, sympathetically, “It happens, man. You want to join us?”

“Do you mind?”

Kat shrugged, “The more the merrier.”

Jason smiled thankfully. He sat down next to Tanya (purposefully), “I’m not cutting in on any conversation, am I?”

“Not really,” Krycek said, “We were just talking about nothing.”

“That’s one of Tommy’s specialties,” Kat laughed.

Tommy smirked, “Oh yeah, everyone picks on me.”

Tanya grinned, “We do it cause we love you.”

“Awww...” Krycek cooed. The others laughed.

Kat returned her attention to Jason, “So, where are you from?”

Jason began a lengthy tale of his whole childhood, and where he was from. The others listened, interestedly. Once he had finished, Tommy whistled low, “Wow, that’s one hell of a childhood.”

“You can say I got the worse of a lot,” Jason said, sighing.

Tanya nodded, “I got a lot of that, too, Jason, only my problems were more with racial discrimination. I’m pretty low on money, so it’s not like I was regarded highly, not just because of my financial situation, but because of my race.”

“Well, as far as I know, everyone’s been discriminated for something. I was discriminated against because I was usually a good student. I wasn’t a nerd or anything like that...but there were those kids who are probably now dead, who would make fun of me,” Krycek said.

Tommy grumbled, “Hair.” The other four laughed.

Kat sighed, “Hmmm...maybe my ballet. It wasn’t exactly a popular dance in high school. It was old fashioned, boring, too easy, etc... Luckily that’s stopped. “The five continued to talk, as two people in first class did the same thing.

* * *

“It’s too boring up here!” Kim complained, pushing her brown hair out of her face. She and Billy were sitting in Kim’s first class suit on a leather couch, looking out of the large window which had a nice view of the ocean. White curtains lined the window, and made soft shadows fall onto the shiny wood floor.

Billy shrugged, “What can we do? My parents aren’t here, and neither is your dad, and none of the festivities start until later.”

Kim sighed, “Haven’t you ever been curious about third class?”

Billy shrugged, “What about it?”

“You know...what it would be like. I’m so used to having money, and I’ve often thought of what it would be like not to have any.”

“I’ve never really thought about it,” Billy responded, “I guess a part of me has always wanted to associate with third class passengers.”

“OK, then, let’s go!”

Billy’s brow creased, confused, “Where?”

“To third class, of course!” Kim exclaimed, “It will be fun. We’ll only go for an hour or so, and out parents wouldn’t miss us. What do you say?”

“I suppose it wouldn’t do any harm,” Billy sighed, “Sure. Let’s go.”

* * *

“Shit,” Krycek muttered.

Tommy frowned, “What’s up?”

“Look who it is,” he pointed at two people coming down the stairs.

Tommy’s eyes widened, “Isn’t that Billy Cranston?”

Tanya’s eyes narrowed, “Billy who?”

“Cranston,” Tommy said, “He’s one of the biggest names in technology software.”

“Who’s that woman with her?” Jason wondered aloud.

Tanya gasped, “Kimberly Hart! Oh my gosh, her dad is the biggest name in fashion! I’ve seen Hart clothes all over the place...for my birthday I got a shirt of hers. They’re the best.”

“What do we do for first class passengers?” Kat asked, “We don’t just treat them like we would anyone else, right?”

Krycek nodded, “I think we’re supposed to suck up to them.”

“Damn,” Tommy muttered, “I hate sucking up to people.”

Tanya laughed, “Krycek’s a pro. He’ll get us through.”

Krycek smirked, “Ha ha, Tanya, and, yes, I will get us through this. Oh yeah, and you have to bow. It’s appropriate.” Tommy groaned.

As if on cue, Billy and Kimberly stepped right in front of them. Billy looked down at Kat with a weird sort of arousal. Kat blushed as she realized she was being stared at. The five bowed their heads politely.

Kim stifled a laugh, “Please don’t bow. I’ve been flattered enough as it is.”

Clearing her throat, Kat pulled her head back up and smiled, “Hello, Mr. Cranston...Miss Hart...um, welcome to the lower decks.”

Billy smiled, “Please, just Billy and Kimberly. We hate those professional sounding words.”

“Did you need this area for anything, um, Billy?” Tanya asked, cautiously.

He shook his head, “No. It was boring in first class, so we thought we’d see what you were up to.”

Kim looked at Tommy, grinning as she saw his uneasiness, “Are you going to say your name, or do I have to refer to you as ‘hey’?”

Tommy looked up at Kim, offering her his most handsome grin, “Sorry about that. I’m Tommy Oliver, and this is Tanya Sloan, Katherine Hilliard, Jason Scott, and Alex Krycek.” He pointed to the people as he said their names. Everyone smiled politely and exchanged greetings.

Billy asked Krycek to scoot over, and he took a seat next to Katherine, momentarily looking at Krycek’s left ‘arm’. Dismissing the wood that he saw, he grinned, “So, how’s the service been for you down here?”

Krycek frowned, “The food could be a little better, but besides that we’re fine.”

“Are you all third class passengers?”

Jason cleared his throat, “Um, I’m a second class passenger. I just came down here because my friends were all...busy.”

Kim took a seat next to Tommy, still looking him over carefully. Tommy looked at Krycek, flustered. This gained a small giggle from Kat, and a smirk from Krycek. Kim, finally drawn from her pensive state, picked up a strand of Tommy’s hair, examining it, “You have really great hair. Are you Indian, or something?”

“American Indian, yeah,” Tommy replied, still nervous, “Why? What heritage are you?”

Kim sighed, “Regular English. There’s not much that’s interesting about me, except that my dad’s a big name in fashion, and I’m a pretty good gymnast.”

“Really? I’m in ballet, and, in the summer, I dive,” Kat said.

Tommy nodded, “I’m into martial arts.”

Jason’s eyebrows raised, “Really? So am I!”

Tommy smiled, “That’s cool. Do you spar?”

“Are you kidding me? I live for sparring!” Jason exclaimed, “We’re going to have to spar together sometime.”

Tommy nodded, “I’ve just added it to my ‘To Do’ list.”

Tanya shrugged, “I sing. One day, when I get enough money, I hope to try and get an agent.”

Krycek sighed, “Nothing interesting about me.”

Tommy swatted his arm, supportively, “Come on, Alex, there’s got to be something.”

_If you only knew what I’ve done over the past few years. My gun has become my best friend_ Krycek thought. He shrugged, “My parents were Cold War immigrants, so I speak some Russian.”

Kim smiled, “There you go! Russian is awesome! Hey, can you speak a little?”

Krycek nodded, and began a series of complicated sounds, which the others listened to, amazed. When he finished, they all clapped. Jason laughed, “Whoa! That was cool!”

“Awesome, man!” Tommy exclaimed.

Krycek couldn’t help but blush, “It’s not that good, and-”

“I won’t even hear it,” Tanya said, “That was excellent.”

Tommy chuckled, “Aw, we made Mr. Charm blush!”

Everyone except for Kim and Billy broke out in a chorus of “Awwww’s”. Kim and Billy looked at each other, confused. Kat smiled, “We’ll explain later.” They nodded.

Suddenly, Kim and Billy’s ears perked up as they heard a loud “BBBBIIIIILLLLLYYYYY!!!” echo through the ship. Billy grimaced, “I guess that’s our cue to go.”

“Maybe we’ll see you again,” Kim said.

Tanya nodded, “It was nice meeting you.”

“Later, guys,” Jason said,

Everyone exchanged their farewells. Billy and Kim got up and left, waving. Once they were at the steps leading to the second deck, Billy turned to Kim, “I like it down there.”

Kim sighed, “I’m starting to like third class better than first class.” Billy nodded, and the two walked back up to first class, where their parents were waiting.

From back on the dock Jason stood up, “I should get going, as well. I’ll see you around sometime, right?”

“Count on it,” Tommy said.

Tanya grinned, “It was nice meeting you.”

Jason blushed, “Same here.” He waved and left.

Kat moved from next to Tommy and sat next to Tanya, “Someone’s got a cru-ush!”

Tanya nodded, somewhat passionately, “Definitely more than five checks.” Kat laughed, and the two looked at Tommy.

He frowned and shrugged, “What?” They merely giggled in response.

* * *

Scully sat down on her thick quilted bed, miserable. She couldn’t get the thought of Mulder out of her head. Images of him were flashing into her mind as she pictured him. Picking up her burgundy pillow, she folded it in her arms, closing her eyes. Like a raging storm, a flood of memories, both good and bad, returned to her.

She could see herself standing in only her underwear in front of Mulder when they had gone on her first case. The room was dark because the power was out, and the only people present were her and Mulder, who was wearing a blue shirt that day, and was carrying a candle.

He bent down behind her, bringing the candle he was holding closer to her back. She was shaking, afraid that she was to be the next victim of a horrible murder. Scully had felt bumps on her back...the same bumps that all the other victims had. “What are they?” She implored, trembling, somewhat because she was cold and wet, but mostly because she was afraid.

Mulder did not answer. He was very close to her, now. She knew because she could feel the heat from the dim candle warming her icy back. Panic overcoming her, she questioned him again, “Mulder, what are they!?”

Scully felt his breath on her back, and chill went up her spine. Just then, she heard her new partner laugh lightly, “Their mosquito bites.”

“Are you sure?” Scully asked, sighing with relief.

Mulder chuckled, “Yeah, I got eaten alive myself out there.”

Feeling light headed, Scully literally fell into Mulder’s arms, not knowing whether she was going to shout for joy or cry because she had been so scared. Mulder, who had stepped back, apparently startled by her gesture, sobered and spoke again, accepting her into his embrace, “You’re shaking.”

“I need to sit down,” Scully said, feeling light headed. He had supported her as she calmed down, and they had talked for nearly an hour. Those had been the good days, when things hadn’t been so complicated, both in their work and in their relationship. Now, everything was just a confusing mess.

Another time, just a month or so later, Scully and Mulder had been confronted by Men in Black for the first of numerous times in their career. They had forced them out of their car, and were searching through their case information, dumping out information from folders and destroying film from Mulder’s camera (much to his dismay). Always counted on to be defiant, Mulder had boldly asked, “Can you tell us what this is about?” How was he answered? By a hard kick to the back of his knees. Just seeing that look of pain and loss on Mulder’s face, both at that moment and the whole ride back to the motel, had torn Scully’s heart in two. This is when she realized that her relationship with Mulder was not just partnership. No, it was so much more. At that time, she didn’t know what that ‘more’ was.

“That’s ironic,” Scully murmured allowed, “I still don’t know what my relationship with Mulder is.”

Her thoughts were interrupted as Skinner walked into the room, smiling, “They’ve just begun serving dinner if you’re interested.”

“You go ahead,” Scully said, “I’m not in the mood.”

Skinner frowned, “What’s wrong?”

“I’m just thinking,” Scully said, “I don’t really want to be around a lot of people.”

Skinner growled, “What did Mulder say to you?”


“He must have said something to you, Scully, because you were fine before he talked to you,” Skinner commented. He sat down on the bed next to her, sighing deeply.

Scully shook her head, “He didn’t say anything to me. I was just thinking how unfair it is for him to be in second class. Yes, I know it’s too late for him to be transferred up here, but I still can’t help but feel sorry for him.”

“Mulder’ll be fine,” Skinner practically snarled, “This is our time to enjoy ourselves.”

“It’s nothing against you, Skinner!” Scully exclaimed, shocked by his odd behavior.

Skinner touched Scully’s hand, lightly, calming, “It’s just hard to always have to compete for your attention.”

Scully gasped, realizing what he meant, “Mulder was right!”

Skinner breathed heavily, “Mulder’s always right, Scully. Please, you know how I feel.”

Scully smirked dryly, “Now I do.”

“It’s against FBI protocol, Scully...Dana...” Skinner said, full of lust, “but we can keep this secret...can’t we?”

“Get away from me,” Scully whispered, backing away.

Skinner moved closer to her as a result, “You don’t mean that.”

This time forcefully, Scully yelled, “GET AWAY FROM ME!” Pushing Skinner with all her might, Scully jumped up to the door of the room and ran out before he could stop her.

* * *

Tommy laid back on his cot, closing his eyes and yawning. Krycek, from the other side of the fairly small room, smirked, “Gee, you do get tired fast.”

Tommy opened an eye, smiling, “I’m a growing boy who needs my sleep.”

Krycek chuckled, lying down on his cot, and putting his leather jacket on the ground. Pulling the flimsy white blanket crumpled at the bottom of the cot over him, he sighed, tranquilly, “I had a great day today, Tommy. Thanks for inviting me along. I know it’s probably not fun having an old guy with a fake arm tag along with you for the day.”

“Hey, man, I’m hoping that we do this the rest of the week,” Tommy exclaimed, “I had fun, too!”

Krycek closed his eyes, taking in a deep breath, “When I was in high school, I was considered part of the popular group, and I guess it hurt to get out of there and realize that most of the people I thought were my good buddies weren’t even my friends at all. Since then, I haven’t been very good with people.”

Tommy grinned, “You could have fooled me. It seemed like you were in your element out there.”

“Maybe I was just experiencing a flash from my youth with you guys. Besides, you’re a great group of people.” _Maybe I was just trying to make up for the part of my life that I screwed up. I’ve probably killed more people than all the consortium members combined_

Tommy winked, devilishly, “It seems like you have a thing for Katherine.”

Krycek shook his head, “She’s sweet, but I’m about ten years older than her, so it wouldn’t work. Besides, I thought you liked Katherine.”

“At first I thought I did, but then I realized that she’s the kind of girl that would be a really good friend, not a girlfriend. Dating Katherine would be like dating a sister.”

“Well, that Kim girl had the hots for you, and that you can’t deny.”

Tommy looked at him, brow creased, “Alex, she’s a first class passenger, and I’m in here...no offense.”

“None taken,” Krycek assured him. “Seriously, though, you really need to think about this. Who cares if you’re not the same ‘class’? If you like her, I say go for it. The worse she could do would be to say no and slap you.” Seeing Tommy wince, Krycek laughed softly, “Sleep on it, Lover Boy. You never know. Miracles can happen...no offense.”

Getting up, Krycek flipped off the light. Murmuring their goodnights, the two men pulled their blankets over them and slowly drifted off to sleep, both with troubling thoughts in their minds.

* * *

Kim picked up her white hairbrush and began putting the small brush through her smooth hair. Now, in only her delicate pink silk nightgown, she was sitting atop the white-quilted full sized bed in her fancily decorated room. A TV was embedded in a small corner of the room, surrounded by gold-framed pictures and beautiful china dishes which hung from the wall.

There was a soft knock on the door and, sighing, Kim called for the visitor to enter. As the person opened the door, Kim quickly realized that it was Billy. Smiling, she motioned for him to sit on the bed with her.

Billy, in a faded blue silk short-sleeved shirt and black pants, sat down next to Kim, grinning, “I guess the question, Miss Hart, is what you were doing to that poor third class passenger.”

Kim frowned, confused, “What do you mean?”

“You have really great hair. Are you Indian, or something?” Billy imitated in a falsetto voice.

“He did have nice hair,” Kim argued.

Billy smirked, “You stared at that Tommy guy for ten minutes. When you finally looked at someone else he was already as red as a tomato!”

Kim hung her head in self-defeat, “OK, that was rude, I admit, but I was nervous around them, and, honestly, I found him attractive!”

“Remember, Kim, he’s a third class passenger.”

“So!?” Kim implored, “Just because he’s in third class doesn’t mean he’s a bad person or anything!”

Billy shook his head, “I didn’t mean it like that! What I meant is that your dad isn’t going to be thrilled at the fact that you were flirting with a third class passenger.”

“Your parents won’t be thrilled at the fact that you were flirting with a third class passenger, either,” Kim retorted.

Billy’s brow creased in puzzlement, “Who?”

“Katherine,” Kim said, “It’s obvious you fell for her.”

Billy rubbed the bridge of his nose, “All right, I promise not to tell anyone about today if you promise.”

“You can count on me,” Kim replied, smiling. Finished brushing her hair, she stood and put the brush back on her night stand.

“I don’t know what to do,” Billy admitted, “I really like Katherine, but there’s no way we can get together!”

“Sure you can,” Kim argued. “Look, I understand that Katherine’s a third class passenger, as is Tommy, but I’m willing to try new things, so to speak. Are you?”

Billy nodded, “Yes, I am.”

Kim smiled, “I think that puts any argument to rest.” Billy grinned, as well.

* * *

Mulder pulled his white shirt off and laid back on the hard cot in the room, putting his hands over his face, “Well, goodnight, fellows.”

Jason sighed, happily, “Goodnight.”

“I had a great day,” Adam said.

The three had only just turned off the light when there was a loud banging at their door. Mulder got up, eyeing his gun that was laying on the floor, “Who’s there?”

“Mulder, it’s me,” A voice called.

Immediately recognizing the voice, Mulder literally jumped over to the door and flung it open. Scully was standing there in tears. Embracing her, Mulder led her into the room and ushered her towards his cot, letting her sit down. He looked at her, eyes glimmering with concern, “What’s wrong Scully? What happened?”

“You were right about Skinner,” Scully sobbed, “He tried to make a move on me!”

“That bastard!” Mulder snarled. “Scully, I want you to stay here tonight, all right? I just don’t want Skinner making anymore trouble.”

“Thanks, Mulder,” Scully whispered, wiping her tears, “I was just about to ask you if I could stay.”

Mulder turned to Adam and Jason, “You two don’t mind, right?”

Adam shook his head, “If it helps your partner out, then it’s fine with me.” Jason merely nodded, agreeing.

Scully took off her shoes, and she motioned for Mulder to lie down on the cot. Somehow, the two were able to squeeze on it together, comfortably. Jason seeing that they were in no position to move, got up and shut off the light. The four slowly went to sleep, thinking of the day.

* * *

The next morning Scully awoke to find that she was nestled in Mulder’s arms. He was still asleep, looking as peaceful as a young child, with no lines visible on his face. His soft, brown hair fell limply onto his forehead and she watched as his chest rose and fell slowly. His body was warm on hers, and it was at that moment that she noticed both of them were bare-chested. She, however, was still wearing her bra, but the night before, her shirt hadn’t been comfortable so she had taken it off.

