Power Rangers Lost Galaxy SP

Episode 18 – Rerun Miniseries Part 1 Magna Defender

Episode created by Mesh Patel

Power Rangers Lost Galaxy Copyright @ Saban 1999. SP and Data Rangers Copyright @ Mesh Patel,1999.


On Furio’s shuttle, Furio watches the monitor showing numerous previous battles with the data rangers. From the battle on Earth (with Rito and Ecliptor) to the latest battle (in the volcano), the rangers always have beaten Furio’s minion.

Furio: Is there any way to stop the rangers?

Ecliptor: It’s too bad that you can’t turn back time to get the Lights of Orion and then destroy the rangers.

Furio: But I can! Time Wizard, get in here!

An ugly, yet powerful man, walks in. He appears to be wearing a dark blue robe with many clock designs and an orange cone hat lies on his head.

TimeWizard: You called?

Furio: Yes I did. I need your assistance in my newest plan.

TimeWizard: My ears are open.

As they discussed their sinister plot, our heroes are home about to watch the next episode of Power Rangers Lost Galaxy. In Mesh’s home, he’s in the living room with a bowl of cereal in his hands.

Mesh: All right, time to see the season finale!


Commander Stanton walks to Kai.

Commander: Kai, you have been doing a great gob.

Kai: Thank you sir.

Commander: I have a special assignment for you.

The two exit the room and enter another room with Kendrix and Commander’s daughter.


Mesh drops his bowl.

Mesh: Hey, this is a rerun of the Blue Crush?!

He runs to his computer to find the other teenagers also baffled.

Jessica: Hey, what’s going on?

Krista: I don’t know. This is just weird.

Kate: Maybe the broadcasting system screwed up.

Jessica: Well, that could be true.

Mary: No! I think it’s Furio’s handywork.

Mesh: Good point Mary, but why would he do that?

Mary: I don’t know.

Mesh: Guys, let log into the Star Points and go to Terra Venture. Maybe Alpha can help us out.

All of the teenagers went to the server and typed in the password "Go Galactic". The six teenagers teleported through the server and entered in the control room of the Star Points.

Krista: Hey Mesh, can you access today’s schedule through these computers.

Mesh smiles at Krista as he types on the computer in front of a huge screen.

Mesh: Got it! It says episode 9..Magna Defender.

Kate: Say what?

Jessica: This is getting really weird.

Mary: We can’t do anything here, let’s get to the Megaship.

Meanwhile, in the mountain dome, Red Galaxy Ranger enters a cave.

Red Ranger: This is where I last saw Mike.

Furio arrives behind him.

Furio: Hello Red Ranger.

Red Ranger: Furio, what are you doing here?

Furio: I am here to finally destroy you.

Furio quickly transforms into the Pink Data Ranger. Red Ranger gasps!

Red Ranger: Furio? A Power Ranger? How is this possible?

Pink Ranger: I have the power of the Pink Data Stone!

He runs to Red Ranger and starts to squeeze him. Red Ranger tries to get free but all attempts fail. Magna Defender walks in and sees Red Ranger in danger.

Magna Defender: Magna Blaster!

He fires his blaster and hits both rangers to the ground. Pink Ranger gets mad and retreats. Magna Defender lifts Red Ranger and takes him outside, where the other galaxy rangers see him weak. Minutes later, the data teenagers arrive in the Astro Megaship to find Leo badly injured. Mesh and Kate stay with Leo, while the other rangers get the rock from the cave and give it to the Kendrix. Leo has the dream about Mike and wakes up to see Kate and Mesh.

Leo: Kate? Mesh? How did you get here? (Since the time has gone back, the galaxy rangers know our

heroes but don’t have never met them in person here)

Mesh: This is going to sound weird, but I think we are in a rerun.

Kate: Mesh, I got it! Somehow, I think we are in the past or Furio has turned time back.

Mesh: That’s right. We are in episode 9, Magna Defender.

Leo: I have to get back to the cave to find my brother.

Kate: No, you go to the cave, find a rock, and bring it back to Kendrix. But I told the other rangers to do

that already.

Suddenly, Alpha walks into the room.

Alpha: Leo, you have to help your friends. Trakeena, Tracheron, and Sting Wingers are attacking your


Mesh: This is when the rangers use their quaser sabers to break the rock, but it fails.

Kate: Come on, let’s help them.

The three teenagers run out of room and head towards the park. At the park, the galaxy and data ranger try to fight off the Sting Winger, a white monster with a large hammer, and an ugly blue monster with his tongue sticking out. Leo morphs and kicks the white monster that is about to hit Pink Galaxy Ranger. Suddenly Magna Defender enters the scene. Mesh smiles as he runs up to him.

Mesh: Magna Defender!

