Power Rangers Lost Galaxy Copyright @ Saban 1999. SP and Data Rangers Copyright @ Mesh Patel,1999.

Power Rangers Lost Galaxy SP
Episode 17 Ė A Fiery Friendship
Episode created by Mesh Patel

While the other data teenagers are at their daily chat, Kate is home watching a tape of Power Rangers Lost Galaxy reruns. She forwards the tape every time Leo isnít in a scene.

Kate: Why did he have to be so cute?

She stops the tape and paces around the room. Suddenly, her Data Com begins to ring.

Kate: Kate here.

Leo: Hi Kate, itís me Leo.

Kate: Leo! Hi, whatís up?

Leo: Not much, just wanted to ask if you want to join Kendrix and me to investigate a volcano in your galaxy.

Kate: A volcano?

Leo: Yea, Kendrix informed me that on the planet of Mars, Scorpius has sent down a monster to make the largest volcano on the planet to explode.

Kate: Wait a second, there are no volcanoes on Mars!

Leo: I donít know about that, Kendrix just told me to inform you because we are going to need help.

Kate: Ok, Iíll meet you there.

Leo: Ok, later.

Kate runs to her computer and connects to the Data Chat Room.

Kate: Hey guys, I gotta help our galaxy buds with a volcano problem. Anyone wanna come?

Mesh: Sorry, we were going to do external repairs to the zords today.

Jessica: What is the problem, Kate?

Kate: Leo told me about a volcano trouble.

Krista: We better let you be alone with Leo. LOL!

Kate: Very funny, Krista.

As they continue to chat, the Book of Data glows in front of Mary.

Book of Data: Kate is on her to her stone energization realm.

Mary: In a volcano? Of course, volcano equals fire.

Book of Data: Let us teleport to her house where I can send her on her way.

Mary nods as she presses her teleportation button on the Data Com. She arrives in Kateís room.

Mary: Kate, aim her Data Com at the Book of Data and you will be teleported there.

Kate: Okay.

Mary: Before you do, set a timer on your Data Com for 8 hours. If you arenít back by then, you will be stuck there forever.

Kate: Excuse me?

Mary: Just trust me, okay?

Kate smiles at her and then aims her Data Com at the Book of Data, who glows an intense blue light that makes Kate disappear from the room. After a minute of travel, she finally arrives in front of a large volcano. Kate looks at herself and notices that she is wearing a large red spacesuit. She then looks around and sees red smoke clouds everywhere with the ground filled with numerous rocks and craters.

Kate: Man, this place is scary.

Suddenly behind her, two shadows appear behind her. She gets scared and turns around. It is Kendrix and Leo, in their space suits.

Leo: Thanks for coming.

Kate: No problem. But how did you get here?

Kendrix: Alpha teleported us to the coordinates.

Kate: Oh I see. Well, letís get going.

Kendrix: Ok, you two climb the volcano and I will enter the cave 15 yards from here that connects to the volcano.

Leo: Ok, be careful Kendrix.

Kendrix: I will.

Kendrix walks towards the cave as Kate and Leo began climbing the high volcano. Kate thinks to herself how great it is for Kendrix to take the other path so they can be alone. Leo notices her blush and he begins to laugh.

Kate: What?

Leo: Oh nothing. Just wondering what can make you so happy while we are climbing. You better keep your mind on the rocks or you might miss one.

Kate: Nah, if I miss, I know that you will save me.

Leo: Of course, I would save you. Youíre my friend.

Kate: Is that all I am to you?

Leo: Yes, of course.

Kate: What about Kendrix?

Leo: Well, she is also my friend.

Kate sighs as she continues to climb. On Furioís shuttle, Furio sees the three rangers alone in deserted planet. He then sees Sting Wingers and a monster inside a volcano.

Furio: Looks like Scorpius has set a trap for the rangers. I might as well join along to steal the Red Data Stone and put an end to those galaxy rangers.

He teleports out of his shuttle and inside the cave. Back inside the realm, Leo and Kate approach the top of the volcano and slowly climb into the first ledge. Kate gets a glimpse of some Sting Wingers.

Kate: Leo, look!

Leo turns his head and also sees the Sting Winger.

Leo: Ok, weíd better be careful.

Kate: Forget careful, letís go!

She grabs the rope next to her and pulls a tarzan-swing to the center of the volcano, where a huge ledge lies. Leo hits his head as he watches Kate land in between all of the Sting Winger and FireTop, a tall monster with a head in the shape of a volcano.

FireTop: Oh look, a lost girl!

Kate: Itís time for you to get lost!

FireTop: Get her!

As the Sting Wingers are running towards Kate, a red glowing shield surrounds her.

Kate: What is this?

Leo continues to watch in amazement. A red glow appears above her.

Voice: Kate, it is time to energize your stone!

Kate: Energize my stone? Who are you?

Voice: I am the spirit of the book that appears when it is time to energize a stone. Now, raise the stone in the air and say Aries Fire Stone..energize!