_You know you just wanted to feel his skin on yours_ She thought to herself with a smile. Carefully squirming out of Mulder’s grip, Scully put her shirt back on and slipped on her heeled shoes. Making sure to be silent, Scully slowly exited the room.

Reaching first class again, Scully opened the door to her room only to find Skinner sitting on her bed. There were bags under his eyes from lack of sleep, and his face was creased in either anger or nervousness. Scully couldn’t tell which one it was. Gulping hard, she entered the room, and approached him, “If you don’t mind, I’d like to get changed.”

“Where did you go last night?” Skinner questioned, ignoring her statement.

Scully, though nervous, kept a cool face on, “You were behaving strangely, Sir, and, unsure if you were intoxicated, I decided to go to someone else’s room.”

“You went to Mulder’s room,” Skinner accused.

Scully nodded, not guilty at all, “Yes, Sir, I did go to Mulder’s room.”

Skinner shook his head, “I told you to call me Skinner this week, Scully.”

“With all due respect, _Sir_,” Scully began, accenting her superior’s proper term. “I’d rather make this trip strictly professional.”

Skinner folded his arms over his chest and sighed, “I know you’re interested in Mulder, Scully, but I just can’t allow this to go any further.”

Scully was fuming now, “My relationship with Agent Mulder is none of your concern! I’m afraid that you overestimate your authority in this situation!”

“Perhaps what I’m doing is wrong, Scully, but you must remember that relationships between agents, especially partners, is strongly forbidden. If I allow this to go on, I’m ultimately turning my back on one of the most important policies of the FBI!”

“You dare to talk to me about relationships in the FBI after what you tried to pull last night!?” Scully demanded, incredulous.

“All that will come out of a relationship between you and Fox Mulder is a ruined career, a messed up partnership, and a broken heart, Dana,” Skinner persisted, “For your own well-being, make the right choice.”

“I am making the right choice,” Scully declared, “and I choose Mulder. That’s all I have to say. Now, can I please change out of these clothes?”

Skinner hesitated for a moment, looking into his agent’s eyes. Finally, he grunted, stood, and left the room. Scully sat down on her bed, tears rushing down her cheeks. Though what she had done was hard, she knew she had done the right thing, and what she had said was the truth _Now, how do I tell Mulder?_

* * *

Mulder paced through the small cubicle that he, Jason, and Adam would be calling home for a week, both angrily and sorrowfully. Why had she left him? What had he done to get her this upset? Could she really like Skinner more than him? _Stop being possessive_ he told himself _You’re not good enough for her anyway_

Adam watched Mulder walk back and forth, almost hypnotized. Having recently gotten up, he was still in his green sweatshirt and black shorts. His black curly hair hung in tousled knots on his head, and his eyes were still slightly closed due to grogginess.

Jason, who was sitting on his bed in only black boxers, spoke up, “I’m sure she just didn’t want to overstay her welcome. You’ll see her today.”

“We fought before this trip which is why I’m not with her now,” Mulder admitted, absent-mindedly. “Whatever happened last night is probably my fault.”

“Don’t blame yourself,” Adam said, finally breaking out of his trance, “I’m sure she had a very good reason for leaving.”

Jason smiled, “Why don’t you just tell us how you feel about her, Man? Sharing your feelings can help.”

Mulder frowned, confused, “What?”

“C’mon, Mulder! I mean, look at all this guilt your putting on yourself, and it’s obvious that you’re jealous of this Skinner guy. Just say that you like her,” Adam said.

Mulder smirked, “Yeah, right, guys. I like my partner. That’s plausible.”

“Well, excuse us for reading every single body signal and mental thought that you’ve let us see as being attraction towards your partner,” Jason sneered. Picking up his pillow, he positioned it so he could lean comfortably on the dull white wall, “I’ll share my feelings, then, to show that I’m not a wimp like someone in this room. I like Tanya.”

Adam’s brow creased, and Jason could sense the wheels turning in his head, “Who’s Tanya? I don’t think I met her?”

“You were too busy with Trini, the love of your life.”

“I don’t--” Adam cut off his argument and looked at Mulder, who was, at the moment, contemplating his feelings for Scully. Looking at Jason, he saw him nod, answering his silent question. Adam smiled, “You’re right, Jase. I really like Trini. In fact, I’ve never felt this way about anyone.”

Even though he had said what he did because he was trying to help Mulder let his feelings out, Adam knew that he had just told the truth. Trini meant everything to him. Going to the second class dance with her the night before had been like something out of a beautiful dream. He had no idea how he would let her go after the Titanic reached it’s home port again. _I’ll just stalk her day and night like a mad man_ Adam told himself with a grin.

Mulder sighed, “You aren’t going to let me get out of this ‘sharing feelings’ thing, are you?”

Jason shook his head, smiling triumphantly, “Spill it.”

“All right, but this is a secret, so both of you keep this quiet.” Adam and Jason looked at each other before nodding. Mulder took in a deep breath, “Um, when I first laid eyes on Scully...Dana five years ago I fell for her instantly. She had everything I loved in a woman: brains, looks, personality...we were both very dedicated to our work so we clicked. Sure, we’ve had our moments over these years, but I still decided to keep my love for her secret. Then, when I came on Titanic, I just felt a sudden surge of freedom, and I could no longer hold in my feelings. That leaves us in the present.”

“What do you mean by ‘moments’? Were you romantically involved before?” Adam asked.

Mulder shook his head, “No, we were never involved, but we did share moments of, how do you say it, sexual tension, whether it was the touch of a hand, a hug, or even eye contact.”

Jason grinned, “That’s so romantic, Man! Now I think you should definitely go for it!”

Mulder shook his head, “We just fought, remember? Plus, what about Skinner?”

“Screw him!” Adam exclaimed, “Who gives a fuck if your boss likes your partner?” Jason just looked at him, startled by his uncharacteristic language. Adam just shrugged.

Mulder smiled and nodded, “You guys are right. Maybe I should go for it. That means that you guys have to go for it, too.”

“What do you mean?” Jason asked.

“Tanya and Trini...Tanya and Trini...” Mulder sang, jokingly. He barely had time to laugh before pillows flew from the hands of his roommates, knocking him back on his cot. The three laughed, and talked more about how wonderful the trip had been so far.

* * *

Krycek sat in the small room he was sharing with Tommy alone, staring at the jagged ceiling and letting his mind argue with himself. Tommy had gone off with those new friends of his, Kat and Tanya. Alex had been invited to come along, but he had refused. This time would let him reflect on everything that was going on around him.

He knew that Mulder was here because he had seen him getting on. A part of him just wanted to pull out his gun and finish the asshole off, but he couldn’t. Not here. Not around so many people in an enclosed environment where escape would be impossible. Then there was Tommy.

Alex’s original plan had been to kill his roommate so that he could think of a way to kill Mulder in peace; maybe even get in a way to shoot Skinner as well, but he couldn’t kill him. He couldn’t kill Tommy, and, honestly, he didn’t know why. Did he feel that he owed it to the boy, or did he see a ghost of himself in Tommy’s eyes?

Either way, Krycek couldn’t kill him. In fact, he had taken a liking to the boy. _Too bad he’s not a rouge_ Krycek thought _He seems like a smart kid, and, besides, he knows Karate. We’d make great partners_ but he didn’t dare ask him. Tommy could alert the authorities, or worse, Mulder himself. Krycek cringed at the thought. _No, I have to keep everything secret...for my own sake_

Now that he pondered the issue more, Krycek realized that he did see Tommy as a ghost of himself in high school; social, energetic, outgoing, good looking....if Tommy didn’t have his long hair they could have been separated brothers! Closing his eyes, Krycek let his thoughts drift to his last day of high school...one of his last days of happiness, and yet one of the saddest days of his life.

* * *

It was the ideal day. The sun was setting in the distance, and, on top of a hill covered in deep green grass, sat a group of four teenagers, excited that they would be graduating from high school the next day. As a breeze rolled by Gina Davis pulled her creme sweater tighter around her shoulders. Gina could have been a supermodel with her long brown shiny hair, perfectly shaped body, and flawless face. In fact, everyone called her supreme. Most of her friends were surprised that she never auditioned for any modeling jobs.

Her shivering body was covered by a heavy black leather jacket, put on her by her boyfriend, Alex Krycek. She smiled and kissed him on the cheek, “Always thoughtful.”

“I’d kill for you, baby,” Alex cooed, putting his arms around her. His hair, which was a walnut brown, was combed back, accenting his shining green eyes. He looked into his girlfriend’s brown eyes, thinking of how they reminded him of the eyes of an innocent fawn. Their lips nearly met, but they stopped after hearing laughter from around them.

Jeffery Klein laughed out loud, looking at the couple in front of him, “Aww, isn’t that cute! You should just propose to her now, Alex!” Jeff’s hair, which was blond, almost touched his ears. His blue eyes sparkled, teasingly, as he stared at the boy who was now blushing.

Alex was almost beet red as he faced his friend, “At least I give my girl the attention she deserves!”

Jeff continued to snicker as he put his hand around his blond-haired girlfriend, Brittany West. Alex had dubbed her ‘blondy’, always telling Jeff that she was just a stupid bimbo. Jeff, though, would hear none of it, “I give you the loving you deserve, don’t I, Britt?”

“You know I love you,” Brittany said, full of lust. Her sapphire eyes sparkled as she looked at Gina smugly. Gina just smiled competitively, and took hold of Krycek’s shoulders, beginning one of her famous massages. Alex groaned in pleasure, closing his eyes and breathing in the cool evening air.

Jeff just sighed, “So what if Britt can’t massage...yet? She’ll learn!”

Gina smirked, “I’ll bet.” Growing sober, she leaned over and kissed Alex’s cheek, “This is our last night before high school ends. I don’t want to lose you.”

“You’ll never lose me,” Krycek assured her, “I’ll always be with you. I love you, Gina.”

Brittany scanned everyone, beginning to get teary, “I’m afraid we’re all going to lose touch.”

Jeff smiled, “Britt, you’re never going to get rid of me. Besides, you’ll always be able to find Alex and Gina. They’ll be married next year and already have three kids!”

“Really, Jeff? I would have said the same thing about you and blondy!” Alex exclaimed, feigning surprise. Gina just laughed, and continued her massage. Reaching a sensitive point, Alex took in a sharp breath, just to relax again into his girlfriend’s arms.

“You keep that massage up, Gina, and your going to give Krycek a heart attack!” Jeff said, teasingly.

Gina smiled, “I know how to please my man. To me, there are many other ways to have sexual pleasures than being slutty and having sex every week like you.”

Jeff touched his heart, pretending that a stake had just run though it, “You’re breaking my heard, Davis, but at least I’m not a virgin!”

Alex’s eyes flew open, and he glared at Jeff, “I told you not to touch on that again.”

Jeff held his hands up, defensively, “Whoa, Alex, you know I didn’t mean any harm. It’s good both of you are waiting. In fact, I wish I had waited...nevermind...I’m glad I didn’t.”

Brittany smiled, “Let’s go, baby. I wouldn’t want to invade on Alex and Gina’s last night together.”

Gina chuckled, “It’s not our last night, Brittany.”

Brittany just giggled, “Sure it’s not.”

Jeff got up and pointed an accusing finger at Alex, “You better meet up with me before the ceremony tomorrow, or I’m going to come after you with my dad’s gun.”

Alex sighed, “There’s no one I’d rather spend my afternoon with, Jeff.” The two high-fived each other. Jeff, then, put his arm around Brittany, and they walked down the hill, leaving Alex and Gina alone.

Gina smirked, “I don’t know how you stand him.”

Alex shrugged, “Jeff’s cool. Blondy gets on my nerves, though. If she ever hurts Jeff, I’ll kill her.”

Gina laughed, “I can’t picture you killing anyone, Alex. You couldn’t harm a fly because you’d be afraid that it would become depressed.” Alex just chuckled in response to this.

Gina moved her hands lower on Alex’s back, finding a tight point and massaging it, cooing in sympathy as Alex took in another sharp breath. He laughed, “Maybe Jeff was right about you giving me a heart attack.”

Gina laughed, “Should I stop?”

Alex smiled, “I wouldn’t go that far. Is this how you always seduce men?”

“No, just you, Alexander Krycek,” Gina declared. “We’ve been going out for more than a year! I know everything about you...I know your fears, your dreams, and, most importantly, I know how to turn you on.”

Alex smirked, “Was that a threat?”

Gina simply moved in front of him, kissing him long and hard. Finally backing away, she grinned, aroused, “Why don’t I let you find out?”

She put her lips on his again, rubbing the back of his neck with her palms. Alex began to tremble, the warm touch on his neck sending chills down his spine. Pulling away again, Gina smiled, “I want you, Alex. I want you more than anything else. Tell me I can have you.”

Alex’s breath was shaky, and he could feel his cock perk, as if waiting for him to answer. Finally, he gave in to his body, and his heart, “Take me, but let me have you.”

Gina’s breath was low and seductive, “Alex, you had me a long time ago.”

* * *

Krycek sighed. That night, up on a peaceful hill overlooking his hometown, he had given up his virginity to the one woman that he had ever truly loved. Gina had been everything to him. At that point in his life, he was sure that what Jeff had been saying to him that night would come true: he’d propose to Gina in the future, and they would end up getting married. If only life were still so simple.

After graduation nothing really changed. That summer was the best time he’d ever had. What he had told Tommy was true: Krycek had been popular, and had, therefore, had a lot of fun. True, he lost touch with most of his old friends after a few months, but that didn’t matter to him.

Now, however, everyone knew that Krycek had no intention of giving Gina up. At first, when he had begun going out with her, other girls would still come up to him and try to steal him away, or vice versa, guys would try and take Gina, but both of them were strong. What else could he say? They were in love.

After about two months of being in college, Krycek had gotten a letter from Jeff, saying that Brittany had left him over some strange dispute over her freedom. Over break, Jeff, Gina, and Alex all came home, and the couple did their best to encourage Jeff. He was feeling low...really depressed, and Alex was the only one that he told the truth: Brittany left Jeff because she was repulsed by the idea of marriage. As far as he knew, she had become a prostitue.

Jeff, though always the teaser, had been one of Alex’s only true friends, and he was devastated to learn that he had overdosed on pills while he was in college. Getting excused from school, Alex returned home to attend the funeral. Gina was there, also, and had been a huge comfort for him during the time. She was able to convince him that there was nothing he could have done to prevent his death. Jeff had been depressed, and had been afraid to share his feelings, and keeping them bottled up just made things worse. Finally, Jeff had seen death as the only way to escape. In a way, looking back on life, Krycek was almost jealous of the fact that Jeff had gotten out of life when he did.

The next summer Alex popped the question while he and Gina were celebrating her birthday. It had been very romantic. Krycek and Gina had stayed in an apartment they were both renting for the summer, and had eaten a candlelight dinner, made by Krycek. For some reason, a lot of people found it hard to believe that he could cook. Whenever he had been asked about his cooking skills, his response was always “Fuck you.”...except when Gina asked him, of course.

She had been overjoyed, and easily agreed to marry him. The wedding was to be in the spring...in May. Alex had described it as “beautiful scenery for a beautiful woman.” True, Gina had grown even more beautiful in that year span. Whenever he saw her, he had to fight to keep control, both of his thoughts and of his body.

It was in January that it happened. Alex and Gina were both on vacation from school, and the break was like any other. They talked about the wedding, planning out details from where they were going to live (well, where they could AFFORD to live), to what they were going to wear on the day of the wedding. The couple was inseparable...it was that simple.

One day, they had gone out for a late dinner at some Italian place, and they were walking home through the city, hand in hand. To get to their apartment, they had to walk through an alleyway which led to the stairs into the building. Beginning down the alleyway, they quickly stopped, startled to see two men glaring at each other and holding guns.

Both turned around. One man said, “You two never saw me.”

The second man smirked, “and you never saw me.” That was the first death Alex Krycek would ever see, and it would definitely not be his last. The second man shot the first one, and aimed his gun right at Krycek, who froze.

He smirked, “What’s the matter, man? You never see a gun before? Too bad it’s the last thing you’ll ever see.”

Alex barely had the courage to turn to Gina and tell her to run. When he did, she just grabbed his arm, “I’m not leaving you.”

Alex had thought of screaming at her to leave, but he couldn’t. Looking at the man with the gun, he saw that he had advanced, and was now just a few feet away. The gun was still pointed at him. He clicked the safety off, and aimed. Everything when in slow motion from there.

Krycek saw the bullet exit the gun and come whirling at him. Bracing himself for impact, his eyes squeezed together in fear, Krycek was almost shocked not to feel any pain. At first he thought he was dead, and that he had already left his body, but then, hearing footsteps run past him, he knew he wasn’t. Opening his eyes, what he saw made him cry out in anguish. Gina was lying on the ground, gasping for breath. Blood was coming out of a deep hole in her stomach. Her brown hair was matted against her forehead. Beads of sweat were on her face. Krycek knelt down by her, feeling faint. “Y-you took a...bullet...for me. Oh, shit, Gina, why? Oh gosh, no. You can’t die, Gina. Believe me, you’re going to live.”

Gina forced a smile, and she motioned for him to move closer to her, “I love you, Alex. I would die for you...hey, I am.”

Alex shook his head, “I love you, too, but I’ll get you help. You’re going to make it, Gina.”

She shook her head slowly, “I love you. Remember....I love you...”

Her hand, which had been grasping Alex’s, fell limp, and he felt as though he was going to have a heart attack. Everything in life had been so simple. How could anyone be so cruel as to take another’s life. What authority do they have to do that? How is it right to take another person’s life? No one should have that right.

Alex pondered these things as he laid on his cot, near tears, “What authority do I have to take another person’s life. How many people have I killed?” He was sure the number would exceed both his toes and his fingers combined.

Gina’s death was what caused him to join the FBI. He wanted to make a difference. Alex, most of all, wanted to make sure what happened to him never happened to anyone again. It was in Quantico that he first heard of Fox Mulder. At the time, Krycek had found the stories of the agent fascinating, and soon found himself interested in the X-Files. At Quantico, he had been lucky enough to attend one of Mulder’s profiling lectures. Though he used unorthodox methods, Krycek found everything about the man interesting, and soon began thinking of whether Mulder’s notions of government conspiracies and extraterrestrials were real. That was when he’d met him. The man that would decide the course of his life forever.

