Power Rangers Lost Galaxy Copyright @ Saban 1999. SP and Data Rangers Copyright @ Mesh Patel,1999.

Power Rangers Lost Galaxy SP
Episode 15 – Mind Games
Written By: Mary (Data Blue)

"Hey Krista, look at that dress!" Mary pointed at a display window she and Krista walked down the street in Kansas City, Missouri.

"Wow, that is a beautiful red dress!" Krista mused, as she looked at the dress through the glass window, "But I bet it costs a fortune."

"You’re probably right." Mary agreed and they kept walking.

They continued walking until they saw a huge crowd gathered at the front of a software store.

"I wonder what’s going on over there." Krista said curiously.

"I think I heard something about it on the news this morning. Some big Scientist or whatever made this computer game that makes you feel like you’re in all these different worlds. It comes with goggles that you put over your eyes." Mary explained to her as they walked up to the big crowd.

"Where’s Mesh? He would love this." Krista asked her, looking at the contraption in the display case.

"Knowing Mesh he’s probably –" she started.

"Hey guys! What’cha up to?" Mesh asked as he ran up to them smiling.

"Already, here." Mary finished and smiled, "Nothing, just looking around. Let me guess, your here to see the computer thingie."

"Sure am." Mesh said enthusiastically.

"Didn’t they have a grand opening somewhere in Texas?" Krista asked.

"Yeah but, the inventor is going to be here. I was hoping I’d get a chance to meet him." Mesh explained as the doors to the store opened and people poured inside, "You guys comin’?"

Krista and Mary exchanged glances.

"Sure, why not?" Krista agreed and they all walked into the store.


Meanwhile, on Furio’s shuttle........

"Ha! Those pathetic rangers are walking right into our plan!" Furio laughed approvingly.

Ecliptor walked up beside him; "Half of Earth’s population is going to the conventions. By tonight, all of Earth will be in our 5th dimension, Forever!"

Rito sat down in a chair and put his feet on the table, scratching his head, "Will someone explain to me how this device works again?"

"You idiot! We’ve told you 20 times! A human puts on the goggles, presses start and their mind is sent to the 5th dimension, our created dimension. They are trapped in there, with no way to get out. Now do you understand?" Furio growled.

"Perfectly," Rito said and gave Furio a thumbs up, "So, the rangers would have to go in to the dimension to get people out and when they do, BAM! We’ll have them forever!"

"Precisely." Furio smiled.

"What if the Power Rangers destroy the Monster of the 5th Dimension?" Rito asked curiously.

Furio grabbed Rito by the neck and snarled, "They won’t you idiot! No one has ever beaten the Monster of the 5th Dimension! He is indestructible!"

"Oh, uh, ok. But the Power Rangers usually have a way of—" Rito started.

"Shut up you imbecile! The Power Rangers are to stupid to defeat him!" Furio yelled and let go of Rito’s neck, he walked over to the viewing screen, which had a picture of Mesh, Krista, and Mary looking at their evil game, "The Power Rangers won’t know what hit them."


On the Megaship.......

"Hey Jess, can you hand me that wrench?" Damon asked as he and Jessica worked on a Jet Jammer.

Jessica handed him the wrench, and Kate, Kai, and Leo walk into the room.

"Hey guys, what’s up?" Leo asked the group.

"Me and Damon are working on the jet jammers. Where are Kendrix and Maya?" Jessica asked him.

"Kendrix is showing Maya the rest of the colony today. They won’t be eating dinner with us tonight." Kate explained.

"Oh, well I guess that’s okay. You still cooking Kai?" Jessica asked, as Leo helped her put a covering back over one of the jet jammers.

"As always." Kai smiled, then looked around, "Where’s my assistant at?"

"Mary, Krista, and Mesh went to Earth for a while. I think they’re all in Mary’s home town at some computer convention or something." Kate told him.

Kai nodded his head, and Alpha came running onto the bridge, waving his arms around in panic.

"Ay yi yi yi yi! Rangers! There is a big disturbance in the Data Ranger world!" Alpha screeched.

"What is it Alpha?" Kate asked as they all rushed onto the bridge.

"I am locating millions of infrasonic capture devices all over the planet." DECA’s voice said to them.

"Wait a sec, what’s a infrasonic capture device?" Jessica asked the camera.

"It is a device that looks similar to glasses that is used to transport minds to different dimensions." DECA explained.

"That doesn’t sound like something that would be on the Home Shopping Network guys." Kate said worriedly.

"Which dimension is it transporting people to?" Leo asked.

"The 5th Dimension. It is controlled by Furio and ruled by the Monster of the 5th Dimension." DECA replied.

"What do the devices look like? What are they?" Damon asked, but DECA had no response.

"Well think. What product has gone on universal sale within the last few days." Leo asked and they stood there in thought for a few moments.

"I’ve got it!" Kate shouted, "A new virtual reality game was being released today by a new scientist that no one has ever heard of before, that’s gotta be it!"