Magna Defender: Who are you?

Mesh: You don’t know how I am? Oh that’s right, the time change. Magna Defender, you trained me to

fight and helped me protect my friends.

Magna Defender: I couldn’t have. I only have one mission.

Mesh: Ok, I have proof. Data Stones Online!

His data morpher appear.

Mesh: Data Ranger 6..Diamond!

He transforms into the Diamond Ranger, who rapidly reveals his Diamond transdagger to Magna Defender.

Diamond Ranger: You gave me this transdagger after my training.

Magna Defender: Get out of my way. I have no time to waste with a crazy kid with a fake weapon.

Magna Defender pushes Diamond Ranger out of the way and walks towards the white monster with the rock.

White Monster: Oh look, it’s the Magna Defender.

Magna Defender: Give me the stone.

Diamond Ranger: Magna Defender stop! The rock is a fake. The Lights of Orion aren’t in there.

Magna Defender: Foolish ranger, stay out of this.

Magna Defender does a front flip while powering up his sword. He swings the sword and destroys the monster and breaks the rock in half.

Trakeena: It’s empty!

Tracheron: Then where are the Lights?

Tracheron comes out of his hiding place to challenge Magna Defender. The other rangers stand side by side watching the two.

Blue Data Ranger: This is kinda cool. Watching the show live.

She and Green Data Ranger start to laugh as Tracheron sends a blast from his sword that moves towards them. Blue and Green Galaxy Ranger push them to the ground so they miss the attack. Magna Defender explains his past on how he released the Lights of Orion and how Tracheron pushed him into crevice. Tracheron and Magna Defender stand yards apart, preparing to fight as Furio arrives sending numerous Sting Wingers to attack the rangers. Trakeena tells the blue monster to grow.

Diamond Ranger: Rangers of two galaxies. It’s time to work together. Galaxy Rangers, you fight off the

Wingers, while we will call our zords.

Red Galaxy Ranger: Okay, good luck to you.

Diamond Ranger: And to you.

Data Rangers: Data Cycles!

Five colored Data cycles arrive in front of the rangers, who rapidly jump on them and insert their data stones. The cycles move closer to the monster as they transform into their zord form.

Red Ranger: Form the Diamond Megazord while I distract him.

The Phoenix Data zord flies around the blue monster, while the other data zords move closer to each other. Diamond Wheel transforms into its warrior mode.

Diamond Ranger: Diamond Data Megazord..

Blue, Green and Yellow Data Rangers: online and transform!

The three rangers insert their transdaggers into their dagger circle(located in the cockpit of the zords). The yellow bull stands on two feet and become the legs of the Megazord. The green elephant’s body grows smaller as its arms move into its body and its legs become the arms of the Megazord. The Diamond Warrior inserts its legs into the yellow bull and connects its hands into the elephant combined arms. The blue whale’s head becomes the head of the Megazord while the rest of the blue zord becomes the rear protection of the Megazord. A beautiful rainbow ray circles the zords and transform it into the Diamond Data Megazord. The Diamond and the three other rangers sit inside the large cockpit.

Green Data Ranger: Elephant Earth Power!

She holds her hands at the green data transdagger and harnesses Earth Power into it.

Yellow Data Ranger: Bull Lightning Power!

She holds her hands at the yellow data transdagger and harnesses Lightning Power into it.

Blue Data Ranger: Whale Water Power!

She holds her hands at the blue data transdagger and harnesses Water Power into it.

Diamond Ranger: Diamond Wheel..FIRE!

Colored rays emit from the zords (blue from the helmet, green from the arms, and yellow from the legs) and emerge into the chest (the diamond wheel). After a matter of seconds, the diamond wheel glows a bright cyan color. The diamond warrior rapidly turns into its wheel shape, leaving the helmet, arms, and legs floating in the air. The wheel, with the collected energy, soars and goes through the blue monster. Suddenly, the monster explodes, while the Diamond Wheel returns back into its Megazord position, with the floating zord parts connected.

Red Data Ranger: Awesome!

The galaxy rangers make their zords retreat as they run to help Magna Defender.

Tracheron: Another time, Magna Defender.

Tracheron also retreats.

Magna Defender: I’ll be waiting.

He begins to walk away, but stopped by Red Galaxy Ranger.

Red Ranger: Maybe we should join forces

Magna Defender: What I have to do, I must do alone.

He jumps to a high cliff while the galaxy rangers walk away. All of the rangers, but the Diamond Ranger, follow the galaxy rangers. Diamond Ranger stays under the cliff to think to himself.

Magna Defender: Nothing will be stop me..nothing!

Diamond Ranger removes his helmet and looks up at Magna Defender.

Diamond Ranger: I don’t know what happens in the season finale, but I will do whatever I can to help