At first, when he was called to meet with who he though was a supervisor at Quantico, Krycek thought that it was either to tell him he’d flunked a class, or that he was doing well, and should be moved to a more advanced class.

The man, who, he noted, had an obsession with cigarettes, had begun the meeting as Krycek had thought he would. “You’re doing well here at Quantico,” he had said, “Alex, you are superior to most of the students here.”

He had merely given his thanks for the complements, and had expected new course assignments, a reprimand...what happened next nearly frightened him. The smoking man brought up something it had taken him years to get out of his mind: Gina Davis.

The man knew everything about her! He knew that they had been engaged, and he knew that she had been killed in an alleyway. Hell, he even knew that Gina had died in his arms. Krycek had become upset by this, and had demanded to know what was going on. What did he get in return? A rather nasty bruise on the cheekbone from one of the smoking man’s employees. “Control yourself, Alex,” The man said, “I’m not here to fight with you, and I apologize for opening any old wounds, but what I’d like to do is offer you revenge.”

This had appealed to Alex, “Revenge?”

“I know the man that shot Gina Davis,” the smoking man said, “I’ll give him to you so that you can finish him off, but you must work for me.”

“You’ll give me the opportunity to kill this man if I just come work for you?” Krycek was suspicious, “What do you want me for?”

“As I said before, you’re at a much higher level than most of the idiots in this academy. You have both the intelligence and the charm that I’m looking for in an employee, Alex. What do you have to lose? I’m giving you the man that shot Gina, don’t forget. If you don’t take my offer, you’ll never find him.”

The choice tore him apart. This man was a good salesman. Krycek wanted nothing more than to kill Gina’s murderer, but what price was he willing to pay? What did this man want from him? Was he really all that valuable? “How do I know you’ll complete your end of the bargain?”

The smoking man grinned, “Intellectual, charming, and a player. I’m impressed, Alex. Now I’m sure I want you to work for me. If you agree to become my employee, I’ll give you an unlicensed weapon. I’ll contact the man who killed Gina Davis, and tell him that I have an employee who will give him important information. You will be that employee, Alex. You’ll approach the man with a folder, which will be empty. As he goes to look at the contents, you shoot him. It’s as easy as that. Now, will you join me?”

What he said next he would regret for the rest of his life, “I’ll join you.”

* * *

By now, Krycek was in tears, sobbing. Everything used to be so simple. Now, he didn’t even know who he was anymore. How many people had he pretended to be? How many of the people he killed had a wife, kids, a decent life? In his mind, these were all things he could never have.

Yes, Alex did kill the man who shot Gina. He took the gun and the folder the smoking man had given him, and went to meet him. As the man looked into the empty folder, Krycek had just pulled the gun out, cursed the man’s name in every way he knew how, and had shot him. Three times. The bastard deserved it....it was Krycek’s first kill.....it wouldn’t be his last.

After that, all the memories were just flashes. Krycek had been assigned as a partner to Fox Mulder, and even though he hadn’t finished all the courses at Quantico, the smoking man was able to get him in with fake records. Plus, Krycek did know everything that a fresh agent would know, having been more advanced than them.

At first Mulder hadn’t liked him. He had missed Dana Scully, his ever so beautiful partner. Part of him had felt bad about her abduction, but that wasn’t him. That was Duane Barry, and sure, he’d almost made Mulder fall off a ski lift, but he was the stupid one that climbed on top of it.

All in all, if they weren’t on different sides of the playing field, Krycek would have liked Mulder. When they started out as partners, and Mulder began to trust him, Alex found that his dream to work with his idol had come true. He took a liking to Mulder. When Augustus Cole was about to kill him, Krycek shot Cole first. Then again, Cole had wanted to be killed, but still...

In a way, it was ironic. Mulder treated him like dirt, but, in reality, it was him that was the arrogant, stupid one. To him, there was only one answer: the truth. Krycek smirked, “Too bad you’re to blind to see that the truth isn’t the only answer. If you’d realize that, we could be allies, because I’m against the truth, but you’re all for it.” Not that Mulder would want to be allies with him anyway. He had shot his father, and not stopped his former partner, Luis Cardinal, from shooting Scully’s sister, Melissa, in time, but, in Krycek’s mind, they were even. Alex had taken Mr. Mulder and Melissa, and Mulder had taken...his arm. Krycek blamed him for that. Damn Russians and their stupid ways of avoiding the Black Cancer tests. He laughed, maniacally, “I hope one of those black cancer worms comes out of Mulder’s nose on his first date with Scully.” No such luck, he figured.

Mulder had also, literally, taken his life. If it weren’t for Mulder, Krycek may have still been living a pretty average life, only he would have killed a few people. Krycek had always hated Mulder for that. With Scully’s abduction, he hadn’t even been a part of that. Cancerman had never told him what he planned to do with her. Fuck Mulder and his stupid accusations.

Hiding his gun in his suitcase, Krycek began out the door, thinking that it would be a good idea to find Tommy and the others. He was almost all the way out the doorway. when he heard voices from the other room. Curiously, he ducked back his room, backing against the wall. Two figures came out of the room next door. One of them laughed, “Tomorrow is the day, Harold.”

Krycek saw a smile creep onto this man, Harold’s, face, “How devastating it will be for this Titanic to experience the same misfortune as the first one.” The two chuckled and walked down the hallway.

Alex let himself breath again before returning to his suitcase. Peering inside, he saw his two guns: a standard size and a smaller model. Picking up the smaller model, he took his ankle harness and attached the gun their. He grinned, “Who says Mulder’s the only one allowed to have a weapon on his leg? Besides, if I need it, I don’t want to be caught short handed.” Thinking about how much his gun had become a constant companion over the past years, he quickly prayed for Gina to forgive him from Heaven, and jogged out the door. Stopping a moment by Harold’s room, he frowned, “I think I should keep an eye on this one.”

* * *

Adam and Jason, after eating breakfast, convinced Mulder to go up to the second class deck for a bit to get some fresh air. Even though he seemed in lighter spirits, the guys still knew that he was feeling guilty about Scully’s disappearance, and they thought that the fresh air would do him some good.

Walking out from the shadows of inside second class to the harsh glare of the sun outside, the three sat down on benches propped against Titanic’s railing. Jason closed his eyes, relishing the feeling of warmth on his face from the sun, before turning to Adam, “How was the dance yesterday.”

“You guys should have come,” Adam exclaimed, “It was awesome!”

“Loud music wasn’t exactly appealing to me last night, and if I had only gone with Jason, people may have thought, you know, fruity thoughts.”

Jason laughed, glancing at Mulder, “I’m a little too young for you, Mulder. Don’t worry about anyone thinking that we’re gay.”

Mulder frowned, “I’ve been called gay more times than I’d like to imagine.”

Adam smirked, “You!? With who?”

“You remember my boss who was with Scully yesterday?”

Jason’s eyes bulged, “You don’t mean--”

“Some of the guys I work with think that we’re both gay.”

Both Adam and Jason burst into laughter. Adam, recovering first, patted Mulder’s shoulder, “Sorry, man. That must suck!”

“Then they thought I was gay with this former partner of mine.”

Jason lifted his eyebrows, teasingly, “Is this why he’s your former partner.”

Mulder shook his head, “Nope, but I don’t want to go into the gruesome details. Anyway, it was only because all the women agents thought we both looked good and looked really good working together.”

Adam smiled, “Was he gay?”

“Alex? No, I don’t think he was gay. Some people said he was bi, but I don’t believe that either. He seemed like too much of a ladies man. I don’t think he’s anything anymore, though.”

“What do you mean?” Jason asked.

Mulder was about to reply, when he looked over the second class railing just to see someone who made his blood run cold, “Bastard.”

Jason’s eyes narrowed, “Hey, man, it was just a question.”

Mulder was already out of his seat and looking over the railing, “I don’t believe this! Shit!”

Adam and Jason were by his side instantly, and were looking over the side. Adam looked over at Mulder, “Who do you see?”

Mulder just shook his head and began sprinting down the stairs to the third class deck. Adam and Jason were about to follow him, but they froze as they saw their roommate draw his gun. Jason glanced at Adam, puzzled, “I don’t know what’s going on, but whatever it is won’t be pretty.”

* * *

Krycek had just joined Tommy, Kat, and Tanya in the seat he had sat in the day before, only to look up to see someone that he knew very well sprinting towards him. “Damn,” he muttered, jumping to his feet.

Tommy jumped up next to him, “What’s going on?”

Krycek just grabbed Kat’s arm and began pulling her towards the stairs, motioning for Tommy and Tanya to follow him, “Come on. We have to go.”

Kat, startled, nearly tripped as she did her best to keep up with Krycek, “What the hell are you doing? Let go of me!”

Krycek didn’t stop. Instead, he just continued running, motioning to Tommy and Tanya again, “C’MON! MOVE IT! WE HAVE TO GET OUT OF HERE!”

Tommy, not needing any more warning, grabbed Tanya’s arm and dragged her towards the third class stairs as quickly as he could. Tanya was about to protest when she saw a man in a white shirt and blue jeans running towards them...with a gun. Screaming, she sprinted as fast as she could towards Krycek, ending up dragging Tommy along with her, “Who is that!? He has a gun!”

“Don’t look at him,” Krycek yelled back to her, “Just run! Go back to the room!” Ushering Kat, Tommy, and Tanya into the stairwell, he squeezed inside just as Mulder reached the third class deck.

Looking back, Krycek bent down and grabbed the gun from his ankle. Seeing the gun, Kat moved back towards Tommy, “What’s going on?”

Krycek didn’t look at her. Instead, he kept his eyes on the door to the stairwell, “Now’s not the best time to explain.”

As he expected, Mulder came crashing through the door. The two men aimed their guns at each other. Mulder spoke first, “Pleasure meeting you here, Krycek. Seems like that money you’ve been making in Russia is paying off.”

“I don’t work for them anymore, Mulder,” Krycek argued, not breaking his concentration on his aim, “The least you could do is let this be.”

“Not after you killed my father!”

Krycek sighed, “Is an apology what you want, Mulder!? I can’t offer you anymore than that! Look, there are ups and downs in life. Live with them.”

Mulder shook his head, “I should shoot you right now, you bastard! After all you’ve done to me!”

Krycek stepped forward, tauntingly, “Kill me then, Mulder. I’m right here, and if you fire I won’t be able to respond in time. Go ahead and pull the trigger, Mulder. I won’t be missed.” From behind him, Krycek heard a few gasps, and he prayed that Mulder didn’t hear them.

Unfortunately, he did hear them, “Hostages already, Krycek? I’m impressed.”

Tommy stepped forward next to Krycek, eyes blazing with hatred, “Look, Mister, I don’t know who the hell you are, but I’m not a hostage, and neither are these two. Why don’t you just go back to your class level and leave us be?”

Mulder only smirked, “A fan club then, Alex?” Facing Tommy, he frowned, “Back up, Son. You may not realize it, but you’re in danger.” To his surprise, Tommy didn’t step down. Instead, he moved right in front of Krycek, blocking Mulder’s shot. Mulder shook his head, “Don’t make me shoot you, kid.”

Krycek sighed, “Move, Tommy. This isn’t about you.”

Tommy’s eyes widened, incredulously, “This guy’s pointing a gun at you, and it isn’t about me?”

Krycek, seeing Mulder’s eyes grow colder, became frantic, “I’m not playing around, Tommy. Move!” Tommy just shook his head, and Krycek saw his muscles tighten.

Mulder moved closer to Tommy, taunting him, “I’m warning you. Move, or you’ll be sorry.”

“If you go back to your class level right now, then I’ll keep this quiet, and I’ll make sure everyone else does as well.”

Krycek, not knowing what else to do, tried pushing Tommy, “Please, move! You don’t want to test Mulder. Let him shoot me if that’s what he wants to do.”

Flinching at the pleading tone in Krycek’s voice, Tommy just stuck to his spot. “No,” he said, curtly.

Feeling something spark inside her, Kat stepped in front of Tommy and Krycek, using her body as a shield, “You can’t shoot them without shooting me.”

Mulder sighed, “I don’t believe this!”

Tanya stood next to Kat, glaring at Mulder, “Believe it.”

Mulder stared at the two girls, both angrily and full of admiration. Hesitantly, Mulder lowered his gun, “Fine, Krycek, you win, but I’ll get information out of you sometime. Your teen parade won’t be with you forever.” With that, Mulder exited the stairwell, leaving the four alone.

Tommy turned around, realizing that he had been holding his breath, and faced Krycek, “You OK?”

Krycek, feeling dizzy, leaned against the wall of the stairwell for support, “I...you guys...he could have killed you.” Memories of Gina came rushing back, and he did his best to keep from crying.

Kat put a hand on his shoulder, “What were we going to do, let him kill you?”

Tanya, looking concerned, put his right hand in hers, “You’re trembling.”

“I’m, um, just a little shaken up,” Krycek explained, feeling sweat moisten his forehead.

Tommy glanced at Krycek, “You look like you’re going to pass out. We should get you back to the room.”

Krycek smiled, faintly, “I guess this ruins your afternoon.”

Kat grinned, “Well, it was exciting. I don’t think my adrenaline has ever been so high.”

“Let’s get you downstairs,” Tanya suggested. The three supported Krycek down to the room.

Reaching it, Krycek slowly crawled onto his cot, still breathing heavily, yet shakily. Kat leaned closer to him, “You need to try and slow your breathing, because you could hyperventilate.”

Krycek looked at her, chuckling, “You really know your stuff.”

Ignoring him, she laid a hand on his chest, “OK: breath in and out, in, out, in, out...” Following Kat’s words, Krycek calmed his breathing, until finally, exhausted, he drifted off to sleep.

Tommy smiled appreciatingly at Kat, “Well, you guys don’t have to stay.”

Tanya shook her head, “Yes we do. Once he’s feeling better I want to know who that guy was in the stairwell.”

Kat frowned, sitting down on Tommy’s cot, “He called the guy Mulder. What I want to know is what could he have done to get Mulder so mad.” The three sat their, thinking of what the relationship could be between their friend and the mysterious man with the gun in the stairwell...and, more importantly, why did Krycek have a gun in the first place?

* * *

Adam and Jason were still on the second class balcony, watching as Mulder returned to the third class deck and put his gun back in it’s holster. Jason looked at Adam, “What the hell just happened?” The other boy merely shrugged.

Just then, the two heard their names being called. Turning around, they realize the voice was coming from Trini, who was running up to them. Reaching their position, she took a minute to catch her breath. “Is it true Mulder took out his gun and pursued four people in third class?”

Adam nodded, “He just came back out. I don’t like this, you guys.”

“Did you see that African American girl running from Mulder down there?” Jason asked.

“Yeah, I saw her. Why?”

Jason sighed, “That was Tanya, the girl I was telling you about. Yesterday I spent the whole afternoon with those four.”

“All I know is that if what you said is true, Adam, Mulder is supposed to be undercover. He wouldn’t have drawn his gun unless he found it necessary,” Trini commented.

Jason glanced at her before returning his gaze to Adam, “I’m going to try and catch him so that I can find out what happened.”

“This is going to sound weird, Jason, but be careful around him,” Adam said.

“Yeah,” Trini agreed, “You can never be too careful around someone with a gun.”

Jason merely smirked, “I’ll be able to kick him in the groin faster than he’ll be able to pull out his gun. Believe me, I’ll be all right.” The two watched as Jason left them alone.

Trini smiled, “This is way off topic, but I had a great time last night with you, Adam.”

“I had a great time, too,” Adam said, “too bad there isn’t another dance tonight.”

“Too bad there isn’t another one every night from now until the end of the trip,” Trini added, gazing lovingly into Adam’s eyes.

He stared at her, longingly, “Too bad there isn’t another one every night from now until the end of time.”

That was when they both realized it. It was the third day on board the resurrected Titanic that Adam Park and Trini Kwan realized they weren’t going to be able to leave each other at the end of this trip. They couldn’t, because they had fallen in love. Slowly, they inched closer to each other, lustfully gazing into their eyes.

As they got closer, Trini heard Adam whisper softly in her ear. Giggling lightly, she closed her eyes and waited for the inevitable. Their lips met slowly, starting as a gentle, harmless kiss. It was cautious at first, like a couple kissing after their first date; unsure of what to expect. This, however, quickly changed to a stronger kiss. Cradling Trini in his arms, Adam slowly backed away, cutting off her protests with a simple “shhhhh”.

“Not here,” He breathed. Motioning towards the stairs, Adam grinned, faintly, “I want you, Trini Kwan. Please say you want me.”

Hair blowing in the gentle breeze, Trini nodded, answering him in three simple words, “I want you.”

Holding each other’s hands, the two made their way into the second class hallways, and entered Adam’s room. Locking the door, they sat on Adam’s cot, and, unable to hold back, they began kissing again, this time intensely. Slowly, Adam pulled his black sweater over his head as Trini shrugged off her yellow cardigan. Adam put his hands on Trini’s smooth, silk bra, gradually unfastening it and letting it drop to the floor. From then on, there was no more talking as the room grew hotter.

* * *

Krycek awoke in his room with a pounding headache. Slowly raising himself to a sitting position he looked around the cubicle to see Tommy sitting on his cot reading a magazine. Noticing that Krycek was awake, he glanced at him and smiled, “How are you feeling?”

“A little confused, actually,” Krycek admitted rubbing his temple.

Tommy frowned, “About what?”

Krycek laughed wryly at himself, “Everything. Mulder, this whole trip, all of you. It’s amazing how fate works.”

“What do you mean?” Tommy asked, moving across the room and sitting next to Krycek.

The older man sighed, “There’s a lot of things that I haven’t done...right. Most of it I could never tell you, and the stuff I can will, um, definitely give you a new light on me. I don’t know if I want to do that.”

“There was a man chasing you with a gun,” Tommy persisted, “I was given a new light on you just by that. You don’t have to tell me who he was or why he would possibly want to kill you, but I’d hope that you’d trust me.”