"Wait a sec, didn’t the others go to a computer convention?" Jessica asked Kate.

"I think Mesh was really excited about something like that this morning." Kate said, then gasped, "Oh no! We’ve got to find them before they get transported to the 5th Dimension!"

"Now Rangers, here is what you need to do. In order to free the humans that are already in the 5th dimension, and destroy it so no one else can get into it, you have to defeat the Monster of the 5th Dimension. You must challenge him to a fight and force him into our dimension so you can destroy him." Alpha explained to them and Kate and Jessica nodded their heads.

"Thanks Alpha." Jessica said then she and Kate yelled, "Data Stones, Online!"

"Data Ranger 1 Green!" Jessica yells and morphs into the Green Data Ranger.

"Data Ranger 5 Red!" Kate yells and morphs into the Red Data Ranger.

"Good luck you guys." Leo encourages, and the 2 use their Data Coms to teleport to their world.


"Where are they?" Kate asks looking around.

Jessica looks around and sees a huge crowd outside a store, "Look over there! I think that’s it!"

They both run over and people are staring at them wildly. One guy starts laughing hysterically and says, "Ha! Look at those two losers! They’re dressing up like kiddy television heroes!"

Jessica and Kate exchanged glances and just shake their head at the guy. They both run into the building and see Mesh getting ready to put the goggles over his eyes.

"Mesh stop!" Kate yells, and a startled Mesh looks around.

"What are guys doing here?" Mesh hissed.

"That game transports minds to an evil dimension. We have to lure out the monster so they can be free." Jessica whispered to him, not letting the civilians see she was talking to him.

"We need to clear everyone out of here." Mesh said and Mary and Krista ran over to them.

"We’ll take care of that, you guys go back there and morph." Jessica motioned her head to a storage room.

Mesh, Mary, and Krista ran back.

"What’s going on?" Mary asked.

"No time to explain. We have to morph." Mesh said.

"Data Stones, Online!" they yell in unison.

"Data Ranger 2 Yellow!" Krista yells and morphs into the Yellow Data Ranger.

"Data Ranger 4 Blue!" Mary yells and morphs into the Blue Data Ranger.

"Data Ranger 6 Diamond!" Mesh yells and morphs into the Diamond Data Ranger.

"Let’s toast this trespasser!" Mary encouraged.

"You said it!" Krista agreed and they ran out to join Kate and Jessica.

"Monster of the 5th Dimension, we, the Data Rangers, Challenge you!" Jessica yells, and waits for a monster to appear. Nothing happens, and a crowd bursts into laughter.

The same guy that was making fun of them before steps out and pats Jessica on the back, and says between laughs, "Don’t worry, little lady, if there are any big bad monsters here we’ll beat them for you!"

Jessica growls, and suddenly a monster appears. The crowd of civilians gasps, and they guy making fun of Jessica stands still in shock.

"Get these people out of here!" Mesh tells Mary and she rounds up everyone, helping them out the door.

"You’ve come to the wrong Dimension buddy." Kate growls.

"Let’s get him guys!" Krista attacks the monster first with a hard kick to its side.

They all attack the monster, but it was too powerful, and sent them flying to the ground.

"He’s too strong!" Mary moans.

"We need more power!" Krista shouts and they all stand up.

"Let’s call on our Data Sabers, and show this guy he doesn’t mess with us!" Mesh yells.

"Earth Data Saber!" Jessica shouts and it appears in her hand.

"Thunder Data Saber!" Krista shouts and it appears in her hand.

"Water Data Saber!" Mary shouts and it appears in her hand.

"Fire Data Saber!" Kate shouts and it appears in her hand.

"Diamond Data Saber!" Mesh yells, it appears in his hand and he strikes the monster hard and sends it flying against the wall.

The others attack him individually in the same way and the monster moans, falls down, and explodes.

"That’s how it’s done!" Jessica cheered, and the enormous crowd that had gathered outside starts applauding.

"Go Power Rangers!" the crowd cheers.

All the rangers exchange glances and wave to them.

"Well guys, we better go." Jessica suggests and with one final wave, they were gone.

The crowd outside starts talking.

"I can’t believe it! The Power Rangers are real!" one lady says to another.

A little boy stands up on a nearby park bench, "I told you! I told you the Power Rangers were real!"


"After we killed the monster, the crowd went crazy! I think we shocked them to death!" Kate laughed as all the Data Rangers, and Galaxy Rangers (minus Kendrix and Maya) ate dinner at Kai, Damon, and Leo’s place.

"Sounds pretty exciting." Leo mused as he ate.

"Yep it was." Mary commented and looked over at Kai, who was still busy in the kitchen.

"How do you think the people in your world will react to all this?" Damon asked.

"I don’t know, I guess we’ll have to wait and see." Krista said.

Mary glances back over to Kai and shrugged, "Kai are you sure you don’t need any help?"

Mary starts to get up to help Kai and all of them exchanged worried looks and stop her from getting up.

"No!" they yell and sit her back down.

She gives them all a confused look and they all burst into laughter.