Power Rangers Lost Galaxy Copyright @ Saban 1999. SP and Data Rangers Copyright @ Mesh Patel,1999.

Power Rangers Lost Galaxy SP
Episode 13 Ė Useless Data Part 2
Episode created by Mesh Patel

One week has passed since Mesh arrived through the portal. He did recover and receive an intense training from the Magna Defender. All day and all night, Mesh continues to try his best to improve his skills in martial arts and weaponry. He has greatly evolved from the scared teenager that entered the portal into the prepared warrior, ready to fight his friends. Magna Defender has planned one final test, a true battle against him.

Magna Defender: Are you ready?

Mesh: Yes, I am.

The two rangers stand in their fighting positions, couple of years apart. Magna Defender starts the attack by doing a front flip closer to Mesh, who takes one step front and does a jump front kick into Magna Defender, sending him to the ground on his knees. Mesh rolls and prepares a low kick, but Magna Defender jumps into the air and kick Mesh in the head. Mesh counterattacks with by grabbing his leg and throwing him into the tree. Magna Defender stands up and runs towards Mesh. He grabs and swings his blade numerously. Mesh avoids all attempts except one, which hits his shoulders. Mesh takes the blade from his hands and throws it into the air. As Magna Defender is about to jump for it, Mesh also jumps in the air and does a flying tornado kick, finally sending Defender to the ground.

Magna Defender: Impressive.

Mesh: Well, I got a great teacher.

Magna Defender: You have finally earned this.

Magna Defender reveals an old chest. He opens it and shows a bright diamond transdagger. Mesh gasps!

Magna Defender: Here is the Diamond Transdagger, a weapon of Orion.

Mesh: How did you get this?

Magna Defender: Before the Quaser Sabers were placed into the stone, 6 transdaggers remained in the stone. I pull them out. A thief had stolen 5 of them, but I kept this one hidden in my cape. I will now give it to you to aid your friends.

Mesh takes the transdaggers from his chest and is amazed of the weapon.

Mesh: Thank you.

A portal suddenly appeared behind him.

Mesh: Will you come and help me?

Magna Defender: No, I must now continue with my quest.

Mesh: I understand. Thanks for helping me.

He nods and goes into the portal. He arrives back into the cave. He smirks as he notices 10 Wingers and Rito surrounding him.

Rito: We knew you would come back.

Mesh raises his fists and prepares for battle. The other teenagers remain confused but cheerful.

Rito: Get him!

The Sting Wingers move towards him. Mesh jumps over all of the Wingers and lands behind Rito, who turns around and is impacted with a sidekick. Mesh follows up with a double roundhouse kick and a punch to his chest to knock Rito in some of the Wingers. A Winger grabs his left arm, but Mesh throws him in the air.

Mesh: Diamond Data TransDagger!

He pulls his transdagger and rapidly swings it at the Wingers and Rito. Furio sneaks behind Mesh and raises his blade up high. A sudden green beam fires from a high platform and hits Furio to the ground. Everyone remains quiet as they look at Furio and then the platform. The Magna Defender descends next to Mesh, who smiles greatly.

Magna Defender: You helped me twice, so I will do the same.

The two shake hands and raise their weapons. The other data teenagers cheer and laugh as they know that the Sting Wingers are going down.

Mesh: You get the Wingers and I will try to turn off the forcefield.

Magna Defender nods as he begins attacking Rito. Mesh runs towards the control panel and is halted by a Winger. He transforms his dagger into Diamond Data Blaster!

Mesh: Data Blaster..full power!

He harnesses light energy and sends a large ball from his blaster and hits the Winger out of his way. He moves closer to the control panel and begins analyzing it.

Mesh: What do I do?

Mesh looks nervously on the control panel and finally notices a large switch. He pulls it and struggles through a great electric blast. A large, magnificent light lightens the dark cave. Furio grews angry and raises his data stone.

Furio: Data Ranger 3..Pink!

The four captured teenagers begin to smile.

Kate: Mesh did it. Our powers are back!

As the electricity finally stops shocking Mesh, he finally joins his friends.

Jessica: Thanks Mesh.

Mesh: No Prob, now..Data Stones..

Teenagers: Online!

Jessica: Data Ranger 1..Green!

Krista: Data Ranger 2..Yellow!

Mary: Data Ranger 4..Blue!

Kate: Data Ranger 5..Red!

Mesh: Data Ranger 6..Diamond!

Five colored beams soar into the teenagers and transform them into the data rangers. Magna Defender gasps at Mesh. The rangers stand still holding their transdaggers into the air.

Magna Defender: So, you are the Diamond Ranger.

Diamond Ranger: Yes, I am. Come on, guys. Transdaggers Star-formation!

The five data rangers form a star with their data transdaggers. Rito and the Sting Wingers retreat as Pink Ranger stands alone. The formation sends a large colored star towards Furio.

Pink Ranger: Wind Shield!

A pink shield blocks the star and backfires it to the rangers, who fail to evade. Magna Defender helps the rangers up and turns towards the Pink Ranger.

Magna Defender: Magna Blaster!

He rapid-fires his blaster at Pink Ranger, while Diamond Ranger flips over him to swing his Diamond Transdagger. Pink Ranger de-transforms into a injured Furio.

Furio: How could you have foiled my brilliant plan!

He retreats, leaving the rangers cheering with victory. Magna Defender walks away.

Diamond Ranger: Magna Defender, thanks again.

Magna Defender quietly continues to walk away and disappears. The other rangers pat Diamond Ranger.

Red Ranger: Looks like you finally learned to fight.

Yellow Ranger: Yea, itís a good thing too.

Diamond Ranger: Iím just glad that I was able to help you guys.

The other rangers teleport out and Diamond Ranger remains alone in the cave.

Diamond Ranger: Someday, I will learn your identity, Magna Defender.

He teleports back to his home. On the high platform, Magna Defender quietly holds Zikaís weapon.

Magna Defender: Yes, someday you will.