“I do trust you,” Krycek said, and it was at that moment that he realized what he said was truth. Closing his eyes, he leaned back against the wall, chuckling lightly, “I trust you. This is the first time in awhile I’ve been able to trust anyone.” Tommy remained quiet as he looked at Krycek, willing to listen. Krycek sighed, “I was engaged to a beautiful woman named Gina. She was my whole life, but I lost her.”

“How?” Tommy inquired.

“She was shot. Gina gave her life for me. A man pointed a gun at me and fired, but she stepped in the way and saved my life. That’s why when all of you stepped in front of me I couldn’t help but think ‘great, now I’m killing three other people’. Sometimes I think I should just kill myself.”

Tommy put his hand on Krycek’s shoulder, “We did what we did because we knew we were doing the right thing.”

Krycek laughed at this, “No, you don’t. You don’t know you did the right thing because you didn’t do the right thing.” He glanced down at his wooden left arm, looking back up at Tommy, “Do you really want to know how I got this?”

“Yes,” Tommy confessed, “I do want to know.”

“It was cut off by Russian natives who wanted to save me from being a test subject. The Russian government performs tests on innocent civilians using a black oil known as the black cancer because they want to test a vaccine that will supposedly repel the oil.” Suddenly Krycek burst into laughter, turning a bright shade of red, “I bet you didn’t expect that.”

Tommy was in shock. Black cancer? Tests? Russians? What the hell was he talking about? “Do you work for the government, Alex?”

Krycek just laughed harder at this, “Russian, American, Hong Kong, and French government. I’m a small part of them all. They all hate me, though. That’s why I’m trying to settle down. I don’t really want to die. I deserve it, but that doesn’t mean I particularly want to die, though I’ve always wondered how it feels to.”

“Why was that Mulder guy chasing you?”

“I killed his father,” Krycek stated, tersely. “I also was a part of killing his partner’s sister, Melissa. Plus, I’ve double-crossed him more times than I’d like to remember. Oh, Tommy, if I could tell you all the horrible things I’ve done. Believe me, I want to stop, but he always pops up, and I can’t let him catch me. No, so I kill more people. I’m going to hell. Wait, I’m in hell already. Earth is hell for me, and I can’t imagine anything worse than this.”

Krycek looked at Tommy to see his reaction only to see that the boy had grown deathly pale. Finally, the younger man stood up and backed away from him, “You’re a murderer. How come...before you seemed so...I--”

“You don’t know how to react to me,” Krycek finished for him. “No one does. Go ahead, Tommy. Tell Mulder where I am. Go tell the authorities. I don’t deserve any of you. I don’t deserve these luxuries. They were meant for the innocent. I’m not innocent. Go ahead and tell everyone where I am. Believe me, I won’t leave.”

Tommy stood up to do just what Krycek had said, until he heard the older man begin to sob. Cringing, he walked over to the cot and sat back down next to him. Krycek looked up at him, puffy-eyed, “Go! I told you to go, Tommy. Why won’t you just let me enjoy my last minutes of freedom in peace?”

“How does it feel to kill someone?” Tommy questioned, ignoring him, “Does it make you feel powerful? Do you get some sort of satisfaction from doing it?”

Krycek, still tearing, finally replied. “No! It feels awful! At the time I may feel powerful, but afterwards you just want to kill yourself. I feel so insignificant. Sometimes I yearn so much for death that I put a gun to my temple and try to force myself to shoot. I can never do it. That’s what I’ve always tried to figure out. Why is it I can kill someone without a second thought and I can’t kill myself?”

Tommy didn’t answer this. Instead, he looked intently at Krycek, “I’m not going to Mulder or the authorities. In fact, I’m not even going to tell Kat and Tanya.”

Krycek looked up at him, clearly stunned, “What!? But I--”

“I’m not going to do it,” Tommy said. “I can’t do it. These past few days you’ve been like a best friend. I really don’t care what you’ve done, but if I hear of you pulling your gun again I seriously will turn you in.”

“I don’t plan on running into Mulder again,” Krycek voiced, “You have my word.” Realizing that this may not be enough, he tried again, “I swear to you on the soul of my lost love, Gina, that I won’t wear my gun again on this trip.” Tommy nodded, and the two sat in silence, wondering what would happen over the next few days.

* * *

Kat and Tanya were wandering aimlessly on the third class deck. Kat sighed, “I don’t know if we should have left Tommy alone with Alex. Something about him doesn’t seem right, especially after what happened today.”

“Alex is a really sweet guy,” Tanya argued, “Sure, he may have done something wrong in his life, but all people deserve a second chance. Besides, if he does try anything I have faith that Tommy could whoop his ass in a second. Especially since Alex has that fake arm.”

“True,” Kat said. Looking up at second class deck she spotted Jason coming down the steps, “Hey, Tanya. Look who’s come from second class.”

Tanya spotted Jason and blushed, “If you say anything to him I will kill you.”

Kat laughed, “I would never dream of it.”

Jason walked up to the two, smiling, “Hello ladies. Are you watching the sun set?”

“It’s beautiful,” Tanya said, “I’d never realized how magical the ocean was until getting on this ship. Now it seems like a endless mass of wonders, just like this ship.”

Jason nodded and cleared his throat, “I, um, was just wondering if you two would care to join me for dinner. It shouldn’t be too hard to get you two lovely ladies onto the second class deck.”

Kat shook her head, “You two go ahead. I think I want to be alone for awhile.”

“You sure, Kat?” Tanya questioned.

Kat grinned, “Believe me. I’m sure.”

Tanya nodded, and she and Jason left, hand in hand. Kat returned her gaze to the ocean, breathing in more of the sea air. The multi-colored sky beautifully magnified Kat’s soft, pink, flowing dress. It had been given to her by her late aunt, who had been a middle class woman. Kat treasured the dress greatly, fully appreciating the way in hugged her body and accented her rosy cheeks. Her blue eyes shimmered in the light of the setting sun, and her shining blond hair rolled over her shoulders like a calm rivulet.

Her serenity was broken as two warm hands touched her bare shoulders. She spun around to find herself facing Billy Cranston, who was looking quite handsome in his black and white suit. She smiled and let out a nervous giggle, “I’m sorry, Billy, I didn’t hear you.”

“I saw you looking over the ocean and I couldn’t help but come down to see you.”

“It’s an amazing site,” Kat breathed, “Never in my life have I seen nature’s beauty like this.”

“You yourself are looking quite beautiful,” Billy acknowledged. “There is a full dinner up in the first class section of the ship, and I would be honored by your presence, Katherine.”

“First class!?” Kat exclaimed, “I couldn’t! I mean, I would, but it’s...I’m a third class passenger, Billy. I would never be allowed!”

“Your beauty surpasses any class,” Billy told her, “As I said, it is I who would be honored if you came to the dinner with me.”

Kat smiled, “In that case I would love to, Billy. You are sure no one will mind, right?”

Billy chuckled, “The ladies will be envious of you, Katherine. Believe me, you will be the star of the evening.” He put his arm around Kat and guided her to the steps of third class, leading her further than she could have imagined. Soon, she was on the first class deck. Looking over, she nearly squealed with delight as she saw how high she had come.

Walking through a doorway Katherine found herself in the most beautiful room she had ever seen. Gold coated accessories were everywhere. Fancy paintings were hanging from the walls, and a full length mirror with a golden frame stood at the far end of the room. Sitting atop the heavy-quilted bed was Kimberly, who smiled at her, “I’m glad Billy convinced you to come up. This will be wonderful.”

“I thank you both for the invitation,” Kat said, still overwhelmed by everything.

Kim grinned, “I have the perfect thing to match that dress, which is lovely by the way. Is it yours?”

“It was my aunt’s before she died. When she passed on the dress was left to me.”

Kim nodded and handed Kat a silver necklace with a small pink diamond shaped like a heart at the end. Kat gasped in awe, “It’s amazing! You don’t mind, Kimberly?”

“Of course not,” Kim laughed, “I’ve had that forever. You can keep it if you want.”

“Honestly?” Kat asked. When Kim nodded she grinned thankfully.

Before she could fasten the necklace herself Billy intervened, “Allow me.”

Kat handed him the necklace which he unfastened and slowly placed over her neck. As she felt his warm, soothing hands on her neck she closed her eyes, doing her best to imprint the moment to memory. As she felt Billy’s hands draw away she opened her eyes and turned to face him, “Thanks.”

“The pleasure was all mine,” Billy said, and he meant it. _She is so beautiful_ He thought to himself _I wonder how such an amazing woman ended up in the hellhole of third class._

Km, dressed in a silk white gown grabbed her matching white purse and stood. A string of pearls hung from her neck, and her hair was elegantly put up in a twist, “Shall we go?”

“Lets,” Billy said. He offered Kat his elbow which she took. The three began out like a trio of royalty.

* * *

In the second class dining hall Jason and Tanya were eating...something that resembled pasta. The two looked over and saw Mulder sitting in a far corner of the room with no one else. Tanya turned to Jason, “You know him, don’t you.”

“He’s one of my roommates,” Jason said. “Look, I know you want to know about what happened today, but I really don’t know.” When Tanya looked at him, puzzled, Jason smiled, “I saw that you were one of the people running away from him today.”

“Mulder said that Krycek had killed his father, and Krycek seemed to admit that he did,” Tanya explained. “I don’t know what’s going on. Both of them seemed crazy, and now Tommy’s bunking with a murderer! This is all so messed up. Everything was fine before this, and Krycek never did or said anything that made him seem dangerous.”

“Adam, Trini, and I are all being cautious around Mulder. You, Kat, and Tommy should do the same concerning Krycek.”

“We will,” Tanya assured him. “I just feel that, you know, maybe Alex has turned over a new leaf since this whole incident. Right now I still don’t think Alex is a threat.”

Jason frowned, “Better safe than sorry. That goes for both of us.”

Wanting to get on a new topic, Tanya smiled, “I see your food isn’t much better than ours.”

“At least it’s better than the weird stuff we had this morning,” Jason commented. He grinned, “So, are you enjoying this trip on the resurrected ‘Titanic’?”

“Aside from today it’s been wonderful,” Tanya said, “The whole trip has been fantastic. I’ve met great people and had a wonderful time.”

“Same here,” Jason said. He paused for a moment to look Tanya over. Her dark brown curly hair was pulled back. Her yellow tank top hung loosely from her chest, and her black shorts matched her black shoes. Jason, on the other hand, was wearing a black silk shirt and blue jeans. His hair was just barely spiked up, and now looked darker than usual. He took in a deep breath, “Tanya, I don’t know how to say this to you.”

“What is it?” Tanya asked, looking concerned, “Whatever it is I want you to tell me. I can be trusted.”

“When I first saw you,” Jason began. “I didn’t know how I felt. That was why I came up to your group yesterday. You caught my eye.” Tanya blushed at this, but said nothing. Jason continued, “Then, when we were talking yesterday with the others, I realized that my attraction to you was not just physical. We have a lot in common.”

“We do,” Tanya agreed, softly.

Jason rubbed the bridge of his nose, “I’m really sorry, it’s just...I’m not good with feelings, especially since my last girlfriend left me.”

Tanya touched his arm lightly, “I’m sorry, Jason, but I want you to know that you can tell me anything.”

“I-I really like you, Tanya,” Jason stuttered.

Tanya smiled, “I like you too, Jason. You’re charming, handsome, interesting, and you appreciate the same things I do.”

Jason sighed, “That’s not exactly what I mean. What I’m saying is...after this trip...well, it’s been so long since I’ve cared so much about someone, maybe I’ve never cared about anyone as much as you. When Mulder was running after you and everyone else, and I realized that you were in danger I figured out something. After this boat reaches the harbor...I won’t be able to leave you.”

“What do you mean?” Tanya asked.

“I mean that this can’t be the only time we meet, Tanya,” Jason said, “I think I’m in love with you, and I won’t be able to leave you after this is over.”

Tanya stared at him in awe. Did he really just say that he was in love with her? This was her wildest dream come true, “I think I love you too, Jason. I never realized until this moment how I felt about you. What can we do, Jason? I don’t want to leave you either.” She stopped abruptly as she heard how frantic she had become, “I’m sorry, Jason, it’s that I’m so confused, I--”

“Don’t apologize,” Jason pleaded. “We will get through this. I promise that I’ll never leave you. We’ll be together if I have to spend every dime I have to do it.”

“I promise never to leave you either, Jason,” Tanya said. At that moment she couldn’t hold back the tears that had formed in her eyes. As a lone drop slid down her cheek Jason gently brushed it away. They sat that way, gazing into each other’s eyes for what seemed like an eternity.

* * *

After the big first class dinner Kimberly had decided to leave Billy and Katherine to their own so that she wouldn’t get in the way. At the dinner she realized that Billy really liked Katherine, and she didn’t want to interfere with that. She leaned over the railing of the first class deck in her white gown and looked over the ocean. The sky was now a deep shade of blue, and stars shined through the misty clouds, making the sea look like little diamonds were floating atop it. Taking her hair out of it’s twist she ran her fingers through it and let her mind wander to Tommy Oliver.

The man both excited and terrified her. He was exciting because he seemed so easygoing; so free. However, it was terrifying for her to admit to herself that she liked him, because she had never been interested in a third class passenger before. Tommy was like a flame. He amazed her; being so fiery and so passionate, and yet she felt if she reached out to touch him she would get burned. “I guess there’s only one way to find out,” she thought to herself.

Walking down the steps leading to the third class rooms, she quickly noticed the differences between herself and third class. Everyone in third class seemed to be in cheap clothes and were mainly unhappy. Looking in a rooms listing found in one of the staff’s office she found Tommy’s room number and walked to it.

Reaching the room, she knocked on it lightly, hearing his voice call, “Who is it?”

“Kimberly Hart,” she said.

She had to wait a few moments before the door was opened. Tommy stood there in a red sweatshirt and blue jeans. His hair was tied up in a ponytail, and she watched, amused, as he regarded her with surprise, “Kimberly? What are you doing down here?”

“I wanted to see you,” Kim admitted. “Can I come in.”

Tommy, clearly shaken, motioned for her to enter, “P-please do.”

Once she walked in the small room she couldn’t stop herself from gasping. It was horrible. The walls were all white, and the two cots in the room had thin mattresses and only one flimsy sheet. On one of the cots was Alex Krycek, who was looking at her, smiling, “It’s nice to see you again, Miss Hart.”

“Same here,” Kim said. Looking at Tommy, she leaned closer to him, “I wanted to talk to you.”

Krycek, getting the message, picked up his leather jacket and slung it over his shoulder, “I’ll leave you two alone for a little bit.”

Tommy looked at him, unable to help his suspicion, “Where are you going?”

“I’m just going to wander around for a little bit. Maybe I’ll stop at the soup kitchen and get some slop.” Tommy smiled and nodded. Krycek nodded to Kim and left the room, leaving the two alone.

Tommy returned his focus to Kim, “Well, what did you want to talk to me about?”

“First of all, how can you stand these rooms!?” Kim exclaimed, “Their so cold and your beds are so inadequate!”

“After being poor most of my life I get used to it, as do the other third class passengers,” Tommy explained.

Kim flushed, suddenly embarrassed, “I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to put you down in any way.”

“I’m not offended,” Tommy said, “It’s expected.”

“Also,” Kim continued, “Yesterday, I didn’t mean to make you nervous. It was my first time on the third class deck, and I wasn’t sure how to act, so I apologize.”

“Please don’t,” Tommy told her, “Believe me, I wasn’t affected in any way.”

Kim sighed, “That doesn’t make it right.”

Tommy smiled, “Look, Kimberly, I appreciate the apologies, but I don’t think this was the reason you came all the way down here. Am I right?”

“I was thinking about you,” Kim professed, “I couldn’t get you off my mind, so I came down to see you. That’s why I’m here.”

Tommy stared at her, grinning to himself _miracles really _can_ happen. Krycek was right_ Kim looked at him, blushing under his gaze, “Um, there’s something going on in first class that I don’t want to get involved in. Would you mind if I stayed the night?”

“I wouldn’t mind at all, and I doubt Krycek will either,” Tommy said. Kim smiled brightly, and the two sat down on Tommy’s cot, continuing in conversation.

* * *

About a half hour later Krycek was still wandering around the third class hallways aimlessly. As he rounded a corner he nearly bumped into Kat who was walking in the other direction. Krycek smiled, “Sorry, I wasn’t watching where I was going.”

“It was my fault,” Kat said, “Sorry.”

Krycek’s smile fell from his face as he heard Kat’s tone of voice, “You sound upset. Are you OK?”

Kat tried to grin assuringly, “Yes, I’m fine, Alex. Thank you.” The grin, however, failed, and she turned her head away so that he would not see her cry.

Krycek, caught off guard, pulled her into a corner, “What happened, Kat?”

“This day has been one big disaster!” She cried.

“Why?” Krycek questioned, “What’s wrong?”

“I went up to first class with Billy and we had dinner there, and he told me that he had his eye on me, but I couldn’t return the gesture, and I don’t know what to do. Then, there was everything that happened in the stairwell, and...and, I don’t know what’s going on!? Why did that guy, Mulder, hold a gun up to you? He could have killed you, and now you’re acting like nothing happened, but I can’t do that!”

Krycek dropped his head in shame. He wanted so much to tell her as he had told Tommy, but he knew he couldn’t. She wouldn’t understand just as he didn’t understand, “I’m not acting like nothing happened, Kat. It’s just that Mulder freaked me out and I’m doing my best to forget it.”

“Did you kill his father?” Kat asked softly.

“Yes, I killed him,” Krycek admitted, “It happened a little more than two years ago.”

Kat continued to sob, “Why did you kill him?”

“My boss ordered me to,” Krycek told her, “I had to do it.”

“No, you didn’t,” Kat said, “You could have told your boss that you couldn’t kill him.”

Krycek sighed, “I don’t expect you to understand my job...my former job, but my boss had me in a tough position, and so, literally, it was his life or my life. I was selfish back then, so I put my life before his.” He put a finger on Kat’s chin, forcing her to look at him.

Kat gazed into his eyes and saw truthfulness in what he was saying. She wiped her tears, “No, I probably will never understand your job or you, Alex Krycek, but I do know that you are a sweet man, and that you don’t deserve to die.”

“Yes, I do,” Krycek said, putting his head down again. He turned away, shamed, as he felt tears threaten to spill from his eyes.

