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Power Rangers Lost Galaxy SP
Episode 14 – The Yellow Rose Of Terra Venture
Episode created by Krista

Maya and Krista were in the forest dome amongst the vast garden of yellow roses.

Krista: This sure is a beautiful place.

Maya: Yeah, I know. I sometimes come here to gather my thoughts.

Krista: I can see why… it’s so peaceful here.

Maya and Krista continue their walk through the dome, when Krista notices the centerpiece of the garden.

Krista: What’s with the big rose?

Maya: It’s a symbol of power and hope among the people of Terra Venture.

Meanwhile on the dark ship of Scorpius, the villains listen in on Maya and Krista’s conversation.

Furio: Do you think the humans would hide the lights of orion in that statue?

Scorpius: Anything is possible… especially with the humans.

Scorpius looks over to Furio.

Scorpius: I want you to destroy the statue if necessary to get me the lights, understood?

Furio: Yes, sir.

Back on Terra Venture, Krista and Maya get ready to leave the forest dome when Furio arrives with a band of Sting Wingers.

Krista: Oh great… just what we need… a couple of losers. (pause) Maya, you hink you can hold them off while I call for help?

Maya: Yeah… no problem.

Krista runs away from the battle grounds to call her friends.

Krista: Krista to Jessica or anyone who can hear me.

Jessica: Jessica here, what’s up?

Krista: Big trouble in the Forest Dome… hurry up!

Jessica: We’re on our way!

Krista runs back to Maya who has already morphed.

Krista: Data Ranger 2… Yellow!

Krista transforms into the Yellow Data Ranger.

Yellow Ranger(Maya): Are the other coming?

Yellow Data(Krista): Yeah… in fact there they are.

Running into the forest dome, comes the Galaxy Rangers and the Data Galaxy Rangers. Furio instantly intiates the fight and goes for the Yellow Rose Statue.

Yellow Data(Krista): Oh no you don’t Furio.

Furio: You honestly think you can stop me?

Yellow Data(Krista): If I can’t stop you… at least I know I tried to.

Krista races towards Furio as he is about to strike the staute with his sword. She leaps into the air and kicks him with enough force to throw him a few feet away.

Green Data(Jessica): Way to go, Krista!

Jessica runs over to Krista and offers a hand in the matter.

Green Data(Jessica): I’ll help you keep him occupied.

Yellow Data(Krista): Thanks Jessica!

The other Rangers plus the Galaxy Rangers defeat all the Sting Wingers and rush over to assist Krista and Jessica with the Furio problem.

Red Galaxy(Leo): Looks to me like you’re out numbered Furio.

Furio: Well I can always use plan B.

Pink Galaxy(Kendrix): Plan B?

Damon notices an explosive device sitting at the base of the rose statue.

Green Galaxy(Damon): Guys… I think we better get away from here becuae plan B is about to go off.

ALL: Huh?

Damon points down to the explosive device as it counts down… 10….9….8

Yellow Data(Krista): Run!

All the Rangers haul butt away from the statue as the explosive device finally blows. The impact of the explosion is so great that the Rangers are lifted off their feet and thrown a few yards. After the dust clears, Maya looks over to the statue.

Yellow Galaxy(Maya): It’s ruined…

Furio looks through the rubble with disappointment on his face.

Furio: What? The Lights of Orion are not here. I should have known you humans wouldn’t have put them there.

Yellow Data(Krista): Boo-hoo Furio… go throw yourself a pity party!

The Rangers all laugh at Furio as he leaves in anger and disappointment.

Yellow Data(Krista): Data Ranger 2… power down!

Krista as well as the others demorph and look at what use to be the rose statue.

Krista: Who knows, maybe they’ll build a new statue even more beautiful then the last one.

Maya: I hope so…

THE END…. For Now…. Stay Tuned for another exciting episode of, "Power Rangers Lost Galaxy SP."