Power Rangers Lost Galaxy Copyright @ Saban 1999. SP and Data Rangers Copyright @ Mesh Patel,1999.

Power Rangers Lost Galaxy SP
Episode 12 Ė Useless Data Part 1
Episode created by Mesh Patel

In Amarillo, Texas, Mesh completes updating his Power Rangers site by ending it with a "Last updated: May 13,1999".

Mesh: Ok, almost done. Time to upload.

He opens his CuteFTP, his file transfer program, and then clicks on upload. After a minute of waiting, an image of a skull appears in the middle of the screen.

Mesh: Access denied! My 2gigabyte server is down?! How is that possible?

Mesh bangs his head at the monitor. He wonders if the others are having problems. He then presses the communication button on his Data Com.

Mesh: Jessica, you there.

Jessica: Yea, Iím here. Whatís up?

Mesh: I am having problems with my server, what about you?

Jessica: I am experiencing no probÖ.

The signal distorts and is lost. Mesh sighs as he keeps trying.

Mesh: Jessica, you there?

Suddenly, Rito arrives behind Mesh.

Rito: So, this is what the rangers do on their days off.

Mesh immediately turns around and get scared.

Mesh: What are you doing here?

Rito: Just thought that I should give you a visit.

Mesh reveals his data stone and prepares to morph.

Mesh: Data Stone Online!

But nothing happened. He stood there quietly as a small bolt of electricity emits from the stone and shocks him.

Mesh: What the..

Rito: You canít morph because we put a force shield around your 2 gigabyte server.

Mesh: I have to try again. Data Stone..Online!

As the first attempt, the bolt of electricity grows slightly larger and gives Mesh a charge.

Rito: You rangers never learn.

Mesh: Thatís the reason that the access was denied. But why our morphing abilities?

Rito: Furio studied on your powers and made the perfect way to block them with a shield.

As Rito continues to talk, Mesh sneaks out of the room and hides in the nearby hallway closet. He tries to communicate with the other rangers, but all attempts fail.

Mesh: Jessica? Mary? Krista? Kate? Anybody please respond.

Rito hears Mesh and finds him in the closet. He hits Mesh in the head and knocks him unconscious. He quietly picks him and teleports out of the house.

Couple hours later, Mesh is awaken by drops of waters dripping on his head. He yawns as he looks around. He finds himself in a slightly dark cave.

Jessica: Mesh! Youíre awaken.

Mesh turns around and sees the other data teenagers, inside a cage and tied to the cavern wall. Mesh runs to cage, but he doesnít know that the cage is guarded by an electronic shield (it will send an intense shock to anyone that approaches it).

Mary: Mesh, donít!

Mesh continues to run and the shield sends a massive bolt at Mesh, sending him back into a wall. Rito hears the crash from a distance, so he runs to sees Mesh awake.

Rito: What are you think youíre doing?

Mesh: I uh..just felt like walking around.

Rito: Get over here!

Mesh runs away from Rito and toward a dead end. Rito walks slowly while laughing. Mesh looks behind him and sees two tunnels. As Rito is about to hit him, Mesh quickly dives out of the way. He begins running toward the tunnels.

Mesh: Which one?

He turns around and sees his friends sad in the cage.

Mesh: No, I canít leave you!

Kate: Go Mesh, find help!

He sighs and nods. Mesh goes into the first tunnel. As Rito is nearing the tunnels, they suddenly turn into solid walls.

Rito: Fine, but you will never save your friends.

On the other side of the tunnel, Mesh is in an open grassland with a great landscape.

Mesh: Where am I?

He turns around and sees the tunnel is gone. An area of smoke catches his attention. He walks towards the smoke. After a couple of miles of walking, he sees a large dark man sitting near a fire. Mesh accidently steps on a twig and his hiding place is revealed. The dark man rapidly turns around and grabs Mesh, whose eyes open widely.

Mesh: I canít believe this. The Magna Defender! This is like a dream come true.

Magna Defender: And who are you?

Mesh: My name is Mesh. I am a friend.

Magna Defender: I have no friends.

Magna Defender drops Mesh to the ground. He then turns around.

Mesh: Is it because of your son?