This time, it was Kat who forced Krycek to look at her. He could no longer stop his tears, and one was able to slide down his cheek freely. Kat wiped it away, her clear blue eyes shimmering with unshed tears. “Tonight, Billy said that he was interested. I told him I had to think about it. He’s a nice man, but I don’t know how I feel about him. All of me is confused. If you asked me right now how I felt about Billy I probably couldn’t tell you anything.”

“What you’re feeling right now will become clearer in time,” Krycek assured her, “I know it will.”

“How do you know?”

Krycek took in a shaky breath, “I know because I’ve been there. Just give it time.”

“I’m afraid that Billy won’t give me enough time. I don’t want to do something that I’ll regret in the future.”

“You are an intelligent, beautiful woman. I have faith in you,” Krycek commented, looking into Kat’s sparkling eyes.

She gazed up at him, her crying all but stopped. “I have faith in you,” she echoed.

Krycek and Kat slowly leaned towards each other breathing heavily, and before the two could stop themselves they were involved in a passionate kiss. Kat pulled away first and smiled, putting a hand on Krycek’s matted down hair, “Alex, I’ve figured out my feelings.”

Krycek returned the grin, “I’ve figured mine out, too.”

* * *

The next morning Krycek walked through the halls of third class, whistling brightly. Opening the door to his room, he walked through the doorway, smiling brightly. Closing the door, he begins to talk, “Hey, Tommy, I just had a really weird thing happen last night, and--” Turning towards the cot he is almost alarmed to discover that not only Tommy but Kim are in the cot, sleeping peacefully. Tommy had his arms around Kim who is embedded against Tommy’s chest. Krycek chuckled, “Well, I guess miracles can happen. I was right.”

Hearing Krycek, Tommy opened his eyes, looking around. Seeing that Kim was still in the cot next to him, Tommy nearly jumped to his feet. This startled Kim who also noticed Krycek. The two turned a deep shade of red. Kim forced a smile, “This can all be explained, Alex. See, I needed a place to stay, so I--”

“Don’t bother,” Krycek laughed, “Congratulations.”

“Thanks, um, I think,” Tommy stuttered.

Kim turned to Tommy, “Thanks for letting me stay the night.”

Tommy smiled, “No problem. I’ll see you later?”

Kim grinned, “Count on it.” With that, she waved goodbye to the two and left the room.

Krycek chuckled, “Well, it looks like you had a good time in my absence, Tommy.”

Tommy smirked, “We didn’t do anything, Alex. She just needed a place to stay the night.” Deciding to change the subject, he grinned, “What about you? Where were you last night?”

Krycek flushed, “Um, in Katherine’s room.”

“What were you doing in Katherine’s room?” Tommy asked, nosily.

Krycek was silent for a moment. Finally he sighed, “We realized that our feelings are stronger for each other than we thought.”

Tommy grinned, “I guess you had a good time in your absence too, Alex.” He paused. “What about Billy Cranston? Didn’t he have a thing for Katherine?”

“Much stronger than we thought,” Krycek admitted, “She was up in first class last night with Billy. He invited her to the big first class dinner.”

“First class!?” Tommy exclaimed, “Damn!”

Krycek sighed, “That’s what I was thinking. Tommy, I don’t think I can compare with first class. Should I let her go?”

“No,” Tommy said, tersely. “Don’t let her go. If she admitted that she had feelings for you last night, then she has feelings for you. However, you shouldn’t force her. If it seems like she’s veering more towards Billy, then let her go.” Krycek nodded and sat down on his cot, looking through his luggage for something he hadn’t worn already. Tommy took in a deep breath before doing the same.

* * *

Billy sat back on his bed in his blue sweater and jeans doing his best to ignore his parent’s tirade. Others had told his parents that he had invited a third class passenger to the first class dinner, and now they were furious. His father, at the moment, was carrying the lecture, “...you have no idea what those rats in third class are like, Billy! How dare you bring one of those filthy peasants into first class, to the dinner of all places! Why would you do that!? Tell me!”

“I met her two days ago, Dad...”

“Where?” Mr. Cranston demanded.

Billy sighed, “Kimberly and I went down to the third class deck. We were bored.”

Now, Mrs. Cranston got into it, “You went to the third class deck!? Are you out of your mind!? How dare you! You could have been killed!”

“By who?” Billy asked, “Who would kill me?”

“They’re jealous of us,” Mrs. Cranston yelled, “Don’t you understand anything, Billy? We don’t talk to them and they don’t talk to us. Did that Hart girl drag you into it?”

Billy shook his head, “I wanted to go.”

“Who was that poor girl you brought in last night? What’s her name?” Mr. Cranston asked.

“Her name is Katherine Hilliard.”

Mr. Cranston scoffed, “I bet she begged you to let her come up here. Don’t mingle with third class passengers, I always--”

Billy, now, was in a rage, “She didn’t beg to come up here! I ASKED her to come up here! I think I’m in love with her!”

All three fell silent and Billy wished more than anything he could take back what he said last. Finally, Mrs. Cranston stepped right in front of her son and leaned down so her face was right in front of her, “You cannot love a person of another class. What’s wrong with Kimberly Hart? She would be a fine mate!”

“You can’t force me to love someone just because their my equal economically!” Billy shouted.

“That was a warning, Billy. If I ever see you with Katherine Hilliard again, I will personally see that she is unable to love you,” Mrs. Cranston hissed. She slapped her son’s cheek, making it turn a dull red before leaving the room. Mr. Cranston quickly followed. Billy watched them leave, unsure of what to do. He loved Katherine, but was love worth all this hardship?

* * *

Mulder leaned against the railing of the second class deck as the sun continued to rise in the sky. He, however, was not breathtaken by the beauty of the ocean as he had been before. Instead, he was confronting all the questions in his mind and heart. The most important of all questions was: how was fate always able to shock the hell out of him.

If coincidences are coincidences why do they feel so contrived? Mulder has asked Scully this one time when they were on a case, and now he wondered it again. Alex Krycek, his sworn enemy, was here on Titanic. That seemed so amazing to him. Of all the places Krycek could have been he was on this very ship. Did Krycek follow him on Titanic? Who knew? From the look of shock on Krycek’s face the other afternoon Mulder didn’t think that was the case.

What was with those teenagers standing up for Krycek? New associates? They didn’t look like Consortium members. Plus, Krycek was telling them to move out of the path of his gun. Interesting. Very interesting.

Then there was how he felt for Scully. Did he love her? Did she love him? She acted like maybe she had changed her mind about him, but then she left him. Inside, all Mulder really wanted was a straight answer. Did she love him, or did she just think of him as a partner? He didn’t want to continue going from lover friend to partner to lover to partner...it had gone on too long.

Still deep in thought he was unaware of the person who came up behind him until he felt fingers on his back. Startled, he spun around only to find himself staring at the face of his partner. Her face was glowing, and her sky blue eyes complemented her light blue business attire. Mulder opened his mouth to speak, but she cut him off, smiling, “I changed my mind, Mulder.”

Mulder grinned, feeling light headed, “You did?”

“I realized how much you meant to me, Mulder,” Scully confessed, “I don’t want to lose you.”

“You don’t know how long I’ve been waiting to hear those words, Scully,” Mulder murmured, embracing his partner gently. She hugged him back, lightly squeezing him.

Breaking the embrace, Scully leaned closer to Mulder, “There are some seats over in the third class deck. Shall we?”

“I’d love to,” Mulder agreed, taking Scully’s hand. The two smiled at each other before beginning down the steps to the lower deck.

As they were going down the stairs they didn’t notice someone in first class watching them spitefully. From the upper deck of first class Walter Skinner’s teeth clenched together as he fought to hold back his anger at this whole situation. Suddenly he felt himself slip into a state of insanity. How dare Scully betray him! How dare Mulder allow her betrayal. In fact, how dare Mulder cause Scully’s withdrawal from him. Skinner knew one thing for sure: Fox Mulder was going to pay for his crime.

* * *

Tanya walked out onto the second class deck with Jason right behind her. Sitting down on a wooden beach chair propped against the wall of the ship, she motioned for Jason to do so as well. Jason, in his black sweatshirt and blue jeans, took a seat next to the girl clad in yellow, looking out over the ocean. He sighed, “I can’t help but be nervous about the fact that this Titanic doesn’t have enough lifeboats for all the passengers like the last one.”

Tanya laughed, “Jason, we’re not going to hit and iceberg. That would be impossible. These are warm waters. We’re nowhere near an ice field!”

“I know, but I still have a bad feeling,” Jason said.

Tanya smiled, taking in a breath of sea air, “It’s so beautiful out here. I can’t believe the ship will be reaching harbor in two days. This has been so remarkable!”

“Tell me about it,” Jason agreed, “I don’t know how I’ll be able to leave it.” Softly, he added, “I don’t know how I’ll be able to leave you.”

“I just won’t leave you, then,” Tanya said.

Jason shook his head, “It’s not that easy, Tanya. We both have different plans for our lives. I guess we could make some sacrifices so that we could be together, but it’s not going to be--”

Tanya cut him off, “You’re such a spoilsport, Jason. Let fate run it’s course. If we are to be together we’ll be together.” With that, she leaned forward and gently kissed his cheek.

Jason grinned, “You are so amazing.”

“I know,” Tanya said. They leaned forward and locked lips once again, letting themselves ignore everything else going on around them.

* * *

On the third class deck Mulder and Scully shared a seat, talking about what had happened the prior day. Scully gasped, “Krycek is here!? Where?”

“Third class, I’m guessing,” Mulder replied. “I haven’t seen him in second class, and he doesn’t seem like the first class type.”

“You said he had a bunch of teenagers around him?”

Mulder nodded, “One guy and two girls. I tell you, they either all loved him or he had them brainwashed, because they all stepped in front of my gun so that I didn’t have a clear at Krycek. Finally I just withdrew.”

“That’s unreal,” Scully breathed, “I wonder who they are.”

“The guy’s name is Tommy,” Mulder told her. “That’s all I know, though. The funny thing is that I wasn’t going to shoot Krycek anyway.”

Scully looked at him, puzzled, “You drew your gun but you weren’t going to fire?”

“I wanted information, and sticking a gun in Krycek’s face is about the only way to get it. Believe me, Scully, I didn’t mean to cause a scene.”

Scully smirked, “How many times have I heard that?”

Mulder smiled, “Don’t count. Anyway, I want to know what Krycek is up to on here. I don’t believe that he’s here just to lounge back and check out the scenery. Do you think he followed us?”

“For what possible reason would he have to follow us?” Scully wondered aloud, “We haven’t had a really big case in a few months! What could he want?”

Mulder shrugged, “I have no clue, but if I see him at all in the next couple of days I intend to find out.”

Scully grinned and leaned over, kissing Mulder softly on the lips. Once she pulled away he stared at her, flippantly, “What was _that_ for, Agent Scully?”

“For a good five years’ work, Agent Mulder,” Scully replied.

Mulder nodded, flashing Scully his most charming smile, “I guess, Scully, that I ought to repay you for a good five years’ work.” He leaned towards her, kissing her more passionately than the first kiss.

Breaking away, Scully took in a deep breath, “Wow. That _was_ a good five years.”

“How about one more...for the future’s sake?” Mulder suggested. Scully had leaned toward him already, and as he finished talking they immediately kissed. This one lasted for a small eternity. When they finally broke the kiss, Mulder closed his eyes contentedly, “I love you, Scully.”

“I love you, too, Mulder.” The two leaned back on the seat in each other’s arms, eyes closed.

* * *

Just as Tanya and Jason broke their kiss Adam and Trini walked out onto the second class deck. Adam, in his green T-shirt and black jeans, waved to Jason and Tanya, who invited to duo to sit with them. Trini was practically lustrous in her yellow midriff shirt and plaid pants. Her hair was tied up in a waterfall, and her face, blemishless, seemed to glow along with the bright sun. She took a seat across from Jason and Tanya and next to Adam, smiling, “Have you been enjoying the trip?”

“I can’t believe it’s almost over,” Tanya exclaimed, “This whole period of time has gone so fast!”

“I know,” Adam agreed, “I can’t believe we’ll be leaving each other so soon.”

“What are you two going to do when we get to the harbor?” Jason asked.

Trini sighed, “We’re going to do whatever possible to stay together. I refuse to let Adam go.”

Tanya nodded, “We’re the same way. I can’t lose Jason, but I think everyone who’s gotten together over this time is just relying on fate. I know I am.”

“That’s a good idea,” Adam commented, “Although I have a strong feeling that Trini and I are meant to be together forever.”

Jason grinned, “That’s how I feel about Tanya and me. I love her, and not even death can end true love.” The four young adults turned towards the ocean, once again getting their breath taken away.

“It’s amazing how insignificant you feel when you look at the ocean,” Tanya commented.

“It’s amazes me how being on one ship for a small amount of time can determine your whole life,” Adam said.

Trini closed her eyes, letting the breeze run though her shiny black hair, “Fate is amazing.”

* * *

Krycek knocked on the door of Kat’s room, startled to realize that it was unlocked. Walking inside, he found Kat sitting on her cot bawling. Quickly running to her side, Krycek kneeled in front of her, and touched her arms which were covering her face, “Katherine, what’s going on? What’s wrong?”

“Leave me alone,” Kat moaned, trying to turn away from him.

He wouldn’t allow her to, “I can’t leave if your upset, Katherine. Please, talk to me. You know I’ll always listen.”

Kat raised her head, exposing her reddened face. “Do you really want to hear?” She seethed, “OK, I’m in love with two men. You and Billy. One minute I’ll remember Billy’s kindness, and then I’ll remember your roguish passion. I’m confused! Billy’s gentleness, intellect, and delicate nature will warm me, while your truthfulness, dark mysteriousness, and handsome features excite me. You tell me, Alex. Tell me who I should choose! Tell me!”

Krycek swallowed hard, surprised by this prior unseen side of Kat, “You should choose Billy over me.”


“I love you, Katherine, but Billy can provide for you. He’ll treat you well. While I could try to provide, I don’t have the money or resources to support you. You can trust me not to feel any anger towards you or Billy if you were to choose him,” Krycek said, softly.

Kat rubbed the tears from her eyes, extending her arms to Krycek, who eagerly embraced her. She took a sharp intake of breath, “I hate this confusion, Alex, and I hate to do this to you.”

“I’ll do whatever you want me to do.”

Kat sighed, closing her eyes, “Hold me, and stay with me, Alex. That’s all I ask.”

Krycek nodded, chuckling lightly, “Unfortunately, I can only embrace with one arm.”

“That one arm is just as strong as ten others,” Kat informed him, nuzzling her head into his chest. She looked up at Krycek, “There’s something you should know about me, Alex. I’m a virgin, and plan to be until I’m married. If we were to get together, I wouldn’t go all the way without a wedding band on my finger.”

“It’s good that you’re waiting,” Krycek said. “Everyone chooses there own, and I have a lot of respect for those who were able to hold out till marriage.”

“What about you?” Kat questioned, “Are you pure?”

Krycek laughed, “I lost my virginity the day before I graduated high school with a girl named Gina, who was shot a few years later.”

Kat pulled away from Krycek for a second, gazing at him in horror, “Who killed her?”

“A man in an alleyway,” Krycek told her, “She gave her life so that I could live. The man shot at me, but she jumped in the way of the bullet before it reached me. Gina saved my life.”

“That’s horrible,” Kat whispered, “Were you still going out with her then?”

Krycek let out a breath before continuing, “Gina, at that time, was my fiancée. We were going to be married in a few months. Then, that one night came--” His voice trailed off.

Kat leaned forward and kissed him lightly, “You still love her.”

“She was my first real love. I’ll always love her and yearn for her, but I learned long ago that it’s pointless to shut down your life just because of a loss. You have to keep trying...and that’s what I’ve been doing. Trying to survive, and waiting for that moment when I can feel the warmth of love again. I did feel it again, Katherine,” Krycek said.

Kat looked at him, puzzled, “When?”

Krycek sighed, “I felt it with you. Katherine, I love you, but I don’t want to stand in the way of love for you. If you don’t truly love me, then I want you to tell me to leave right now. I won’t be offended. In fact, I’ll love you more for it. Please, I beg that you wouldn’t tease my heart.”

There was an uncomfortable silence as Krycek watched Kat intently. After five minutes, she took in a shaky breath, “I love you, Alex Krycek. All the riches in the world couldn’t compare with you. I’ve realized that what I felt for Billy was nothing more than gratitude, and that I shouldn’t love money. What I need to do is listen to fate, and fate has smiled on us, Alex. Promise me that you’ll stay with me when we get off Titanic.”

“No one will be able to pry me from you,” Krycek assured her. He kissed her, cherishing the feel of her soft lips on his and her delicate rose scent. _It’s a wonder how such a vile man such as myself can experience these moments of pleasure. Gina, forgive me, but I have found another_

* * *

Time passed quickly on the Titanic’s fourth day, and soon sunset had come again. A cool breeze rushed over the decks, chilling all who were on them. Kim walked onto the third class deck in a white sweater with a pink and blue design over the chest area. Blue flares hugged her hips, and her feet were covered by white sneakers. She inched forward slowly, taking in a deep breath as she saw Tommy leaning against the railing of the ship.

Tommy turned around to face her, motioning for her to come next to him. He was wearing a white wind breaker and blue jeans, and his hair, which was in a ponytail, whipped back and forth in the wind. She grinned, surprised by how nervous she felt, “You wanted to meet me here.”

“I need to know where I stand,” Tommy said calmly, “How do I rank with you?”

“I don’t understand,” Kim declared. “What do you mean?”

Tommy sighed, “I think you know what I mean. How do you feel about me?”

“You’re a very kind, handsome, passionate man, Tommy,” Kim said, still not getting the point.

Tommy turned and looked at the sea again, “When we get to the harbor, what will become of us, Kimberly?”

“You make it sound like we’ll be no more,” Kim confessed. “What do you want me to say?”

“I need to know if you feel...anything towards me.”

Kim shook her head, “Tommy, it’s not that simple! For you, it may be, but I have to think about whether I’m willing to give up my family for this relationship. It may be a price that’s too big!”

Tommy frowned, “Your family thinks I’m trash. That was expected.”