Kate nods and raises her hands towards the glow.

Kate: Aries Fire Stone ENERGIZE!

Her data stone floats into the air and emerges into the red glow, combining into a spherical red stone with a white fire symbol. The stone returns back into her data morpher.

Voice: Your stone is now ready to accept more power when the all of your friends have energized their stones.

The red glow disappears as Kate gets ready for battle.

Kate: Data Stone..online!

Her data morpher glows on her hand as she raises it into the air.

Kate: Data Ranger 5..Red!

She transforms into the Red Data Ranger and rapidly kicks FireTop to the ground. She flips into the air and kicks 2 Sting Wingers all the way to Leo, who rapidly presses his transmorpher.

Leo: Go Galactic!

Leo transforms into the Red Galaxy Ranger. He reveals his quaser saber and strikes both of the Sting Wingers.

Red Data Ranger: Server Saber!

She opens her data transdagger and forms the large Server Saber. She hits the Sting Wingers one by one with her saber, until FireTop gets up and slams her from the back.

FireTop: You will not foil our plans. We have couple more minutes and this volcano explodes.

Red Data Ranger: You will be destroyed too!

FireTop: Yes, but I shall die with you.

Meanwhile, Kendrix finally finds the entrance of the volcano from the cave. Next to the entrance, she sees the explosion device!

Kendrix: Oh no, 1 minute left! Iíve gotta warn the others!

She turns around and is knocked out by Furio.

Furio: Youíre not warning anyone. Now, I have the perfect bait.

Back inside the volcano, FireTop begins to avoid all of Red Data Rangerís kicks and starts to shoot fire from his head. The ground shakes vigorously due to the explosion device.

Red Data Ranger: I canít take more of this.

Furio arrives from another ledge, holding Kendrix in his arm. The device says 20 seconds and still counting.

Furio: Red Ranger, give me your data stone or she dies!

Red Galaxy Ranger sneaks behind Furio, but a Sting Winger pushes him to the ground. The device says 10 seconds left.

Red Data Ranger: Phoenix Data Zord!

The Phoenix zord arrives, flapping its wings and sends everyone off their feet. The zord pick up Red Galaxy Ranger and Kendrix by its tail. Red Data Ranger jumps into its cockpit.

FireTop: You will never escape.

The volcano explodes and makes FireTop grow and send the two galaxy ranger barely holding on to the wings of the Phoenix.

Kendrix: Kate, help!

Red Data Ranger jumps out of the cockpit and stands outside on the Phoenix trying to lift the two rangers but she isnít strong enough. She continues to struggle but canít lift them.

Red Data Ranger: I canít lift both of you two. I have to drop one of you so I can lift the other.

She looks at Kendrix and sighs. Red Galaxy Ranger knows what she plans to do and tries to release himself.

Red Galaxy Ranger: No, Kate. Save Kendrix. I know what you are trying to do, but you have to save her.

Red Data Ranger: What about you?

Red Galaxy Ranger: Donít worry about me.

Red Data Ranger sighs as she drops him and quickly lifts Kendrix inside the Phoenixís cockpit. Red Galaxy Ranger falls down into the volcano. He strikes his quaser saber into the volcano wall and saves himself from falling. The other two rangers smile as they pick him up with the Phoenix.

Red Data Ranger: Nice move!

Red Galaxy Ranger: Thanks, but we have to finish off this hot head.

The Phoenix Data zord flies around FireTop, who sends fire rocks towards it but its quick agility avoids all attempts.

FireTop: Hold still!

Red Data Ranger: Ok sure. Mega Fire Power!

The Phoenix harnesses fire power from the erupted volcano and zooms through FireTop. FireTop explodes as the rangers cheer for joy. Red Data Ranger looks her Data Com beginning to ring.

Red Data Ranger: Almost 8 hours. Time to go home.

As the Phoenix zord excepts the realm and heads towards Terra Venture, Furio escapes the planet with great anger. On the ScorpionStinger, Scorpius shouts at all of his minions for their pathetic attempt. Hours later(on Terra Venture), Kate and Leo sit inside a park talking.

Kate: Leo, I have something to tell you.

Leo: I think I already know what it is.

Kate: You do?

Leo: Yes, I know that you like me a lot.

Kate: How can you tell?

Leo: Let me see..you are always here, when we were climbing the volcano you asked about Kendrix and I, you almost threw her off just to save me, and many more small things like that.

Kate: Look, Iím sorry about that.

Leo: I am not the one to apologize to. Kate, you are just a friend and will only be a friend.

Leo sighs as he walks away. Kate nods as she knows what she must do. She runs to Kendrixís lab to apologize.

Kate: Kendrix?

Kendrix: Oh, hi Kate!

Kate: Iím so sorry about risking your life today.

Kendrix smiles as she hugs Kate.

Kendrix: I understand why you did it. I believe I would have to done the same thing.

She gives Kate a strange look and the two laugh.