Power Rangers Lost Galaxy Copyright @ Saban 1999. SP and Data Rangers Copyright @ Mesh Patel,1999.

Power Rangers Lost Galaxy SP
Episode 1 - Data Quest Pt. 1
Episode created by Mesh Patel

On the dark ship of Scorpius, the villains plan a new plan. The search for the greatest powers of the universe, also known as the Lights of Orion, becomes a vast task due to the heroic deeds of the Power Rangers. Scorpius calls his main general Furio to his side. Furio enters the room with a scared look on his face.

Furio: You called my master.

Scorpius: Yes, where are the Lights of Orion?

Furio kneels down as he reveals a map.

Furio: Master, I do not have the lights. But I have some important news for you.

Scorpius: Out with it, then.

Furio: On the small planet of Reason, I have heard of the legend of the Data Stones. Six jewels with powers of the Zodiac stars. These stones have the same energy reading as the ranger's quasar saber, except the fact that these stones can create sabers from thin air by harnessing the stones power. A prophet gave me this map while I was searching for the Lights there. The map shows the location of the stones.

Scorpius: I must have that great power! Where does the map lead?

Furio: Right under our noses. A place called the Star Points, the communication center of Terra Venture.

Scorpius: Then what are you waiting for? Head out and get me these stones. And one more thing, if you fail; don't plan on coming back.

Furio: I won't fail, master.

Furio leaves the room, mumbling. Trakeena walks from out of the shadows.

Scorpius: Daughter, watch over him. I sense a traitor in my court.

Trakeena: Yes, father.

Trakeena transforms into her green uniform. Scorpius and Trakeena laugh.

On the planet Earth, far away from Terra Venture, the adventures of the rangers reveal in a show called Power Rangers Lost Galaxy. Many fans believe the show to be make-believe show with actors and actresses. The directors of the show had communication with the rangers with a simple code of privacy. The rangers will only fight in a galaxy where their identities are known. On the show, the rangers agreed to go with false names like Valerie Vernon and Danny Slavin. Four fans know the true identity of the rangers under their real name (example Kendrix and Leo). These four fans have communicated with the rangers under the universal communication Power Rangers server called the Star Points (sound familiar?). The fans have created unofficial and official sites of the rangers. Daily, the teenagers join each other through a special chat room created by one of them.

Mesh: Is everyone here?

Jessica: Yes. How are you doing?

Mesh: I'm doing great. How's everyone else?

Krista: Can't complain.

Mary: The same, good.

Kate: Great as always!

Jessica: Has anyone known the server problems with the Star Points?

Kate: I did. I was talking with Leo yesterday and suddenly I was disconnected.

Krista: Me too. Maya and I were talking at around 9:00, except I received a message "Server Busy"

Mary: I guess it was good that I wasn't on last night.

Mesh: Sorry guys. That was my fault! I was completing my special gift for you guys.

Mary: A gift?

Mesh: Yes, I have completed the first 2gigabytes per second server. The server can access any place on Earth and a fast connection to Terra Venture.

All(except Mesh): 2gigabytes per second?!

Mesh: Yea, Alpha helped me to configure them. I have created a special place on my site where you can log on and access the new connection. I am currently uploading the HTML files.

Jessica: Awesome! That would help because our 56k modems aren't much use since it takes hours to connect to Star Points.

On Terra Venture, Furio sneaks into the Star Points. He begins searching the facility for the data stones. After a long search, he grows weary and takes a seat near on a rug. Suddenly, the ground begins shaking vigorously. He lifts up the rug and sees that he was sitting on a small red switch. Behind him, a part of the wall breaks down and reveals a small tunnel.

Furio: What is this?

He gets on all fours and begins crawling through the tunnel. On the other side, he finds a filthy room with skeletons lying on the ground.

Furio: This must be the place. Not much of a fixer-upper.

Furio looks at the altar in the center of the room. A massive book lies on top. He walks to the altar and opens the book.

Furio: "The ancient book of Data. Created by the prophets of Reason".

He turns a page and sees the image of six data stones.

Furio: Yes, there they are.

He turns another page and sees a scroll-like page revealing a small text.

Furio: "The Stones of Data have great powers that can only be controlled by ones with great strength. The data stones found no true owners and became an overpowering force. Six ancient wizards joined together and sealed the stones into the pages of this very book. To release the stones, six acceptors of the stones must be present or death will come to those who have tried. Reading the contents a second time will bring ‘Ground and Death'. "

As Furio continues to read the page, he is disturbed by the appearance of the galaxy rangers.

Red Ranger (Leo): Furio, what are you up to?!

Pink Ranger (Kendrix): Hey, that's the book of Data! I have heard about its location in the Star Points and never tried to find it.

Furio: I will not let you fowl up my plans this time.

Blue Ranger (Kai): Just put the book down.

Green Ranger (Damon): Yea, don't force us to take it from you.

Furio: Sting Wingers arrive!

Twelve Sting Wingers appear grabbing and holding the rangers to the ground.

Pink Ranger (Kendrix):Let us go!

Furio: Now, I must finish the phrase.

Blue Ranger (Kai): We have to stop him!

Yellow Ranger (Maya): But how?

Furio: "The stones of data will bring great powers, from strength to weapons to larger arsenals. The chosen ones will be those traveling at eternal speed. Data Stones..arrive".

The book rises to the air and shimmers numerous colors. A portal appears above Furio.

Red Ranger (Leo): NO!

Back on Earth, Mesh activates his new server and tells the others to log on.

Mesh: Okay, the site is http://www.starpoints.net/prlgsp.htm and the log on is Go Galactic!

Jessica: Logging on.

Krista: Me too.

Mary: Ready to click enter.

Kate: Let's go!

At the same time, the five teenagers click the enter button. The Star Points begins to react strongly with the overload of 2gigabytes per second. A portal opens from each of their computers and engulfs them in and send them to Star Points, where they land on top of Furio.

Mesh: Where are we?
The teenagers look up and see Furio and the rangers.

Furio: Get off me!

He stands up and throws them to the ground, forming a circle around him.

Furio: Where are the Data Stones?!

Suddenly, six stones appear from the portal and land in the five new rangers' hands and one in Furio's hand?!

Mesh: What is this?

Kate: They're beautiful!

Mary: Yes they are.

Krista: I think that that 2 gigabyte server knocked us to the ground and we are dreaming the whole thing.

Jessica walks up to Krista and pinches her. Krista jerks.

Krista: Aww!

Jessica: This ain't no dream.

Mesh turns around and sees the Galaxy Rangers.

Mesh: The server teleported us to Terra Venture!

Furio: Give me your stones, unless you plan on dying?

Kate: What are these stones?!

Pink Ranger (Kendrix): Those are the Data Stones!

The five teenagers stare at their stones and then at each other.

To Be Continued!!

Author's Note:Well what did you think.I have almost 100 of these storys.They will eather be writen by Mesh,Mary,Lance or Brandon.