“My father thinks anything that comes from third class is trash, which is why this situation is so delicate. My mom, who’s still at home, doesn’t care if a person is poor. She would give you a chance, but my parents are divorced, and I legally belong to my dad. He’s the one we’ll have to deal with, and he feels like anyone from third class with give him a bad reputation. It’s like Billy’s family towards Katherine!”

“I need to tell you something abut Billy and Katherine, Kim, but you can’t tell anyone.”

Kim tilted her head in confusion, “What is it?”

Tommy licked his lips, “Katherine doesn’t love Billy. She loves someone else.”

Kim’s eyes widened in surprise, “What!? Who!?”

“Alex Krycek, my roommate.”

Kim shut her eyes, “Damn. Billy is going to be heartbroken.”

“I want Katherine to tell him herself, so please don’t say anything.”

Kim nodded, “You know I won’t.”

Tommy sighed, “I don’t know how I feel about you, Kimberly. One minute I love you and the next minute, I don’t know what I was thinking.”

“That’s the way I feel about you,” Kim admitted. “You fascinate me, Tommy. I don’t want to leave you on that harbor, but what other choice do we have?”

Tommy shrugged, “Follow our hearts. If my heart says to stay with you, I’ll stay with you, and I’d hope you would do the same thing.”

Kim nodded. There was a long pause between the two as the sun disappeared behind the sea. Tommy leaned towards Kim, and the two kissed each other. Both realized at that moment that they could not leave each other at the harbor when they reached it. Breaking the kiss, Kim smiled, “I’ll follow my heart, and my heart goes to you, Tommy Oliver.”

* * *

Deep within the interior of the ship Harold Smith was putting the finishing touches on a remote control network designed to set off a series of explosives in the engine rooms of Titanic. As he worked, he talked maniacally to himself, “They wouldn’t appreciate me. I’ll teach them to appreciate me. As this ship sinks right along with the other Titanic, they’ll see that I’m not a wimp who’s to scared to do anything big. I bet they’ve never blown up a ship. Finished connecting wires on his remote system, Harold laughed, “Lets get ready to rumble!” He pushed the red button on the system and ran to the stairway as fast as he could.

Five minutes later, the first set of explosives went off, shaking the huge ship. Every class felt the shaking. The ship’s quaking was so violent that some people fell to the ground, crying out as things flew every which way.

Tommy and Kim, on the third class deck, clung to the railing tightly to keep from falling over. Kim clutched Tommy’s arm, frightened, “What the hell is that?”

“I don’t know,” Tommy yelled, “Whatever it is, I have a bad feeling about.”

Tanya, Trini, Adam, and Jason, on the second class deck, nearly toppled over each other as they crashed to the deck floor. “Ow!” Trini yelled, being stuck on the bottom of the human pile.

“I wonder what’s going on,” Adam yelled.

In first class, Billy flew back onto his bed, dazed. He looked around, doing his best not to become dizzy.

A few rooms down, Skinner, who had just finished showering, fell to the carpeted floor in only his briefs. “What the hell?”

Mulder and Scully, who were in Mulder’s room, fell into each other’s arms as the shaking of the ship continued. Scully looked up at Mulder, “What is that?”

“I don’t know,” Mulder answered, holding her tight.

Kat, who was in her room alone, trembled along with the quaking of the ship. “I don’t like this,” she murmured to no one.

Krycek, who had been on the way back to his room, crashed against the walls of the hallway, finally flinging himself to the ground to keep from becoming a human pinball. _I wonder what’s going on_ he thought. Then, it struck him. The conversation he’d heard between his neighboring passengers that day. One had said something like “Tomorrow will be the day, Harold.” and Harold had replied, “How devastating it will be for this Titanic to experience the same misfortune as the first one.” Then, it hit him _Titanic’s taking on water. It’s going to sink, and this man, Harold, is responsible_

* * *

Tommy raced down the steps to his room, wanting to make sure that Krycek was OK. He found the older man lying on the floor of the hallway by their room with a small cut on his brow. He shook Krycek a little, “Hey, Alex, you OK?”

“The ship is sinking,” Krycek murmured.

Tommy looked at his friend, shocked, “What!?”

Krycek extended his hand to Tommy who helped him to his feet. Krycek nodded his thanks and reached his hand towards his head, feeling the blood that was trickling down his face, “Titanic is going to sink just like the first one.”

“I think you may have hit your head a little bit too hard on the wall, buddy,” Tommy said, chuckling, “There’s no way this ship can sink!”

Krycek frowned, “That’s what everyone said about the first Titanic, and look what happened.”

Tommy sighed, “Well, how do you know?”

“First of all, that was a pretty big quake, and secondly, I heard these two men yesterday saying that what had happened to the first Titanic was going to happen to the second one.”

“What are you saying? Titanic hit an iceberg?”

Krycek shook his head, “No, what I’m saying is that this man, Harold, put explosives or something else that would blow up in the interior of the ship and set it off, causing the edging of the ship to break away and water to come in.”

“Shit!” Tommy exclaimed, “Well, what do we do?”

“We get in a very long line, my friend, because this Titanic doesn’t have enough lifeboats either.”

Tommy’s eyes widened, “What!?”

Krycek nodded, “I checked. There’s enough for half the ship’s passengers. Just like the first Titanic.” He felt his blood-moistened brow again, “I’m going to cover this in the room really quick. Tommy, I want you to go get Katherine and bring her up to the decks. Get her on a lifeboat, and then see if they’ll let you on.”

“What about you?” Tommy asked.

Krycek sighed, “I’ll do what I can. There are some people I have to warn.”

Tommy rubbed the bridge of his nose, “Look, Alex, I need to say something...if what you’re saying is true, and the ship sinks with both of us still on board, I want you to know that it’s been a good trip, and even though you messed up some of your life, that you’re one of the best guys I’ve ever known.”

Krycek chuckled, “It seems weird to say our good-byes so early.”

The two embraced. As they broke away from each other, Tommy smiled, “Get off if you can, Alex. Don’t look at this as self-punishment.”

“I’ll try,” Krycek said, “Get off even if I’m not around.” Tommy nodded, and the two began off in different directions.

From the stairwell in the corner of the hallway, Harold appeared, watching as Krycek walked down the hallway. “You want to expose me, do you? We’ll see about that.”

* * *

From his room, Krycek pulled a Band-Aid out of his suitcase and put it over the cut on his head. Sighing, he looked at the gun which was laying on the floor. He was about to pick it up when he remembered his oath to Tommy. _I sweared on Gina. That’s a promise I can’t break_

He was about to leave the room when a thought crossed his mind: if Mulder and Scully don’t find out about the ship sinking soon enough they’ll die. Sure, at first this made him jump for joy, but as he thought about it more he realized that he didn’t want them to die. He shrugged, “If I live, I guess they should, too.”

Picking up the phone he dialed up to a controller, asking for Fox Mulder’s room. He crossed his fingers as the phone began to ring. Soon, a voice came over the line, “Hello?”

“Mulder?” Krycek tried.

Mulder, in his room, turned to Scully, “Who is this?”

“You know who this is,” Krycek said.

Mulder groaned, “What do you want, Krycek.”

“Look,” Krycek began. “I know you have no reason to believe me, but you have to hear this. Titanic is going to sink.”

Mulder laughed at this, “Sink!? Krycek, this ship is unsinkable! That means that it can’t sink!”

“That’s what they said about the first Titanic,” Krycek persisted, “Mulder, you have to believe me. This guy, Harold, told this other guy that he was going to repeat what happened to the first Titanic.”

Mulder looked at Scully again, his eyes widening, “Did you say Harold, as in Harold Smith.”

“I don’t know his last name, Mulder, just listen!” Krycek yelled, “He’s set off explosives in the lower section of the ship, which is what that shaking was. It’s going to sink. Get off while you can!” He had just said this when something hard struck him in the back of the head. Crying out in pain, he dropped the phone and fell to the ground.

From the other end of the line, Mulder heard Krycek’s cries and tried to find the reason for them, “Krycek? What’s going on? Krycek, talk to me! What’s happening!? Krycek!” No answer. Soon, he heard a click as the line went dead.

Scully looked at Mulder, “What happened?”

“Krycek told me that the ship was sinking,” Mulder explained, tersely. “Then, all of a sudden I heard him cry out in pain right before the line went dead.”

“Do you believe him?” Scully asked.

Mulder didn’t say anything. Instead, he looked in a drawer in the room and pulled out two life jackets, handing one to Scully. She smirked, “I guess that’s a yes.”

“Let’s go,” Mulder said, “I want to find Jason and Adam, and maybe we can find out what happened to Krycek.” He pulled Scully out the door before she could protest.

* * *

Tommy was almost at Kat’s room when he realized he couldn’t leave Krycek behind. He had a gnawing sense of guilt in his stomach that was making him nauseated. Turning around, he sprinted as fast as he could back to his room, hoping that Krycek hadn’t already left.

When he entered the room, what he found almost made him scream. Krycek was tied to the leg of his cot, and was unconscious as an older man held a gun that was pointed at him. “Leave him alone,” Tommy yelled.

Harold, seeing the newcomer, put the gun up against Krycek’s temple and pushed it in as hard as he could, relishing Krycek’s anguished expression, “Go over and sit by that cot or I’ll blow your buddy’s brains out.”

Tommy hesitated for a moment before doing as he was told. Harold bound Tommy to the leg of his cot and laughed, “Well, I guess that takes care of the tattletales. Enjoy the cold bath you’re sure to get in about an hour or so, gentlemen.” With that, he left.

Tommy called out to Krycek, but the older man wouldn’t respond. The younger man noticed that Krycek had many red blotches on his face, and fresh blood trickled from a cut on his left cheek. Tommy felt a tear trickle down his cheek, “Alex, that is the last time I ever do what you tell me to.” Shouting for help, Tommy tugged at the rope binding his hands, trying everything he could think of to try and free himself.

Meanwhile, Kat was still trembling from the ship’s tremor. She prayed for Krycek to come and comfort her and tell her everything was going to be all right. Suddenly, she heard a weak calling coming from down the hall. Sensing that someone was in trouble, she jumped to her feet and ran out of her room, stopping again to listen for the voice. “Is that Tommy?” she thought aloud. Deciding to try his room, Kat ran down the hallway all the way to Tommy and Krycek’s room.

Once getting there, she felt faint as she saw the predicament the two were in. Tommy looked up at her, “Kat, thank God! You need to untie us!”

Kat studied the rope by which the two were bound, looking at Tommy, “The knot’s two tight. I won’t be able to untie that.”

“Damn,” Tommy cursed. Using his head to point to his suitcase, he said, “Look in my luggage. There should be scissors in the small pocket.”

Fishing through the luggage, Kat found the scissors and cut the rope that Tommy was tied by, quickly doing the same for Krycek. She looked over the cut on his cheek, “What happened here?”

“This guy, Harold, attacked him and knocked him out. I got here too late, and the guy put a gun up to Krycek’s head.” Sure enough, when she checked Krycek’s temple, there was a bright red circle mark present.

“We have to get him out of here,” Kat said. “Is there any way we can carry him?”

“I guess that we could both manage him,” Tommy commented. “Put one of his arms over your shoulder and I’ll put the other one over mine. Hopefully he’ll come to soon.”

Kat did as told, and the two began out the door slowly with the unconscious Krycek. She couldn’t help but look him over, realizing that his face looked so innocent. Seeing the open wound on his face, Kat was sure that her decision to love Krycek was the right one. She could never love Billy in the same way. It was that simple.

Making there way over to a stairwell, the duo carefully carried Krycek up, doing there best to ignore his pain-filled groans. Seeing that one of the rooms there was unoccupied, Tommy set Krycek against the wall of a hallway and went inside, grabbing the three life jackets he found inside a drawer. Walking back out to the hallway, he handed one to Kat, “Put this on. Harold did something to the bottom of the ship. It’s going to sink.”

Kat stared at him, completely shocked, “Are you sure?”

“You felt the shaking yourself. It’s going to sink.”

Kat, needing no other explanation, put the life jacket on, helping Tommy to put Krycek’s on. After they had done this, the two picked up Krycek again and walked towards the third class deck.

* * *

Scully and Mulder, in life jackets, ran down the hallway in search of Jason and Adam. A whole crowd of people ran by them as they continued towards the desk. As Mulder continued on Scully stopped and turned around, awed. Mulder stopped after a minute and ran back to her, “Scully, what’s wrong?”

“In that group of people, Mulder,” Scully said, pointing towards the group that was still running down the hallway. “The last person in the group looked just like Harold Smith. I swear it, Mulder. It was him.”

Mulder, not feeling the need to question his partner’s judgment, ran after the group, gun drawn. “Harold Smith,” he called, “Turn around with your hands up. We know that’s you!”

The last man in the group stopped and turned. His face showed his fear, “W-who are you?”

“FBI,” Mulder said, curtly. “Now, stay right there.”

Mulder began to walk towards Harold, when, suddenly, he aimed a gun right at Mulder and fired. It seemed to go in slow motion. The bullet barely missed Mulder as Scully pushed him out of the way with all her might. Aiming her gun, she fired at Harold, hitting him right in the chest. Harold let out one final breath and fell to the ground, blood staining his shirt. Mulder, regaining his composure, looked at Scully, startled. Scully shrugged, “Quick reflexes.”

* * *

The captain of the second Titanic sat in the steerage room, not believing what he was hearing, “What do you mean the ship is sinking!?”

“Um, we mean that it’s sinking, Sir,” one man said, “We’re seeing massive flooding in the lower compartments of the ship, and the first four compartments have been filled. The ship can support four compartments, but not five, and the fifth compartment in the front of the ship has just been filled. It’s sinking, Sir, and there’s nothing we can do to stop it.”

The captain stared at the readouts, shocked, “What does this mean? How much time do we have?”

Another man cleared his throat, “I don’t mean this to be funny, Sir, but I’m giving us the same amount of time as the original Titanic which was an hour or two. They got two hours, and that’s what we’ve got.”

“We’ve got to begin evacuations!” the captain exclaimed, “First class first, and we’ll go from there. Fill those lifeboats, men. What happened on Titanic #1 will not happen here. Do you understand!?”

“Yes, Sir!” The group of officers yelled. They ran out of the room and took their posts.

The captain buried his face in his hands, “I’ve always been curious how Captain Smith felt when this happened to his Titanic. Now I know.”

* * *

Billy, in his life jacket, looked around deck for Kat. _I can’t leave her_ he told himself. Mrs. Cranston grabbed her son’s arm, “What are you doing, Billy? We have to get out of here before we’re forced to mix with the lower class!”

“I need to bring Katherine,” Billy told her, bluntly.

Mrs. Cranston sighed, “I warned you that I wouldn’t tolerate that girl. Leave her be and save yourself.”

“No!” Billy cried, “I won’t leave her! If you won’t wait, I’ll go find her myself.”

Mrs. Cranston shook her head, “What can I do to stop you, Billy? Either way, you get the girl, only one way I lose you. Find this Katherine and bring her. I won’t lose my son just because I don’t’ agree with what you think.”

Billy nearly whooped for joy as he kissed his mother and ran towards the stairs leading down to the different level decks. As he reached the second one, he found Katherine and Tommy looking at an unconscious Krycek. Running over to them, Billy grabbed Kat’s arm, “Katherine, my mother has agreed to take you on a lifeboat! Come, quickly!” Seeing Tommy looking at him, Billy sighed, “There’s only room for one more, Tommy. I apologize.”

Kat leaned closer to Tommy, “I can’t leave Alex!”

“Go, Katherine,” Tommy said, “Krycek would have wanted you to go. I promise you that I’ll stay with him.”

Kat kissed his cheek, “You will both be in my prayers. Please, get off this ship.” Kneeling down near Krycek, she kissed him as well, forgetting for a moment that he couldn’t feel her. Finding herself close to tears, Kat leaned towards Krycek’s ear and whispered in it, “Live, or I won’t be able to.”

Standing up again, she looked at Billy, who was waiting patiently for her. She forced herself to grin, “Thank you for your generosity. I don’t think I would have gotten off otherwise.”

Billy nodded, “Let’s go before they decide to leave without us.” The two sprinted off, and Tommy watched as Kat turned to face them one last time as she ran.

He rubbed the back of his neck and looked down at Krycek, “You have to live, man. If you don’t you’ll be giving up a great girl.”

Just then, Jason ran over to them, gasping for breath, “I thought I saw you!” “Guys!” He called, “I found them!”

From around a corner came Adam, Trini, and Tanya. Tanya ran up to Tommy, hugging him, “I thought the worse for you guys.” Looking down at Krycek, she gasped, “What happened?”

“He knows who was responsible for the sinking of the ship, and the guy who set off the explosives didn’t want anyone else to know.”

“Is he alive?” Jason asked, cautiously.

Tommy nodded, “Yeah. I’m hoping he’ll wake up once he gets a whiff of this air. Either that, or I’ll just shake him till he either wakes up or dies.”

Adam cleared his throat, “Um, I guess this isn’t the best time for introductions, but I’m Adam and this is Trini.”

Tommy grinned weakly, “Better time than any. I’m Tommy, and the unconscious guy is Alex.”

As if on cue, Krycek began to stir. Slowly, he opened his eyes, wincing as he felt burning all over his head. Tommy leaned over him, noticing that he was awake, “Hey, Alex, you OK?”

“My head hurts like hell, but I guess that’s OK for me. What happened?”

Tommy frowned, “Harold hit you over the head with a wooden board and then cut your cheek and roughed you up.”

“That’s embarrassing,” Krycek murmured. Suddenly, he perked up, “Where’s Katherine?”

“Billy took her on his lifeboat,” Tommy told him, “I know that isn’t the best thing in the world, but at least she’s safe.”

Krycek nodded, “I guess so. So, what’s the possibility of us getting on a lifeboat?”

Jason answered this, “Trini has a good chance of getting off. Even Tanya has a pretty good chance, but we guys don’t really. Not unless there are very few first class passengers.”

Adam looked at Trini seriously, “Trini, I want you to get on a lifeboat and be saved.”

Trini looked at him fiercely, “No.”

“That’s my dying wish. I want you to live!”