Magna Defender: How do you know about that?!

Mesh remembers that he must his identity (from the other world) a secret.

Mesh: I have heard some stories from my friends, the galaxy rangers.

Magna Defender: Those fools are always getting in my way. Look, I have no time to deal with the likes of you.

Mesh: Excuse me! My friends are in trouble and I need you help to save them.

Magna Defender: I only have one mission.

Mesh: To find the Lights of Orion?

Magna Defender: Yes, to avenge my son.

Mesh: I can help you find the Lights if you can help me.

Magna Defender: Just get out of here!

Mesh, with a tear in his eye, stands up and walks away. Just as he has walked nearly a mile, numerous Sting Wingers arrive and surround the Magna Defender. Mesh hears the battle cry from the distance and decides to turn back. Magna Defender draws his blade and hit two of the Wingers to the ground. He thens sweeps one of the Wingers. All of a sudden, three Wingers grab Magna Defender, who struggles but canít escape. A Winger steals Magna Defenderís blade and slowly swings it towards him. Mesh arrives in front of Magna Defender and takes the hit.

Magna Defender: What are you doing?

Mesh: Trying to save your life!

The Winger hits Mesh again and the two good guys fall to the ground.

Magna Defender: I donít need your help.

He pushes Mesh off him and goes after the Winger with his sword. He punches it in the chest and the sword flies in the air. Magna Defender dives and catches and sword. Suddenly, a grown Trakeena arrives.

Trakeena: Oh look, itís the Magna Defender!

Mesh: Oh no, this isnít good.

He slowly gets up and tries to struggle through the pain.

Magna Defender: Torozord Charge!

His mighty black zord, Torozord, emerges from the ground and heads towards Trakeena. Mesh looks up and is amazed by the awesome zord.

Magna Defender: Magna Defender..transform!

The Torozord sends a large beam that makes Magna Defender grow and change into his red armor.

Trakeena swings her staff and is blocked by Defenderís swords. He follows up with a hit from each of his swords sending Trakeena to her knees.

Magna Defender: Scorpius will now know how I feel. Defender Torozord..transform!

A large rocky platform, Torozord on top, rises into the air. The zord stands on two feet and allows the enlarged Magna Defender to jump inside. The helmet covers Magna Defenderís head and reveals the Defender Torozord. He combines his two swords into a large staff. On the ground, a winger grabs Zikaís weapon. Mesh notices the winger and then looks at the Defender Torozord.

Trakeena: Whatís wrong, Defender boy? Missing anything valuable?

Defender Torozord: Drop that now!

He advances towards Trakeena.

Trakeena: I donít think so. One more step and it will be destroyed.

She aims her staff towards the Winger, who is holding the weapon in the air.

Trakeena: Now, drop your staff!

Defender Torozord drops his large staff to the ground.

Trakeena: You fool!

She fires a blast from her sword and towards the weapon. Mesh, still in a weak state, dives into the air and grabs the weapon from the Sting Winger. The blast knocks him into a tree. Defender Torozord quickly grabs his staff and hits Trakeena.

Trakeena: NO! I will be back!

She disappears into the air. Defender Torozord transforms back into the small Magna Defender, who has a flashback of Zika trying to kill Scorpius with the weapon and then he falls. He then remembers how Mesh saved his life against the Sting Winger with the blade and now Mesh protecting his sonís weapon. Magna Defender approaches Mesh and gives his right hand to him. Mesh raises Zikaís weapon. Magna Defender nods. Mesh gives him his other hand. Magna Defender then helps him up.

Magna Defender: Thank you.

Mesh: You would have done the same for me.

Magna Defender: No, I wouldnít. You have helped me and now I must repay you.

Mesh: Look, I understand that you donít want to help my friends or even tell your secret identity to me. But can you train me so that I can fight.

Magna Defender: Yes, I will.

Back in the dark cave, Furio arrives with a smile on his face. He looks in the cage and notice only four data teenagers!

Furio: Rito! Where is the Diamond freak?

Rito: He escaped, but we still have four of the rangers.

Furio: I want all of the data stones.

Rito: Donít worry, he will be back.

The two laugh as they stare at the four teenagers tied to the wall.

To be continuedÖ