Trini glared at him, “Without you I’m dead anyway! Besides, I’d rather die by your side than sit in some little boat wondering what had happened to you. No, I’m staying. That’s the end of that.”

* * *

In the lifeboat docking area Kim was looking around the deck wondering where Tommy was, and desperately praying that he was doing something to save himself. Mr. Hart grabbed her and pulled her towards a boat, “Let’s go, Darling. We get to be saved.”

“I don’t want to leave Tommy. Maybe I could save him.”

Mr. Hart smirked, “That boy you were with last night? Honey, I know he showed you a good time, but I won’t have him toying with your mind.”

“He’s not toying with my mind!” Kim exclaimed, “I won’t leave him!”

“You will and are,” Mr. Hart said. “Listen, he doesn’t care for you. Guys in third class are rude, filthy, and, most of all, uncaring. They don’t give a damn about anything, Darling.”

“He loves me,” Kim seethed, “and I love him.”

Mr. Hart slapped his daughter in the face, “You dare give your love to a poor rat!? Get in the boat while you still have partial sanity!” Before Kim could protest her father had pushed her into the lifeboat, and it was already being lowered.

Kim looked back up at the deck, seeing hundreds of people scurrying around for dear life. She felt a tear run down her cheek as her mind pictured Tommy being on the boat as it sank to it’s watery grave. “Get off it,” she whispered, “I’m with you.”

On another side of the docking area Mulder pulled Scully into a clearing. He grinned, “You’re going to live, Scully.”

Scully, tears rolling down her cheeks, hugged her partner, friend, and lover, “I don’t want to leave you. I don’t want you to die.”

Mulder shook his head, “I’m not going to die. I’ll wait up here until they call second class passengers, and then I’ll board a boat. You’ll just go first.” Scully merely shook her head.

One of the officers grabbed Scully’s arm, “Miss, are you boarding?”

Scully looked at Mulder and saw him nod slightly. She frowned, “Yes, I’m boarding.” The officer nodded and led her to a lifeboat where she was gently helped in by two other officers. As soon as the boat was filled it was lowered down to the sea.

As the boat was being lowered Scully looked back up at Mulder who was watching from the railing. SOS flares shined behind him in the pitch black sky. The flares matched his creme shirt, which accented his hazel eyes. They shimmered in the light of the flares, and Scully could have sworn that her partner was closed to tears. Unable to help herself, she yelled, “I love you!”

From the railing, she saw Mulder grin faintly. He mouthed ‘I love you’ and blew her a kiss. A tear rolled down his cheek, but he quickly wiped it away. Scully, herself, was crying as she prayed to God for his safety.

Soon, the boat touched the water, and the officers began rowing away from the ship. From this angle Scully now had a clear picture of how far the ship had sank already. The front of the ship was almost completely in the water, and the back end was beginning to pop out of it.

After a few minutes, the ship became smaller and smaller, but Scully continued to watch it. Titanic was an amazing sight. The ship was still fully illuminated, and, even from a distance, you could hear the panicked screams and cries of the people still on board. At this point everyone on the lifeboat was in tears, including the officers who were murmuring prayers. The first one covered his eyes for a moment, “Please God, do not bring your wrath upon this ship as you did the first one. Let these people live.”

Scully, still crying, muttered a prayer of her own, “Lord, watch over Mulder. Let him live so that I can give him the love that he’s deserved for five years. God, I’m so ashamed of the fact that I was blind to my love for him for so long. Please, let him live.”

* * *

Mulder, tears still streaming from his eyes, turned away from Scully’s lifeboat as he saw it become clouded by the mist of the cool night air. _At least Scully will live on_ he told himself _unfortunately, that probably won’t be the case with you_ It was at this time that Mulder realized that he was going to die. Death was no longer just a possibility. It was a fact. _Why did you wait so long to love her?_

Wiping his eyes with his sleeve, Mulder looked around with an enlightened sense. Around him little children were crying as they were forced to leave their fathers, and grown men were hurling themselves into the lifeboats, hoping to be saved. Women screamed as they were torn away from their loved ones, and teenage girls pulled away from the ratty third class men who tried to pull them back.

Some officers, at this point, had drawn their guns and were shooting them off into the sky as a warning to the unruly passengers. A few of the officers had even shot at the third class men, killing a few of them instantly. Mulder backed away from the docking area against the wall, deciding that if he was going to die he’d rather do it with dignity.

Closing his eyes, Mulder did his best to ignore all the screaming and anguished cries of the passengers, wanting nothing more than to have some sense of serenity. His eyes quickly opened as he felt someone touch his shoulder. It was Skinner, who had a strange look of wildness in his eyes. His shirt was torn, and his pants were covered in some kind of dirt. Mulder gaped at him, “Sir, why didn’t you get on a lifeboat? They’re still boarding first class males.”

“I was looking for you and Scully,” Skinner replied icily. He was breathing heavily, and it was at that point that Mulder realized his AD’s gun was drawn.

Mulder forced a weak smile, “Scully was put on a lifeboat. I suggest you get on one, too, Sir.”

Skinner glared at him, “I saw you and her today, Mulder. I saw you hold her; caress her body.”


“I know you love her, Fox,” Skinner yelled, “I know everything. You stole her from me!”

Mulder just stared at him in shock, “Sir, I didn’t steal Scully from you. She came to me willingly. I love her.”

Skinner smirked, “You love her physical body, Fox. You love her hair, her breasts, her diminutive body. Do you love HER, Mulder? I don’t think you do.”

“I love Scully, Sir! Dana is a strong, passionate, beautiful woman, and I love her more than I love myself!”

Skinner laughed and put his gun up to Mulder’s forehead, “I love her, too, Mulder.”

Mulder’s eyes widened as he stared at the gun. Seeing Skinner put his finger on the trigger, he bolted away for dear life, turning around to see where his AD was. Skinner shot at Mulder, missing him and hitting a pole instead. Mulder continued to run, not stopping for anything or anyone. Skinner shot again, this time striking an old man in the chest. The man groaned and fell to the ground, and immediately a whole group of people where around him. Skinner didn’t stop there, however. He shot again, hitting a young Asian man. Suddenly, he stopped and glanced around. A young Asian woman was kneeling by the man, trying to revive him. By the old man a young girl was crying softly.

Sensing that the chase was over, Mulder stopped and faced Skinner, seeing that the older man was looking at the gun in his hand and glancing at the two innocent people he had shot. Everything happened so slowly after that. Skinner, in a moment of complete guilt and confusion, raised the gun in his hand to his own head. Mulder ran to him, trying his best to stop his superior from shooting himself. “You were the best, Fox,” Skinner cried, “I’m sorry.” With that, he pulled the trigger, killing himself instantly.

Mulder was quickly by his side looking at the bullet hole in his skull. Soon, the AD was in a pool of his own blood, and Mulder couldn’t help but shed a tear for the man that he had admired for so many years. “I always trusted you,” he whispered, “up to the last minute.”

Looking to where the young Asian man laid he watched as the Asian woman hugged his dead body, sobbing. An African American woman was standing by her side, crying softly, and a white boy was hugging her, also tearing. Another boy with long brown hair was rubbing the bridge of his nose, and an older man was looking directly at him. Instantly, Mulder recognized the man as Alex Krycek, and he was surprised to see that his enemy was close to tears.

* * *

As soon as he heard Trini scream Krycek knew that something was terribly wrong. Sprinting as fast as he could to her location, he gasped as he saw Adam lying on the floor of the ship struggling to breath. Trini was kneeling by him, sobbing and inspecting the bloody hole right in the middle of his chest.

Jason, who was now standing right behind Trini, was watching the whole thing with some kind of strange fascination. Krycek saw that he was turning pale, and yet he never took his eyes off Adam. Tanya, however, was already crying, burying her face into Jason’s chest. He held on to her, and Krycek silently thanked Billy for stopping Kat from seeing this.

At that moment, Krycek noticed that Tommy was standing next to him. The younger man was cradling his head in his hands, and Krycek couldn’t stop himself from touching his arm. Tommy looked at him, almost angrily, “You don’t understand how this feels, do you? You see this everyday.”

Krycek just turned away from him and sat down on the beach chair that was directly behind him. Tommy was right, and he knew it. How many times had he seen young people Adam’s age be shot? How many times had he seen people younger than Adam shot? Feeling tears threaten to spill from his eyes, he focused his attention on something else. Anything else, and that was when he noticed Walter Skinner.

The older man was holding a gun up to his head, yelling out something, and Krycek watched as Mulder’s boss shot himself. Krycek was dumbfounded. Had Skinner done this? Why? He watched as Mulder ran to him and knelt down next to the head AD, looking at the man’s temple. Krycek shook his head. Skinner had been a good man. Always moral...always wanting nothing more than to do things properly. It was a quality that had always pissed Krycek off, and yet it had made him admire the man all the more.

Krycek watched as Mulder turned towards him, staring right into his eyes. Not wanting to look into his piercing glare, Krycek turned back towards Trini and Adam. Just by looking at Adam’s face Krycek knew that the younger man was dead, as did Trini, who was bawling. Tanya’s crying had increased, and Jason held her tightly.

He looked up as Tommy sat down next to him. Krycek rubbed his eyes as he felt a tear escape them, “Do you want to reprimand me some more?”

“I want to apologize,” Tommy said. He sighed, “Yes, I know you’ve seen this a lot, but I’ve never experienced the death of a true love. Adam wasn’t even a very close friend of mine, though I think we would have been if he hadn’t been shot. Losing Gina must have been hard for you.”

Krycek smiled weakly, “Adam seemed like a great guy. He had a lot to live for...Trini is going to miss him a lot.”

Tommy rubbed his eyes before continuing, “I stepped in front of you that day in the stairwell because I don’t want to experience the death of a friend, Alex. If that guy would have killed you, I would have found some way to blame myself for it.”

Krycek chuckled, feeling a tear roll down his cheek, “When you all did that for me I saw flashbacks of Gina. I thought Mulder was going to kill you all, and I would be responsible. I couldn’t live with that.”

“Well, who would have known at that moment that we were going to die anyway?”

“It’s no different,” Krycek stated, “We’re still going to die side by side.”

Tommy grinned faintly, “There’s no way I’d rather go, Man.”

At that moment, Krycek felt a hand on his shoulder and he looked up to find himself gazing into the eyes of Fox Mulder. The older man shook his head, “It’s a pleasure seeing you again, Krycek.”

“Are you going to beat me up and kill me, Mulder, because if you are you can do it now. We’re all going to die anyway.”

Mulder pointed towards the cut of Krycek’s face, “It seems like someone beat you up already, and it’s no fun if you’re already messed up.” Looking down at Adam, he sighed, “I don’t know what Skinner was thinking.”

Krycek looked at him, incredulous, “Skinner shot Adam? Why!?”

“He was trying to hit me,” Mulder said, guiltily, “He was in love with Scully, but I--”

“She loved you,” Krycek finished. He smiled, “I knew it was just a matter of time.” Suddenly becoming serious, Krycek looked at Mulder, “Mulder, you may not believe me when I say this, but I need to say it.”

Mulder frowned, “What?”

“My original assignment for this trip was to kill you,” Krycek said, “That’s what I was ordered to do by my employer.”

“Why didn’t you?” Mulder asked, “God knows you had plenty of opportunities.”

Krycek sighed, “I couldn’t.”

Mulder tilted his head in confusion, “What do you mean ‘you couldn’t’?”

“I couldn’t kill you because I didn’t want to,” Krycek said cautiously. “You don’t have to believe me when I say this, but it’s the truth. I had to kill your father because I had outwardly refused to kill you. That had been my objective from the beginning. Kill you, but I couldn’t kill you because ever since I joined the FBI I was interested in your work; interested in your theories. Finally, I believed them. I believed you, which is why I’m telling you this, Mulder. You’re going to live and prove to everyone that has ever doubted you that there are little green men. I know there are, and all you have to do is prove it.”

Mulder laughed wryly, “There are no such things as aliens, Krycek. A man from the DOD proved to me that they aren’t real.”

Krycek raised his eyebrows, “You know he was telling the truth?”

“I know what I saw. It’s all an elaborate hoax created by the military.”

Tommy, who had been listening to the conversation intently, decided to put in his two-cents, “What about the Power Rangers?”

Mulder looked at him, confused, “Who?”

“Power Rangers,” Tommy repeated, “They’re from Angel Grove, California, and they fight alien beings that attack the Earth.”

Alex looked at Tommy, suddenly becoming as excited as a young child, “Part of the resistance!” He turned back to Mulder, “Oh, Mulder, how much you have to learn! That is, if you’re willing to.”

Mulder’s eyes narrowed, “You killed my father, Krycek. How do I know this is for real?”

Krycek grinned, “Look at fate. Out of all the places on this boat you ran here while Skinner was chasing you, and you happened to look over here and see me. I had to arrive at the perfect time just for this to be possible, and Adam had to be in a specific spot so that the bullet that came from Skinner’s gun would hit him. This is fate, Mulder. If we do live, it’ll be your choice whether you want to believe me or not, but I’d hope that if these are our last minutes, that we could live them peacefully. What do you say?” He held out his hand.

Mulder looked at it for a second before taking hold of it, “Deal. Besides, I’ll need your arm to hold me above water.”

* * *

The next day came, but no one noticed it’s arrival. It was exactly 12:00am of the fifth day, and people were becoming more frantic than ever. All the lifeboats were gone, and the hull of the ship was sinking fast. Mulder, Krycek, and Tommy were sitting on a beach chair wordlessly, as Jason knelt by Adam’s corpse. Tanya was sitting next to Trini on another chair, doing her best to comfort the mourning girl. Tommy gazed down at Adam’s body, almost smiling as he saw the lights from the flares shine off his pale face. _At least Adam died dry, unlike the rest of us will_ he thought.

Mulder looked at the very back of the ship. It was already popping a bit out of the water, and a few people were jumping off it, hoping to swim to the last lifeboats that had just rowed away.

Suddenly, there was a horrible shrieking as a distant woman cried, “Water! The hull is under and all the lifeboats are gone! Water is consuming the ship!”

The group watched in fascination as a crowd of people ran to the end of the boat and jumped off. Krycek’s eyes widened as he looked over the group. They were rich, poor, middle class, and ranged anywhere from old men and women to infants. He grimaced, “Finally, society comes together in a mass suicide.”

“We’ll all die anyway,” Mulder murmured, “More power to them if they’re trying to still save their lives.”

“The water is freezing cold,” Tommy said, “All they’re doing is participating in mob stupidity.”

Another group of people ran to the back end of the ship with a bunch of officers holding their guns and shouting curses. A few of them shot their guns, killing some of the people waiting to jump off the boat. Jason looked up at the others from where he was kneeling, “Guys, I refuse to jump. I’m staying on till the very end.”

“If you stay, then I’m staying with you,” Tanya said, “We go down together.”

Krycek sighed, “I’m not in a hurry to freeze. Either way equals death, and I’d rather be sucked under than float in freezing water until I die.”

Everyone was silent as they heard a sickening creak. Mulder looked around, trying to find a source of the noise, and it was at that moment that the group realized that one of the smoke stacks atop the ship and faltered under the weight of the water and had bent, crushing anyone who had been in the water of that area. Tanya turned her head away as she heard a few pained screams ring through the whole ship, “May God have mercy on our souls.”

* * *

From her lifeboat, all Kat could do was watch in utter helplessness as one of the smoke stacks on top of the ship fell under the weight of the water. Billy sensing that she was upset, put his arm around her, “Everything will be OK. You know that, right? We’re safe.”

Kat didn’t hear him. All she could think was that Krycek had been under that smoke stack as it fell and he was now dead. Even more horrifying was the thought that he had jumped off the ship along with those others. “Alex,” she whispered.

Billy looked at her, “What? What did you say?”

“Billy,” she whispered, “I cannot keep telling you lies. I love another.”

Billy stared at her in complete shock, “You love another? Who?”

Kat felt a tear run down her cheek, “I’m in love with Alex Krycek. I can’t love you, though I thank you for regarding me with such respect and passion.”

“You love another,” Billy said again, his eyes closed in agony.

Kat was sobbing now, “Billy, I’m sorry. You know that I am. You are a wonderful person, and I’m sure that many women would beg for the chance to love you and feel the gentle caring you gave me.”

Billy looked at her, eyes pleading, “Please say that you will at least pretend to love me. Give me at least some sense of joy.”

“I can’t,” Kat whispered softly, “I’m sorry.”

“You were everything to me!” Billy cried, “I loved you more than life...I love you more than life, Katherine! You wouldn’t know this, but I thought of committing suicide before I met you. You, Katherine, were a reason for me to go on, but now that I don’t have you.” He paused, “I don’t have anything.” In one swift motion, Billy tore off his life jacket and dove into the freezing water.

Kat cried out and looked over the edge along with many of the passengers on the boat. He didn’t come up. Mrs. Cranston stared at Kat angrily, “What did you say? What happened?”

“Billy told me that he was going to commit suicide,” Kat sobbed, “Why would he?”

Mrs. Cranston tugged her forward, “It was you, witch! Die along with him!” She pushed her with all her might, but before Kat could fall into the freezing water a strong hand grabbed her and pulled her back.

The officer who had done this turned to Mrs. Cranston icily, “If you dare to do that again, Miss, it will be you joining your son.” Mrs. Cranston looked at Kat once again, before allowing herself to cry. Mr. Cranston held her close, turning away from Kat.

Kim, who had watched everything, grabbed Kat’s hand, “I heard what you told Billy.”

“I’m sorry,” Kat cried, “I couldn’t continue to lead him towards thinking I loved him.”

“You love Alex Krycek?”

Kat nodded, “I do love him, and I’m praying at this moment for his safety.”

Kim sighed, “I’ve been praying for Tommy’s safety, as well. It’s hard to love someone that is forbidden to you.”

“It’s hard to love someone even when another offers you more money than you could dream of,” Kat told her, shakily.

The two turned and looked at the ship again, gasping as they saw the back of the ship was fully out of the water. The whole ship was on a slant, and they watched in horror as people, looking like little dots, jumped from the back of the ship to the water. The other smoke stack had also bent under the weight of the water. Though the sight was the most devastating they had ever seen, neither woman could tear their eyes from it. Titanic was beautiful with it’s sparkling lights, and yet it was like looking into hell, hearing the cries from young and old as the from of the ship sunk deeper and deeper into the freezing water.

* * *

“...and God shall wipe all the tears from their eyes, and there shall be no more death...” Mulder heard the distant minister say. _If there is a God, why would he do this...again?_ he wondered. Even though a large part of him still thought believing in God meant that you were ignorant and unwise, a small part of him couldn’t stop but wonder if there was a faceless God that controlled fate. Was it God that made him be right on Titanic at the moment it sank? Did God really control who lived and died? Was it God who brought him together with these people? Was ‘fate’ just another word for ‘God’? He was so confused about all his feelings. Nothing seemed to add up right.

He looked at Krycek, who had closed his eyes and was leaning against the back of the beach chair. _Funny time to sleep_ Mulder thought.

As if reading his mind, Krycek turned towards him, “I’m not asleep. Part of me just wants to get away from this hell.”

Tommy, who was sitting next to Krycek, looked around, “Where did Jason go?”

Tanya leaned forward, “Jason wanted to hear the minister. He said that if he was going to die he wanted to be right with God before he did.”

Trini, who had been quiet since Adam’s death, spoke up, “What’s the point? This is hell. Even if we all go to hell, it won’t be any worse than this.”

“I’m sorry about Adam,” Tommy whispered, “We all are.”

She stood suddenly and marched right in front of Tommy, “How can you be sorry!? He’s DEAD! You didn’t know him! You don’t know how I feel! You’ve never lost someone close to you!”

Krycek gazed at her, “I have. My fiancée was shot a few months before we were supposed to get married.”

Trini just stared at him. “How did she die?” She asked, finally.

“Gina took a bullet for me in an alleyway,” Krycek said, still seeing the night in his mind, “I’ve never gotten over it, but it’s important for you to live for him.”

Trini smirked, “For the next few minutes?”

“Picture Adam being with you for the next few minutes,” Krycek said softly, “He would have wanted you to go on for him.”

At that moment, Jason returned. Not saying a word, he sat next to Tanya and hugged her. Tanya hugged him back before returning her eyes to Trini. The Asian girl shook her head, “If you live you’ll have Katherine. If Mulder lives he’ll have Scully. If Tommy lives he’ll have Kimberly, and if both Tanya and Jason live, they’ll have each other. Who will I have!?”

“You’ll have all of us,” Tanya whispered. “We’ll be there for you, even in death.”

Trini was about to say something, but she closed her mouth as the ship seemed to tilt. The group held on to each other to keep their balance. There was a chorus of screaming as a large crowd ran to the back of the ship. Some of them jumped off, and some just grabbed the railing for dear life.

Trini turned back to the others. “Do you expect me to be able to live after losing Adam and any of you!? I refuse to live!” With that, she took off her life jacket, and before anyone could stop her, she had run to the back of the ship and jumped off. Everyone just stared after her in stunned silence.

There was an eerie creaking that echoed through the ships as more people ran to the railing for support. Mulder looked at the others, “Guys, this is it.” Suddenly, there was a jolt and the ship’s lights flashed off. All anyone could see was an awful blackness.

From the lifeboats Kim and Kat turned away from the ship as all the power shut off. “She’s goin under,” one of the rowing officers murmured, “Jus like the first one.”

On Scully’s lifeboat, everyone sat in stunned silence as the lights of the ship died away. Titanic was now just a shadow in the dark night. Scully grimaced as she heard the screams of terror and confusion coming from the remaining people on Titanic. Suddenly, the ship rose even more out of the water, until even Titanic’s propellers were fully out of the water. That’s when Scully heard it. A sickening crack. She gasped, “The ship is going to split...just like the first one.”

* * *

Getting his eyes adjusted to the darkness, Jason felt around for Tanya, finally finding her. She took in a deep breath, “Jason? Is that you?”

“It’s me,” he breathed. “Mulder? Alex? Tommy?”

“I’m still here,” Krycek called.

Mulder nodded, “Me too.”

“I’m shaken up, but besides that I’m all here,” Tommy said.

Jason grabbed on to Tanya for support as the ship’s back rose even higher, sending them all sliding backwards. Some, who had been hanging from the railings, slid backwards. A few fell off the ship intirely, falling to the water below. Many people by the edge of the ship muttered up prayers or cursed fate before jumping off, falling freely for almost a minute before hitting the water.

All of a sudden the group heard an awful cracking sound. Tanya looked around, “What the hell was that?”

Krycek swallowed hard before answering, “Titanic is following her mother’s footsteps. It’s going to break in half.”

“It’s going to break in half!?” Tommy questioned, panicked.

Krycek nodded, looking around for any signs that he was right, “I’m almost sure of it.”

“What do we do?” Tanya asked. “We can’t just sit here!”

Before anyone could respond there was a loud snap followed by a horrible shrieking as the back of the ship crashed back down to sea level, killing anyone who was floating underneath. People by the railing went flying off the ship in every direction, as more people decided that now was the best time to jump off.

Jason and Tanya went tumbling to the ground, finding themselves buried underneath a large group of people. Mulder fell off the seat where he had been sitting, crying out as his head struck the deck. Krycek and Tommy both flew off the chairs, slamming against the railing of the ship.

Jason and Tanya finally were able to get out from under the crowd of people. They inspected each other. Jason sighed, “You OK?”

“I’m fine,” Tanya assured him, “How about you.”

“OK,” Jason said. Looking around, he was alarmed to find that he couldn’t find Mulder, Tommy, or Krycek anywhere. “Tanya, do you see the others?”

Tanya glanced around, not catching a glimpse of her friends, “No, I don’t see them. Where could they be?”

From the railing of the ship, Tommy slowly moved away from it, feeling the tender spot on his head that had slammed into the hard metal. Seeing Krycek, he shook him, “Hey, are you all right?”

Krycek stirred slowly, “Never felt better.” He groaned as he realized the spot where he’d hit his head was the same place where his band aid was. Tearing it off, he sighed, “It’s not helping much anyway.” Looking around, he rose to his feet, “Where are the others?”

Tommy looked to where they had been sitting, “I don’t know!”

From underneath one of the chairs Mulder rose slowly, “I’m right here.”

Krycek sighed with relief before running over to Mulder and inspecting the nasty looking gash on his forehead, “Damn, that looks painful.”

“I assure you that it is,” Mulder said, “Thanks for your concern.”

“Were Tanya and Jason over there?” Tommy asked.

Mulder shook his head, “No. I haven’t seen them.”

Suddenly, Krycek grabbed both Mulder and Tommy and began dragging them towards the back railing of the ship. Mulder tugged backwards in protest, “What the hell are you doing!?”

“This ship is going to spring back up, and I, personally, don’t feel like getting off so soon.”

Tommy, understanding, detached his arm from Krycek’s hand and sprinted to the railing. No sooner had the three men grabbed hold of the railing did the ship begin to rise again. This time, instead of partially rising, the ship became totally vertical in the water, and it stayed that way. People holding the railing began to slowly fall off, slamming into metal poles, hitting the tables that were positioned around the decks, or just crashing into the water.

Mulder looked down from where he was hanging, becoming dizzy as he saw how high they were. The sea looked miles away, and he grabbed the railing even tighter, not wanting to experience the painful consequences. Krycek had draped his wooden arm over the railing, and was using the grip of his fake arm to hold his real arm in place. Tommy, counting on his arm strength, looked up at the sky, for a moment forgetting the present danger he was in. The sky looked so much closer than usual, he noted. It was purely black with only a few stars present. He almost laughed at the irony. _Those stars symbolize the number of us that are going to survive this_

Scully continued to stare at Titanic in awe. Never before had she seen such a breathtaking sight as this once grand ship now totally vertical in the water. Seeing the people fall from the top railing and fall to the sea made her pray again for Mulder’s safety. Her eyes widened at what she saw next. The ship bobbed a little bit and began to sink. This was it.

* * *

Jason held on to Tanya tightly as the ship began it’s final plunge towards the freezing ocean. They were on top of the railing, looking down at all the people still hanging from the railings. Though both wanted to see if Mulder, Krycek, and Tommy were still holding on, they dared not move for fear of falling to their deaths. Tanya looked at Jason, “This is it. We’re going to die.”

“We’re not going to die,” Jason said, seriously, “We’re going to live and go on together.”

Tanya laughed, “How can you say that!?”

Jason looked back down at the ocean, seeing how close they were to entering it, “When we hit the water, begin kicking with all your might. Hopefully we can overpower the pull of the ship as it goes under. Do not let go of my hand.”

Tanya kissed Jason, wondering if it would be the last time, “Jason, if I die, promise that you’ll live for me.”

“Only if you promise to live for me,” Jason said.

Tanya nodded, “You know I will.”

Looking back down at the water, Jason looked at Tanya, “When I say ‘now’ take in the deepest breath you can and begin to kick.” He watched the water approaching, “Ready...now!” The two took in a deep breath and began to kick as the whole ship was taken under.

Kicking as hard as they could, Tanya swam for the top, doing her best to let the air out of her mouth slowly. Suddenly, there was a giant pull, and she found herself out of the water. Looking around, she saw a horde of people floating the water with their life jackets. It was at that point that she realized Jason’s hand was no longer in hers.

Frantically searching around her, all she could see were strangers. Jason was not among them. He hadn’t made it.

* * *

“We have to go back!” Kim cried, “There are way over one hundred people out there! You can’t let them die if we can save them!”

One of the officers in the boat sighed, “Miss, I’ve already told you that we are going to board the people in this boat to another boat so that we can have room to fit the people.”

As if on cue another lifeboat, half-filled, appeared. The two boats rowed up to each other, and the officers began helping the people from one boat onto another boat. Once Kim and Kat got on the second boat, they huddled together to keep warm along with the other passengers. Mr. and Mrs. Cranston sat as far from them as possible.

Scully, who had been doing her best to ignore the shouts coming from those in the water, turned to the two young women who had sat in front of her. She grinned weakly at them, “Do you know anyone out there?”

Kim looked at her cautiously, “Do you?”

Scully sighed, “Someone who it’s taken me five years to realize I loved. I don’t want to lose him, and I’m hoping it’s all right. I’ve got to trust God...trust fate.”

“It’s amazing how fate works,” Kat agreed, “how, less than a week ago we were all at home in our beds, never realizing that we’d be here now, praying for men that we would love more than we loved ourselves.” The three got closer to each other as a cool wind rushed by. They looked out at the lifeboat that was returning back to the floating people, hoping that it wouldn’t be too late.

By the time the lifeboat reached the site of the sinking it had taken them nearly forty-five minutes to row there. Once getting to the people, the officers nearly fainted as they saw all the bodies floating in the water. “Are they alive?” the first one asked.

“They don’t look alive,” the second one said.

“Can anyone hear me!?” The first called. There was no reply, and he looked at the people floating nearby, seeing that they were all nearly blue with coldness.

The second continued looking through the crowds of people for survivors. Picking up one of the men, he was surprised to see his lips moving. “I’ve got a live one!” he yelled.

The first examined him, “What’s he saying?”

Raising the man closer to his ear, he could barely make out, “We’re alive...we’re alive...”

“He’s saying there’s more alive!”

“Check the people close to him!” the first commanded, looking around the other side.

The second pulled a few other men out of the water, checking them. Two of the ones he checked were dead but, raising the third, he yelled, “Another live one! I’m pulling him in!...wait, this one’s alive too! Barely, but he’ll make it!”

Checking all of the people they could, the officers raised a few more people into the boat and, with no more room, they sadly rowed away. From that day on, the two officers would never forget that horrible spot in the water that became a grave for so many.

* * *

At about 7:00am the next morning the people in the lifeboats were put on board another liner heading in the same direction as Titanic had been. When the officers of this boat, the Falcon, learned what had happened, they were shocked, saying how it seemed like a bad dream how bad luck followed Titanic anywhere.

The sea was calm, and it was a beautiful morning. The ocean sparkled under the light of the rising sun. Scully looked out over the railing of the Falcon, thinking of how horrible the night had been. She was almost angry at the sea for being so calm after such a tragedy. After checking the roster lists from those on the lifeboats she knew that Mulder wasn’t listed, but a part of her was still certain that he had to be alive.

Next to her stood Kim and Kat, who had literally become best friends overnight, realizing that they had so much in common. Both, right now, were in tears after hearing that Krycek and Tommy had not been recorded in the roster. Scully turned to them, deciding to give them a little hope, “That lifeboat that went to those people in the water last night hasn’t returned yet. There’s still a chance that they were on that.”

“That water was freezing,” Kat sobbed, “There’s no chance that they lived.”

Kim sighed, “It’s amazing how quickly you can feel on top of the world, and then you lose everything.”

“You haven’t lost everything,” Scully argued, “You still have your father, your wealth--”

Kim intervened, “My father is a cold-hearted animal who’s selfish, biased, and uncaring. Tommy meant more to me than him or any of my wealth!”

At that moment an officer walked over to them, “Um, the two boats that went out last night have returned with survivors. They’re unloading, and I know you three said you wanted to be present when they did.”

Kat and Kim sprinted for the docking area, while Scully smiled faintly, “Thank you.” With that, she ran to catch up with the others.

By the time she reached the area where the boats were unloading Kim and Kat were already there looking for their loves. As the first boat emptied they watched as Tanya wandered off, looking dazed and upset. Kat ran over to her and they embraced, “Tanya, I thought you would have died.”

“Jason didn’t make it,” Tanya cried, “I was holding his hand as the boat sank, and when I reached the surface he wasn’t there. The force of the boat pulled him down!” With that she began sobbing once again.

Kim and Scully, not knowing Tanya, simply listened to her, not able to imagine the pain she must feel of knowing that her love was dead. After the first boat had unloaded, none of the three had come off. Now was the moment of truth. The last boat began to empty.

“I don’t see him,” Kim exclaimed, crying once again.

She had no sooner said this than she heard someone say, “You can see me now, Beautiful.”

Looking up, she almost screamed for joy at the sight of Tommy...her Tommy walking up to her with the biggest smile on his face. To her, he looked like an angel that had come to Earth. His soft brown eyes were gleaming with happiness as he ran up to her and hugged her, swinging her around. She laughed happily, “I thought you were dead.”

“You pulled me through,” Tommy whispered, “Without your strength I couldn’t have made it.”

Scully watched the reunion without fully paying attention, knowing that the worst had happened: Mulder was really dead. The crowd getting off the boat had thinned, and now only a few people remained, and out of them she couldn’t see Mulder. “Why did I wait so long?” she cried aloud.

Then, she heard something which made her heart stop, “Scully?”

Looking up, Scully saw a weary looking Fox Mulder walking towards her. _Who cares if he looks tired?_ Scully asked herself. _It’s Mulder. He’s alive_ Running up to him Scully literally flung herself into Mulder’s extended arms, kissing him passionately on the lips. As she pulled away, she rubbed his arms, “You’re freezing.”

“Don’t worry. I promise not to go swimming in icy water anymore,” Mulder chuckled.

Scully smiled, kissing him again, “I knew you were alive. Somehow I felt you.”

“That’s what you get for being partners with me for five years,” Mulder remarked.

Before the two could continue their conversation an officer tapped Mulder on the back. Mulder turned around, but before he could inquire what he wanted, the officer answered for him, “Sir, could you help us with this last man? I don’t think he can walk yet. His legs are still pretty frozen.”

Without any more instruction Mulder walked over to the boat and, seeing who the man was, he laughed, “You do you always end up getting the worse of everything!”

Kat, giving up hope, turned and began to walk away with tears in her eyes, when Scully ran over to her, putting her arm on her shoulder, “Don’t leave yet.”

Turning around, Kat looked over towards the boat, watched as Mulder and an officer carried someone out of the lifeboat. Getting a better look at him, Kat knew exactly who it was, and she began to weep even harder as she ran over to the three. Mulder smiled, “Mr. Unlucky needs to get his legs thawed out.”

Kat paid him no mind. Instead, she put her arms around Alex Krycek, letting her tears seep onto his already soaking shirt. Faintly she could hear him repeat her name over and over, and she kissed him gently, “Don’t you ever scare me like that again, Alex. Never.”

Krycek smiled, forcing his frozen body to let his right arm embrace her. “I don’t plan to, Katherine,” he stuttered, shivering.

Kissing him again, Kat told the officer to let him go, putting his arm around her shoulders. Mouthing her thanks to Mulder, the two helped Krycek over to where Scully, Tommy, Kim, and Tanya were standing. Scully looked at Mulder and then at Krycek, shocked, “Should I know about something here?”

Mulder laughed at this, “I’ll explain later...if ever.”

Kim grabbed Tommy’s arm, “This is so amazing.”

Tanya shook her head, “How can I live without Jason? I can’t--”

Kat silenced her, “We are here for you, Tanya. Always. You have to go on. Jason would have wanted it. He would have wanted you to live your life. Let him live in you.”

“How can I do that?”

Tommy frowned, “Keep him in your heart.”

“You’ll never forget him,” Krycek whispered, “but that can be a good thing.”

Smiling genuinely for the first time since Jason’s death, Tanya felt a tear roll down her cheek, “Will you all promise to help me?”

Kat nodded, “We’ll be with you just like you’ll be with us...just like Jason will always be with us.”

Tanya grinned, and the group walked calmly up to the main deck of the ship. Reaching it, they looked over the railing at the peaceful ocean wordlessly letting their thoughts overtake them. As the sun shined brighter on the sea, they took in the sea air. None of them knew what would become of them, and how they would manage to stay together, but they all knew that if it was meant to be fate would find a way.

The End

Author's Note: Was it intense or...just dumb? You tell me...I’m waiting for E-mails, people! Believe me, after the time it took me to write this, if I don’t get some kind of *creative* criticism or any comments I’ll just throw something at my computer so I won’t be able to write fanfic anymore....s-stop cheering, that’s not the point of this end note! Oh, and about the E-mails, please don’t write me asking me why I killed off Adam/Trini/Jason/Skinner/Billy. I just DID, not because I don’t like the characters! Believe me, anyone who knows me can say that Adam is one of my all time favorites, as are Jason and Billy. As for Skinner...no comment, but I killed them off because it fit into the story, not because I wanted them dead. Well, thanks for reading :-)